Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plate Final Questions – 27/9/11



Assembled by The Lamb Inn and Chester Rd Tavern.

1. In which year did commercial television begin in Britain?

A. 1955

2. What is the name for a young squirrel?

A. Kitten

3. Which fish has the Latin name ‘Esox Lucius’?

A. Pike

4. In which American State was the Battle of the Little Bighorn fought?

A. Montana

5. Peter O’ Toole played King Henry II in the 1968 film ‘The Lion in Winter’ and which other film from 1964?

A. Beckett

6. What sort of creature is a Fer-de-Lance?

A. Snake

7. Which Commonwealth country is on mainland South America?

A. Guyana

8. What does the Oder-Neisse line mark?

A. The border between Germany and Poland

9. Whose motto is “Per Mare, Per Terrain”?

A. Royal Marines

10. Which global issue was resolved by the Washington Conference of 1884?

A. The Greenwich Prime Meridian

11. Which cartoonist created ‘The Gambols’ featured in the Daily Express from 1951-1999?

A. Barry Appleby

12. Which vegetable is also known as ‘Ladies Fingers’?

A. Okra

13. What did Emil Berliner contribute to sound recording?

A. He invented flat disc records in 1888 replacing cylinders

14. Which motorway runs from west of Telford and north of Wolverhampton?

A. M54

15. For which county did W. G. Grace play cricket?

A. Gloucester

16. Which city is home to the German stock exchange?

A. Frankfurt

17. At which racecourse were two horses accidentally electrocuted in February 2011?

A. Newbury

18. What is the name of the lake formed by the Hoover Dam?

A. Lake Mead

19. Mata Hari, who was shot by the French as a spy in 1917, was born in which country?

A. The Netherlands (Holland)

20. In 1868 which city hosted the first Trades Union Congress?

A. Manchester


21. With the creation of South Sudan which will be the largest African State by area?

A. Algeria

22. In March 2011, which fast food franchise overtook McDonalds with the most outlets worldwide?

A. Subway

23. The operas ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’, ‘The Fair Maid of Perth’ and ‘Ivanhoe’ have what in common?

A. They are all based on Walter Scott novels

24. Who wrote the sonnet, which begins “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”?

A. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

25. What is the name of the space probe currently orbiting Mercury?

A. Messenger

26. What is the capital of Bermuda?

A. Hamilton

27. In which year were the Olympic games first televised?

A. 1956

28. Who was the first American World Chess Champion?

A. Bobby Fischer

29. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?

A. Blue

30. Which is the largest castle in Wales?

A. Caerphilly

31. Which Joseph Conrad novel formed the basis of the film ‘Apocalypse Now’?

A. Heart of Darkness

32. Catherine of Valois was the wife of which English King?

A. Henry V

33. What is the capital of Laos?

A. Vientiane

34. How many different husbands did Elizabeth Taylor have?

A. 7 (Richard Burton married her twice)

35. Which figure of speech combines contradictory terms such as ‘bitter sweet’?

A. Oxymoron

36. Featured in the film ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, who wrote the poem ‘Funeral Blues’?

A. W. H. Auden

37. From which natural source is Litmus obtained?

A. Lichens

38. In which modern day country is Aden?

A. Yemen

39. Freetown is the capital of which African country?

A. Sierra Leone

40. Cinnabar is the main ore of which metal?

A. Mercury


41. Noah’s Ark came to rest on which mountain?

A. Mount Ararat

42. Which composer is buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Abbey?

A. Henry Purcell

43. Z Cars actor Alan O’Keefe became the landlord of the Redway Tavern in Kerridge in the 1970’s. Which character did he play in Z Cars?

A. PC Fred Render

44. How is Sarah Woodruff better known in the title of a John Fowles novel?

A. The French Lieutenants Woman

45. Who won the best supporting actor Oscar at the 2011 awards for ‘The Fighter’?

A. Christian Bale

46. Give a year in the life of Geoffrey Chaucer.

A. 1343 – 1400

47. Which American author and playwright was married to Marilyn Monroe?

A. Arthur Miller

48. What name is given to the psychological test comprising a series of ink blots?

A. The Rorschach test

49. The Axilla is the anatomical name for which part of the body?

A. Armpit

50. Who was the first Poet Laureate?

A. John Dryden

51. Which newspaper was replaced by the Sun?

A. The Daily Herald

52. When certain chemicals are heated they become vapour and cool to a solid missing out the liquid state. What is this transformation known as?

A. Sublimation

53. How is the singer born Stevland Hardaway Judkins better known?

A. Stevie Wonder

54. In the USA, the third Monday of January is named after whom?

A. Martin Luther King

55. Which element takes its name from the German for ‘goblin’?

A. Cobalt

56. Which Shakespeare play features the characters Sir Toby Belch and Malvolio?

A. Twelfth Night (or What you Will)

57. In 2008, by what means did Yves Rossy become the first to cross the English Channel?

A. Jet Pack

58. How often does the Preston Guild take place?

A. Every 20 years

59. What is the name of the 2012 Olympic mascot?

A. Wenlock

60. What does Las Vegas translate to in English?

A. The Meadows


61. In the Wizard of Oz, what was the name of the Good Witch of the North?

A. Glinda.

62. What is the full name of the character played by Liz Smith in the Vicar of Dibley?

A. Letitia Cropley.

63. What is the female of a lobster, a crab and a salmon called?

A. A Hen.

64. What is depicted on the badge of Rover cars?

A. A Viking Long Ship (accept boat, ship, etc).

65. In 1995 which tennis player smashed a ball at a ball girl and was disqualified from Wimbledon?

A. Tim Henman.

66. What is the capital of Tanzania?

A. Dodoma.

67. What is comic book hero “Roy of the Rovers” surname?

A. Race.

68. Who shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela?

A. F.W. De Klerk.

69. Who wrote “The Millennium Trilogy”?

A. Stieg Larsson.

70. In 1985 what did Robert Ballard discover?

A. The wreck of the Titanic.

71. Mel Brooks and Neil Diamond shared which surname?

A. Karminsky (Melvin and Noah).

72. What is the vehicle registration code for Wales?


73. Who was the Irish batsman who scored a century against England in the last Cricket World Cup?

A. Kevin O’Brien (full name required, brother Niall also played).

74. Who is missing: Julian, Dick, Anne, Timmy?

A. George. (Enid Blyton’s Famous Five).

75. In which country is the port of Gallipolli?

A. Turkey.

76. Which American poet wrote the words "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"

A. Ogden Nash

77. Which London theatre has the same name as a silvery white metal with atomic number 46?

A. Palladium

78. Which major New York street intersects with Broadway at Times Square?

A. 42nd Street

79. Which game bird found extensively in Scotland is known as the Snow Grouse?

A. The Ptarmigan

80. What is the name of the captain who is the subject of Herman Wouk's film The Caine Mutiny?

A. Captain Queeg


81. In Norse mythology who or what is Yggdrasil?

A. The Tree of the World, a great ash tree (accept tree)

82. Which American singer known as "the Nabob of sob" had a number 1 hit with "Just walking in the rain" in 1956?

A. Johnnie Ray

83. Which American artist whose most famous works are numbered rather than named died at the age of 44 when he crashed his car whilst drunk in New York in 1956?

A. Jackson Pollock

84. Which successful 1947 Lerner and Loewe Broadway musical was set in a village that only appeared for one day every century?

A. Brigadoon

85. Which country won the Davis cup for the first time in 2000 but has won it a further 3 times since?

A. Spain

86. What name, a member of the cat family, is given to a woman who seeks out much younger men for romance or physical interaction?

A. Cougar

87. The county of Lincolnshire is divided into three sub-counties. Two of these are Lindsey and Kesteven, which is the third?

A. Holland

88. What are Lentigenes?

A. Freckles

89. What was stolen from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950?

A. The Stone of Scone

90. Which Welsh scrum half went on to become the head of BBC outside broadcasts?

A. Cliff Morgan.

91. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’, what is the name of the painter painting Dorian Gray’s portrait?

A. Basil Hallward.

92. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be elected to office in the 20th century?

A. Arthur Balfour (1902-1905).

93. Which Roman Emperor wrote the so called ‘Meditations’?

A. Marcus Aurelius.

94. Which county of the Irish Republic stretches furthest North?

A. Donegal.

95. Vanilla is obtained from which plant?

A. Orchid.

96. Which German WWII general was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1944?

A. Erich von Manstein.

97. Where does the word ‘thug’ originate?

A. The Thuggees, a Hindu sect in India specialising in murdering travellers.

98. In the original film ‘True Grit’ which singer starred with John Wayne?

A. Glen Campbell.

99. Ynys Mon is Welsh for which Island?

A. Anglesey.

100. What is the name of the second Roman wall, to the north of Hadrian’s?

A. The Antonine wall.


101. Soft solder is an alloy of two metals. Name either?

A. Tin or Lead (Hard solder is Copper, silver and zinc).

102. What was the US codename for the development of the atom bomb?

A. Manhattan Project.

103. In which county is Wentworth golf course?

A. Surrey

104. In what goods did a mercer trade?

A. Cloth or Textiles

105. What is the national anthem of Australia?

A. Advance Australia Fair

106. How many stomachs does a cow have?

A. Four

107. Leopold I was a monarch of which country?

A. Belgium

108. What is Crystal Palace's home ground?

A. Selhurst Park

109. What is the current flagship of the Royal Navy?

A. HMS Albion

110. Which aircraft company, founded in 1910, was once based at Woodford?

A. A.V. Roe & Co. (accept AVRO)

111. Who was the President of Tunisia until 2011?

A. Zine el Abidine Ben Ali

112. Who wrote "The White Man's Burden"?

A. Rudyard Kipling

113. Which car maker manufactures the Volt?

A. Chevrolet (accept GM)

114. Which car manufacturer has a charging bull as its emblem?

A. Lamborghini

115. Who wrote "London Fields"?

A. Martin Amis

116. Which horse won this year's Derby?

A. Pour Moi

117. What is the capital of Belarus?

A. Minsk

118. Who is the current champion flat jockey?

A. Paul Hanagan

119. Which sculptor’s works include ‘the Burghers of Calais’?

A. Rodin.

120. On which river is the Kariba Dam?

A. Zambesi.


121. Who wrote ‘A Farewell to Arms’?

A. Ernest Hemingway

122. How is a British postage stamp different from all other national postage stamps?

A. The country of origin is not shown

123. Which Bond movie first featured Pierce Brosnan?

A. GoldenEye

124. How was Madagascar known from 1958 to 1975?

A. Malagasy Republic

Tie-breaker Question:

Since the start of the Football Premier League in 1992, not including this season, how many points have Manchester United accrued.

A. 1574 points