Wednesday, May 28, 2008


1 Which American poet wrote the lines Candy/ Is dandy/ But liquor/ Is quicker and later added the lines Pot/ Is not?
Ogden Nash (Original from 1931, the last lines added by Nash in 1968)

2 Which archipelagic nation consists of over 7,000 islands, the largest of which are Luzon and Mindanao?
The Philippines (7,107 islands to be precise)

3 Which London theatre has the same name as a silvery white metal with atomic number 46?

4 Which murderer used the false name John Robinson whilst trying to escape to Quebec on the SS Montrose with his mistress?
Dr Crippen (After the murder of his wife Cora)

5 What is the name of the MP for Crewe and Nantwich who died in April 2008?
Gwyneth Dunwoody

6 Complete the Monopoly set – Piccadilly, Coventry Street and...?
Leicester Square

7 Which major New York street intersects with Broadway at Times Square?
42nd Street

8 Which composer is buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Abbey?
Henry Purcell

9 If you were reading a book published by Fodor’s, what would the subject be?
Travel (World’s largest English language publisher of travel / tourism info)

10 Two famous people met at Ujiji near the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania on the 10th of November 1871. Name either.
Sir Henry Morton Stanley or Dr David Livingstone ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume..?”)

11 Which office, currently held by Martin Rees, has also been held by John Flamsteed and Edmond Halley?
Astronomer Royal (Flamsteed was the first in 1675 and was followed by Halley)

12 What is the name of the ship’s Captain who is the subject of Herman Wouk’s novel (and later film) The Caine Mutiny?
Captain Queeg

13 At the end of which famous race is the slowest finisher awarded the title Lanterne Rouge or Red Lantern?
The Tour de France (It refers to the red lights on the last carriage of a train which indicate that no wagon has been lost).

14 In Norse mythology, who or what is Yggdrasil?
The Tree of the World, a great Ash tree that connects the Norse cosmos together. (Tree is what we are after…)

15 Which American singer, known as the “Cry Guy” or the “Nabob of Sob”, had a Number 1 UK hit with Just Walking in the Rain in 1956?
Johnnie Ray

16 Which American artist, whose most famous works were numbered rather than named, died at the age of 44 when he crashed his car whilst drunk in New York in 1956?
Jackson Pollock
17 What is the name of the strait between India and Sri Lanka?
The Palk Strait

18 What word is used to describe a person who dies without having made a will?
Intestate (Do not accept “Dead”!)

19 What name is given to a series of pictures apparently made by random ink blots which is used as a means of psychological testing?
The Rorschach Test

20 The novel Oil! by Upton Sinclair was the inspiration for a successful 2007 film featuring a leading character called Daniel Plainview. What is the film’s title?
There Will Be Blood (Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Plainview)

21 Which Pope died in 1978 only 33 days after being elected?
John Paul I (the first)

22 Which game bird found extensively in Scotland is known as the Snow Grouse?
The Ptarmigan

23 Which English Football League team has been managed by Trevor Francis, David Pleat and Ron Atkinson?
Sheffield Wednesday

24 When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, who stayed up in space?
Michael Collins (Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11)

25 Refreshment Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent. By what name is it more commonly known?
Mothering Sunday (Or Mother’s Day, of course…)
26 William Webb Ellis won a much prized blue for Oxford University at which sport?
Cricket (Played v Cambridge in 1827)

27 In Greek mythology, Leto is the mother of twins by Zeus. Name either of them.
Apollo or Artemis

28 In which Shakespeare play is Viola the heroine?
Twelfth Night

29 Leona Lewis has recently topped the US charts with her single Bleeding Love. Who was the last UK female singer to do so in 1987 with the song You Keep Me Hangin’ On?
Kim Wilde

30 Which country in South-eastern Europe has Podogorica as its capital?
31 Which vegetable has varieties called Chantenay and Nantes?

32 Under what stage name do Ian and Janette Tough usually perform?
The Krankies

33 What is the name of the cells circulating in the blood that cause primary hemostasis leading to the formation of blood clots?
Platelets (Accept thrombocytes)

34 What is the name of the national airline of Hungary?
Malév Hungarian Airlines (Accept Malév)

35 What is the name of Lewis Hamilton’s team mate at McLaren Mercedes in 2008?
Heikki Kovalainen

36 Which US actor played Commander Straker in the 1970’s Gerry Anderson TV series UFO?
Ed Bishop

37 There are currently three Members of Parliament with the surname Winterton.
Sir Nick and Lady Anne are two, what is the first name of the third?
Rosie (Rosie Winterton, Minister of State at the Department for Transport & also Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber)

38 In which European city are the headquarters of Interpol?

39 Who is the drummer for Pink Floyd, indeed the only constant band member since their formation?
Nick Mason

40 In which Charles Dickens novel would you find the character Abel Magwitch?
Great Expectations

41 Which chemical element has the symbol Na?

42 What colour is the tongue of a Chow Chow dog?
Blue (A very odd blue-black / purple colour, blue is what is required)

43 In cookery what are goujons?
Strips of chicken or fish deep- fried in breadcrumbs

44 Martin Scorsese’s latest film is a documentary of two Rolling Stones concerts plus archive footage. What is the name of the film?
Shine a Light

45 Which actor is the longest running Doctor in Doctor Who having played the role for seven consecutive years?
Tom Baker (1974 – 1981)
46 In which sport can you be penalised for “travelling”?

47 Paul Tibbets died in November 2007. What did he do on the 6th of August 1945 that will ensure his place in history?
He was the pilot of the Enola Gay, the aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima

48 Where in Gloucestershire are the headquarters of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust?

49 What record is currently held by the building at One Canada Square, London?
Tallest building in the UK (In Canary Wharf - 244 metres or 800 feet in old money)

50 Which former England cricketer enjoys the nickname of the “King of Spain”?
Ashley Giles

51 Which fictional character’s ancestral home is Bunkerton Castle?
Lord Snooty (Lord Marmaduke of Bunkerton to give him his full title…)

52 In which country is Chernobyl?

53 What comprised the filling of the dish “Humble (or Umble) pie”?
Deer offal (Accept offal)
54 The Keirin and the Madison are events in which sport?

55 In music terminology, what does Legato mean?
Smoothly (Literally in Italian “tied together”)

56 Which city is situated on Zealand Island in the Baltic, and is home to Tivoli Gardens?

57 Dunkery Beacon is the highest point where?

58 In musical terms, how is Steveland Hardaway Judkins, who later changed his name to Steveland Hardaway Morris, now better known?
Stevie Wonder

59 The Kiel Canal connects two seas together. The North Sea is one, what is the other?
The Baltic Sea

60 Per Ardua ad Astra (Through Hardship to the Stars) is the motto of which organisation?
The RAF (Since the Royal Flying Corps adopted it in 1913)

61 The Roman poet Horace wrote the lines Dulce et decorum est/ Pro patria mori (Sweet and honourable it is to die for one’s country). Which 20th century English poet used the line Dulce Et Decorum Est as the title of one of his most famous poems?
Wilfred Owen

62 Who wrote the 1946 play An Inspector Calls?
J. B. Priestley

63 The River Waveney forms much of the boundary between two English counties. Name either.
Norfolk or Suffolk

64 What name is given to a solid figure which has twelve edges, all of equal length and at right angles to one another?
A Cube

65 Which murderer, believed to have killed at least 16 people in London, was only discovered after the drains of his house became blocked by human remains?
Dennis Nilsen

66 Who is currently the deputy leader of the Labour Party?
Harriet Harman

67 In Scrabble, what is the value of the letter K?
5 points

68 Which state became the first to ratify the United States constitution in 1787, hence its official nickname of The First State?

69 From which Greek writer did Shakespeare get many details for his classical plays?

70 Which directory, first published in 1858, contains details of English, Welsh & Irish churches plus biographies of around 25,000 Anglican clergy?
Crockford’s Clerical Directory (Accept Crockford’s)

71 Two famous people met for the first time in 1919 whilst working on the silent film The Lucky Dog. They made many more films together including The Music Box and Way Out West. Name either of them.
Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy
72 Which office, currently held by Jack Straw MP, has also been held by Sir Thomas More and Lord Mackay of Clashfern?
Lord Chancellor (Jack Straw is the first MP to hold the office)

73 In the novel Treasure Island, which Captain has buried the treasure sought by the protagonists?
Captain Flint (Also giving his name to Long John Silver’s parrot)

74 In which indoor game would you use a Squidger?
Tiddlywinks (It is the larger disc with which you propel your winks!)

75 In Norse mythology, who or what is Bifröst?
The Rainbow Bridge between Earth (Midgard) and Asgard
(Accept Bridge)

76 Which English singer, widely regarded as Britain’s first home-grown rock ‘n’ roll star, had his first UK hit with Rock with the Caveman?
Tommy Steele (who may or may not have also shown Elvis around London in 1958, depending who you believe!)

77 Which Spanish surrealist painter and sculptor was born in Barcelona in 1893 and was buried there after his death in 1983, many of his works now being on display in the same city in a museum of modern art which bears his name?
Joan Miró (Many of his pieces are exhibited today in the Fundació Joan Miró in Montjuïc, Barcelona)

78 In which country would you find the Ozark Mountains?
USA (Covering much of Missouri / Arkansas & more besides)

79 On an Ordnance Survey map, what does the abbreviation FB signify?
Footbridge (Also accept Filter Bed)
80 What is the name of the private citizen who unexpectedly made the most complete colour film record of President John F Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas in 1963?
Abraham Zapruder

81 The Pink Floyd album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn takes its title from Chapter 7 of which classic children’s’ novel?
The Wind in the Willows

82 What was the symbol of the Free French forces in the Second World War?
The Cross of Lorraine

83 In the natural world, what is bladder wrack?
A type of Seaweed

84 Nigel Mansell won the Formula One World Championship in 1992 driving for which team?

85 Alexey Leonov was the first human being to ever do what, in 1965?
Walk in Space (for 12 minutes on the 18th of March, 1965)

86 What name is given to the Sunday after Easter Sunday?
Low Sunday (Accept also Octave Day of Easter)

87 In November 2007, who was announced as the manager of the 2009 British and Irish Lions Rugby Union tour to South Africa?
Gerald Davies

88 In Greek mythology what is an Oread?
A nymph that lived in mountains, valleys, ravines etc

89 Who is the villain in Shakespeare’s play Othello?
90 How is singer Sandra Ann Goodrich better known?
Sandie Shaw

91 What is the currency of Montenegro?
The Euro (It will get us all in the end…)

92 Jargonelle, Seckel and Winter Nelis are types of which fruit?

93 How is the double act of Charles Hodges and David Peacock better known?
Chas and Dave

94 Where in the body would you find the Ilium bone?The Pelvis

95 TAROM is the national airline of which Eastern European Country?
Romania (Transporturile Aeriene ROMâne, Romanian Air Transport)

96 Who was the winner of the recent 2008 US Masters Golf?
Trevor Immelman

97 Eve Whitfield was an assistant to which TV detective in the 1960s?

98 What position in the Shadow Cabinet is held by the current member of parliament for Tatton?
Shadow Chancellor (of the Exchequer) (George Osborne)

99 Gaborone is the capital of which Southern African republic which gained independence from the UK in 1966?
100 Jon Lord made his name as a founder member and keyboard player with which UK hard rock band?
Deep Purple

101 In which Charles Dickens novel would you find the character Wackford Squeers?
Nicholas Nickleby

102 Which chemical element has the symbol Hg?

103 What type of animal is a Margay?
A Cat

104 In cookery what are gnocchi?
A dumpling made from wheat flour, potato, semolina etc
(Accept dumpling)

105 Which rock musician was installed as Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University in November 2007?
Brian May

106 Satellite Channel Sky One has recently announced its intention to re-make which 1970’s science fiction TV series?
Blake’s 7

107 Disgraced sprinter Dwain Chambers recently had a trial period with which Rugby League club?
Castleford Tigers (Accept Castleford)

108 Which make of car is named after Emil Jellinek’s daughter?

109 Where would you find the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and associated Zoological Park?
Jersey (Founded by Gerald Durrell)
110 Which American Actor was the driving force behind the reconstructed theatre Shakespeare’s Globe in London?
Sam Wanamaker

111 Who apart from Geoff Hurst scored for England in the 1966 World Cup Final?
Martin Peters

112 If Thomas is Number 1 and Edward is Number 2, who is Number 4?
Gordon (Engines in the Rev. W Awdry’s Railway Series)

113 The Laerdal Road Tunnel is the longest such tunnel in the world. In which European country would you find it?

114 What does the word frangible mean?
Breakable or fragile. An object would break into fragments if force were applied rather than just bending, e.g. a digestive biscuit is frangible whilst fresh bread is not)

115 Name the Diving champion who will be the youngest member of the 2008 British Olympic Team.
Tom Daley (13yrs, born 21/05/1994)

116 In music terminology, what does Andante mean?
In a moderate tempo, walking pace etc

117 Which city, a former capital of Spain, is now a World Heritage Site and famous for sword-making?

118 What is the stately home owned by the Spencer family in Northamptonshire called?

119 In musical terms, how is Vincent Eugene Craddock better known?
Gene Vincent

120 What bridge connects one side of Lake Havasu, Arizona to the other side?
London Bridge (shipped over and re-constructed there in 1971)

Supplementary Questions

1 What is the name of the temple complex built by Pharaoh Ramses II, from which statues were moved in 1968 to prevent them being submerged by Lake Nasser?
Abu Simbel

2 William Sidney Porter was a prolific American short story writer, including the volume "Cabbages and Kings". By what pseudonym was he better known?
O Henry

3 In August 1346, Edward II led the English to victory at which battle?

4 What number is represented by MDLV in Roman Numerals?

5 Harold Wilson became Labour party Leader after his predecessor died suddenly. Who was he?
Hugh Gaitskell

6 In which decade did Lester Piggott first win the Derby? 1950s (1954 on Never Say Die…)

7 Which bird is sometimes known as the “sea parrot”? Puffin

8 Which French Film maker created the character "Monsieur Hulot"?
Jacques Tati

9 The role of “Dirty” Harry Callahan as played by Clint Eastwood in a series of films was originally written for which singer / actor?
Frank Sinatra

10 Who was Manager of Manchester United when they were last relegated?
Tommy Docherty

TIEBREAKER (God forbid…)

Add together the following numbers:-

• The height in feet of the mountain K2
• The height in feet of the Eiffel Tower (ignoring the antenna and any other aerials on top!)
• The length in miles of the River Nile
• The number of Test Match runs scored by Geoffrey Boycott
• The year in which Sir Thomas More was executed

Nearest to the correct total wins!


K2 = 28,251
Eiffel Tower = 986
Nile = 4,132
Geoffrey Boycott = 8,114
Sir Thomas More = 1535

Total = 43,018


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