Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Macclesfield Quiz League

Plate Final 2016

Questions supplied by the league teams and assembled and vetted by the Pack Horse Bowling Club and Sutton Mutton

(from Sutton Mutton)

1 What did the chewy sweets currently called Starburst used to be called?

(Opal fruits)

2 Icelandic footballer Eidur Gudjohnsen made his international debut when he was 17, coming on as substitute against Estonia. Who did he replace?

(Arnor Gudjohnsen – his father)

3 What now runs through the Woodhead tunnels of the former Manchester to Sheffield railway line that closed in 1981?

(Electricity cables – the tunnels are owned by National Grid)

4 Shinto is the indigenous religion of which country?


5 What is the smallest member of the Mustelid family native to Great Britain?

(The weasel – the other members of the mustelid family in order of increasing size are stoat, polecat, mink, pine marten and otter, and a ferret is a domesticated polecat)

6 Where was Colonel Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell on the 17th May 1900? (The name of a town is required)?

(Mafeking – the siege was relieved that day)

7 Which American newspaper reporter walked into the village of Ujiji, in what is now present day Tanzania, on 10th November 1871?

(Henry Stanley – when he met Dr David Livingstone)

8 Which manufacturer of fire pumps and fork lift trucks also made engines for Formula 1 motor racing cars?

(Coventry Climax)

9 Who, on the evening of the 4th September 1666, buried his parmesan cheese in his garden?

(Samuel Pepys – he records in his diary how he cleared his house of possessions and buried some of them, including his Parmesan, for safety during the great fire of London.)

10 What is the Gross Vehicle Weight threshold above which a Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers licence is needed to drive the lorry legally?

(7.5 tonnes)

11 Who wrote the sixth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy after the untimely death of Douglas Adams?

(Eoin Colfer)

12 Who is George Pigs sister?


13 Models, usually of railway topics, made to a scale of 7mm to the foot are in what gauge?

(O Gauge)

14 What is the only part of the human body that does not grow between birth and death?

(The cornea of the eye)

15 Which National Trust Property in Kent, former home of a prime minister and first opened to the public in summer 1966, is the subject of an anniversary appeal to raise £7.1 million pounds?

(Chartwell – home of Winston Churchill)

16 Farrokh Bulsara was born in Stone Town, a world heritage site in Tanzania, on the 5 September 1946. Under what name did he become famous?

(Freddy Mercury)

17 What was Daniel Hooper’s nickname when he lived at Manchester Airport?


18 What was Cosmo Lang’s job when Edward VIII abdicated – i.e. what role or position did he hold?

(Archbishop of Canterbury)

19 Major Ivan Hirst was responsible for the start of production of which car in 1945?


20 In which country was San Miguel beer first brewed?

(The Phillipines)


(from Pack Horse Bowling Club)

21 Which musical features the song There’s No Business Like Show Business?

(Annie get your gun.)

22 Which Old Testament Queen was eaten by dogs?


23 What name is given to a well which is filled by water rising from the ground to the surface under its own pressure?

(An artesian well.)

24 What type of creatures are classed as ophidians?


25 For where is “Auld Reekie” a nickname?


26 Which US city is nicknamed The Big Easy?

(New Orleans.)

27 Which medieval French military leader was made saint in 1920?

(Joan of Arc.)

28 In which year did Great Britain and Ireland become The United Kingdom? (There is leeway.)

(1801 - accept 10 years either way.)

29 Which actor played starring roles in Scarface (1983) and Any Given Sunday (1999)?

(Al Pacino.)

30 Which actor plays the part of the pilot who in 2009 safely put his passenger plane down in the Hudson River in a forthcoming film?

(Tom Hanks.)

31 Which title character of a Robbie Burns poem lends his name to a round woollen cap with a flat baggy top?

(Tam O Shanter.)

32 Ronald Reagan’s middle name was the same as which post war British prime minister’s surname?


33 (What, in Asia, is The Hindu Kush?

(A Mountain Range.)

34 Which Island hosted the first ever Scout camp in 1907?

(Brownsea - in Poole harbour Dorset).

35 Which British rider won a Moto GP race in August, the first brit since Barry Sheene 35 years ago?

(Cal Crutchlow.)

36 What is the nationality of the former Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis?


37 In decks of traditional playing cards, what do all the Queens hold in their hands?


38 What was the name of Gloria Hunniford’s daughter, a former Blue Peter presenter, who died of cancer in 2004?

(Caron Keating.)

39 Some Ordnance Survey Maps mark the location of tumuli. What is a tumulus?

(An ancient burial mound.)

40 The excavation of which natural resource created the Norfolk Broads?


41 In which river estuary is the Nore sandbank and lightship?

(The River Thames, near Sheerness.)

42/ Which emirate is ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum?


43/ The Millennium Star, The Centenary and The Incomparable are all examples of what?

(Diamonds - Big Ones!.)

44 What were Novelty, Rocket, Perseverance and Sans Pareil, all of which were entered into a competition in England in 1829?

(Steam locomotives.)

45 In Dad’s Army, which character always called Sergeant Wilson uncle?

(Private Pike.)

46 What is the first property to be reached on passing Go on a Monopoly board?

(Old Kent Road.)

47 Which Pacific island group was once known as the Sandwich Islands?


48 After which saint does the “onion” domed cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square take its common name?

(St Basil – actually St Basil the Blessed, a muscovite “Holy Fool”.)

49 Which huge bronze statue of Helios was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

(The Colossus of Rhodes.)

50 What codename was given to the operation by the allies in 1944 designed to convince the Germans that Normandy would NOT be the location of the invasion.

(Operation Fortitude – accept also Bodyguard.)

51 Who or what are Monegasques?

(Residents of Monaco.)

52 Which seaside resort was promoted in a 1930’s LNER poster as being “SO bracing”?


53 Who, with four Olympic gold medals, is now Britain’s all-time best female Olympian?

(Laura Trott.)

54 On August 30th this year the England cricket team hit a world record total of 444 for a one-day match. On which ground did they achieve it?

(Trent Bridge.)

55 Name either one of the two missing towns in this list; Stoke on Trent, Hanley, Burslem, Tunstall?

(Longton or Fenton.)

56 In which town in Cumbria is the pencil museum situated?

(Keswick - Listed in the Daily Telegraph as being one of the top 10 UK crap venues for a day out.)

57/ Who painted “Portrait of Ann”, “Going to the Match” and ”Coming out of School”?

(L.S. Lowry.)

58 In which Dickens novel do you come across the Peggotty Family?

(David Copperfield.)

59 What name is given to man-made substances which can be broken down by living organisms?


60 Which famous first was achieved by Elizabeth Garret Anderson in 1865?

(She was the first woman to qualify as a doctor in Britain.)

61 Which river runs through Baghdad?


62 In which city does entertainment company Cirque du Soleil have it’s headquarters?


63 Who is known to his admirers as the Ginger Mourinho?

(Sean Dyche - Manager of Burnley.)

64 In which team sport must players only use their right hand when striking the ball, for safety reasons?


65 Which male athlete has jumped at the chance of being a Strictly Come Dancing competitor this year?

(Greg Rutherford.)

66 The Pearl Fishers and The Fair Maid of Perth are two works by which French composer?


67 What is the name of the basket suspended under a hot-air balloon?


68 What is the common name for the medical condition known as caries?

(Tooth decay.)

69 In the book The Lord of the Rings, Barliman Butterbur is the landlord of which pub?

(The Prancing Pony.)

70 What was the main occupation of the 16th century British figure Thomas Tallis?


71 Which U.S. state was battered by hurricane Hermine when it made landfall on September 2nd this year?


72 Scottish cartographer John George Bartholomew is credited with naming which continent in 1890?


73 Mn is the symbol for which element?


74 Which ingredient gives dark ales and stouts their characteristic black colour?

(Highly roasted malt barley.)

75 In which section of an orchestra does the instrument called a Cor Anglais belong?

(Woodwind - it is a type of oboe.)

76 For which Russian ballerina did Fokine create and choreograph the role of The Dying Swan.

(Anna Pavlova.)

77 Which place in France is called the City of the Popes, as a result of its being their residence in the 14th century?


78 The Gulf of Carpentaria is a large area of water off the coast of which country?

(Australia - north coast.)

79 Casper and Balthazar are traditionally named as two of the Three Wise Men. Who was the third?


80 What connects the River Weaver Navigation and the Trent and Mersey Canal near Northwich?

(The Anderton Boat Lift.)


(assembled from questions supplied by the other teams)

81 Who was known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park”?

(Thomas Alva Edison)

82 What was the surname of the hero of the Just William stories written by Richmal Crompton


83 What is the common name of the bird with the latin name Sturnus Vulgaris?

(Common or European Starling – accept Starling)

84 Which sauce would be traditionally used to prepare Eggs Benedict?


85 Which country has the most UNESCO world heritage sites, with 51?

(Italy – China has 50 and the UK 30)

86 Which is the most commonly fractured bone in the human body?

(The clavicle – accept also collar bone)

87 In which battle did the walled farmyard of Hougoumont have a significant role?

(Waterloo – the Landmark Trust now rent part of it as a holiday cottage)

88 What is the name of the last book of the Old Testament?


89 Who was Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakins’s boss in The Man from Uncle (the name of the character)?

(Alexander Waverly)

90 Who was the deputy fuhrer of the nazi party in Germany from 1933 to 1941?

(Rudolf Hess)

91 Plovdiv and Varna are the second and third most populous cities in which EU country?


92 Which of the Mister Men has no arms?

(Mister Sneeze)

93 In cookery, or on a menu, what are dolmades?

(Stuffed vine leaves)

94 Which tropical fruit has the latin name Ananas Comosus?


95 In the human body, what is produced in the Islets of Langerhans

(Insulin- accept also glucagon or somatostatin)

96 What does a pitot (pronounced pea toe) head or pitot tube measure?

(The airspeed of an aircraft, accept also a pressure measuring instrument)

97 In what year did the legendary Woodstock Music and Art Fair take place – there is no leeway!?


98 Macclesfield Town Hall extension on Market Place was built in the 1980s. What name now appears (it has been added since June last year) over the entrance?

(Fitzgerald House, after Councillor Wesley Fitzgerald)

99 In Christianity, what is the highest rank or order of angels called?


100 Which is the smallest country, by population, of the EU?


101 Known since prehistoric times, the medical treatment known as trepanning consists of what surgical procedure?

(Boring a hole in the skull)

102 What is the collective name of the six concertos for mixed instruments presented by JS Bach to Margrave (or Marquess) Christian Ludwig in 1721, referencing the German principality he was a Margrave of?


103 Robert Louis Stevenson trained in the family construction business before becoming a writer. What specific type of building structure did the family specialise in engineering?


104 To a farmer, what is a ‘little grey Fergie’?

(A tractor – originally a Ferguson TE20)

105 The short lived Republic of Biafra seceded from which african country by a proclamation of the 30th May 1967?


106 Which element has the atomic number 4?


107 Which football club did Kevin Keegan join in the summer of 1977?

(Hamburg – full name Hamurger SV)

108 What was the name of the ‘offshore’ investment company established and run by David Cameron’s late father?

(Blairmore Holdings, Inc)

109 How was the singer born Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien in 1939 known professionally?

(Dusty Springfield)

110 What was the name of the NASA human spaceflight missions between the Mercury project and the Apollo program?

(The Gemini program)

111 What was the name of the first iron hulled, screw propelled ship?

(SS Great Britain)

112 Which Russian composer wrote an opera based on Tolstoy’s War and Peace?


113 In the 2016 film Dad’s Army, who portrays the role played by John Le Mesurier in the original TV series?

(Bill Nighy)

114 What does the “E” in the acronym UNICEF?

(United Nations Children’s EMERGENCY fund)

115 Which vehicle manufacturer’s logo is a circle with a horizontal lightning flash?


116 Which football league team is nicknamed ‘The Posh’?

(Peterborough United)

117 In which Spanish city, where there is now a gallery with some of his work, was artist Pablo Picasso born?


118 The formula “half the base times the perpendicular heigh”t is used to calculate what?

(The area of a triangle)

119 In a British silver hallmark, the anchor symbol indicates it tested and marked by the Assay Office in which British city?


120 Who is the Norse goddess of love?



(Supplementaries - assembled from questions supplied by the other teams)

S1 What was the middle name of polar explorer Robert Scott?


S2 In the TV series Bergerac, what car make of car was driven by John Nettles?

(Triumph Roadster- a 1947 Triumph Roadster 2000 according to some sources – but it is known at least two cars were used by the BBC)

S3 On what date was the UK referendum to remain in or to leave the EU held?

(June 23rd 2016)

S4 If you suffered from Otalgia, what part of the body would be affected?

(The Ear – otalgia is earache)

S5 Which actor played Jesus of Nazareth in the 1977 TV mini series of that name?

(Robert Powell)

S6 In the sport of judo, what is a judogi (pronounced jew doe gee)?

(The uniform or suit - jacket, trousers and belt – worn by the competitor)

S7 Jody Scheckter drove which manufacturer’s six wheeled formula 1 car to victory in the 1976 Swedish Grand prix??


S8 In which country is Lake Trasimeno?


S9 The Thomas the Tank Engine stories include the Scottish twins, Donald and Douglas. What colour are they?


S10 Muscadet and Sancerre come from which wine region?


Plate final 2106


T1 One of your question setters recently parked his car at Standing Stones car park in Macclesfield Forest and walked to the three highest points in Cheshire - Shutlingsloe, Whetstone Ridge and Shining Tor - returning to his car via Lamaload reservoir. The distance walked was 10.65 miles – for how long was he walking (in hours and minutes)?

(4 hours 14 minutes)

T2 For how many years did the Romanov dynasty rule Russia?

(304 years - from 1613 to 1917)

T3 How long, in miles, is the M60?


T4 How long, including the approach viaducts, is the Mersey Gateway Bridge that is currently under construction (answer required in metres)?


T5 How long, in miles, was the Thirlmere Aqueduct as originally constructed from Thirlmere Reservoir to Heaton Park Reservoir?