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11th December–the Questions

The specialist questions must be used with extreme caution – they are as presented on the night but see Nicksquiz for comments


set by the Cock

Food and Drink

Arts and Entertainment


The Human Body

20th Century History


Flow River Flow

It’s Not About parrots



1. The Chorleywood process is used in the U.K. as a major production method for which food?

Ans: Bread

2. Medjool is a variety of which fruit.

Ans: Date

3. What is the name of the Middle Eastern confectionary made from

Crushed sesame seeds

Ans: Havla

4. A Salmanazar holds the equivalent of how many standard bottles of champagne?

Ans: 12

5. If a dish is described as "Parmentier" what vegetable does it contain?

Ans: Potato

6. In which U.S. state is the largest MacDonalds burger restaurant?

Ans Oklahoma

7. What pigment gives tomatoes their red colour?

Ans Lycopene 8.

8. Aromel is a variety of which soft fruit?

ANS Strawberry


1. What type of food is Nori?

Seaweed (used in sushi)

2. In Spanish cuisine wjat type of dairy product is QUESO?




1 IN which film, based on the books by Edwin Torres, does Al Pacino play a reformed Puerto Rican rug dealer?

aNS Carlitos Way

2. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall " is a novel by which author?

ANS Anne Bronte

3. In which country is the town of Oberammergau, famous for its passion play, performed almost every 10 years since 1634?

ANS Germany

4. What is the more common name of Beethovens Piano Sonata No 8

ANS The Emperor

5 The film Apocalypse Now is set during which 20th century war?

ANS Vietnam.

6. Christmas wont be Christmas without any presents" is the opening line of which classic book of the 1860s?

ANS "Little Women".

7. In the animated T.V.series "South Park" what colour is Kenny McCormicks anorak.

ANS Orange

8 Which artist was born in the town of Sudbury in Suffolk in 1727?

ANS Gainsborough


1 The Jean Rhys novel The Wide Sargasso Sea was inspired by which other work of literature?

ANS Jane Eyre

2. "Out vile jelly! Where is thy lustre now?" is a line from which Shakespeare play?

ANS "King Lear"


Specialist - Sport

1. At which circuit is the Brazilian Fl Grand Prix held?

Interlagos (Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace)

2. Which club does Michael Owen play for? (As at 21/10/2012)

Stoke City

3. Who plays Rugby at the Welford Road Stadium?

Leicester Tigers

4.Who trained Frankel?

Sir Henry Cecil

5. Who was the first cricketer to take 300 test match wickets?

Fred Trueman.

6. Who is the 2012 World Triathlon Champion?

Jonathan Brow nice

7.. How many players are there in a men's Lacrosse team?


8. Which county cricket team did Denis Compton play for?


Supplementary Questions

Who took the other Australian wicket in Jim Laker's 1956 Old Trafford test match?

Tony Lock

Who was Juan Manuel Fangio's co driver for Mercedes Benz in the 1955 Fl GP season? Stirling Moss



1. In which part of the body is the SCLERA

The EYE more precisely the white of the eye

2-Wnat name is given to the collection of small bones found in the ear


3. HEPATIC refers to which organ of the body


4. A myograph records actions in which part of the body


5. What is the medical name for the armpit


6/What is the function of the EPIGLOTTIS

It closes the windpipe when eating to prevent choking

7. Who formulated the rabies vaccine


8. Quinine is most commonly used to treat what.


9. What is your POLLUX


10 What is your TALUS



1. What term is used to describe muscle wasting


3. How many pairs of chromosomes make up a single strand of DNA



. 1. In which year was the Six Day War


2. Who was known as public enemy number 1 in 1920s and 1930s America

John Dillinger

3. What was the name of the infamous Norweigan traitor of WW2


4. Name either of the two countries that joined the EEC in the same year as Britain

Denmark or Ireland

5. Whowas Prime Minister of Britain at the time of the Abdication of King Edward the eighth in 1936

Stanley Baldwin

6. Who was the leader of the Vichy Government in WW2

Marshal Retain

7. What was the name of the US pilot shot down over Russian airspace in 1960

Gary Powers

8.What area was ceded to Germany from Czechoslovakia in 1938

The Sudetenland

Supplementaries 1. Which country was awarded the George Cross after WW2


2 James Earl Ray shot who

Martin Luther King

3. Which economic programme was instituted after WW2 to help the recovery of Europe

The Marshall Plan accept also Marshall Aid

4. Which plan of 1942 formed the basis of the Labour government's social reform between 1945 and 1950

The Beveridge Report


Specialist - Science

1. Who together with James D Watson discovered the structure of DNA.?

Francis Crick2J/for what is Harry Wesley Coover Jr. famous?

2. For what is Harry Wesley Coover Jnr famous?

Super Glue

3. What is sodium bicarbonate more commonly known as?

Baking Powder

4. What were "Fat Man" and "Little Boy"?

Nuclear Bombs

5. What is measured in Newton-Metres?


6.What does a Wimshurst machine produce?

Static Electricity

7. What is a myocardial infarction more commonly known as?

Heart Attack

8. Nikola Tesla is most famous for his work on which type of electricity?

Alternating Current.

Supplementary Questions

What is bauxite? Aluminium ore

How long did Louis Washkansky survive after the world's first heart transplant in 1967? 18 days



(All the answers are rivers)

1. A Womble


2. In the TV comedy series "Waiting for God", what was Diana's surname?


3. Not mad


4. Cricket series


5. Gently poke fun at


6. Separates men of Kent and Kentish men


7. Surname of the family in Peter Pan


8. Prong of a fork



1. Torvill's partner


2. Irish Airport


3. Rise up


4. Overlooked by the three graces




(All the ansers begin with "Poly"

l. A solid figure with many faces


2. A flower of the primula family


3. Belief in or worship of more than one god


4. A speaker of many languages


5., Having many colours


6 Able to feed on various kinds of food ^


7. Having more than one ring of atoms in the molecule


8. A nucleus or organism containing more than two sets of chromosomes



1. A symbol or a letter that represents several different sounds


2. Of or like a polyp


3. Of an animal having more than five fingers or toes



JtTT M 7fit k*teT k.*)t<jnrLt~r - vETrej) // /st

General Knowledge Questions -11 December 2012

1. The cocktail "Death in the Afternoon" consisted of absinthe and champagne.

Which author invented it? Answer: Ernest Hemingway

2. Who played Nelson Mandela in the 2009 film "Invictus"?

Answer: Morgan Freeman

3. How many normal size wine bottles are there in a Methuselah? Answer: 8

4. Who was the leader of the gang whose members included Benny the Ball,

Brain and Choo Choo? Answer: Top Cat

5. For which insurance company has Paul Wh'rtehouse recently starred in a TV

advert? Answer: Aviva

6. In the USA, the second Monday in October is a celebration in recognition of

which historical figure? Answer: Christopher Columbus

7. In Hamlet, who is described as being "a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent

fancy"? Answer: Yorick

8. In which London district is 'Only Fools and Horses' set? Answer: Peckham

9. Which arctic animal is sometimes called the unicorn of the sea'?

Answer: Narwhal or Narwhale

10. What name is given to the organ, [particularly enhanced in the roof of the

mouth of a snake], which enables it to sense the presence of predators, prey

or a mate? Answer: Jacobson's Organ

11. In a mediaeval suit of armour, what specific part of the body is covered by

greaves? Answer: Shins

12. How many grammes in a pound? Answer: 454 (Accept 449 to 459)

13. Suez lies at one end of the Suez Canal. Which city lies at the other end?

Answer: Port Said

14. The Welland Canal was constructed to by-pass which natural obstacle?

Answer: The Niagra Falls

15. Which current major House of Fashion manufactured uniforms for the German

Schutzstaffel (SS) during the 1930's? Answer: Hugo Boss

16. What was the name of the report which investigated the circumstances

surrounding the death of David Kelly, a biological warfare expert and former

UN weapons inspector in Iraq? Answer Hutton Report

17. What now stands on the site of the notorious Newgate prison?

Answer: The Old Bailey

18. Give one of the first names of the two Coen brothers, who have made movies

such as No Country for Old Men (2007) and True Grit (2010)?

Answer: Ethan or Joel

19. Who played the part of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films?

Answer Rupert Grint

20. Which city is served by Frederic Chopin airport? Answer: Warsaw

21. What is the name of Gandalfs horse in The Lord of the Rings?

Answer: Shadowfax

22. In which rock band was Fish the lead singer? Answer: Marillion

23. What is the first name of the American professional tennis player with the

surname Fish? Answer: Mardy

24. What is the name of Capulet's niece, with whom we are told that Romeo is

infatuated before he falls in love with Capulet's daughter, Juliet?

Answer: Rosaline

25. Whose Secret Service codename was 'Rawhide' during his USA presidential

election campaign? Answer: Ronald Reagan

26. Arguably a forgotten hero, who is the UK's most successful Paralympian,

winning a record of 18 medals? Answer: Mike Kenny

(between 1976 and 1988 for swimming, including 16 gold)

27. What is the term used for a sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet?

Answer A pangram

28. Which famous literary family created the imaginary country of Gondal?

Answer The Brontes

29. The 1989 Hillsborough Disaster occurred during the FA Cup semi-final

between Liverpool and which other team? Answer. Nottingham Forest

30. Which politician said "I have always made it so that every woman feels, how

should I say, special"? Answer. Silvio Berlusconi

31. In Dickens' A Christmas Carol, who is Scrooge's overworked and underpaid

cterk? Answer Bob Cratchit

32. What was the name of the super group, with members Bob Dylan, George

Hanispn^Jeff Lynne, Tom Pettv and Roy Orbison?

Answer The travelling Wilburys

33. The 2008 Oscar winning documentary "Man on Wire," recorded Philippe Petit's

most famous walk. Why will the walk never be repeated? Answer: It

was a tightrope walk between the twin towers of World Trade Centre

34. Other than a kitchen utensil, what was a "potato masher" in World War Two?

Answer A German stick grenade (nicknamed by the British army. Accept


35. Who, when asked what he thought of Western Civilisation, said "I think it would

be a good idea"? Answer Mahatma Gandhi

36. Which (still active) politician held the British 100 metres sprint record between

1967 and 1974, and competed for GB in the 200 metres and relay in the Tokyo

Olympics? Answer Menzies Campbell (accept Ming Campbell)

37. The drug atropine is derived from which plant? Answer Belladonna

(accept Deadly Nightshade)

38. Which US city is host to teams called the Penguins in Ice Hockey and the

Pirates in Baseball? Answer Pittsburgh

39. What was the name of the private secretary to Mary Queen of Scots, who was

stabbed 56 times in front of her? Answer: David Rizzio

40. Who shot JR Ewing in 'Dallas'?rFirst or second name acceptable!

Answer. Kristen Shepherd (his mistress and sister-in-law)

41. There are only three UK mammals that hibernate. The hedgehog is one. Name either of the other two? Answer Bat or Dormouse (do not accept mouse)

42. Drizelia and Anastasia Tremaine are more commonly known as what? Answer: The Ugly Sisters (in pantomime)

43.Who or what was the "Berliner Matter"? Answer: The Berlin wall

(German name for)

44. After which battle was a record number of 11 Victoria Crosses awarded?

Answer: Battle of Rourkes Drift (Zulu Wars)

,45. What name is given to a selection of different Indian dishes, usually served on

a round tray? Answer: Thali

46. Phasmophobia is the fear of what? Answer: Ghosts

47. Who composed the opera The Turn of the Screw"? Answer Benjamin


48. In which English city was David Lloyd George bom? Answer: Manchester

49. What is the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon? Answer 540 degrees

50. What is the name of the first UK person in space, visiting the Mir space station

in 1991? Answer: Helen Sharman

51. Complete the line of this Marie Lloyd song: "I sits among the cabbages

and " Answer: Peas

52. Blepharitis is inflation of which specific part of the body? Answer: Eyelid

53. The film The Forbidden Planet" has been compared to the plot and characters

of which of Shakespeare's plays? Answer The Tempest

54. On which island was Nicole Kidman bom? Answer: Oahu (accept Hawaii)

55. According to the title of their film, who did Cher, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench

have tea with? Answer: Mussolini

56. In which month is the earth furthest away from the sun? Answer: July

57. Whose recent autobiography is entitled Total Recall"? Answer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

58. Who was the botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first journey of

exploration to the South Pacific? Answer: Sir Joseph Banks

59. What is the name of the Wiltshire village set entirely inside a prehistoric stone

circle? Answer: Avebury

60. Who is the rock guitarist, bom Saul Hudson in Stoke on Trent, where he spent

his first 11 years before moving to the USA? Answer Slash

61. Which fashion designer was chiefly responsible for the popularisation of the

"Little Black Dress"? Answer Coco Chanel

62. Which instrument, developed in Hawaii in the late 19th century has a name that

means "jumping flea" in Hawaiian? Answer: Ukulele

63. Which Scottish explorer was the first Westerner to see the Niger River in

Africa? Answer Mungo Park

64. Retired cricketer Freddie Flintoff has recently taken up a new sport, in which

he has now competed successfully. Name the sport. Answer: Boxing

65. Which scientist, who lived from 1635-1703 gave his name to the law of

"elasticity"? Answer: Robert Hooke

66. Which seaside resort has an art gallery named after the painter J M W

Turner? Answer: Margate

67. What type of fish is used in Worcester sauce? Answer: Anchovy

68. The 2012 film "Avengers Assemble" was directed by whom? Answer: Joss


69. In Cornwall, who or what is Brown Willy? Answer: Highest point in

the county

70. Who is the prolific Peruvian fashion photographer, famous for Princess Diana's

Vanity Fair photo shoot in 1997, Prince William's engagement photos and

many other celebrity pictures? Answer: Mario Testino

7l.What is the name of the alcoholic midwife in Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit, who

habitually carried a battered umbrella, which led to her name becoming a slang

term for an umbrella? Answer: Sarah Gamp (Sairey Gamp)

72. For which constituency did Margaret Thatcher become MP in 1959?

Answer: Finchley

73. What is the name of the sporting venue in Dublin, the location of the original

Bloody Sunday Massacre in 1920, where the Royal Irish Constabulary shot

dead innocent people watching Gaelic football? Answer. Croke Park

74. Who was the first democratically elected president of the Russian Federation?

Answer: Boris Yeltsin

75. Who currently holds the cabinet post of Secretary of State for Transport?

Answer Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP

76. What is the name of the Dorset "eco-friendly model village" and brainchild of

Prince Charles? Answer: Poundbury

77. Which musical instrument was Miles Davis famous for playing?

Answer. Trumpet

78. Which fashion designer produced sculptured costumes for Madonna during the

nineties, starting with her infamous cone bra for the 1990 Blond Ambition

Tour? Answer: Jean Paul Gaultier

79. Which British composer wrote the orchestral work "Fantasia on a Theme of

Thomas Tallis" in 1910? Answer. Ralph Vaughan Williams

80. Which US pioneer of the solid-bodied electric guitar created the Broadcaster

and Stratocaster guitars? Answer: Leo Fender

81.In the satirical magazine Private Eye, what name is given to Her Majesty the

Queen? Answer: Brenda

82. Who is the new manager of Queens Park Rangers?

Answer: Harry Redknapp

83. The next Commonwealth Games in 2014 will be held in Glasgow. What is the

name of its Thistle" mascot? Answer. Clyde

84. Who famously first said in 1945 [and repeated it on TV in 1965] "Now, I am

become death, the destroyer of worlds"? Answer: Robert Oppenheimer

(a reference from a Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita)

85.'Beneath The Surface' released in 2012 is the autobiography of which famous

Olympian? Answer Michael Phelps

86. Set up in October 2012, what is the name of Scotland Yard's enquiry into

alleged child sexual exploitation by the late Jimmy Savile and others?

Answer: Operation Yewtree

87. What animal is the symbol of the Democrat party in the United States?

Answer: Donkey

88. Who won the 2012 Turner Prize with a video entitled The Woolworths Choir

1979" ? Answer: [Dr.] Elizabeth Price]

89. At which golf course would you find "Amen Comer"? Answer: Augusta

• National Golf Club

90. What is the name of the dancing, three-eyed Hindu god who is associated with

both destruction and restoration? Answer Shiva

91. Which pink flowering plant is known as fireweed' in North America, and was

known as 'bombweed' in parts of the UK because it flourished on bomb sites in

WW2? Answer: Rosebay Willowherb

92. Which river, immortalised in the paintings of John Constable, forms much of

the boundary between Essex and Suffolk? Answer: Stour

93. How many bones (vertebrae) are there in a human neck? Answer: Seven

94. What metal do we obtain from calamine ore? Answer: Zinc

95. In which UK county does the Giant’s Causeway lie? Answer County


96.The Grand Prix circuit of Interiagos is in which City? Answer: Sao Paulo


1. Shirley Bassey sang three James Bond theme songs; Goldfinger,

Diamonds Are Forever and which other? Answer Moonraker

2. Who is the president of Afghanistan? Answer: Hamid Karzai

3. Which founder member of the BBC Radio 4 panel game 'I'm Sorry, I

Haven't a Clue', is commemorated by a blue plaque in the ticket hall of

Momington Crescent tube station? Answer: Willie Rushton

4. Who has been appointed by the BBC to lead an inquiry into the Jimmy

Savile sexual abuse scandal? Answer: Dame Janet Smith

5. Who starred in the 1979 British comedy film The Full Monty as an

unemployed steelworker named Gaz who led a group of five into a

striptease? Answer Robert Carlisle

6. Who shot Mr Burns at the climax of the 6th season of The Simpsons? (Full

name required) Answer Maggie Simpson

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4th December Questions



set by The Pack Horse Bowling Club

Arts and Entertainment


Disney Films


And The Winner Is ...





I/ Which Pulitzer Prize winning novelist wrote The Caine Mutiny?

ANS. Herman Wouk

2/ What is the more familiar name of the 16th century Italian artist Tiziano Vecellio?

 ANS. Titian

3/ Originally written 1797 as an anthem for the Austrian emperor Francis II, Adapted in 1922 as the German National Anthem, "Deutschlandlied" and still used today, who composed the original music?

ANS. Joseph Haydn

4/ In the film I'm no Angel, which actress delivered the line: "it's not the men in your life that counts, it's the life in your men."?

ANS. Mae West

5/ Which Benedictine monk wrote a History of England in 731, starting from the Roman occupation?

ANS The Venerable Bede

6/ Who was the oriental villain in the stories by Sax Rohmer?

ANS. Fu Manchu.

7/ Dale Arden is the female companion of which comic strip space adventurer?

ANS. Flash Gordon

8/ The fall of man is the subject of which poem by John Milton?

ANS. Paradise Lost

Sup 1 The word yahoo first appeared in which book as the name of a race of sub human


ANS. Gulliver's Travels

Sup2 On which H G Wells novel is the musical Half a sixpence based

ANS. Kipps (the story of a simple soul)



I/ Who, in 1785 invented the power loom, the first mechanised loom driven by a line shaft?

ANS. Reverend Edmund Cartwright.

2/ Evaporation is changing liquid to a gas what is changing from a solid to a gas called?

ANS. Sublimation.

3/ Phobos is one of the 2 moons of mars. What is the other?

ANS. Deimos

4/ In which part of the human body is the median nerve?

ANS. The arm.

5/ What is the main gas (by volume) found in car exhaust?

ANS. Nitrogen (N, at around 67%)

6/ Who in 1793 invented the cotton gin, a machine that separates the cotton "lint" fibres from cotton seeds?

ANS. Eli Whitney

7/ What powers an aeolic power station?

ANS. Wind.

8/ Strange, charm, up, down, top & bottom are all types of what?

ANS. Quarks

Sup1 What gives hair its natural colour?

Ans. Melanin (2 types eumelanin black / brown and pheomelanin red / yellow.)

Sup2 What condition its from the Greek for half a head?

ANS. Migraine



In this round you will be given a Disney Film resume, all we require is the film title

1. Brother murders King then drives away young prince
The Lion King

2. Asian girl, dresses like a dude then joins the army.

3. Rodent disobeys Yen Sid. Musical chaos ensues.


4. Girl and cute alien have adventures in Hawaii.
Lilo & Stitch

5. Wolf raised orphan refuses to join human community.

The Jungle Book

6. Love story a bout a native American girl and settler.


7. Old woman's felines are left in care of butler.
The Aristocats

8. Mice save orphan girl from wicked kidnapper woman.
The Rescuers

Sup1. Cursed monster prince with withering flower finds love.

Beauty and the Beast

Sup2. Dogs fall in love and share spaghetti dinner.

The Lady and the Tramp


I/ Libreville is the capital city of which African Country?

ANS. Gabon

2/ In which range of hills are Gaping Gill and Rowten Pot potholes?

ANS. The Pennines

3/ In which English county is Wookey Hole?

ANS. Somerset

4/ Following a volcanic eruption in 1961 the population of which South Atlantic island was evacuated to Britain for 2 years?

ANS. Tristan da Cunha

5/ Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the River Amazon and Lake Victoria?

ANS. The Equator

6/ What Central American country's name means 'many fish'?

ANS. Panama

7/ There are more than 150 ethnic groups living within the borders of a large country that borders both the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, but not the Atlantic. Name this country.

ANS. Russia

8/ Monte Alban, once a centre of Zapotec culture, is located in Oaxaca , one of the southernmost states in what country?

ANS. Mexico

SUP1. Cathay is the archaic name for which country?

ANS. China

SUP2. Which geological fault stretches around 800 miles through the state of California?

ANS. The San Andreas Fault

SUP3.  in which South American Country are Panama hats made?

ANS, Ecuador.


And The Winner Is

A round based on awards of various kinds

Ql. Although normally a film director, Danny Boyle has recently been awarded a London

Evening Standard theatre award. Why?

Al. For directing the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Q2. Nobel Prizes are awarded at a ceremony in Stockholm, all except the Peace prize which is awarded where?

A2. Oslo

Q3. Name either one of the only two people who have been awarded honorary citizenship

of the USA during their lifetimes.

A3. Winston Churchill or Mother Theresa

Q4. A film version of which Shakespeare play, starring Laurence Olivier, was the first British film to win the Best Picture Oscar (in 1948)?

A4. Hamlet

Q5. Which British award-giving organisation grandly describes its purpose as "to support, promote and develop the art of the moving image"


Q6. Which famous (some would say infamous) award was handed out in August this year at the Dongsheng Fitness Centre Stadium in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia?

A6. Miss World

Q7. At which awards ceremony in 1989 did Sam Fox and Mike Fleetwood act as joint hosts, their performance described by one critic as like watching a car crash.

A7. The BRIT awards.

Q.8. Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro are the only actors to have won Oscars for playing the same character. Who?

A8. Vito Corleone.

Supp 1. Which is the only X-Rated film to get the Best Film Oscar?

A. Midnight Cowboy

Supp 2. Which country was awarded the 2022 World Cup?

A. Qatar.



I/ Who was the mother of James I of England?

ANS. Mary Queen of Scots

2/ Which former British prime minister was created 1 Earl of Dwyfor shortly before his death in 1945?

ANS, David Lloyd George

3/ The name of which conqueror means "Universal Ruler"?

ANS. Genghis Khan.

4/ Which wife of Henry VIII died of natural causes while still married to him?

ANS. Jane Seymour

5/ Who was king of England during the American war of independence?

ANS. George III

6/ What was adopted in the United States on June 14th 1777 and is celebrated every year on that day?

ANS. The flag of the United States (14:" June is flag day)

7/ Who was the first person pictured on a postage stamp?

ANS. Queen Victoria

8/ In which 19th century decade does, The battle of Wounded Knee (the last Indian uprising) take place, Marconi invents radio and the Dreyfuss Affair takes place in France?

ANS. 1890's

Sup1. What was the code name for the American landings in Morocco in 1942?

ANS. Operation Torch

Sup2. In which century did the Black Death reach Great Britain?

ANS. 14th Century (1348 - 50)



I/ The English Greyhound Derby is run annually at which dog track?

ANS. Wimbledon.

2/ Name the Macclesfield based golfer who won the Irish Open earlier this year.

ANS. Jamie Donaldson

3/ !n feet or metres, how long is a ten pin bowling lane? There is leeway.

ANS 62 ft accept 60 to 66 - 18.9 m accept 18 to 20m

4/ How old is a filly when she officially becomes a mare?

ANS. 4

5/ In snooker 147 is the maximum total clearance break, what is the minimum score possible with a total clearance break?

ANS. 72 (15 reds (15) plus 15 yellows (30) plus 27 for the rest of the balls.

6/ In Mogul skiing what are moguls?

ANS. Hillocks or bumps (to enable the skiers to do their tricks)

7/ Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite in "The Sound and the Fury" fight held in Las Vegas in 1997?

ANS. Evander Holyfield

8/ Name the British female cyclist who won the Omnium at the recent Track World Cup in Glasgow, repeating the feat she achieved at the Olympics.

AND. Laura Trott

Supl1Who won the 2012 Baseball World Series?

ANS. The San Francisco Giants.

Sup2 Which city hosted the recent American Grand Prix?

ANS. Austin, Texas.

Sup3 Which Premiership Referee has recently returned to officiating after being cleared of

using racist language toward a Chelsea player?

ANS. Mark Clattenberg



clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008

1. Tia Maria 2. Strongbow 3. Bailey’s 4. Newcastle Brown

clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014 clip_image016

5. Malibu 6. Leffe 7. Carlsberg 8. Southern Comfort

clip_image018 clip_image020

S1. Laphroaig S2. Tetley’s




1 Adam Partridge has a showroom in Macclesfield. In what role does he regularly appear on TV?
As an auctioneer and/or antiques expert (accept either)

2 Which product is made at the Toffee Works, Downing Street, Wigan?
Uncle Joes Mint Balls (accept mint balls)

3 In which English city centre would you find the Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres?


4 Who wrote the book "Our man in Havana?"
Graham Greene

5 What is the small island bird sanctuary off the Isle of Man called?
Calf of Man

6 In which century was Eton College founded?
15th century (during the 1440's)

7 What is the Jewish Day of Atonement called?
Yom Kippur

8 On what date is St Patrick's feast day?
March 17th
9 Who was the male lead actor in American Beauty?
Kevin Spacey

10 Off the coast of which English county would you find the FaRNe Islands?

11 Which Russian author was forced to decline the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958?

Boris Pasternak

12 Which city is the largest seaport in Belgium?   


13 The country of Botswana was formerly known as what?

14 Hg is the symbol of which chemical element?

15 In what year was Sputnik launched to start the Space Age?
1957 — accept 1956-8

16 Vincent Eugene Craddock was better known by what name?
Gene Vincent

17 If you were suffering from Otalgia, which part of your body would be affected?

The ear

18 What is the collective name for a group of seals?

19 Who replaced Andrew Mitchell as Chief Whip after he resigned after the "plebgate
Sir George Young

20 What fruit is the national symbol of Spain?

21 The children's character Sporticus lives in which town?

22 Which company manufactures Flora low fat spread?

23 For how many years was the Empire State Building the tallest in the world?
42 years (Allow 37 to 47 years) until 1973 when Twin Towers overtook it

24 The former Viscount Stansgate is better known as who?
Tony Benn

25 Which American city gave its name to a jazz dance of the 1920s?

26 What three words from the opening lines of Richard III were used to describe a period of
industrial unrest in the late 1970s?

Winter of Discontent

27 Whose mandolin featured in the title of a movie set in Cephalonia during World War II?

Captain Corelli

28 In 1967 it was originally called an "x-y position indicator for a display system". What is it commonly called now?
Computer mouse (accept mouse)

29 How many litres are there in a cubic metre?


30 What surname is shared by an English novelist born in 1840 and the commander of HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar?

31 The Galapagos Islands are under the jurisdiction of which South American country?


32 Who founded the Turkish Republic in 1923?
Kemal Ataturk (accept Ataturk)

33 Which city on the Tennessee River featured in a popular hit number by the Glenn Miller Orchestra?

34 In 1958, of which city did Kruschev say "When I want to make the West scream, that's where I squeeze"?

35 In which year did Adolf Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?

1933 (accept 1932-34)

36 Which shipping company owned the RMS Titanic?
White Star Line

37 Which fish is salted and hot-smoked to produce an Arbroath Smokie?


38 Which philosopher taught Alexander the Great?

39 The actor Oliver Reed died during the making of which film?


40 Which fashion designer was murdered outside his Miami home in 1997?

Gianni Versace (accept Versace)

41 What is the capital city of Nigeria?

42 ,Who composed "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" as part of his oratorio "Soloman"?


43 Which biblical character wore a "coat of many colours"?

44 How many US Presidents have been assassinated?
Four (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy)

45 Which religious reformer was excommunicated by Pope Leo X in 1521?

Martin Luther

46 Rastafarians worship who as their God and King?
Haile Selassie (Emperor of Ethiopia)

47 The Gobi desert lies mainly in which country?

48 Who sailed Gypsy Moth IV round the world in 1966 returning in 1967?

Sir Francis Chichester

49 The Dewey Decimal System is concerned with the classification of what?

Library books

50 Durum wheat is traditionally used in the manufacture of which foodstuff?


51. Which saint famously prayed ' Oh Lord grant me chastity and continence - but not yet?


52. Throughout his political career, Enoch Powell held only one Cabinet post - what was it?


53. Which intellectual celebrity (radio, T.V., writer etc?.) took the title Baroness Stockport on
being ennobled in 2011?


54. Doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in November 2011 following the death in 2009 of whom?

55. Unchained Melody is the only song to have been a British No. 1 for four different acts. Jimmy Young and The Righteous Brothers are two of them - name either of the other two?

56. .The first F.A. Cup Final was held in 1872 at The Oval. Name either of the teams that played in the first Cup Final.
WANDERERS or ROYAL ENGINEERS (Wanderers won 1 - 0)

57. In which spacecraft did Yuri Gargarin become the first man in space?

VOSTOCK I (accept Vostock)

58. Which of Jupiter's moons is the largest in the Solar System?


59. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. How high is it in feet?

4408 Feet (accept 4308 - 4508 Feet)

60. The creators of the T.V. show South Park have written a stage musical, currently on in London, which has won 9 Tony Awards and is being hyped as the funniest musical of all time. What is its title.
The Book of Mormon

61. Old Mans Beard and Travellers Joy are names for varieties of which flower?


62. What is created when the loop of the meander of a river is cut off and the river is diverted on a different course?

63. The Mothers of Invention were the backing group of which singer?


64. Which country was the host nation for the 2012 European Song Contest?


65. In 1986, Clint Eastwood became Mayor of which town?

66. Who wrote the novel 'The African Queen'?


67. Which artist painted The Ambassadors, a 1533 work which hangs in the National Gallery in London. It features a distorted skull, a symbol of mortality?

68. Which artist painted The Arnolfini Wedding - a 1434 work which also hangs in the National Gallery.

69. Which political party won the Bradford West By-election held in 2012?


70. What is the igneous rock seen in hexagonal columns at the Giants Causeway and Fingals Cave?

71. Which part of the earth lies between the outer core and the crust?


72. The actress Sylvia Kristel died recently. With which film (and its sequels) is she particularly associated?

73. What is the capital of the Island of Guernsey?


74. When Lord Louis Mountbatten was Viceroy of India, his wife Edwina had a passionate and subsequently well publicised affair with which politician?
JAWAHARLAL NEHRU (India's first Prime Minister) accept Nehru

75. Nelson Mandela's favourite quotation: 'cowards die many times before their death : the valiant never taste of death but once' comes from which of Shakespeare's plays?

76 Who wrote the words "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old."?

Laurence BINYON

77 In the 1937 Disney cartoon "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", which is the only dwarf without a beard?

78 In which decade were Blackpool Illuminations first switched on?
1870's (1879) — accept a decade leeway either way 1860s and 1880s

79 Which common tree has the latin name Tilia Cordata?
Small leaved Lime (accept Lime)

80 Who was the mother of Richard the Lionheart?
Eleanor of Aquitaine

81 Which retailer's head office is in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire?

82 Who is the author of the Inspector Wexford novels?
Ruth Rendell

83 Who currently holds the record for most dismissals by a test match wicket-keeper?
Mark Boucher of South Africa

84 The Dracula Trail can be found in which English town?

85 The sizes of what everyday item is the subject of the International Standard ISO 216?


86 In what common context did blue used to be black, brown used to be red, and green and
yellow together used to be simply green?
The wiring of British electrical plugs

87 What's the name of engine number 5 (the red engine) in the Thomas the Tank Engine

88 In which village was Sir Winston Churchill buried?
Bladon (Do not accept Woodstock)

89 Which British city's main railway station has the suffix "St. David's"?

90 Paul Hollywood is a judge on "The Great British Bake Off." Who is the other?
Mary Berry

91 1Which musical features the song "I don't know how to love him"?

Jesus Christ, Superstar

92 According to Wikipedia, a "ceilidh" is a traditional Gaelic social gathering involving folk music and dancing. Spell ceilidh, according to its modern usage.

93 Which Cornish coastal village was hit by a flash flood in 2004?


94 Which poet wrote an autobiographical work entitled "Summoned by Bells"?

John Betjeman

95 At the beginning of a game of Monopoly, how many sites are for sale?


96 Through which Spanish city does the Nervion river flow?


Supplementary questions
X1 What is the chemical symbol for gold?

X2 Through which British city does the River Ely flow?

X3 In which field is Andrew Rawnsley well known?
Journalism, particularly political journalism

X4 From which town in the North West do the band Elbow proudly come?


x5 In "Downton Abbey" who plays the part of Martha Levinson, the American mother of the Countess of Grantham
Shirley Maclaine

X6 As of end of November 2012, Queens Park Rangers are the only Premier League Team not to have won a game this season, but which Football League team has only won once?
Hartlepool United in League One