Friday, April 16, 2010



Macclesfield Quiz League

Cup Final Questions -13.04.10

  1. First broadcast in 1984, ITV have recently announced that which drama series is to finish at the end of the current year ?

The Bill.

2. What are the main ingredients of a croque-monsieur sandwich ?

Ham & Cheese (grilled).

3. What name is given to the winter coat of a stoat ?


4 Who is credited with founding the Metropolitan Police Force in 1829 ?

Sir Robert Peel.

5. Which novelist and writer became Governor General of Canada in 1935 ?

John Buchan (Baron Tweedsmuir).

6. As seen on a map, for what do the letters AONB stand ?

Area (of) Outstanding Natural Beauty.

7. Yarg is a type of cheese from Cornwall,in what is the cheese wrapped during its maturing process ? It forms an edible, though somewhat mouldy rind.

Nettle Leaves.

8. With which Girl Band did Alesha Dixon come to prominence ?


9. As seen on a map,for what do the letters SSSI stand ?

Site (of) Special Scientific Interest.

10. The writer and novelist Dame A.S. Byatt is the sister of which other prominent writer and novelist, also a Dame ?

Margaret Drabble.

11. With which Boy Band did Justin Timberlake come to prominence ?

N S'ync.

12. The Order of the Elephant is a major order of chivalry in which country ?


13. What year did the Queen refer to as her Annus Horribilis ?


14. What is the only marsupial animal native to North America ?

The opossum.

15. What is the link between golfer Jack Nicklaus and the Berlin International Film Festival ?

Golden Bear (nickname of golfer & name of top award at the film festival).

16. What would a tegestologist be interested in collecting ?

Beer mats.

17. What is a Daguerreotype ?

An early type of photograph (from Frenchman Louis -Jacques Mande Daguerre).

18. What is the link between a Marilyn Monroe film of 1956 & a Hollies UK top ten hit of 1956?

Both have the title Bus Stop.

19. What was the name of the Hansard reporter in the House of Commons, who, in July 1982 became one of the first people in the UK to die from an AIDS related disease & whose name is now incorporated into the name of Europe's largest AIDS & HIV charitable trust ?

Terry Higgins ( Terrence Higgins Trust ).

20. Which horse won this years ( March 2010 ) Cheltenham Gold Cup ?

Imperial Commander.

21. Who is the current Secretary of State for Justice in the UK government ?

Jack Straw.

22. To whom or what was Winston Churchill referring in 1939 when he said “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” ?


23. What would a deltiologist be interested in collecting ?

Picture Postcards ( Accept postcards).

24. Which horse won this years ( March 2010 ) Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham ?


25. From the number of musicians involved in its performance,what alternative name has been given to Mahler's 8th symphony ?

The Symphony of a Thousand.

26. What is the worlds highest free standing mountain (i.e. not part of a mountain range).

Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m/19340ft)

27. Which UK city is served by Turnhouse Airport ?


28. In which town is the Royal Mint situated ?

Llantrisant ( known to the locals as “the hole with the mint! )

29. Complete the following quote attributed to Joseph Stalin “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is ------------ ?

A Statistic.

30. Aldergrove is the name of the international airport serving which UK city ?


31. The name of which English royal house means “sprig of broom”,a representation of which appears on the family crest ?


32. Who, currently is Secretary of State for defence in the UK government ?

Bob Ainsworth.

33. In which city is Leonardo da Vinci's fresco of The Last Supper to be found ?


34. In heraldic terminology sable is the name for what colour ?


35.. “Hoosier” is the name given to inhabitants of which state of the USA ?


36. How many standard wine bottles does a Nebuchadnezzar contain.


37. Which mountain is the worlds highest mountain outside Asia ?

Aconcagua ( 6962m/22841ft )

38. Which playwright's plays are usually premiered at the Stephen Joseph theatre in Scarborough ?

Alan Ayckbourne.

39. What name is given to natives of the Australian city of Sydney ?


40. How many Imperial gallons are there in a Hogshead of beer ?

Fifty Four.

41. Which day of the week is named after the Anglo-Saxon god of war ?

Tuesday ( Tiw )

42. What is the name of the ancient Sumerian deity that possesses Sigourney Weaver's character in the movie “Ghostbusters” ?


43 What the name of Sidney Poiter's detective character in the movie “In the Heat of the Night” ?

Virgil Tibbs.

44. The name of which month of the year is thought to be derived from the Latin word that means “to open” ?

April (Aperire) (time of year when trees & flowers begin to open).

45. What is the name of the highest military decoration awarded by the USA ?

The Medal of Honour (as the award citation includes “in the name of the Congress” it is sometimes referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honour,however the official title is Medal of Honour).

46. What relation was George the Second to George the Third ?


47. What claim to fame does Mexican Carlos Slim currently hold ?

He is the richest man in the world.

48. In the UK, what type of furniture is a Davenport ?

A type of desk (in the USA a Davenport is a type of sofa-they have to be different!)

49. To an Australian Aborigine, what is a “Kylie” ?

A type of boomerang.

50. Brian Cowen is currently the Prime Minister of which country ?

Republic of Ireland.

51. The Bio-Bio valley is a wine producing region in which country ?


52. In musical notation what two letters indicate that a piece should be performed in a very loud manner ?


53. What is the first name of the Queen's youngest grandchild ?

James ( Prince James of Wessex, the Viscount Severn. Youngest child of Edward and Sophie).

54. The dot seen over a lower case letter i or letter j has what name ?


55. What type of cake takes its name from the French word for lightning ?


56. Which state of the USA is known as “The Centennial State” ?


57. In heraldic terminology gules is the name for what colour ?


58. Who has written a series of letters entitled “Dear Fatty” in the form of an autobiography ?

Dawn French.

59. Who was the Roman Goddess of victory ?


60. Who was the Greek Goddess of Peace ?


61 Where in Britain was the “Ultima Thule” (furthest region) of the Roman Empire

Shetland Isles

62 Which female runner took part in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games and again in the Sydney Games 20 years later

Merlene Ottey

63 Which TV presenter described Gordon Brown as a “one eyed Scottish idiot”

Jeremy Clarkson

64 What was the Roman name for Wales


65 What type of weapon is a arbalest


66 Which singer performed the theme tune for the Bond movie Goldeneye?

Tina Turner

67 What is the capital of Antigua

St John

68 Who wrote the Mr Men series of books

Roger Hargreaves

69 Who wrote the opera Norma


70 What is the capital of Nepal


71 Myrmecology is the scientific study of which creatures

Ants – from the Greek

72 Who was the Foreign Office lawyer who resigned on the eve of the Iraq war because she felt it was illegal

Elizabeth Wilmshurst

73 From which prison did Ronnie Biggs escape in 1965


74 Herpetology is the study of which creatures


75 What are taikonauts

Chinese space men

76 What is the biggest selling film soundtrack of all time

The Bodyguard

77 According to a 1921 song, who adores a plumber named Jake

Second hand Rose

78 Who were Mr Bedford and Dr Cavor in a novel by H G Wells

First men on the moon

79 With effect from 6 April 2010 what is the cost of a standard second class stamp


80 As at 10 April 2010 what is the cost of the Macclesfield Express newspaper


81 On a French menu what meat would be described as agneau (said anyo)


82 Which military museum is found at Bovington in Dorset

National Tank Museum

83 What is the common name for Olea Europea

Olive tree

84 On an Italian menu Lasagne al Melanzane would contain which vegetable


85 What type of animal is a brocket


86 Which bird hunts mainly by the use of smell


87 What is the seven branched candelabra of the Jewish faith called


88 On which country’s flag would you find an eagle and a snake


89 The volvanic mountain Chimborazo is in which South American country


90 The Orinoco river enters the ocean in which South American country


91 The National Media Museum is in which city


92 What is the common name for Laurus Nobilis

Bay tree

93 What is the name of the valley nicknamed Silicon Valley in California

Santa Clara

94 The religious festival Navaratri is celebrated in which religion


95 On which flag of a US state is there a Union Jack


96 “Lazy daisy”, “Outline” and “blanket” are types of what

Embroidery stitches

97 In which city will the 2011 rugby World Cup Final be held

Auckland New Zealand

98 Sir Christopher Wren was a professor at Oxford University in which subject


99 What was Beatrix Potter’s first name


100 Whose forces were victorious at the battle of Santa Clara

Fidel Castro’s – accept Che Guevara

101 What is the chief symptom of the visual disorder known as diplopia

Double vision

102 Sissy Spacek played which country singer in the film “Coalminers Daughter”

Loretta Lynn

103 Which group comprised Dirk, Barry, Stig and Ron

The Ruttles

104 What is the more common name for the medical condition known as periorbital haematoma

Black eye

105 According to Shakespeare what was the name of Richard III’s horse

White Surrey

106 What Jewish ceremony is performed beneath a chuppah

Marriage (the portable canopy used in weddings)

107 “On the revolutions of Heavenly Spheres” is the influential work of which scientist


108 The central characters of which novel live at Barton Cottage

Sense and Sensibility

109 On what date is Groundhog day celebrated in the US

February 2nd

110 How was Jean-Baptiste Poquelin better known


111 What links North Queensferry and South Queensferry

Forth Bridge

112 In which city was the composer Vivald born


113 Reese Witherspoon played which country singer in the film “”Walk the line”

June Carter

114 What song does the main character wake up to in the film “Groundhog day”

I got you babe by Sonny and Cher

115 How was Martha Jane Burke better known

Calamity Jane

116 Which group comprised Kelvin Mercer, David Jude Joliocoeur and Vincent Mason

De La Soul

117 Pinkie Brown is a lead character in which book

Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

118 Which company produces the scent Obsession

Calvin Klein

119 In the Planet suite by Holst which planet is described as the bringer of jollity


120 What type of creature is a taipan


Supplementary questions

1 Who played Beatrix Potter in the 2006 film Miss Potter

Renee Zellweger

2 What were Napier’s Bones

An early form of calculating machine

3 In which year was the first US Superbowl final held


4 In which city is the DAX stock exchange


5 Who is Nigella Lawson's husband – both names please

Charles Saatchi

6 What is Latin for “I roll”


7 What is pseudocyesis

Phantom pregnancy

8 From which book did the group the Boo Radleys get their name

To Kill A Mockingbird

Tie break

1 What is the geographical area in hectares covered by the Cheshire East Council

116,638 hectares

2 In the Collins Gem School Dictionary published in 2008 there are 615 pages. On which page does the definition of the word quiz appear?

Page 427