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March 7th 2017 - The Questions


Specialist questions set by The Nags Head

Vetted by Sutton Mutton & Dolphin Dragons


2. Transport

3. Geography

4. Sport

5. History

6. Hobby Horses

7. Arts & Entertainment

8. All Presidents & Correct


1. Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day:?,(9 hours 55 minutes Earth time)


2. Which optical instrument is used by surveyors to measure angles in the horizontal and vertical planes?


3. What is the name of the longest bone in the human body?


4. Not a scorpion at all. What is the Tri_ nidad Moruga Scorpion's claim to fame?


5. Which metal has the highest melting point (3,410 degrees C)


6. Who is credited with inventing the wind-up radio?


7. What substance, obtained from the dried swim bladder of fish, is used for the clarifying and fining of some wines and beers?


8. What name is given to a cow which has not had a calf?



1. If cats are feline and dogs are canine, what are apes and monkeys?


2. What name is given to a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts there relative positions and motions of the planets and moons


2. Transport

1. In which country would you take a train journey aboard the 'Ghan'?

AUSTRALIA (Between Adelaide and Darwin)

2. What was the first port of call of the Titanic on her fateful voyage?


3. What type of boat has underwater wings that develop lift in the water ?


4. The Vespa motor scooter takes its name from the Italian for what?


5. From which UK port would you travel by ferry to Roscoff?


6. In which city are the Fiat motor company headquarters?


7. Which comedy film, starring Steve Martin was all about him trying to get home for thanksgiving?


8. What was the name of the spacecraft which took Yuri Gagarin into orbit in 1961?

VOSTOK 1(accept Vostok)


1. What was the name of the specially designed capsule used to rescue the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days in 2010?

FENIX 2 (accept FENIX)

2. Which English city became, in October 2002, the 1st UK city to introduce a congestion charge?


R3 Geography

1. Rotterdam is the busiest container port in Europe. Which German city is the 2nd busiest?


2. Which European country has a name which means 'black mountain'? .


3. Juba is the capital city of which country?


4. This country's highest point is only 2.4 metres above sea level. the smallest Asian country by land area and population.Which country?

THE MALDIVES (It is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries)

5. Which Asian capital city was known as Batavia until 19497


6. The Pan-American highway runs from Alaska to Argentina with the exception of about 100 miles of rain forest called the Darien Gap. In which country is the Darien Gap?


7. Which English city's castle and its cathedral became, in 1986, one of the first sites in the UK to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?


8. The smallest capital city of all the US states only has about 8,000 inhabitants. Name either the city or the state.

MONTPELIER, the capital city of VERMONT


9. Which country, with 51, has the most World Heritage Sites?


10. Which Asian sea with an area of about 2 million square miles, is the largest sea (not ocean) in the world?


R4 Sport

1. Boston Red Sox play at the oldest ballpark in the Major League Baseball. Can you name it?


2. Which American football team play their home games at Sports Authority at Mile High Stadium?

DENVER BRONCOS (Accept Denver)

3. Serena Williams recently won the Ladies' Singles title at the Australian Open tennis tournament and in so doing has now won 23 Grand Slam titles, one behind the all-time record which is held by whom?

Margaret COURT (reluctantly allow Margaret Smith)

4. In the 1966 football World Cup, one of the semi-finals was played at Wembley. Where was the other semi held?

GOODISON PARK (Accept Everton)

5. Cricket: On February 1st 2017, England collapsed spectacularly in a T20 match v India. How many runs did they score whilst losing their last 8 wickets?

EIGHT RUNS (no leeway). It is the 2nd lowest number of runs scored for the loss of the last 8 batsmen in any format of international cricket since 1946

6. In January 2017, who became the 1st British male skier for 35 years to get a podium placing in a World Cup skiing event when he finished 2nd in the slalom at Kitzbuheli'


7. Football. In the January transfer window which player's transfer commanded the highest fee between two Premier League clubs?

Morgan SCHNEIDERLIN (transferred from Manchester United to Everton for £20m rising to 24m)

8. On 29th January 2017 Roger Federer won the Australian Open Singles tennis title. Who did he defeat in the final?

Rafael NADAL


9. Who won the men's individual golf gold medal at last year's Olympics?

Justin ROSE

10. Name the former performance director of the British cycling team and currently the general manager or team principal of Team Sky.


RS History

1 Who was known as Hitler's Architect?

Albert Speer

2 Who was the last Plantagenet king?

Richard Ill

3 In which US city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968?

Memphis, Tennessee

4 Who led the besieged British forces at the Siege of Mafeking?
Robert Baden-Powell

5 In what year was BBC 2 launched?

1964 (20th April) (no leeway)

6 Who did Britain fight in the War of Jenkins' Ear?


7 In which century did Ivan the Terrible live?

16th (1530-1584)

8 Who was Prime Minister at the time of Edward Vlll's abdication?
Stanley Baldwin


1 What was Operation Sealion during WWII?

The German plan to invade Britain in WWII

2 Which US general was known as 'Old Blood and Guts'? George S Patton

R6 Hobby Horses

1 Which hobby is pursued by 'twitchers'?

Bird Watching/Ornithology

2 With which hobby is a series of books by Stanley Gibbons associated?

Stamp Collecting/Philately

3 What is the name of the society that recreates battles from the English Civil War?

The Sealed Knot

4 Slip, purl and pick-up are all terms associated with which hobby?


s Which hobby could be pursued at Snow Hill, Pen Mill and Temple Meads?


6 What do phillumenists collect?

Matchbox labels (accept matchboxes, matchbooks or matchbook covers)

7 When Peter Adolph was unable to trademark the name Hobby for his table top game, he used part of the latin name for the Eurasian hobby bird instead. What is the game called?

Subbuteo (Table Soccer)

8 If someone collected Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi, what are they most likely to be collecting?

Model cars


1 What is the name of the hobby in which participants use a GPS device to hide and seek containers?


2 With which hobby do you associate the terms reflex, ASA and ISO?


R7 Arts & Entertainment

1. Whose plays include Look Back in Anger, The Entertainer and A Patriot for Me?

John Osborne

2. Which band consisted of the following musicians behind a rather more well known lead singer - Clem Burke, Gary Valentine, Chris Stein and Jimmy Destri?


3. In 1962, Andy Warhol produced a series of paintings of Campbell's Soup cans. How many pictures were in the series?

32 (allow 30 to 34)

4. Robert Gunningham was identified by the Daily Mail in 2016 as the real name of which cultural icon?


s. Meryl Streep has more Academy Award nominations than any other actor or actress. Name either of the films for which she won the Best Actress Oscar?

Sophie's Choice or The Iron Lady (if anyone argues Kramer v Kramer she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar)

6. Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated 5 times for the Best Actor Oscar, finally winning it in 2016 for The Revenant. Which increasingly ubiquitous English actor was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the same film?

Tom Hardy

7. Who released the rather aptly named album You Want It Darker just weeks before his death in 2016?

Leonard Cohen

8. Ed Sheeran, recently became the first artist ever to have 2 singles debut in the official UK singles chart at numbers 1and 2. Name either song?

Shape of You or Castle on the Hill


1. Which band consisted of the following musicians behind a rather more well known lead singer - Brian Eno, Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay?

Roxy Music

2. Whose plays include Lettice and Lavage, Equus and Amadeus?

(Sir) Peter Shaffer Just the surname is acceptable even though his twin brother Anthony was also a playwright)

R8 All President and Correct

Events in America following the inauguration of the 45th President seem to be causing a modicum of interest around the globe. So here's a round on all things Presidential

1. Although Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President he is only the 44th person to take office. Which President served 2 non-consecutive terms?

Grover Cleveland

2. What links John Tyler, Millard Filmore, Chester Arthur and Andrew Johnson?

They were all Vice Presidents that took office following the death of the previous President

3. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest President when he was inaugurated (at the age of 42). Who was the oldest?

Donald Trump

4. Who was the last President before Donald Trump to be elected President without having previously held political office?

Dwight D Eisenhower

S. What links father and son Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum to US Presidents?

They are responsible for the Mount Rushmore sculptures

6. Which African country was established as a colony for released slaves? Its capital takes its name from the American President in office between 1817 and 1825 who was a prominent supporter of the colonization.

Liberia. (Capital Monrovia after James Monroe)

7. For which state did Richard Nixon serve as a Senator before becoming Vice President and then President?


8. For which state did John F Kennedy serve as a Senator before becoming President?



1. The number of electoral college votes that a state can have in the Presidential election depends on its population but what is the minimum number that any state can have?


2. What is the minimum age qualification for a President?


General Knowledge Questions 
Set by Sutton Mutton

1 In which sport was David Bryant a six times World Champion in two different competitions.

Bowls (three times in the outdoor competition and three times in the indoor competition) ·

2 In what year was Trentabank reservoir in Macclesfield Forest completed?

1930 - accept any answer between 1927and 1933. Display panels in the forest state it was opened on 1st January 1930.

3 Which American first lady's maiden name was Bouvier?

Jacqueline Kennedy- accept 'Jackie Kennedy'

4 Author Terry Pratchett died at his home on the morning of 12 March 2015 from what according to his publisher?


5 What car was Jim Clark driving when he was killed at Hockenheim in 1968?

Lotus-Cosworth 48 - accept Lotus

6 Highways England's proposals to upgrade the A303 between Amesbury and Berwick Down would reduce the amount of traffic passing close to which English Heritage property?


7 Radiocarbon dating uses the properties of which carbon isotope?

Carbon 14

8 Car manufacturers SEAT and Triumph have both produced a model with the same common name. What is this model name?


9 Falmouth Kearney, one of Barak Obama's ancestors, left Kings County in Ireland for America in 1850. What is King's County now known as following it's renaming after the establishment of the Irish Free State?

County Offaly

10 Who was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers to whom Japan surrendered in September 1945 (thereby ending the second world war and preventing the death of the question setter's father)?

General Douglas MacArthur- accept MacArthur

11 Which of the FIFA confederations (the umbrella organisations of the national football associations on each continent) has the fewest nations?

The South American confederation - Conmebol or Confederaci6nSudamericana de Futbol - with 10 nations)

12 Who was married to Lynne Frederick, Miranda Macmillan, Britt Ekland and Anne Howe?

Peter Sellars

13 How many times was the actress Elizabeth Taylor married?

Eight - no leeway

14 What did chairman Sir William Lyons rename SS Cars Limited to after the second world war?

Jaguar Cars Ltd

15 What organisation's world summit conference took place at the Celtic Manor resort in South Wales in September 2014?


16 Crown, Royal, Double Crown and Elephant are old English sizes of what?

Paper- used for printing posters etc

17 What was the number of the section of the M60 between Eccles and Stretford in1997? Renumbering started in1998, and was completed in 2000 according to Highways England?

M63 - However it was originally called the M62 Stretford to Eccles when it was opened. Although it was the fourth British motorway to be opened, earthmoving for it started before construction of any other motorway started.

18 What sort (i.e. manufacturer and type) of aircraft crashed at the Shoreham air show in August 2015?

Hawker Hunter

19 Who lived at the fictional address of 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam?

Tony Hancock

20 Who invented the seed drill?

Jethro Tull

21 The decorating business of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., when founded in 1861, was associated with which artistic genre?

The Arts and Crafts Movement, accept also Pre-Raphaelites

22 Name any of the three prisons in the Royal Borough of Greenwich?

Belmarsh, Thameside, or lsis(which is a young offender's institution)

23 Which cartoon character was born at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?

Snoopy from the Charles M Schultz 'Peanuts' cartoon strip - accept also Andy, Marbles, Olaf, Spike or Belle. Snoopy had seven siblings, but the latter five are the only others referred to in the cartoon strip ·

24 What does the German word 'sitzpinkler' mean?

A male who urinates sitting down on the toilet - accept also any term of abuse meaning wimp, wuss or some such

25 Who composed the Opera "The Mastersingers of Nuremberg"?

Richard Wagner

26 How did Field MarshalLord Horatio Herbert Kitchener die (cause of death needed)?

He drowned (He was on board the cruiser HMS Hampshire when it was sunk by a mine in 1916)

27 In which London Borough are the railway termini Euston and St Pancras situated?


28 Which motorway runs from a point 4 miles north-northeast of Tewkesbury for 21 miles to a point just northeast of Ross-on-Wye?


29 Which famous "Potter" owned a large house that was later sold and used as offices for the Shelton Iron and Steel Company before becoming a hotel?

Wedgwood - Josiah Wedgwood had Etruria Hall built for his family

30 Which band were pictured feeding goats in San Diego Zoo on the cover of their May 1966 album?

The Beach Boys (the album was Pet Sounds)

31 Which 1047 km long river flows into the Baltic Sea near Gdansk?

Vistula(accept Wisla)

32 What was the Heptarchy?

The seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England

33 Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley was co-founder of what organisation?

The National Trust(accept also Keswick School and Keswick School of Industrial Art)

34 How many hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time is. Indian Standard Time?

Five and a half hours - no leeway

35 In 1900 Emil Jellinek was the Austrian Consul General in Nice. He also had a seat on the board of the German car company Daimler, raced their cars and sold them in France. What was his daughter's name, after whom a car brand was named?


36 Cow Roast and Hogpits Bottom are places near Barkhamsted. In which county are they?


37 In Britain, what vehicles should obey speed limits shown in kilometres per hour on a diamond shaped road sign?

Trams - see page. 31 of the official book 'Know your road signs' referred to in the Highway Code

38 What memorial in Surrey, designed by Sir Edward Maufe, was erected in 1957 by the American Bar Association? ·

The Magna Carta memorial at Runnymede

39 What was the date of the day after the 2nd September 1752 (there is some leeway)? .

14th September 1752 - accept 12th to 16th. This was when Great Britain switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. In order to achieve the change, 11 days were 'omitted' from the calendar).

40 Which essayist and biographer went out to buy oysters for his cat?

Dr Samuel Johnson - the cat was called Hodge

41 What substance was responsible for the phrase "As mad as a Hatter"

Mercury nitrate(a compound of Mercury used in the manufacture of felt hats) -accept Mercury.

42 In which building in Paris is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte?

The Dome des lnvalides, the Dome Church-accept Les lnvalides or the Hotel des lnvalides.

43 Slovakia has borders with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and which other country?


44 Which company makes the "Africa Twin" motorcycle?


45 in which castle was deposed King Edward II of England murdered in 1327?

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

46 Who described Russia as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"?

Winston Churchill

47 What are getting old when they are worn down to monadnocks and peneplains

Mountains and Hills

48 What Is the disease which was sometimes known as St Anthony's fire?

Ergotlsm- poisioning by ergot, a fungal disease affecting grain, or substances derived from ergot

49 Which is the only US state that is home to four American Football teams?

California - home to the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders)

50 The Froglets and the Iron Chicken feature in which children's TV series?


51 AM and FM are different ways of radio broadcasting. What does the 'M' stand for?


52 According to section 126 of the Highway Code what is the typical stopping distance in feet when travelling at 60mph?

240 feet. This is equivalent to 73 metres or 24 car lengths, where a car length is four metres. Accept any answer between 2·1O and 270 feet

53 According to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, what is the world's most heavily traded commodity after oil?


54 Each end of a paved airport runway has a large two digit number called the runway designation marking painted on it. What does. this. indicate?

The magnetic heading of the runway to the nearest 10 degrees - accept also its angle from north)

55 The Bosley flight of locks on the Macclesfield Canal raises the level of the waterway from 400 feet to 518 feet. How many locks are there in the flight?


56 What was the vital factor that caused the distinctive change in the way of life of the Plains Indians of North America after the arrival of European visitors?

The Horse (Horses were extinct in the Americas until the Spanish reintroduced them)

57 In which English county is the village of Borstal where the first youth detention centre was opened In 1902?


58 What is the name usually given to the mounted herdsmen or cowboys of the pampas of South America?


59 Who had a number 5 hit single In October 1963 with "Just like Eddie" a tribute to Eddie Cochrane?


60 The largest wholly industrial railway system in the British Isles is in the Republic of Ireland.There are over 570 kilometres of permanent narrow gauge track and it carries over 3 million tonnes per year.What industry does it serve?

Peat Industry-the system is operated by Bordna Mona, the government company harvesting peat for fuel and other uses

61 In what year did Cardiff become formally recognised by the British government as the capital of Wales?

1966 (accept 1953-1957)

62 Which British chemist and physicist was the first person to identify and describe colour blindness scientifically?

John Dalton

63 What is a Saltarello?

A dance

64 What is the first day of Lent known as?

Ash Wednesday

65 Who was the actress who played Madeleine in the 1958 Hitchcock film "Vertigo"?

Kim Novak

66 Brunel's Maidenhead railway bridge, across the River Thames between Taplow and Maidenhead, is identifiable as the location for which famous JWM Turner painting?

Rain, Steam, and Speed - The Great Western Railway

67 The Adi Granth is a holy book in which religion?


68 From what fruit is the liqueur Kirsch distilled?

Cherries (originally Morello cherries)

69 Which Shakespeare play starts with the words "Whose There"?


70 What does the Latin phrase "Tabula Rasa" mean?

To have a blank or clean slate, to start afresh, or the mind in its uniformed original state

71 What is the more familiar name for Calcimine?

Whitewash - accept also distemper

72 Which cocktail's ingredients are white or dark rum, Coca Cola, lime juice and ice?

Cuba Libre-do not accept rum and coke

73 What does the German word "rad" mean in English?

Wheel- accept also bike, cycle, or bicycle

74 What is the currency of Uganda?


75 What is the highest railway station on any type of railway in the British Isles?

Snowdon Summit at 3,494 feet)

76 What is the medical term for drilling a hole in the skull?


77 What sport is Toxophily?


78 Rock Salmon is another name for what fish?

Dogfish - sold in fish and chip shops mainly in south east England, it is one of the shark family - accept also Huss, Flake, Rock Eel, Catshark, Rigg or Nursehound

79 What is the name of the Macclesfield Wetherspoons Pub?

The Society Rooms

80 Which brand of precision made die-cast scale model toys was made by Mettoy at a factory in Fforestfach, Swansea?

Corgi Toys

81 According to the Office of Rail and Road, what distinction did Shippea Hill railway station in Cambridgeshire achieve in the year 2015-16?

It was Britain’s least used railway station

82 . Sam Sunderland became first British rider to win what when he took victory in the motorbikes classification on 14th January 2017?

The Dakar Rally

83 Who were the winners of the sporting competition sponsored by the Total Oil company and marketed as Total Afcon 2017?

Cameroon (who beat Egypt 2-1 in the recent African Cup of Nations football tournament)

84 In which American state was Superbowl LI (Superbowl 51) held on the 5th February 2017?

Texas - at the NRG stadium in Houston

85 Which regiment was the brainchild of Scots Guards Lieutenant (later Colonel) David Stirling?,

The Special Air Service or SAS

86 Sultan Qaboos bin Said al·Said is ruler of which country?


87 What was the name of the engine that powered the majority of Avro Lancaster bombers?

Merlin - built by Rolls-Royce, Ford of Britain or Packard in America

88 Which former runner became a Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour in the 2017 New Year Honours?

Sir Roger Bannister

89 Which comedian, knighted in the 2017 New Year Honours, was charged with tax evasion in 1989 but acquitted at the subsequent trial.
Ken Dodd

90 What was actor and comedian Vic Oliver the first of seventy five years ago (in January 1942)?

He was the very first 'castaway' on the long-running radio series of Desert Island Discs)

91 What car was Mike Hawthorn, the United Kingdom's first Formula One World Champion, driving when he died in 1959?

A Jaguar 3.4 saloon - after winning the championship for the first time in 1958 he promptly retired)

92 Which side, losing semi-finalists at Total Afcon 2017, are nicknamed the Black Stars?


93 What crime was Scottish footballer David Goodwillie accused of in 2011?


94 Who was found guilty of the murder of Edward Evans and Lesley Ann Downey?

The Moors Murderers- accept also Ian Brady or Myra Hindley.

95 Who was charged with the murders of Irene Turner, Ivy Lomas, Muriel Grimshaw, Norah Nuttall, Winifred Mellor and 10 others by lethal injections of diamorphine?
Harold Shipman

96 Which radio station began broadcasting on 1500 metres long wave on 30th September 1967?

BBC Radio 2

Supplementary questions

S1 Whose targets were the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe?

The Dambusters - specifically the Lancaster bombers of 617 squadron in Operation Chastise which are acceptable answers

S2 The A628 trunk road crosses the Pennines by way of which pass?


S3 Which company had a factory at 29 Binns Road, Liverpool 13 between 1914 and 1980?

Meccano Ltd - accept also Dinky or Homby

S4 Pristina is the capital of which republic?


S5 The Official Report of all parliamentary debates in both houses of parliament is known as what


S6 Which bands 1972 debut single finishes with the words "What's the name, Virginia plain?

Roxy Music

S7 Gary Lineker recently said "to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad". Who had just been sacked?

Claudio Ranieri

S8 Horace, Virgil and Terence wrote their works in which language?




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