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12th December General Knowledge

1. 0f which BBC2 Program has Neil Oliver taken over as the main presenter?
2 Who is the current manager of Charlton Athletic Football Club?
A. Les Reed
3Which scientist, on his honeymoon, measured the amount of heat produced by a local waterfall?
A. James Prescott Joule (incidentally he never went on to have children)
4 Of which Caribbean country is Castries the capital?
St Lucia
5 Who was the first divorced monarch after Henry VIII?
George I
6 Which band had a hit with 'A Horse with no name'
A. America
7 What is the first name of Shakespeares' Falstaff?
8 Whose four wives included Ann Howe and Miranda Quarry
Peter Sellars
9 In which US state are the `Green Mountains'?
10 Which well known drug is produced from the Dog Button plant?
11 From which country does Kofi Annan originate?
12 What nationality was Alfred Nobel?
13 Which band have released an album entitled 'American Idiot'?
Green Day
14 What was the first name of the French author Proust?
15 Who played Janet in 'Rebel Without a Cause'?
Natalie Wood
16 Who is the German painter who won this years Turner Prize?
Tomma Abts
17 Five players have played in every single premiership season, but only one has achieved this at a single club, Who ?
Ryan Giggs
18 In which European Country is Byron revered as a hero?
19 1n ancient mythology, what was a Lamia?
A female demon
20 Who married Bianca de Macias on 12th May 1971?
Mick Jagger
21 What was the name of Roald Dahls' sequel to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
The Great Glass Elevator
22 Which film contains the line "Into the garbage chute fly boy"?
Star Wars
23 Which French artist's work is featured in Tate Modern's 'Jungles in Paris' exhibition in London?
Henri Rousseau
24 How old is Fidel Castro who celebrated his birthday last month?
25 On what are all honey bee larvae fed?
Royal Jelly
26 Who was elected Ireland's eighth President in 1997?
Mary McAleese
27 Who was known as the 'King of Skiffle'?
Lonnie Donegan
28 Who wrote the Prisoner of Zenda?
Anthony Hope
29 Which film contains the line "On my command, unleash hell"?
30 Dante Gabriele Rossetti, John Millais & William Holman Hunt were all members of which art movement?
Pre Raphaelites
31 From which country has Madonna adopted one-year-old David Banda?
32 Which English seaside town was devastated by a flash flood in August 1952?
33 What nationality was John Calvin?
34 Ken Dodd had a number One hit in 1965, what was it called?
35 Who wrote the Sharpe books on which the TV series is based?
Bernard Cornwell
36 Which US TV series co-starred Twiki the helpful robot?
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
37 Who wore a diving suit to the opening of the International Surrealist Exhibition at London's New Burlington Gallery in 1936?
Salvador Dali
38 Who is the News of the World reporter who in November pleaded guilty to conspiracy to intercept the telephone calls of members of the royal family?
Clive Goodman
39 Which year witnessed the Aberfan disaster?
1966 (40th anniversary)
40 To which acting company was William Shakespeare attached?
The Lord Chamberlain’s Men
41 Which French composer wrote the opera 'Castor et Pollux'?
Jean-Phillipe Rameau
42 Who wrote the novel Wilt?
Tom Sharpe
43 Who played Alex in 'A Clockwork Orange'?
Malcolm McDowell
44 What is a 'Chorizo'?
A (Spanish) sausage
45 What was the name of the Hamper Company who went bankrupt at the end of October?
46 Which American advocate of free market forces & monetarism won the Nobel prize for economics in 1976?
Milton Freedman
47 Whose Right ear was cut off by kidnappers in 1973?
John Paul Getty III
48 In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Slatibardfast won an award for his design of the coastline of which country?
49 Under which name did Eric Blair write?
George Orwell
50 Who directed the film Robocop?
Paul Verhoeven
51 With which cheese is the town of Melton Mowbray particularly associated?
52 Which footballer was found not guilty of assault at Cardiff magistrates court on November 29th, 2006?
Craig Bellamy
53 What 'burst' on the London Stock Exchange in 1720?
South Sea Bubble
54 Who founded the settlement at Singapore as a station for the East India Company?
Sir Stamford Raffles
55 First shown in 1974 a TV advert for this convenience food product was voted the most Iconic of all time in a survey published in November 2006.
56 What is the maximum height of an Olympic ski-jumping hill?
90 meters
57 Which 1997 film starred Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts?
ConspiracyTheory 58 Which coffee flavoured spirit is used to make Tiramisu?
Kahlua 59 Who was the author of the easyway method of smoking cessation who died of lung cancer on November 29th 2006?
AlanCarr 60 Who released the song 'Free as a Bird' in 1995?
TheBeatles 61 This date (Dec 12) 1849 Witnessed the death of which great of engineering world?
I K Brunel
62 Which character is played by Bruce Jones in Coronation Street?
Les Battersby
63What nationality was former Wimbledon Tennis Championship winner Richard Krajicek (Pron... Cry-a-Check)
64 Which element has the lowest boiling point?
65 What is the usual flavour of the spirit Raki?
66 By what other name is Misbah Rana known who was in the News recently?
Molly Campbell The girl who left her home in Scotland to live with her Dad in Pakistan.
67 What was the surname of the 1st Viscount Nuffield, founder of a motor company?
68 Which Iconic American singer & actor was born on this day (Dec 12th) 1915
Frank Sinatra
69 What is the name of the sequel to Only Fools and Horses, currently running on BBC1?
The Green Green Grass
70 In which year did the Cricketer W.G.Grace die (3 Years either side allowed)
71 If your face was rugose, what would it be?
72 What is the capital of Crete?
73After California which state is the second most important in terms of the US Electoral College System?
74 In the Bible who interpreted the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar?
75 What ran for the last time in London in 1952?
76 What is the name of the political party formed by the 'Amazing Mrs Pritchard' ?
The Purple Alliance
77 How many different colours make up the squares on a ScrabbleBoard?
78 What is a honey locust?
A tree
79 What is the capital of Minorca?
80 What did England adopt in September 1752
The Gregorian Calendar
81 In which religion is a Mufti a legal expert?
82 The seat or office of whom was based in Avignon, France between 1309-77?
The Pope
83 Who was the original presenter of ready, steady, cook?
Fern Britain
84 Who rode Shergar to victory in the 1981 Derby?
Walter Swinburn
85 Which is the only muscle in the body that is attached at just one end? (be careful)
The tongue
86 Where would you find the mountains known as 'the Twelve Bens'?
Connemara (accept Ireland)
87 After Queen Victoria, which monarch had the longest reign?
George III
88 In the 1950's which record label boasted Roy Orbison, Jonny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis amongst its artists?
Sun Records - and most famously Elvis
89Which king of England was the illegitimate son of a tanners daughter?
William the Conqueror
90 Who was James Herriots' senior partner in All Creatures Great and Small ?
Siegfried Fahnan (both names required)
91 Who became only the second non-European player to win snookers world championship in 1980 ?
Cliff Thorburn
92 What type of creature is a Pacific sea wasp?
Jelly fish
93In which country can Barkly Tableland be found?
94 Which animal caused the death of William III ?
A Mole
95 Which former Eastenders actress released an album entitled
Michelle Gayle
96The Dolls House' is a play by whom?

To what sort of animal does the adjective Ovine relate
Which company paints girls names on the front of all its vehicle fleet
Eddie Stobart Ltd
With what subject does Groves dictionary deal?
Of what did Queen Mary II die aged 32?
Who is the Greek equivalent of Neptune?
Which is the Body's largest Artery?


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just to let you know that you robbed poor old I.K.Brunel of 10 years. He died in 1859 not 49.

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