Wednesday, October 27, 2010

26 October - Cup/Plate Questions Set By Sutton Church House (1-60) and Waters Green Phoenix (61-120 and Supplementaries)


With the exception of typos etc these questions are as presented to the question masters:

1. What is the “Witch of Wookey”?

A. A giant stalagmite in Wookey Hole caves in Somerset

2. What is a martingale?

A. A leather strap used in a horses harness.

3. What Manchester railway station, closed in 1969, was connected to Victoria Station by continuous platform face 2194 feet long?

A. Exchange station

4. Who was the last Stuart monarch?

A. Queen Anne

5. What was Shakespeares last play?

A. Henry VIII

6. Who wrote the novel Jurassic Park?

A. Micheal Critchton

7. Which protein is present in hair?

A. Keratin

8. What does  the P in BUPA stand for?

A. British United Provident Association

9.Who wrote the Singing Detective?

a. Dennis Potter

10. Which is the longest river wholly within France?

A. The river Loire

11. Which Pop Group were named after a Steely Dan song?

A. Deacon Blue

12. Give the name of one of the three towers of the Palace of Westminster?

A. Clock tower, Victoria tower and Central tower.

13. What are the Roman numerals for 400?


14. Arthur Fitzgibbon was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1861. What is unique about his receiving this particular award?

a. He is the youngest recipient of a VC (15 years and 3 months)

15. Which breed of dog has the best eyesight

A. Greyhound

16. Three rivers join the Manchester Ship Canal, two are the Irwell and the Mersey, which is the third?

A. The river Bollin.

17. Which is the largest species of fish?

A. The Whale Shark

18. Rigel and Betelgeuse are stars in which constellation?

A. Orion

19. What did Joseph Smith found in 1830?

A. The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Accept Mormons)

20. What are carved on the chalk hills at Uffington in Berkshire and Westbury in Wiltshire?

A. White Horses.

21. What is a Boomslang?

A. An African venomous snake.

22. Which actress won the best actress Oscar for her role in the 1996 film Fargo?

A. Frances McDormand.

23. Who is the Queens only nephew?

A. Viscount Linley

24. Which was the first National Park in the British Isles?

A. The Peak District National Park.

25. Who wrote the novel “The good soldier Schweik”?

A. Jaroslav Hasek.

26. What was the name of the Sheriff in the 1960s children’s TV programme ”Four Feather Falls”?

A. Tex Tucker.

27. Della Falls is the highest waterfall in which country?

A. Canada

28. Name the horse from which at least 80 per cent of all thoroughbreds are descended.

A. Eclipse

29. What is the common name for Nacre?

A. Mother of pearl.

30. What type of bird is a Francolin?

A. A member of the Partridge family

31. Chile is the Worlds largest producer of which metal?

A. Copper

32. In which country is the Urewera National Park?

A. New Zealand

34. Who sang the theme song to the Bond film “From Russia with love”?

A. Matt Munro

35. Which football club has the nickname “The Valiants”?

A. Port Vale FC

36. Nicky Byrne is a member of male pop group?

A. Westlife

37. What did the French give to the United States of America on the 100th anniversary of their independence?

A. The statue of Liberty.

38. What is the medical name for the shoulder blade?

A. The scapula

39. Whose ancestral home is Woburn Abbey?

A. The Duke of Bedford.

40. How many Bridesmaids did Princess Diana have ?

A. 5

41. The river Vistula flows into which body of water?

A. The Baltic sea.

42. On what form of transport would you find “knifeboards”?

A. Trams, they are the seats with backs that can be turned over to face either way.

43. What name describes a crack in a glacier?

A. Crevasse.

44. Which film musical was based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood?

A. Cabaret. The novel was “Goodbye to Berlin”

45. Of which card game is Southern Cross a form?

A. Poker.

46. Who is the current President of Chile?

A. Sebastian Pinera.

47. In nautical terms what is the name given to the upper edge of a ships side?

A. Gunwale

48. How many times did W. E. Gladstone become Prime Minister?

A. 4

49. Who won the Gold medals in both the men’s 5,000 and 10,000 metre races at the 1972 and 1976 Olympic games.

A. Lasse Viren.

50. Who wrote the Clayhanger trilgy of novels?

A. Arnold Bennett

51. Which European leader was known as “The Iron Chancellor”?

A. Otto von Bismarck

52. There are two motorways between England and Wales; one is the M4 what is the other?

A. M48 (The older Severn bridge at its approaches)

53. Which shipping line was Titanic built for?

A. White Star Line

54. Where is the “Bay of Rainbows“?

A. The Moon.

55. What is a Hairstreak?

A. A Butterfly.

56. Where would you find the Lutine bell?

A. Lloyds of London

57. How was the Ruler Carolus Magnus better known?

A. Charlemagne or Charles the Great.

58. What was the number of the famous Dambusters squadron?

A. 617 Squadron

59. What mythical creature was half man and half horse?

A. Centaur

60. Which named train first ran between London and Glasgow via the west coast route

in 1937 using streamlined locomotives?

A. The Coronation Scot.

61 In the field of entertainment what is a “Foley Artist”?

Someone who re-creates sound effects for film, tv or radio.

62 In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where in England did Dracula come ashore?


63 In Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus” on what object is Venus standing?

A clam shell.

64 The nationalisation of which canal in 1956 caused a major crisis?

The Suez

65 On which play by George Bernard Shaw was the musical “My Fair Lady” based?


66 In the 20th century who was Pope for only 33 days?

John Paul 1

67 How are the Liver Building, the Cunard building and the Port of Liverpool buildings collectively known?

The Three Graces

68 What is the name of the bear in the Jungle Book?


69 What does a Barista make?


70 Who was the leader of the Labour Party after Clement Atlee but before Harold Wilson?

Hugh Gaitskell

71 Who, according to Lady Caroline Lamb was,” Mad, bad and dangerous to know?

Lord Byron

72 Which English palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey and presented to Henry VIII?

Hampton Court

73 In which city has the 2010 Exposition been held?


74 The drink GIN in called Geneva in Holland. What is the English translation of this name?


75 Who wrote the novel “An American in the court of King Arthur”

Mark Twain

76 Which singer was known as “Lady Day”?

Billie Holliday

77 In which year did the Peterloo massacre take place in Manchester?

1819 (Allow 1818-1820)

78 Who wrote the novel “Return of the Native”?

Thomas Hardy

79 What does the “P” stand for in the shipping line “P&O”?


80 Che Guevara was an armed combatant in three countries, Cuba and the Congo were two, what was the third?


81 Who was the mother of Richard the Lionhart?

Eleanor of Aquitaine

82 In which film is the computer called “mother”


83 Which vessel, named after a famous fictional ship, was the first to cross the North Pole beneath the ice?


84 Which EU country is bordered by, the gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, Latvia and the Russian Federation?


85 What was the name of The Beatles debut album, released in 1963?

Please Please Me

86 In the news for their scrapping recently, for what does the word QUANGO stand?

Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation

87 Before becoming an MP what was Margaret Thatcher’s profession?

An Industrial Chemist (Accept research scientist)

88 What Internet phenomenon was founded by Mark Zuckerberg?


89 On 15th October 2010 what did New England Sports Ventures buy?

Liverpool FC

90 Diane Abbott was the first person eliminated from the Labour leadership election, who was the 2nd?

Andy Burnham

91 An oxide of which heavy metal is used to make crystal glass?


92 Who wrote the “Wilt” trilogy of books?

Tom Sharpe

93 Which Cathedral has the tallest spire in England?


94 Who released the 1996 album “Older”?

George Michael

95 In which TV programme have Greek letters been replaced by Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Only Connect

96 Vasco de Gama bridge which opened in 2009 is in which country?


97 Who was the only American President to have served two non-consecutive terms in office?

Grover Cleveland (1885-89, 1893-97)

98 As of 19 October 2010 who, (name not position) is the 2nd Lord of the Treasury?

George Osborne? (Chancellor of the Exchequer)

99 What is the name of the substance (often used for jewellery) derived from fossilised trees that Includes the monkey puzzle?


100 In which 1979 race did 15 yachtsmen die in a freak storm?

Fastnet (part of the Admiral’s cup)

100 What is Ormalou?

A method of gilding furniture and clocks

101 Who was known as the Swedish nightingale?

Jenny Lind

102 In what year of the 19th century did the Great Exhibition open at the Crystal Palace?

1851 (+/- one year)

103 Les Miserables is based on a novel by whom?

Victor Hugo

104 The Kiel Canal links the Baltic Sea with which other sea?

The North Sea

105 On which Greek Island would you find the ancient city of Knossos?


106 What was Kojak’s first name?


107 What nationality was Gustav Holst?


108 Exeter City shares the name of its football ground with which team in the English Premier League

Newcastle United (St James’s Park)

109 Who wrote this description of autumn “ seasons of mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun”?


110 An English aiport has the motto “Above us only sky”. From which song is this lyric taken?

Imagine (Liverpool John Lennon Airport)

111 The MOBO music awards were held last week. What does the second “o” stand for?(mobO)

Origin (Music Of Black Origin)

112 What would you do with a “Kindle”?

Read a book. (It’s a wireless reading device)

113 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselev won this years Nobel prize for Physics for their work on which material?


114 Who is President of FIFA?

Sepp Blatter

115 Which Formula 1 Grand Prix race is held at Spa?

Belgian Grand Prix

116 Tom Bosley, who died recently played Mr Cunningham in “Happy Days”, which actor turned producer played his son, Ritchie?

Ron Howard

117 Which company owns Macclesfield Forest?

United Utilities

118 Which poet wrote about the “dark satanic mills “ of the industrial revolution?

William Blake

119 In which film, directed by Ridley Scott, did Harrison Ford play replicant hunter Rick Deckard?

Blade Runner

120 Which local Northern Premier league football team, nicknamed “the Blues” plays their home

Games at Harrison Park?

Leek Town


1 In the BBC tv series who plays 60’s detective George Gently?

Martin Shaw

2 The 34 mile Sandstone Trail runs from Frodsham to where?


3 What is the capital of Nigeria?


4 Who hosts Radio 4’s News Quiz?

Sandy Toksvig

5 In What year did Sir Issac Newton die?

1727 (+/- 1 year)

6 Who in 1953 won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his work “History of the English Speaking People”?

Winston Churchill


Travelling by road and using the shortest route and the channel tunnel, what is the total distance in miles from Macclesfield to St Marks Sq, Venice?

1143 miles (Google Maps)


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