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01. Q. In a Roman house, what was provided by the hypocaust ?

A. Central heating. (accept any reference to heating).

02. Q. Who was the Roman emperor when Jesus Christ was born ?

A. Augustus. (27BC – AD14).

03. Q. In which year was the Gutenberg bible printed ? Some leeway.

A. 1455. accept 1450 – 1460.

04. Q. Which well-known London statue is a monument to the reformer of child labour, Lord Shaftesbury ?

A. Eros in Piccadilly Circus. (Sometimes called the Angel of Christian Charity) but is properly named Anteros being the platonic brother of erotic Eros !). Accept the Angel etc or Anteros if offered.

05. Q. Where was the princess Elizabeth staying when she was brought the news of her accession to the throne in 1558 ?

A. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

06. Q. At which locomotive competition was Stevenson’s Rocket the winner in 1828 ?

A. The Rainhill Trials.

07. Q. Whose London monument by Edward Bailey is guarded by Edwin Landseer’s lions ?

A. Nelson.

08. Q. What was the first Rolls Royce car offered for sale called ?

A. Silver Ghost.


(a) Q. King Geroge V changed the British royal family’s name to Windsor. What had it been previously ?

A. Saxe-Coburg Gotha. (accept Saxe-Coburg).

(b) Q. Where was the Russian royal family shot in 1918 ?

A. Ekaterinburg.


01. Q. Who is usually credited with the invention of the miner’s safety lamp ?

A. Sir Humphrey Davy.

02. Q. Which metallic element has the atomic number 3 ?

A. Lithium.

03. Q. In astronomy, what term is applied to non-luminous material that cannot be detected by direct observation ?

A. Dark matter.

04. Q. What name is given to the waxy substance secreted by the sperm whale and used in perfume ?

A. Ambergris.

05. Q. The compound sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is commonly known as what ?

A. Caustic soda.

06. Q. In astronomy, where would you find the ‘Cassini Division’ ?

A. Between Saturn’s rings.

07. Q. Whose third law of motion states “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” ?

A. Sir Isaac Newton.

08. Q. To which family of birds does the Capercaillie belong ?

A. Grouse.


(a) Q. Which is the largest of Saturn’s moons ?

A. Titan.

(b) Q. Specifically, what sort of creature is a Merganser ?

A. Duck.


01. Q. What was the former name of Taiwan ?

A. Formosa.

02. Q. Until 1993, which state was governed by the French head of state and the Spanish bishop of Urgel ?

A. Andorra.

03. Q. Brechou, Jethou and Lihou are three of the smallest islands in which island group ?

A. The Channel Islands.

04. Q In which county is Herstmonceux castle ?

A. East Sussex. (Sussex is unacceptable, pass over immediately)

05. Q. Of which country is Suva the capital ?

A. Fiji.

06. Q. Which city lies at the opposite end of the Suez canal to Suez ?

A. Port Said.

07. Q. In which U.S. state was the mission of San Antonio where the battle of the Alamo took place ?

A. Texas.

08. Q. Adelie Land is a French territory on which continent ?

A. Antarctica.


(a) Q. What is the state capital of Idaho ?

A. Boisie.

(b) Q. Which town is the administrative centre of Essex ?

A. Chelmsford.


01. Q. What is the total number of bones in the hands and feet of a human being ?

Some leeway allowed.

A. 106. accept 104 – 108.

02. Q. What is the pulp beneath tooth enamel called ?

A. Dentine.

03. Q. What is the purpose of the fluid and hair mechanism in the inner ear ?

A. To maintain balance.

04. Q. Which organ in the body maintains the balance of glucose and insulin ?

A. The pancreas. (accept Islets of Langerhans as the precise area in the Pancreas).

05. Q. Name either of the readings when measuring blood pressure.

A. Systolic and Diastolic.

06. Q. What is the main purpose of the lymphatic system ?

A. To fight disease in the body.

07. Q. Where in the human body would you find alveoli (al-vee-olee) ?

A. The lungs. (They are the air sacs).

08. Q. Which muscle is affected by a hiatus hernia ?

A. The diaphragm.


(a). Q. How many types of taste buds are there on the human tongue ?

A. 5 (Bitter, sour, salty, sweet and savoury).

(b) Q. What name is given to the muscular contractions which push food through the digestive tract ?

A. Peristalsis.


01. Q. What colour were the music-hating baddies in the 1968 film Yellow Submarine?

A. Blue (The Blue Meanies).

02. Q. In the 1986 film ‘The Colour of Money’ Paul Newman reprised his role as ‘Fast Eddie Felson’. What is the name of the original 1961 film ?

A. The Hustler.

03. Q. Originating in Zurich during WWI, which anti-war cultural movement was anti-art and ridiculed the meaningless modern world through proponents such as Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray ?

A. Dadaism.

04. Q. Which British cultural movement exploring social and political issues was developed in the late 1950’s in plays and film by such as Alan Sillitoe and John Osbourne ?

A. Kitchen sink (school, realism or drama).

05. Q. The ‘naughty but nice’ advertising slogan for cream cakes was coined by the author of ‘The Moor’s Last Sigh’ and ‘Shalimar the Clown’. Who is he ?

A. Salman Rushdie

06. Q. The 1960’s advertising slogan ‘Go to work on an egg’ starred Patricia Hayes and which other comedian, who committed suicide in Sydney in 1968 ?

A. Tony Hancock.

07. Q. ‘All happy families are alike, but an unhappy family is unhappy after it’s own fashion’ is the opening line of which classic Russian novel ?

A. Anna Karenina (by Leo Tolstoy).

08. Q. ‘It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking 13’ is the opening line of which dystopian novel whose author was educated at Eton ?

A. 1984 (by George Orwell).


(a) Q. Which opera is missing from the following list : Das Rheingold, Siegfried and Gotterdamerung ?

A. Die Valkyrie (Wagner’s Ring Cycle).

(b) Q. The Scottish actor David McCallum played which handsome blond and enigmaticspy in ‘The Man from Uncle’ ?

A. Ilya Kuryakin.



01. Q. Which American Football team (Grid Iron) play at Soldier Field ?

A. Chicago Bears.

02. Q. On which golf course did Europe regain the Ryder Cup in 2010 ?

A. Celtic Manor.

03. Q. Who was captain of England last time the Ashes were won on Australian soil?

A. Mike Gatting. (1987).

04. Q. Who scored England’s try in the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup Final against Australia ?

A. Jason Robinson.

05. Q. Where will the FIFA World Cup Finals of 2022 be held ?

A. Qatar.

06. Q. Who was runner-up in the 2010 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award ?

A. Phil Taylor.

07. Q. Name Team GB’s only boxing gold medallist from the 2008 Beijing Olympics ?

A. James de Gale.

08. Q. Which driver won the 2010 Formula One World Title ?

A. Sebastian Vettel.


(a) Q. Name the only football club to win the FA Cup without having played a home game.

A. Manchester United in 1990.

(b) Q. Which rugby union team plays it’s home games at The Stoop ?

A. Harlequins.

(c) Q. What is the forename of Tottenham Hotspurs’ defender Corluka ?

A. Vedran.

(d) Q. The 2015 Rugby Union World Cup finals will be held in which country ?

A. England.



01. Q. On which island is Mendelssohn’s ‘Fingal’s Cave’ to be found ?

A. Staffa. (in the Hebrides).

02. Q. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were better known as which 1980’s band ?

A. The Eurythmics.

03. Q. The hit single Mull of Kintyre by Wings was a Christmas No.1 in which year ?

A. 1977. No leeway.

04. Q. Rod Stewart famously had trials with which London football team ?

A. Brentford.

05. Q. What is the name of the lead singer from Simple Minds ?

A. Jim Kerr.

06. Q. ‘Donald where’s your troosers’ was a 1961 hit for whom and The White Heather Gang ?

A. Andy Stewart.

07. Q. The unofficial Scottish Anthem ‘Flower of Scotland’ was written by Roy Williamson in which year ? Some leeway.

A. 1967. accept 1964 – 1970.

08. Q. Craig and Charlie Reid are better known as The Proclaimers, and their song ‘Sunshine on Leith’ is a theme song for the football club they both support. Which club is this ?

A. Hibernian.


(a) Q. Who played the drums for The Bay City Rollers ?

A. Derek Longmuir.

(b) Q. ‘Fish’ was the lead singer with which Scottish band ?

A. Marillion.

(c) Q. ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is based on a poem by whom ?

A. Robert Burns.

(d) Q. ‘The Big Yin’ (Billy Connolly) had a 1975 No.1 hit single with a spoof of which Tammy Wynette song ?

A. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.


01. Q. What is the name of the Raymond Chandler detective who first appears in ‘The Big Sleep’ and who shares a surname with an English dramatist stabbed to death in Deptford in 1593 ?

A. Phillip Marlowe.

02. Q. What was the forename of Inspector Morse, taken from the Royal Navy research vessel of James Cook, on his voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand ?

A. Endeavour. (after HMS Endeavour, also called HM Bark Endeavour).

03. Q. In what is considered the first detective story, ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ by Edgar Allen Poe, what native of Indonesia was the murderer ?

A. An Orang Utan. (accept ape).

04. Q. Who wrote ‘The Moonstone’ which is considered to be the first detective novel, and also The Woman in White’. His addiction to opium led to his suffering paranoia in later life ?

A. Wilkie Collins.

05. Q. What is the full name of the fictional Italian detective, created by crime writer Michael Dibdin, and currently portrayed on TV by Rufus Sewell ?

A. Aurelio Zen.

06. Q. Which detective, who lives and works in Ystad, was created by Henning Mankell and portrayed on TV by both Krister Henriksson and Kenneth Branagh ?

A. Kurt Wallander. (Rolf Lassgard also played Wallander, but in film not TV.).

07. Q. In the opening paragraph of ‘The Sign of Four’, Sherlock Holmes is busy with specific intravenous activity which irritates Dr. Watson. What is Holmes doing ?

A. Injecting cocaine. (accept injecting drugs).

08. Q. The ‘holistic detective’, Dirk Gently, was the creation of which writer who, sadly, died of a heart attack in a Californian gym in 2001 ?

A. Douglas Adams. (of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame).


(a) Q. Starring the bungling French detective Jacques Clouseau, the series of ‘Pink Panther’ films were directed and co-written by Blake Edwards. Who composed the theme music ?

A. Henry Mancini.

(b) Q. Which half-Scottish, half-Sicillian actor replaced John Hannah to play inspector Rebus in the TV adaptation of Ian Rankin’s novels ?

A. Ken Stott.

(c) Q. The 1972 film ‘Sleuth’ involved Laurence Olivier and which other distinctive English actor in a rather twisted game ?

A. Michael Caine.


1. What does the 'T' stand for in ATM?

A. Telling - Automatic Telling Machine (accept Teller)

2. Who wrote the 'Inspector Wexford' stories?

A. Ruth Rendell

3. Which trio had a 1965 hit called 'Make it Easy on Yourself'?

A. The Walker Brothers

4. Who wrote 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'?

A. Muriel Spark

5. For what has Christopher Jeffries recently become known?

A. He is/was a suspect in the murder of Joanna Yeates (murdered 17/12/10)

6. The queen has recently become a great grandmother, who is the father of the child?

A. Peter Phillips

7. Which football referee, recently awarded an MBE, took charge of the 2010 world cup final?

A. Howard Webb

8. Give a year in the life of the artist Frans Hals.

A. 1582 to 1666


9. Who became the first female U.S. secretary of state in 1997?

A. Madeleine Albright

10. Who replaced Betty Boothroyd as Speaker of the House?

A. Michael Martin

11. What is the name of the inlet of the North Sea within the Netherlands that is separated by a dam built in 1932?

A. Zuider Zee

12. What type of creature is a vervet?

A. Monkey

13. The Khyber Pass links Pakistan with which other country?

A. Afghanistan

14. Name one of the two countries that the Palk Strait separates.

A. India and Sri Lanka

15. In Greek Mythology who was the husband of Hera?

A. Zeus

16. Who was the first Hanoverian monarch?

A. George I (1714-1727)


17. Who is the author of the 'Shardlake' series of novels?

A. C.J. Sansom

18. Which organ in the body produces bile?

A. Liver

19. How many lines are there in a sonnet?

A. 14

20. What was the name of the gardener in the children's TV program 'The Herbs'

A. Bayleaf

21. Which actor's films include 'The Firm', 'Interview with the Vampire' and 'Magnolia'?

A. Tom Cruise

22. In 1940 whom did Hitler appoint Marshal of the Reich (Reichmarshal), the first and only holder of the title?

A. Hermann Goering

23. Who assassinated John Lennon?

A. Mark Chapman

24. The standard rate of VAT in the UK has recently increased to 20%, what was the standard rate when it was introduced in 1973?

A. 10% (reduced to 8% the following year)


25. Why was Salman Taseer recently in the news?

A. He was the Governor of Punjab province of Pakistan killed by his bodyguard

26. Name the current Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

A. Alan Johnson

27. What is the common name for the Chilean Pine Tree?

A. Monkey Puzzle Tree

28. Which former world darts champion has the nickname 'Darth Maple'?

A. John Part (Canadian)

29. In Archery what is the notch on the back of the arrow known as?

A. The Nock

30. Who painted 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'?

A. Jan Vermeer

31. What was the speckled band in the Sherlock Holmes story of the title

A. A Venomous Snake

32. Which fish has the Latin name Esox Lucius?

A. The Pike


33. Which female singer featured on the Take That hit 'Relight my Fire'?

A. Lulu

34. Robert Smith found fame as the lead singer of which band?

A. The Cure

35. In which city is Logan airport?

A. Boston

36. The name of which capital city translates into English as 'good winds'?

A. Buenos Aires

37. Which country has a flag that features a 24-spoked wheel?

A. India

38. In which industry did Lakshmi Mittal make his fortune?

A. Steel

39. For which film did David Niven win a best actor Oscar?

A. Separate Tables

40. Which sitcom features flatmates Jeremy and Mark?

A. Peep Show


41. What is coriander called in USA?

A. Cilantro

42. Miel is the French word for which foodstuff?

A. Honey

43. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" is a line written by which poet?

A. John Keats

44. Carlos Acosta is a leading name in which of the arts?

A. Ballet

45. On which horse did Tony McCoy win the 2010 Grand National?

A. Don't Push It

46. 'The Art of Captaincy' is a book written by which cricketer?

A. Mike Brearley

47. Who became MP for Richmond in 1989?

A. William Hague

48. The Hofburg Imperial Palace is in which country?

A. Austria


49. The Stooges found fame as whose backing band?

A. Iggy Pop

50. In which county is Leeds Castle?

A. Kent

51. The French call it La Manche, meaning 'the sleeve'. What is it called in English?

A. The English Channel

52. In which harbour city did the Rainbow Warrior sink?

A. Auckland (New Zealand)

53. What hobby/pastime do cruciverbalists indulge in?

A. Crossword Puzzles

54. David Bowie, Michael Faraday, Joseph Conrad, Aldous Huxley, Stephen Hawking, Robert Morley, William Butler Yeats and Rudyard Kipling are some examples of men who have declined what?

A. A Knighthood

55. Which vessel, named after a famous fictional ship, was the first to cross the North Pole beneath the ice?

A. USS Nautilus

56. Which tragic Open Air Concert in December 1969 was documented in the film 'Gimme Shelter'?

A. Altamont


57. What are the plastic horns made popular at football matches in South Africa called?

A. Vuvuzelas

58. Snoopy, the dog in Peanuts, often imagined his doghouse was which make of aeroplane?

A. Sopwith Camel

59. How was Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu better known?

A. Mother Teresa

60. How is Ilyena Vasilevna Mironov better known?

A. Helen Mirren

61. Which impeccably dressed gentleman drove a 1926, 4.5 litre Bentley in a popular TV series?

A. John Steed (The Avengers)

62. Name the cult holed up in Waco, Texas, many of whose members were killed when the FBI stormed their compound after a 51-day siege.

A. Branch Davidians (accept Davidians)

63. Pete Postlethwaite was nominated for an Oscar for his role in which film?

A. In the Name of the Father

64. Which film of 1960 was directed by and also starred John Wayne?

A. The Alamo


65. What did Oscar Wilde describe as "The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable"?

A. Fox Hunting

66. In which book do two countries go to war over the best way to open a soft-boiled egg?

A. Gulliver’s Travels

67. Name either of the two male tennis players who took part in the longest ever Wimbledon match in 2010?

A. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut

68. Which golfer won the 2010 (British) Open Championship?

A. Louis Oosthuizen

69. Who was the Maltese Prime minister instrumental in closing the British military base in Malta in 1979?

A. Dom Mintoff

70. Which North African port's name derives from the Spanish for 'white house'?

A. Casablanca

71. What is the proper name for a maker of hats?

A. Milliner

72. What is the collective name for the hand maidens of Odin?

A. The Valkyries


73. What is the only vowel not to be found on the top line of letters on a standard keybooard?

A. The letter ‘A

74. What is the more common name for Hansen's Disease?

A. Leprosy

75. What is the capital of Morocco?

A. Rabat

76. Which country is served by The Maurice Bishop international airport?

A. Grenada

77. In the acronym SONAR what does the 'N' stand for?

A. Navigation

78. In computing a 'bit' is short for what?

A. Binary Digit

79. The comedian Omid Djalili can be seen on which TV advertising campaign?

A. Money Supermarket (.com)

80. Which TV commercial contains the line: "There are two men in my life, to one I am a mother to the other I'm a wife, and I give them both the best with…"?

A. Natural Shredded Wheat


81. Who wrote 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'?

A. Truman Capote

82. Ishmael is the narrator, what is the book?

A. Moby Dick

83. Yorkshire Fog, Timothy, Crested dog's tail and Fescue are all types of what?

A. Grasses

84. Sting and Andy Summers were two of the three members of the band 'The Police'. Who was the third?

A. Stewart Copeland

85. Which manufacturer has recently launched the 'Leaf' a full production electric car?

A. Nissan

86. Which cricket commentator is affectionately known as 'Bumble'?

A. David Lloyd

87. The third day's play in the final ashes test at Sydney last week was unusual because of the predominance of what colour?

A. Pink (To raise funds for the Glenn McGrath Foundation – his wife Jane died from breast cancer)

88. Who is taking over the CNN interview job in the US from Larry King?

A. Piers Morgan


89. Who had a 'magic baton', a 'talking train' and most famously a 'magic piano'?

A. Sparky

90. Who composed 'Peter and the Wolf'?

A. Sergei Prokofiev

91. Who composed 'Fanfare for the Common Man'?

A. Aaron Copland

92. What were duo Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield better known as?

A. The Righteous Brothers

93. Which sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia?

A. Adriatic

94. In the Bible who was asked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac?

A. Abraham

95. How many runs in total did Ricky Ponting score in the recent Ashes test series?

A. 113 (accept 103 to 123)

96. At 39 years and 321 days, who is the oldest player to make his debut in a FIFA World Cup tournament?

A. David James



1. Who was runner-up in 2010 X Factor?

A. Rebecca Ferguson

2. What is the alcoholic ingredient of a Mojito?

A. White Rum

3. The Mojave Desert is mainly in which US state?

A. California

4. Donald Duck's penny-pinching Uncle Scrooge was born in which European country?

A. Scotland (Scrooge McDuck)

5. What is the name of the castle situated in Anglesey?

A. Beaumaris


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