Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Cup - Round 1( Set by Dolphin Dragons and The Castle - cross-vetted)

1. Who is moving from McClaren to Ferrari for next season's Formula 1?
A. Kimi Raikonnen
2. Who writes detective novels set in ancient Rome, & starring Marcus Didius Falco?
A. Lindsay Davies
3. What is the heraldic name for the colour Red?
A. Gules
4. Which Macclesfield secondary school is (virtually) next to the Leisure Centre?
A. Fallibroome
5. In which county is the hill fort Maiden Castle?
A. Dorset
6. What is the title of Princess Margaret's son, David?
A. Viscount Linley
7. In the Bible, how many Psalms are there? (no leeway)
A. One hundred and fifty
8. Which town in South Wales is known locally as the hole with the mint"?
A. Llantrisant
9. What was Gulliver's first name?
A. Lemuel
10. The ex Daily Mirror editor, Piers Morgan, is now writing a column for which Sunday paper?
A. The Mail on Sunday
11.Which US singer/songwriter wrote, among others, The Locomotion, Happy Valley Sunday, One Fine Day and You've Got a Friend?
A. Carole King
12. Which book of the Bible starts "In the Beginning was the Word"?
A. St John's Gospel
13. What was the name of the Queen's cousin, who was a famous photographer?
A. Lord (Patrick) Lichfield
14. On which river does Derby stand?
A. The Derwent
15. Which stand-up comic & BBC 6 music presenter is has joined Radio 2 this month?
A. Russell Brand
16. What is Lady Chatterley's first name?
A. Constance
17. At the mouth of which river does Swansea stand?
A. The Tawe (The Welsh name for Swansea is Abertawe)
18. Who is the chief executive of RyanAir?
A. Michael O'Leary
19. What are members of the Scouting movement between 14 and 17 yrs. old called?
A. Explorers
20 If a heraldic animal on a flag or coat-of-arms is described as "passant" how is it shown?
A. On all fours, walking across the flag
21. Who wrote a Short History of Nearly Everything?
A. Bill Bryson.
22. In which musical is the song "The Night they Invented Champagne?
A. Gigi
23. Who is the wife of lawyer David Mills , who is on trial in Italy?
A Tessa Jowell
24. What nation's flag has a tree on it?
A. The Lebanon
25. Who was appointed Captain of the Welsh Rugby Union team this October?
A. Stephen Jones (both names needed, of course!)
26. Who was the husband of Catherine of Braganza?
A. Charles II
27. If you landed at Chania Airport where would you be?
A. Crete (do not accept Greece!)
28. What are the youngest members of the Guide movement !, (aged 5-7) called in the UK?
A. Rainbows
29. In what year did Britain introduce decimal currency? (small leeway)
A. 1971 (allow 1970 to 1972)
30. Who is the new star of "The Sound of Music" chosen via a TV reality show?
A. Connie Fisher
31. Which English King was married to Berengaria of Navarre?
A. Richard I
32. In which county is the mysterious prehistoric site, Silbury Hill?
A. Wiltshire
33. What is a three-dimensional image created by a laser called?
A. A hologram
34. Which was the only Beatles Not with a title of only one word?
A. Help! (not Yesterday, Michelle etc which were not No.1's)
35. Which company used the catch phrase "because life's complicated enough?
A. Abbey National — now just Abbey (either OK)
36. The Long, the Rump and the Short were descriptions of which British Institution?
A. Parliament
37. Which firm manufacturers the Impreza car?
A. Subaru
38. Which composer's life was featured in the Film "Song without End"?
A. Franz Liszt
39. Why do people generally fly to the airport of Knock?
A. It is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics
40. Which firm uses the catchphrase "Because you're worth it?"
A. L'Oreal
41. In which country is the port of Frey Bentos?
A. Uruguay
42. How many men have walked on the moon?
A. Twelve
43. Sospan Fach, sung at Welsh Rugby Internationals originates as an anthem for which Welsh rugby club?
A Llanelli
44. In Coronation Street what was the maiden name of Dierdre
Barlow (formerly Raschid, Barlow, and Langton)?
A. Dierdre Hunt
45. The flag of which country shows an eagle, a snake, and a cactus?
A. Mexico
46. Which organ of the body produces bile?
A. The liver
47. When women were given the vote in 1918 how old did they have to be?
A. Thirty
48. In which English County are there places called Ham and Sandwich?
A. Kent
49. Which former Eastender's actress has just turned up on the staff of Sun Hill in The Bill?
A. Gillian Taylforth
50. Which Negro spiritual is sung at Twickenham in support of the English rugby team?
A. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
51. What was the generic name for the 2-man US space vessels of the 1960's?
A. Gemini
52. British Airways boss, Willie Walsh formerly worked for which airline?
A. Aer Lingus
53. What nautically named footballer played for Plymouth, Ipswich, Arsenal and Portsmouth, as well as 35 times for England?
A. Paul Mariner
54. Who wrote the poem "Fern Hill"?
A. Dylan Thomas
55. Which Roman Emperor was responsible for the Colosseum in Rome?
A. Vespasian
56. Which firm manufactures the Aygo car?
A. Toyota
57. Which newly released film revolves around a TV quiz programme?
A. Starter for Ten (University Challenge, naturally)
58. Who were the losing side in the 2006 up final?
A West Ham United /
59. Who wrote the poem "Gather Ye Rosebuds while ye may"?
A. Robert Herrick
60. Which Roman Emperor adopted Christianity as the state religion of Rome?
A. Constantine
61. Who, continuing the theme of his earlier books, wrote the recently published "The God Delusion"?
A. Richard Dawkins
62. Who replaced Sue Lawley as presenter of Desert Island Discs?
A. Kirsty Young
63. In the BBC television series "The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard", who plays Mrs. Pritchard?
A. Jane Horrocks
64. Which artist painted 'The Rokeby Venus'?
A. Velazquez
65. Which screen legend's last appearance was in the 1956 film "The Harder They Fall"?
A. Humphrey Bogart
66. Horse Racing: Which trainer (whose yard was Pond House in Somerset) won the National Hunt Trainers Championship fifteen times before his retirement last season (when he handed the yard over to his son)?
A. Martin Pipe
67. Alex Ferguson has managed four clubs:
Aberdeen and Manchester United are two of them: name either of the other two.
A. East Stirling or St. Mirren
68. What name is given to those parts of the earth an its atmosphere able to support life?
A. Biosphere
69. In which town is the National Library of Wales situated?
A. Aberystwyth
70. From which royal mistress does the Dukedom of St. Albans descend?
A. Nell Gwynne
71. A bronze statue of three times Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Best Mate was unveiled at the Cheltenham racecourse this year, the fourth horse to be so commemorated there. Name any one of the other three.
A. Arkle; Dawn Run; Golden Miller
73. Which American poet wrote the lines "I shot an arrow in the air) it fell to earth I know not where" in his poem "The Arrow and the Song"?
A. Longfellow
74. Which publishing imprint was founded in the
early 1970’s by Carmen Callil to specialise in women's literature?
A. Virago
74. Where do Accrington Stanley play their home games?
A. The Fraser Eagle Stadium
75. The author of the novel Sophie's Choice died earlier this month (November). What is his name?
A. William Styron
76. Who named a hymn tune that he composed "Down Ampney" after the Gloucestershire hamlet in which he was brought up?
A. Ralph Vaughan - Williams
77. In which game might you be given a "Yarborough"?
A. Contract Bridge (a hand with nothing over 10)
78. Which Poet Laureate immediately preceded John Betjeman?
A. Cecil Day Lewis
79. . How many spots are there in a complete set of double-six dominoes?
A. 168
80. Which creature has species called Firebellied, Spadefoot and Midwife?
A. Toad
81. What, during the Word War I was renamed "Liberty Cabbage" in UK and USA?
A. Sauerkraut
82. What do cruciverbalists like doing?
A. Cross-word puzzles
83. In morse code, which letter is represented by a dot followed by a dash?
A. A
84. What is the title of the book in the "Chronicles of Sarnia" which is a prequel to "The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe"?
A. The Magician's Nephew
85. Name one of the " Liver Birds" from the sit-com of that name (first name only)
A. Beryl or Sandra
86. Which spring flower has a common name that is said to derive from a polite word for cattle dung?
A. Cowslip (from Cowslop)
87. According to the advert, "Tasty, tasty, very very tasty. They're very tasty" What were/are?
A. Kellogg's Bran Flakes - (not Fruit and Fibre - a different advert)
88. Which city is served by George Bush (first one) Intercontinental Airport?
A. Houston
89.. Who wrote the usual tune to "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!"?
A. Mendelssohn
90. Katherine Apanovicz has recently written a best selling book about her famous partner who died last year. Who was he?
A. Richard Whiteley
91.Adam Smith is soon to be the new face on the £20 note. In what year did he write The Wealth of Nations?
A. 1776 (accept 1770 to 1780)
92. The Queen Anne's Revenge was the flagship of which notorious 18th century pirate?
A. Edward Teach – known as Blackbeard (accept either)
93. Who was the daughter of Teakle W. Warfield of Baltimore, USA, who caused a constitutional crisis between the wars?
A. Mrs Wallis Simpson (accept Mrs Simpson)
94. Who did Prince Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha marry in 1840?
A. Queen Victoria
95. The Treaty of Vereeniging ended which war?
A. The Boer War
96.Which North European country became an independent kingdom in 1905?
A. Norway
97. Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?
A. Marie Curie
98. Who was the first American woman in space?
A. Sally Ride
99. Why should citizens of Macclesfield be aware of the firm of Wilson Bowden?
A. They have been selected to redevelop part of the town centre.
100. Who won the 1995 cricket World Cup?
A. Sri Lanka
101. Which song was a No 1 hit for Jimmy Young, the Righteous Brothers and Robson & Jerome?
A. Unchained Melody
102. What was the last film made by James Dean (before he was killed in a car crash) in 1955?
103. What electronic device was developed at Bell Laboratories in 1947?
A. The transistor
104. What gas, produced by yeast fermentation, makes bread dough rise?
A. Carbon dioxide
105. Who was the first monarch of the house of Tudor?
A. Henry VII
106. What is the maximum speed limit of the Pendolino train now in service?
A. 140 mph (allow 135 to 145)
107. Give a year in the life of Catherine of Aragon
A. 1485 to 1536
108. Who was the famous dancer who went to Paris the 1920's and danced with bananas as her only clothing?
A. Josephine Baker
109. In which musical is the song "I don't know how to love him?
A. Jesus Christ, Super Star
110. What is the position in Rugby Union usually signified by a number 10 shirt?
A. Fly half (accept Outside half)
111. In what year did Britain hand over Hong Kong to China?
A. 1997
112. John Simpson is the BBC's correspondent for what?
A. World affairs –(Accept foreign)
113. Benjamin Braddock is the central character in which film?
A. The Graduate
114. What would you do with rooibos?
A. Drink it – herbal tea from South Africa
115. Terry Christian hosts a breakfast radio programme for which station
A. Radio Manchester
116. Where in Manchester did Pope John Paul II hold mass?
A. Heaton Park
117. Who wrote the love song of J Alfred Prufrock?
A. T S Eliot
118. Give any year in which Valery Giscard D'Estaing was French President
A. 1974 to 1981
119. Who was Renee's long suffering wife in the "Allo, Allo" TV series?
A. Edith
120) Dvorak was born and studied near which European city?
A. Prague


S1. Jools, Daisy Boo and Poppy Honey are the immediate family of which personality?
A. Jamie Oliver (his wife and daughters)
S2. Why do British people fly to Rouvianiemi at this time of year?
A. To visit Father Christmas (This Finnish town is one of his homes!)
S3. Which book of the New Testament follows the Gospels?
A. Acts (the Acts of the apostles)
S4. In which city is the Hang Seng index based?
A. Hong Kong
S5. In Pride & Prejudice, who marries Jane Bennett?
A. Charles Bingley
S6. Name one of the 3 regular News and Travel readers on Terry Wogan's Breakfast Show
A. Fran Godfrey, John Marsh or Alan Dedicoat

Tie Breaker

What is the diameter (at the equator) of Saturn in Kms? 120,536 Km


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