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November 11th

Macc. Pub Quiz League



General Knowledge rounds

set by

the Harrington Academicals


Specialist rounds are ...


Autumn Blues

Arts and Entertainment

Opening Lines




A Bridge too Far


1. Which football team won this year’s European Super Cup?

Zenit St Petersburg (beat Manchester United 2-1 in August)

2. In which US city did Andy Murray win his first Master Series event in August this year?


3. This year’s LV County Cricket Championship was won for the first time by which county?


4. In Rugby League, which team retained their SuperLeague title this year?

Leeds Rhinos

5. Name the British Olympian who won a rowing silver at Athens in 2004 and a cycling gold at Beijing in 2008?

Rebecca Romero

6. Which British swimmer completed the 400m and 800m freestyle double in the Beijing Olympics?

Rebecca Adlington

7. In boxing, what is the family name of the brothers who between them hold 3 of the 4 World Heavyweight titles?

Klitschko. Wladimir is the IBF and WBO champ, Vitali the WBC.

8. Name the Essex racecourse that’s the 1st new course to open in the UK since 1927?

Great Leighs


S1. Sachin Tendulkar recently became the 1st batsman to have scored 12 thousand Test runs; in 1987 which other Indian batsman became the 1st to reach 10 thousand runs?

Sunil Gavaskar

S2. Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed are 3 of the 4 players who have appeared in every Premiership season. Name the 4th

David James.


All the questions are based on the colour blue

1. Who wrote the musical piece, Rhapsody in Blue? 

George Gershwin

2. Who painted “The Blue Boy”? 

Thomas Gainsborough

3. In the modern theatre of war, what is another term for “blue on blue”?

Friendly Fire

4. Near which Derbyshire village is the Blue John Mine? Castleton

5. What is the geologist’s name for Blue John? 


6. Who is the late radio broadcaster who wrote and played the sublime jazz piece, Bad

Penny Blues?

  Humphrey Littleton

7. Which celebrated painter had a Blue Period? 

Pablo Picasso

8. What is a blue moon? 

It is the 13th full moon in a year (accept extra moon) it occurs every 2 or 3 years


1. Born in Alabama in 1873, he is generally known as the “Father of the Blues”

Who is he? 

WC Handy

2. In which country are the Blue mountains? 



1. With which art form is Barbara Hepworth associated? 


2. Who wrote the novel The Green Mile, on which the film was based? 

Stephen King

3. Which prudish person brought out a censored version of Shakespeare's works?

Thomas Bowdler

4. In which profession did Buckminster Fuller make his name? 


5. From which Robin Williams film does the exchange “You're going into the mens room ...So I am, I do need new glasses”

Mrs Doubtfire

6. Who wrote the musical work “Pictures at an Exhibition”?

  Modest Mussourgsky

7. Which instrument does Winston (or Wynton) Marsalis play? 


8. On which British comedian did Anthony Hopkins base his Hannibal Lecter?

Tommy Cooper


1. Which British actress stars alonside Daniel Craig in the new Bond film “Quantum of Solace”?

Gemma Arterton

2. Who created the fictional detective Mike Hammer? 

Mickey Spillane


For each question you’ll be given the opening line of a well known pop or rock song. You need to identify the song – the artist is not needed.

1. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

2. There’s no point in asking, you’ll get no reply Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols)

3. Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste

Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones)

4. It was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank.

Fairytale of New York (Pogues + Kirsty MacColl)

5. Sup up your beer and collect your fags

The Eton Rifles (The Jam)

6. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

Don’t You Want Me (Human League)

7. Look at the skies, look how they shine for you

Yellow (Coldplay)

8. She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge

Common People (Pulp)


1. Is it my imagination, or have I finally found something worth living for?

Cigarettes And Alcohol (Oasis)

2. You know that it would be untrue

Light My Fire (Doors)

3. Get your motor running, head out on the highway

Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)


1 Which King of England lost his son when The White Ship sank in 1120?

  Henry I

2 Who led the Peasant’s Revolt and negotiated with Richard II?

Wat Tyler

3 What was the name of John of Gaunt’s third wife?

Katherine Swynford

4 In which town was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake?


5 Who was the last English king to die in battle?

Richard III

6 Where was Henry VIII born?

Greenwich Palace

7 Who threw herself under George V’s horse during the Derby?

Emily Davison

8 Whose profile as Britannia featured on British coins?

Frances Stuart, Duchess of Lennox


1. Which of Byron’s mistresses described him as “mad, bad and dangerous to know”?

Lady Caroline Lamb

2 Who designed the Crystal Palace?

Sir William Paxton

GEOGRAPHY – The Name Game

1..What did 1. the Turkish city of Istanbul used to be called ?

ConstantiConstantinople ( or Byzantium )

.2. What did the Polish city of Gdansk used to be more popularly known as?


3. Which US state was named after Elizabeth 1st?

Virginia ( the virgin queen )

4. Which US state was named after Louis 15th of France?


5. Which European country did the Romans call Lusitania?


. 6. Which South American country was named after an Italian city?

Venezuela ( Little Venice )

7. What is the name of the former British colony whose capital was Accra?

The Gold Coast

8. What is the name of the former British colony whose capital was Salisbury

Rhodesia ( strictly Southern Rhodesia )

Supplementaries :

1. Which country did the Romans call Caledonia? Scotland

2.Which capital city was so named because the air there seemed so fresh and good to


Buenos Aires

3.What name links a citrus fruit and a South African river?



1. What is ascorbic acid also known as? 

Vitamin C

2. Which vitamin is essential for blood clotting?


3. Which member of the chemical family known as the halogens is a liquid at room



4. Where in the body is the labyrinth?

The ear

5. Which 18th century Swedish botanist established the present system of classifying


Carl Linnaeus

6. What is the name given to a chemical reaction in which heat is absorbed?


7. What, according to astrophysicists, is the material of which 80-85% of the Universe is composed? 

Dark Matter

8. Who is known as the father of bacteriology?

  Louis Pasteur


1. What is the energy of motion properly called? 

Kinetic energy

2. How many noughts in a googol? 



1.What was the name of the Allied operation which was the subject of the film “A Bridge too Far”?

Market Garden

2..Who designed the Millennium Bridge in London – and didn’t get it quite right?

  Lord Foster

3. Who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge? 

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

4. In which city is the Ponte Vecchio?


5 .In which city is the Charles Bridge?


6. What name is given to to the design of a bridge, such as Tower Bridge, with a divided lifting roadway? 

Bascule Bridge

7. What was the bridge moved by the lads of Auf Wiedersehn Pet from England to Arizona?

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

8. In bridge or whist, what is a hand called with no cards greater than 9? 

A Yarborough


1.. In which country is the suspension bridge with the world's longsest central span?

Japan, the Akashi – Kaikyo Bridge, 6529 ft

2...Who is accredited with the design of the Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge – although he did not design it? 

Isaac Newton




1.  Which herb is used to flavour the tomato sauce on pizza? 



2. The Muses were goddesses of music and poetry.  How many Muses were there?      9


3. Also in mythology, which Arabian princess saved her life by telling stories for 1001  nights?

 Scherazade (accept Sharazad)


4.  What was the title of the first James Bond movie?

Dr No


5.  What was discovered in a ancient burial ground in Gokstad, Norway?

 A Viking longship


6.  Who is fronting the meritorious campaign to allow Gurkhas to stay in this country?

 Joanna Lumley


7. What is the Gurkha knife called? 

A Kukri


8.  What, apart from an equine quadruped, is a Mississippi Mule?

A cocktail


9.  Whose autobiography is entitled “Is That It?”

 Bob Geldof


10. Which English poet had a thing about Miss Joan Hunter Dunn? 

John Betjeman


11. The Northern Lights are the Aurora Borealis.  What are the Southern Lights called?

Aurora Australis


12. Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World stood at Olympus?

 The Statue of Jupiter


13. What were Achilles’ warriors at the battle of Troy called?



14. Which house, owned by the Duke of Wellington, had the address No. 1 London

Apsley House


15.  Who was the first female Prime Minister of Israel?                                          Golda Meir


16.  In which sport (apart from football) does a libero play?                                   Volleyball                              

17. The British V bombers of the 50’s included the Vulcan and the Victor.  What was the  third called?

 The Valiant


18.  Which trumpet player recorded “The Birth of the Cool”?

Miles Davis


19. Which local stately home featured as Pemberley in the film “Pride and Prejudice”?

Lyme Hall


20.  What is the pirates’ skull and crossbones flag called?

The Jolly Roger


21. What is the name of the long distance walk that runs from Disley to Kidsgrove?

The Gritstone Trail


22..Who did Lewis Hamilton overtake two corners from the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix to win the world motor racing championship?                                         Timo Glock


23.  What is the mathematical term that means without end or limit?                     Infinity                

24..What do 2,3,5,7,11 and 13 have in common? 

They are prime numbers


25.  Who was the poet laureate who once declared : ‘I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky ‘ ? 

John Masefield                                                                                              


26. Who was the professor of Latin at Cambridge who called himself the Shropshire lad ?

A E Housman


27. Who founded the model town of Port Sunlight in Cheshire? 

 William Lever


28. Who created the model village of Bournville in Birmingham?    

The Cadbury family


29. Who was the first man to win the tennis grand slam twice? (Wimbledon, US, Frech and Australian Open)

Rod Laver


30. Who was the first woman to win the tennis grand slam     

Maureen Connolly (1953)


31.In what type of space capsule did John Glen first circle the earth?                 Mercury                                


32. Who was the designer of the airship R 100?

Barnes Wallis


33. In its history, the flags of three countries have flown over the US city of New Orleans. America and France are 2 name the third?                                                                                                                      


34..The Chetniks were a Serbian second world war resistance movement led by Colonel Mihailovic. Who led the other resistance group known as the partisans? 


35. Who was the only British king of the house of Saxe-coburg?

Edward 7th


36. Double headed for Russia and Austria, single headed for Germany. What is it ?

Eagle ( as heraldic symbol )

37. Who taught Latin at Brookfield school?  

 Mr Chips

38. Titan is the largest moon of which planet?


39.. By what name is performer Clementina Campbell better known?

Cleo Laine

40.. Lying in the northern central USA, it is the chief dairy state and its capital is Madison. What is the state?


41.. What was the colonial name for Zambia?

Northern Rhodesia

42. Who first defined the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’? 

Ted Heath

43. What makes a pink gin pink?

Angostura Bitters

44. What police force did Mack Sennett create?

 The Keystone Cops

45. Which cigarettes were cool as a mountain stream? 


46. Which city is nicknamed Auld Reekie?


47. Which country’s parliament is called the Riksdag?


48. Which English coin was withdrawn in 1960?                                                       Farthing  

49. Which modern English city was known to the Romans as Sarbiodunum?    Salisbury

50. On which river is Leeds?



51.On which national radio station does Alan Brazil present the weekday breakfast show?


52. Troubled celebrity Kerry Katona was formerly a member of which group?

Atomic Kitten.


53.Which is the missing railway station on the standard UK Monopoly board? Kings Cross, Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street and …?                                        Marylebone.


54..What nationality is Erno Rubik, inventor of numerous puzzles including the famous cube



55. Originally selling womenswear only, which high street store was launched by the Hepworth group in 1982?


56. The Corkscrew at Alton Towers ran for the last time on November 9th, in which year was it first opened?

1980 (allow 1979-81)


57.Who was the owner of Spit the Dog?

 Bob Carolgees

58. The Reinheitsgebot (Ryne-Heights-Ge-Boat) is a piece of German legislation governing what?

The brewing of beer – it specifies which ingredients are allowed to be used.


59. Which former member of the group Hear’Say is now a successful Tv presenter, author and swimwear model? 

 Myleene Klass.


60. Which local landmark was the birthplace of the Methodist movement in the early 19th century?

Mow Cop, near Congleton

61.Which Manchester City player scored the last competitive goal at the old Wembley Stadium? 

 Dietmar Hamann, playing for Germany against England.


62. Eric Chappell’s stage play “The Banana Box” was later developed into which popular 1970’s TV comedy?

Rising Damp


63. How is former doctor Matthew Hall now better known?

TV comic Harry Hill

64. Name the presenter of the TV show Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Simon Amstell

65. The next Olympics will be held in London 2012, in which year were the first London Olympics held?


66. The day after it was announced that London would be staging the 2012 Olympics, which major events took place in the city?

The 7/7 bombings of 3 Underground trains and a bus. (July 7th, 2005).


67. Featuring a 53 year old guitarist in school uniform, which rock band have recently released the album “Black Ice”?                                                                        AC/DC.


68. “Dig Out Your Soul” is the latest album by which mouthy Mancunians?           Oasis.


69.  Which edgy TV topical comedy quiz is hosted by Irish comedian Dara O’Briain (pronounced O’Bree-an)? 

Mock The Week

70. Which Welsh coastal town sits at the north end of the Offa's Dyke path?      Prestatyn


71.  What is the cost of downloading a single track from iTunes?

79 pence                                                                                

72. Happily for lager drinkers, Robinson’s Einhorn lager is no longer available. What is the English translation, with a Robinson’s link, of the German word Einhorn?

Unicorn (As in Robinson’s Unicorn Brewery in Stockport).

73.  Which New York airport is closest to downtown Manhattan?

La Guardia

74. Which US President avoided impeachment by one vote?

 Andrew Johnson  

75..How many hurdles would you find in the 110 metres hurdles event?                               10

76.. What sport do the Chicago Bulls play?


77. Who is Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday a tribute to?

 Martin Luther King

78.Where were the 2004 Olympics held?



79. What is the capital of Canada?



80. Barack Obama was the senator for which state?



81. John McCain is the senator for which state?                                                         Arizona


82. Name one of the Football League 2 sides on minus points.

Rotherham, Luton or Bournemouth


83. What was the name of Long John Silver's parrot in Treasure Island? 

   Captain Flint


84.Where is St John buried?                                                                                     Ephesus                                                                                     

85. Where is St James Buried? 

 Santiago de Compostela                                                             

86. Who wrote the Sharpe novels, about the Napoleonic wars?

Bernard Cornwell


87. What is the name of the medical examiner and forensic consultant created by Patricia Cornwell?

Kay Scarpetta


88. What is the grape variety used to make the finest red burgundy?

Pinot Noir (Gamay is used in Beaujolais)


89. What is the grape variety used to make the finest white burgundy?

Chardonnay (Aligote is used, but not in great wines)


90. If a meeting was described as “Friends of Bill W”, who would attend

Alcoholics ( it is AA – named after Bill Wilson)

91. Who won the world chess championship last month?

(Viswanathan) Anand                   

92. Who is the head designer at the fashion house Chanel?

 Karl Lagerfeld

 93. Who is the head designer at the fashion house Dior? 

John Galliano

 94. Whose last words were “Bugger Bognor”? 

King George V


95. Whose last words were “Either that wallpaper goes or I do”? 

Oscar Wilde

96. Who was the extreme right wing Austrian politician killed in a car crash last month?

Joerg  Haider





1.What is the inscription on the reverse of the Military Medal? 

 For bravery in the field


2. How many dimes would you get in exchange for an American dollar?                       10                           



         4. What is the largest of the Arab Emirates?

 Abu Dhabi


         5.What city is associated with the bright green cloth traditionally worn by Robin Hood?   Lincoln


6. What name is given to a Japanese military commander or ruler in former times?


7. How many of King Henry VIII's wives were called Catherine?                                  Three

8. What is Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane better known as?                               DDT                      

9. Which two old states combined to form the Republic of Tanzania?

Tanganyika and Zanzibar















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