Monday, October 02, 2017

Cup Final 2017 Questions

Thanks to Mark I’ve got the questions for the Cup but had problems converting from PDF – apologies for the odd format


Sunday, October 01, 2017

Plate Final Questions 2017


I don’t seem to have the Cup Final questions – if they turn up will add them


Plate Final 2017

1. What does the L stand for, in the name Samuel L Jackson?


2. What is the world’s largest extant species of fish?

Whale shark

3. The battle of Agincourt was fought on the feast day of which saint?

St. Crispin

4. Which is the only club in the top four divisions in English football to play home games in Kent?


5. Which African country encloses Gambia on three sides, and is named after the river that runs along its northern and eastern borders?


6. Who has been chosen as the second female subject of a statue in Manchester city centre, due to be unveiled in 2019?

Emmeline Pankhurst

7. Which opera by Puccini is set in Nagasaki?

Madame Butterfly

8. Who was the last man to walk on the moon?

Eugene Cernan (bad luck to anyone who answered Harrison E. ‘Jack’ Schmitt)

9. What is the first name of Theresa May’s husband?


10. Where in the Solar System can you find the Cassini Division?

In the Rings of Saturn (between the A and B rings, to be precise)

11. What name is given to a bundle of herbs, typically thyme, bay and parsley, sealed in a muslin bag or tied together with string, and used in the preparation of soups, stews or stock?

Bouquet garni

12. Which novel by Nick Hornby features a record shop called Championship Vinyl?

High Fidelity

13. In which country is Absolut vodka produced?


14. In which city was Terry Waite kidnapped in 1987?


15. Who is the only monarch to have been born in Buckingham Palace?

Edward VII

16. What is the smallest bone in the human body?

The stapes (stay-pees – in the middle ear)

17. Belvoir (beaver) Castle is the home of which Duke?


18. Who painted The Kiss?

Gustav Klimt, Francesco Hayez or Edvard Munch (not Rodin – that was a statue)

19. The females of what type of creature are variously known as does, flyers, or jills?


20. What was the given name of Horatio Nelson’s only child, a daughter whose mother was Emma Hamilton?



21. Which road in Oxford gives its name to the track on which Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile?

Iffley Road

22. Which act had success in the album charts in 2016 with Get Weird and Glory Days?

Little Mix

23. What is the Spanish equivalent of the English name Peter?


24. Name either of the two other countries that joined the EEC in 1973 along with the United Kingdom.

Denmark or the Republic of Ireland

25. J. K. Rowling, Cary Grant, Damien Hurst and W. G. Grace were all born in which English city?


26. Who became US Secretary of State in 2009?

Hillary Clinton

27. Who won Celebrity Big Brother in August 2017?

Sarah Harding (of Girls Aloud)

28. What was the first novel written by Charles Dickens?

The Pickwick Papers

29. What is the capital of Sardinia?


30. Which car manufacturer has had marques called Vantage and Lagonda?

Aston Martin

31. What colour is the letter L in the logo of Google?


32. Who wrote the music for the opera The Fair Maid of Perth?

Georges Bizet

33. Which month is named after the wife of Jupiter?


34. In computer terminology, what is a nibble?

Four bits, or half a byte (accept either)

35. Which common British wild flower has a Latin name which translates as, pretty and everlasting?

The daisy (Bellis perennis)

36. “As American as apple pie” is an example of which figure of speech?


37. In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from which island off the Tuscan coast?


38. What name is given to the deposits that form when dental plaque hardens above or below the line of the gums?

Calculus, or tartar

39. In the title of a book by E. Nesbit, how are Roberta, Phyllis and Peter collectively known?

The Railway Children

40. Which historical event took place in the early hours of the 28th of April 1789, about 30 nautical miles off the volcanic island of Tofua (TOFF-oo-uh?) in the South Pacific?

The mutiny aboard HMS Bounty


41. The first major change to Cluedo since its launch in 1949 was made in 2016, when the long-time housekeeper Mrs White was replaced with which new character?

Dr. Orchid

42. By what title is the Serjeant-at-Arms in the House of Lords, who is also Secretary to the Lord Great Chamberlain, better known?

(Gentleman Usher of the) Black Rod

43. In human cell biology, what is the Hayflick limit?

The limit to the number of times cells will divide

44. Which vegetable is known in Indian restaurants as brinjal?


45. Which British soap opera was first broadcast on the 19th of February 1985?


46. What nationality was the inventor of the Shrapnel shell?

British (Henry Shrapnel, 1761-1842 – born in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire; accept English or UK)

47. Robert van Winkle is the birth name of which US Rapper?

Vanilla Ice

48. Which reclusive film actress, who made her Hollywood debut towards the end of the silent film era, is believed to have had affairs with Leopold Stokowski, Erich Maria Remarque and Cecil Beaton – but never married?

Greta Garbo

49. In which country was Greenpeace founded?

Canada (in 1971, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, in an old fishing boat, to ‘bear witness’ to US nuclear testing at Amchitka, a tiny island off the West Coast of Alaska. Greepeace regards this as “the beginning”.)

50. Henrietta Maria was the wife of which English king?

Charles I

51. With a leg span of up to 12 centimetres, what is the UK’s largest spider?

The cardinal spider (so called because Cardinal Wolsey is said to have been terrified by one at Hampton Court)

52. Which chart-topping artiste shares her name with the founding queen of Carthage?


53. Which 1958 film starred Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman as married couple, Maggie and Brick Pollitt?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

54. What stretch of water lies between Australia and New Zealand?

Tasman Sea

55. Which city is the capital of the Spanish region of Andalusia?


56. Michael Phelps has won more Olympic gold medals than any other person. How many has he won?


57. Who painted The Luncheon of the Boating Party?

Auguste Renoir (The Boating Party was painted some twelve years later by the American artist Mary Cassatt)

58. What is singer Adele’s birth surname?


59. What is the name of Lincoln City’s football ground?

Sincil Bank

60. What is the main spirit in a harvey wallbanger?



61. What was the first novel by Jane Austen to be published?

Sense and Sensibility

62. Which year of the 20th century is sometimes known as the Year of the Three Popes?


63. How many gallons can a firkin hold?


64. Which US state is home to Jack Daniel’s whiskey?


65. What is Noddy Holder’s actual first name?


66. The current Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, was once the top-ranked British junior, and is a qualified coach, in which sport?


67. Gypsophila, a genus of flowering plants often used in bouquets, is commonly known by which pretty name?

Baby’s breath

68. What is the capital of St. Lucia?

Castries (kay-STREEZ)

69. What was Indira Gandhi’s birth surname?


70. What term is used to describe a sculpture or painting, showing the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Christ in her arms or on her lap?


71. Born in Castleford, the son of a coalminer, who sculpted the bronze Draped Seated Woman (in 1957-58) – controversially sold by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 2012?

Henry Moore

72. On a standard QWERTY keyboard, which number shares a key with the asterisk or star symbol?


73. George III’s ‘madness’ was attributed to which disease?


74. What was the first James Bond theme to win the Oscar for best original song?


75. Which is England’s oldest horse racecourse?

Chester (The Roodee)

76. What was Margaret Thatcher’s birth surname?


77. Who was Israel’s first woman Prime Minister?

Golda Meir

78. What was the first Australian city to be attacked by Japanese warplanes, in 1942?


79. Which US sportsman was known as The Sultan of Swat?

George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth

80. Alnwick Castle is the home of which Duke?



81. What’s the name of Saturn’s largest moon?


82. Which band released albums entitled Women and Children First and 1984?

Van Halen

83. Who succeeded William Hague as leader of the Conservatives in September 2001?

Iain Duncan Smith

84. Which county cricket team plays most of its home games at the St. Lawrence Ground?


85. What’s the most populous city in Pakistan?


86. Name one of the two European Capitals of Culture for 2017.

Aarhus (Denmark) or Pafos (Cyprus)

87. With 27 arches, which is the largest brick built structure in the United Kingdom – and, according to some sources, in Europe?

Stockport Railway Viaduct

88. Who has been seen on Channel 4, Walking the Nile, Walking the Himalayas, and last year, Walking the Americas?

Levison Wood

89. Who wrote the novels Coming Up for Air and Burmese Days?

George Orwell

90. What name is shared by a small Devon town, famous for its annual Pony Fair, and the Oxfordshire town that was used for filming outdoor scenes in the TV series Downton Abbey?


91. Where was Mary Queen of Scots reinterred in 1612 – 25 years after her execution?

Westminster Abbey (she was originally buried in Peterborough Cathedral)

92. Thousands of Bewick swans fly to Britain every winter. In which country do they breed?


93. In the rules of crown green bowls, what’s the minimum distance, in metres, that the jack must travel to be a legal mark?


94. Which actress married Daniel Craig in 2011?

Rachel Weisz

95. In which country did the Tango dance originate?


96. What word, used in English, is a diminutive form of the Spanish word for war?


97. Which Scottish council area, and former county, has borders with Aberdeenshire and Highland (and no other)?

Moray (MUH-ree)

98. Which king is popularly believed to have adopted St. George’s emblem as the flag of England?

Richard I (the Lionheart)

99. Who is the lead singer with the English ‘new wave’ pop group ABC?

Martin Fry

100. What name was given to the first UK storm to be officially named by the Met Office, which hit northern Scotland in 2015?



101. Which county cricket team plays its home games at New Road?


102. Who wrote the 1924 novel Beau Geste?

P. C. Wren

103. Jenever, made in the Netherlands since at least the 17th century, is a variety of what?


104. Who did the future King Edward VII marry in 1863?

Princess Alexandra (of Denmark)

105. Where on the human body would you find the glabella?

It’s the area above the nose and between the eyebrows

106. Which Australian Prime Minister was reported missing presumed drowned in 1967, and was never seen again?

Harold Holt

107. Near which town was the last battle fought on Cheshire soil?

Nantwich (1644, during the Civil War)

108. Who was the winner of the 12th series of The Apprentice in 2016?

Alana Spencer

109. Which high-end fashion brand, started as a leather goods shop in Milan in 1914?


110. What was the last film in which Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn both appeared?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

111. Give either of the names represented by the initials in the name of the record label A & M.

Alpert or Moss

112. Taxus is the Latin name for which genus of trees?


113. What do the Americans call an ice lolly?

A popsicle

114. In 1983, Jenny Pitman became the first woman to train a Grand National winner. What was the name of the horse?


115. Born Isabella Mayson, under what name did she become a household name in Victorian times?

Mrs. Beaton

116. On which continent are the Napier Mountains?


117. What is the longest muscle in the human body?

Sartorius (it runs diagonally from the outer side hip bone to the inner side of the of the knee bone)

118. The musical Half a Sixpence is based on which novel by H. G. Wells?


119. The Pigeon Tunnel is a memoir by which author?

John le Carre

120. Which Asian city is served by Changi airport?



1. If you’re celebrating your crystal wedding anniversary, for how many years have you been married?


2. Which UK national tax is known as VED?

Vehicle Excise Duty (accept car tax)

3. Known informally as ‘heads’, what term is used for the side of a coin that bears the ruler’s head, or some other symbol of state?


4. In which month of 1066 did the Battle of Hastings take place?

October (14th)

Tie breaker

According to Wikipedia, what is the surface area of Rudyard Lake in square metres?