Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25th January Quarter Finals of the Cup/Plate



Q1 Who wrote the novel "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"?
A1 John Boyne
Q2 Who directed the film “Nowhere Boy” based on the childhood of John Lennon
A2 Sam Taylor Wood
Q3 What did Dr John S Pemberton concoct in his backyard in 1886?
A3 Coca cola
Q4 In which year was Macclesfield granted its Charter?
A4 1261 (accept 1255 – 1266) (750th anniversary this year)
Q5 What is the cubed route of 64?
A5 4
Q6 VAT is levied at Zero rate, 20% and what other rate?
A6 5% (levied on domestic fuel etc)
Q7 Who plays the mother of Miranda Hart in her eponymous TV series?
A7 Patricia Hodge
Q8 What is next in the sequence kilo, mega, giga, tera?
A8 A peta (1x10 to the powers 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 respectively)
Q9 What type of animal is Jeremy Fisher?
A9 Frog (Beatrix Potter character)
Q10 Name the Frenchman who won a clean sweep of gold medals in the Alpine skiing events at
the 1968 Winter Olympics at Grenoble?
A10 Jean Claude Killy
Q11 Which former British heavyweight boxing champion died in a cycling accident on 6 January
A11 Gary Mason
Q12 In the Thunderbirds TV series, which son piloted Thunderbird 2 and dressed in yellow?
A12 Virgil
Q13 Which river rises near Biddulph and empties into the river Humber?
A13 River Trent
Q14 What was the first name of the composer Stravinsky?
A14 Igor
Q15 What is the name of the “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” launched
by Microsoft for the X Box 360 in November 2010?
A15 Kinect
Q16 Which children’s author, who wrote the book “The Sheep Pig” on which the film “Babe” was
based, died on 4 January 2011?
A16 Dick King-Smith
Q17 Which British King married Mary of Teck?
A17 George V
Q18 Which playing card is known as the curse of Scotland?
A18 9 of Diamonds
(The Duke of Cumberland is said to have scribbled the order to give "no quarter" on such a
card before the Battle of Culloden. Others say that the derivation is from the coat of arms of
John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair who signed the order for the Glencoe Massacre.)
Q19 Who is the Norse goddess of love and beauty?
A19 Freya / Freyja
Q20 As at 7 January 2011, who is the Speaker of the House of Commons?
A20 John Bercow

Q21 As at 7 January 2011, who is the Shadow Transport Secretary?
A21 Maria Eagle (NOT Angela Eagle her sister)
Q22 Who scored the most runs in the current Ashes series?
A22 Alistair Cook
Q23 Complete the missing word in the following sequence – Species, Genus, Family, Order, Class,
………………, Kingdom.
A23 Phylum
Q24 Who is the new presenter of the weekday early breakfast show on Radio 2 which airs from
5:0 to 6:30am?
A24 Vanessa Feltz
Q25 Apart from Jessica Ennis, which other woman made the top 10 of the 2010 BBC Sports
Personality of the Year?
A25 Amy Williams (Olympic Gold medallist in the bob skeleton )
Q26 Actor John Le Mesurier was married to which comedienne, with whom he had two children?
A26 Hattie Jacques (1949–1965 two sons Kim and Robin)
Q27 Who provided cookery demonstrations for BBC TV's Multi coloured Swap Shop?
A27 Delia Smith
Q28 For what reason did a Mini Schnauzer called Dangerous Dave come to fame in 2010?
A28 He won the audition to play Toto in the upcoming Wizard of Oz play
Q29 Which 1970s TV drama series used the “Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia” from
Khachaturian’s ballet “Spartacus” as its theme tune?
A29 “The Onedin Line”
Q30 In the 2006 film, who played “The Last King of Scotland”?
A30 Forest Whitaker
Q31 An American Football quarterback has recently announced his retirement. He is currently
the NFL career leader in wins (186), passing yards (71,838), touchdown passes (508) and
interceptions (335) and won the Superbowl with the Green Bay Packers. Who is he
A31 Brett Favre
Q32 Which organisation used the advertising slogan “The lion leaps from strength to strengtht”
A32 Peugeot
Q33 Which English food writer wrote the autobiography "Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger"?
A33 Nigel Slater
Q34 If the Boeing 'Jumbo Jet' is the 747, what number is the Boeing Dreamliner?
A34 787
Q35 In the acronym for the Bank HSBC, what does the S stand for?
A35 Shanghai
Q36 The Chrysanthemum throne is a term referring to the monarchy of which country?
A36 Japan
Q37 The new PDC darts world champion is Adrian Lewis. In the vein of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor
what is his stage nickname?
A37 Jackpot
Q38 Who became the first female Prime Minister of Australia in 2010?
A38 Julia Gillard
Q39 Which opera shares its name with a Herman Melville novella?
A39 Billy Budd
Q40 Which disease in humans caused by the variola virus was declared extinct in 1979 by the
World Health Organisation?
A40 Smallpox

Q41 Kevin Macdonald, the Scottish director famed for The Last King of Scotland and Touching the
Void, has a new movie nearing completion to be called ‘Life in a Day’ which is going to be a
first. What is unusual about this film?
A41 It is being complied from thousands of clips submitted by YouTube contributors
Q42 Who is the successful coach of the UK Olympic Rowers?
A42 Jurgen Grobler
Q43 What marine tragedy occurred on the 13-14th August 1979?
A43 The Fastnet Race Disaster
Q44 Which current children’s TV programme is narrated by Derek Jacobi?
A44 “In the Night Garden”
Q45 Name either of the finalists in the 2010 Davies Cup.
A45 France or Serbia
Q46 Which band had members Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell?
A46 Boney M
Q47 Who slayed Grendel?
A47 Beowulf
Q48 What was Ivanhoe’s 1st name?
A48 Wilfred (Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe)
Q49 Which UK band from the 1980s took its name from a Vulcan Princess in Star Trek?
A49 T’Pau
Q50 What is the Finnish name for Finland?
A50 Suomi
Q51 What is the name given to the highest of the UK’s five levels of terrorist alert?
A51 Critical
Q52 What does the R stand for in the SARS virus acronym?
A52 Respiratory (severe acute respiratory syndrome)
Q53 Which British author died on Christmas Eve 2010, best known for creating the Wombles?
A53 Elisabeth Beresford
Q54 Which company is the ultimate parent company of Bugatti, manufacturer of the fastest
production car, the Veyron?
A54 VW
Q55 Which 19th century lifesaving hero from Salford received the Albert Medal for saving 50
people from the murky River Irwell, and now gives his name to a pub on the river?
A55 Mark Addy
Q56 Name one of the 3 National sides that Roy Hodgson has managed
A56 Finland, Switzerland,UAE
Q57 Who is the ex Barnsley Central MP, who admitted to fraudulently claiming £14000 in
parliamentary expenses?
A57 Eric Illsley
Q58 Which journalist, who died in December, was famous for the following “I counted them all
out and I counted them back in again”
A58 Brian Hanrahan
Q59 Sir Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger are the longest and second longest serving managers in
the Football Premier League, who is the third longest serving manager in the Premier
A59 David Moyes (Everton 8 Years+) (SAF 24 years, AW 14 years)
Q60 In which English county is the Blue Square Premier football team Rushden and Diamonds
A60 Northamptonshire

Q61 Workmen disposing of the Exchequer's tax tallies led to which event on 16 October 1834?
A61 Burning down of the Palace of Westminster / Houses of Parliament.
Q62 Who was the last prime minister of whom no photograph was ever taken?
A62 Sir Robert Peel (d. 1850)
Q63 The mascot of which board game was based on financier J P Morgan?
A63 Monopoly (the moustachiod Mr Monopoly or Rich Uncle Pennybags)
Q64 How old do NASA scientists estimate the Earth to be in years? [Leeway]
A64 4.57bn years [accept 4.3-4.9 billion]
Q65 What is the name of the scale used to compare the hardness of minerals from talc (value 1)
to diamonds (value 10)?
A65 Mohs scale
Q66 What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?
A66 Candela
Q67 Give a (calendar) year in the life of Sandro Botticelli
A67 1445-1510
Q68 Triton, Proteus and Nereid are the largest moons of which planet?
A68 Neptune
Q69 What achievement connects Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Alan Shepard and only 9
A69 All have walked on the moon.
Q70 In castle terminology, what is a palisade?
A70 Strong fence [or similar]
Q71 As in 'lobster thermidor', what was 'thermidor' ?
A71 A month (one in the French revolutionary calendar but "month" will suffice)
Q72 Which 1980 film starred Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges and Leslie Nielsen?
A72 Airplane!
Q73 Which 1987 film starred Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Gary Busey?
A73 Lethal Weapon
Q74 Who was shot in 1812 by John Bellingham?
A74 Spencer Percival
Q75 Which department store founder is credited with the slogans "the customer is always right"
and "only... shopping days until Christmas"?
A75 Harry Gordon Selfridge
Q76 Who told quiz contenders "it's only a bloody game" before each show?
A76 Magnus Magnusson (although we may suggest it for adoption at next year's AGM)
Q77 Which country was Eddie Izzard born in?
A77 Yemen
Q78 What do either of J K Rowling's initials stand for?
A78 Joanne or Kathleen
Q79 Percy Spencer is credited with inventing which household appliance?
A79 Microwave (He was working on an active radar set when he noticed that a peanut
chocolate bar he had in his pocket started to melt)
Q80 Which band had a UK number 1 hit single in 1986 with 'Take My Breath Away'?
A80 Berlin

Q81 Name one country in which the 2011 Dakar rally took place (which didn't go anywhere near
A81 Argentina or Chile
Q82 In 1959, what kind of vehicle crossed the English Channel for the first time?
A82 Hovercraft
Q83 The TV series 'Byker Grove' was set in which city?
A83 Newcastle upon Tyne
Q84 What colour is 'umber' earth?
A84 Brown
Q85 In which wood did Winnie the Pooh live?
A85 100 Acre Wood
Q86 Which TV show with Reeves and Mortimer shares its name with another term for meteors?
A86 Shooting Stars
Q87 What colour did Dr Banner become when he got angry?
A87 Green (Bruce Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk)
Q88 Which animal lives in a drey?
A88 Squirrel
Q89 What colour is connected to neutral in a modern 3 core electric cable on domestic
A89 Blue
Q90 In which country would you see the Great and Little Orme?
A90 Wales
Q91 Which TV Geoff gardened at Barnsdale?
A91 Geoff Hamilton (from Gardners' World)
Q92 What did Clarice Cliff make?
A92 Pottery
Q93 In which county is Ashford International Station?
A93 Kent
Q94 Wednesday and Pugsley are part of which family?
A94 Addams
Q95 Nassau is the capital of which group of islands?
A95 Bahamas
Q96 What is England's most northerly county?
A96 Northumberland
Q97 Which Sunday comes before Easter Day?
A97 Palm Sunday
Q98 What is the name of the little helicopter in the books “written” by Sarah Ferguson?
A98 Budgie
Q99 In which country was Van der Valk set?
A99 Netherlands
Q100 Excluding the gas giants, which planet in the solar system has the highest average measured
temperature at surface level?
A100 Venus (gets to over 460 degrees Celsius, higher than Mercury due to strong greenhouse

Q101 Where can the Lovell telescope be found?
A101 Jodrell Bank
Q102 How many points is a try worth in rugby union?
A102 Five
Q103 What is the name of the peninsula that forms the mainland part of Denmark?
A103 Jutland
Q104 Which country takes its name from the westernmost province of the Netherlands?
A104 New Zealand [Zealand is also, confusingly, the name of a large Danish island)
Q105 Which other disease did Edward Jenner use to develop his small pox vaccine?
A105 Cowpox
Q106 As at 7th January 2011, who is the UN secretary general?
A106 Ban Ki-moon
Q107 As at 7th January 2011, who is the male holder of the FIFA Ballon d'Or award?
A107 Lionel Messi
Q108 What is the name of water that collects in the bottom of a boat?
A108 Bilge
Q109 Which fashion designer is credited as inventing the miniskirt?
A109 Mary Quant
Q110 Who wrote the music for the ballet “Coppelia”?
A110 Leo Delibes
Q111 What is a “frikadelle”
A111 Swedish boiled meatball (accep meatball)
Q112 Name one of the two mammals that lay eggs?
A112 Platypus or Echidna
Q113 Which is the last event held in an olympic decathlon?
A113 1500 meters run
Q114 Which author wrote the screen plays for the films You Only Live Twice and Chitty Chitty
Bang Bang?
A114 Roald Dahl
Q115 Which film director had a number one single in the UK with Everybody's Free (To Wear
A115 Baz Luhrmann
Q116 In the film, where was Ricks Cafe Americain? [For the avoidance of doubt, the answer is both
the name of the film and the city]
A116 Casablanca
Q117 Whose report in December 1942 led to the setting up of the NHS?
A117 William Beveridge
Q118 Rebecca Rolfe who was buried in Gravesend is better known by what name?
A118 Pocahontas
Q119 Who, in 1946, was the last person to be executed in Britain for treason?
A119 William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw). [Accept either]
Q120 Who was Britain's youngest 20th century Prime Minister?
A120 Tony Blair

S1 What is the collective noun for a group of cheetahs
A1 Coalition
S2 According to the urban myth, Bob Holness of Blockbusters fame played sax solo on which
1970s hit record?
A2 Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)
S3 Which English county comes first alphabetically?
A3 Bedfordshire
S4 Who was voted BBC tv Sports Personality COACH of the year for 2010?
A4 Colin Montgomerie
S5 Prince William is to marry Kate Middleton on which date? (no leeway)
A5 29th April 2011
Q As of 4th January 2011; in Meters how far has the NASA Rover ‘Opportunity’ travelled on the
surface of Mars?
A 26,562.05 meters


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