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21 November

Specialist Questions Set By The Prince Of Wales
1. Sport
2. History
3. Geography
4. Science
5. Arts and Entertainment
6. Christmas Films -well sort of
7. Australia
8. A Kick in the nuptials

1. Sport

1. Delta Blues won which major horse race recently?
A. Melbourne Cup

2. The Pacific Islanders Rugby Union side is made up of players from three countries. Fiji and Samoa are two. name the third?
A. Tonga

3. Who is currently second in the mens' ATP tennis world rankings?
A. Rafael Nadel

4. How many wildcard picks does Paul Azinger have for the next US Ryder Cup team?

5. Which British athlete has won the 2006 Abebe Bikila award?
A. Paula Radcliffe

6. Which American city is home to the Ravens American Football team?
A. Baltimore

7. In which sport did Irishman Colin Carroll's bid for a gold medal at the recent world championships last just over two seconds?
A. Sumo

8. Who scored the goal for Southend Utd that knocked holders Manchester Utd out of the Carling Cup?
A. Freddie Eastwood


1. Who won this year’s Hungary Grand Prix, the only win of his career so far?
A Jensen Button
2. Which country did England beat in the recent ICC Champions Trophy?
A. West Indies

2. History - Events since 2001

1. How did Angela Merkel make political history in 2005?
A. Became the first female German Chancellor

2. John Paul II died in 2005, but from which disease had he suffered since the early 1990s?
A. Parkinson's

3. Former US President Ronald Reagan died on June 5'h, 2004; but from which disease had he been battling for over ten years?
A. Alzheimer's

4. Which European city was devastated in 2004 when a series of bomb blasts hit four morning commuter trains?
A. Madrid

5. Which country, in 2003, became only the third nation to put a man into space?
A. China

6. Which noted comedian died on July 27th 2003, at the age of 100?
A. Bob Hope

7. France 2002, which far-right politician made it to the final round for the French Presidency?
A. Jean Marie Le Pen

8. Which American company collapsed in 2001 amid claims of financial irregularities?
A. Enron


S1. 2001 - Who became the first former head of state to face the International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague?
A. Slobodan Milosevic

S2. What was the third building to he hit by a hijacked plane on September 11'h 2001?
A. The Pentagon

3. Geography

I. Which European country's name means 'land of the eagle'?
A. Albania

2. Which European capital's name translates as "Merchants' Harbour"?
A. Copenhagen

3. The inhabitants of which English county are called 'Moonrakers'?
A. Wiltshire

4. Lapland is made up of four countries, Sweden and Finland are two, name one of the other two?
A. Norway or Russia

5. Which island country is the largest producer of cloves?
A. Zanzibar

6. Which strait separates India and Sri Lanka?
A. Palk Strait

7. Which city lies at the point where the Blue and White Niles meet?
A. Khartoum

8. Dunkery Beacon is the highest point on which moor of the UK?
A. Exmoor


S1. The Altamira caves are famous for containing what?
A. Cave Painting

S2. Which US state is known for its craters of the moon topography?
A. Idaho

4. Science

1. What is the common name for a Sinoatrial node?
A. Internal pacemaker (accept pacemaker)

2. What is the name for the hairy perennial plant Primula Veris, common on unimproved grassland?
A. Cowslip

3. Two species always give birth to twins, name one
A. Armadillo and Salamander

4. What species of animal is a Poland China?
A. Pig

5. Which element is the best conductor of heat and electricity?
A. Silver

6. Which company makes the Pet microprocessor?
A. Commodore

7. Which London street was the first to be lit by gaslight?
A. Pall Mall

8. Dolomite is the ore of which metal?
A. Magnesium


S1. What was invented by Turkish troops at the battle of Acre?
A. Smoking cigarettes
S2. Which household item was invented by William Addis while in prison?
A. Toothbrush

5. Arts and Entertainment

1. Which book by Dan Brown acts as a prequel to the Da Vinci Code?
A. Angels and Demons

2. In which film, directed by Frank Capra. is Shangri La discovered?
A. Lost Horizon

3.'The King of Barataria" is the alternative name for which of Gilbert & Sullivan’s operas?
A. The Gondoliers

4. Gilbert O'Sullivan had a number one hit in 1972 with which girl’s name?
A. Clair

5. Which actor is to release a record based on his character's catchphrase entitled
“Christmas, my arse"?
A. Ricky Tomlinson

6. Which all girl group turned on the Christmas lights in Regent Street recently?
A. All Saints

7. Which boy from the blackstulf played King Theoden in Lord Of The Rings?
A. Bernard Hill

8. Which BBC radio series recently celebrated its 15,000th episode?
A. The Archers


S1. Which I970s US comedy series featured the Tates and the Campbells?
A. Soap

2. Who played the title role in the 1960s series Adam Adamant Lives?
A. Gerald Harper

6. Christmas Films - well sort of

Christmas is on its way, so here is a round of films associated with Christmas in some way.
You will he given a short description of a film - simply name the film.

1. Clarence the angel gets his wings by saving Jimmy Stewart.
A. It's a Wonderful Life

2. Jenny Agutter’s dad is wrongly arrested on Christmas Eve and the family is forced to move to Yorkshire.
A. The Railway Children

3. Three ghosts. Rats singing Heatwave, Michael Caine singing !!!
A. Muppet Christmas Carol

4. Bruce Willis, explosions and a bad guy falling off a building, all on Christmas Eve.
A. Die Hard

5. Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy enjoy each others lives, all for a bet of one dollar.
A. Trading Places

6. David Bowie enjoys the hospitality of a Japanese POW camp.
A. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

7. The song White Christmas was first sung in this film
A. Holiday Inn

8. Judy Garland sings Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas in a particular US city
A. Meet me in St.Louis


S1. Steve McQueen once again fails to clear the wire fence on a stolen motorbike. shown every Christmas.
A. The Great Escape

S2. Christmas havoc in a mid-Western town when a mogwai gets wet.
A. Gremlins

7. Australia

I. In what year did the first English fleet arrive in Sydney?
A. 1788 (Accept two years either way)

2. In what year did Australia become a Federation?
A. 1901 (Accept two years either way)

3. The UK has the Brits. but what are the Australian musical awards called?
A. The Arias

4. What is the Australian name for wild horses?
A. Brumbies

5. Slim Dusty famously sung about a pub but what was unusual about it?
A. The pub with no beer

6. Which infamous Australian's last words were such is life?
A. Ned Kelly

7. What did Thomas Austin do to harm Australia in 1859?
A. Released rabbits into the wild

8. In which month of the year is Australia Day celebrated?
A. January .


S1. Which sea lies off the coast of Queensland?
A. The Coral Sea

S2. What was the only Australian city to he bombed in World War II?
A. Darwin

8. A Kick in the nuptials

Due to Kenny’s impending nuptials, July 2007 here’s a round on weddings. (Note from Kenny - Please do not club together for a present as cash for the honeymoon is much more preferable)

1. Who composed the Wedding of Figaro?
A. Mozart

2. Who wrote the poem 'Stop all the clocks” which featured in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral?
A. W.H. Auden

3. Who had a hit with the song White Wedding” in 1982?
A. Billy Idol

4. Which boy band had a recent hit with the song 'Crashed the Wedding"?
A. Busted

5. Which Scottish author once said 'Marriage is one long conversation chequered with disputes'?
A. Robert Louis Stephenson

6. Which sarcastic American film comedian once said 'I believe in tying the knot. as long as it is around the woman's throat'?
A. WC. Fields

7. Who traditionally looks after the bridesmaids at a wedding?
A. The Best man

8. What is the term for a bridesmaid who is married'?
A. Matron of Honour


S1. Who wrote the Wedding March?
A. Richard Felix Mendelssohn

S2. In which movie did Kathleen Turner play a housewife sent back in time to her high school days'?
A. Peggy Sue Got Married


1. Who is the sponsor of this season's FA Cup?
A. e.on
2. What is Postman Pat's surname?
A. Clifton
3. Who was the last Plantagenet King?
A. Richard II
4.What was the name of lan Fleming's James Bond short story collection, published inI960?
A. For Your Eyes Only
5. What is the other name for the Honey Bear (a nocturnal rainforest mammal)?
A. Kinkajou
6. What is the meaning of the word "ephemeral"?
A. Lasting for one day only (accept short-lived, transient etc)
7. What is the Sl unit of length?
A. Metre
8. Who discovered Pluto in 1930?
A. Clyde Tombaugh
9. What is the capital of Uruguay?
A. Montevideo
10. Whose recent album is called "Rudebox"?
A. Robbie Williams
11. What was the name of lan Fleming's cottage in Jamaica where he wrote a number of James Bond books?
A. Goldeneye
12. What is the meaning of the word "esoteric"?
A. Understood by only a small particular group (accept understand etc) obscure, difficult to understand
13 Who was the last man on the moon?
A. (Eu)Gene Cernan
14 What is the SI unit of time?
A. Second
15 Whose most recent album is entitled "Ringleader of the Tormentors"?
A. Morrissey
16 What is the capital of Uganda?
A. Kampala
17 Give a year in the life of Mrs Beeton?
A. 1836-1865
18 Butterflies and Moths are collectively known as what?
A. Lepidoptera
19 Which car manufacturer makes the Croma model?
A. Fiat
20 Who or what would wear a "Buster collar"?
A. Cat or Dog (Protective collar shaped like a funnel)
21 What is the name of Shakespeare's famous "lost" play- the contents of which are unknown in modern times?
A. Cardenio
22 In which county is the Fakenham racecourse?
A. Norfolk
23 The manager (as of 10/11/06) of which Football League club was recently convicted of fraud?
A. Boston United (Steve Evans)
24 Give a year in the life of John Keats?
A. 1795-1821
25. The Daewoo car brand is now known by which name in Europe?
A. Chevrolet
26.Who was famously killed at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii?
A. Captain James Cook (14th Feb 1779)
27. The Daily Sketch merged with which other newspaper in 1971?
A. The Daily Mail
28. Which chemical element is the most abundant in the Universe?
A. Hydrogen (about 3/4 of all matter)
29. Bauxite is the most common ore of which metal?
A. Aluminium
30. In cooking, what does the phrase "au gratin" mean?
A. Covered with breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese) and browned in an oven.
31. Who shot Robert Kennedy on the 5th June 1968?
A. Sirhan Sirhan
32. Which British newspaper was launched on March 4th 1986?
A. Today
33. In Dickens' David Copperfield, what is the name of David's nurse who became Barkis' wife? A. Peggotty
34. The Mound Stand, designed by Michael Hopkins and completed in 1987, is part of which sports ground?
A. Lord's Cricket Ground
35. Which seaport in Eastern England stands at the confluence of the Rivers Stour and Orwell? A. Harwich
36. A body of which men meet in conclave to elect a new Pope?
A. Cardinals
37.During the Vietnamese War, what name did the Americans give to the network of paths used as the North Vietnamese supply route?
A. The Ho Chi Mihn Trail
38.In Greek Mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own refection after spurning the love of which Nymph?
A. Echo
39. Which English artist painted crowded scenes of Victorian life,including "Derby Day"and "The Railway Station"?
A. William Powell Frith
40. In 1992, who invented the Zike, a 4-wheeled city bicycle powered by an electric motor?
A. Sir Clive Sinclair
41 The poisonous plant Aconite, or Wolfsbane, is known by what other name?
A. Monkshood
42.Which science fiction writer wrote the award-winning novel "Ringwood" published in 1970? A. Larry Niven
43. Who is the oldest goalscorer ever in the Premiership?
A. Teddy Sherringham
44. Who was the first woman to lecture at the Sorbonne on 1906?
A. Marie Curie
45. In the 1960's television series The Avengers, which character was played by Diana Rigg?A. Mrs. Emma Peel
46. The programme of reforms known as the "Provisions of Oxford" was issued in 1258 during the reign of which king?
A. Henry III
47 Which song was the official national anthem of the Soviet Union from the BolshevikRevolution until 1944?
A. The Internationale
48. What was Erno Goldfinger's profession?
A. Modernist Architect (Real person - Nothing to do with James Bond)
49.What does the name "Hyundai" literally mean?
A. Modern or "of the present age" in Korean.
50.Why has former French rugby captain Marc Cecillon been in the news recently?
A. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail for murdering his wife at a party. (Question masters use your discretion)
51. How was the writer Mary Ann Evans better known?
A. George Elliot
52. Who recently became the first Briton to win a World Gymnastics Title?
A. Beth Tweddle (asymmetric bars)
53. Name one of the BNC members recently acquitted of inciting racial hatred at Leeds Crown Court.
A. Nick Griffin and Mark Collett.
54. Which Top Gear presenter recently survived a car crash at 300mph?
A. Richard Hammond
55. After the death of Edmund Ironside in 1016, which Dane became the ruler of All England?A. Canute the Great
56. Of which organisation is Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller the head?
A. MI5
57. On which LP cover can we read the words: 'Welcome the Rolling Stones'? (Snow White is also on the cover)
A. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
58. Which Bluesbreaker was born in Macclesfield?
A. John Mayall
59. In electronics, which primary cell, named after its 19th Century French inventor, is still the basis of many dry batteries?
A. Charles Leclanch
60 Which inlet of the Firth of Clyde near Dunoon was used as the American nuclear submarine base from 1961 -1992?
A. Holy Loch
61 Whose Football Night is on Channel 5?
A. John Barnes
62. Chuck Berry wrote the first song that The Rolling Stones recorded. Which was it?
A. Come On (In 1963)
63. What does the name "Hitachi" literally mean?
A. Sunrise.(accept dawn or morning)
64 In which sport do neither the participants nor the spectators know the score until the end?
A. Boxing
65. Who presents the current BBC2 TV series "Power of Art?
A. Simon Schama
66. White wine and what other ingredient make a Kir?
A. Creme de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)
67.Which language gives us the word "Safari"?
A. Swahili
68.Give a year during the War of American Independence
A. 1775-1783
69. Which British singer has the middle name Hercules?
A. Elton Hercules John
70. Where would you find the "Sage Music Centre" and the "Baltic Flour Mill"?
A. Gateshead
71. Whose recently published autobiography is called "Bermondsey Boy"?
A. Tommy Steele
72. What is "Handcrafted by the Sixteen Men of Tain"?
A. Glenmorangie Malt Scotch Whisky (Allow Whisky)
73. Which is the main protein in milk?
A. Casein
74. Who presents the current Channel 4 TV series "Monarchy"?
A. David Starkey
75. Which drink has a black milk churn depicted on its label?
A. Mackeson (milk) Stout (One of the ingredients is Lactose - milk sugar)
76. Of all the -ologies (meaning study of) which has the shortest name?
A. Oology (the study of eggs)
77. Where would you find the Clifford Tower and the National Railway Museum?
A. York
78. What is Bono's (of U2) real name?
A. Paul Hewson
79.What is owned by "Lem Motlow, Proprietor, Route 1, Lynchburg [Pop 361 ],Tennessee 37352."?
A. The Jack Daniel Distillery
80. Germany and which other country signed the Anti-Comintern Pact in 1936?
A. Japan
81. Ras Tafari Makoonen was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. How was he better known?
A. Haile Selassie
82. Of which Canadian province is Fredericton the capital?
A. New Brunswick
83. Who do the Italians call Topolino?
A. Mickey Mouse
84. In what year is it proposed to switch of the old analogue TV signal in the North West region?A. 2009 (leeway +/-1 year)
85. Which TV presenter recently rejected "Poppy Fascism" by refusing to wear a poppy on air? A. Jon Snow
86. Where would you find together a verso and a recto?
A. In a Book (left- and right-hand pages)
87. The S.I. unit of electric charge is named after which French scientist?
A. Charles Augustin de Coulomb
88. Who wrote the film script of The History Boys?
A. Alan Bennett
89. Which country has, by far, the most universities?
A. India (has over 7000, the USA is second with over 4000)
90. In Reflections on Ice-Breaking, which American poet wrote "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"?
A. Ogden Nash
91. Who is the BBC Political Editor who was born in Macclesfield?
A. Nick Robinson
92. What subject was the Langley bom artist Charles Tunnicliffe famous for painting?
A. Wildlife especially birds.
93 Which city is the capital of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands?
A. Santa Cruz
94.Who wrote the best-seller The Labyrinth?
A. Kate Mosse (Not the druggie model)
96. Who produces "Scrumpy Jack"?
A. Symonds
97 What are Sodium Thiopental, Pancuronium Bromide, and Potassium Chloride taken in that order?(This not a science question)
A. The lethal injection used to execute prisoners in the USA.
Supplementary Questions
97. In which town was the Poet William Wordsworth born?
A. Cockermouth
98. Who was Edward the Black Prince's father?
A. Edward III
99. On which island is V.C. Bird airport?
A. Antigua
100. What is the Italian name for Florence?
A. Firenze
101. What characteristic colour does common salt (sodium chloride) produce when introduced into a flame?
A. Yellow


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