Saturday, May 10, 2008

Questions for the Cup and Plate semi-finals

I must apologise - the scanner really struggled with the hard copy I have and in at least one case (Q47) the question is unfinished. In other cases, I had to work out the question so it may not read exactly as it was asked on the night.

1. Who had a hit with praying for time?
George Michael

2. Which Suffolk town is the venue for an annual music festival founded by Benjamin Britten?

3. What is the capital of Oman?

4. Which is the nearest galaxy to our own?

5. In cricket what is the position backwardpoint now usually called?

6. Opthalmophobia is a fear of what?
Being stared at

7. Edgeware, Golders Green and Colindale are stations on which
London Tube line?
Northern Line

8. How many sides has a heptadecagon?

9. Which traditional dance usually performed by one person is
associated with sailors?Hornpipe

10. What colour is mazarine?

11. How many world title fights did Mohammed Ali contest under the name Cassius Clay?

12. Name either of the two countries that contested the first ever
international cricket match in 1884?
Canada or USA

13. Who. in the Beano comic was “your redskin chum”?
Little plum

14. In horse racing which race is missing from the Triple Crown?-The Epsom Derby, The Saint Leger and …?
2000 Guineas

15. Who wrote the opera The Girl Of The Golden West?
Giacomo Puccini

16. Henry VIII is buried alongside which of his wives?
Jane Seymour

17. In which book did Sherlock Holmes first appear?
Study in Scarlet

18. A sheet of A4 paper is 210mm wide, but how long is it?

19. Where is often referred to as the oil capital of Norway?

20. Who wrote the children's book The Gruffalo?
Julia Donaldson

21. Roger Moore's scenes in which Blake Edwards film were filmed during a break from shooting Octopussy?
Curse Of The Pink Panther

22. Whitch Famous 1927 film is based on the play Day Of Atonement by Samual Raphaelsun?
The Jazz Singer

23. Which is the third largest City in the USA (in terms of Population?

24. What was the profession of Doc Holiday?

25 Which actress model and singer served 18 days in prison for tax evasion in 1982?
Sophia Loren

26. Who was the chief (Norse) God who lived in Asgard (Valhalla) at the top of the world tree?

27. Who were the race of giants (in Greek mythology) whose numbers included, Cronus, son of Gaia & Uranus and father of Zeus?

28. The 2nd movement of Bach’s orchestral Suite No. 3 in D is better known as what?
Air on a G String

29. A Musical Flourish with Trumpets is the specific definition of what?
A fanfare

30. Which London Underground Line is coloured Silver / Grey on maps
Jubilee line

31. According to Urban Myth Boudicca (or Boadicea) queen of the Iceni tribe & rebel against the Roman occupiers lies buried under platform 10 of which London railway station?
Kings Cross
32. This is the 42nd state of the USA. It was admitted to statehood on November 11th 1889. Its state capital is Olympia & it is nicknamed the "Evergreen State".
Washington State

33. This is the 2nd state of the USA. 11 was admitted to statehood on December 12th 1787. Its state capital is Harrisburg and it is nicknamed the "Keystone State".

34. At 22.841 ft (or 6962m) what is the highest peak in South America?

35. Slieve Donard is the highest point in which country?
Northern Ireland

36. In 1947 Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl journeyed from Peru to Tuamotu Island in the Pacific in a balsa raft named …"
Kon Tiki

37. Who was assassinated by a young Hindu fanatic culled Nathuram Godse?
Mahatma Gandhi

38. Who was the first King of the House of Wessex (802-839)?

39. Name a year In the life of Henry I.

40. Which locally based businessman has recently featured in both the Macclesfield Express and several national papers having recently been found guilty of drink driving while dressed as a Roman gladiator?
William Bianchi (or Arighi Bianchi fame)
41 Who useful tool for explorers was invented in China in the year 271?
Magnetic compass

42. In which comedy by Ben Jonson is the central character a rogue called Face?
The Alchemist

43. Whose first novel "Love & Friendship" was written (but not published) when she was only fourteen?
Jane Austen

44. Who won the Nobel Prix in Literature in 1953?
(Sir) Winston Churchill

45. Also in 1953 which book by Ernest Hemingway won a Pulitzer Prize?
The Old Man & The Sea

46. What do you call a plant that is not native to the area in which it is grown

47. What term refers to matter that does no enter or is resistant to chemical (???)Inert

48. Who was the Scottish businessman who. in 1815, introduced a method of road construction which still bears his name today?
John Loudon McAdam (Tarmac)

49. Who was the American inventor who in 1844. patented the vulcanization of rubber?
Charles Goodyear

50. What is the nickname of Crewe Alexandra?
The Railwaymen

51. What is the nickname of Stoke City?
The Potters

52. What links the US presidencies of John Tyler (1841-I845), Millard Fillmore (1850-1853), Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) & Chester Alan Arthur (1881-1889)?
They had no vice president

53. Which middle name do George Bush snr (1989-1993) K. George W. Bush (2001 - present) share?

54. We recently learned that Montmorency is both a Character in 3 men in a boat and the twin town of Knutsford. but perhaps more realistically can you name the German town with which Macclesfield is twinned?

55. Can you name either the starting or end point of the journey recounted in the book?
Kingston or Oxford

56. What is the Claim to lame of Blake Fielder-Civil ?
Recently imprisoned husband of Amy Winehouse

57. Who plays the Sheriff in BBC1’s recent Robin Hood Series
Keith Allen (Father of Lily Allen)

58. Which team dumped Manchester United out of this season’s FA cup?

59. At the same stage of the competition who knocked out Chelsea?
60. Who is the current Chief Cashier of the Bank of England?
Andrew Bailey

61. In heraldry, what colour is gules?

62. In heraldry, what colour is sable?

63. Who is the current British National squash champion he played for Presthury in 2003)?
James Willstrop

64. Which premier league referee issued 3 yellow cards to the same player in the 2006 world cup?
Graham Poll

65. What is the predominant grape variety in Beaujolais? Gamay

66. What is the predominant grape variety in Rioja? Tempranillo

67. Who is the new president of Russia?
Dmitry Medvedev

68. Who recently married the president of France?
Carla Bruni

69. What is the nearest Michelin starred restaurant to Macclesfield?
Juniper (Altrincham)

70. What is the nearest Michelin two starred restaurant to Macclesfield?
Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons (Oxford)
71. If Macclesfield Town are relegated this season, what league will they drop into?
Blue Square Premier league

72. The Potala Palace is a World Heritage Site. In which city does it stand?
Lhasa (it was once home to the Dalai Lama)

73. Who was MP for Macclesfield before Sir Nick?
Sir Arthur Vere Harvey

74. What title did Macclesfield's previous MP take when he was elevated to the Lords?
Baron Harvey of Prestbury

75. What is the name or the theatre where the Kirov Ballet play their home matches?

76. In which US state was Democrat contender Barack Ohanta horn?

77. When South Africa won the 2007 World Cup, who was their coach?
Jake White

78. In the Simpsons' TV show, name either of Marge Simpson’s sisters
Selma or Pally Bouvier (a first name will do)

79. Which monarch was on the English throne in 1800? George III

80. What make of car is modelled in marzipan for a TV ad? Skoda

81- In which province in Afghanistan are most British troops fighting.?

82. Who composed the ballets' The Rite of Spring" and "The Firebird"'?
Igor Slravinski

83. Anthony Hopkins based his Hannibal Lecter on which English comedian?
Tommy Cooper

84. In which Olympic sport would you compete in a keirin?
Track cycling (accept cycling) it is a mass start track cycling event

85. On TV, what was the name of the Steptoe’s horse?

86. If you were eating fish ''a la Normande'", how would it he cooked'
Braised in white wine

87. Who wrote the musical "Oliver"?
Lionel Bart

88. How many bones are therein the human spine?

89. Who said "If you can count your money, you are not really a rich man
Paul Getty

90. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World stood at Olympus?
The Statue of Jupiter

9I. What was Margaret Thatcher's maiden name?

92. Who was leader of the Labour Party prior to Tony Blair?
Margaret Beckett

93. What was introduced for the first time at the 1986 Wimbledon Tennis Championships?
Yellow Tennis Balls

94. Whose firs! stage billing was as " Professor Yaffle Chuckabutty - operatic tenor and sausage knotter" ?
Ken Dodd

95. Who usually reads the News on the Simpson's?
Kent Brockman

96. In which sport would you find a Bomb, a Blitz and a Shotgun?
American Football

97. Studies show that 80 percent of the world's population wears shoes made in what country?
China (4 billion pairs a year)

98. What is a philtre?
A magic potion

99. By what name is a Tibetan ox hotter known?

100. The law of the sea divides it into three zones, Internal Waters, Territorial Waters, and what?
High Seas
101. Which model of Ford car was named after a hunter in Greek mythology?

102. What began in 1567 in England , was outlawed in 1826, and re-introduced in 1994?
The Lottery
103. Rather than a hatter, what is the proper name for a maker of hats?

104. On what King's Cross platform would you catch the Hogwart's Express?

105. At which weight is boxer David Haye a world champion? Cruiserweight.

106. Name the triple-jumper who won Britain's only gold medal in the recent World Indoor Championships?
Phillips Idowu.

107. Which UK singer's most recent alhum is entitled "Back To Black"?
Amy Winehouse.

108. One of the hest-selling albums of all time has recently been re-issued to mark the 25th anniversary of its original release. What album is this?
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Album title required.

109. Who has recently switched their suit-maker from Brioni to Tom Ford International?
James Bond.

110. Name the Dancing On Ice presenter whose dresses have attracted a lot of recent tabloid attention?
Holly Willoughby.

111. Which fruity soft drink is celebrating its 100'" birthday this year?

112. What breed is Philippe, this year's Crufts Supreme Champion?
Giant Schnauzer.

113. Who were the last team from outside the top division to win the FA Cup?
West Ham (beat Arsenal 1-0 in 1980).

114. When Sullcy Muntari scored the penalty to knock .Manchesier United out of this season's FA Cup, who was the beaten goalkeeper?
Rio Ferdinand.

115. Which iconic rock singer committed suicide on this day in 1994?
Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana).

116. On this day in 1986 Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of which Californian town?

117. This year's London Marathon takes place on Sunday. To the nearest minute, what is the World Record for the men's marathon?
2:05:38 (2 hours 5 minutes 38 seconds), set in 2002 by Khalid Khannouchi. (Accept 2:04 to 2:06).

118. At the other end of the scale, what is the men's world record for the 100m? There is some leeway.
9.74 seconds, set by Asafa Powell in 2007. (Accept 9.69-9.79 seconds).
119. The Empire State Building is now Manhattan's tallest. How many floors does it have?
102 (accept 100 -104)

120. In which English city is the National Railway museum?York


I. The film. I Robot, was based on stories by which SF writer? Isaac Asimov

2. What was the name of Elvis Presley's manager?
Col. Tom Parker

3. In which modern state would you find the region Transylvania?

4. In which sport do the rules specify that the ball used must not weigh less than 15.93 grams and must have a diameter of at least 42.67 millimetres?

5. Who played Janet in 'Rebel Without a Cause'?
Natalie Wood

6.What nationality was John Calvin?

7. Who wore a diving suit to the opening of the International Surrealist Exhibition at London's New Burlington Gallery in 1936?
Salvador Dali

8. Who released the song 'Free as a Bird' in 1995?
The Beatles


How many minutes does it take the Hubble telescope to orbit the earth?


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