Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24th November Cup/Plate Questions set by The Albion and The Plough Taverners


1 What is the fastest flying insect in the world?


2 In which sport might Sean Payton meet Peyton Manning?

American Football. Payton is chief coach for the Saints and Manning the quarterback for the Colts

3 Who tackled Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal and broke his leg on 28th Feb 2010? Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City

4 What is the common name for Laurus Nobilis?

Bay tree

5 What is the common name for Olea Europaea?

Olive tree

6 In which city is the National Media Museum?

Bradford (It was formerly the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television)

7 Which museum is to be found at Bovington in Dorset?

The Tank Museum

8 Who was the Captain of the Mary Rose?

Sir George Carew

9 Who was the Captain of HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar?

Thomas Hardy (Of “Kiss me Hardy” fame)

10 In aircraft construction, what is a Pitot Tube (or Head) used for?

Measuring Air Speed

11 In an aircraft what is referred to as “George”?

The autopilot.

12 How is Santa Clara Valley, California better known?

Silicon Valley

13 Who was the victorious leader at the Battle of Santa Clara?

Che Guevara

14 In Cockney rhyming slang, what are your “’ampsteads”?

Teeth ( Hampstead Heath)

15 In theatrical slang, what is meant by to “Mug Up”?

To apply face make-up

16 Who played Big Chris in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

Vinnie Jones

17 What was Harper Lee’s only published novel?

To Kill a Mockingbird

18 Who wrote “Lake Wobegon Days?

Garrison Keillor

19 “Poor Jud is Dead” is a song from which musical?


20 “Summertime” is a song from which musical?

Porgy and Bess

21 Who had a number 1 hit in 1961 with “Moon River”?

Danny Williams (Full name required)

22 Who had a number 1 hit in 1956 with “Just Walking in the Rain”?

Johnny Ray

23 Who was the first cricketer in history to take 300 test match wickets?

Fred Truman

24 Who designed Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Dress?

Sir Norman Hartnell

25 What rank in the Royal Navy is above Able Seaman and below Petty Officer? Leading Seaman

26 Which fragrance was first made for Russian Count Orloff in 1768?

Imperial Leather

27 Who founded the Boys Brigade in 1883?

William Smith

28 How was 1960's singer Sandra Goodrich better known?

Sandy Shaw

29 Andy Capp is the work of which cartoonist?

Reg Smythe

30 Bunny was the sidekick of which fictional thief?


31 In which year was the Sydney Opera House opened?


32 Which American artist died in a car crash in 1956?

Jackson Pollock

33 How is the Gentleman Usher to the House of Lords better known?

Black Rod

34 In which part of the human body would you find the talus?


35 A natatorium is what type of amenity?

Swimming pool (particularly indoors)

36 What type of fruit tree is a gean or mazzard?

Wild Cherry

37 How many strings does a balalaika typically have?


38 Anosmia is the technical term for the loss of which sense?


39 Jargonelle, Seckel and Winter Nelis are types of which fruit?


40 What part of the body does Keratitis affect?

The eye (inflammation of the cornea)

41 A hebdomad is a period of how many days?

Seven days (or a week)

42 Dilma Rousseff is which country’s first female President-elect?


43 Highclere Castle of Downton Abbey fame was the home of which famous archaeologist?

Lord Caernarvon

44 Trinidad Turn, Orchid Turn and Balboa Reach are points on which canal?

The Panama Canal

45 In 1985, who captained Europe to its first Ryder Cup win in 28 years?

Tony Jacklin

46 Who was the presenter of the Radio 4 series A History of the World in 100 Objects?

Neil MacGregor

47 Which Iconic item of footwear celebrates its 50th anniversary this month?

Doc Martens boots

48 What was the effect of the Act of Supremacy of 1534?

It made Henry VIII head of the Church of England,

49 In which year was the First Opium War between China and Britain?


50 In Istanbul, what is the Golden Horn?

It is an inlet of the Bosphorus

51 Jack Broughton drafted a code of rules for which sport in1743?


52 In which port city are the Potemkin Steps to be found?


53 Who recently “took a shellacking”?

Barack Obama

54 Which Finnish runner won nine Olympic golds in the 1920’s?

Paavo Nurmi

55 Who recently, when asked in court for a contact number said, “Try 999”?

Paul Gascoigne

56 Which British film of 1963 featured a London Transport RT double-decker bus?

Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard

57 First introduced in 1871 they were popularly called St Lubbock’s Days. What were they?

Bank Holidays (nicknamed after Sir John Lubbock MP who drafted the Bill that introduced them.

58 The 1820 plot to assassinate the British cabinet takes its name from which London Street?

The Cato Street conspiracy.

59 Which plot claimed the lives of Viscount Stafford and the Archbishop of Armagh?

The Popish Plot

60 Where, in Liverpool, can you see the top mast of SS Great Eastern?

Outside the Kop at Anfield, used as a flagpole.

61. What relation is actor George Clooney to singer Rosemary Clooney?

He is her nephew.

62. Which classic American novel of the 1930’s features the character Homer Simpson?

The Day of the Locust (by Nathaniel West).

63. Which Macclesfield pop band had a Top 20 hit in the 1990’s with the song ‘Sleep’?


64. In which year was the first Rugby Union World Cup held?


65. Who did Sid Vicious replace as bass player in The Sex Pistols?

Glen Matlock.

66. At what age did both Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe die?


67. Which artist painted ‘Las Meninas’?

Diego Velazquez.

68. Who was the first British driver to win the Formula 1 World Driving Championship?

Mike Hawthorne.

69. Which British swimmer won the 100 metres breaststroke at the 1976 Olympics?

David Wilkie.

70. What colour jersey does the Best Young Rider in the Tour de France wear?


71. What was the name of the notorious assassination squad, also known as the Brownsville Boys, which was headed by gangster Albert Anastasia?

Murder Incorporated.

72. Which world-famous building and residence was burned by the British in 1814?

The White House

73. Which Mayor of New York introduced a ‘no tolerance’ crime police to the city in the 1980’s?

Mario Cuomo.

74. Pele played the majority of his career at which Brazilian club?


75. On how many separate occasions was Disraeli Prime Minister?


76. What is the name of the coffee shop featured in the TV sit com ‘Friends’?

Central Perk.

77. Who was convicted for the crimes attributed to the Boston Strangler?

Albert DeSalvo.

78. Whose only novel was entitled ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’?

Edgar Allan Poe.

79. Who did Asquith succeed as Prime Minister?

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. (In our game we used a supplementary as both teams and the question master think the answer is Lloyd George – in fact we were all wrong!!!)

80. Which British cyclist died on Mont Ventoux in 1967?

Tom Simpson.

81. How many sides does a ‘Stop’ sign ‘Stop’ have?


82. What was the name of the peace treaty between Germany and Russia that ended Russian involvement in the First World War?

The treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

83. How many Best Director Oscars did Sir Alfred Hitchcock win?


84. What is the German word meaning “the spirit of the times”?


85. Which American poet wrote the lines, ‘Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me / The carriage held but just ourselves / And Immortality’?

Emily Dickinson.

86. Who played Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street?

Johnny Briggs

87. Which British city has the most canals?


88. In 1547, who became the first crowned Tsar of Russia?

Ivan IV (the Terrible)

89. Which is the only US state whose name has just one syllable?


90. How many hearts does an octopus have?


91. Name the doctor found guilty of offences by the general medical council in January 2010 in relation to his work claiming a relationship between the MNR jab and autism.

Dr Andrew Wakefield

92. Which Planet of our Solar System is named after the Greek Deity of the Sky?


93. Which mythical Titan shares its name with the first cervical vertebra?


94. Which U.S. President said ‘ there is nothing to fear but fear itself’?

F.D. Roosvelt

95. Who headed the Commission to investigate President Kennedy’s assassination?

Earl Warren

96. Who was the fourth wife of Henry VIII?

Anne of Cleves

97. Who defeated emperor Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo?

Duke of Wellington

98. In the original fairy story by the brothers Grimm which heroine had the name ‘Schneewitchen’?

Snow White

99. What name is used in the US to refer to an unknown female in legal proceedings?

Jane Doe

100. What holds a scout’s scarf secure?

A woggle

101. Who wrote the song ‘Streets of London’?

Ralph McTell

102. What is the French version of a pancake called

A crepe

103. In Kenneth Graham’s Wind in the Willows, which character teaches Mole the ways of the river


104. What is the spiked wheel on a horseman’s spur usually called?

A Rowel

105. What connects the Silurians, the Sontarans and the Judoon?

They are all races from the Doctor Who universe

106. What does the place name Vera Cruz mean in Spanish and Portuguese?

True Cross

107. Name either of the partnership who wrote the Sixties musical ‘Stop the World, I Want to Get Off’

Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

108. Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield made up which musical duo popular in the sixties and seventies?

The Righteous brothers

109. What is the highest pitch instrument in an orchestra


110. In Which T.V. show was the clapometer fist used

Opportunity Knocks

111. Burt Ward is best known for playing which T.V. sidekick

Robin (in the Batman Stories)

112. Which Russian Author wrote ‘One day in the life of Ivan Denisovitch’

Alexander Solzenitzin

113. Who was the most successful member of the US soul group the Commodores?

Lionel Ritchie

114. What was the name of Rip Van Winkle’s dog who followed him up the mountain


115. The bones of a dog, which was christened ‘Hatch’ by the discoverers of the bones, were displayed at Crufts, 2010. Where were the bones discovered?

On the wreckage of the ‘Mary Rose’

116. Which Central American country is bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador?


117. What is the capital of Slovenia?


118. Name the capital of Sudan


119. In which Sad song is a girl ‘marrying a fellow down Galveston Way’

Sylvia’s mother (by Doctor Hook)

120. What word can mean a music style, a Greek Nymph, and is the name of a famous research vessel



S1. Which is the only European country where residents need to cross two borders to reach the sea?


S2. For what is HMS Pickle best know?

Bringing the new of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar

S3 Of what are snoots and softboxes types?

Photographic Studio Lights

S4. In gastronomy what is the French work for ‘between the ribs’?


S5. Which cartoon dog worked in an office on occasion with Ratbert?



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