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27th November–All Questions Set By The Harrington Academicals

People and Places

The names of all the people are also place names

1. Who wrote the novel “Call of the Wild”

Jack London

2. Who was the lead singer of the Seekers

Judith Durham

3. English soul singer who released her platinum selling first
album, “So Good” in 1988

Mica Paris

4. Who was the commander of Apollo 10

Thomas Stafford

5. Who was the designer of the early repeater rifle which
famously bears his name

Oliver Winchester

6 Top Hat is currently enjoying a successful run in London.
Who wrote the music

Irving Berlin

7 Who was the most expensive English footballer until Andy
Caroll was signed by Liverpool

Rio Ferdinand

8. Who was the 16th president of USA

Abraham Lincoln



S1 Who was born John Eric Bartholemew

Eric Morecambe

S2. The first Lord of Glamis,

Patrick Lyon

S3. Who was the 24th president of USA?

Grover Cleveland




1 Sarah Jennings married which future duke
in 1677

John Churchill Future Duke of Marleborough

2. Who was President of the Confederate
States during the American Civil War?

Jefferson Davies

3. Who was the British Prime Minister during
the American Civil War?

Viscount Palmerston

4. Who was the British Prime Minister when
the American War of Independence broke

Lord North

5. Which Scottish king was the father of Mary
Queen of Scots?

James V (the fifth)

6. Who was the British Prime Minister
between 1880 and 1885?


7. Who was the elder brother of Charles I,
who died before acceding to the throne and
is the subject of a current exhibition at the
National Portrait Gallery

Henry Stuart

8. Who was the wife of Henry II, who was one
of the subjects of the TV series, “The She

Eleanor of Aquitaine

S1. Who is the archaeologist most associated
with the excavation of Troy

Heinrich Schliemann

S2. Who is the chief curator of Hampton
Court Palace, and a presenter of history
programmes on TV

Lucy Worsley




1. With how many countries does Spain have a land

4 (France, Portugal, Andorra
and UK -Gibraltar

2. Which is the largest country that lies on the equator?


3. In which country is the Troodos range of mountains?


4. How many states of the USA have a Pacific coast?

5 - California, Oregon,
Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

5. Which country was once known as Persia?


6. In which modern country is the ancient city of


7. Kerala is a province of which country

India - there is a Keralan restaurant in Burnage which is
highly recommended

8. In 2011, what was the second most common language
spoken in Australia?



S1. What is the world's most southerly capital?


S2. How many emirates make up the United Arab





1. Which philosopher first argued that the world was
not flat?


2. How old is the Earth?

4.54 billion years (accept 4 – 5)

3. What is the common name for Diplopia?

Double vision

4. For which discovery was Einstein awarded the
Nobel Prize in 1921?

The Photoelectric Effect

5. Of which organ is the nephron the functional unit?


6. For which piece of work was British mathematician
Andrew Wiles awarded the Fields medal

Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

7. What is the brightest star in the northern

Sirius – accept Dog Star

8. What is the toxic gas evolved when seawater hits a
submarine battery?


s1. In MRSA, what does the M stand for?

Methicillin - it stands for Methicillin-resistant
Staphylococcus aureus

S2. What is the name given to the force that is
thought responsible for the acceleration of the
expansion of the Universe?

Dark Energy




1. Who were the winners of the recent 20:20 cricket
world cup?

West Indies
2. Which British cyclist this year became the 1st
homegrown winner of the Tour of Britain since

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
3. Which Irish jockey recently rode 7 winners in one

Richard Hughes (at Windsor on
15th October)

4. Other than Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis, who was
Team GB's only athletics gold medallist in this
years summer olympics?

Greg Rutherford (Long Jump)
5. Heather Watson recently became the first British
woman since Sara Gomer to do what?

Win a WTA tennis tournament
(The Japan Open)

6. What particular name is given to the Triathlon
event comprising a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle
followed with a full 26.2 mile marathon?

7. Who managed the England football team for just
1 match in 2000, handing David Beckham the
captain's armband for the first time?

Peter Taylor
8. Alongside Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
who are the fourth country making up the Rugby
Union Four Nations competition?


s1. Who is Andy Murray's current coach?

Ivan Lendl
s2. How many balls are on the table at the start of a
frame of snooker?




1. who is Paul O Grady's female alter-ego?

Lily Savage

2. who is the usual presenter of the Radio 2
Breakfast Show?

Chris Evans

3. the singer, producer and TV show judge Will.I.Am
first came to fame with which group?

Black Eyed Peas

4. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were the house
band on which show?

The Muppet Show

5. Former radio DJ Chris Moyles plays which role in
the recent relaunch of Jesus Christ Superstar?

King Herod

6. which singer links Squeeze, Ace and Mike and the

Paul Carrack

7. Levi Stubbs was the lead vocalist with which

Four Tops

8. which TV show features the foul-mouthed
Malcolm Tucker?

The Thick Of It

s1. "No like-y, no light-y" is a catchphrase of Paddy
McGuinness on which ITV show?

Take Me Out

S2. who were the 1st band to be played on Radio 1?

The Move, with Flowers In The Rain



1. Which chef presents Masterchef – the Professionals

Michel Roux (junior, if anyone is being pedantic)

2. In Japanese cooking, what is Tempura

Battered deep fried vegetables or fish

3. Which musician turned cheesemaker produces Little
Wallop and Blue Monday

Alex James (from Blur)

4. Sainsburys sell bomba rice – it is the base for what
famous dish


5. Sainsburys also sell nori – what is it


6. What grape variety is the main constituent of Rioja


7. Which brewery produces Wibbly Wallaby and Sir

Wincle Brewery

8. What is the principal ingredient of Sauerkraut


S1. Where is the nearest Michelin starred restaurant to
Macclesfield – accept restaurant name or place

Fischers at Baslow

S2. On a tapas menu, what are albondigas





1. What is the term commonly used to describe the
colour of the red coats red worn by fox hunters

Hunting Pink

2. What was the Pink Panther in the film of the
same name

A diamond

3. A pink ribbon is the badge and and is the web site for which charity

Breast Cancer Awareness

4. What was the badge homosexuals wore in Hitler’s
concentration camps. A very high-end hi-fi company is now named after it

Pink Triangle

5. What gives Pink Gin its colour

Angostura Bitters

6. In France, pink wine is Rose. What is the pink
wine made from Zinfandel in USA


7. How many points are scored for potting the pink
at snooker


8. Syd Barret most famously played with which
band until he became a reclusive acid casualty

Pink Floyd

S1. If you were tickled pink, how would you be

Amused or pleased

S2. How is a pink wine described in Spain




1.Who founded Ballet Russes, regarded by some as the greatest ballet company of the 20th century?

Sergei Diaghilev

2. The author of “The History Man” and “Eating People is Wrong” lived in Macclesfield for part of his life. Who was he

Malcolm Bradbury

3. Which Birmingham town hall architect gave his name to a 2 wheeled cab in 1834

Joseph Hansom

4. What is the title of the film on current release which is the prequel to Alien


5. What is La Boqueria in Barcelona

The Market

6. In 1964, “It’s all over now” became the first No 1 single for which band

Rolling Stones

7. The poison Aconite comes from which plant

Wolfsbane (also known as Monkshood or blue rocket)

8. Which character in fiction has a dog called “Jumble”

William Brown (Just William)

9. Which Victorian novelist is generally credited with being responsible for the introduction of pillar boxes to the UK

Anthony Trollope

10.Haar is an English dialect word for what sort of weather?

A sea mist on the North Sea coast

11. How are Olga, Maria and Irina known in the title of a Russian play?

The Three Sisters

12. Sir Ronald Ross was the first British winner of a Nobel Prize in 1902. Which Prize did he win?

The Nobel Prize for Medicine (for his work on malaria)

13. Who was the resident chef on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop?

Delia Smith

14. How is Dr Griffin known in the title of a famous 1897 novel?

The Invisible Man

15. If a car carries a sticker with ‘RA’ on it, which country does it come from?

Argentina (Republica Argentina)

16. Which French writer wrote the celebrated letter J’accuse over the Dreyfus affair?

Emile Zola

17. Mark Cavendish left Sky to join which cycling team

Omega- Pharma Quick Step

Accept either sponsor

18. Who defeated Riddick Bowe to win the Olympic Super Heavyweight boxing gold

Lennox Lewis

19. Whose operas include Salome and Der Rosenkavalier?

Richard Strauss

20. Which yellow-flowered plant has been known for its blue dye since at least the Iron Age?


21. The collections of Sir Hans Sloane formed the original basis of which museum?

The British Museum

22. What is a basophil?

A blood cell

23. Literary luminary Christopher Booker was the first editor of which satirical magazine?

Private Eye

24. What was the name of the hurricane that recently devastated New York?


25. Who is the MP for Mid –Bedfordshire, recently in the news for extra-par5liamentary activity?

Nadine Dorries

26. What was Shakespeare’s father’s trade?

A Glover

27. The phrase “nature red in tooth and claw” is from a poem called “In Memoriam”. Who wrote it?

Alfred Lord Tennyson

28. Who was president of the US when Elizabeth II was crowned?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

29. Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex rebelled against which monarch

Elizabeth I

30. Anne of Bohemia and Isabella of Valois were consorts of which king

Richard II

31. In which Thomas Hardy book does “Angel Clare” appear?

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

32. What is planned to be the first man made object to leave solar system

Voyager 1

33. What, in feet, to within 1000, is the altitude at the South Pole?

9,300 feet (So allow 8300 to 10300)

34. January 23rd 2012 was the start of the Chinese Year of the what?


35. Which perfume ingredient is obtained from the Boswellia tree?


36. The Bodensee is also known as what?

Lake Constance (German – Konstanz)

37. In Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", what was Charlie's surname?


38. The first European footballer of the year was an Englishman. Name him?

Stanley Matthews

39. Who won the first BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1954?

Chris Chataway

40. Which county cricket team does Matt Prior play for?


41. Medecins Sans Frontieres was created in 1971 in the aftermath of which conflict?


42. In 1973 Roe vs Wade marked what legal landmark in the USA?

Right to abortion

43. Who became Elizabeth Taylor’s first husband in 1950

Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

44. Henry McCarty was better known as William Bonney. By what name was he even better known?

Billy the Kid

45. Phiz was the main illustrator of whose books?

Charles Dickens

46. In which Shakespeare play does the stage direction "Exit pursued by a bear" appear?

A Winter's tale

47. In which of Shakespeare's plays do two sets of identical twins appear?

The Comedy of Errors

48. Who has just been named as the new president of China?

Xi Jinping – acccept Xi

49. In which town is the Damien Hirst statue , Verity located


50. Which GB international rugby league player played rugby union for the Barbarians (against Australia) in November 2011 despite never having played professional rugby union?

Sam Tomkins (of Wigan RL)

51. To what was the ship Pelican renamed in 1578?

The Golden Hind

52. Who, cinematically speaking, holidayed at saint Marc-sur-Mer?

Monsieur Hulot

53. The Lancaster house agreement created independence for which country?

Rhodesia (accept Zimbabwe)

54. In 1970, which Royal Ballet director created Tales of Beatrix Potter

Frederick Ashton

55. Under what name does Lizzy Grant record and perform

Lana Del Ray

56. In which musical work did the song "Mack the Knife" first appear?

The Threepenny Opera

57. From what long established activity does the word "crestfallen" come?


58. Which Irish attraction did Dr. Johnson describe as 'worth seeing but not worth going to see' ?

The Giants Causeway

59. What is the capital of the Maldives?


60. The subject of a tragedy by Pushkin and an opera by Mussorgsky, which chief advisor to Tsar Fyodor I became a Tsar himself in 1598?

Boris Godunov

61. Who was the head of the Vichy government until August 1944

Marshall Petain

62. Which US city is served by Louis Armstrong airport?

New Orleans

63. Which building in London houses the Tate Modern Gallery?

Bankside Power Station

64. Which country is the world's largest producer of saffron?


65. In which US state is Area 51?


66. Dangerous corner was a 1932 play by which British writer

J B Priestley

67. Which former actress became Greek Minister for Culture in 1981

Melina Mercouri

68. On which of the Great Lakes is Detroit?


69. Half of the god Pan was human. What was the other half?


70. Who said “Either this guy's dead or my watch has stopped”?

Groucho Marx

71. A bird and a fruit have the same name. What is it?


72. What name have Boeing given to their latest airliner, the 787?


73. What is the name of the flying island in Gulliver's Travels?


74. In which track cycling event is a derny used?

The keirin (it is an electric pace bike)

75. Which female has won most Best Actress Oscars?

Katherine Hepburn

76. Who composed the Clock Symphony?


77. Who recently won BBC TV's “Choir in the workplace” contest?

Severn Trent Water Board

78. Who was the first female head of MI5?

Stella Rimington

79. In English law, what is the first priority for payment from the estate of the deceased?

Funeral expenses

80. What is the equivalent of the VC awarded to animals?

The Dicken Medal

81. Who is the president of New Zealand – recently in the news for describing David Beckham as “thick as bat shit”

John Key

82. Which organisation has the slogan “Train One Save Many”?


83. which drink was banned in France from 1915-2011?


84. which comedian's dad is the chief scout at Newcastle United?

Alan Carr (Dad Graham discovered many of Newcastle's current star players)

85. the dialling code 01925 is associated mainly with which nearby town?


86. why did the football friendly between England and Holland scheduled for Wembley stadium on 10th August 2011 not take place?

Because of the rioting and looting going on in London at that time.

87. the most common material for making jeans takes its name from which French city?

Nimes (Denim, from "de Nimes", meaning of or from Nimes)

88.; the dialling code 01298 is associated mainly with which town?


89. the main thoroughfare linking Derby and Nottingham is named in whose honour?

Brian Clough

90. how many streets, roads and other thoroughfares are found on a Monopoly board?

22 (3 in each coloured set, except for 2 each of the browns and dark blues)

91. in which town or city would you find the National Football Museum?

Manchester (it moved there from its original home in Preston in 2012).

92. which suburb of Birmingham is home to Cadburys?


93.Why has the Egyptian Bishop Tawadros been in the news recently?

He is the new Coptic pope

94. According to his business card, what was Al Capone's trade?

2nd hand furniture dealer

95. Who created Miss Piggy, Kermit and Fozzie Bear?

Jim Henson

96. What's the pastime of a Funambulist?

Tight-rope walking



S1. How many dots are used in the Braille system?


S2. By what name is the singer Cat Stevens known these days?

Yusef Islam

S3. With his name still associated with overnight travel, who designed the first railway sleeping car?

George Pullman

S4. In the TV comedy show, who played the Young Ones' landlord Mr Balowski?

Alexei Sayle

S5. recently retired with the demise of analogue TV signals, in which year did the BBC launch the Ceefax service?

1974 (accept 73-75)

S6. in what year did Channel Five, now known simply as Five, first hit the screens?



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