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30th November All Questions Set By the Ox Fford C


vetted by the Albion and

the Sutton Church House

Specialist rounds

Arts & Entertainment: Five a day



Sport: Ladies’ Day




Saint Andrew’s Day

Round 1 Arts & Entertainment: Five a day

In each case either the question or the answer contains a fruit or vegetable.

1. Q Which book and film feature the character Harry Lime?
A The Third Man

2. Q Which Shakespeare play features a carpenter called Peter Quince?
A A Midsummer Night’s Dream

3. Q Which band has released albums called Californication and Stadium Arcadium?
A Red Hot Chilli Peppers

4. Q Who painted the 1885 work The Potato Eaters?
A Vincent van Gogh

5. Q In children’s TV how were Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky collectively known?
A Banana Splits

6. Q Which comedian was born Robert Norman Davis?
A Jasper Carrott

7. Q Which 1946 John Ford film is based on the story of the gunfight at the OK Corral?
A My Darling Clementine

8. Q What was the Beatle-inspired name of the Bond girl in the film Quantum of Solace, played by Gemma Arterton?
A Strawberry Fields


1. Which song contains the line ‘I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree’?
The Joker (Steve Miller Band)

2. Who composed the opera The Love for Three Oranges?
Sergei Prokofiev

Round 2 Geography

1. Q Which sea area is named after a tiny uninhabited island in the Atlantic Ocean?
A Rockall

2. Q In the USA, which city is known as the Windy City?
A Chicago

3. Q In which Irish county is Blarney Castle?
A Cork

4. Q In which Irish county is Malin Head, the northernmost point of Ireland?
A Donegal

5. Q Chimborazo, an inactive volcano, is the highest mountain in which country?
A Ecuador

6. Q Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which country?
A Canada

7. Q Which world-famous landmark would you see near Keystone, South Dakota?
A Mount Rushmore

8. Q Which county was created in 1974 from parts of Yorkshire and Durham, and abolished in 1996?
A Cleveland


  1. Q Which south-east Asian country has a name that, in its own language, means “land of the south”?
    A Vietnam
  2. Q In which English county is the Vale of Pewsey?
    A Wiltshire

Round 3 History

1. Q Who became the last Norman king of England, when he was succeeded to the throne by Henry of Anjou?
A Stephen (Henry of Anjou became Henry II, England’s first Plantagenet king)

2. Q Who was shot dead in 1812 by a bankrupt Liverpool broker named John Bellingham?
A Spencer Perceval (The Prime Minister)

3. Q Who was President of the USA at the beginning of the 20th century?
A William McKinley (assassinated 1901)

4. What popular name was given in World War II to the young men chosen by ballot to serve in Britain’s coal mines rather than the armed forces?
A Bevin boys

5. Q Which English king was the father of Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, also known as “the Butcher of Culloden”?
A George II

6. Q Who was the first Prime Minister of India, and the father of Indira Gandhi?
A Jawaharlal (Pandit) Nehru

7. Q In which year did both Benjamin Disraeli and W. E. Gladstone become Prime Minister for the first time?
A 1868 (accept 1863-1873)

8. Q Which British Prime Minister first said ‘A week is a long time in politics’?
A Harold Wilson


1. Q What was the popular British name for the German defensive wall of World War II, known in German as the Westwall?
A The Siegfried Line (the original Siegfried Line formed part of the larger Hindenburg Line, in World War I)

2. Q At which city in southern Italy did the Royal Navy launch a famous attack on the Italian fleet in November 1940?
A Taranto (it was the first all-aircraft ship-to-ship attack in history)

Round 4 Sport: Ladies’ Day

Just for a change, a round about women in sport.

1. Q Who became the first woman to circumnavigate the world single-handedly, in 1978?
A Naomi James

2. Q Who is currently the world heptathlon champion?
A Jessica Ennis

3. Q At the Beijing Olympics, swimmers Kerri-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten won silver and bronze medals respectively, in which event?
A 10km (open water)

4. Q Which club has won the FA Women’s Premier League every year since 2001?
A Arsenal

5. Q In netball, which player can move in any area of the court except the two shooting circles?
A Centre

6. Q Which male tennis player challenged and was beaten by Billie-Jean King in the so-called Battle of the Sexes in 1973?
A Bobby Riggs

7. Q Which aboriginal athlete lit the Olympic flame at the Sydney Olympics and went on to win gold in the 400m?
A Cathy Freeman

8. Q Rebecca Romero has won Olympic medals in two different sports. Name either.
A Rowing (silver in the quadruple sculls 2004) or cycling (gold in the individual pursuit 2008)


1. Q With which sport is Venetia Williams associated?
A Horse racing (she trained the 2009 Grand National winner)

2. Q Gail Emms retired from which sport in 2008?

A Badminton

Round 5 Science

1. Q What is the more common name for laparoscopic surgery?
A Keyhole surgery

2. Q Which branch of medicine is concerned with diseases of the blood?
A Haematology

3. Q What is most commonly added to iron to make steel?
A Carbon

4. Q What is another name for vitamin B9, recommended for pregnant women?
A Folic acid

5. Q What was the first planet to be discovered using a telescope?
A Neptune

6. Q Which astronomical event happened in 2004 and will happen again in 2012, but then won’t happen again until 2117?
A The transit of Venus (across the Sun, as seen from Earth)

7. Q Bee, fly, butterfly, frog and lizard are all types of what plant?
A Orchid

8. Q What type of creature is a flying fox?
A A bat


  1. Q Which disease acquired its name in 1976 at an ex-servicemen’s conference in Philadelphia?
    A Legionnaire’s disease
  2. Q Which substance or chemical compound makes the surface of the planet Mars look red?
    A Iron oxide (rust) – accept either

Round 6 Saints

A picture round! QM please read out the following:

Some of the pictures are of actual saints, some are of people and/or things that are named after saints. In each case, you have to identify the saint. Where there is more than one picture, they are all named after the same saint.




clip_image002[4]Who is this being crucified upside down – as painted by Caravaggio?






These three people are all named after the same saint. Which one?




Similarly, these two places and this person are all named after the same saint

















The team on the left is Batley. Which team is on the right?

St. Mark (St. Mark’s Square, Venice – as painted by Canaletto)

  1. St. Peter (being crucified upside down – as painted by Caravaggio)
  2. St. Sebastian (traditional – although not strictly accurate – depiction of his martyrdom. This one is by someone called Il Sodoma, and can be seen in the Uffizi, Florence)
  3. St. John (Norman St. John Stevas MP; actress Jill St. John as Bond girl Tiffany Case in Diamonds are Forever; footballer Ian St. John)
  4. St. James (St. James’s Park Newcastle, top left; St. James’s Park Exeter, bottom; actress Susan St. James – best known as Wife in McMillan & Wife – top right)
  5. St. Joan (Joan of Arc; poster for George Bernard Shaw’s play)
  6. St. Pancras (frontage of the London railway terminus)
  7. St. Michael (St. Michael’s Mount, near Penzance, in daylight; Mont St. Michel in Normandy, at night)


  1. St. Louis (Spirit of St. Louis, the plane in which Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in 1927)
  2. St. Helen (St. Helens rugby league team, pictured at the 1897 Challenge Cup Final. Did they really play in that assortment of kit?)

Alternative questions for any visually impaired players:

  1. Q Who is the patron saint of music?
    A St Cecilia
  2. Q Which saint was executed by Henry VIII in 1535?
    A St Thomas More

Round 7 Andrews

To celebrate St Andrew’s Day, a round about Andrews. You simply need to name the Andrew that fits each of the following descriptions.

1. Q BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2005
A Andrew Flintoff

2. Q Poet laureate from 1999 - 2009
A Andrew Motion

3. Q Former BBC political editor, and host of Radio 4’s Start the Week
A Andrew Marr

4. Q Half of the 1980s beat duo Wham!
A Andrew Ridgley

5. Q German born actor whose most famous creation was from Barcelona
A Andrew Sachs

6. Q Seventh president of the United States, nicknamed Old Hickory
A Andrew Jackson

7. Q In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a friend of Sir Toby Belch
A Sir Andrew Aguecheek

8. Q Current Secretary of State for Health (as of Friday 26th November)
A Andrew Lansley


  1. Q Who wrote the 1742 novel Joseph Andrews?
    A Henry Fielding
  2. Q Who succeeded Eamonn Andrews as presenter of This is Your Life in 1987?
    A Michael Aspel

Round 8 Saint Andrew’s Day

To celebrate St Andrew’s Day a bit more, a round about Scotland.

1. Q Which island is home to eight working whisky distilleries, including Lagavulin and Laphroaig?
A Islay

2. Q What is the Gaelic word for Scotland, and also the name of the BBC’s Gaelic language TV channel?
A Alba

3. Q On what date is Burns night celebrated?
A January 25th

4. Q How high does a mountain have to be to qualify as a Munro?
A 3000ft (strictly speaking, it’s now 914m)

5. Q How are identical twins Charlie and Craig Reid better known?
A The Proclaimers

6. Q Which town is the administrative centre of the Shetland Islands?
A Lerwick

7. Q One of the main exponents of Art Nouveau in the UK, who designed the Glasgow School of Art, amongst many other buildings in the city?
A Charles Rennie Mackintosh

8. Q Which comedy character originally appeared in the TV show Naked Video and was described by his long-suffering wife as ‘the original unemployed person’?
A Rab C Nesbitt


1. Q Which football team plays its home games at Pittodrie Stadium?
A Aberdeen

2. Q Edinburgh Castle stands at one end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Which building faces it at the opposite end?
A Holyrood Palace (or the Palace of Holyrood House)


General knowledge

1. Q What do ungulates have that other mammals do not?
A Hooves

2. Q Why were Kent couple Paul and Rachel Chandler in the news earlier this month?
A They were hostages released by Somali pirates

3. Q Which type of cloud formation is most associated with rain and is named from the Latin word for cloud or rainstorm?
A Nimbus

4. Q What is the name of Princess Anne’s home in the Cotswolds?
A Gatcombe Park

5. Q What name has been used since the 17th century for the gate that allows entry into the Tower of London from the River Thames?
A Traitor’s Gate

6. Q In which city is the pilgrim route known as the Via Dolorosa?
A Jerusalem

7. Q According to an old advertising campaign, what “gave a meal man appeal”?
A Oxo

8. Q Similarly, what was supposed to help you to “keep that schoolgirl complexion”?
A Palmolive


9. Q Which brewery was founded in Strasbourg in 1664?
A Kronenbourg

10. Q Which famous London restaurant was founded by Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray?
A The River Cafe

11. Q What was Che Guevara’s first name?
A Ernesto

12. Q Which soap character recently returned from the grave to be reunited with her dying husband?
A Vera Duckworth

13. Q Produced in 2005, what is (to date) the only feature-length film in Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit series?
A The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

14. Q Apart from the Pyramids, which one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was in Egypt?
A The Pharos (accept lighthouse) at Alexandria

15. Q Which famous horse race was named after the home of the Twelfth Earl of Derby?
A The Oaks

16. Q How old is Bart Simpson?
A Ten


17. Q Which country’s flag bears the motto Ordem e Progresso?
A Brazil’s

18. Q What French word, meaning a fishbone, is used for a knife-edged mountain ridge between two glacial valleys?
A Arete

19. Q Which iconic British retail business was first established at Euston station in 1848?
A W H Smith

20. Q What, according to a well-known saying, is the thief of time?
A Procrastination

21. Q What, according to a well-known saying, is paved with good intentions?
A The road to hell

22. Q Who kicked 25 points as England beat Australia 35-18 at rugby union earlier this month?
A Toby Flood

23. Q Of whom did Christopher Marlowe write, “Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?”?
A Helen of Troy (in Doctor Faustus)

24. Q Who wrote and spoke, in a 1993 film, the line, “I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland”?
A Woody Allen (in Manhattan Murder Mystery)


25. Q Which slow dance in three-four time is known by a French name that indicates its country of origin?
A The polonaise

26. Q Which British Prime minister was married to Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, the niece of Sir Winston?
A Anthony Eden

27. Q Which 2002 film includes the line, “’With great power comes great responsibility.’ This is my gift, my curse”?
A Spiderman

28. Q Which 1999 film had the tagline, “Be afraid of the future”?
A The Matrix

29. Q Which Premiership football club recently unveiled its third strip for the current season, officially described as “Harrods green”, prompting headlines such as “Is this the worst kit of all time?”
A Fulham

30. Q Which 1980s band had three members whose surname was Taylor, all of whom were unrelated?
A Duran Duran (John and Roger Taylor were always in the band; Andy Taylor came and went, but was a member during their heyday)

31. Q In Australia, what is a brumby?
A A wild horse

32. Q At which naval dockyard did Elizabeth I make her famous speech to the troops assembled to fight the Armada?
A Tilbury (“I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman …”)


33. Q In the UK, what was controversially outlawed on February 18th 2005?
A Hunting with dogs

34. Q Texas’s busiest airport serves Dallas, and which other city?
A Fort Worth

35. Q Which grape variety has a name that’s Spanish for “little early one”?
A Tempranillo

36. Q Who was the alter-ego of Manchester musician and comedian Chris Sievey (see-vee), who died in June this year?
A Frank Sidebottom

37. Q What name was given to the area around Dublin that was ruled directly by the English in the late Middle Ages?
A The Pale

38. Q Complete this catchphrase: ‘But which is better? There’s only one way to find out ...’
A Fight! (from Harry Hill’s TV Burp)

39. Q In which musical would you hear the line “If you could see her through my eyes, she wouldn’t be Jewish at all.”?
A Cabaret

  1. Q Which controversial 20th century novel begins: “Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically.”?
    A Lady Chatterley’s Lover


41. Q What name was given to the last steam locomotive built by British Railways?
A The Evening Star

42. Q Which fruit is obtained from a genus of plants in the rose family, known as fragaria (fra-GAIR-ia)?
A Strawberry

43. Q What is measured in systolic and diastolic phases?
A Blood pressure

44. Q The Treskilling (tray-skilling) Yellow from Sweden, the Inverted Jenny from the United States, and the “Post Office” from Mauritius are among the world’s most famous … what?
A Postage stamps (the first two are misprints)

45. Q In the UK, under what name has the radio station formerly known as Virgin Radio broadcast since 2008?
A Absolute Radio

46. Q Which national leader was alleged in 2008 to have deprived Cliff Richard of victory in the Eurovision Song Contest forty years earlier, by rigging the vote in favour of his country’s entry?
A General Francisco Franco

47. Q Which famous English footballer and broadcaster is fifty years old today?
A Gary Winston Lineker

48. Q Winston Churchill was also born on this day – in which year?
A 1874 (accept 1871-77. He died in January 1965 at the age of 90.)


49. Q What is the nominal link between Giuseppe Garibaldi and the city where he was born?
A They both have biscuits named after them. (He was born in Nice.)

50. Q Who was the original illustrator of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories?
A E. H. Shepard

51. Q In which English city is Winson Green prison?
A Birmingham

52. Q The name of what type of cheese is Italian for sweet milk?
A Dolcelatte

53. Q Who outbid Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono in 1985 for the rights to Lennon and McCartney’s songs?
A Michael Jackson

54. Q In the nursery rhyme Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son, what did Tom steal before he ran away?
A A pig

55. Q Which children’s novel features the Admiral Benbow inn?
A Treasure Island

56. Q What name is given to the clear part of the eye, covering the iris and the pupil?
A The cornea


57. Q Which group made the classic album Lexicon of Love in the 1980s?

58. Q What is the name of the company that produces Nick Park’s films?
A Aardman Animations (the company was founded in 1976; Park joined in 1985)

59. Q Who won the first series of American Idol in 2002, and reached No. 1 in the UK in 2009 with (the charmingly-titled) My life would suck without you?
A Kelly Clarkson

60. Q Which famous leader died in 323 BC, reputedly after over-indulging at a feast?
A Alexander the Great

61. Q What were Chay Blyth and John Ridgway the first people to do, in 1966?
A Row across the Atlantic

62. Q Which country’s principal share index is known as the DAX?
A Germany’s (it stands for Deutsche Aktien IndeX)

63. Q Which acid causes a nettle to sting?
A Formic

64. Q How many degrees of longitude are equivalent to an hour in time?
A 15 (360 divided by 24)


65. Q What is the capital of Croatia?
A Zagreb

66. Q Which 1977 film’s central character is called Tony Manero?
A Saturday Night Fever

67. Q Which company developed the Kindle e-book reader?
A Amazon

68. Q Which former model sprang to fame in the 1970s after appearing in a Campari advert?
A Lorraine Chase

69. Q Which designer launched the fashion chain Warehouse in the 1970s?
A Jeff Banks

70. Q Who is the protagonist of the novel and film The Maltese Falcon?
A Sam Spade

71. Q According to the Book of Genesis (King James version), what four words did Noah speak on releasing the animals from the Ark?
A Go forth and multiply

72. Q According to the Bible, who was the son of Isaac and the father of Joseph (of dreamcoat fame)?
A Jacob


73. Q How many years of solitude did Gabriel Garcia Marquez write about?
A 100

74. Q What is a Camberwell Beauty?
A A type of butterfly

75. Q Which Disney film features the song When you Wish upon a Star?
A Pinocchio

76. Q In which country were the writer Albert Camus (al-bear ca-moo) and the fashion designer Yves St. Laurent born?
A Algeria

77. Q Who created the TV series Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks?
A Phil Redmond

78. Q What are known in France as sabots (sa-bows) and in the Netherlands as klompen?
A Clogs

79. Q What is the name of George W Bush’s recently published memoirs?
A Decision Points

80. Q What is the family name of the Dukes of Devonshire?
A Cavendish


81. Q Which cabinet post is currently held by Jeremy Hunt (as of Friday 26th November)?
A Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport (accept any or all of these elements)

82. Q Who was the first Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport after the post was created by John Major in 1992, dubbing it ‘Minister for Fun’?
A David Mellor

83. Q Which European city is known as the ‘Bride of the Sea’?
A Venice

84. Q Which acid is present in the human stomach?
A Hydrochloric

85. Q Which English writer committed suicide in 1941 by drowning in the River Ouse in Sussex?
A Virginia Woolf

86. Q Which famous artist was born in Castleford, Yorkshire in 1898?
A Henry Moore

87. Q By what title is the Irish national anthem known in English?
A The Soldier’s Song

88. Q Whose official residence is Number 12, Downing Street?
A The Government Chief Whip (the Rt. Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, as of Friday 26th November) – accept either the post or the name


89. Q Which religious group meets in Kingdom Halls?
A Jehovah’s Witnesses

90. Q The singer that Elizabeth Taylor divorced in order to marry Richard Burton, died earlier this year. What was his name?
A Eddie Fisher

91. Q Who is the principal hero of Wagner’s Ring Cycle (of operas)?
A Siegfried

92. Q Which company was founded in 1977 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?
A Apple Computer Inc. – now simply Apple Inc.

93. Q What’s the name of the supposedly magical island in the Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific?
A Bali Ha’i

94. Q What is the British equivalent of the US term “realtor” (real-tor)?
A Estate agent

95. Q In polite circles in the USA, what is a weenie?
A A hot dog sausage (no points for any anatomical references)

96. Q Which legendary athlete announced his retirement earlier this month, after pulling out of the New York Marathon due to injury?
A Haile Gebrselassie


  1. Q What nationality is the golfer Angel Cabrera, who in 2007 became the first non-English speaking player to win the US Open? (Note: the G is hard)
    A Argentine

2. Q In Fawlty Towers, what name did Manuel give to his pet “hamster” – which was really a rat?
A Basil

3. Q The socialist Evo Morales has been president of which South American country since 2006?
A Bolivia

4. Q What is officially defined by the Karman Line?
A The beginning of space (100km above the earth’s surface)

5. Q What is also known as wool sorter’s disease?
A Anthrax

6. Q What is used to flavour the Belgian beer known as Kriek?
A Cherries


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