Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Cup Final!! 19th March 2011


Questions set by The Weaver and The Waters Green Phoenix

Q1 How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body?

A1 Twelve

Q2 Which musician and political activist wrote the song “New England”?

A2 Billy Bragg

Q3 Under what pen name did James Alfred Wight write novels?

A3 James Herriot

Q4 Who wrote the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”?

A4 Anthony Hope

Q5 Who was the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons?

A5 Nancy Astor (1919)

Q6 Purim is a festival in which religion?

A6 Judaism

Q7 Who was known as the “Sailor King”?

A7 William IV

Q8 In which castle in Gloucestershire was Edward II murdered in 1327?

A8 Berkeley

Q9 In the original “True Grit” which singer starred with John Wayne?

A9 Glen Campbell

Q10 What was John Wayne’s last movie?

A10 The Shootist

Q11 Noah’s Ark came to rest on which mountain?

A11 Ararat

Q12 Give a year in the life of Leonardo da Vinci

A12 1452-1519

Q13 Which Italian football club is owned by Silvio Berlusconi ?

A13 A.C. Milan

Q14 Which amateur artist wrote a book called “Painting as a Pastime”?

A14 Winston Churchill

Q15 What sort of creature is a Fer-de-Lance?

A15 Snake

Q16 Which sac surrounds the heart?

A16 Pericardium

Q17 Which great racehorse of the early 1970s was named after a Conan Doyle hero ?

A17 Brigadier Gerard

Q18 The third Monday in January is a U.S. federal holiday to mark the birth of which person ?

A18 Martin Luther King

Q19 Which actor, preparing for his 1990 role as Hamlet, said, “I’m playing Shakespeare and I may not win”?

A19 Mel Gibson

Q20 For which film did Halle Berry win her best actress Oscar in 2004?

A20 Monsters Ball

Q21 What was the name of Sir Winston Churchill's country house in Kent ?

A21 Chartwell

Q22 In what context would you find principals, mixtures and diapasons?

A22 Organs (they are standard “stops” for that instrument)

Q23 “Mr. Tumpy’s Caravan” is a previously undiscovered work by which author?

A23 Enid Blyton

Q24 Holding the office for 42 years, who is to date the longest serving Poet Laureate?

A24 Tennyson

Q25 Who was the first man to run a mile in under 3 minutes 50 seconds and also the first man to run 100 sub 4 minute miles?

A25 John Walker

Q26 Who is the current chairman of the BBC Trust , approved by the Queen on 7th April 2011 ?

A26 Chris Patten

Q27 Clive Goodman, Glenn Mulcaire, Ian Edmonson and Neville Thurlbeck have all been implicated (two jailed , two arrested) in which ongoing investigation ?

A27 The News of the World phone hacking investigation

Q28 For what is Julian Assange most famous?

A28 Founding Wikileaks

Q29 Which rock band did former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl go on to found?

A29 Foo Fighters

Q30 Which H. G. Wells novel features the Eloi and the Morlock races?

A30 The Time Machine

Q31 Mavis Cruet was the name of the fairy in which BBC cartoon series of the early 1980's, with voices originally provided by Kenneth Williams ?

A31 Willo the Wisp

Q32 “Boo” is a character in which animated film released in 2001?

A32 Monsters Inc

Q33 Who has replaced J.R. Hartley as the star of the “Yell”/”Yellow pages” TV ads?

A33 Day V. Lately

Q34 Who was the keyboard player for D:Ream?

A34 Prof. Brian Cox

Q35 Who wrote “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”?

A35 Dee Brown

Q36 Who wrote “Sophie’s World”?

A36 Jostein Gaarder

Q37 Which vegetable has varieties called “Milan Purple Top”, and Snowball?

A37 Turnip

Q38 Victoria and “Timperley Early” are varieties of which vegetable?

A39 Rhubarb

Q39 When describing the movement of his aircraft a pilot would use “pitch” to refer to the up or down movement of the nose; “roll” to refer to the up and down movement of the wingtips. What word would he use for the movement of the nose from side to side?

A39 Yaw

Q40 What would be the more common medical term for someone whose health state was described as “Vasovagal Syncope”?

A40 Fainting

Q41 Which song contains the line “I kept my promise, don’t keep your distance”?

A41 Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

Q42 Which song contains the line “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”?

A42 The Boxer

Q43 Which Welsh county is the only one to border Cheshire?

A43 Clwyd

Q44 Which European country includes the provinces of Carinthia, Styria and Voralberg?

A44 Austria

Q45 Which paralympics sport was originally called “Murderball” ?

A45 Wheelchair rugby

Q46 The Australian Ghan train travels between Darwin and which other city?

A46 Adelaide

Q47 Who was the first Prime Minister to occupy the building of No. 10 Downing Street?

A47 Sir Robert Walpole (from 1735 to 1742)

Q48 Who was the first British Prime Minister to have been born in the 20th century?

A48 Sir Alec Douglas Home (born 2nd July, 1903)

Q49 Mercury is one of the two chemical elements liquid at room temperature. What is the other ?

A49 Bromine

Q50 Why was American Gabrielle Giffords in the news in January of this year?

A50 Member of U.S. Congress shot in Tucson

Q51 5 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world were the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse at Alexandria. Name either of the other 2.

A51 The Statue of Zeus at Olympia or Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Q52 Belgium, Germany, Italy, Monaco, and Spain are 5 of the 7 countries that have borders with France. Name either of the other 2.

A52 Switzerland or Andorra

Q53 Who was the first American world chess champion?

A53 Bobby Fischer

Q54 What was the gang led by Bonnie and Clyde called?

A54 The Barrow Gang (after Clyde)

Q55 Correctly spell the word “Puerile” meaning “pertaining to a child” or “immature”


Q56 Correctly spell the word “Asinine” meaning “devoid of intelligence” or “stupid”


Q57 Which team from the North West won back a place in Rugby League’s superleague for the first time since 2005 after a meeting on 31st March?

A57 Widnes

Q58 Which country did India beat in the semi final of cricket’s one day world cup recently?

A58 Pakistan

Q59 What is the name of the ex-Labour M.P. for Livingston jailed for 16 months recently for expenses fraud?

A59 Jim Devine

Q60 What is the name of the Libyan foreign minister who defected to the U.K. recently?

A60 Moussa Koussa

Q61 What is the largest ethnic grouping in Kenya?

A61 Kikuyu

Q62 Arrecife is the airport for which island?

A62 Lanzarote

Q63 In which city are the headquarters of the European Central Bank?

A63 Frankfurt

Q64 Which museum is to move to the Urbis centre in Manchester later this year?

A64 National Football Museum

Q65 Which religious group meets in a kingdom hall?

A65 Jehovah’s Witnesses

Q66 Which TV series was known in France as “Bowler hat and leather boots”?

A66 The Avengers

Q67 What is covered by Kepler’s Laws?

A67 Movement of planets

Q68 John Flamsteed was the first holder of which office?

A68 Astronomer Royal

Q69 What is the medical name for the chest cavity between the neck and the abdomen?

A69 Thorax

Q70 Seal point, blue point, and chocolate point are all types of what?

A70 Siamese cats

Q71 Seen in some areas of the country post, smock and tower are all types of what?

A71 Windmill

Q72 What is the only Batman movie not to contain the word Batman in its title?

A72 The Dark Knight

Q73 “Before your very eyes” is a catchphrase associated with which 20th century British comedian?

A73 Arthur Askey

Q74 On U.K. roads the sign that comprises a blue disc with a red surround and a red diagonal cross indicates what?

A74 No stopping

Q75 On U.K. roads what is indicated by the sign that comprises a black diagonal stripe on a circular white ground?

A75 National speed limit applies

Q76 “The Sound of Laughter” is the autobiography of which comedian?

A76 Peter Kay

Q77 “Look Back in Hunger” is the autobiography of which comedian/comedienne?

A77 Jo Brand

Q78 With what is a carpetbag steak stuffed?

A78 Oysters

Q79 A food dish termed “Dubarry” would contain or be garnished with which vegetable?

A79 Cauliflower

Q80 An item found in most homes, what nickname do Australians give to the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

A80 The Coathanger

Q81 What type of hat does the figure on a Toby Jug traditionally wear?

A81 Tricorn hat

Q82 What is measured on the Stanford-Binet scale ?

A82 Intelligence (I.Q.)

Q83 What is measured by a Campbell-Stokes recorder?

A83 Sunshine

Q84 Which types of books are eligible to compete for the Samuel Johnson prize?

A84 Non-fiction

Q85 Which biographical work has been published annually since 1849?

A85 Who’s Who

Q86 Traditionally who would carry a weapon called an Estoque?

A86 Matador

Q87 The theme music for BBC Radio 4's Brain of Britain quiz is taken from which classical piece of music ?

A87 Eine Kleine Nacht Music (Mozart - Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major , 4th movement)

Q88 Which American poet wrote the lines “Candy is dandy/but liquor/is quicker” and later added the lines “pot/is not”?

A88 Ogden Nash

Q89 Which Scottish novelist became Governor General of Canada in 1935?

A89 John Buchan

Q90 With which instrument was Duke Ellington most associated?

A90 Piano

Q91 Which composer is buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Abbey?

A91 Henry Purcell

Q92 Name either of the 2 actors who have played D.I. John Rebus in the TV series Rebus.

A92 John Hannah or Ken Stott

Q93 Who lived at No. 1 Cemetery Lane?

A93 The Addams Family

Q94 In which year was Ned Kelly hanged for murder?

A94 1880 (accept 1870-90)

Q95 The Berlin Wall stood for how many years?

A95 28 (accept 26-30)

Q96 In which country would you find Lake Volta?

A96 Ghana

Q97 The Pingualuit crater, formerly called the Chubb crater, is in which country?

A97 Canada

Q98 In the Greek alphabet what is the name for the letter equivalent to “O”?

A98 Omicron

Q99 In Greek mythology Orpheus was famous for what ability?

A99 Music or singing

Q100 Who organised and financed the Roanoak colony in present day North Carolina in the early 16th century?

A100 Sir Walter Raleigh

Q101 In 1899 the Boers laid siege to 3 settlements – Mafeking and Ladysmith were two, what was the third?

A101 Kimberley

Q102 Which former Home Secretary presented the BBC Radio 5 live programme “Porn again”?

A102 Jacqui Smith

Q103 How does Al-Jazeera, the name of the Arab T.V. series translate into English?

A103 The Island

Q104 Which fish has the Latin name Esox Lucius?

A104 Pike

Q105 What do we call a young Squirrel?

A105 Kitten

Q106 How many counters does each player start with in the game of Backgammon?

A106 15

Q107 How many dominoes are there in a set of double-six dominoes ?

A107 28

Q108 In which country was England cricket captain Andrew Strauss born?

A108 South Africa

Q109 What is the name of Macclesfield R.U.F.C.’s home ground?

A109 Priory Park

Q110 Who wrote the poem “Ode to the West Wind”?

A110 P. B. Shelley

Q111 Which country ceded Bombay to England as part of the dowry

to the consort of Charles II ?

A111 Portugal

Q112 Which sporting first was achieved by Sir Charles Bunbury’s Diomed in 1780?

A112 First winner of English Derby

Q113 John Uhler was the real name of which actor?

A113 Jack Lemmon

Q114 What was the name of the character played by Marilyn Monroe in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”?

A114 Lorelei Lee

Q115 Which English king was given the nickname “Longshanks”?

A115 Edward I

Q116 Which English king was given the nickname “Lackland”?

A116 John

Q117 Which British mammal has the Latin name Sorex Minutus?

A117 Pygmy Shrew

Q118 Who played Bradley Hardacre in “Brass”?

Q118 Timothy West

Q119 For what is Donald McGill famous?

A119 Saucy seaside postcards

Q120 What is the name of the famous 15th century cannon on display at Edinburgh Castle?

A120 Mons Meg


Q1 Who shared the Nobel peace prize with Nelson Mandela?

A1 F.W. de Klerk

Q2 In which country is Puccini’s “Turandot” set?

A2 China

Q3 Which island shares its name with the Portuguese word for “bearded”?

A3 Barbados

Q4 Who scored the winning goal in last year’s World Cup final?

A4 Andres Iniesta

Q5 Which act did a tongue in cheek version of Oasis’ hit “Wonderwall”?

A5 Mike Flowers Pops

Q6 “The world is your lobster” was a catchphrase often heard in which T.V. series?

A6 Minder

Q7 In which town is the Macclesfield Express now published and printed?

A7 Oldham

Q8 “Orbis non sufficit” is the family motto of which fictional literary character?

A8 James Bond (“The world is not enough”)

Q9 What is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Orion ?

A9 Rigel


Q1 What is the area of Alaska in Sq. kilometres ?

A1 1,717,854

Q2 To the nearest length the winning distance in this years Aintree Grand National.

Multiplied by the winning distance,in lengths, in this years University Boat Race

Multiplied by the length, in miles, of the US/Canada border

Multiplied by the year in which Nicholas Breakspear became the only English Pope

A2 51,006,800 (2 x 4 x 5525 x 1154)