Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Final!!

Macclesfield Quiz League - Plate Final - 16.10.07
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE - set by Sutton Club and Harrington ‘B’

01. Q. In which year did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer?
A. 1981
02. Q. Which motor manufacturer makes the Lexus brand?
A. Toyota
03. Q. What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?
A. Delta
04. Q. Who is the coach of the English Rugby Union team?
A. Brian Ashton
05. Q. What is the main feature in the design on the reverse of a 20pence piece?
A. Tudor Rose (accept anything which includes ROSE)
06. Q. Who, as at 9th October 2007, is the First Lord of the Treasury?
A. Gordon Brown (Post held in conjunction with that of Prime Minister)
07. Q. Traditionally, how often is a Preston Guild held?
A. Once every 20 years
08. Q. Which animal was originally called the Camel-leopard?
A. The Giraffe
09. Q. What breed of dog is the cartoon character Pluto?
A. Bloodhound
10. Q. Which legendary character has been played by both Sean Connery and his son Jason?
A. Robin Hood
11. Q. In angling, what are Large Whites, Pinkies and Squatts?
A. Maggots
12. Q. How many bits make a byte?
A. 8 (Eight)
13. Q. What was Glen Miller’s signature tune?
A. Moonlight Serenade
14. Q. To which family do the shrubs Gorse and Broom belong?
A. Pea
15. Q. In computing, for what does the abbreviation HTML stand?
A. Hypertext Markup Language
16. Q. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, what is the name of Roger’s curvaceous wife?
A. Jessica
17. Q. What is the name given to the older, more traditional universities in America?
A. The Ivy League
18. Q. Who was known as the King of Marches?
A. John Philip Sousa
19. Q. What is gymnophobia?
A. Fear of nakedness
20. Q. What is the main ingredient of taramasalata?
A. Cod’s roe

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 2

21. Q. What nationality were most of the original Amish & Mennonite people of Pennsylvania?
A. German(accept Swiss)
22. Q. Who sang the theme song to ‘A View to a Kill’?
A. Duran Duran
23. Q. Which historical figure is supposed to have been the prototype for Bram Stoker’s
A. Vlad the Impaler
24. Q. What was the code name for work by Robert Oppenheimer on the atomic bomb?
A. The Manhattan Project
25. Q. Who traditionally sang a barcarolle?
A. Boatmen, typically gondoliers.
26. Q. On whose life story was the book ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ based?
A. Quentin Crisp
27. Q. What was the favourite subject matter of the artist George Stubbs?
A. Horses
28. Q. If you were prognathous, what facial feature would you have?
A. A projecting jaw
29. Q. Who pioneered a loading mark on the side of ships?
A. Samuel Plimsoll
30. Q. The ‘Big Boy’ locomotives, largest and heaviest in the world, first appeared on which
railroad in 1941?
A. The Union Pacific
31. Q. Who played John Profumo in the film Scandal?
A. Sir Ian McKellan
32. Q. Give a year in the life of Ivan the Terrible.
A. 1530 to 1584 (Crowned Tsar in 1547)
33. Q. What is the common name of the flower Antirrhinum?
A. Snapdragon
34. Q. Which type of boat has underwater wings which develop lift in the water?
A. Hydrofoil
35. Q. Which word describes people with round heads and pear shaped bodies?
A. Endomorph
36. Q. Name either of the two metals alloyed with lead to produce printing type?
A. Antimony or tin
37. Q. Why was the 1904 Olympic marathon winner, Fred Lorz, banned for life by the USA Amateur Athletic Union?
A. He went part of the way in a car !
38. Q. Which is the world’s warmest sea?
A. The Red Sea
39. Q. To which family of birds does the robin belong?
A. Turidae - Thrushes
40. Q. Which English League football ground is the highest above sea level?
A. The Hawthorns - West Bromwich Albion (accept either)

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 3

41. Q. What is the surname of the news reader and the actor from Blott on the Landscape?
A. Suchet - John and David
42. Q. Which actor played the Scottish street philosopher Rab C. Nesbitt?
A. Gregor Fisher
43. Q. What is the common name for the condition Urticaria?
A. Nettle Rash
44. Q. Within which group of islands is Scapa Flow?
A. The Orkneys
45. Q. Which animal was once called the Foul Marten?
A. The Polecat
46. Q. To which family of flowers does the Michaelmas Daisy belong?
A. Aster
47. Q. In which constellation is Deneb the brightest star?
A. Cygnus
48. Q. Which temperature scale starts at absolute zero?
A. Kelvin
49. Q. Which supermodel has written the novel ‘Swan’?
A. Naomi Campbell
50. Who resigned as Protector one year after succeeding Oliver Cromwell?
A. Richard Cromwell
51. Q. What prefix denotes a one thousand millionth part?
A. Nano
52. Q. What can a corundum gem of any colour but red be called?
A. Sapphire
53. Q. Which novelist was secretary to the Maharajah of Dewas in 1921?
A. E M Forster
54. Q. What is Sorghum?
A. Cereal
55. Q. Of which country have there been four King Waldemars?
A. Denmark
56. Q. Who painted ‘The Bathers’ and ‘La Loge’?
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
57. Q. What was the name of MGM’s lion?
A. Leo
58. Q. What is the largest county in the Republic of Ireland?
A. Cork
59. Q. What sort of creature is a Loon?
A. Bird
60. With which art form is Frederick Ashton associated?
A. Ballet

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 4

61. Q. What is the name of the ‘beauty’ in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’?
A. Belle
62. Q. Name either of the two countries which have a Brabant province .
A. Belgium or The Netherlands
63. Q. Which sports goods company is named after a species of South African antelope?
A. Reebok
64. Q. What is the common name for ‘epistaxis’?
A. Nosebleed
65. Q. Of which mountain range is Pico de Orizaba the highest point?
A. Sierra Madre
66. Q. In which year was the Jarrow Crusade?
A. 1936
67. Q. Which actor and director was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg?
A. Woody Allen
68. Q. Which king handed parliament the Crown Estate in exchange for the civil list?
A. George III
69. Q. Of which Irish province is Dublin the capital?
A. Leinster
70. Q. Whose autobiography is called ‘My Side’?
A. David Beckham
71. Q. What is the common name for the mammal ‘Lutra lutra’?
A. The Otter
72. Q. Which author is best known for ‘Shogun’?
A. James Clavell
73. Q. In which sport can you score one point for a ‘behind’?
A. Australian rules football
74. Q. What is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor?
A. Polaris (accept North star or Pole star
75. Q. Of which country is the Irrawaddy the chief river?
A. Myanmar (accept Burma)
76. Q. Who was the father of Jacob and Esau?
A. Isaac
77. Q. In Roman mythology, of what was Janus the god?
A. Gates, doors, hallways, beginnings and endings. (plenty to choose from there !)
78. Q. What type of creature is a rorqual?
A. Whale
79. Q. What did Thiery Henry use his Va Va Voom to advertise?
A. Renault Clio
80. Q. In which ocean are the Sea Islands?
A. Atlantic

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 5

81. Q. How many beats to the bar are there in a waltz?
A. Three
82. Q. Of which named king has England had one, France two and Poland three?
A. John
83. Q. Who played small-time crook George in the 1986 film Mona Lisa?
A. Bob Hoskins
84. Q. What is the longest river in Scotland?
A. The Tay
85. Q. What is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?
A. Lambeth Palace
86. Q. What type of creature is a merganser?
A. Bird of the duck family
87. Q. On which piece of apparatus would a male gymnast perform a crucifix?
A. Rings
88. Q. In which Cornish resort is the Barbara Hepworth museum?
A. St. Ives
89. Q. Which playwright wrote ‘The Browning Version’ in 1948?
A. Terance Rattigan
90. Q. Which UK vocalist had a hit with ‘Ashes to Ashes’?
A. David Bowie
91. Q. Where is the lowest point in North America?
A. Death Valley
92. Q. For what is a ‘casus belli’ a justification?
A. War
93. Q. At what age does a filly become a mare?
A. 5 years
94. Q. Who played the title role in the 1960’s TV series ‘Dr. Finlay’s Casebook’?
A. Bill Simpson
95. Q. In America, the ‘Grand Old Baby’ is a popular name for what?
A. The Republican Party
96. Q. What is the common name of the annual plant ‘Lycopersicon esculentum’?
A. Tomato
97. Q. Which football team has the nickname ‘The Royals’?
A. Reading
98. Q. Who was ‘Monty Python’s’ animator?
A. Terry Gilliam
99. Q. To what did Nyasaland change it’s name in 1964?
A. Malawi
100. Q. What is the female equivalent of the Oedipus complex called?
A. Electra complex

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 6

101. Q. Who became potter to George III in 1806?
A. Josiah Spode
102. Q. Who composed the music ‘On Hearing the First Cuckoo of Spring’ and ‘The Walk to
the Paradise Garden’?
A. Frederick Delius
103. Q. By what name was potassium nitrate formerly known?
A. Saltpetre or nitre
104. Q. To which note does an orchestra tune?
A. A
105. Q. What type of creature is a boomslang?
A. Snake
106. Q. On which island is the Foreign Legion’s main base?
A. Corsica
107. Q. What are divided into tropical, continental and rain shadow?
A. Deserts
108. Q. To what did Rangoon change its name in 1989?
A. Yangon
109. Q. How were the six daughters of Lord Redesdale better known?
A. The Mitford sisters
110. Q. How many gallons are there in a bushel?
A. Eight
111. Q. Who wrote the play ‘Chips with Everything’ in 1962?
A. Arnold Wesker
112. Q. Who played the female lead in the film ‘Pulp Fiction’?
A. Uma Thurman
113. Q. What has the same tune as ‘America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee)’?
A. God Save The Queen
114. Q. From which words does the ‘Modem’ derive it’s name?
A. Modulator / Demodulator
115. Q. With which composer is the Malvern Festival associated?
A. Edward Elgar
116. Q. To which saint is the shrine at Lourdes dedicated?
A. St. Bernadette
117. Q. Who won a Victoria Cross for leading the Dam Busters’ raid?
A. Guy Gibson
118. Q. Which journalist wrote ‘Princess in Love’ with the assistance of James Hewitt?
A. Anna Pasternak
119. Q. Which singer’s autobiography was called ‘Take me Home’?
A. John Denver
120. Q. What was Queen Victoria’s residence on the Isle of Wight?
A. Osborne House

Plate Final - 16.10.07 - sheet 7 SUPPLEMENTARIES

121. Q. What was Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I’s nickname?
A. Barbarossa
122. Q. Which King of England was James VII of Scotland?
A. James II
123. Q. Who provides the voice for wicked Uncle Scar in ‘The Lion King’?
A. Jeremy Irons
124. Q. Which US state is nicknamed the ‘Garden State’?
A. New Jersey
125. Q. Who conducted the original 1990 ‘Three Tenors’ concert?
A. Zubin Mehta
126. Q. Which museum is now on the site of Bedlam Hospital?
A. Imperial War Museum
127. Q. Which British group had a hit with ‘Ordinary World’?
A. Duran Duran
128. Q. What are used in the Rorschach test?
A. Ink blots
129. Q. What does the M stand for in J M W Turner?
A. Mallord
130. Q. What do we call a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation?
A. Quango



131. Q. How long is the Ganges river?
A. 2,510 kilometres (1,557 miles) ( According to Wikipedia ! ! !)
132. Q. In November 2005, what was the average daily circulation of the UK Times Newspaper?
A. 692,581 copies (According to Wikipedia ! ! !)

I should point out that some of the questions were replaced by supplementaries, so although all questions asked are included above, they were not necessarily in the order shown. Similarly some shown were not asked.