Thursday, November 18, 2010

16th November 2010

Please note that the specialist rounds are not in the same order as on the night, but the questions are all the same


1. Which is the world’s oldest inhabited city?
2. Mozambique’s Capital is called Maputo, what was it formerly called?
LOURENCO MARQUES (allow Lourenzo Marques)
3. In 1898 which nation fought Spain in one of the worst one-sided wars in modern history?
4. Which country had the first Woman Prime Minister?
5. In which country was Joseph Stalin born?
6. Which country was the first to be demilitarized and therefore has no army?
7. What was Burkina Faso formerly called?
8. Which is the smallest US state?
In which country was the current (14th) Dalai Lama born?
CHINA (Tibet annexed to china 1928 lama born 1935)
In which country was Buddha born?
What is the indigenous name for the Persian language ?

1. What is the largest internal organ of the Human Body?
2. What is Sibbald’s Rorqual?
3. In 1840, John Draper took what is believed to be the first image of what subject?
4. What type of bird is a Harlequin?
5. Which member of the cat family is the largest to roam free in Europe (does not include any beast lion or panther allegedly released)?
6. A Corvid is what type of creature?
BIRD - member of the crow family (crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies)
7. What is aquaculture?
8. Which disease is caused by the inflammation of the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord?

Which is the only bird capable of flying backwards?
The drug ‘Reyataz’ is used in the treatment of which condition?
Where would you find geographical features named after Julius Caesar, Plato & Archimedes?
The Moon (They are names of craters)

1. Which Irish monk made voyages out into the Atlantic in the 6th Century, and is thought by some to have reached North America?
2. In Norse mythology cats pulled the chariot of which goddess?
3. Which Inca fortress was discovered in 1911 and declared a World Heritage site in 1983?
4. Which German warship was sunk on 27th May 1941 on what was to be her only voyage of active service?
5. In 1981 which newspaper was sued for libel by Jeffrey Archer?
6. In which year was Pan American flight 103 blown up over Lockerbie?
7. During which conflict was the Battle of Towton fought?
8. The body of which great leader is said to be preserved in honey?

1. Who left the British Union of Fascists and went on to set-up the National Socialist League?
2. In 1981, in which city was a nuclear reactor destroyed by Israeli planes after the facility was seen as being capable of producing nuclear weapons?


1. Who was the corner man for Muhammad Ali for the vast majority of his career?
2. Which playing card is know as the devil’s bedpost?
3. How many inner wire rings on a dartboard?
4. In which sport is a ‘SAG wagon’ used?
5. In cricket which country runs the ‘Supersport’ series?
6. Name either of the professional football teams in England which have the nickname ‘The Latics’?
7. Which is the only Central American country where baseball not football (soccer) is a favourite sport?
8. In which European country was Joe Bugner born?

1. Which sport are the Boston Celtics involved?
2. What nationality is darts player Ray van Barneveld?


1. In which film (and its sequel) did Reese Witherspoon play Ellie Woods?
2. Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell have both been regular compares on which music quiz?
3. What duo foiled master criminal Feathers McGraw?
4. Who has appeared in film as Danny Fisher, Glenn Tyler and Lucky Jackson?
5. Which TV series starred David Daker and Michael Elphick as ex- firemen?
6. Who is to play the title role in the new West End production of The Wizard of Oz?
7. Whose paintings include `Man With A Clarinet`, `Still Life With Biscuits` and `Woman With A Book`?
8. Which English author wrote ‘The Kraken Wakes‘?

1. Who commanded the Spectrum organisation in TV series Captain Scarlett?
2. What is the name of the bald rabbit hunter in the Bugs Bunny cartoons?
3. Which pop group had the line up - LEE, LISA, H, FAYE and CLAIRE?


1. What is the flavouring used in the Greek wine Retsina?
2. What is used to make the food colouring Cochineal?
3. What is the name of the award-winning restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal?
4. Which country produces 70% of the world’s olive oil?
5. From which country does the liqueur Limoncello originate?
6. What is Nori?
7. Who is the surviving member of the Two fat ladies?
8. What Arab country's national dish is a soup called fool?

1. From what region of France does claret come?
2. Avery Island Louisiana is world famous for which product?
Tabasco Sauce

Classical music
The following pieces of classical music were all used as TV and film theme tunes. You will be given the year of use, the type of medium, the composer and the title of the piece of music.
All you have to do is name the TV programme, film or advert. For example:
Q. 1 1970s comedy series. Composer: JP Souza. Title: The Liberty Bell March
A. Monty Python's Flying Circus
Q2 1970s War film. Composer: Stanley Miles. Title: Cavatina
a. The Deer Hunter
Q3. 1980s-1990s Political satire series. Composer: Mussorgsky. Title: Promenade, from Pictures at an Exhibition.
a. The New Statesman
Classical music
The following pieces of classical music were all used as TV and film theme tunes. You will be given the year of use, the type of medium, the composer and the title of the piece of music.
All you have to do is name the TV programme, film or advert. For example:
1970s comedy series. Composer: JP Souza. Title: The Liberty Bell March
A. Monty Python's Flying Circus
Q1 1970s War film. Composer: Stanley Miles. Title: Cavatina
a. The Deer Hunter
Q2. 1980s-1990s Political satire series. Composer: Mussorgsky. Title: Promenade, from Pictures at an Exhibition.
a. The New Statesman
Q3. 1970s Horror film. Composer: Jerry Goldsmith. Title: Ave Satani
A. The Omen
Q4. 1970s Advert Composer: Dvorak. Title: Largo from New World Symphony
A. Hovis bread advert
Q5. 1970s Sci-fi film. Composer: Johann Strauss II. Title: Blue Danube Waltz
A. 2001 A Space Odyssey
Q6. 1970s to current day quiz show. Composer: Neil Richardson. Title: Approaching Menace
A. Mastermind
Q7. 1950s Western series. Composer: Giacomo Rossini. Title: William Tell Overture
A The Lone Ranger
Q8. 1970s Seafaring drama series. Composer: Aran Katchaturian. Title: Adagio from Spartacus
A The Onedin Line
Q9. 1970s-1990s advert. Composer: Tchaikovsky. Title: The Nutcracker
A. Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate
Q10. 1940s-1950s detective series. Composer: Charles Williams. Title: The Devils Gallop
A Dick Barton Special Agent
Nil Desperandum.........
or everyday Latin phrases
Give the meaning of these everyday Latin phrases:
Q1. . Caveat emptor
A. Let the buyer beware
Q2. Cave canem
A. Beware the dog (accept Beware of the dog)
Q3 Tempus fugit
A. Time flees (accept Time flies)
Q4. Anno domini
A4. In the year of our Lord
Q5. Carpe diem
A. Seize the day
Q6. Veni, vidi, vici
A. I came, I saw, I conquered
Q7. Ars gratia artis
A. Art for art's sake
Q8. Magna Carta
A. Great Charter
Q9. Post mortem
A After death
Q10. Terra firma
A Solid land
Q Veritas

Set by the New Castle
Q1. From which t.v. quiz show does the catch phrase "What's a Hot Spot Not ?" come from?
a. Strike it Lucky
2. To the nearest day, how long did it take for Apollo 11 to reach the moon in July 1969 (lift off to touch down)?
a. 4 days (4 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes 40 seconds to be more precise)
3. 4 countries border Afghanistan. Pakistan and Iran are 2 of them. Name either of the others.
a. Uzbekistan or Tajikistan
4. The Nazi regime was the Third Reich. Which was the First Reich?
a. The Holy Roman Empire
5. In Bingo calling, which number is The Brighton Line?
a. 59
6. With whom did Elton John release a live version of 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'? in 1991?
a. George Michael
7. What was the name of the dog in Enid Blyton's Famous Five books ?
a. Timmy
8. 2 commpanies are involved in the production and marketing of the Smart Car ? One is Mercedes; who is the
a. Swatch
9. Which sportsman reportedly said "In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol. It was the worst 20 minutes of my
a. George Best
10. Which dancer created the role of Mr Mistoffolees in the original stage production of Cats in May 1981? a. Wayne Sleep
11. What A number did Airbus give its new double decker plane?
a. 380
12. Which. Country gives the XMAS tree in Trafalgar Square every year ? a. Norway
13. Give any of the Queen's middle names?
a. Alexandra and Mary
14. Employees of which organisation were identified by a badge with their logo of an eye with the phrase "We never Sleep"?
a. The Pinkerton Agency (hence the origin of private eyes)
15. Carnival of the Animals" is a work by which composer?
a. Camille Saint-Saens
16. What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan ?
a. Alarm clock
17. What is the name of the organisation, owned by the major television companies, which compiles televisionviewing figures for the United Kingdom?
a. Broadcaster's Audience Research Board (Accept BARB)
18. What was the name of the octopus who rose to fame for successfully predicting 2010 football world cup match results?
a. Paul (Sadly now dead aged 2, Of seven matches involving Germany he predicted all correctly)
19. Who created the Muppets ?
 a. Jim Henson
20. The mean is the average of a set of numbers, the mode is the most common of those numbers; If you sort this set from high to low what is the middle number called?
a. The median
23. Which country did Voodoo Originate from ?
a. Haiiti
22. What cabinet office have John Reid, Des Browne, John Hutton, Bob Ainsworth & Dr. Liam Fox held over the
last 5 years?
a. Secretary of state for defence (Dr. Liam Fox is incumbent)
23. Astrologically speaking, two of the fire signs are LEO and ARIES. Which is the third?
a. Sagittarius
24. What is the name of the poker hand containing three of a kind and a pair?
a. Full house
25. In which opera do you find Lieutenant Pinkerton?
a. Madame Butterfly
26. "The Finkler Question" this year won the Booker prize for Howard Jacobson, which previous two time winner
(Oscar and Lucinda 1988, True History of the Kelly Gang 2001) was on the shortlist, but overlooked for the main prize?
a. Peter Carey
27. Who is the president of Russia?
a. Dmitry Medvedev
28. Which recently deceased footballing legend famously faced a disrepute charge in 1976 for sharing the Crystal Palace player's bath with porn star Fiona Richmond?
a. A Malcolm Allison
29. Who presents BBC's Autumnwatch with Kate Humble?
a. Chris Packham f
30. female and male of which animal are called a Jenny and a Jack?
Donkey or Ass
31. Alphabetically, which comes last in the 6 counties of Northern Ireland?
a. Tyrone (others are Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry)
32. What is the missing instrument in the strings section of an orchestra: cello, harp, violin, double bass?
a. Viola
33. )Name any of the 3 kings who visited Bethlehem
a. Caspar Balthazar Melchior
34. -What is the top price for a ticket to the opening ceremony of the upcoming London Olympics?
a. £2,012
35. Which n-Power League Two team has the nickname "The Brewers"?
a. A Burton Albion
36. Who was the first female presenter of Top Of The Pops?
a. Janice Long (1982 until 1988)
37. Which North West MP, or rather former MP, has been kicked out of the Labour Party, amid much furore,
following the legal investigation into his election campaign?
a. Phil Woolas
38. Which African lake covering an area of nearly 27,000 square miles straddles the equator?
a. Lake Victoria
39. What is the title of the 2007 Biopic based around the life of Joy Division's Ian Curtis?
a. Control
40. Twinkle toed Gavin Henson, as much at home dancing across a lacquered floor as through an opponent's
Defensive line, has recently signed for which Premiership Rugby club?
a. Saracens
41. What is the collective noun for a group of Dolphins?
a. A Pod
42.On French autoroutes, what are the toll collection areas known as?
a. Peages
43. What letter is on the right of a B on a QWERTY keyboard ?
a. N
43. Who wrote 6 romantic novels from 1930 to 1956 under the pen name of Mary Westmacott.?
a. Agatha Christie
45. What is the missing instrument in the brass section of an orchestra: horn, tuba, trumpet?

a. Trombone
46. How many times have Italy won the World Cup?
a. Four
47. Who played keyboard for the band D:Ream, but is now better known for his Wonders of the Solar System?
a. Professor Brian Cox OBE
48. Who played Prue in the original ITV series of "A Bouquet of Barbed Wire"?
a. Susan Penhaligon
49. Odessa is a port on which body of water?
A The Black Sea
50. What did the three little Kittens lose?
A. Their mittens
51. Who died before completing his requiem Mass?
52. In which city did Starbucks coffee chain start and where it is still based
 a. Seattle
53. Who writes the Young Bond series of books?
a. Charlie Higson
54. What type of creature is Sponge Bob Square Pant's best friend Patrick?
a. Star Fish
55. The Fossa is a predator native to which island?
a. Madagascar
56. On  London Underground maps which line is coloured yellow?
 a. Circle
57. Which football team lost the FA Cup final in 1998 & 1999?
a. Newcastle United
58. If Nurse was 2, Teacher was 3,Constable was 4 and Regardless was 5, what was 1?
a. Sargeant (Carry On films)
59-Ben Collins has recently won a court case to identify his former secret alter ego. Who is he better known as?
a. The Stig
60. In the song what does the Old Lady swallow after the bird?
a. Cat
61. What is the hardest mineral material in the human body?
a. Tooth enamel
62.  Whose new book is entitled 'Kitchen'?
a. Nigella Lawson
63. By winning the final tournament of the Fed-Ex cup in September this year, which American golfer walked away with a prize totalling $11m.
a. Jim Furyk
64. What is a baby whale called?
a. A calf
65. Which word links the following; Swipe, winder, car, show?
a- Side
66. Whic word links the following; Hat, Gun, Spin Cat?
a. Top
67. What is next in the following sequence: Alaskan, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern,...?
a. Atlantic (They are time zones going eastwards across the USA)
68. From which company does Wil E Coyote source all his Road Runner capturing contraptions?
a. Acme
69. There are 3 pieces of sporting equipment on the moon, from which sport? a. Golf, the balls they hit
70. Who is the only Green Party MP in Westminster?
a. Caroline Lucas
71. In the song 'Dem Bones' What follows; Toe bone, foot bone, leg bone?
a. Knee bone
72. Ejson Pena successfully ran the New York marathon this year; his time was a modest 5 hours and 50 minutes and he didn't even get his application in on time. So why was his run newsworthy?
a. He had been trapped in the Chile Copper Mine
73. Which mobile phone manufacturer and operator was threatened with bans recently, in a number of Arab countries, over security fears?
a. Blackberry
74. Who. wrote Petruska?
a. Stravinsky
75. In the film, what sort of fish is Nemo
a. Clown Fish
76. Who is the current world snooker champion?
a. Neil Robertson
77. What was the name of the BP oil rig which blew up in the Gulf of Mexico this year.
a. Deepwater Horizon
78. Who won 2010’s Celebrity Masterchef?
a. Lisa Faulkner
79. What is the name of the Macclesfield Park between Buxton Road & Fence Avenue?
a. Victoria Park
80. If James is five, Henry is three, and Edward is two, who is one?
a. Thomas the Tank Engine (engine numbers)
81. What was the name of Arthur Daley's minder played by Dennis Waterman?
a. Terry McCann
82. Which James Bond film was set predominantly in India?
a. Octopussy
83. Who was the first player from outside the UK to captain an FA Cup winning team at Wembley?
a. Eric Cantona
84. If you sailed due south from the Balearic island of Mallorca in which country would you reach land?
a. Algeria
85.Which part of the Scout movement is the feeder for Cubs?
a. Beavers
86. Oscar Peterson is famous for playing which instrument?
a. piano
87. Which company is offering £10 if it rains in your chosen location on a given day?
a. Walkers Crisps
88. In the Lion King movies, what sort of animal is Timon? (surprisingly pronounced Timoan in the film)
a. Meerkat
89. Why was the newborn daughter of David & Samantha Cameron given the name 'Endellion' this August?
a. Because she was born in Cornwall (whilst they were on their hols)
90. Who is the shadow Home secretary?
a. Ed Balls
91. Which Danish toy manufacturer has visitor attractions in Berkshire & Manchester?
a. Lego
92. Marleybone, Liverpool Street, & Kings Cross are 3 of the railway stations on the standard UK Monopoly board. Which is the fourth?
a. Fenchurch Street
93. Who has replaced Margaret Mountford as one of Alan Sugar's aides in the Apprentice?
a. Karren Brady
94. Which actor the husband of Susan George, died on Oct 10th this year?
a. Simon McCorkindale
95. How many crotchets in a semi-breve?
a. Four
96. Who recently overtook Tiger Woods as the world number one ranked golfer?
a. Lee Westwood
i. What English word comes from two French words meaning sour wine?
a. Vinegar
2. Who presents the BBC2 programme 'Genius'?
a. Dave Gorman
3. In which town is the haulage firm Eddie Stobart based?
a. Carlisle
4. In the Dr Seuss story, who stole Christmas?
a. The Grinch
5. In which current film does the lead character plan to steal the moon?
a. Despicable Me
6. Who starred as the bereaved widower in the BBCl drama 'Single Father'?
a. David Tennant
7. The m3 runs between London and where?
a. Southampton


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