Thursday, January 22, 2009

20 January Questions set by The Dolphin

Don’t Give up the Day Job


Some people who are very famous in a particular field have also had another profession or trade.  You will be given a person’s name, and the field in which they gained fame, and asked to identify their other trade or profession.


1.                  The 20th century poet Philip Larkin earned his living in what profession?

A.                Librarian.


2.                  The Russian composer Borodin was, throughout his short life, a university professor; in what subject?

A.                Chemistry.


3.                  The usual job of French primitive painter Henri Rousseau was so well-known that it became his nickname as a painter; what was it?

A.        Customs officer.  (Known as “Le Douanier” - the customs officer).


4.                  What is the original profession of TV comedian, personality and former “Goodie”, Graeme Garden?

A.                Doctor of Medicine.


5.                  Before winning fame as a novelist and poet, in what profession did Thomas Hardy qualify and work?

A.                Architecture.


6.                  The Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe and the 18th century novelist Daniel Defoe shared an alternative profession; what was it?

A.                Government spies.  (Accept spy).


7.                  Preston North End and England international footballer Sir Tom Finney had no fears about the end of his footballing career, because he already had an alternative trade; what was it?

A.                Plumber.


8.                  What was the chief profession of the Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins?

A.                A Catholic priest.  (Accept priest).



9.                  Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”, was a clergyman, but also a teacher; of what subject?

A.                Mathematics.


10.       The guitarist Brian May, of Queen, has a doctorate in which discipline?

A.                Astrophysics.  (Accept, reluctantly, Astronomy).

City Surnames


A brief biographical sketch will provide the clues to someone whose name is also the name of a city.


!.          This famous musician served as principal flautist in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra before embarking on a very successful solo career.  He is known as “The Man with the Golden Flute”.

A.                James Galway.


2.         This English boxer was known as “The Blackpool Rock”.  He briefly held the British Heavyweight title before being outpointed by Henry Cooper in 1959.

A.                Brian London.


3.                  This Philadelphia-born boxing trainer handled world champions Carmen Basilio, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard and, most famously, Muhammad Ali.

A.                Angelo Dundee.


4.                  This Russian-born US composer of popular music first enjoyed success in 1911 with Alexander’s Ragtime Band.  Probably his best-known song is White Christmas.

A.                Irving Berlin.


5.                  This US actor, who won a Best Actor Oscar for Training Day, also played the title role in the 1992 film Malcolm X, and starred in the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate.

A.                Denzel Washington.


6.                  This British actor came to prominence playing Tybalt in Zefirelli’s 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet.  He has played D’Artagnan in three films of The Three Musketeers novels, and the male lead in the 1973 film Cabaret.

A.                Michael York.


7.                  This Australian popular musician achieved fame as the lead singer of the 1960s group The Seekers.

A.                Judith Durham.


8.                  This US arms manufacturer produced the first successful repeating rifle.  The 1873 model became known as “The gun that won the West”.

A.                Oliver Winchester.






9.                  This long-legged, 6' 1" tall blonde model and photographer, a contestant in the 2007 Strictly Come Dancing series, is currently married to Rod Stewart.

A.                Penny Lancaster.


10.              This English footballer came to prominence in the 1970s with Wolves, before moving to Arsenal in 1977.  He scored the winning goal in the 1979 FA Cup Final.

A.                Alan Sunderland.



1.         The castles of Pendennis and St. Mawes guard the entrance to which harbour?

A.                Falmouth.


2.                  Which is the largest English county without a coastline?

A.                Shropshire.


3.         In which English county is the area known as “the Brecklands”?

A.                Norfolk.


4.                  Which is the longest river in Northern Ireland?

A.                River Bann.


5.                  Mount Mitchell is the highest point in which range of North American mountains?

A.                The Appalachians.


6.                  The Demerara river gives its name to a region of which country?

A.        Guyana.


7.                  Which man-made waterway cuts through the narrow isthmus which connects the Peloponnese with the rest of Greece?

A.                The Corinth Canal.


8.                  The lemur is an animal indigenous to only one country; which?

A.                Madagascar.




9.                  Name either of the two counties which contain districts known as “The Stanneries”.

A.                Devon or Cornwall.  (They are the tin-mining districts).


10.              The Aleutian Islands are part of which country?

A.                The USA.



1.                  If a bird is described as corvid, to which family of birds does it belong?

A.                Crows.


2.                  If an animal is described as vulpine, to which family of mammals does it belong?

A.                Foxes.


3.                  In mathematics, what is the only even prime number?

A.                2.


4.                  In mathematics what is the next prime number in the sequence 17, 19, 23....?

A.                29.


5.                  What is the smallest bone in the human body?

A.                The stapes, or Stirrup bone(in the middle ear).


6.                  In which gland of the body is growth hormone produced?

A.                The pituitary gland.


7.                  Of which metal is bauxite the ore?

A.                Aluminium.


8.                  Of which metal is Cinnabar the ore?

A.                Mercury.




9.                  Which greyish-white metal has the atomic number 20 and the chemical symbol Ca?

A.                Calcium.


10.              Which reddish, ductile metal has the atomic number 29 and the chemical symbol Cu?

A.                Copper.


This round is offered as an antidote to all those setters who thinks that History started in 1914.


1.                  Which Roman Emperor ordered the invasion of Britain in 43 AD?

A.                Claudius.


2.         The Anglo-Saxon kings Penda and Offa ruled which kingdom?

A.                Mercia.


3.                  The Empress Matilda, also known as Maude, claimed the English throne and, in order to achieve it, plunged the country into prolonged civil war during the reign of which medieval king?

A.                King Stephen.


4.         Who was the Chinese Emperor when Marco Polo appeared at his court in 1274?

A.                Kublai Khan.


5.                  By what title is Edward of Woodstock (1330 - 1376) better known?

A.                The Black Prince.


6.         Who was the father of the Princes in the Tower, who disappeared, probably murdered, in 1483?

A.                Edward IV.


7.                  During the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, which was the most southerly town reached by Bonnie Prince Charlie’s troops before they turned back to Scotland?

A.                Derby.


8.                  In the history of 19th Century Europe the year 1848 is commonly referred to as “the Year of ...” what?

A.                Revolutions.




9.                  In the ancient world who cut the Gordian Knot?

A.                Alexander the Great.


10.       What was the first major victory of Parliament’s New Model Army in the English Civil War?

A.                Naseby.  (The NMA was founded early in 1645, ie after Marston Moor).

Arts and Entertainment


1.                  Which painter spent much of his later years painting scenes in his garden at Giverny in Normandy?

A.                Monet.


2.                  In December, 1999, the Professional Footballers’ Association purchased a painting by L. S. Lowry for nearly £2m.  What is the painting called?

A.                Going to the Match.


3.                  In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Shylock demands what in the event that Antonio should default on his debt?

A.                A pound of flesh.


4.                  According to Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to the question of “life, the universe and everything”?

A.                42.


5.                  What is the name of Dvo_ak’s 9th Symphony?

A.                From the New World.  (Accept simply New World).


6.         What is the name of Berlioz’s only Symphony?

A.                The Fantastic Symphony.  (Or Symphonie Fantasque).


7.                  Who was the real-life subject of Sir Richard Attenborough’s 1987 film Cry Freedom?

A.                Steve Biko.


8.         Who is the subject of the wartime film The First of the Few?

A.                R. J. Mitchell (the designer of the Spitfire).




9.                  The Detective series Wallender, shown on TV in December starring Kenneth Branagh, is set in which country?

A.                Sweden.


10.             With which novelist of the 1950s do you associate the idea of the “Two Cultures”?

A.                C. P. Snow.



1.                  Who, this month, won the World Professional Darts Championship at Frimley Green?

A.                Ted Hankey.


2.                  Who was the first jockey to win both the Kentucky Derby (1978) and the UK Derby (1985 & 1987)?

A.                Steve Cauthen.


3.                  In December last, which player lost the captaincy of Arsenal after making disparaging remarks about the performance of his team mates?

A.                William Gallas.


4.                  What was unusual about the yellow card given to Dean Windass of Hull City in the match against Stoke City on 29th November, 2008?

A.                He was a sub who hadn’t come on the field.  (He was booked for warming up in front of Rory Delap who was trying to take a long throw-in).


5.                  With facilities completed on time and within budget, off which south coast town will the 2012 Olympic sailing events take place?

A.                Weymouth.


6.                  Who has been appointed to replace Paul Azinger as the next US Ryder Cup captain?

A.                Corey Pavin.


7.                  In 2008 which country won the Rugby League World Cup for the first time?

A.                New Zealand.


8.                  Sachin Tendulkar of India holds the record for the number of runs in test cricket; but who was the last Indian batsman to hold that record, and the first batsman to pass 10,000 test runs?

A.                Sunil ‘Sunny’ Gavaskar.




9.                  Prior to his job as a presenter on GMTV Andrew Castle made a name for himself in which sport?

A.                Tennis.


10.              Who was Manchester United’s first £1m signing?

A.                Gary Birtles (remember him?).

Inauguration Day


Today being the US Presidential Inauguration Day, here is a round about presidents and related matters.


1.                  Who was the last president to die in office of natural causes?

A.                Franklin D. Roosevelt.


2.                  Which president authorised the nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

A.                Harry S. Truman.


3.                  What is the first name of the incoming First Lady?

A.                Michelle.


4.                  According to vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, what is “the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull”?

A.                Lipstick.


5.                  Which former president ran for election again in 1912 as leader of the “Bull Moose” Party?

A.                Theodore Roosevelt.


6.                  Who was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms of office?

A.                Grover Cleveland.


7.                  Which state did vice-president elect Joe Biden represent as Senator?

A.                Delaware.


8.                  Who was the only man to become president without ever being elected either as president or vice-president?

A.                Gerald Ford.




9.                  Who was the only bachelor president of the USA?

A.                Andrew Buchanan.


10.              Who was the first Democratic President off the USA?

A.                Andrew Jackson.



1.                  Which is the nearest galaxy to the one that we are in?

A.                Andromeda.


2.                  Which famous fictional child had a sister called Ethel, a brother called Robert, and a dog called Jumble?

A.                William (Brown - Just William, etc by Richmal Crompton).


3.                  Rome is in which region of Italy?

A.                Lazio.


4.                  What is the name of the coin, made of 1 oz of pure gold, issued by the South African government?

A.                Kruger Rand.  (Do not accept Rand).


5.                  Reaching No 11 in 1961 and No 1 in 1982, which creature “sleeps tonight” according to the Tokens and Tight Fit?

A.                The Lion.


6.                  The song “An old-fashioned girl”, with the chorus line

I want an old-fashioned house, with an old-fashioned fence,

And an old-fashioned millionaire

was a hit for which sultry actress and cabaret singer, who died on Christmas Day?

A.                Eartha Kitt.


7.                  Name either of the two disputed regions whose breakaway from Georgia precipitated Russia’s controversial intervention last August.

A.                Abkhazia or South Osettia.


8.                  Who is the shadow Home Secretary?

A.                Dominic Grieve.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


9.                  On Ordnance Survey Explorer maps what symbol indicates a Public House?

A.                A pint pot (in blue - do not accept the letters PH - the Q asks for a symbol).


10.             Which state was founded in its modern form with its current constitution by Mustapha Kemal?

A.                Turkey.


11.             Proverbially speaking, what doesn’t fit in a round hole?

A.                A square peg.


12.              In the film The Third Man, the theme music is played on what instrument?

A.                A zither.


13.              For what reason has actor Matt Smith been in the news recently?

A.                He is the new Doctor Who.


14.              Who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, 2008?

A.                Chris Hoy.


15.             An Osteoarchaeologist seeks to learn about life in the past by the study of what?

A.                Bones.


16.             Of the football clubs currently members of the League/Premiership, which was the first to win the FA Cup?

A.                Blackburn Rovers.  (1884, beating Queen’s Park, Glasgow, 2 - 1.  Rovers lost 2 - 1 to Old Etonians in the 1882 Final.  The first professional club to win the Cup was Blackburn Olympic in 1883).


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


17.             Gervase Phinn has had considerable success with his humorous writings and one-man show based upon his experiences in which professional field?

A.                As a Schools Inspector.


18.             With which arithmetical process did singer Bobby Darin reach No 5 in 1961?

A.                Multiplication.


19.       The Polovtsian Dances occur in which opera by Borodin?

A.                Prince Igor.


20.             Apart from gallantry, what specific qualification is required to be eligible for the Dicken Medal for gallantry?

A.                It’s for animals.


21.             As portrayed on his controversial family Christmas card in 2008, name any one of David Cameron’s three children.

A.                Nancy, Elwen or Ivan.

22.             Sir Reg Empey is the leader of which political party?

A.                The Ulster Unionists.


23.              Who wrote the play The Madness of George III and the screenplay for the film, The Madness of King George?

A.                Alan Bennett.


24.              Vientiane, the capital of Laos, stands on which river?

A.                The Mekong.

 25.             The creator of Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog, the Clangers, and many more  TV epics died recently.  What was his name?

A.                Oliver Postgate.


26.             What name is given to the head dress once commonly worn by nuns?

A.                Wimple.


27.              Amelia Fritton was the headmistress of which famous school?

A.                St. Trinians.


28.             Which political leader was assassinated on Boxing Day, 2007?

A.                Benazir Bhutto.


29.             According to the nursery rhyme, how many miles is it to Babylon?

A.                Three score and ten, Sir.


30.             Dendrochronology is a system of dating past events by reference to what?

A.                Tree rings.


31.              What name is given to the upper section of the main walls of a church, above the roof line of the side aisles, usually set with windows at regular intervals?

A.                Clerestory.


32.             Which branch of Mathematics has a name derived from a Greek term meaning measurement of the earth?

A.                Geometry.

 33.              What are Lonsdales, Coronas and Churchills?

A.                Cigars.


34.             Which debonair adventurer was portrayed by actor Peter Wyngarde in the 1970s?

A.                Jason King.


35.             Which English king ordered the Massacre of Danes on St. Brice’s Day, 1002?

A.                Ethelred the Unready.


36.             Which is the largest trade union in the USA, representing truck drivers and allied workers?

A.                The Teamsters.


37.              Who wrote the Tracy Beaker series of children’s books?

A.                Jacqueline Wilson.


38.       Who designed, among other things, the Guggenheim Museum, New York and the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, as well as his own house Falling Water?

A.                Frank Lloyd Wright.


39.              What is Chateaubriand?

A.                A cut of fillet steak.  (Accept beef steak, but not just meat).


40.       In the phrase “a pig in a poke”, what is a poke?

A.                A sack.


41.             Who was the jester to Gawsworth Hall who is buried in a wood close to the hall?

A.                Maggotty Johnson.


42.             The New Testament includes a considerable number of Epistles, or letters.  Most are attributed to St. Paul, but name one o f the other writers of New Testament epistles.

A.                Peter, James, John or Jude.


43.              Which well-known public figure has been portrayed on TV recently by actors Michael Sheen and Robert Lindsay?

A.                Tony Blair.


44.              Athens is in which region of Greece?

A.                Attica.


45.              What type of drink is Noilly Prat?

A.                Vermouth.


46.             In the game of Monopoly, what colour are the properties Coventry Street and Leicester Square?

A.                Yellow.


47.             The specialist publishing firm of Boosey & Hawkes is the world’s largest publisher of what kind of material?

A.                Music - sheet music, scores, etc.  (They also sell musical instruments).


48.       Which Greek hero slew the Minotaur?

A.                Theseus.


49.              Which football club has played the most games at the top level of English football (i.e. the Premiership or the old First Division)?

A.                Everton.


50.              What is the main diet of the Crown of Thorns starfish?

A.                Coral.


51.              The dinosaur now referred to by experts as the Apatosaurus was formerly known by what name?

A.                Brontosaurus.


52.              Which First World War hero wrote The Seven Pillars of Wisdom?

A.                T. E. Lawrence.  (Accept Lawrence of Arabia).


53.              Who designed the Cenotaph in Whitehall, the Somme memorial at Thiepval, and the main government buildings in Delhi?

A.                Edwin Lutyens.


54.              Which children’s TV series was created by Serge Danot and narrated by Eric Thompson?

A.                Magic Roundabout.


55.              What is the name of the trade union for members of the acting profession?

A.                Equity.


56.              Which popular TV spin-off series has a name that is an anagram of the series from which it spun off?

A.                Torchwood.  (Anag. of Doctor Who).

 57.             Who succeeded Ian Paisley as leader of the DUP and First Minister of Northern Ireland?

A.                Peter Robinson.


58.              Which actress was known as “the million dollar mermaid”?

A.                Esther Williams.


59.             The Royal Horticultural Society holds its main annual Flower Show at Chelsea, but where does it hold its northern show?

A.                Tatton Park.


60.              To whom was Katherine of Aragon married before Henry VIII?

A.                Prince Arthur, Henry’s brother.


61.             Which sporting arena, which has hosted many world championship boxing matches, is named after a US president?

A.                Madison Square Gardens.


62.              What did Aravind Adiga win in October 2008?

A.                The Booker Prize (or Man Booker Prize - for his novel The White Tiger).


63.             In what field have Ian Waite, Erin Boag, Camilla Dallerup and Brendan Cole achieved fame in recent years?

A.                Dancing.  (They are four of the Strictly Come Dancing professionals).


64.              A painting by Klimt and a sculpture by Rodin share the same name; what is it?

A.                The Kiss.


65.             What was the name of the orang utan who starred alongside Clint Eastwood in the film Any Which Way but Loose?

A.                Clyde.

66.       What happened at Tunguska, Siberia in June, 1908?

A.                A large meteor explosion (or possibly even a comet - accept any reasonably close answer).


67.             What do the novels Colonel Sun, by Robert Markham (alias Kingsley Amis), and Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulkes, have in common?

A.                Both about James Bond.


68.              In an heraldic coat of arms, what are the supporters?

A.                Figures either side of the shield holding it up.  (eg the Lion and Unicorn on the British coat of arms).


69.              In the Stock Market what term is used to denote a temporary rise in share prices followed by a further fall?

A.                A “dead cat bounce”.


70.             What term is used for any attempt to represent the curved surface of the Earth on a flat map?

A.                A projection.


71.              Montevideo stands on the estuary of which river?

A.                The River Plate.


72.             Three famous English composers died in 1934; name any one.

A.                Elgar, Delius, Holst.


73.              In 1909, who became the first man to make a cross-channel aeroplane flight?

A.                Louis Blériot.


74.              The river Eden flows through which city?

A.                Carlisle.


75.              A new steam locomotive has recently been built, the first in Britain for over 40 years.  What is its name?

A.                Tornado.


76.             What, in Lichfield, are The Ladies of the Vale?

A.                The three spires of the Cathedral.


77.              In heraldry, what is traditionally considered to be indicated by a bend sinister?

A.                Bastardy.

78.             What links a widow named Clicquot and a Benedictine monk named Perignon?

A.                Champagne.  (Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon).


79.             On what would a screever chalk his drawings?

A.                The pavement - it’s a term for a pavement artist.


80.             Although not mentioned in the novels, as a result of illustrations of him Sherlock Holmes has become associated with what type of head gear?

A.                Deerstalker.


81.             In the New Testament, most of the epistles attributed to St. Paul are written to Christian communities, but some are written to three named individual disciples.  Name one of these.

A.                Timothy, Titus or Philemon.


82.             Who was the last Scotsman to be Prime Minister before Gordon Brown?

A.                Sir Alec Douglas Home (Pron. Hume - accept Lord Home).


83.              In Greek Mythology, who was the mother of Helen of Troy?

A.                Leda.


84.              If a dish is described as “Véronique” (eg Sole Véronique) what ingredient is essential?

A.                (White) grapes.


85.       What name is given to an injection into the space around the spinal cord, often used as an analgesic during childbirth?

A.                An epidural.


86.              The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves would be heard in which opera by Verdi?

A.                Nabucco.


87.             In the game of Monopoly, what colour are the properties Pall Mall and Whitehall?

A.                Purple.


88.       Early in the 2nd World War, what was “Operation Pied Piper”?

A.                Evacuation of children from big cities.


89.             In the days before containerization changed the face of British docks, what name was given to the highly-skilled dockers who were specialists in loading and unloading ships?

A.                Stevedores.


90.             In which Cheshire town is the Headquarters of the holiday firm Eurocamp?

A.                Knutsford.


91.             Which political society, affiliated to the Labour Party, and advocating policies designed to bring about a Socialist society by gradual means, takes its name from an ancient Roman general?

A.                The Fabian Society.


92.              Which is the largest moon in the Solar System?

A.                Ganymede (the largest moon of Jupiter).


93.              The River Witham runs through which city?

A.                Lincoln.


94.             What is the traditional nickname of someone named “White”?

A.                Chalky.


95.       Against which city did the Romans wage the Punic Wars in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC?

A.                Carthage.


95.             According to the nursery rhyme, “Lucy Locket lost her pocket”; who found it?

A.                Kitty Fisher.




96.             What is the alternative name for the little grebe?

A.                Dabchick.


97.              Which is the only US state whose name ends in three vowels?

A.                Hawaii.


98.              The recent Channel 4 drama series the Devil’s Whore, starring John Sim, was set during which conflict?

A.                The English Civil War.


99.             On which craft would you have seen the letters and numbers NCC 1701?

A.                The Starship Enterprise.


100.          Who is the Question Master of the TV show University Challenge?

A.                Jeremy Paxman.


101.         In which musical would you hear the song “To Dream the Impossible Dream”?

A.                Man of La Mancha”.


102.         In Anglophone countries English is spoken, and in Francophone countries French.  What language is spoken in Lusaphone countries?

A.                Portuguese.


103.         What nationality was Alphonse Mucha, the noted Art Nouveau artist?

B.                 Czech.


104.         In which war zone is the play, and film, “Privates on Parade” set?

A.                Malaya (accept Malaysia) - the “emergency” of the 1950s.


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