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28 April - Last Game of the Season

Questions for 28th April 2009

Set by the Dolphin Dragons

Vetted by The Baths Hotel

Specialist Questions: Rounds

Love, Love, Me Do;

Keep on Running (Sport);

Long Ago and Far Away, (Foreign History):

Holiday (Geography);

Blanketty Blank,

Space Oddity (Science),

That’s Entertainment,

Our House.

(The names of the rounds, and, very occasionally, the questions, are based on TV programmes / pop songs)

Round 1: Love, Love Me Do

(Love affairs in fact and fiction)

Q1 With which (female) poet did Robert Browning elope?

A1 Elizabeth Barrett

Q2 Who did Aragorn marry in the Lord of the Rings?

A2 Arwen

Q3 Who is the fellow politician husband of Cabinet Minister Yvette Cooper?

A3 Ed Balls

Q4 Who was the 3rd wife of Henry VIII?

A4 Jane Seymour

Q5 What relation (apart from Husband and wife) were Queen Victoria & Prince Albert?

A5 (First) Cousins

Q6 Who, in 2008, did John Barnes marry?

A6 Wendy Richard

Q7 Which singer sang about the love story written about by Emily Bronte? 

A7 Kate Bush

Q8 The late actor, Michael Williams was married to which famous actress?

A8 Judy Dench


Q Which Gilbert & Sullivan Opera features the love of Mabel and Frederick?

A The Pirates of Penzance

Q In Romeo & Juliet, what is Juliet’s surname (before her marriage)?

A Capulet

Round 2: Keep on Running.

(Sport questions on Athletics and Racing)

Q1. What is the shortest race in major indoor athletics events?

A1. 60 metres.

Q2 Who was the last British man to win the Olympic 100 metres?

A2 Lynford Christie.

Q3 On which course is the Prix de L’Arc de Triumphe run?

A3 Longchamps

Q4 Which horse won last Year’s Grand National?

A4 Comply or Die

Q5 Which Athlete from between the wars was known as the Flying Finn?

A5 Paavo Nurmi

Q6 A Marathon is run over 26 miles and how many yards?

A6 385 (10 yards leeway either side)

Q7 Which horse won last year’s Derby?

A7 New Approach

Q8 Where is the 2000 Guineas run?

Q8 Newmarket


Q Who was the first woman to run a mile in under 5 minutes?

A Diane Leather

Q Where is the Welsh Grand National run?

A Chepstow

Round 3: Long Ago and Far Away (foreign history).

Q1 Who was the French Revolutionary leader who was stabbed in his bath?

A1 Marat

Q2 Livia was the wife of which Roman emperor?

A2 Augustus

Q3 Why were many German Princes called Electors?

A3 Because they elected the Holy Roman Emperor (The Empire was finally abolished by Napoleon!)

Q4 What relation to Genghis Khan to Kublai Khan?

A4 Genghis was Kublai’s grandfather.

Q5 At which battle did 300 Spartans defy the might of the Persian Empire?

A5 Thermopylae.

Q6 Of which country was Mannerheim the wartime leader in & just before World War II ?

A6 Finland

Q7 Messalina was the wife of which Roman emperor?

A7 Claudius

Q8 Nebuchadnezzar was ruler of which ancient country?

A8 Babylonia


Q Why is the radio actress Eva Duarte known to history?

A Her married name was Eva Peron (Evita)

Q In which country did the Boxer Rebellion occur?

A China

Round 4: Holiday

(The Geography of Holiday places, home and abroad)

Q1 If you visited Assissi, which Italian region would you be in?

A1 Umbria

Q2 To which country do the Galapagos islands belong?

A2 Equador.

Q3 Recently the Welsh Highland Railway has been connected to which tourist narrow gauge railway?

A3 The Ffestiniog Railway

Q4 In which county is the resort of Mablethorpe?

A4 Lincolnshire

Q5 The Forest of Dean falls mainly in which English county?

A5 Gloucestershire

Q6 In which American state is the holiday peninsula of Cape Cod?

A6 Massachussetts

Q7 Ben McDui is the highest mountain in which Scottish mountain range?

A7 The Cairngorms

Q8 On which island would you be holidaying if you flew in to Chania or Iraklion?

A8 Crete


Q To which country does the holiday island of Koi Samoi belong?

A Thailand

Q If you were on a city break, and visited the SS Great Britain, in which British City would you be?

A Bristol

Q In which Greek island group is Kefalonia?

A The Ionian Islands

Round 5: Blankety Blank.

Each question consists of a quotation, Although you may not know the answer, have a go – they are eminently guessable!

Eg “I was as pure as blank, but I drifted.” Mae West

Answer ‘Snow

Q1. “I started out with blank and I’ve still got most of it left.” Groucho Marx

A1, Nothing.

Q2. “The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their blank.” Joan Rivers

A2. Husband

Q3 S1. “The only way to have safe sex is to abstain. From blank.” Wendy Liebman.

S1A. Drinking

Q4. “What do I wear in blank? Why, Chanel No 5, of course. Marilyn Monroe

A4. Bed.

Q5. “Either that blank goes or I do.” Oscar Wilde on his death bed

A5. Wallpaper.

Q6. “Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each blank and you can’t find your cigarettes.” Bill Hicks

A6. Eye

Q7. “Gentlemen, you can’t blank in here, this is the War Room”. Doctor Strangelove.

A7. Fight.

Q8. “The secret of success is blank: If you can fake that you’ve got it made.” George Burns.

A8. Sincerity.


Q “Glory is fleeting but blank is for ever.” Napoleon.

A. Obscurity.

Q “My wife had half a dozen blank operations, but couldn’t find anything she liked.” Woody Allen

A. Sex-change

Q “ I’ve been told blank is a slow poison” Robert Benchley.

A Alcohol

Round 6: Space Oddity (Science)

Questions relate to Space and Space Exploration

Q1 What are the Van Allen Belts?

A1 Belts of radiation surrounding Earth

Q2 Which planet spins on its side?

A2 Uranus

Q3 Which type of spaceship was first launched on April 12th 1981?

A3 The space shuttle.

Q4 Which event in space exploration had taken place exactly 20 years earlier? (April 12 1961)?

A4 The first manned space flight (Yuri Gagarin’s adventure into space)

Q5 How is the distance of an Astronomical Unit calculated?

A5 It is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Q6 How many Apollo missions were there?

A6 17 (Leeway of 1 on either side)

Q7 What was the first spacecraft to land on Mars?

A7 Viking (1)

Q8 Where in the Solar System would you find Ceres (the dwarf planet)?

A8 In the Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter)


Q What game did astronaut Alan Shepherd play on the moon to demonstrate its reduced gravity?

A Golf

Q Which Planet has moons named after characters in the works of Alexander Pope and William Shakespeare?

A Uranus

Round 7: Let Me Entertain You

(Arts & Entertainment)

Q1 In which Pantomime would you find Dandini?

A1 Cinderella.

Q2 Which musical has characters including Mrs Pearce and Freddie Eynsford Hill?

A2 My Fair Lady

Q3 A production of which Shakespeare play starred David Tennant (Dr Who) and Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek) in Stratford last summer?

A3 Hamlet.

Q4 Which Gilbert and Sullivan Opera involves a fairy married to the Lord Chancellor of England?

A4 Iolanthe

Q5 Which Archer’s character has recently (early March) been arrested for fraud?

A5 Matt Crawford

Q6 When Corpus Christi College was disqualified after winning University Challenge for having a non-student on their team, which team became the champions?

A6 Manchester University

Q7 What did Mat Follas win this year on TV?

A7 Masterchef

Q8 What is the name of the concert hall in Central Manchester?

A8 The Bridgewater Hall


Q Which recent TV series is (loosely) based on the books of Flora Thompson?

A “Lark Rise to Candleford”

Q In which Pantomime would you find Robin Hood?

A The Babes in the Wood

Round 8: Location, Location! (Questions about places, addresses etc)

Q1 Which family lives at Capesthorne Hall?

A1 The Bromley-Davenports

Q2 Which family lived in the Little House on the Prairie?

A2 The Ingalls family.

Q3 What was Dr Who’s home planet?

A3 Gallifrey

Q4 At which of her residences did Queen Victoria die?

A4 Osborne House (Isle of Wight)

Q5 What importance had Downing, after whom Downing Street is named?

Q5 The Property Developer, who had the terrace erected (in the 1680’s. Sir George Downing was not a very savoury character – Pepys described him as a ‘perfidious rogue’!)

Q6 In which fictional London Borough is East-Enders set?

A6 Walford

Q7 The Stanley family used to own which local “Stately Home” –now used for quite a different purpose?

A7 Alderley Park (Astra – Zeneca)

Q8 What was the name of Shakespeare’s house in Stratford (which was pulled down in the eighteenth century because the owner couldn’t stand the tourists!)

A8 New Place


Q Which street did Sherlock Holmes live on?

A Baker Street

Q Which street is the White House on in Washington DC?

A Pennsylvania Avenue



What is the capital of the US state of Oregon?

A Salem (not the witch trials one, which is in Massachusetts)

2Q What does the musical term Andante mean?

A  At a moderate pace (or equivalent)

Q3 Which area of Britain do cars come from with the registration letter G?

A Kent (G as in Garden of England)

4Q In which Shakespeare play do we find Ferdinand, Miranda and Ariel?

A The Tempest

5Q Which children's hero (of TV and now many books) comes from Pontypandy?

A Fireman Sam

6Q David Lloyd George referred to which political institution as Mr Balfour's poodle? (Balfour being the Prime Minister at the time)

A The House of Lords

7 Q From which group does Bono come?

A U2

8 Q  What is the name of the police station in "The Bill"?

A Sun Hill

9Q Who was known as Tumbledown Dick?

A Richard Cromwell, briefly Lord Protector of England after the death of his father, Oliver.

10Q What is the name of the cricket ground in Jamaica, scene earlier this year, of a spectacular English batting collapse?

A Sabina Park.

11Q In which city was the Messiah first performed?

A Dublin

12Q What name links Richard Burton, a 1739 war with Spain, and the only British President of the European Commission?

A Jenkins (original name, the War of Jenkin's Ear, and Roy Jenkins)

13Q In the TV series who runs the Post Office in Candleford?

A Miss (Dorcas) Lane.

14 Q What S American country has the capital of Caracas?

A Venezuela

15Q Which play of Shakespeare's is set in the Trojan war?

A Troilus and Cressida.

16Q Which area of Britain do cars come from with the registration letter C?

A Wales (Cymru)

 17Q Who invented the seed drill?

A Jethro Tull

18Q Which poet wrote "The Lady of Shallot"?

A Tennyson

19Q Why has the name Ian Tomlinson been in the news lately?

A He is the newsvendor who died, possibly as a result of police mishandling, at the G 20 protests

20Q Which river runs through Ashton -under- Lyne?

A The Tame

21Q The New Testament was written in Greek. What was the original language of the Old Testament?

A Aramaic

Q22 What did Edwin Beard Budding invent in 1830?

A The lawnmower

Q23 Birmingham, Nottingham etc What does the"ing" mean?

A "The family/people of (Birma and -amusingly - Snotta, respectively)

Q24 In which city would you find the WACA cricket ground?

A Perth, Western Australia

 Q 25 What is the present name of the football cup formerly known as the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and later, the UEFA cup?

A The Europa Cup

Q 26 Cheapside, Chipping Norton… What does the Cheap/Chip element mean?

A A Market (the same word can be seen in, eg, Copenhagen, where Copen is the Danish version!)

Q 27 In which scientific field was Tycho Brache skilled?

A Astronomy 

Q 28 Two of the books of the Bible are named after women. Name one.

A Ruth or Esther

Q29  Which river runs through Stockport?

A The Mersey

Q 30 Why was Sharon Shoesmith in the news in 2008?

A She was head of Haringey Social Services, blamed for the death of baby P.

Q 31 By what name is the winter-flowering plant Helleborus Niger better known?

A The Christmas Rose

Q 32 Which traditional Christmas song refers to the plants Ilex and Hedera?

A The Holly and the Ivy

 Q33 TV Presenter, Jonathan Edwards used to represent theUK in which athletic discipline?

A Triple Jump

Q34 Who is (as of March 19th) Zara Phillips' boy friend?

A Mike Tyndall (England rugby player)

Q 35 What is Ogham?

A An old form of writing, used mainly in Ireland ( consists of different length scratches on stone)

Q36 Which Club did Paul Ince manage after he left Macclesfield Town?

A M.K. Dons

Q 37. Which 60's pop group had a name that translates as "beyond these things"?

A Procul Harem

Q38 A recently released film charts the early life of which British Monarch?

A. Victoria

Q39 Which of the 6 Pottery Towns is missing from this list: Tunstall, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton, Longton?

A Burslem

Q40 Who was the first Inquisitor General of Spain?

A Torquemada ( Surprised? Well, you never expect the Spanish Inquisition!)

 Q 41 Who wrote "Puck of Pook's Hill" and "Kim"?

A Rudyard Kipling

Q42 Which 60's pop singer was backed by the Dakotas?

A Billy J Kramer

Q 43 In which year was the World Cup first held?

A 1930 - allow 3 years in either direction

Q 44 What is the capital city of Paraguay?

A Asuncion

Q 45 Which team did the English women's cricket team defeat in the final of this tear's World Cup?

A New Zealand

Q 46 In which city is the first F1 race of the season run (in March)?

A Melbourne

Q 47 Actress Natasha Richardson died recently. Who is her mother?

A Vanessa Redgrave

Q 48 What is the name of the wedge-shaped writing used originally on the clay tablets of ancient Mesopotamia?

A Cuneiform

Q49 In which Musical is the song "I am 16 going on 17"?

A The Sound of Music.

Q 50 What is the name of the area to the East of Oldham, which contains such villages as Delph, Diggle and Dobcross?

A Saddleworth

Q 51 Which book of 1877 is described on the title page as being "translated from the original equine?"

A Black Beauty

Q 52 Who is John Thaw's widow?

A (Actress) Sheila Hancock

Q 53 Who was British Prime Minister at the time of the Suez Crisis?

A Anthony Eden

Q54 TV presenter, Sue Barker, used to play which sport?

A Tennis

Q 55 In Architecture, what can be Fan-vaulted or Hammerbeam?

A Roofs ( accept Ceilings)

Q 56 Who was Dr Samuel Johnson's biographer?

A James Boswell

Q 57 In which English County would you find the tourist attractions of Stokesay Castle, the Long Mynd and the Acton Scott Working Farm Museum?

A Shropshire

Q 58 Who was the British Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War I ?

A Herbert Asquith

Q 59 Bismarck is the state capital of which US state?

A North Dakota

Q 60 Which musical told the story of American comedienne Fanny Brice?

A Funny Girl

Q 61 What links Charles Lindbergh, Judy Garland, and the rivers Mississippi & Missouri?

A St. Louis (Lindbergh's Plane, Judy Garland film, confluence of the 2 rivers)

Q 62 In which country is the "No1 Ladies Detective Agency" series set?

 A Botswana

Q 63 Actress Tippi Hedren has a famous actress daughter. Who?

A Melanie Griffith

Q64 In architecture, what can be Doric, Ionic or Corinthian?

 A Columns

 Q 65 What relation was George II to his successor, George III?

A Grandfather ( The Prince of Wales, Frederick, having been killed by a cricket ball!)

Q 66 What was Sir Joseph Bazelgette (say Bazel Jet)'s greatest achievement?

A The London Sewage system - which makes him probably the greatest benefactor to Londoners' health in the nineteenth century

Q 67 Name one of the unmarried kings of England, other than Edward VIII

A William II, Edward V and Edward VI (both the Edwards died in childhood)

Q 68 Who was the Tory politician murdered by Irish Terrorists in 1979?

 A Airey Neave

Q 69 Annabel Goldie leads which Scottish political party?

A The Scottish Conservative party.

Q 70 Other than Sir Alf Ramsey, which England manager never lost a game in the World cup finals?

A Ron Greenwood (England were eliminated after a series of drawn matches - in 1982)

Q 71 Who played Archie Daley in the recent Channel Five version of Minder?

A Shane Richie

Q 72 What is the subject matter of Richard Curtis's new film "The Boat that Rocked"?

A The Pirate Radio phenomenon of the 1960's

 Q 73  Which foodstuff was certified fresh with a lion stamp?

A Eggs

Q 74 Which author came up with the slogan "go to work on an egg?"

A Fay Weldon

Q 75 In legend, whose Morgan la Fay was the sister of whom?

A King Arthur

Q 76 Arthur Wellesley is better known as…?

A The Duke of Wellington

Q 77 Wellington and Oakengates are now part of which modern urban area?

A Telford

Q 78 What is Thomas Telford's bridge over the Menai Straits called ?

A The Britannia Bridge

Q 79 The mistress of which British king was the model for the original Britannia (on coins etc)

 A Charles II

Q 80 What was the relationship between Charles II and his successor, James II?

A They were Brothers.

 Q 81 Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington were husband and wife in which TV sitcom?

A The Good Life (they were the Leadbetters)

Q 82 The Goodies were Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and who?

A Graeme Garden

Q 83 Which famous gardens were developed over 200 years ago by George Banks, from the gardens started in the 18th century by various Royals, including George III and his mother, Princess Augusta?

A Kew

Q 84 What word links the letter Q, correspondence, and tea?

A Bond (James, Basildon, and Brooke.)

Q85 Who played Bond in the film "Licensed to Kill"?

A Timothy Dalton

Q 86 Of which well known group was Timmy the only four-footed member?

A The Famous Five

Q87 Who won the last Five Nations championship, before it became the Six Nations?

A Scotland (in 1999)

Q 88 In which year did Scotland last win the Grand Slam (leeway of 4 years either way)?

A 1984

 Q 89 Who was the hero of George Orwell's 1984 ?

A Winston Smith

Q90 Will Smith first came to prominence in which US sitcom of the 1990's, set in a suburb of Los Angeles?

A The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Q 91 With which two words did the artist Prince describe a Corvette?

 A Little Red

Q 92 Which group had a hit with the song "Just a little bit more"?

A Liberty X

Q 93 Which Football League club play at the Liberty Stadium?

 A Swansea City

Q 94 Which scenic peninsula, the first place to be designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, lies to the west of Swansea?

A The Gower

Q 95 For which County did David Gower play cricket?

A Leicester

Q 96 Which walker wrote descriptions of 213 fells in the Lake District?

A  Alfred Wainwright




Supplementary Questions:

1. Which company tells us to buy "because you're worth it"?

A Garnier

2 Who invented the 3 witches Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick?

A Terry Pratchett

3. In Architecture, what is a Caryatid?

A A column in the shape of a woman.

4 Who is the manager of this year's Grand Slam winning Irish Team?

A Declan Kidney

5. How is the poet George Gordon better known?

 A Lord Byron

6. What type of tree is the oldest living tree in Britain?

A A Yew (in Fortingall, Scotland)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Specialist Questions by the Byron Laureates

Specialist Round 1 —Arts and Entertainment

1 Of which hotel was "Major Gowan" a resident ? 


 2 What was the name of the horse in the sitcom "Steptoe and Son”? 


 3 "Call me Ishmael" is the opening line from which book? MOBY DICK (by Herman Melville)


4 In which novel do we find the characters Ralph, Simon and Piggy? 

LORD OF THE FLIES (by William Golding)

 5 One of the most expensive works of art lost in the destruction of the Twin Towers was a tapestry, which Spanish artist created it?



6 In which city was Pablo Picasso born? MALAGA


7 Who was the writer Eric Arthur Blair better known as? GEORGE ORWELL


8 Who was the writer Mary Anne Evans better known as?





9 In the novel "Don Quixote" by Cervantes what is the name of the title characters steward?


10 The novel "Three Men in a Boat" was written by Jerome K Jerome but what is the title of its sequel?


Specialist Round 2 — Geography

1 Of which Asian country is the Kip the main unit of currency? 



2 What is the currency of Slovakia? 



3 Which Asian capital city has a name meaning "Red Hero"? ULAN BATOR (capital of Mongolia)


4 The capital of Mozambique is Maputo ,what was it formerly named? LORENCO MARQUES


5 What was the former name for Ghana? 



6 Name the Strait between Australia and Tasmania?



7 Which Central American country has no army?



8 Which city is served by Dum Dum airport?

CALCUTTA (a dum dum is a type of bullet with the tip sawn off)




9 What is the former name of Burkino Faso ?



10 What was Myanmar formerly called? BURMA

Specialist Round 3 — Science

I What was the first manned U.S. space station? SKYLAB


2 What did British inventor Sir Christopher Cockerell invent and develop? The HOVERCRAFT


3 On the internet what does the second letter t stand for in http ? TRANSFER


4 Nicam as in nicam stereo is a commonly used acronym, what does the letter I stand for?



5 What is the name for a Stationary Electrical Charge (which builds up on an insulated object)?



6 A "Rutherford" is a unit of what ?

A UNIT OF RADIOACTIVE DISINTEGRATION accept RADIATION( after the physicist Baron Rutherford 1831-1937)


7 What is a scolex?

The HEAD OF A TAPEWORM (having hooks and suckers by which it attaches its self to its host )


8 The art of judging someone’s character from their appearance especially the face is called what?





9 In computing terminology what does the letter R stand for in RAM ? RANDOM


10 What is the common name of the compound ascorbic acid ? VITAMIN C

Specialist Round 4 — Sport

1 In which sport is the term "stoop" used? FALCONRY


2 Which Rovers does veteran cartoon character "Roy of the Rovers” play for? MELCHESTER ROVERS


3 Which football team became the first in the U.K. to have an all-seater stadium? ABERDEEN


4 Who broke Mohammed Ali's jaw in 1973? KEN NORTON


5 In motor racing on which circuit does the San Marino Grand Prix take place? IMOLA


6 How many tricks make up a grand slam in Bridge?



7Who won gold for Britain in the heptathlon at the Sydney Olympics? DENISE LEWIS


8 Who was the first player to score a televised maximum break of 147 in a snooker world championship?





9 The BDO is the U.K. governing body for which sport? DARTS

10 Which footballer published his autobiography in 1998 entitled “Addicted"? TONY ADAMS

Specialist Round 5 — History

As it will soon be England's Patron Saint’s Day the following questions are based upon St George


1 In what year was St George martyred? A.D. 303 (50 years leeway each way)

2 Which king adopted George as England's Patron Saint? EDWARD 111 (in 1348)


3 He is believed to have been a Cappadocian official — in the army of which Roman emperor ?



4 According to legend what was the name of the princess he rescued? SABRA


5 In which country is he said to have slain the dragon? LIBYA (Silene)

6 What is the title of Edmund Spenser’s poem relating to St George? THE FAERIE QUEENE


7 In the poem Spenser refers to St George as whom? THE RED CROSS KNIGHT

8 As we know St George is the Patron Saint of England but which country was he actually from?





9 When did St George become Popular?

AT THE CRUSADES (Antioch, Holy Land)


10 On which date does St Georges day fall? APRIL 23rd

Specialist Round 6 — Classic Movies

1 On which author’s novel was the film "Breakfast At Tiffany's " based? TRUMAN CAPOTE' S


2 Which spaghetti western involved the feuding family gangs the Baxters and the Rojos?



3 In the 1942 film "Casablanca" what was the first name of Ingrid Bergmans character?



4 which film was Orson Welles's directorial debut? CITIZEN KANE


5 In Roman Polanski film does Jack Nicholson play a private eye called Jack Gittes? CHINATOWN


6 In the classic western "High Noon" who plays the character Will Cane? GARY COOPER


7 From which Bette Davis film did the line "Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night " come?



8 Which Hollywood film stars Gloria Swanson as ageing silent movie star Norma Desmond?





9 Who was Jack Nicholson's female co star in the film "Chinatown? FAYE DUNAWAYE


10 In the musical western “Paint Your Wagon" who sang the song "I Talk to the Trees”?


Specialist Round 7 — Musical Colours

All answers to the following music questions involve colours


1 Justin Hayward and John Lodge are members of which longstanding rock band? THE MOODY BLUES


2 Who had a hit with (Don't Fear) The Reaper in 1978? BLUE OYSTER CULT


3 Max Bygraves had a hit song about an everyday object, what was it called? I'M A PINK TOOTHBRUSH


4 Which Rodgers and Hart standard and Manchester City anthem did The Marcelles take to No 1 in 1961?



5 Which rock band released the album "Saucerful of Secrets"? PINK FLOYD


6 The song "Grey Seal" features on which Elton John album? GOOBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD


7 Which American style of country music originating in the 1940's is named after the state nickname for Kentucky?



8 What song was a number one hit for hairy armpitted German songstress Nena in






9 Jeff Beck had a hit in 1967 with this song , what was it? HI HO SILVER LINING


10 Guitarist Robert Fripp and drummer Michael Giles were the founder members of

which 70's band ? KING CRIMSON

Specialist Round 8 — Soaps and Sitcoms

1 In "Coronation Street" what was the name of Percy Sugden’s budgie ? ROMMEL


2 When Norman Stanley Fletcher left Slade Prison which comedy series did he next walk into?



3 In "Open all Hours" what is the supposed nationality of Granvilles father? HUNGARIAN


4 In which fictional village was "The League of Gentlemen” set? ROYSTON VASEY


5 In "The Good Life" what is the name of Tom and Barbara' s goat? GERALDINE


6 What was the profession of Terry Collier in the "Likely Lads”? ELECTRICIAN


7 In "The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin” what animal did Reggie envisage his mother in law to be?


8 In "The Darling Buds of May" which actress played the character Mariette Larkin? CATHERINE ZETA JONES




9 Which actress played the role of Polly in "Fawlty Towers"? CONNIE BOOTH


10 Who wrote the sitcom "The Liverbirds" CARLA LANE

set by 
  1. Under what other title has the song Wimoweh been a hit record? THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT

  2. What type of creature is a scutiger (scoo-ty-jer)? CENTIPEDE

  3. What was the name of the uprising which took place in Yorkshire in 1536? PILGRIMAGE OF GRACE

  4. What were attacked in the Rebecca Riots of 1839 to 1844? TOLLGATES

  5. From where do Vandemonians come? TASMANIA

  6. On which Radio Station did the Ovaltineys first appear? RADIO LUXEMBOURG

  7. Which animal is described by the adjective suilline (syoo-ill-ine)? PIG

  8. What moved to Nine Elms in 1974? COVENT GARDEN MARKET

  1. What name is given to a Tibetan monk? LAMA

  2. Who played a headmistress in the Belles of St Trinians and a headmaster in The Happiest Days of their Lives? ALISTAIR SIM

  3. Which book tells the story of a crippled artist who rescues soldiers from the beaches at Dunkirk in his small boat? THE SNOW GOOSE

  4. Which rule states that everyone is promoted until they reach their own personal level of incompetence? THE PETER PRINCIPLE

  5. Which prophetess and witch lived in a cave near Knaresborough? MOTHER SHIPTON

  6. What do Americans call illegal Mexican immigrants? WETBACKS

  7. About which great cricketer was it said: “Every time he calls for a run he wishes his partner good luck at the same time”? DENIS COMPTON

  8. What was the last dynasty to rule China? MANCHU

  1. In which island group is Guadalcanal? SOLOMON ISLANDS

  2. What is the official religion of Sweden? LUTHERANISM

  3. In which cult 1970s western series did Roger Davis replace Pete Duel in one of the leading roles? ALIAS SMITH AND JONES

  4. Which creature was revered by the Mayan culture? JAGUAR

  5. What drink do you get if you combine white wine and cassis? KIR

  6. In which cult 1970s movie – remade recently with Nicolas Cage in the leading role - did Edward Woodward play a Scottish policeman and Christopher Lee play Lord Summerisle? THE WICKER MAN

  7. In which town in England is there a famous shopping parade called The Pantiles? TUNBRIDGE WELLS

  8. What is the collective noun for a group of tigers? AMBUSH

  1. In mythology, Hercules died after being poisoned by the blood of which creature? CENTAUR

  2. Which famous fictional character retired from the Army after being wounded at the battle of Maiwand? DR WATSON

  3. What does the prefix ‘Aber’, as in Aberdeen or Aberystwyth, mean? MOUTH OF A RIVER

  4. Which writer was the mother of politician Shirley Williams?


  1. Where did the last confrontation between US cavalry and Red Indians take place? WOUNDED KNEE

  2. What did a sutler do for a living?


  1. What sort of person could be said to suffer from nanism? A DWARF

  2. Who played the role of the adult Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough’s 1991 film of his life? ROBERT DOWNEY JR

  1. Who would be most likely to wear Sillitoe tartan? A POLICE OFFICER (it’s the band round the cap)

  2. In which 1970s TV programme were there characters called Lurcio, Senna and Ludicrus Sextus? UP POMPEII

  3. The Epic of Gilgamesh contains the Babylonian version of which biblical event? THE FLOOD

  4. From which musical does the song “How are things in Glocca Morra” come? FINIAN’S RAINBOW

  5. In Russia, one Rouble equals 100 what? KOPEKS

  6. Which writer wrote the first ever Royal Christmas speech, delivered by George V in 1932? RUDYARD KIPLING

  7. Which historical event led Levi Strauss to develop the first jeans? CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH

  8. Which orchestra leader had the first instrumental Number One in the UK charts, with the Moulin Rouge theme, in 1953? MANTOVANI

  1. Who was the first official manager of the England football team?


  1. What is the common name for the medical term ecchymosis (ekky-mo-sis)? BRUISING

  2. Name either of the alcoholic drinks used to make a Dog’s Nose? BEER/GIN

  3. What is improved or developed in the process of haussmanization (house-man-isation)? A TOWN/CITY (accept Roads/Streets)

  4. Who would normally live in a caserne? SOLDIERS

  5. What type of food is a cep (sep)? MUSHROOM

  6. Who wrote the novels As I Lay Dying and Absalom Absalom?


  1. By what name is the Duke of Hohenberg, who was murdered in 1914, better known? ARCHDUKE (FRANZ) FERDINAND

  1. What did Peter Minuit buy for the equivalent of 24 dollars in 1626? MANHATTAN ISLAND

  2. Who was assassinated in the Temple of Music in Buffalo in 1901? WILLIAM McKINLEY

  3. What do the Major and Minor Arcana combine to make?


  1. Justice, fortitude and prudence are 3 of the Cardinal Virtues. What is the 4th? TEMPERANCE

  2. What term based on Hindu beliefs describes a person or institution considered above criticism? SACRED COW

  3. In literature, who was the son of the giant Pantagruel? GARGANTUA

  4. Capers are the pickled seeds of which flower? NASTURTIUM

  5. Of what creature are Himalayan, cinnamon and silvertip all species? BEAR

  1. Which creature is also known as the sea canary? WHITE/BELUGA WHALE (because of its whistling)

  2. Which 1950s and 70s pop group had Paul Jones and Mike D’Abo as their lead singers? MANFRED MANN

  3. According to legend, who dug the Rio Grande? PECOS BILL

  4. In 1890 William Kemmler became the first man to be executed by which method? ELECTRIC CHAIR

  5. Which actor was in 1940 selected as having the perfect male body? RONALD REAGAN

  6. What type of performer is technically known as an ecdysiast (ek-dizzy-ast)? STRIPTEASE ARTIST

  7. Which TV character’s catchphrase was “You’ve all done very well”? (YOUNG) MR GRACE

  8. Who or what are most likely to be affected by phylloxera? GRAPES

  1. Each Ascension Day, which leader was ceremonially married to the Adriatic Sea? DOGE OF VENICE

  2. On what product can a painting of the Barnum & Bailey’s Circus animal Old Joe be seen? CAMEL CIGARETTES

  3. Under what name did the singer Eleanor Gough McKay become famous? BILLIE HOLIDAY

  4. Which former World Heavyweight boxing champion died of a drugs overdose in 1970? SONNY LISTON

  5. Which historical figure was known as the Flanders Mare? ANNE OF CLEVES

  6. What is the capital of the state of New Jersey? TRENTON

  7. What name is given to a victory achieved at catastrophic loss to the winners? PYRRHIC VICTORY

  8. A proposed merger between the football teams Oxford United and Reading very nearly took place a few years ago. By what name would the new club have been known? THAMES VALLEY ROYALS

    Who wrote the cult novel On The Road? JACK KEROUAC

  1. What is measured by a hyetograph (high-etto-graph)? RAINFALL

  2. . Of which bay is the Andamam Sea a part? BAY OF BENGAL

  3. Australian Harry Nicolaides was released from prison in Thailand in February 2009. For what crime had he been imprisoned? INSULTING THE KING

  4. In which city was a coach containing the Sri Lankan cricket team attacked by terrorists early in 2009?? LAHORE

  5. By what name was the American soldier Charles Sherwood Stratton better known? GENERAL TOM THUMB

  6. In the film, The Taking of Pelham 123, what is Pelham 123? A SUBWAY TRAIN

  7. The novel “The Once and Future King” is the inspiration for which famous musical? CAMELOT

  1. Which England cricketer lost 4 toes in a boating accident in1968? FRED TITMUS (as made famous by the Half Man Half Biscuit song !!)

  2. . Which hero of a Walter Scott novel did Roger Moore portray in a TV series? IVANHOE

  3. For what does the letter P in the acronym WASP stand? PROTESTANT

  4. Which famous singer-songwriter started out as Bette Midler’s accompanyist on the piano? BARRY MANILOW

  5. What is a Yarmulka? JEWISH SKULL CAP

  6. Who is the only driver to win the Formula 1 Championship posthumously? JOCHEN RINDT

  7. . Which range of mountains in Germany is supposedly haunted by Spectre of the Brocken? HARZ MOUNTAINS

  8. Apart from all being artists, what else links Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo? THEY WERE ALL TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

  1. Which alcoholic drink is made from wormwood and known as the Green Fairy? ABSINTHE

  2. . By what name was the Italian artist Jacopo Robusti, the son of a dyer, better known? TINTORETTO

  3. The Elephant Child and How The Camel Got Its Hump are part of which collection of stories? JUST-SO STORIES

  4. Whom did Bingo, Snorky, Fleagle and Droopy collectively form?


  1. Whom did Zola Budd trip up in the Olympic Games?


  1. About the life of which British writer is the film Shadowlands? C S LEWIS

  2. Which actress married director Roberto Rossellini in 1950?


  1. Who are the inhabitants of the land of Glubbdubdribb in Gulliver’s Travels?? MAGICIANS / SORCERERS


  1. Which comedian created the characters Tony Ferrino and Paul Calf? STEVE COOGAN

  2. Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England football team?


  1. Which fictional character lived in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh? DR DOLITTLE

  2. In what year were starting stalls first used in horse races in the UK (1 year leeway)? 1965 (64-66)

  3. Who wrote the play John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert? WILLY RUSSELL

  4. Who followed Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley as Liverpool manager? JOE FAGAN

  5. What type of creature is a sand dollar? SEA URCHIN

  6. Which TV family lived next door to the Trench family? MELDREWS