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1. Which group of people were emancipated in Britain in 1829?
A. Roman Catholics. V
2. Indonesia was declared an independent republic in 1945. Who was its first president? A. Sukarno.
3. Who, in 1964, became the first president of the newly independent Zambia? A. Kenneth Kaunda.
4. Who was the second president of the United States?
A. John Adams.
5. How is the rising led by the Society of Righteous Harmonious Fists in 1900 better known?
A. The Boxer Rising.
6. In which city, in the late 15th century, was the "Bonfire of the Vanities" carried out? A. Florence.
7. What did Tsar Peter the Great create to be his "Window on the West"?
A. St. Petersburg.
8. Which Home Secretary took personal charge, much to the annoyance of the police, during the 1911 "Siege of Sidney Street"?
A. Winston Churchill.


9. In 1956 Soviet forces crushed an uprising in which country?
A. Hungary.
10. Who was the commander of the US forces in the First World War?
A. General Pershing.

1. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are linked by which canal?
A. The Welland Canal.
2. In which National Park is Yes Tor?
A. Dartmoor.
3. In which Scottish county is Gleneagles Golf Course?
A. Perthshire.
4. Which country has the largest number of active volcanoes?
A. Indonesia.
5. The first place in Britain to be officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is in Wales. Where is it?
A. The Gower Peninsula.
6. Which French region is made up of the two departments of Upper Rhine and Lower Rhine?
A. Alsace.
7. What is the capital city of Uzbekistan?
A. Tashkent.
8. What is the capital city of Mongolia?
A. Ulan Bator.

9. Which two Japanese cities are anagrams of each other?
A. Tokyo and Kyoto.
10. In which English city is the district of Baker?
A. Newcastle upon Tyne.

Arts & Entertainment

1. Which fictional teacher said "All my pupils are the creme de la creme"?
A. Miss Jean Brodie. /
2. "War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength." These slogans come from which book?
A. 1984.
3. The architect Antonio Gaudi is particularly associated with which Spanish city?
A. Barcelona.
4. How was the French architect Charles Eduard Jeanneret better known?
A. Le Corbusier.
5. What, perhaps appropriately, was Mozart's last composition?
A. The Requiem.
6. The tenor Peter Pears enjoyed a long personal and professional association with which composer?
A. Benjamin Britten.
7. Who is the new presenter of Radio 4's "Desert Island Discs"?
A. Kirsty Young.
8. The BBC science fiction series "Torchwood", a spin-off from "Dr, Who", is set in which British city?
A. Cardiff.


9. Which "Dad's Army" actor was married to Hattie Jacques?
A. John le Mesurier.
10. Which novel, made into a classic war film, recounts the exploits of the crew of the "Compass Rose"?
A. The Cruel Sea. (By Nicholas Montserrat).


1. In which sport might an "Eskimo Roll" be performed?
A. Canoeing. (Accept kayaking).
2. Which cyclist was stripped of the final Yellow Jersey in the 2006 Tour de France? A. Floyd Landis.
3. In this summer's European Athletics Championships at Gothenburg Britain won only one gold medal; in which event?
A. Men's 4 X 100 m relay.
4. Beth Tweddle is emerging as an outstanding British sports star; in which sport?
A. Gymnastics.
5. Between the sacking of Brian Horton and the appointment of Paul Ince as manager of Macclesfield Town, who, briefly, took over as caretaker manager?
A. Ian Brightwell.
6. The violent death was recently reported of the last man to fight Mohammed Ali, ending his boxing career. Who was he? A. Trevor Berbick.
7. On which course is the Lincolnshire Handicap run?
A. Doncaster.
8. Which golfer scored a hole-in-one for Europe in this year's Ryder Cup?
A. Paul Casey.


9. Which country did Germany beat 13 - 0 in a European Championship qualifier earlier this year?
A. San Marino.
10. All three of Edward Heath's yachts shared the same name; what was it?
A. Morning Cloud.

Gardeners' World

1. In what county are the Lost Garden's of Heligan?
A. Cornwall.
2. Which was Britain's first garden city?
A. Letchworth.
3. Which poet issued the invitation "Come into the garden, Maud"?
A. Tennyson. .‑
4. Who wrote the novel on which the film "The Constant Gardener" is based?
A. John le Carre.
5. Which county cricket club plays home games at Sophia Gardens?
A. Glamorgan.
6. Who painted "The Garden of Earthly Delights"?
A. Hieronymus Bosch.
7. Who played the role of Chance, the gardener, in the film "Being There"?
A. Peter Sellers.
8. Which New York garden has been the venue of some of the world's most famous boxing matches, including the first two Frazier v Ali contests?
A. Madison Square Garden.


9. Who were the "Gardeners of Salonika"?
A. Derisive name given to allied forces in the First World War serving against the Bulgarians on the Salonika front in northern Greece.
10. Which US state is known as the Garden State"?
A. New Jersey.
11. Which work did Voltaire end with the sentence "We must cultivate our garden"?
A. Candide.

A Round with a Bite

1. Who, in the Bible, was reported to have slain the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass?
A. Samson.
2. Who said "Jaw-jaw is better than War-war"?
A. Winston Churchill.
3. Which European ruling dynasty was noted for its members' large jaws, the result of generations of in-breeding?
. The Habsburgs.
4. In the 19th century, workers in which industry were vulnerable to the occupational disease known as "phony jaw"?
A. Match-making.
5. What is the medical term for the jawbone?
A. The mandible.
6. In which famous war poem are soldiers described as going "into the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell"?
A. The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Tennyson.
7. In "Alice in Wonderland" which creature was a young boy urged to beware the jaws that bite, the claws that snatch"?
A. The Jabberwock.
8. What was the name of the actor who played the part of Jaws in the James Bond films "Moonraker" and The Spy who loved me"?
A. Richard Kiel.


9. Who wrote the novel on which the film "Jaws" was based?
A. Peter Benchley.
10. Which disease is commonly known as "lock-jaw"?
A. Tetanus.


1. Which branch of medicine deals with the treatment of cancer?
A. Oncology.
2. Which branch of geology deals with the study of rocks?
A. Petrology.
3. What was the title of Darwin's second major book, in which he pursued his theory of evolution to include the origins of the human species?
A. The Descent of Man".
4. What name, derived from a 19th century British naturalist, is given to the line running through Indonesia dividing Asian animal types from Australian species?
A. The Wallace Line.
5. To which family of British birds does the Stormcock belong?
A. Thrushes. (It's an alternative name for the mistle thrush).
6. To which family of British birds does the Yaffle belong?
A. Woodpeckers. (It's a country name for the green woodpecker).
7. What does an ophthalmologist study?
A. The eye.
8. What characteristics of the human body can be described as arch, loop, whorl or composite?
A. Fingerprints.


9. The cachalot is another name for which sea creature?
B. The sperm whale.
10. What is the only even prime number?
A. Two,

Dictionary Corner
Words, meanings and derivations.

1. In nautical terms, what name is given to the upper edge of a ship's side?
A. Gunwale. (Pronounced gunnell).
2. In sailing what is a jury mast?
A. A temporary, improvised mast, used to replace one lost or broken.
3. What do Cornish people refer to as "emmets", a country word meaning ants?
A. Tourists.
4. What word, derived from an old name for Sri Lanka, means the knack of making fortunate discoveries by chance?
A. Serendipity.
5. Necropolis is a fanciful term for which public amenity?
A. A cemetery.
6. While a medieval gentleman might own a destrier, his wife would make do with a palfrey. What are they?
A. Horses.
7. Which flower derives its name from the French for Lion's tooth?
A. Dandelion. (Dent de lion).
8. Which title of the Pope is derived from the Latin for bridge-builder?
A. Pontiff.


9. What is an "ampersand"?
A. A typographical sign representing the word "and". &
10. The urchin is a traditional country name for which creature?
A. The hedgehog.

General Knowledge set by The Dolphin, vetted by The Albion and The Chester Road Tavern

1. Which organist's signature tune was "I do like to be beside the Seaside"? A. Reginald Dixon.
2. Which cathedral has the tallest spire in England?
A. Salisbury.
3. What tourist attraction did Dr. Johnson describe as "worth seeing, but not worth going to see"?
A. The Giant's Causeway.
4. In which children's TV show would you have found characters called
Topov the Monkey, Octavia the Ostrich, Mooney the Badger and Hartley
A. Pipkins.
5. Which character in literature suffered at the hands of his daughters
Goneril and Reagan?
A. King Lear
6. What colour is the dahlia in a recent film directed by Brian de Palma?
A. Black.
7. Which footballer has made most appearances in the Premiership?
A. Gary Speed of Bolton. (If he played last Saturday it would be his 495th
Premiership appearance, and his 600th league appearance in total).
8. What is the English equivalent of the French name Guillaume
(Pronounced Gee-yome)?
9. English Gothic architecture falls into three periods; name one of them. A. Early English, Decorated, or Perpendicular.
10. At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II a guest who made a notable impact and became very popular was Queen Salote (pronounced saloty); queen of where?
A. Tonga.
11. By what name is the would-be terrorist Richard Reid known to journalists, a term derived from his chosen method of causing death and destruction?
A. The Shoe Bomber.
12. Which Italian city is associated with the production of balsamic vinegar?
A. Modena
13. What first was achieved by Nancy Pelosi last week?
A. She is the new Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, the first woman to hold that post.
14. Who, in 1840, originated the penny post?
A. Sir Rowland Hill.
15. "The Man of Property" was the first of which series of novels, subsequently made into a very successful TV series?
A. "The Forsyte Saga". (By John Galsworthy).
16. Who was the first recorded British Christian martyr?
A. St. Alban.
17. The book of the Bible known as Lamentations is traditionally attributed to which Old Testament Prophet?
A. Jeremiah.
18. Who directed the famous 1930s films "Olympia" and "Triumph of the Will"?
A. Lehi Riefenstahl.
19. Which small fish is an important ingredient of "Gentleman's Relish"?
A. Anchovy.
20. Which actor's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has been voted the worst ever cover version of a Beatles song?
A. William Shatner.
21. Who was the leader of the gang whose members included Spook, Fancy, Benny the Ball and Choo Choo?
A. Top Cat. (Accept Boss Cat).
22. Name either of the two books of the New Testament written for someone named Theophilus.
A. The Gospel of St. Luke or Acts of the Apostles. (Accept Acts).
23. I. K. Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge carries the Great Western Railway across which river estuary?
A. The Tamar.
24. The hymn which is normally sung to the tune "Crimond" is a version of a well-known psalm. Give either the name of the hymn or the number of the psalm.
A. "The Lord's my Shepherd" - Psalm 23.
25. "Dead Man's Chest" is the subtitle to the latest film in which series?
A. "Pirates of the Carribean".
26. Who, as of 11th November, is the Home Secretary?
A. John Reid. (No relation to Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber).
27. Purple and green were the campaigning colours of which early 20th century political movement?
A. The Suffragettes.
28. When A. A. Milne adapted Kenneth Graham's "The Wind in the Willows" as a stage play, what new title did he give it?
A. "Toad of Toad Hall".
29. When Britain had an Empire, which country was marked on standard atlases with diagonal green and pink stripes?
A. Sudan. (Anglo-Egyptian Sudan).
30. The model aeroplane kit makers, Airfix, have just been taken over by which well-known toy manufacturer?
A. Hornby.
31. The distinguished Dutch Art forger Han van Meegeren specialised in imitating the work of which 17th century painter?
A. Vermeer.
32. The architectural style which preceded Gothic is known on the Continent as Romanesque, characterised by circular, rather than pointed, arches. By what name is this style known in England?
A. Norman.
33. Which famous London Court, which was first opened in 1735 and has dealt with such noted figures as Oscar Wilde, Dr. Crippen, Lord Haw Haw, the Kray Twins, Jonathan Aitken, General Pinochet and Casanova, was finally closed in 2006?
A. Bow Street Magistrates' Court.

34. If a quadrilateral is described as a rhombus, how many sides of equal length must it have? A. Four.

35. As of 11th November, who is the Secretary of State for Culture?
A. Tessa Jowell.

36. Who famously sang about "Mr. Wu"?
A. George Formby.

37. Sir Peter Mansfield was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003 for what major development in medical technology?
A. MRI scanning. Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
38. When the poet asked "Stands the church clock at ten-to-three? And is there honey still for tea?" in which village was the church?
A. Grantchester.
39. The poem was entitled "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester". Who are the current residents of the Old Vicarage, Grantchester?
A. The Archers. (Geoffrey and the "fragrant" Mary).
40. The Prius is a new car which runs on a small petrol engine supplemented by a battery-powered electric motor. Who is the manufacturer?
A. Toyota.
41. What do Philip Avery, Helen Willetts and Darren Bent present on BBC TV?
A. The weather forecast.
42. The windhover is an alternative name for which bird?
A. The kestrel.
43. Name either of the popular entertainers who performed in the 1960s revue At the Drop of a Hat".
A. Michael Flanders and Donald Swann.
44. Which major national collection, now a world heritage site, was largely established in the late 18th century by Joseph Banks?
A. Kew Gardens.
45. During the 2nd World War in the Pacific, which minority language was used by specialist US radio operators to prevent the Japanese from understanding transmissions?
A. Navajo.
46. It was reported last week that the biggest cave so far discovered in Britain had been found in the Peak District. What name has been given to it?
A. Titan Shaft. (Accept Titan).
47. What name is given to buildings designed for drying hops, a noticeable feature of the Kent countryside?
A. Oast houses.
48. With which field of the arts would you associate Darcey Bussell?
A Ballet.
49. What name is given to a painting or sculpture of the dead Christ in the arms of his mother? (The most famous example is by Michelangelo, in St. Peter's, Rome).
A. Pieta.
50. Name either of the actors who played Jane Eyre or Mr. Rochester in the recent TV adaptation of the novel
A. Ruth Wilson or Toby Stephen.
51. The last remaining part of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the Western Wall, is popularly known by what name?
A. The Wailing Wall.
52. The cran, amounting to 37-1/2 gallons, is a unit traditionally used to measure quantities of what?
A. Herring. (Accept fish).
53. Which English comedy actor was recently awarded the freedom of the city of Tirana, capital of Albania?
A. Norman Wisdom.
54. Tony Blair's initials are A. C. L. Blair. What do either the C or the L stand for?
A. Charles Linton.
55. What abusive description of the British 8th Army, used by Lord Haw Haw in a wartime broadcast, was taken by them and proudly adopted as their nickname?
A. The Desert Rats.
56 The ancient Greek city state of Syracuse was located on which Mediterranean island? A. Sicily.
57. Which novel was inspired by the true story of the sailor Alexander Selkirk?
A. Robinson Crusoe.
58. Excluding the federal capital Canberra, which is the only Australian State Capital not name after a person?
A. Perth.
59. A book simply entitled The End" is the last in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"; what is the pen name of the author?
A. Lemony Snicket.
60. At the beginning of November it was reported that a world record price of $140 million had been paid for a painting entitled "No 5, 1948". Who was the artist?
A. Jackson Pollock.
61. What is the name of the tune normally used for the Welsh hymn which begins with the lines"Guide me Oh!, thou Great Jehovah,Pilgrim through this barren land."?
A. Cwm Rhondda
62. What is the purpose of a Macclesfield step?
A. To prevent water getting into the house under the door.
63. In Greek mythology, what form did Zeus take to seduce Europa?
A. A bull.
64. What is the given name of Sherlock Holmes's older and cleverer brother?
A. Mycroft.
65. What is the name of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character, a roving Kazakhstan TV reporter?
A. Borat.
66. When, in the 5th century, the Christian calendar was first devised, the birth of Christ was mistakenly dated at 753 years after which historic event?
A. The foundation of Rome.
67. What animal appears in the opening credits of the TV sitcom "One Foot in the Grave"?
A. A (giant) tortoise.
68. Who is the only Swedish boxer to have won the World Heavyweight Title?
A. Ingemar Johansson.
69. Who is to replace Sir Edward Elgar on the English £20 note?
A. Adam Smith.
70. The martyrdom of St. Sebastian was a popular subject for renaissance painters. How was he martyred?
A. Shot to death with arrows.
71. The opening notes of Beethoven's 5th Symphony have been used to represent a letter of the alphabet in Morse Code. Which letter?
A. V. (Dot dot dot dash).
72. Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby were residents at which infamous establishment?
A. Fawlty Towers.
73. By what name is the ancient city of Ilium better known?
A. Troy.
74. In ancient Greece what bird was considered sacred to the goddess Athena?
A. The owl.
75. After many years at Maine Road, Manchester City now play their home
games at The City of Manchester Stadium. But where did they play before Maine Road stadium was opened?
A. Hyde Road.
76. In the USA, with what was the Hayes Code concerned?
A. Film censorship (of sexual material).
77. Which cathedral has the tallest spire in Europe?
A. Ulm.
78. What was the name of the revue in which Peter Cooke, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller made their names in the early 1960s?
A."Beyond the Fringe".
79. What specialist functions are carried out by the Metropolitan Police unit
designated SO 19?
A. Tactical Firearms Unit. (Accept firearms, armed response, or similar).
80. Which political philosophy advocates policies designed to achieve "the greatest happiness of the greatest number"?
A. Utilitarianism. (Accept Benthamism).
81. If your eyes were heterochromic what would be unusual about them?
A. They would be of different colours.
82. Who, last month, was reported to be the world's highest earning dead recording artist, grossing £25 million last year?
A. Kurt Cobain.
83. Who was hanged for the murder of Michael Gregsten on the A6 in 1961?
A. James Hanratty.
84. What, according to the saying, is a dish best served cold?
A. Revenge.
85. What was the product which so impressed Victor Kyam that he bought the company?
A. An electric razor. (Remington - accept the razor).
86. In which Commonwealth country would you find the Great Bear and the Great Slave lakes? A. Canada.
87. In geometry, what word is used to describe two triangles which have identical angles but whose sides are of different lengths?
A. Similar triangles.
88. Which American patriotic song, once considered as a possible US national anthem, is sung to the same tune as the British national anthem?
A. My Country 'tis of thee.
89. What English name is the equivalent of the French name "Etienne"?
A. Stephen.
90. The book "An Inconvenient Truth", subsequently made into a campaigning film, warns of the dangers of climate change. Which US politician is the author and campaigner?
A. Al Gore.
91. What is the name of the piece of music traditionally played to greet the arrival of the US president at a public function?
A. Hail to the Chief.
92. Whom did Michael Foot refer to as "a semi-house-trained polecat"?
A. Norman Tebbitt.
93. BARB is a statistical research bureau dealing with what?
A. TV viewing figures. (British Audience Research Bureau).,‑
94. In an aircraft, what term is popularly used to refer to both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder?
A. The Black Box.
95. In the name of the Victorian Prime Minister W. E. Gladstone, what did the E stand for?
A. Ewart.
96. Why has David Banda been in the news lately?
A. He was the Malawian baby boy adopted by Madonna.


1. At what London rail terminus would you hope to arrive if travelling from Swindon?
A. Paddington.
2. Which was Britain's first National Park?
A. The Peak District.
3. In which cathedral is Britain's heaviest bell?
A. St. Paul's, London. (The Great Paul).
4. Who, as of 11'h November, is the manager of Everton Football Club?
A. David Moyes.
5. Who was the first of the Lancastrian kings?
A. Henry IV.
6. In what kind of building would you find the architectural feature called a machicolation?
A. A medieval castle.
7. Geraldine Grainger is the lead character in which TV sitcom?
A. The Vicar of Dibley.
8. Who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath" and "Cannery Row"?
A. John Steinbeck.


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