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18th November



1) Name one of the two capital cities in Europe closest by distance (This does not include Rome & the Vatican as the Vatican is a Sovereign state within the City of Rome. 

A) Vienna or Bratislava.


2) Nuuk is the capital of which country?

A) Greenland,


3) Which country has borders with Namibia to the south; Democratic Republic of Congo to the north; and Zambia to the east?

A) Angola.


4) Which country has borders with Libya to the north; Sudan to the east; Central African Republic to the south and Nigeria to the west?

A) Chad.


5) Which Borough of New York is missing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx?

A) Staten Island.


6) Which Canadian province is named after one of Queen Victoria’s daughters?

A) Alberta. (Princess Louise Caroline Alberta)


7) In which European city is the General Secretariat of Interpol?

A) Lyon.


8) In 1579 the Netherlands achieved independence from which occupying country?

A) Spain.



1) Approximately how many kilometres of coast line does the United Kingdom have?

A) 12500 accept 12000 – 13000.


2) Which city stands at the northern end of the Suez Canal?

A) Port Said) 



1.  On which saint's day did the Battle of Agincourt take place?

 Answer:  St. Crispin's Day - 25th October 1415 (also accept St.Crispin as this is mediaeval equivalent)

 2.  What is the missing word from this list:  Utah, Omaha, .........., Juno, Sword ?

 Answer: Gold (they are all code names of sectors in the D-Day landings in Normandy)


3.  Who was on the throne of England when the first open battle of the Wars of the Roses took place?

 Answer:  Henry VI (1455)


4.   By what name is the Battle of Ardennes better known?

 Answer:  The Battle of the Bulge (Dec 1944 – Jan 1945)


5.   Against which religious group was the Albigensian Crusade directed between 1209 and 1229?

 Answer:  The Cathars (also accept Catharism)


6.   After which battle is a renowned stand at Anfield football ground named?

 Answer:  Battle of Spion Kop (pronounced 'Spee-on')   The Second Boer War 1900 


7.   Who led the Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC?

 Answer:   Xerxes I (pronounced Zerk-zees the first)


8.   Which German battleship was scuttled after the Battle of the River Plate in Dec 1939?

 Answer:  The Admiral Graf Spee (pronounced 'Shpay')   (also accept just Graf Spee)




9.   Who was the last Norman king of England?

 Answer:  Stephen (1135-1154)


10.   What was the official codename of the Dambusters raid in 1943?

 Answer:  Operation Chastise


11.  Off the coast of which country was the German battle ship Tirpitz sunk in 1944?

 Answer:  Norway


12.  What was the popular nickname of Sir Henry Percy, son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland?

 Answer:   Hotspur  (also accept Harry Hotspur)



1.     Who’s current album is entitled “Funhouse”

A:      Pink


2:  In Gustav Holst’s Planet Suite, which planet is depicted as “The Winged Messenger”?

A:      Mercury


3:“Shine a Light” is a film about a band on tour and is directed by Martin Scorcese, name the band that it follows on tour.

A:      The Rolling Stones


4:  “The Circus Live” is the upcoming tour by which band?

     A:      Take That


5.     In Gustav Holst’s Planet Suite, which planet is depicted as “The Bringer of Old Age”?

A:      Saturn


6.     Who’s current album is entitled “Death Magnetic”

A:      Metallica


7:  Who recently topped the UK singles chart with a song entitled “Hero”?

     A: The X Factor finalists


8:  Who recently presented the “MTV Music Awards in Liverpool?

     A:      Katy Perry




1:  What is the name of the musical based on a novel by Victor Hugo that follows the life of Jean Valjean?

     A:      Les Miserables


2:  What is the name of the opera based on a novel by Gaston Leroux whose main character is called Christine Daae?

     A:      Phantom of the Opera



1.  What is the only place in the world where there is

     no cold virus?


2.  What natural feature covers a quarter of Africa?


3.  Sn is the symbol for which chemical element?

     A. TIN

4.  What is the proper name for the tail of a whale?

     A.  FLUKE

5.  What is the fastest land mammal over a short


     A.  CHEETAH

6.  What is the chemical symbol for Nobelium?
     A.  No

7.  Who developed the effective vaccine for smallpox?


8.  How many legs does a bee have?

     A. 6





9.  Which blood group is the type most often found in


     A.       O

10.  How did dinosaurs gestate their young?

     A. IN AN EGG



1) Football, name the West Bromwich Albion manager?

A) Tony Mowbray.


2) Rugby Union, Which team were relegated from the Guinness Premiership in the 2007/2008 season?

A) Leeds Carnegie (accept Leeds).


3) American Football, name either of the two teams that played at Wembley on the 24 Oct 08?

A) New Orleans Saints / San Diego Chargers.


4) Football, Which player currently holds the British transfer record? ,

A) Robinho (Manchester City).


5) Cricket, In the recent Stamford $20 million 20/20 cricket final between England & the Stamford All stars, who was England’s highest scorer?

A) Patel (22 runs)


6) Who is the manager of West Ham?

A) Gianfranco Zola.


7) Formula 1, who became the youngest ever winner of a formula 1 race when he won this years Italian grand prix?

A) Sebastian Vettel. (Toro Rosso)


8) Which English Rugby player had a try disallowed in the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final

A) Mark Cueto



1, Bob Nudd is a 4x world champion in which sport?

A) Course fishing.

2) Who won this years golf’s US open?

A) Tiger Woods



1.  Virgin Trains operates its’ West Coast Mainline services with Pendolino tilting trains, built under licence by Alstom in Birmingham, but where were they designed?

      A. ITALY (by Fiat)

2.  When GNR lost the franchise to operate East Coast Mainline

     services, which operating Company took over the services

     and routes?


3.  BMI, the UK airline was taken over by which other airline

     last month?


4.  The National Tank Museum is located in which Dorset town?


5.  Before the M60 was completed as an orbital motorway and

     re-numbered, the original Worsley to Stockport section had

     which M number?

     A. M63

6.  Which British city has an airport at Lulsgate?

7.  Where is the National Tramway Museum located?

     A. CRICH (Derbyshire)

8.  Britain’s two principal bus operators, both now multi-

     national were formed in Scotland, Stagecoach in Perth, but

     where was “First Group” formed?





9.  Which Bicycle manufacturer is based in Nottingham?


10. Which English County is served by Manston Airport?
     A. KENT

 Arts and Entertainment


1) The painter Caneletto is famous for painting landscapes of two European cities, Venice is one, name the other?

A) London

2) Which pioneering American poet and story-teller wrote The Fall of the House of Usher?

 A)      Edgar Allen Poe (1809-49)


3) How many contestants' boxes feature in the (UK version) TV show Deal of No Deal?

 A)    Twenty-two (eleven 'reds' and eleven 'blues')


4) Which UK TV series was based on Eric Chappell's play The Banana Box?

 A)    Rising Damp


5) Tall Dark and Gruesome is the title of whose autobiography?

 A)    Christopher Lee


6) Which short-lived dramatist is regarded as the first great exponent of blank verse?

A) Christopher Marlowe (1564-93 - Blank verse traditionally is unrhymed, comprising ten syllables per line, stressing every second syllable.)

7) Who wrote the 1845 poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin?

A) Robert Browning (1812-89)

8) Name either of the two centuries that the artist Leonardo Da Vinci was alive?

A) 15th and 16th

Supplementary Questions

9) What is the Old English heroic poem, surviving in a single copy dated around the year 1000, featuring its eponymous 6th century warrior from Geatland in Sweden?

A)  Beowulf

10) To what animal was Robert Burns referring in his poem with the lines "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie"?

 A) A Mouse

Comics and Cartoons


1.  Who is Norrin Radd’s alter ego?

 Answer:  The Silver Surfer



2.  Who is Steve Rogers’ alter ego?

 Answer: Captain America


3.  Who wrote the graphic novel ‘V for Vendetta’ ?

 Answer:  Alan Moore



4.  In the Batman story who is the evil alter ego of Harvey Dent?

 Answer: Two Face


5.  From which fictional substance is Wolverine’s skeleton made?

 Answer:  Adamantium


6.  According to the graphic novel ‘The Killing Joke’, which super villain started his career as a struggling stand up comic?

 Answer:  The Joker


7.   In which city was Judge Dread ‘the law’?

 Answer:  Mega City 1


8.  For which organisation did Joe 90 work?

 Answer:  W.I.N. (World Intelligence Network)





1.  What was the special power of Mr. Fantastic from the ‘Fantastic Four’?

 Answer:  The ability to stretch his body


 2.   Where does Superman go to think and rest?

 Answer: The Fortress of Solitude



General  Knowledge Questions

 Set by

 The Plough Taverners


1.                In which state was Barak Obama born?   


2.                In local media circles who is David Lafferty?  

Editor of the Macclesfield Express.

3.                Which playwright wrote the four plays; The Birds, The Clouds, Lysistrata, and The Frogs? 


4.                Who wrote the book on which the Hitchcock film The Birds was based?          

Daphne Du Maurier

5.                What name connects a college in Wrexham and one in Newhaven, Connecticut?       


6.                Burning and dodging are processes used in which graphic art?    Photography.

7.                As at 6th November who is the manager of Newcastle United?  

Joe Kinnear.

8.                Of what are Chestnut, Portobello and Shitake varieties?   


9.                What kind of sentence is, “Evil rats on no star live”?         Palindrome.

10.              Which British Prime Minister was born in Rodney Street, Liverpool? W.E. Gladstone.

11.              What was the profession of Edward Chambré Hardman, whose house in Rodney Street, Liverpool is owned by the National Trust? 


12.              What ceased to darken peoples’ lives in 1851?          

Window Tax.

13.              How is Sir Isaac Newton said to have lost £20,000? 

He had invested in the South Sea Company or “Bubble”.

14.              If fishmongers sold fish and ironmongers sold iron goods, what were Costers that costermongers originally sold?         

A variety of apple popular in medieval times.

15.              Who acceded to the throne of England on 17th November 1558?          Elizabeth I

16.              Who was given a patent for the world’s first electric dry shaver in 1928?          

Jacob Schick.

17.              When exactly was the Unknown Warrior buried in Westminster Abbey? (Date, Month & Year please.) 

11th November 1920.

18.              Which banker helped Britain during the Napoleonic wars by smuggling gold and earned the nickname the Bonaparte of money?   

Nathan Rothschild.

19.              In photography, what is meant by the term Contra Jour?    

The subject is lit from behind. (It means against the day.)

20.              Of what are Desiree, Vivaldi and Charlotte varieties?        


21.              Which British Prime Minister was born in Govan, Glasgow?     

Gordon Brown

22.              The Tennessee Two – Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant- were the original backing group to which country star?      

Johnny Cash.

23.              Which rocker originally had a backing group called The Drifters?        Cliff Richard.

24.              In an internal combustion engine what joins a piston to a connecting rod?    

A Gudgeon pin.

25.              In mechanical engineering, what shape is a Woodruff Key?         

Semi-circular .(or almost so)

26.              Which Caribbean island is served by V. C. Bird airport?    


27.              Which Caribbean island is served by José Marti International airport? Cuba. (airport near Havana)

28.              As of 6th November who is the manager of Stoke City?    

Tony Pulis.

29.              What was the venue for MTV Europe Music Awards 2008?       

Echo Arena, Liverpool. (Accept Liverpool)

30.              In which country is the Viñales Valley?  


31.              What is the name of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange index?       Hangseng?

32.              What name is given to the Paris Stock Exchange?     

The Bourse

33.              The Burton Union System is a method of producing what?         


34.              “Cervine” is an adjective relating to which animal?  


35.              What type of creature is a mugger?         

A Crocodile

36.              In which Jane Austen novel do Sir Thomas Bertram and Mrs. Norris appear?          

Mansfield Park

37.              In Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ who does the heroine eventually marry?          

Mr. Rochester

38.              What is the alternative name for the chemical element Wolfrine, hence its symbol “W”?      


39.              Which ancient hero of classical mythology showed his strength at an early age when, as a baby, he strangled 2 snakes that had crawled into his bed?   Hercules (or Heracles)

40.              What, What as one of his 12 tasks, did Hercules have to fetch from the Garden of Hesperides?    

Golden apples

41.              The Watussi or Tutsi tribe come from Burundi in Africa. What is this tribe remarkable for?  

Their height.  (They are the world’s tallest tribe)

42.              In Spain, whiteness of the skin used to be seen as a sign of nobility. What expression did this give rise to? 

 Blue blooded (veins showed blue under very white skin)

43.              In 1519 Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Vittorio and Santiago made up the fleet of which explorer?  

Ferdinand Magellan

44.              The main motor manufacturing plant of Skoda Auto is in which European country?     

Czech Republic

45.              “Sportsters”, “Fat Boys”, “Soft Tails” and “Electra-Glides” are all models of which famous motor bike?   

Harley Davidson

46.              In which European city is Shakespeare’s play “Measure for Measure” set?          


47.              What did Don Quixote mistake for giants?     


48.              What was the name of Edward VIII’s country residence in Windsor Great Park while he was Prince of Wales and until his abdication?     

Fort Belvedere

49.              In Victorian London, what was the job of a ‘Mudlark’?    

To search for bodies on the banks of the Thames.

50.              Which company built the Vimy and the Wellington aircraft?


51.              Which African country was formerly known as Bechuanaland?  Botswana

52.              In which country would you find the volcano Villarica?    


53.              What is the collective name for a group of chickens?         

A clutch

54.              What is the collective name for a group of Angels? 

A host

55.              Who is the patron saint of Venice?          

St Mark

56.              Who is the patron saint of shoemakers?  

St Crispin

57.              By which treaty was Nova Scotia formerly ceded to Britain by France in 1713?         

Treaty of Utrecht

58.              What was the name of the huge tract of land covering many present states, purchased by the United States from France in 1803?        

Louisiana (The Louisiana Purchase)

59.              What name is given to a sugar syrup gently heated until it browns?      Caramel

60.              What was the profession of Marie-Antoine Carême?          

Chef  (The originator of French Haut Cuisine)

61.              What was the “well known” advertising slogan for Wisconsin-brewed Schlitz Beer?         

The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous

62.              In 1968 which “rocker” had a country hit with “What Made Milwaukee Famous”? 

Jerry Lee Lewis.

63.              What is a sheep ked?    

A (louse) fly

64.              Of what in sport were mufflers, invented by Jack Broughton in the eighteenth century, the forerunner?        

Boxing gloves

65.              “Empire of the Sun”, The Kindness of Women” and “A User’s Guide to the Millenium” are all works by which English Writer? 

J.G. Ballard

66.              What is the name of the lagoon behind Chesil Beach in Dorset to which a large colony of mute swans has flocked for at least the last 6 centuries?       Abbotsbury Swannery

67.              By what name is the World Heritage Site coast of Dorset and East Devon known?      

The Jurassic Coast

68.              Who wrote ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Sepulchre’?          

Kate Mosse

69.              Which company build the Spitfire?          


70.              Which famous newspaper and radio journalist, lived in Rainow and is buried at Jenkin Chapel?         

Brian Redhead

71.              Brian Redhead’s younger son, Will, was killed in a car crash. Which current political TV journalist was with him and survived?  

Nick Robinson

72.              What is the name of George W Bush’s dog that recently bit a reporter?         


73.              What was the name of Hitler’s dog?        


74.              Who was the first Plantagenet king of England?       

          Henry II

75.              In which English county would you find the seaside town of Cromer?          Norfolk

76.              Name either of the 2 female judges in the 2008 series of “X Factor”.  Danii Minogue or Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy)

77.              Which Football League team is nicknamed “The Chairboys”?    

Wycombe Wanderers

78.              Give a year in the life of Isaac Newton.   


79.              Name any of the 3 chemical elements that make up the precious stone Ruby?          

Aluminium, Oxygen, or Chromium (which gives the distinctive red colour)

80.              Dar es Salaam is the largest city in which country?   


81.              Which group’s albums include “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “X&Y”?          


82.              Watford FC shares its ground with which Rugby Union Team?  


83.              Who wrote the modern crime novels “Case Histories” and “One Good Turn”?          

Kate Atkinson

84.              Which chemical element (atomic number 34) is named after the moon?          

Selenium (from the Greek word Selene meaning Moon)

85.              Who directed the musical films “Bugsy Malone” and “The Commitments”?         

Alan Parker

86.              In which country would you find the Auschwitz concentration camp? Poland

87.              Give a year during which Britain was a Republic.     


88.              The band “The Arctic Monkeys” come from which Northern city?       Sheffield

89.              Give a year in the life of Galileo Galilei. 


90.              Arthur Wainwright MBE is best remembered for his books about what?          

Walking – particularly in the Lake District

91.              Which country’s airline is called “Varig”?       


92.              Who wrote the novels “Deception Point” and “Angels & Demons”?   

Dan Brown

93.              Which actor provides the voice for “Bob The Builder”?    

Neil Morrissey

94.              Give a year in the reign of George I.        


95.              “Looney Tunes” cartoons are produced by which movie studio? 

Warner Brothers

96.              Who is the current presenter of “Antiques Roadshow”?     

Fiona Bruce





Supplementary Questions


1.                Which American city was almost destroyed by fire in 1871?      


2.                ‘Pink Pearl’, ‘Pink Drift’ and ‘Pink Perfection’ are hybrids of which flowering shrub?        


3.                In what year was the earthquake and subsequent fire that destroyed most of San Francisco? 


4.                What is the common name for the tree Pinus Silvestris?    

Scots Pine







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