Friday, May 11, 2007

Cup Final Questions

1 Who was elected President of the USA in the same year the Great Depression started?
Herbert Hoover (1929)
2 Which yachtsman, born in Macclesfield in 1977, won Olympic gold medals in Sydney and Athens?
Ben Ainslie
3 Which of Dennis Potter’s plays for BBC Television was about a group of 7 year old children playing in the woods, all of whom were played by adults?
Blue Remembered Hills (Colin Welland, Michael Elphick and John Bird amongst others were in the original cast)
4 To which debonair actor did Mae West actually say the line “Why don’t you come up sometime and see me?” in the 1933 film She Done Him Wrong?
Cary Grant (or Archibald Leach to his mother)
5 Which African country was formerly known as French Sudan?
6 Which character in Coronation Street has been played by Christabel Finch, Holly Chamarette, Dawn Acton, and Kate Ford?
Tracy Barlow (Both names required)
7 What genus of tree has the Latin name Quercus, and includes species called Sessile, Turkey, English and Mirbeck’s?
8 From 1750 – 1781, Shiraz served as the capital of which country?
Persia(Accept Iran)
9 What is taught at Leith’s School in London?
Cookery (Founded by Prue Leith)
10 Who co-founded Microsoft along with Bill Gates, and has recently been linked with a takeover approach for Southampton Football Club?
Paul Allen
11 Which German officer was known as the Butcher of Lyon?
Klaus Barbie
12 In the TV series Keeping Up Appearances, who plays the role of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet)?
Patricia Routledge
13 In biology, what name is given to the naming and classification of species?Taxonomy
14 Taxonomically speaking, what comes above the family?
The Order
15 Blood and Fire is the motto of which organisation?
Salvation Army
16 On which river does the city of Lancaster stand?
17 Who is commemorated by a blue plaque in the ticket office of Mornington Crescent tube station?
William Rushton
18 Which eponymous heroine of a classic French novel poisons herself with arsenic when her lover refuses to give her money to settle a debt?
Madame Bovary (by Gustave Flaubert)
19 From which language do we get the word safari?
20 Who was the Italian Prime Minister murdered by the Red Brigades in 1978? Aldo Moro
21 Which cyclist, born in Belgium with an Australian father, won gold, silver and bronze medals for Britain in the Athens Olympics?
Bradley Wiggins
22 Which famous street in New York is named after the fourth President of the United States?
Madison Avenue (strictly speaking, Madison Avenue is named after the square at one end of it – it’s the square that’s named after the President)
23 Which famous actor and author played the killer of PC George Dixon in the 1950 film The Blue Lamp?
Dirk Bogarde
24 Which opera by Richard Strauss is named after a character from the Bible?
25 Michael Starke has recently joined the cast of Coronation Street. Which character did he play in Brookside for 16 years?
Sinbad (Thomas Sweeney)
26 Sucre (soo-cray) is the constitutional capital of which South American country?
Bolivia (La Paz is the administrative capital)
27 Who was King of Spain at the time of the attempted invasion of England by the Armada in 1588?
Philip II (second)(Name and number required!)
28 Which insect larva is associated with sericulture?
29 Which online betting company is taking over sponsorship of the Football Conference, beginning in the 2007/08 season?
Blue Square (Taking over from Nationwide. The Conference will now be known as the Blue Square Premier)
30 Which eminent British colonial administrator also founded London Zoo in Regent’s Park just before his death in 1825?
Sir Stamford Raffles (founder of Singapore etc)
31 On TV, by what nickname are Dave Myers and Si King better known?
The Hairy Bikers (of cookery programme fame)
32 In which century did the Chinese Ming Dynasty end?
Seventeenth Century (1644 to be precise)
33 Selenography is the study of what?
The Moon
34 MP3, the name of the popular digital music player, is short for MPEG-1 (em-peg-1) Audio Layer 3. What does the M stand for?
Moving (Moving Picture Experts Group)
35 Which model village, established in the Victorian era, has an art gallery devoted to the works of David Hockney?
Saltaire (Bradford, West Yorkshire)
36 In which city did Yasser Arafat’s funeral take place?
37 Edmond Dantès (dan-tees) is the protagonist of which famous French novel?
The Count of Monte Cristo (by Alexandre Dumas père)
38 Who is the current (as of today) Shadow Home Secretary?
David Davis
39 Which was the first British ship to be sunk during the Falklands War?
HMS Sheffield
40 From which language do we get the word yoga?
41 Who wrote the opera Samson and Delilah and the orchestral piece Danse Macabre? Camille Saint-Saens (san-son)
42 Which advertising campaign featured an arrangement of Bach’s Air on the G String by the Jacques Loussier Trio?
Hamlet Cigars
43 Who said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”?
Lord Acton
44 Where is Lord Nelson Buried?
St Paul’s Cathedral
45 Who had a hit record in 1978 with the words from Psalm 137?
Boney M (By the rivers of Babylon)
46 In which English County would you find Sandown Park and Brooklands?
47 Grammatically, to which part of speech do the words “and”, “but”, and “or” belong?
48 Who, in 1712, produced the first workable steam engine, which was improved fifty years later by James Watt?
Thomas Newcomen
49 In which Government Department is David Milliband the Secretary of State?
DEFRA (He is Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Accept Environment, Food, or Rural Affairs.)
50 Which English King is commemorated in a statue by Carlo Marochetti situated just outside the House of Lords?
Richard the Lionheart (or Richard I if you prefer…)
51 What was Queen Mary referring to when she said to the wife of the Prime Minister, “Well, Mrs. Baldwin … this is a pretty kettle of fish!”
The abdication crisis of Edward VIII (1936)
52 Which US fur trader set up a frozen food business in 1924 after noticing how the people in Labrador preserved food for the winter?
Clarence Birdseye
53 Which company was founded in April 1998 by Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman?
54 Which dance was once described as “stubbing out cigarettes with both feet whilst drying your back with a towel”?
The Twist
55 Edward Seckerson is currently standing in for Ned Sherrin as the presenter of which Radio 4 programme?
Counterpoint (a musical quiz programme – Ned Sherrin is currently absent receiving treatment for a problem with his vocal chords)
56 Which rare butterfly is named after the London borough in which it was first discovered in the UK?
Camberwell Beauty
57 What is Mock Turtle soup made from?
Calf’s Head (no need to insist on the actual body part!)
58 What is the last book of the Old Testament?
59 Who is the Chef Patron of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Great Milton, Oxfordshire?
Raymond Blanc
60 Jamaica Pepper and Pimento are alternative names for which spice?
Allspice (pimiento is another name for the red or green pepper)
61 “You hum it son, I’ll play it” was a line from one of a long running series of TV adverts. What was the product?
PG Tips Tea
62 Who painted Luncheon on the Grass (Le déjeuner sur l'herbe), which caused a scandal when it was first shown in 1863 as it juxtaposed a nude woman with several fully clothed men?
Édouard Manet
63 Which Dominican friar led the revolt in 1494 that expelled the ruling Medici family from Florence?
Girolamo Savonarola
64 Which Russian writer, famous for his plays and short stories, once said, “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress”?
Anton Chekhov
65 Which town in the Scottish Borders is the burial place of Robert the Bruce and the birthplace of seven-a-side rugby football?
66 Who had a hit record in 1965 with the words from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3?
The Byrds (“To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven”. The song was “Turn! Turn! Turn!” – written by Pete Seeger)
67 What name was given to the periodic mob attacks on Jews in Russia, beginning in 1881?
68 Grammatically, to what part of speech do the words “a”’, “an”, and “the” belong?
69 The Age of Bronze, a figure of a nude male, was the first full-scale work by which sculptor?
Auguste Rodin
70 Which Chancellor of the Exchequer introduced Premium Bonds in 1956?
Harold Macmillan
71 Which breed of horse, dating back to 1580, is traditionally ridden at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna?
72 Which famous designer said, “A camel is a horse designed by a committee”?
Sir Alec Issigonis
73 Which vegetable is also known as “Ladies Fingers”?
74 Which English town, where mineral springs were discovered in 1618, is referred to in the more familiar term for hydrated magnesium sulphate?
Epsom (Epsom Salts…lovely…)
75 What was the name of the ship commissioned by Fridtjof Nansen, and used for polar exploration by both Nansen and Roald Amundsen?”
The Fram
76 Which French mariner sailed from his home town of St Malo in Brittany to explore the Gulf of St Lawrence in 1534?
Jacques Cartier
77 According to the Bible, who was the wife of King David and the mother of Solomon? Bathsheba
78 Which writer created the amateur detective Albert Campion?
Margery Allingham
79 What was the name of Roman Abramovich’s oil company which he sold in 2005? Sibneft
80 The Strait of Bonifacio separates two Mediterranean islands, one French and one Italian. Name either.
Corsica (French) or Sardinia (Italian)
81 Which substance, found in many fruits, makes jam “set”?
82 Tobermory is the only town on which Scottish island?
83 Name either of the two 1986 French films directed by Claude Berri which were based on a two-part novel by Marcel Pagnol whose plot centres on a subterranean spring in Provence.
Jean de Florette or Manon des Sources
84 In which British island group were the Churchill Barriers constructed during the Second World War to protect the British Fleet anchored there?
The Orkneys
85 On which racecourse are the Rowley Mile and the July Course?
86 Which American film actor played himself in the 1955 war film biography To Hell and Back?
Audie Murphy (The most decorated GI in the Second World War)
87 In traditional Japanese dress, what is an obi?
A wide sash or belt (accept either)
88 For which county team did Dr W.G. Grace play cricket?
89 Calamine, used to treat stings and burns, is a carbonate of which element?
90 What type of creature is a colobus (COL-uh-bus)?
A Monkey
91 In which country did the Frelimo movement fight?
92 Which island’s name derives from a Latin word meaning “Land of Honey”?
93 In distilling, around 2% of spirits evaporates through the cask whilst it is maturing. How is this lost quantity of spirit referred to?
The Angels’ Share
94 Which long-lived US comedian was born Nathan Birnbaum?
George Burns
95 By what name is the fragrant, white-flowering garden shrub Philadelphus commonly known?
Mock Orange
96 In chess, what is defined as “the sacrifice of a piece in the early stages of a game, for the sake of a later advantage”?
A gambit
97 Who played Mike Gambit in The New Avengers, and died in March 2007?
Gareth Hunt
98 Which US composer was inspired to write El Salon Mexico by a visit to that country in 1936?
Aaron Copland
99 In which game do players sometimes use a device called a spider?
100 In the Punch & Judy puppet theatre, what was the name of Mr Punch’s dog?
101 Whose autobiography, published in 1954, was entitled My Left Foot?
Christy Brown
102 What was the name of Joe Brown’s backing group?
The Bruvvers
103 Which Motor manufacturer now owns Rolls-Royce Motor cars?
BMW (and Bentley is now owned by Volkswagen)
104 What is a breviary?
A condensed prayer / hymn / psalm book (accept any of the above)
105 Which was the first city in the Southern hemisphere to host the Olympic Games? Melbourne (1956)
106 Before Alf Ramsey replaced Walter Winterbottom as Manager of the England Football team in 1963, of which League team was he the manager?
Ipswich Town
107 In which series of adventure stories and films are John Clayton and Jane Porter the leading characters?
The Tarzan stories (Tarzan is John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Jane’s surname is Porter)
108 In Greek mythology, who was the avenger of crime and the dispenser of justice & retribution?
109 Peter Howitt directed the films Sliding Doors and Johnny English, but as an actor, in which popular British sitcom had he previously played a starring role? Bread (he was Joey Boswell)
110 Which cartoonist created The Gambols, who appeared in The Daily Express from 1951 to 1994?
Barry Appleby
111 In the painting Son of Man by Rene Magritte, what item hides the subject’s face? An Apple (A green apple hovers in the air with its stalk just above the rim of the sitter’s bowler hat)
112 Which seventeenth century artist painted a portrait of Charles I in Three Positions?
Van Dyck
113 Which American blacksmith invented the steel plough in 1837, after tiring of repairing cast iron ploughs?
John Deere
114 Which music-hall singer sang I’m One of the Ruins that Cromwell Knocked About a Bit and Oh, Mr Porter?
Marie Lloyd
115 Name either of the two men who became the first Britons to climb Everest in 1976.
Dougal Haston or Doug Scott
116 FINA is the world-governing body for which sport?
Swimming – also diving, water polo and synchronised swimming – ACCEPT ANY. Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur)
117 During World War II, which “club” was composed of people whose lives had been saved by the Irvin parachute?
The Caterpillar Club
118 During World War II which “club” was composed of the patients of pioneering surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe?
The Guinea Pig Club (They were treated for severe burns by plastic surgery, which was only at an experimental stage at that time)
119 Which Canadian-born US economist coined the phrase “The affluent society”?
J. K. Galbraith
120 Which jazz musician and composer had the first names Leon Bismark?
‘Bix’ Beiderbecke

Supplementary Questions

1 At 7,310 feet, Mount Kosciusko is the highest mountain in which country?
2 Which musical instrument has a name that originates in Hawaii and means ‘jumping flea’?
The ukulele
3 Which US actress, the star of Hitchcock’s 1943 film Lifeboat, described herself as “pure as the driven slush”?
Tallulah Bankhead
4 In the Bible, who said “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
5 In Wuthering Heights, what is Cathy’s surname (before she marries Edgar Linton)? Earnshaw
6 What is the capital of the Canadian province of Newfoundland?
St Johns
7 In golf, who recently won the US Masters?
Zach Johnson
8 In which Pacific port is the eastern terminal of the Trans-Siberian railway? Vladivostok
9 Richard Fairbrass was (and is) the lead singer of which 1990s pop group, currently enjoying a mini-revival?
Right Said Fred
10 Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry were the members of which spoof 1970’s rock group? The Rutles


Add together the following numbers:-

• The height in feet of Mount Everest
• The height in feet of Blackpool Tower
• The length in miles of the Amazon River
• The height in feet of Angel Falls, Venezuela
• The year in which Shakespeare died

Nearest to the correct total wins!


Everest = 29,028
Blackpool Tower = 518
Amazon = 4,080
Angel Falls = 2,648
Shakespeare = 1616

Total = 37,890

(Verified by The Penguin Factfinder and Wikipedia)