Thursday, November 22, 2012


Q 1) Who set up the production company Ardent?

Prince Edward

Q 2) Who designed the Blue Peter logo?

Tony Hart

Q 3) Which British entrepreneur once guested on Friends?

Richard Branson

Q 4) The discovery of which plot led to the death of Mary, Queen of Scots?

Babington Plot

Q 5) Which letter is one dot and one dash in Morse Code?


Q 6) Which Battle was the first in the Hundred Years War?


Q 7) What is served at a Thyestean feast

Human Flesh

Q 8) Who wrote Goodbye to All That?

Robert Graves

Q 9) Which Duke commanded the English troops at Culloden?

The Duke of Cumberland

Q 10) Which Minister was murdered in 1990 outside his home by an IRA bomb

Ian Gow

Q 11) Who commanded the winning side at the Battle of Marathon?


Q 12) What is a porbeagle?

A shark

Q 13) Who was Prince Philip’s mother?

Princess Alice of Battenberg

Q 14) In which year did Francis Drake complete the circumnavigation of the world?


Q 15) How do you travel on the Devizes-Westminster race?


Q 16) How old were both Anne Boleyn and Mrs Beeton when they died?

29 years

Q 17) Who composed Easter Parade?

Irving Berlin

Q 18) Which country gained independence in 1908 from Turkey?


Q 19) What is the opening track on the Verve's Urban Hymns?

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Q 20) Which hymn was written by Augustus Toplady after sheltering from a storm?

Rock of Ages

Q 21) In which decade was William Hague born?


Q 22) Who wrote Dr Johnson's biography?

James Boswell

Q 23) Who is the only English monarch to have won a flat race as a jockey?

Charles II

Q 24) Mary II died of which disease at the age of 32?


Q 25) What is a gibus?

A top hat

Q 26) What is the correct name for the Ink blot test?

Rorschach Test

Q 27) Which drill gets women and children into lifeboats first?

Birkenhead Drill

Q 28) Which greyhound was the first to win the Greyhound Derby twice?

Mick the Miller

Q 29) The Sea of Marmara lies between the Bosporus and what?

The Dardanelles

Q 30) Who designed The Monument in London?

Christopher Wren

Q 31) Which scale other than the Richter scale measures earthquakes?

Mercalli Scale

Q 32) Who first charted in the UK with Always On My Mind?

Brenda Lee

Q 33) Which language do the words kiosk, tulip and caviar come from?


Q 34) Whose Drum can be seen at Buckland Abbey in Devon?

Francis Drake’s

Q 35) What do the initials stand for in the name of ghost story writer M.R. James?

Montague Rhodes

Q 36) Which actor played Major Gowen in Fawlty Towers?

Ballard Berkeley

Q 37) In which decade was Lloyd Grossman born?


Q 38) Whose hymn book was first published in 1873?

Sankey and Moody’s

Q 39) A durmast is a variety of what?

An Oak tree

Q 40) Who wrote The Turn of the Screw?

Henry James

Q 41) Which Europeans discovered Lake Tanganyika in 1858?

Burton & Speke

Q 42) Who said, "I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back"?

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Q 43) Achulophobia is the fear of what?


Q 44) Which brass instrument is wrapped around the player's body?


Q 45) In which Dickens novel does Dolly Varden appear?

Barnaby Rudge

Q 46) In which US state was there a nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979?


Q 47) Who was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926?

Gertrude Ederle

Q 48) What is the capital of Angola?


Q 49) Where were a set of rules for football drawn up in 1848?

Cambridge University

Q 50) What was the stage name of Hugh MacLennan?

Harry Lauder

Q 51) Under what name did Jean Garvelet ply his high-risk trade?

Charles Blondin (Tightrope walker)

Q 52) Who lived at No. 1, London?

The Duke of Wellington

Q 53) Which artist painted Black Paintings in the 1820s?


Q 54) On which river does Milan stand?


Q 55) What is a clerihew?

A poem

Q 56) Which battle was the last in the Hundred Years War?


Q 57) In which European country is the province of Brabant?


Q 58) In the Keats' poem, who stood in tears,‘Amid the alien corn’ ?


Q 59) Who, in 43 AD, led British resistance against the Romans?


Q 60) Where did Kun's Red Terror exist in 1919?


Q 61) Who was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes?

Marie Curie

Q 62) Which horror writer died in Providence, Rhode Island in 1937?

H.P. Lovecraft

Q 63) Whitehorse is the capital of which Canadian territory?


Q 64) Which comedian plays Lee’s father in the sitcom “Not Going Out”?

Bobby Ball

Q 65) Which female band was the first to top the UK single, album and download chart simultaneously?


Q 66) Wantage Road is the home ground of which county cricket team


Q 67) “A Fart In A Colander” is the autobiography of which veteran British comedian, actor and broadcaster?

Roy Hudd

Q 68) King Alexander of Greece died after being bitten by which animal?


Q 69) Which Spice Girl auditioned for the part of Bianca Jackson in Eastenders?

Emma Bunton

Q 70) What is the name of the incompetent lawyer in “The Simpsons”

Lionel Hutz

Q 71) In what year was the Television Licence introduced?


Q 72) Which actor created the Twitter hashtag #tigerblood which became the most popular hashtag of 2011?

Charlie Sheen

Q 73) Which English football club’s ground has a pub on each corner?


Q 74) Liberty or Death is the motto of which South American country?


Q 75) In which Carry On film did Sid James make his first appearance?

Carry On Constable

Q 76) FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan feature in which US crime drama?


Q 77) What organ of the body supplied Florence And The Machine with the title for a Number 1 album?


Q 78) Also the title of a fiendish TV Quiz show, what was the epigraph to EM Forster’s novel Howards End?

Only Connect

Q 79) Jason Crump, Tomasz Gollob and Greg Hancock are recent world champions in which sport?


Q 80) Les Wallace, John Walton and Tony David have all been world champions in which sport?


Q 81) Kingsford Smith airport serves which Australian city?


Q 82) Which professional footballer won two episodes of Countdown in 2010?

Clarke Carlisle

Q 83) The Casa Rosada (Pink House) is the official resident of the President of which South American country?


Q 84) What English stately home shares its name with the estate in the TV drama Shameless?


Q 85) John Palmer was the alias of which English outlaw?

Dick Turpin

Q 86) What dinosaur provided the title of a 2011 album by Kasabian?


Q 87) The fictional town of Hill Valley, California is the setting for which film trilogy?

Back To The Future

Q 88) John Galliano was fired from which fashion house after an anti-semitic rant?


Q 89) Sabah, Sarawak and Perak are states in which Asian country?


Q 90) Who lives at 744 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield?

Ned Flanders (Simpsons live at 742)

Q 91) Which alcoholic drink has the nickname “The Green Fairy”?


Q 92) Sapsago cheese comes from which country?


Q 93) What is the name of the pig in the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” ?


Q 94) Which 1971 film was based on a novel called “Jack’s Return Home”?

Get Carter

Q 95) Which US President had a dog called Checkers?

Richard Nixon

Q 96) Who wrote the 2010 Booker Prize shortlisted novel “Room”?

Emma Donaghue

Q 97) Plymouth Raiders, Leicester Rider and Newcastle Eagles are teams that play which sport?


Q 98) In what decade of the 20th Century was the last person executed at The Tower of London?

The 1940s (1941)

Q 99) The Battle of Columbus ended which conflict?

American Civil War

Q 100) The first television interracial kiss occurred on which programme?

Star Trek

Q 101) The film “Big Wednesday” is about which sport?


Q 102) Ginni Rometty was the first woman to head which technology company?


Q 103) In March 2012, Mike Nesbitt became leader of which UK political party?

Ulster Unionist Party

Q 104) Andros is the largest island of which country?

The Bahamas

Q 105) In which British sitcom were the main characters named after serial killers?

Gavin and Stacey

Q 106) What British coin ceased to be legal tender on 31st December 1960?


Q 107) Which punk’s real name was John Ritchie?

Sid Vicious

Q 108) Sudeley Castle is in which English county?


Q 109) Roy of the Rovers first appeared in which comic?


Q 110) Which institution won its third University Challenge title in seven years in 2012?

Manchester University

Q 111) Which politician did Harriet Harmen describe as a “ginger rodent”?

Danny Alexander

Q 112) What genre of music would you expect to hear at the festival held at Cherry Hinton Hall?


Q 113) Complete the name of the French musical “The Umbrellas of…..?


Q 114) At the Castle Gate by Sibelius is the theme music to which long running TV programme?

The Sky At Night

Q 115) “Sometimes you’re better off dead. There’s a gun in your hand and it’s pointing at your head” is the opening line of which song?

West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)

Q 116) What is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet?


Q 117) What is the penultimate event of a decathlon?


Q 118) In binary what number is written 1010?


Q 119) Paul Usher played which character in the soap Brookside?

Barry Grant

Q 120) What was the name of the heroes’ spaceship in the first three series of Blake’s 7?

The Liberator

Supp 1) Bill Perks, the son of a bricklayer became known as who?

Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.

Supp 2) What is a honey locust?

A tree

Supp 3) Who wrote Chain Reaction for Diana Ross?

The Gibb Brothers

Supp 4) In the USA, who are Okies? (pronounced “oakies”)

People who come from Oklahoma.

Supp 5) In which book is Sal Paradise a main character?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Supp 6) Which Oscar-winner in 1940 received the DFC and the Croix de Guerre?

James Stewart


How many words make up the novel "The Hobitt" by J R R Tolkien?



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