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27th November–All Questions Set By The Harrington Academicals

People and Places

The names of all the people are also place names

1. Who wrote the novel “Call of the Wild”

Jack London

2. Who was the lead singer of the Seekers

Judith Durham

3. English soul singer who released her platinum selling first
album, “So Good” in 1988

Mica Paris

4. Who was the commander of Apollo 10

Thomas Stafford

5. Who was the designer of the early repeater rifle which
famously bears his name

Oliver Winchester

6 Top Hat is currently enjoying a successful run in London.
Who wrote the music

Irving Berlin

7 Who was the most expensive English footballer until Andy
Caroll was signed by Liverpool

Rio Ferdinand

8. Who was the 16th president of USA

Abraham Lincoln



S1 Who was born John Eric Bartholemew

Eric Morecambe

S2. The first Lord of Glamis,

Patrick Lyon

S3. Who was the 24th president of USA?

Grover Cleveland




1 Sarah Jennings married which future duke
in 1677

John Churchill Future Duke of Marleborough

2. Who was President of the Confederate
States during the American Civil War?

Jefferson Davies

3. Who was the British Prime Minister during
the American Civil War?

Viscount Palmerston

4. Who was the British Prime Minister when
the American War of Independence broke

Lord North

5. Which Scottish king was the father of Mary
Queen of Scots?

James V (the fifth)

6. Who was the British Prime Minister
between 1880 and 1885?


7. Who was the elder brother of Charles I,
who died before acceding to the throne and
is the subject of a current exhibition at the
National Portrait Gallery

Henry Stuart

8. Who was the wife of Henry II, who was one
of the subjects of the TV series, “The She

Eleanor of Aquitaine

S1. Who is the archaeologist most associated
with the excavation of Troy

Heinrich Schliemann

S2. Who is the chief curator of Hampton
Court Palace, and a presenter of history
programmes on TV

Lucy Worsley




1. With how many countries does Spain have a land

4 (France, Portugal, Andorra
and UK -Gibraltar

2. Which is the largest country that lies on the equator?


3. In which country is the Troodos range of mountains?


4. How many states of the USA have a Pacific coast?

5 - California, Oregon,
Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

5. Which country was once known as Persia?


6. In which modern country is the ancient city of


7. Kerala is a province of which country

India - there is a Keralan restaurant in Burnage which is
highly recommended

8. In 2011, what was the second most common language
spoken in Australia?



S1. What is the world's most southerly capital?


S2. How many emirates make up the United Arab





1. Which philosopher first argued that the world was
not flat?


2. How old is the Earth?

4.54 billion years (accept 4 – 5)

3. What is the common name for Diplopia?

Double vision

4. For which discovery was Einstein awarded the
Nobel Prize in 1921?

The Photoelectric Effect

5. Of which organ is the nephron the functional unit?


6. For which piece of work was British mathematician
Andrew Wiles awarded the Fields medal

Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

7. What is the brightest star in the northern

Sirius – accept Dog Star

8. What is the toxic gas evolved when seawater hits a
submarine battery?


s1. In MRSA, what does the M stand for?

Methicillin - it stands for Methicillin-resistant
Staphylococcus aureus

S2. What is the name given to the force that is
thought responsible for the acceleration of the
expansion of the Universe?

Dark Energy




1. Who were the winners of the recent 20:20 cricket
world cup?

West Indies
2. Which British cyclist this year became the 1st
homegrown winner of the Tour of Britain since

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
3. Which Irish jockey recently rode 7 winners in one

Richard Hughes (at Windsor on
15th October)

4. Other than Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis, who was
Team GB's only athletics gold medallist in this
years summer olympics?

Greg Rutherford (Long Jump)
5. Heather Watson recently became the first British
woman since Sara Gomer to do what?

Win a WTA tennis tournament
(The Japan Open)

6. What particular name is given to the Triathlon
event comprising a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle
followed with a full 26.2 mile marathon?

7. Who managed the England football team for just
1 match in 2000, handing David Beckham the
captain's armband for the first time?

Peter Taylor
8. Alongside Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
who are the fourth country making up the Rugby
Union Four Nations competition?


s1. Who is Andy Murray's current coach?

Ivan Lendl
s2. How many balls are on the table at the start of a
frame of snooker?




1. who is Paul O Grady's female alter-ego?

Lily Savage

2. who is the usual presenter of the Radio 2
Breakfast Show?

Chris Evans

3. the singer, producer and TV show judge Will.I.Am
first came to fame with which group?

Black Eyed Peas

4. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were the house
band on which show?

The Muppet Show

5. Former radio DJ Chris Moyles plays which role in
the recent relaunch of Jesus Christ Superstar?

King Herod

6. which singer links Squeeze, Ace and Mike and the

Paul Carrack

7. Levi Stubbs was the lead vocalist with which

Four Tops

8. which TV show features the foul-mouthed
Malcolm Tucker?

The Thick Of It

s1. "No like-y, no light-y" is a catchphrase of Paddy
McGuinness on which ITV show?

Take Me Out

S2. who were the 1st band to be played on Radio 1?

The Move, with Flowers In The Rain



1. Which chef presents Masterchef – the Professionals

Michel Roux (junior, if anyone is being pedantic)

2. In Japanese cooking, what is Tempura

Battered deep fried vegetables or fish

3. Which musician turned cheesemaker produces Little
Wallop and Blue Monday

Alex James (from Blur)

4. Sainsburys sell bomba rice – it is the base for what
famous dish


5. Sainsburys also sell nori – what is it


6. What grape variety is the main constituent of Rioja


7. Which brewery produces Wibbly Wallaby and Sir

Wincle Brewery

8. What is the principal ingredient of Sauerkraut


S1. Where is the nearest Michelin starred restaurant to
Macclesfield – accept restaurant name or place

Fischers at Baslow

S2. On a tapas menu, what are albondigas





1. What is the term commonly used to describe the
colour of the red coats red worn by fox hunters

Hunting Pink

2. What was the Pink Panther in the film of the
same name

A diamond

3. A pink ribbon is the badge and and is the web site for which charity

Breast Cancer Awareness

4. What was the badge homosexuals wore in Hitler’s
concentration camps. A very high-end hi-fi company is now named after it

Pink Triangle

5. What gives Pink Gin its colour

Angostura Bitters

6. In France, pink wine is Rose. What is the pink
wine made from Zinfandel in USA


7. How many points are scored for potting the pink
at snooker


8. Syd Barret most famously played with which
band until he became a reclusive acid casualty

Pink Floyd

S1. If you were tickled pink, how would you be

Amused or pleased

S2. How is a pink wine described in Spain




1.Who founded Ballet Russes, regarded by some as the greatest ballet company of the 20th century?

Sergei Diaghilev

2. The author of “The History Man” and “Eating People is Wrong” lived in Macclesfield for part of his life. Who was he

Malcolm Bradbury

3. Which Birmingham town hall architect gave his name to a 2 wheeled cab in 1834

Joseph Hansom

4. What is the title of the film on current release which is the prequel to Alien


5. What is La Boqueria in Barcelona

The Market

6. In 1964, “It’s all over now” became the first No 1 single for which band

Rolling Stones

7. The poison Aconite comes from which plant

Wolfsbane (also known as Monkshood or blue rocket)

8. Which character in fiction has a dog called “Jumble”

William Brown (Just William)

9. Which Victorian novelist is generally credited with being responsible for the introduction of pillar boxes to the UK

Anthony Trollope

10.Haar is an English dialect word for what sort of weather?

A sea mist on the North Sea coast

11. How are Olga, Maria and Irina known in the title of a Russian play?

The Three Sisters

12. Sir Ronald Ross was the first British winner of a Nobel Prize in 1902. Which Prize did he win?

The Nobel Prize for Medicine (for his work on malaria)

13. Who was the resident chef on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop?

Delia Smith

14. How is Dr Griffin known in the title of a famous 1897 novel?

The Invisible Man

15. If a car carries a sticker with ‘RA’ on it, which country does it come from?

Argentina (Republica Argentina)

16. Which French writer wrote the celebrated letter J’accuse over the Dreyfus affair?

Emile Zola

17. Mark Cavendish left Sky to join which cycling team

Omega- Pharma Quick Step

Accept either sponsor

18. Who defeated Riddick Bowe to win the Olympic Super Heavyweight boxing gold

Lennox Lewis

19. Whose operas include Salome and Der Rosenkavalier?

Richard Strauss

20. Which yellow-flowered plant has been known for its blue dye since at least the Iron Age?


21. The collections of Sir Hans Sloane formed the original basis of which museum?

The British Museum

22. What is a basophil?

A blood cell

23. Literary luminary Christopher Booker was the first editor of which satirical magazine?

Private Eye

24. What was the name of the hurricane that recently devastated New York?


25. Who is the MP for Mid –Bedfordshire, recently in the news for extra-par5liamentary activity?

Nadine Dorries

26. What was Shakespeare’s father’s trade?

A Glover

27. The phrase “nature red in tooth and claw” is from a poem called “In Memoriam”. Who wrote it?

Alfred Lord Tennyson

28. Who was president of the US when Elizabeth II was crowned?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

29. Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex rebelled against which monarch

Elizabeth I

30. Anne of Bohemia and Isabella of Valois were consorts of which king

Richard II

31. In which Thomas Hardy book does “Angel Clare” appear?

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

32. What is planned to be the first man made object to leave solar system

Voyager 1

33. What, in feet, to within 1000, is the altitude at the South Pole?

9,300 feet (So allow 8300 to 10300)

34. January 23rd 2012 was the start of the Chinese Year of the what?


35. Which perfume ingredient is obtained from the Boswellia tree?


36. The Bodensee is also known as what?

Lake Constance (German – Konstanz)

37. In Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", what was Charlie's surname?


38. The first European footballer of the year was an Englishman. Name him?

Stanley Matthews

39. Who won the first BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1954?

Chris Chataway

40. Which county cricket team does Matt Prior play for?


41. Medecins Sans Frontieres was created in 1971 in the aftermath of which conflict?


42. In 1973 Roe vs Wade marked what legal landmark in the USA?

Right to abortion

43. Who became Elizabeth Taylor’s first husband in 1950

Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

44. Henry McCarty was better known as William Bonney. By what name was he even better known?

Billy the Kid

45. Phiz was the main illustrator of whose books?

Charles Dickens

46. In which Shakespeare play does the stage direction "Exit pursued by a bear" appear?

A Winter's tale

47. In which of Shakespeare's plays do two sets of identical twins appear?

The Comedy of Errors

48. Who has just been named as the new president of China?

Xi Jinping – acccept Xi

49. In which town is the Damien Hirst statue , Verity located


50. Which GB international rugby league player played rugby union for the Barbarians (against Australia) in November 2011 despite never having played professional rugby union?

Sam Tomkins (of Wigan RL)

51. To what was the ship Pelican renamed in 1578?

The Golden Hind

52. Who, cinematically speaking, holidayed at saint Marc-sur-Mer?

Monsieur Hulot

53. The Lancaster house agreement created independence for which country?

Rhodesia (accept Zimbabwe)

54. In 1970, which Royal Ballet director created Tales of Beatrix Potter

Frederick Ashton

55. Under what name does Lizzy Grant record and perform

Lana Del Ray

56. In which musical work did the song "Mack the Knife" first appear?

The Threepenny Opera

57. From what long established activity does the word "crestfallen" come?


58. Which Irish attraction did Dr. Johnson describe as 'worth seeing but not worth going to see' ?

The Giants Causeway

59. What is the capital of the Maldives?


60. The subject of a tragedy by Pushkin and an opera by Mussorgsky, which chief advisor to Tsar Fyodor I became a Tsar himself in 1598?

Boris Godunov

61. Who was the head of the Vichy government until August 1944

Marshall Petain

62. Which US city is served by Louis Armstrong airport?

New Orleans

63. Which building in London houses the Tate Modern Gallery?

Bankside Power Station

64. Which country is the world's largest producer of saffron?


65. In which US state is Area 51?


66. Dangerous corner was a 1932 play by which British writer

J B Priestley

67. Which former actress became Greek Minister for Culture in 1981

Melina Mercouri

68. On which of the Great Lakes is Detroit?


69. Half of the god Pan was human. What was the other half?


70. Who said “Either this guy's dead or my watch has stopped”?

Groucho Marx

71. A bird and a fruit have the same name. What is it?


72. What name have Boeing given to their latest airliner, the 787?


73. What is the name of the flying island in Gulliver's Travels?


74. In which track cycling event is a derny used?

The keirin (it is an electric pace bike)

75. Which female has won most Best Actress Oscars?

Katherine Hepburn

76. Who composed the Clock Symphony?


77. Who recently won BBC TV's “Choir in the workplace” contest?

Severn Trent Water Board

78. Who was the first female head of MI5?

Stella Rimington

79. In English law, what is the first priority for payment from the estate of the deceased?

Funeral expenses

80. What is the equivalent of the VC awarded to animals?

The Dicken Medal

81. Who is the president of New Zealand – recently in the news for describing David Beckham as “thick as bat shit”

John Key

82. Which organisation has the slogan “Train One Save Many”?


83. which drink was banned in France from 1915-2011?


84. which comedian's dad is the chief scout at Newcastle United?

Alan Carr (Dad Graham discovered many of Newcastle's current star players)

85. the dialling code 01925 is associated mainly with which nearby town?


86. why did the football friendly between England and Holland scheduled for Wembley stadium on 10th August 2011 not take place?

Because of the rioting and looting going on in London at that time.

87. the most common material for making jeans takes its name from which French city?

Nimes (Denim, from "de Nimes", meaning of or from Nimes)

88.; the dialling code 01298 is associated mainly with which town?


89. the main thoroughfare linking Derby and Nottingham is named in whose honour?

Brian Clough

90. how many streets, roads and other thoroughfares are found on a Monopoly board?

22 (3 in each coloured set, except for 2 each of the browns and dark blues)

91. in which town or city would you find the National Football Museum?

Manchester (it moved there from its original home in Preston in 2012).

92. which suburb of Birmingham is home to Cadburys?


93.Why has the Egyptian Bishop Tawadros been in the news recently?

He is the new Coptic pope

94. According to his business card, what was Al Capone's trade?

2nd hand furniture dealer

95. Who created Miss Piggy, Kermit and Fozzie Bear?

Jim Henson

96. What's the pastime of a Funambulist?

Tight-rope walking



S1. How many dots are used in the Braille system?


S2. By what name is the singer Cat Stevens known these days?

Yusef Islam

S3. With his name still associated with overnight travel, who designed the first railway sleeping car?

George Pullman

S4. In the TV comedy show, who played the Young Ones' landlord Mr Balowski?

Alexei Sayle

S5. recently retired with the demise of analogue TV signals, in which year did the BBC launch the Ceefax service?

1974 (accept 73-75)

S6. in what year did Channel Five, now known simply as Five, first hit the screens?


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Q 1) Who set up the production company Ardent?

Prince Edward

Q 2) Who designed the Blue Peter logo?

Tony Hart

Q 3) Which British entrepreneur once guested on Friends?

Richard Branson

Q 4) The discovery of which plot led to the death of Mary, Queen of Scots?

Babington Plot

Q 5) Which letter is one dot and one dash in Morse Code?


Q 6) Which Battle was the first in the Hundred Years War?


Q 7) What is served at a Thyestean feast

Human Flesh

Q 8) Who wrote Goodbye to All That?

Robert Graves

Q 9) Which Duke commanded the English troops at Culloden?

The Duke of Cumberland

Q 10) Which Minister was murdered in 1990 outside his home by an IRA bomb

Ian Gow

Q 11) Who commanded the winning side at the Battle of Marathon?


Q 12) What is a porbeagle?

A shark

Q 13) Who was Prince Philip’s mother?

Princess Alice of Battenberg

Q 14) In which year did Francis Drake complete the circumnavigation of the world?


Q 15) How do you travel on the Devizes-Westminster race?


Q 16) How old were both Anne Boleyn and Mrs Beeton when they died?

29 years

Q 17) Who composed Easter Parade?

Irving Berlin

Q 18) Which country gained independence in 1908 from Turkey?


Q 19) What is the opening track on the Verve's Urban Hymns?

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Q 20) Which hymn was written by Augustus Toplady after sheltering from a storm?

Rock of Ages

Q 21) In which decade was William Hague born?


Q 22) Who wrote Dr Johnson's biography?

James Boswell

Q 23) Who is the only English monarch to have won a flat race as a jockey?

Charles II

Q 24) Mary II died of which disease at the age of 32?


Q 25) What is a gibus?

A top hat

Q 26) What is the correct name for the Ink blot test?

Rorschach Test

Q 27) Which drill gets women and children into lifeboats first?

Birkenhead Drill

Q 28) Which greyhound was the first to win the Greyhound Derby twice?

Mick the Miller

Q 29) The Sea of Marmara lies between the Bosporus and what?

The Dardanelles

Q 30) Who designed The Monument in London?

Christopher Wren

Q 31) Which scale other than the Richter scale measures earthquakes?

Mercalli Scale

Q 32) Who first charted in the UK with Always On My Mind?

Brenda Lee

Q 33) Which language do the words kiosk, tulip and caviar come from?


Q 34) Whose Drum can be seen at Buckland Abbey in Devon?

Francis Drake’s

Q 35) What do the initials stand for in the name of ghost story writer M.R. James?

Montague Rhodes

Q 36) Which actor played Major Gowen in Fawlty Towers?

Ballard Berkeley

Q 37) In which decade was Lloyd Grossman born?


Q 38) Whose hymn book was first published in 1873?

Sankey and Moody’s

Q 39) A durmast is a variety of what?

An Oak tree

Q 40) Who wrote The Turn of the Screw?

Henry James

Q 41) Which Europeans discovered Lake Tanganyika in 1858?

Burton & Speke

Q 42) Who said, "I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back"?

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Q 43) Achulophobia is the fear of what?


Q 44) Which brass instrument is wrapped around the player's body?


Q 45) In which Dickens novel does Dolly Varden appear?

Barnaby Rudge

Q 46) In which US state was there a nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979?


Q 47) Who was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926?

Gertrude Ederle

Q 48) What is the capital of Angola?


Q 49) Where were a set of rules for football drawn up in 1848?

Cambridge University

Q 50) What was the stage name of Hugh MacLennan?

Harry Lauder

Q 51) Under what name did Jean Garvelet ply his high-risk trade?

Charles Blondin (Tightrope walker)

Q 52) Who lived at No. 1, London?

The Duke of Wellington

Q 53) Which artist painted Black Paintings in the 1820s?


Q 54) On which river does Milan stand?


Q 55) What is a clerihew?

A poem

Q 56) Which battle was the last in the Hundred Years War?


Q 57) In which European country is the province of Brabant?


Q 58) In the Keats' poem, who stood in tears,‘Amid the alien corn’ ?


Q 59) Who, in 43 AD, led British resistance against the Romans?


Q 60) Where did Kun's Red Terror exist in 1919?


Q 61) Who was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes?

Marie Curie

Q 62) Which horror writer died in Providence, Rhode Island in 1937?

H.P. Lovecraft

Q 63) Whitehorse is the capital of which Canadian territory?


Q 64) Which comedian plays Lee’s father in the sitcom “Not Going Out”?

Bobby Ball

Q 65) Which female band was the first to top the UK single, album and download chart simultaneously?


Q 66) Wantage Road is the home ground of which county cricket team


Q 67) “A Fart In A Colander” is the autobiography of which veteran British comedian, actor and broadcaster?

Roy Hudd

Q 68) King Alexander of Greece died after being bitten by which animal?


Q 69) Which Spice Girl auditioned for the part of Bianca Jackson in Eastenders?

Emma Bunton

Q 70) What is the name of the incompetent lawyer in “The Simpsons”

Lionel Hutz

Q 71) In what year was the Television Licence introduced?


Q 72) Which actor created the Twitter hashtag #tigerblood which became the most popular hashtag of 2011?

Charlie Sheen

Q 73) Which English football club’s ground has a pub on each corner?


Q 74) Liberty or Death is the motto of which South American country?


Q 75) In which Carry On film did Sid James make his first appearance?

Carry On Constable

Q 76) FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan feature in which US crime drama?


Q 77) What organ of the body supplied Florence And The Machine with the title for a Number 1 album?


Q 78) Also the title of a fiendish TV Quiz show, what was the epigraph to EM Forster’s novel Howards End?

Only Connect

Q 79) Jason Crump, Tomasz Gollob and Greg Hancock are recent world champions in which sport?


Q 80) Les Wallace, John Walton and Tony David have all been world champions in which sport?


Q 81) Kingsford Smith airport serves which Australian city?


Q 82) Which professional footballer won two episodes of Countdown in 2010?

Clarke Carlisle

Q 83) The Casa Rosada (Pink House) is the official resident of the President of which South American country?


Q 84) What English stately home shares its name with the estate in the TV drama Shameless?


Q 85) John Palmer was the alias of which English outlaw?

Dick Turpin

Q 86) What dinosaur provided the title of a 2011 album by Kasabian?


Q 87) The fictional town of Hill Valley, California is the setting for which film trilogy?

Back To The Future

Q 88) John Galliano was fired from which fashion house after an anti-semitic rant?


Q 89) Sabah, Sarawak and Perak are states in which Asian country?


Q 90) Who lives at 744 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield?

Ned Flanders (Simpsons live at 742)

Q 91) Which alcoholic drink has the nickname “The Green Fairy”?


Q 92) Sapsago cheese comes from which country?


Q 93) What is the name of the pig in the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” ?


Q 94) Which 1971 film was based on a novel called “Jack’s Return Home”?

Get Carter

Q 95) Which US President had a dog called Checkers?

Richard Nixon

Q 96) Who wrote the 2010 Booker Prize shortlisted novel “Room”?

Emma Donaghue

Q 97) Plymouth Raiders, Leicester Rider and Newcastle Eagles are teams that play which sport?


Q 98) In what decade of the 20th Century was the last person executed at The Tower of London?

The 1940s (1941)

Q 99) The Battle of Columbus ended which conflict?

American Civil War

Q 100) The first television interracial kiss occurred on which programme?

Star Trek

Q 101) The film “Big Wednesday” is about which sport?


Q 102) Ginni Rometty was the first woman to head which technology company?


Q 103) In March 2012, Mike Nesbitt became leader of which UK political party?

Ulster Unionist Party

Q 104) Andros is the largest island of which country?

The Bahamas

Q 105) In which British sitcom were the main characters named after serial killers?

Gavin and Stacey

Q 106) What British coin ceased to be legal tender on 31st December 1960?


Q 107) Which punk’s real name was John Ritchie?

Sid Vicious

Q 108) Sudeley Castle is in which English county?


Q 109) Roy of the Rovers first appeared in which comic?


Q 110) Which institution won its third University Challenge title in seven years in 2012?

Manchester University

Q 111) Which politician did Harriet Harmen describe as a “ginger rodent”?

Danny Alexander

Q 112) What genre of music would you expect to hear at the festival held at Cherry Hinton Hall?


Q 113) Complete the name of the French musical “The Umbrellas of…..?


Q 114) At the Castle Gate by Sibelius is the theme music to which long running TV programme?

The Sky At Night

Q 115) “Sometimes you’re better off dead. There’s a gun in your hand and it’s pointing at your head” is the opening line of which song?

West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)

Q 116) What is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet?


Q 117) What is the penultimate event of a decathlon?


Q 118) In binary what number is written 1010?


Q 119) Paul Usher played which character in the soap Brookside?

Barry Grant

Q 120) What was the name of the heroes’ spaceship in the first three series of Blake’s 7?

The Liberator

Supp 1) Bill Perks, the son of a bricklayer became known as who?

Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.

Supp 2) What is a honey locust?

A tree

Supp 3) Who wrote Chain Reaction for Diana Ross?

The Gibb Brothers

Supp 4) In the USA, who are Okies? (pronounced “oakies”)

People who come from Oklahoma.

Supp 5) In which book is Sal Paradise a main character?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Supp 6) Which Oscar-winner in 1940 received the DFC and the Croix de Guerre?

James Stewart


How many words make up the novel "The Hobitt" by J R R Tolkien?


Friday, November 16, 2012

12th November Questions













1. According to an 1836 poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson which war began with

“The shot heard round the World'?

 The American War of Independence (Accept American Revolution)

2. Which mid 19th Century British Prime Minister died in office at the age of almost 81?

Lord Palmerston

3. Which dukedom awarded in April 201 1 was previously held by the Commander in Chief of the British Army from 1856 to 1895?

The Duke of Cambridge

4. Which was the first ship to cross the Atlantic entirely under steam?

The Sirius

5. Name either of the men who made the first crossing of the Channel by air in a hydrogen balloon in 1785.

Blanchard and Jeffries

6. What happened on Evil May Day in London in 1517?

Apprentices rioted and attacked alien residents, many being later hanged for taking part. (Accept riots)

7. What was known as 'Mr Balfours Poodle'?

The House of Lords

8. In Medieval times what was a Mangonel used for?

Launching missiles (rocks). - It is a form of large catapult or siege engine.


S1 . In which country were Henry second of England and his Queen buried?

France (Fontenvraut).

S2. Who was The Tiger of France' who presided at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Georges Clemenceau


This round is all about the dark arts of advertising

1. What is the name of the character played by Jon Hamm in the TV show 'Mad Men1?

Don Draper.

2. The slogan "I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity" was used to advertise which premium lager?

Stella Artois.

3. "Clunk click, every trip", the public information film slogan for seatbelts in the 1970s, was spoken by which now deceased celebrity?

Jimmy Saville.

4. Which company asked, "Where do you want to go today?"


5. What is the book by Naomi Klein which looked at the branding and avertising techniques of multinational corporations?

No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies. (Accept 'No Logo').

6. Which organisation has the official slogan 'You can make money without doing evil' and the informal slogan is 'Don't be evil'?


7. Which celebrity was used by John Smith's bitter in their 'No Nonsense' advertising campaign in the 1990's?

 Jack Dee.

8. The original logo of which company featured Isaac Newton?



S1 . In the famous T.V. advert which country wanted to know 'Where the bloody hell are you?'


S2. Which advertising company produced the famous 'Labour Isn't Working' poster on behalf of the Conservative Party in the run-up to the 1979 General Election?

Saatchi & Saatchi.


The answers to all questions are either dogs, (film, cartoon or real), or a Leonard or an Ernest.

1.  Which canine star of a television advert, advertising television adverts, is friends for life with rabbit?


2. Who wrote the song 'Hey that's no way to say goodbye'?

Leonard Cohen

3. Give the character name for the husband of Coronation Street's Emiiy Nugent who was shot and killed on screen in January 1978

Ernest Bishop

4. Which cyber dog was responsible for the sheep rustling which resulted in innocent Gromitt being sent to prison?


5. Name the dog featured in Enid Blyton's 'Secret Seven' stories


6. Name the writer of 'South' a detailed account of his expedition aiming to reach the South Pole.

Ernest Shackleton

7. An official British observer to the bombing of Nagasaki this airman became well known for his charitable work after the Second World War.

Leonard Cheshire

8. Which cartoon dog has a brother called Spike?



S1. Name the Ernest in Oscar Wilde's The importance of being Ernest'

Ernest (Jack) Worthing

S2. Name the cartoon dog with co workers called Alice and Wally



Important note - All answers will be either a capital city or a country which when spelled in upper case does not contain any letters with closed shapes, that is ABDOPQ. It would be worth asking the teams to make a note of these letters as any answers which contain any of these letters are not correct.

1. This group of islands is a French republic that lies some 800 miles North East of Madagascar, around 932 miles east of mainland Africa, and which has five colours in its national flag


2. Famous for a popular chicken dish this city of the former USSR is now the capital of Ukraine


3. This land locked principality is a significant producer of ceramics, scientific equipment, sausage casings and false teeth.


4. This country in the Southern hemisphere is the longest in its continent stretching for over 2700 miles.


5. This city of the former USSR is now the capital of Belarus


6. This middle Eastern country with coasts on both the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, remains one of the most dangerous for westerners to visit in the current global political climate


7. This country is a Central American republic and is unique in having as it national language English despite its Hispanic neighbours


8. This is the capital city of the country which used to be the hub of the ancient civilization of Carthage



S1. This is the capital city of an island republic northwest of Australia, infamous for the Indonesian brutality is suffered at the end of the 20th Century

DILI (Capital of East Timor)

S2. This European city has been mistakenly associated with a syndrome for which the correct name is Stockholm Syndrome, named as a result of a terrorist incident which took place there.



1. Who is the female member of the Pretenders?

Chrissy Hynde

2. What was Tom Mix's horse called?


3. Who received a cinematography Oscar nomination for the 1974 film 'Earthquake'?

Phillip Lathrop

4. Who was Superted's friend?


5. In which year did Jim Morrison die?

1971 (Accept 1970 - 1972)

6. ln the Lennon and McCartney song what was used to kill Joan who studied pataphysical science in the home?

A Silver Hammer (Maxwell's)

7. Two major figures in English literature died on the same day as John F Kennedy in 1963. Name either

Aldous Huxley or C.S. Lewis

8. Which British historian erroneously vouched for the authenticity of the Hitler Diaries in 1983?

Hugh Trevor Roper


S1 . Who wrote the novel The History of Mr Polly'?


S2. Which single topped the charts when England won the World Cup?

'Out of Time' by Chris Farlow


This round is all about Fashion, and fashion fads.

I. Which famous fashion designer originally had the surname 'Lifshitz'?

Ralph Lauren.

2. In the 1920Js, young women who danced the Charleston, wore rolled-down stockings, T-bar shoes and short skirts were commonly known as what?


3. Which French fashion designer said; "There is time for work. And time for Love. That leaves no other time."

Coco Chanel.

4. One of the two main ingredients of ceruse, make-up used by wealthy Tudor women to achieve a pale complexion was vinegar. What was the other?

White lead (Also known as Lead Carbonate)

5. In which American city was Gianni Versace assassinated by serial killer Andrew Cunanan?


6. Which British fashion designer committed suicide in 2010, only a few days after the death of his mother from cancer?

Alexander McQueen.

7. Irishman Philip Treacy is renowned for his designs of what?


8. A small, woman's hat with a flat crown and straight upright sides is known as what?

A pillbox hat.


S1. Who played Coco Chanel in the film "Coco before Chanel"?

Audrey Tautou.

S2. Which Macclesfield-born designer designed the dress worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding to Prince William?

Sarah Burton.


1.  In what field was British physicist William Henry Fox Talbot a pioneer?


2. What name is give to the branch of medicine concerned with the incidence, extent and spread of disease?


3. What name is give to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose?


4. What name is give to a device which increases or decreases the level of alternating current?


5. Give the formula for Sulphuric Acid.

H2SO4 ( H two S O Four) No Leeway

6. What is the sum of the internal angles in a hexagon?

720 degrees

7.  Which mammals produce a powerful anticoagulant in their saliva?

Vampire Bats (Accept bats)

8.  What is meant by the word Dystocia?

Painful or difficult childbirth.


S1. What name is given to a device which measures atmospheric pressure?


S2. What word from Greek mythology is given to the voice box of a bird?



1. Where did Team GB football team crash out on penalties to South Korea?

Cardiff Millennium Stadium. (Accept Cardiff).

2. Which sport could you watch on Box Hill?

Road Cycling. (Accept Cycling).

3. Which venue was linked by a cable car to the Excel Arena?

North Greenwich Arena .

4. At which venue would you have seen Misty May perform?

Horse Guards Parade ( USA Beach Volley Ball )

5. Where did the equestrian events take place?

 Greenwich Park

6. Where would you have watched the hockey competition?

Riverbank Arena

7. Ed McKeever won a gold medal in the canoe sprint event at which venue?

Eton Dorney

8. At which venue did the infamous badminton 'fix' take place ?

Wembley Arena


S1. At which venue did Jade Jones win taekwondo gold ?

Excel Arena

S2. At which other venue apart from the basketball arena at the Olympic
Park were basketball matches held ?

North Greenwich Arena








1. Which celebrity contestant was 1st to be voted off in the 2012 series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

Johnny Ball

2. What is the biggest religion in India?


3. Who was the Director General of the BBC up until 10th November 2012?

George Entwistle

4. The US company Walmart is the biggest private employer in the world. Under what name does it operate in the UK?


5. Which major computer language shares its name with an Indonesian Island?
6. Which mammal has the longest gestation period?
The Elephant (22 months on average)
7. In the film ‘The Sound of Music’ what was the name of the eldest Von Trapp child?


8. Which bank has released albums including ‘Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Some Fantastic Place’?


9. If you bought both utilities on a standard British Monopoly board how much would it cost you?


10. Which actress, who died in July 2012, played Demelza in ‘Poldark’?

Angharad Rees

11. What body of water lies to the north of Fife?

Firth of Tay (accept River Tay}

12. In which English county are the towns of Amersham, Marlow and Princes Risborough?

Buckinghamshire (Bucks)

13. Which company is advertised by thin blue aliens?


14. Who was the original twirling hostess of ‘The Generation Game’?

Anthea Redfern

15. We call it candy floss: what do Americans call it?

Cotton candy

16. What is the name of the football anti-racism organisation which was in the news recently when Rio Ferdinand refused to wear its branded shirt in a pre match warm up?

Kick it Out

17. Next year, Blackpool FC, Newcastle United & Heart of Midlothian will all share a common sponsor: which one? (A controversial payday loan company)

18. Who started a giant fast food chain in 1928 in a hut near Bradford, Yorkshire?

Harry Ramsden

19. How old was Henry VIII when he was crowned?

18 (accept 16 to 20)

20. Google produce a popular freeware web browser. What is it called?
21. In medicine, Bariatrics deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of what?
Obesity (from the Greek: bar- weight, -iatr "treatment," and -ic "pertaining to"
22. Which singer’s real name is Stevland Morris?

Stevie Wonder

23. Name either of the two cycling teams for which Lance Armstrong "won" Tour de France? (These wins have been stripped, due to accusations of drug misuse.)
US Postal Service or Discovery Channel
24. Which bank has recently pulled out of a deal to acquire 300 RBS branches in England?


25. What was the surname of the family featured in the book ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott?


26. OPEC contains 2 countries from the Americas. Name either.

Venezuela or Ecuador

27. In 1973 who was 'Aladdin Sane'?

David Bowie

28. Who is the regular presenter of the sports news on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast show?

Vassos Alexander

29. Name the South American flightless bird which is related to the African Ostrich and Australian Emu?

The Rhea

30. Critically acclaimed as one of the best live albums ever released, who recorded ‘Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out’ in Madison Square Gardens in 1969?

The Rolling Stones

31. Who did Hilary Devey replace on BBC2’s ‘Dragon’s Den’?

James Caan

32. What is the road number for the “D” road in Stoke-on-Trent?


33. What corporation has a subsiduary ‘Airbus’, and was in the news recently due to a failed merger with Bae Systems?
EADS (Allow European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.)
34. Cars registered in the UK have a 2 digit age identifier which shows when the car is registered. What would this be for a car registered today?
62 (Since 1st September 2012)
35. With what activity would you associate Gael Monfils?


36. Which Oscar winning actor has directed, produced and starred in the recently released film ‘Argo’ based on the true story of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis?

Ben Affleck

37. Name either of the stars of the Radio 4 comedy show ‘Rudy’s Rare Records’?

Lenny Henry or Larrington Walker

38. Who is the manager of Macclesfield Town FC?

Steve King

39. What species of coffee plant constitutes nearly 75% of the world's coffee-bean production?


40. What is the better known name for anti-inflammatory drug iso-butyl-propanoic-phenolic acid?
Ibuprofen (This is the proper name, brand names eg Nurofen exist, don't allow)
41. Who comes next in the list: Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Madonna, Chris Cornell, Jack White and Alicia Keys…?

Adele (performers of the James Bond film title themes: ‘Goldeneye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘The world is not Enough’, ’Die Another Day’, ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Quantum of Solace’, Skyfall’ respectively)

42. What does the musical term pizzicato mean?

Plucked (strings)

43. With a surface area of 71 square kilometres what is Britain's largest lake?

Loch Lomond

44. With what activity would you associate Lorraine Pascale?


45. Who was named as the next Archbishop of Canterbury on 9th November 2012?

Justin Welby (accept surname, not current position)

46. Who is the 24th and current President of France?

Francois Hollande

47. Who appeared as Barbara Pegg in the 1967 film "To Sir With Love" and sang the title song?


48. Which American president said: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"?

Abraham Lincoln

49. What is the name of the Sheffield Wednesday goalkkeeper struck in the face by a spectator during a recent match against Leeds United?

Chris Kirkland

50. Which Hollywood actress made a guest appearance in the latest series of ‘Downton Abbey’ when she was cast as the mother of Cora, Countess of Grantham?

Shirley MacLaine

51. Whose autobiography is entitled ‘Camp David’?

David Walliams’

52. To what branch of the Girl Guiding movement do girls aged 5 and 6 belong?


53. What is the road number of the road between Portsmouth and London?


54. What body of water lies between Falmouth and St Mawes?

Carrick Roads

55. Who wrote ‘The Carnival of the Animals'?

Camille Saint-Saens

56. Which science fiction writer created 'the Culture', a Galaxy wide civilisation revisited many times in his novels?

Iain M Banks

57. Which former Home Secretary is the MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough?
Rt Hon David Blunkett
58. Who is the Chief Scout?

Bear Grylls

59. What is the nickname of Alex Rodrigues, hitter for the New York Yankees?


60. Three members of which all girl Russian punk band were recently jailed for staging a protest

against President Vladimir Putin in a church?

Pussy Riot

61. Who won the 2012 series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’?

John Whaite (accept first name only)

62. Who are world T20 champions?

West Indies

63. A new production of ‘Cabaret’ starring former ‘Eastenders’ actress Michelle Ryan as Sally Bowles has recently opened in the West End. Who is cast as the master of ceremonies at the Kit Kat Club?

Will Young

64. Who is to play Miss Havisham in the film adaptation of Charles Dickens' ‘Great Expectations’, released In November 2012?

Helena Bonham-Carter

65. In geographical terms what is a barchan?

A sand dune

66. What song does the main character in the film ‘Groundhog Day’ wake up to every morning?

I Got You Babe (Sonny and Cher)

67. What was the first name of the composer Handel?


68. Watford Football Club share their ground with which Rugby Union team?


69. On what date does St Swithin’s day fall?

15th July

70. Which British actor recently won a Tony award for his Broadway performances in ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’?

James Corden

71. Samsung are an international company these days, but what is their home country?

South Korea (accept Korea)

72. To what appointment was composer Peter Maxwell Davies appointed in 2004?

Master of the Queen’s Music

73. Which ancient Greek mathematician is often referred to as the "Father of Geometry"?

Euclid (of Alexandria)

74. With which doubles partner did John McEnroe have most success?

Peter Fleming

75. Which osteopath was at the centre of the Profumo affair?

Stephen Ward

76. Hilary Mantel won the Booker Prize this year for the second time. Her winning books are the first two of a trilogy relating the story of which statesman?

Thomas Cromwell (1st Earl of Essex)

77. Which singer is married to actress Ayda Field and has a baby daughter called Theodora (known as Teddy)?

Robbie Williams

78. How many symphonies did Antonin Dvorak write?


79. How much does a copy of the Macclesfield Express cost?


70. What was the name of the legendary giant who inspired the myths surrounding the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim?

Finn MacCool

71. Which Channel 4 comedy drama featuring Jack Whitehall revolves around the lives of six students at the fictional Manchester Medlock University?
Fresh Meat
72. A widget inside of a can of beer is an aid in producing a good head of beer. What is inside the pressurised pellet?


73. Who played Emperor Augustus in the BBC TV series ‘I Claudius’?
Brian Blessed
74. Having agreed to buy the BP share in the TNK-BP joint venture, they will become the biggest publicly traded oil company in the world. Who are they?


75. In which city is Medinah Golf Club?


76. What have Antony Blunt, Jack Lyons & Fred Goodwin have in common?

They have all been stripped of knighthoods for various misdemeanours (for spying, share fraud & banking)

77. Which singer has recently celebrated 25 years in the music business by releasing the album ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’?

Kylie Minogue

78. On what date does Burns Night fall?

25th January

79. Who presents the Radio 4 programme ‘Great Lives’?

Matthew Parris

80. Which celebrity has recently announced that she is to become a space tourist, possibly visiting the International Space Station in 2015?

Sarah Brightman

81. Which actress’s real name was Frances Gumm?

Judy Garland

82. Who was the Director General of the BBC from June 2004 to September 2012?

Mark Thompson

83. Which FTSE listed retailer has Justin King as its Chief executive?
84. What salad made from mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil is also the name of the town in Tuscany where Michelangelo was born?


85. In psychology who proposed the theory of a "hierarchy of needs"?
A Maslow (in 1943) (Explains that physiological needs must be satisfied before Safety, before love/belonging etc.)
86. Who directed the film ‘Schindler’s List’?

Steven Spielberg


S1. Who directed the film ‘The Shining’?

Stanley Kubrick

S2. Who starred in the film ‘Pale Rider’?

Clint Eastwood

S3. Who was the long serving hostess of ITV game show ‘The Golden Shot’, famous for not being very good at adding up?

Anne Aston

S4. Ford Maddox Fords's novel ‘Parade's End’ was recently adapted for BBC2 starring Benedict Cumberbatch. But who wrote the screenplay?

Tom Stoppard

S5. Which London Underground line is coloured red on the underground map?

Central Line

S6. The myristica tree produces mace and which other spice?

Nutmeg (seed of the tree: mace is from the covering of the seed)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

6th November The Questions all set by The Ox-fford

Specialist Questions

1. Geography – Minor rivers in Papua New Guinea
2. Sport – Who came sixth?
3. Sayings – Identify the phrases you’ve never heard of
4. Origami round – 15 seconds to make the model you’re allocated!
5. Arts and Entertainment – 1950’s Australian sit-coms
6. Science – Identify the molecule from the really tiny picture!
7. History – All about the middle fortnight of June 1723
8. Who’s that? - Identify pictures of people you couldn’t care less about!
Set by: Ox-fford
Actually, thinking about it, perhaps we’ll go with these instead…
Macclesfield Quiz League

Specialist Questions


1. Geography – where in the world…
2. Sport
3. Advertising Slogans
4. Return of the Dingbats…
5. Arts and Entertainment
6. Science
7. History
8. You don’t know “Jack”…

In this round you will be shown a picture and asked a geography question about what you see. All will become clear! Note to QMs – There are 2 copies of each picture. Please give a copy to each team at the same time. For visually impaired Quizzers, simply use the supplementaries.
  1. What country is this?
  2. image
2. What is the name of the county highlighted in green, which also has the highest population in Africa?
3. Which Scottish island is highlighted in red and is also the home of the children’s TV series Balamory?

Answer: MULL
4. Which European Union country is shown in this outline?

Answer: GREECE
5. Which US state which has the nicknames The Treasure State and Big Sky Country amongst others, is shown in red?

6. Which US state which has the nicknames The Prairie State and Land of Lincoln amongst others, is shown in red?

7. The course of which major river is marked in red on this map?

Answer: DANUBE
8. This island nation is the 4th largest island in the world. What is its name?

S1. From which European capital city is this Metro map extract taken?

Answer: MADRID
S2. Which country is this?

Answer: MEXICO
Q1Non-Picture Supplementaries:
S1. What is the capital of Bermuda?
S2. In which country would you find the Drakensberg Mountains?
  1. Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka remains the record wicket taker in Test Mach cricket with 800, but who has taken the most Test Match wickets for England?
Answer: IAN BOTHAM (383 wickets)
  1. Alan Shearer is the all-time leading goal scorer in the Premier League with 260 goals, but who is the all-time highest scoring non-British player?
Answer: THIERRY HENRY (175 goals for Arsenal)
  1. Bjorn Borg won 5 consecutive Men’s Singles Finals at Wimbledon. In his 5 finals, he beat Jimmy Connors twice and John McEnroe once. Name either of the other 2 beaten finalists?
Answer: ILIE NASTASE (1976) or ROSCOE TANNER (1979)
  1. Who won the 2012 US Masters Golf Championship?
  1. In Darts, what is the maximum checkout score with three darts?
Answer: 170
  1. Which Country did Lennox Lewis represent when he boxed in the 1988 Olympic Games?
Answer: CANADA
  1. What nationality is the current Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel?
Answer: GERMAN
  1. The next Winter Olympic Games will be held in February 2014, but in which country?
Answer: RUSSIA (in Sochi, on the Black Sea coast)
S1. In inches, what is the diameter of a basketball ring?
Answer: 18 INCHES
S2. In hurling, how many points are scored for getting the ball under the crossbar?
Answer: 3
A very simple round. You will be given an (allegedly) well-known advertising slogan – you just have to name the product it was used to advertise…
E.G. – “Exceedingly Good Cakes” – Mr Kipling
  1. Loves the jobs you hate
  1. Share moments, share life
Answer: KODAK
  1. We won’t make a drama out of a crisis
  1. The appliance of science
  1. They drink it in the Congo
Answer: UM BONGO
  1. Your flexible friend
Answer: ACCESS
  1. The best a man can get
  1. They’re tasty, tasty, very, very tasty, they’re very tasty
S1. Kills all known germs, dead
S2. The totally tropical taste
Answer: LILT
Due to the “success” of the Dingbats Round last year, they are making a “welcome” return! This year, there is no theme – as Roy Walker might say “Just say what you see”!
(Note to QMs: there are 2 substitute questions at the end for use if there are any visually impaired Quizzers)

  1. Honour among thieves
2. Mother-in-law

3.The drinks are on the house

4. Kings Cross

5. Top Gun
6. Kiss and make up

7. Blessing in disguise

8. Pineapple

S1. What goes up must come down

S2. The three musketeers
Visually impaired Q1.
What is the most common bat found in the United Kingdom?
Answer: The Pipistrelle
Visually impaired Q2.
From which wood are cricket bats normally made?
Answer: Willow

This is another picture round, and all you have to do is identify the Artist from the well-known works of art in the pictures.
Just give out the pictures one at a time and the answer is quite simply who is the artist, not the title of the work.
Note to QMs – There are 2 copies of each picture. Please give a copy to each team at the same time.

William Blake
The Ancient of Days (1794)

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (London) (1607/1610)

Pablo Picasso
Guernica (1937)

Jackson Pollock
No.5, 1948 (1948)

Tracey Emin
Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995 (1995)

David Hockney
A Bigger Splash (1967)

Tahitian Women on the Beach (1891)

Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee (1633)

Damien Hirst
For the Love of God (2007)

Vincent Van Gogh
The Starry Night (1889)
Which poet described autumn as the season “of mists and mellow fruitfulness”?
Who painted the Haywain?

  1. Geometry - what is the name given to a quadrilateral with all four sides of equal length, but where the angles are not right angles?
  1. Chlorine, Fluorine and Iodine are three of the five members of a group of elements called the Halogens. Name either of the other two.
  1. Diamorphine is the medical name for an opiate analgesic drug used for treating extreme pain. By what name is the illegal form of this drug commonly known?
Answer: HEROIN
  1. Psittacosis is a disease contracted from what type of creatures?
Answer: BIRDS (Especially Parrots)
  1. What is the SI unit of Capacitance?
Answer: FARAD
  1. Regulus is the main star in which Zodiacal constellation?
Answer: LEO
  1. What is the boiling point of water on the Fahrenheit scale?
Answer: 212 degrees
  1. What is the medical term for the collar bone?
S1. What is the common name for the cluster of stars called The Pleiades?
S2. What metal is derived from Bauxite?
The following questions consist of a quotation, which should identify a famous historical event. The answer required in each case is the name of the event.
For example: – That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind = The first man landing on the Moon (Neil Armstrong)
  1. It is magnificent, but it is not war
Answer: THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (Pierre Bosquet, 1854)
  1. Ten days that shook the world
Answer: THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (John Reed, title of his book, 1919)
  1. Would you allow your wife or servant to read this book?
Answer: PROSECUTION OF D.H.LAWRENCE’S BOOK Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1960)
  1. I’m not allowed to say how many planes joined the raid, but I counted them all out and I counted them all back
Answer: THE FALKLANDS WAR (Brian Hanrahan, for the BBC, 1982)
  1. Not a penny off the pay, not a second on the day
Answer: THE GENERAL STRIKE (Miners' Federation of Great Britain 1926)
  1. We’re eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked
Answer: THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS (Dean Rusk, 1962)
  1. A date that will live in infamy
(President Roosevelt, 1941)
  1. A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy
Answer: THE GUNPOWDER PLOT (Guy Fawkes, 1605)
S1. But you must believe me, when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.
Answer: ABDICATION OF EDWARD VIII (Eighth) (1936)
S2. Well, we knocked the bastard off!
Answer: ASCENT OF MOUNT EVEREST 1953 (Edmund Hillary)
Please ignore the numbering scheme here – my fault!!
In this round you will be shown pictures of people whose names include Jack or some variation thereof. Simply name who they are!
(Note to QMs: there are 2 substitute questions at the end for use if there are any visually impaired Quizzers)
  1. Jack Dee
  2. image
  3. Jack Black
  4. image

  5. Jacques Chirac
  6. image

  7. Jacques Villeneuve
  8. image

  9. Jack Douglas
  10. image

  11. Jack Lemmon (in Some like it Hot)
  12. image

  13. Jack Ruby
  14. image
    Jack Benny
Jacques Cousteau
Jack Russell!
Visually impaired Q1.
Which Politician has been the Labour MP for Blackburn since 1979?
Answer: Jack Straw
Visually impaired Q2.
Which World Heavyweight Champion Boxer was known as The Manassa Mauler?
Answer: Jack Dempsey

Macclesfield Quiz LeagueQ1 First performed in 1948, which Cole Porter musical is based on Shakespeare’s 'The Taming of the Shrew'?
A1 Kiss Me, Kate
Q2 Opening in London in 1973, which musical features characters including Columbia, Magenta, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss?
A2 The Rocky Horror Show
Q3 Which Anglo-Saxon Leader of a revolt against William the Conqueror took refuge on the Isle of Ely?
A3 Hereward the Wake
Q4 Who was King of England in the year 1000AD?
A4 Ethelred the Unready
Q5 By what name are the Islands Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer known?
A5 The Aran Islands
Q6 One of Europe’s largest oil ports, Sullom Voe, is found in which group of islands?
A6 The Shetland Islands
Q7 Which French Carthusian Monastery is famous for the Liqueur distilled by its monks?
A7 La Grande Chartreuse (accept Chartreuse)
Q8 What famous American building was burnt by British Troops in 1814?
A8 The White House (during the Anglo-American War of 1812 to 1815)
Q9 What was the first name of the Spanish Dictator General Franco?
A9 Francisco
Q10 By what name is the plant "Rosa Canina" better known?
A10 Dog Rose
Q11 Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Bella Swan are characters in which series of books?
A11 The Twilight series (by Stephanie Meyer)
Q12 Of which public school was Thomas Arnold appointed Headmaster in 1828?
A12 Rugby
Q13 Who is the current President of the People’s Republic of China?
A13 Hu Jintao
Q14 Which Italian town in Piedmont is famous for its sparkling wine?
A14 Asti
Q15 Which part of its body does a firefly ‘flash’?
A15 Abdomen
Q16 A ‘Winter Nelis’ is a variety of which fruit?
A16 Pear
Q17 Who was the Chairman of the original ‘Juke Box Jury’ Programme?
A17 David Jacobs
Q18 In ‘The Forsyte Saga’ broadcast by the BBC in the 1960s, who played the Character of Soames?
A18 Eric Porter
Q19 Who was the jackal-headed god of the dead in Egyptian mythology?
A19 Anubis
Q20 Firedamp is a name given to a number of flammable gases, but which is the main one it refers to?
A20 Methane
Q21 Which is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands?
A21 Rhodes
Q22 In 1981 who did Mehmet Ali Ağca try to assassinate in Italy?
A22 Pope John Paul II (Accept the Pope)
Q23 Which British Composer wrote ‘On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring’?
A23 Frederick Delius
Q24 Who wrote the opera ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’?
A24 Jacques Offenbach
Q25 Which Western figure set aside his taste for alcohol to help the Earp Brothers at the OK Coral?
A25 Doc Holliday
Q26 Who was the lead singer of the band Nirvana?
A26 Kurt Cobain
Q27 Which part of the human body is clinically known as the umbilicus?
A27 The Navel (Accept Belly Button etc)
Q28 Name the electronics Company founded by Alan Sugar in 1968.
A28 Amstrad
Q29 "Mardi" is the French word for which day of the week?
A29 Tuesday
Q30 What was the name of the dog in Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ stories?
A30 Timmy
Q31 Which Boxer was the first to defeat Muhammed Ali in a Professional fight?
A31 Joe Frazier
Q32 In the TV series ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’, who played the part of Leonard "Oz" Osborne?
A32 Jimmy Nail
Q33 What was the name of the dog featured on the 'His Masters Voice' record label?
A33 Nipper
Q34 Which group had a hit in 1980 with the song "Flash"?
A34 Queen
Q35 The City of Petra is also known as the Red Rose City. In which Middle East country is Petra?
A35 Jordan
Q36 Who is the famous mother of politician Shirley Williams?
A36 Vera Britain
Q37 Craig and Charlie Reed and members of which pop group?
A37 The Proclaimers
Q38 Actress Liza Goddard was formerly married to which pop star?
A38 Alvin Stardust
Q39 The Artist won this year’s Oscar for best film. What was the name of the Jack Russell dog who was one of the film’s “stars?
A39 Uggie (Also accept Jack, his character’s name!)
Q40 Until 1962, the French Foreign Legion was traditionally based in which country?
A40 Algeria
Q41 Diana Mary Fluck was the real name of which British actress?
A41 Diana Dors
Q42 Which US comedian said “When I was a boy the Dead Sea was only sick” and “Nice to be here? At my age it’s nice to be anywhere.”?
A42 George Burns
Q43 Against which country did Prussia fight the Seven Weeks War in 1866?
A43 Austria
Q44 Which race of people’s mythology is known as 'Dreamtime'?
A44 Australian Aborigines
Q45 What is the name of the sea monster referred to in the Bible, whose name has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature?
A45 Leviathan
Q46 In which county is Marlborough?
A46 Wiltshire
Q47 In which county is King’s Lynn?
A47 Norfolk
Q48 Which country will host the next European Football Championships in 2016?
A48 France

Q49 How many points is the letter "W" worth in scrabble?
A49 4
Q50 Who wrote the autobiography "Spend, Spend, Spend"?
A50 Viv Nicholson
Q51 In 1972, for which film did Liza Minnelli win a Best Actress Oscar?
A51 Cabaret
Q52 What number was assigned to Boeing's first commercial jet airliner?
A52 707
Q53 What was the name of the Orang-utan in the films ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ and ‘Any Which Way You Can’?
A53 Clyde
Q54 In which country was the film "Babe" set?
A54 Australia
Q55 Which Football League club was the first to use artificial turf?
A55 QPR (in 1981 to 1988)
Q56 Which Football club are known as the Toffees?
A56 Everton
Q57 What is the largest nerve in the Human Body?
A57 The Sciatic Nerve
Q58 In the TV series 'Keeping Up Appearances' what was the name of Hyacinth Buckets son?
A58 Sheridan
Q59 How did Arthur Daley refer to his wife who was never seen in the TV series 'Minder'?
A59 'Er Indoors
Q60 The crossed swords trademark is used by which porcelain manufacturing company?
A60 Meissen
Q61 London, Birmingham and Edinburgh are 3 of the 4 Assay Offices which remain in operation - which is the 4th?
A61 Sheffield
Q62 Which French west coast port is twinned with Cardiff?
A62 Nantes
Q63 Which Film Studio claimed to have "more stars than there are in heaven"?
Q64 Which successful film led Colin Welland to declare that "The British are Coming"?
A64 Chariots of Fire
Q65 Which tribe is most associated with the Natal region of South Africa?
A65 Zulus
Q66 Which nomadic people of Kenya and Tanzania are noted for their warriors?
A66 Masai
Q67 What is the SI Unit for pressure equivalent to one newton per square meter?
A67 Pascal
Q68 Which Louisiana port is regarded as the birthplace of Jazz?
A68 New Orleans
Q69 From 1940, who ran the Free French Army from exile in London?
A69 Charles De Gaulle
Q70 Which racecourse in Berkshire was established in 1711 by Queen Anne?
A70 Ascot
Q71 According to Greek mythology who was the first woman on earth and was made from clay?
A71 Pandora
Q72 In which City does the Council of Europe sit?
A72 Strasbourg
Q73 By what name is the US Military academy in New York State usually known?
A73 West Point
Q74 Which British Statesman made a speech in 1850 in support of his decision to send gunboats to Greece in support of Don Pacifico?
A74 Lord Palmerston
Q75 Which Explorer's last words were "I have not told half of what I saw"?
A75 Marco Polo
Q76 What is the name of the Jewish New Year?
A76 Rosh Hashanah
Q77 Which Opera Singer recorded the theme song to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with Freddie Mercury?
A77 Montserrat Caballe
Q78 In which country did General Pervez Musharraf seize power in 1999?
A78 Pakistan
Q79 Which Germanic Race of People sacked Rome in 455 AD?
A79 Vandals
Q80 Who is the current Government Secretary of State for Health?
A80 Jeremy Hunt (that well-known spelling mistake…)
Q81 Who is the current New Zealand Rugby Union Test Captain?
A81 Richie McCaw
Q82 Where would you find the Pillars of Hercules?
A82 Either side of the Straits of Gibraltar
Q83 What is the Capital of Slovakia?
A83 Bratislava
Q84 Devonshire Park, Eastbourne is an important centre for which sport?
A84 Tennis
Q85 Who, in 1984, described a proposed building extension to the National Gallery as being “like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend."?
A85 Prince Charles
Q86 What word in the New Testament is used to signify the final battle between Good and Evil?
A86 Armageddon
Q87 Which influential writer of novels and short stories wrote "The Trial" and "The Castle?"
A87 Franz Kafka
Q88 Which German Nazi Leader was abducted by Israeli Agents in Argentina in 1960?
A88 Adolf Eichmann
Q89 What was the name of the mythical half-human monster killed by Beowulf?
A89 Grendel
Q90 Which order of chivalry did Edward III found in 1348 that women were only admitted to in 1987?
A90 The Order of the Garter
Q91 Musically speaking, who presided over "The Birth of the Cool" in 1948?
A91 Miles Davis
Q92 Fierce Creatures was a 1997 British comedy film and the spiritual successor to a 1988 comedy film starring the same cast. What was the name of the original film?
A92 A Fish Called Wanda
Q93 Which US Author wrote "The Beautiful and the Damned” and "The Last Tycoon"?
A93 F. Scott Fitzgerald
Q94 What instrument is primarily associated with Courtney Pine?
A94 Saxophone
Q95 In the rhyme, what is Friday's Child?
A95 Loving and Giving
Q96 Which is the oldest of the five British classic horse races having been established in 1776?
A96 St Leger
  1. Which 1964 Walt Disney film was based on a book by P.L. Travers?
Ans. Mary Poppins
  1. What was the name of Tonto’s horse in “The Lone Ranger”?
Ans. Scout
  1. What did John Bellingham do on the 11th of May 1812, which resulted in him being hanged?
Ans. He assassinated the British Prime Minister, Spencer Perceval
  1. Which element has the chemical symbol Pt?
Ans. Platinum
  1. To what London landmark was Wordsworth referring in his line, “Earth has not anything to show more fair”?
Ans. Westminster Bridge
  1. Which famous English writer was named by his parents after a lake in Staffordshire?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling
  1. Cape York is the northernmost point of which Commonwealth country?
Ans. Australia
  1. Which US state capital city's name means "sheltered bay"?
Ans. Honolulu, Hawaii
  1. Which British King has had the longest reign since 1066?
Ans. George III (1760 – 1820)
  1. What happened in Canterbury on the 29th of December 1170?
Ans. The murder of Thomas Beckett