Monday, November 17, 2008

First Game of the Season 4th November

Sorry folks the numbering system has gone awry in publishing - will try to correct later       

Specialist Section 


Questions set by The Knot Inn: 

        1. Food and Drink
        2. It’s (nearly) Bonfire Night
        3. Geography
        4. Sport
        5. Arts and Entertainment
        6. Politics (Elections)
        7. Science
        8. History

Food and Drink 

1.Which sweet cake, popular in Greece and Turkey, consists of filo pastry stuffed with walnuts and almonds and flavoured with honey? 


2. Measured in terms of cups of tea per head of population per year, the people of which country are the world's heaviest tea drinkers? 

(Republic of Ireland) 

3. When asked about champagne, who said, “In victory you deserve it, in defeat you need it”? 

(Winston Churchill) 

4. According to Dr. Johnson, “Claret is the liquor for boys, port for men, but he who aspires to be a hero must drink....” What? 


5. Which type of tea was originally dried over smouldering ropes? 

(Lapsang Suchong) 

6. Stilton is a popular English cheese. In which county is the village of Stilton? 


7. What is added to champagne to make a Bellini? 

(Peach juice) 

8. What were first made by John Woodger in Seahouses, Northumberland in 1843 ? 


Supplementary Questions  

The recipe for what did Marie Antoinette bring with her from Austria when she married Louis 16th? (Croissant) 
What is the difference between a welsh rarebit and a buck rarebit ? 

(Buck rarebit has a poached egg on top) 

It’s (nearly) Bonfire Night 

All questions or answers have an obvious or tenuous link to 5th November. 

1. After the Gunpowder plot was uncovered, Guy Fawkes was tried, and sentenced to death by what method? 

(Hanged, drawn and quartered – Hanging not accepted) 

2. Which town in Sussex is most associated with official bonfire night celebrations? 

(Lewes – after the 17 catholic martyrs killed locally in the 1500’s) 

3. Who wrote the novel ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’? 

(Tom Wolfe) 

4. Who composed the ‘Music for the King’s Fireworks’? 


5. Which film director could be getting a big alimony payment, following the opening of divorce proceedings in October? 

(Guy Ritchie) 

6. Eaten traditionally on Bonfire Night, what gives Parkin its characteristic colour? 

(Black Treacle – accept Molasses) 

7. In which country is Guy Fawkes river and National Park? 

Australia (New South Wales) 

8. What type of firework is easily the cause of most accidents? 


Supplementary Questions 

In which northern city was Guy Fawkes born? 


Which female artist did a cover version – listed in the Observer in 2007 as the greatest cover version ever – of Elton John’s Rocket Man in 1991?

 (Kate Bush) 


1. What is the name of the second largest lake in the world? 

(Lake Superior) 

2. What is the name of the second highest mountain in the world? 


3. What country includes the Provinces of Carinthia, Styria and Voralberg? 


4. The French call it the Pas de Calais. What do we call it? 

(Strait of Dover) 

5. What’s the missing one from this list?

          • Antrim
          • Armagh
          • Down
          • Fermanagh
          • Londonderry
          • ??

(Tyrone – 6 counties of N Ireland) 

6. What’s the missing one from this list?

          • Ulster
          • Munster
          • Leinster
          • ??

(Connacht – 4 provinces of Ireland) 

7. In which country does the River Danube end? 

(Rises in Germany, ends in Romania) 

8. What is the more common name of the Hashemite Kingdom? 


Supplementary Questions 

Measured by population what is the largest Province of Canada? 

(Quebec – c. 2m) 

Measured by population what is the smallest Province of Canada? 

(Prince Edward Island – <> 


1. Which League Two Football League club plays its home games at the Don Valley Stadium? 

(Rotherham United – accept Rotherham) 

2. Which League Two Football League club plays its home games at the Fraser Eagle Stadium? 

(Accrington Stanley – accept Accrington) 

3. Who is Test cricket’s highest career run-scorer? 

(Sachin Tendulkar – accept Tendulkar. He surpassed Brian Lara in the second Test of the current India versus Australia series.) 

4. Cricket. England recently played an invitational West Indies team in a Twenty20 match for a $20 million winner-takes-all prize?

 Name the Texan billionaire who organised the match. (Allen Stanford – accept Stanford) 

5. In bowls, what name is commonly given to the target ball, which is usually yellow in colour?

 (The jack) 

6. James DeGale won a gold medal for Britain at the Beijing Olympics this year. In what sport? 

(Boxing – Middleweight) 

7. Of which legendary England international footballer was a statue recently unveiled outside the Craven Cottage? 

(Johnny Haynes – accept Haynes) 

8. At what venue is the PDC World Darts Championship scheduled to be played over Christmas and New Year? 

(Alexandra Palace, London) 

Supplementary Questions 

Who is the only player to make more than one 147 maximum break at the World Snooker Championships? (Ronnie O’Sullivan) 

Which horse won three consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups from 2002 to 2004? (Best Mate) 

Arts and Entertainment 

1. Who wrote Brideshead Revisited, published in 1945? 

(Evelyn Waugh) 

2. Which Staffordshire-raised author’s works include Anna of the Five Towns and Tales of the Five Towns

(Arnold Bennett) 

3. Steve says I Started out with Nothin’ and I Still Got Most of It Left, but from what affliction does the bluesman suffer? 

(Seasickness – His name is Seasick Steve and that is his current album’s title.) 

4. Tell Tale Signs is the title of the latest release of which songwriter? 

(Bob Dylan) 

5. Which non-speaking character in Shakespeare is described as “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy”? 

(Yorick – His skull is famously tossed around in Hamlet) 

6. Which of Shakespeare’s tragedies begins with the following summary of the play’s plot: “Nay, but this dotage of our general’s / O’erflows the measure”? 

(Antony and Cleopatra) 

7. Which Reality TV Show that ran for two series in 2005 and 2006 filmed “famous” men, such as Paul Danan, Shane Lynch and Steve-O trying to get off with “famous” women, such as “Lady” Victoria Hervey, Sophie Anderton and Bianca Gascoigne in Fiji? 

(Celebrity Love Island) 

8. In the Reality television programme, There’s Something About Miriam, which first aired on Sky One in 2004, what was curious about the titular Miriam? 

(She was a pre-op transsexual – accept anything to do with her being formally a man, or having male genitalia) 

Supplementary Questions 

Who painted ‘Impression: soleil levant’ (‘Impression: Sunrise’) depicting a landscape in Le Havre? (Claude Monet) 

Who composed ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps’ (‘Quartet for the End of Time’) in 1940, while imprisoned by the German army? 

(Olivier Messaien) 


Politics (Elections) 

With the US elections held this evening, it’s only appropriate that there should be a round on elected representatives: 

1. Of which town in Alaska was Sarah Palin Mayor?  


2. Who is the current Prime Minister of Spain? 

(Jose Luis Zapatero) 

3. Which Prime Minister of Spain served from 1982 to 1997?  

(Felipe Gonzalez) 

4. Who said ‘A hippy is someone who dresses like Tarzan, has his hair like Jane, and smells like Cheeta’?  (Ronald Reagan) 

5. In what year was John Prescott first elected to Parliament (2 years leeway either side)?  (1970 – Accept 1968-72) 

6. In what year in the twentieth century were there no parliamentary elections in the UK (no leeway)?  

(1998, in which there was no General Election, nor any by-elections) 

7. What middle name is shared by Bill Clinton and William Hague? (Jefferson) 

8. Of which Prime Minister was it said, ‘He can’t be an alcoholic, alcoholics don’t drink that much’? 

(Winston Churchill) 

Supplementary Questions 

Who was the only bachelor US president?  

(James Buchanan) 

Who was elected Governor of Florida in 2006?  

(Charlie Crist) 


1. Which Austrian psychologist, a collaborator with Freud is most associated with the terms "introvert and extrovert"? 

(Carl Gustav Jung)  

2. Which Austrian psychologist, a collaborator with Freud, is associated with the term "inferiority complex"? (Alfred Adler)  

3. What would a pipette be used for? 

(Transfer or measure small quantities of liquid)  

4. Which Hungarian invented a type of pen in 1938? 

(Laslo Biro)  

5. Charcoal and Saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate) are 2 of the 3 constituents of gunpowder. What is the third? (Sulphur)  

6. Which common kitchen substance can be mixed  with the common weedkiller Sodium Chlorate to form an explosive? 


7. Magnesium is often used in the manufacture of fireworks. When ignited it burns with a characteristic colour. Which colour? 

(White – Accept Silver)  

8. Sodium is often used in the manufacture of fireworks. When ignited it burns with a characteristic colour. Which colour? 


Supplementary Questions  

Phobos is a satellite of which planet? 


Hyperion is a satellite of which planet? 



1. In 1714, who was England’s monarch on January 1st


2. Which king of England was the eldest son of John of Gaunt? 

(Henry 4th) 

3. In which decade of the 20th Century did Italy become a republic? 

(1940’s – 2nd June 1946, following a referendum on abolishing the monarchy) 

4. When was the Panama Canal formally opened (leeway of +/- 2 years)? 

(1920 – Accept 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922) 

5. The Peterloo Massacre took place in Manchester in 1819. Which well-known building was erected on the site of the massacre? 

(Free Trade Hall) 

6. Which famous military engagement took place in October 1854? 

(Charge of the Light Brigade) 

7. Which communication system was established in America in 1860? 

(The Pony Express) 

8. Plato recommends in Book Three of The Republic that citizens should be taught historical lies in order to instil what?


Supplementary Questions 

Which twentieth century European leader was known as Il Duce? 

(Benito Mussolini) 

Which two countries contested the War of Jenkins Ear? 

(Britain and Spain) 

In 1714, who was England’s monarch on December 31st

(George I) 



General Knowledge Round  

Questions Set by The Chester Road Tavern 

  1. What is a Taipan?
    1. A Snake
  1. Who won the first BBC Sports Personality of the year in 1954?
    1. Chris Chataway
  1. In which British city would you find Dyce airport?
    1. Aberdeen
  1. Ronald Reagan’s middle name was also the surname of which UK Prime Minister?
    1. Wilson
  1. The world’s largest spider is named after which biblical character?
    1. Goliath
  1. Which Latin phrase means “let the buyer beware”?
    1. Caveat Emptor
  1. What was the first name of Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife?
    1. Raisa
  1. What does a petrologist study?
    1. Rocks

  1. Who assassinated Franz Ferdinand in 1914?
    1. Gavrilo Princip
  1. Who lived on Scatterbrook Farm?
    1. Worzel Gummidge
  1. Who wrote humorous books naming Mussolini and Hitler in the titles?
    1. Spike Milligan
  1. What kind of weapon is an arbalest?
    1. Crossbow
  1. Who scored the goal to end Chelsea’s 4 year unbeaten home run in the Premier League?
    1. Xabi Alonso
  1. What was the name of the first US nuclear submarine?
    1. Nautilus
  1. What was Boz’s real name?
    1. Charles Dickens
  1. Who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2007?
    1. Alesha Dixon
  1. Who had a hit with ‘Swords of a Thousand Men’?
    1. Ten Pole Tudor
  1. What is the name of the recently discredited shadow chancellor?
    1. George Osborne
  1. Which of his names did Woolworth use as a brand name in his stores?
    1. Winfield
  1. Which island is in the middle of Niagara Falls?
    1. Goat Island.
  1. What connects Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ and U2’s ‘Pride (In the Name of Love)’?
    1. Martin Luther King
  1. What does an anemometer measure?
    1. Wind Speed
  1. Biblical plays from the Middle Ages are better known as what?
    1. Mystery or Miracle Plays
  1. Who married the Owl and the Pussycat?
    1. The Turkey
  1. Which British king married Eleanor of Aquitaine?
    1. Henry II
  1. Which fish has the Latin name Esox Lucius?
    1. Pike
  1. Name the horse that won this year’s grand national.
    1. Complyordie
  1. Who was the author of ‘Cold Comfort Farm’?
    1. Stella Gibbons
  1. How many old pennies were there in a pound?
    1. 240
  1. Where in London is the Greyhound Derby staged?
    1. Wimbledon
  1. Who is Barack Obama's running mate?
    1. Joe Biden
  1. Who is the business secretary in Gordon Brown’s cabinet?
    1. Lord Mandelson

  1. Who is the manager of Portsmouth FC?
    1. Tony Adams
  1. In which county is Leeds Castle?
    1. Kent
  1. Which group's latest album is titled ‘Dig out your Soul’?
    1. Oasis
  1. Who won the men’s 100m at the Beijing Olympics?
    1. Usain Bolt
  1. What links Bowness-on-Solway and Wallsend?
    1. Hadrian’s Wall
  1. Which bird is the emblem of the RSPB?
    1. The Avocet
  1. Who wrote the opera ‘Così Fan Tutte’?
    1. Mozart
  1. Which group have recently released ‘Black Ice’, their first album for 8 years?
    1. AC/DC

  1. What does the K stand for in Jerome K Jerome?
    1. Klapka
  1. How many yards are there in a furlong?
    1. 220
  1. Which county does Kevin Pietersen play for?
    1. Hampshire
  1. Who is the Macclesfield FC manager?
    1. Keith Alexander
  1. Which bird is known as the ‘butcher bird’?
    1. The Shrike
  1. Which English county took part in the recent Stanford 20/20 series?
    1. Middlesex
  1. Who is the current mayor of Macclesfield?
    1. Thelma Jackson
  1. What is the climbing plant Lonicera better known as?
    1. Honeysuckle

  1. Who wrote the ballet ‘The Firebird’?
    1. Stravinsky
  1. Which horse won this year’s Derby?
    1. New Approach
  1. Which Disney character will speak to you if you phone the speaking clock between November and December 2008?
    1. Tinkerbell
  1. Who was the Roman goddess of marriage?   
    1. Juno.
  1. Who won the cricket county championship in 2008?
    1. Durham
  1. Founded in 903AD the 'Althing' is the parliament of which country?
    1. Iceland
  1. Which battle of the First World War, fought between 21st February 1916 until 19th December 1916 and mainly between the French and Germans, caused an estimated 700,000 casualties?
    1. Verdun
  1. Which England King died and was buried in Hanover, never learned the English language and married Sophia-Dorothea of Celle, a prisoner until her death?
    1. George 1

  1. Where would you find nearly 900 Moai (carved heads)?
    1. Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
  1. Who did Neville Chamberlain succeed as Prime Minister?
    1. Stanley Baldwin.
  1. Which Scottish university was named after a jeweller and an inventor?
    1. Heriot-Watt.
  1. The song ‘Danny Boy’ is set to which traditional Irish tune?
    1. Londonderry Air
  1. Currently in the charts, who is Geraldine McQueen better known as?
    1. Peter Kay
  1. Who was recently announced as Phil Vickery’s replacement as England Rugby Union Captain?
    1. Steve Borthwick
  1. Who is best known as a playwright and screenwriter, especially for ‘The Birthday Party’ (1957), ‘The Caretaker’ (1959) and The Homecoming’ (1964)?
    1. Harold Pinter
  1. Why was Mark Speight in the news in April 2008?
    1. He was the children’s TV presenter who committed suicide in that month.
  1. What is the national flower of China?
    1. Narcissus
  1. Who wrote ‘Mandalay’, ‘The Man who would be King’ and ‘Kim’?
    1. Rudyard Kipling
  1. What is the highest point on the Isle of Man?
    1. Snaefell at 621 metres high
  1. ‘Songs from a Room’ in 1969 and ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ in 1971 were albums by which Canadian singer songwriter?
    1. Leonard Cohen
  1. ‘Amok Time’ and ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ were two classic episodes of which 1960’s cult TV show?
    1. Star Trek (The original series)
  1. Joseph Alois Ratzinger is the 265th and currently reigning pope; what is his papal name (and number!)?
    1. Pope Benedict XVI
  1. Which wine has a name that translates as ‘Beloved lady's milk’?
    1. Liebfraumilch
  1. In a Jewish wedding who or what is the ‘Chuppah’ ?
    1. The canopy/cloth under which the ceremony takes place

  1. What is the name of the shrine holding a sacred Buddhist relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka, which was the target of suicide bombers in January 1998?
    1. The Temple of the Tooth
  1. In the PG Wodehouse novel who or what is ‘the Empress of Blandings’?
    1. She is a pig
  1. Which TV comedy show featured an episode of Mastermind where the contestant’s specialist subject was answering the question before last?
    1. The Two Ronnies
  1. Name the recording artist popular for albums such as ‘Harvest’ and ‘After the Gold Rush’
    1. Neil Young
  1. Name the recording artist popular for such albums as ‘Wavelength’ and ‘Astral Weeks’
    1. Van Morrison
  1. Name the Russian oligarch wrapped up in the recent political donations row which affected George Osborne
    1. Oleg Deripaska
  1. Holetown and Bathsheba are towns on which Caribbean island?
    1. Barbados
  1. In which year was the fall of the Berlin wall?
    1. 1989

  1. In which year was the ‘treaty of Rome’ signed founding the EEC?
    1. 1957
  1. The 1999 movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ was based on which Shakespeare play?
    1. The Taming of the Shrew
  1. In which year did BBC2 begin transmission?
    1. 1964
  1. Name Andrew Sachs granddaughter who was the subject of telephone messages left by Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross
    1. Georgina Baillie
  1. How much is the current ‘full basic state pension’ per week for a single person?
    1. £90.70 (accept £89.70 to £91.70)
  1. Which organisation has the motto ‘My word is my bond’?
    1. London Stock Exchange (accept stock exchange)
  1. How many brothers did the Bronte sisters have?
    1. One
  1. In which US state is Fort Knox?
    1. Kentucky
  1. Who is credited with saying “A woman drove me to drink and I never had the courtesy to thank her”?
    1. WD Fields
  1. Which famous London landmark’s address is Ludgate Hill EC4?
    1. St Paul’s Cathedral
  1. Which ex-neighbours star has recently joined the cast of Emmerdale? (accept character name)
    1. Mark Little / Joe Mangel
  1. In which mountain range is the ski resort of Aspen?
    1. The Rockies
  1. Bond Girl 007 is the new fragrance from which cosmetic company
    1. Avon
  1. Who won the special recognition award at last weeks National Television Awards?
    1. Simon Cowell
  1. Which theatre is home to the world’s longest running play, ‘The Mousetrap’?
    1. St Martins Theatre
  1. How old was Sachin Tendulkar when he made his test debut?
    1. 16


  1. Who was Bamm Bamm’s father?
    1. Barney Rubble.
  1. What date is Burns night?
    1. 25 January
  1. Which golfer won this year’s US Masters?
    1. Trevor Immelman
  1. What is the length of the Suez Canal?
    1. 162.5km (accept 160km to 165km)


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Между прочим, история ее разработки была очень интересной и немного оригинальной. Так, в конце 20 века двое известных разработчиков приступили к созданию. И мало кто знал в то время, что буквально через пару лет игра станет столь известной по всей Земле. Правда, у одного из создателей, имеющего прозвище «Гусятник», уже был аналогичный опыт – известная стрелялка «Quake 2». В марте того же года игра получила свое название, а первая бета-версия вышла уже в начале лета. Тогда все пользователи ринулись ее тестировать, и интерес к игрушке не пропал до сегодняшнего дня. А все потому, что пользователи, которые так ее любят, получили все, что нам говорили разработчики.
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Теперь вы можете скачать Контру на нашем ресурсе без проблем, без регистрации и бесплатно.
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