Saturday, January 22, 2011

18 January–The Questions



Set by Harrington Academicals

Specialist Questions vetted by Waters Green Rams

General Knowledge vetted by Church House Bollington

Specialist Subjects :

Military History - weapons through history

Geography - Paint it Black

Arts and Entertainment - A quiz about quizzes


Science - Medical Matters

Fruit and Veg

The Sixties

Meet the Browns

Military History - weapons through history

1 What weapon was used for the first time in battle in England at the Battle of Hastings?


2 Which major weapon of war was used for the first time in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme?


3 What innovative equipment first featured on the USS Monitor, launched in 1862 and used with great success against the confederates?

A rotating gun turret

4 What was Holland 1 the first of in British Naval History in 1901?

1st submarine to enter service with the Royal Navy

5 Which gas was used for the first time on a large scale at Ypres in 1915?

Chlorine gas. The gas affected 10,000 troops half of whom died within 10 minutes of it reaching the front line.

6 According to its inventor this weapon was created to reduce the size of armies and so reduce the number of deaths by combat and disease, and to show how futile war is. First use in warfare in the American civil war still used in aircraft today?

Gatling gun

7 Translated as 'Divine wind' . What was this suicidal form of attack more commonly known as Kamikaze?

Japanese suicide air attacks on the allied Pacific Fleet in WW2

8 Which weapon was the world's first rocket powered long-range combat-ballistic missile?

The V2 rocket produced by Nazi Germany in WW2 ( The VI was a flying bomb powered by a ram jet )


Supp 1 This iconic hand gun helped win the west and is one of the longest running production models

Colt 45

Supp2 What weapon was carried by followers of the Japanese Bushido ethic code Samurai?


Geography - Paint it Black or who's been on a cruise then !

1 In Which Black Sea resort did Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet in 1945 to discuss the future of Europe?


2 In which modern day country did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?


3 In which city are the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held?

Sochi (on the Black Sea coast of Russia)

4 In which country, bordering on the Black Sea is the world's largest parliamentary building?

Romania (formerly Ceaucescu's palace)

5 In which city, known as the pearl of the Black Sea, are the Potemkin Steps, which featured in the Eisenstein film and were the site of a massacre?


6. What is the modern name of the Hellespont?


7 Which Black Sea country borders Russia and Turkey?


8 Which Ukrainian city, formerly the base for the Soviet Black Sea fleet has just been leased back to Russia for 25 years?



Supp 1 What first world war campaign, which in this country is named after a Turkish peninsula, do the French call "les Dardanelles"?


Supp 2 The ancient area of Thrace now covers bits of Turkey and Greece but predominantly which modern country?


Arts and Entertainment - A Quiz About Quizzes.

1 Producer Bill Wright's interrogation experiences at the hands of the Gestapo were the inspiration for which TV quiz show?


2 Since Angus Deayton left the show, which comedy actor has been the most frequent host of "Have 1 Got News For You?"

Alexander Armstrong (17 times). Next on the list is Jack Dee's nine stints as host.

3 Who is the current host of Radio 4's "The News Quiz"?

Sandi Toksvig

4 "From Norwich, it's the Quiz of the Week" was the introduction to which programme?

Sale of the Century

5 Who was the original host of the long running quiz show "Ask The Family"?

Robert Robinson. (Later versions were presented by Alan Titchmarsh and alleged kids entertainers Dick & Dom)

6 Who is the current host of Radio 4's "Brain of Britain"?

Russell Davies

7 Beloved of students, which UK daytime quiz show of the 80s and 90s featured contestants from a variety of European countries?

Going For Gold

8. The 2006 film "Starter For Ten" was based around the lead character's ambition to appear on which show?

University Challenge


S1 Hosted by Nick Owen, what was the name of ITV's short¬lived 80s rival to "A Question of Sport"?

Sporting Triangles

S2. Who was the darts referee who co-hosted Bullseye alongside Jim Bowen?

Tony "Mr 180" Green.


1 Britain currently has 5 World Boxing champions. Two of these are David Haye and Amir Khan; please name one of the others.

Ricky Burns (Super-feather), Carl Froch (Super-middle), Nathan Cleverly (Light-heavy).

2 Which batting landmark did Sachin Tendulkar reach in the recent test against South Africa at Centurion ?

He became the first batsman to make 50 test match centuries.

3 Which baseball team finally overcame the "Curse of Babe Ruth" to win the World Series in 2004, for the first time in 86 years.

Boston Red Sox

4 In which country will this year's Rugby Union world cup be held?

New Zealand

5 Times journalist Matthew Syed was for many years ranked UK number one in which sport?

Table Tennis

6 Which snooker player, three times winner of the Masters tournament, died in 2006 at the age of just 27?

Paul Hunter

7 Which British city will host the 2014 Commonwealth Games?


8. Who won both the 5000m and 10000m at last year's European Athletics championships?

Mo Farah


S1. Who is Harry Redknapp's famous footballing nephew?

Frank Lampard

S2. The then world record attendance for a rugby league game of over 102,000 was set at which British ground in 1954?

Odsal Stadium, Bradford

Science - Medical Matters

1 A flu' epidemic is defined as how many reported cases per 100,000 of the population?

200 +_ 50 leeway

2 What is the hormone that controls glucose uptake in cells and the deficiency of which is responsible for a type of diabetes?


3 What condition is measured by the BM Index?


4 What are the cells that aggregate to prevent arterial blood loss and can also cause arterial thrombosis?


5 What is the common name for periorbital haematoma?

A Black eye

6 Tinea pedis is an itchy infection of the foot. What is it commonly known as?

Athletes Foot

7 Which ancient Greek is known as the "Father of Medicine?


8 Who wrote the classic medical text book on Anatomy, first published in 1918?

Henry Grey


Supp 1 What is the study of the development of a baby from fertilisation of an egg to birth called?


Supp 2 What is the name of the artery which supplies blood to the heart?

Coronary Artery

Fruit and Veg - a round where all answers are fruit and vegetable related

1 Which slang term for a vegetable is also a hole in your sock?


2 How is a loveapple better known?

A Tomato. thinks it could be linked to the French Pomme d' amour however it also appears in Dr Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language

3 What vegetable is a term of endearment in French?

Cabbage ( Mon petit chou )

4 George Bush was reported as saying “I'm the president of the united States and if I don't want to eat this vegetable I won't”. What was the vegetable?

Broccoli. Nether Bush liked Broccoli.

5 What fruit did Hercules steal as his 11th labour?

Apples The Golden apples which gave immortality.

6 What would a boxer be suffering from if he had haemotoma auris?

Cauliflower ear

7. A hand held device for accessing the internet?

Blackberry or Apple

8 A Durham fast bowler one of Wisden's five cricketers of the year in 2009.

Onions ( Graham )


Supp 1 Daughter of Saint Bob

Peaches (Geldof)

Supp2 The source of Popeye's strength


The Sixties - if you can remember them you weren't there !

1 Which track by the Byrds was banned by the BBC for alleged drug references?

8 Miles High

2 What is the title of Keith Richards' recent autobiography?


3 The Artist Don van Vleit died recently. In the 60's, he was a performing artist under what stage name?

Captain Beefheart

4 Who defined Rock journalism as people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read?

Frank Zappa

5 What was Purple Haze in the Hendrix song?

A type of acid (LSD)

6 Which band took their name from the book by Aldous Huxley describing his experience of Mescalin?

The Doors (after Doors of Perception)

7 In the context of the sixties counterculture, what is a bong?

A water pipe for smoking hashish or similar

8 Which underground magazine was famously prosecuted for obscenity in 1971 (it took the law a while to catch up with the magazine)?



Supp 1 Which group, all ex-members of the RAF had a hit with 'its good news week'? Hedgehoppers Anonymous

Supp 2 What was Lou Reed's drug of choice according to the track of the same name on the album The Velvet Underground and Nico?


Supp 3 Who was the defending Barrister in the Oz trial?

John Mortimer


1 Which constituency does Gordon Brown hold?

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (accept either)

2 What, in 1978, made Louise Brown famous?

She was the first test tube baby

3 Who played John Brown in the film "Mrs Brown"?

Billy Connelly

4 Who created the cartoon character Charlie Brown?

Charles Schultz

5 Which boxer was named the Brown Bomber?

Joe Louis

6 Which US city is home to the NFL team, the Browns?


7 In Monopoly, name either of the two properties coloured brown.

Old Kent Road and Whitechapel

8 In which Christmas song does a snowman pretend to be Parson Brown?

Winter Wonderland


Supp 1 Of which county is Brown Willy the highest point?


Supp 2 What is the real name of the comedian Chubby Brown?

Royston Vasey


General Knowledge

You might find some of the answers in the Quiz League News and Views

1 Whose symphonies include The Clock, the surprise and the London?


2 Who patented the design of the hand grenade named after him, which was used by the British army from 1915 until the 1970's?

William Mills

3 Which rock star piloted the plane when Liverpool Football Club flew to Italy for their match against Napoli in the UEFA cup this season?

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

4 Jennifer Thompson has been in the news recently. Why?

She was the prostitute who allegedly slept with Wayne Rooney.

5 Why did the death of Eileen Nearne attract the interest of national news last September and bring the people of Torquay onto the streets?

She worked for SOE as a spy codenamed Rose during WW 2. Her funeral was originally organized by Torbay council, but when details of her war service came to light she was buried with full military honours. Accept Spy

6 What is a Manse?

A Church House (in Scotland)

7 What is the type of Jacket, worn by Elvis and Steve McQueen named after Ryan O'Neil's character in Peyton Place?


8 How many different types of 50p coins, each representing a different sport are being minted to commemorate the London Olympics of 2012?

29 + 2 leeway

9 Autumn Kelly is married to which member of the Royal Family?

Peter Phillips

10 What is the title of Stephen Hawking' s 2010 book about life, the universe and everything except God?

A Grand Design

11 A type of baggy trouser, originating in the 1920's favoured by members of a certain university

Oxford Bags

12 What was the name of the rescue pod in the San Jose mine


13 Don Partridge died last year - what was the No 1 hit that made his name?


14 Who won Channel 4's Ultimate Big Brother?

Brian Bowling

15 Andrew Coles was recently relieved as a submarine captain for running aground off which island?


16 What type of building won the first BBC "Restoration" series?


17 What was the team tennis competition for women contested from 1923 through 1989 (except during World War II) between teams from the United States and Great Britain?

Wightman cup

18 Name the volcano that has erupted recently and caused devastation in the region of Indonesia/Java ?

Mount Merapi

19 Which band was formed by Ashley Hutchins after he left Steeleye Span. It has been through many incarnations since, and since 2005 has done several Christmas Concerts at the Buxton Opera House

Albion Band

20 Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?

Liu Xiaobo Accept a reasonable attempt

21 What novel by Franz Kafka, published in 1926 after the author's death features the protagonist "K" battling against bureaucracy?

The Castle

22 Who played Sherlock Holmes in the 2010 BBC production?

Benedict Cumberbatch

23 The city of Albi houses the museum dedicated to the works of which artist, who was born there in 1864?

Toulouse Lautrec

24 Who wrote "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"?

Steig Larsson

25 What is the title of the Oscar winning film about Al Gore's campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues?

An Inconvenient Truth

26' Why did Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa make the news in October 2010?

Won Nobel Prize for literature

27 Title of Susan Boyle's new album which went to no 1 in UK and USA

The Gift

28 What is the more familiar name for the middle eastern dish Shawarma. Made usually of lamb and cooked on a vertical roasting spit?

Doner kebab

29 What is the title of Bruce Springsteen's recently released album of material that didn't get onto the "Darkness at the Edge of Town" album?

The Promise

30 Who won the 2010 Turner Prize?

Susan Phillipz

31 Which ex Macclesfield Town footballer scored a hat trick for Preston in the 6 - 4 away victory over Leeds this season?

Jon Parkin

32 What is the AFC East American football team based in Florida?

Miami Dolphins

33 Who was the artist who created an installation of 5 Million Ceramic beads at Tate Modern?

Ai weiwei

34 Where is the Macclesfield cinema now located?

The Sunday School Building or Silk Heritage Centre Roe Street

35 Who was the captain of the 1974 British Lions tour of South Africa, where the famous "99" call was introduced?

Willie John McBride (at the call of 99, all 15 players would join in any fight - the ref couldn't send them all off)

36 Who is the current flat racing Champion Jockey?

Paul Hanaghan

37 What is the emblem of Staffordshire, recently incorporated into the logo at a reported cost of £7000?

The Knot

38 What is the alternative name of the 7 stars making up "The big Dipper"?

The Plough

39 Who won the 2010 X Factor?

Matt Cardie

40 What is the popular name of a wide leather belt supported by a strap passing over the right shoulder, and commonly seen in military or police uniforms?

Sam Browne

41 What national iconic design was adopted in 1801 and has remained unchanged since then?

The British Flag

42 Who was the former health secretary and MP for Leicester West who was caught by the Channel 4 "cash for influence" sting, and did not seek re election in 2010, citing "personal reasons"?

Patricia Hewitt

43 Who won the Golden Boot at the 2010 World Cup?

Thomas Mueller

44 Who was described by Churchill as "a modest man with much to be modest about" Asquith (it was actually Atlee)

45 What was the name of the 2010 world cup match ball produced by Addidas?

Jabulani (also jabilani)

46 What was the name of the irritating trumpet heard at the world cup?


47 Which of the seven dwarfs doesn't have a beard?


48 How is Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha better known?

Nani - the Manchester United footballer

49 Who won the Golden Gloves at the 2010 World Cup?


50 Who rode the 2010 Derby winner?

Ryan Moore

51 What metal is obtained from Malachite?


52 Which famous fictional character could think of 6 impossible things to do before breakfast?


53 What was the number 1 album by Paul and Linda McCartney in 1971?


54 Frances Stuart, Duchess of Lennox was romantically linked with King Charles 2 in Pepys’ diary. Why is her profile in common use today?

It is the profile of Britannia used on coinage

55 Who is the founder of Wikileaks?

Julian Assange

56 What was the occupation of Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream?


57 What is the name of a King George 5th class WW 2 battleship and the name of the second of the forthcoming Queen Elizabeth 2 class aircraft carriers to be launched when we have the money?

Prince of Wales

58 Who wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom?

T E Lawrence Accept Lawrence of Arabia

59 In which town was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake?


60 Who was described in Wikileaks as "has an authoritarian and thin skinned personal style" and "an emperor with no clothes"?

Nicolas Sarkozy

61 Who was described in Wikileaks as "Feckless, vain and ineffective as a European leader"?

Silvio Berlusconi

62 Who is the Sale fly half who has over 80 caps for England?

Charlie Hodgson

63 Who was the hero of a series of novels written under the pseudonym "Sapper", published from 1920 to 1954?

Bulldog Drummond

64 In which modern country is Transylvania?


65 Which King of England lost his son when The White Ship sank in 1120?

Henry I

66 Who threw herself under George V's horse during the Derby?

Emily Wilding Davison

67 What is the current name of the Macclesfield pub previously known as The Talbot?

Chester Road Tavern (Actually the Talbot has been demolished – it stood where the Regency roundabout is now)

68 What is or was a Talbot as in the pub name?

A hunting dog Accept dog

69 Who is the leading actress in the Lars von Trier film, "Breaking the Waves"?

Emily Watson

70 Which English team is the only winner of the European football championship not playing in the premier league?

Nottingham forest

71 What is the famous ruined Cistercian monastery, two miles southwest of Ripon in North Yorkshire?

Fountains Abbey

72 Who was the civil servant in the war office who designed a portable pre fabricated truss bridge, named after him and still in military use today?

Donald Bailey

73 Which country has the 3rd highest number of satellites in orbit


74 The literary character Cedric Errol is better known as whom?

Little Lord Fauntleroy

75 What did Henri Dunant's account of the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino lead to in 1863?

The establishment of the International committee of the Red Cross

76 What is the layer beneath the earth's crust called?

The mantle

77. What was the tune adapted by Malcolm Arnold as the theme for the film "Bridge over the River Kwai"?

Colonel Bogey

78 In which royal palace was Henry VIII born?

Greenwich Palace

79 Who said "I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to."Elvis Presley

80 What do we call a castrated male chicken?


81 What was referred to as a "Nantucket Sleigh Ride"?

A boat being towed by a harpooned whale

82 Which tennis competition was conceived in 1899 by four members of the Harvard University tennis team as a challenge match between USA and Great Britain?

Davis Cup

83 In Welsh place names what does "Rhos" mean?


84 Three towns claim to be the ancient capital of Mercia. Name one of them

Tamworth, Repton or Lichfield

85 Of all the countries to have hosted the summer Olympics, which has the smallest population?


86 Where would you find the Sea of Showers?

The moon

87 To which royal house did James II belong?


88 The RAF donated a spitfire to the city of Reginald Mitchell's birth. In which city's museum is it?

Stoke on Trent

89 How many nail holes are there in a standard horse shoe?


90 In bookmakers' parlance, how much is a "monkey "?


91 What is the type of brandy traditionally produced in Italy from leftover materials from the winemaking process?


92 Who invented the spinning jenny?


93 Which of Hoist's planets is associated with the astrological character "The Magician"?


94 Which character in Shrek is voiced by Antonio Banderas?

Puss in Boots

95 Where is the only place in Europe where apes live free?


96 Most of these questions have been checked using Wikipedia - for what that's worth. What does wiki mean in the original Hawaiian?



Supp 1 Devilishly named and devilishly strong ale formerly brewed by Youngs of Wandsworth

Old Nick

Supp2 What is the only type of bird that can fly backwards?


Supp 3 Which is the hardest bone in the body?

The jawbone

Supp 4 What colour does the bride wear in china?


Supp 5 What is the third book of the Old Testament (King James version) which includes detailed restrictions on dietary and sexual matters?

Leviticus (the Latin branch of Alan's family?)

Supp 6 Seminal minimalist 1964 composition by Terry Riley (who later recorded Church of Anthrax with John Cale from Velvet Underground)



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