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7 November Questions

Apologise for the quality - the question master's doodles made OCR difficult

November 7, 2006
Specialist Questions
set by
Harrington Academicals
Vetted by Sutton Club and the Castle
Rounds are
Arts and Entertainment
Gossip Magazines
It must be your round

1. Which famous novel starts with the line "Call me Ishmael"?
Moby Dick
2. What is the day job of Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden?
Commercial airline pilot
3. Who was the most famous director of Spaghetti Westerns (such as Fistful of Dollars)?
Sergio Leone
4. Complete the title of the novel "The Prime of ….”
Miss Jean Brodie
5. How many symphonies did Sibelius write?
6. To what was Blackadder referring when he said "People are smoking them, building houses out of them. Soon they'll be eating them"?
7. Whose first hit album was entitled "The Lion and the Cobra"?
Sinead O'Connor
8. Who currently chairs the BBC Radio 4 programme “The News Quiz”?
Sandi Toksvig


1. Which Stanley Kubrik film was set in Vietnam. but filmed in London's Dockland?
Full Metal Jacket
2. Who played Emma Peel in the TV series "The Avengers"?
Diana Rigg


1.Which country has the capital city of Nuuk?
2.Which country has the highest capital city above sea level?
Bolivia (La Paz)
3.What nautical term describes the period when the tide is either fully in or fully out? (Not "high tide" or "low tide")
Slack water
4.In which country would you find the Nubian Desert?
5. On which Island would you find the Arecibo radio telescope?
Puerto Rico
6. What is the name of the Roman road which starts in Axminster and travels approx 180 miles to Lincoln?
The Fosse Way
7 What is the name of Lord Leverhulme's model village for soap workers?
Port Sunlight
8. On which UK island would you be standing if you were visiting North and South Stack lighthouses?


I. Which is mainland Europe's only active volcano?
Vesuvius (Mt Etna is not mainland)

2. Name the Canadian group of Islands which includes Prince Rupert, Graham, and Moreby among many others
Queen Charlotte


The answers to the following questions are all titles of the growing number of Gossip Magazines. This may or may not help you.

1. Spelt the same as the French for feline?
2. The most popular greeting in English?
3. Italian Beautiful
4. Esther Rantzen’s original TV programme
That’s Life
5. High Temperature publication
6. Two letters that are colloquially used to express agreement
7. Moving towards each other?
8. Stop working for a while
Take A Break


1. An invitation for selection?
Pick Me Up
2. One of John Lennon's most famous solo hits?


1. Which former US president died in 2004?
Ronald Reagan
2. In which decade was the wreck of the Titanic found?
3. Where was the last successful battle of King Harold II against Harald Hardrada?
Stamford Bridge
4. Which Scottish King who died of leprosy, had his heart buried in Melrose Abbey and the rest of his body in Dunfermline Abbey
Robert the Bruce
5 Which is the the Uk's oldest horse racing course still on it's original site?
Chester — the Roodee
6. Who was responsible for the murder of 4 women during “the autumn of terror" 1888?
Jack the Ripper
7. In which year did the Gunfight at the OK Corral take place?
1881 - accept 1876 to 1886
8. Who was the British Prime Minister at the outbreak of WW 1?
Herbert Asquith


1. In which Northumbrian castle was Harry Hotspur born?

2.. Which British king married Mary of Teck?
George V


1. By what Hebrew name is the Day of Atonement (a day of fasting and prayer for Jews) known? Yom Kippur
2, What is the name of the Hindu Festival of Lights?
3. Which Christian sect does the journal The Watchtower relate to?
Jehovah's Witnesses
4.. Which religious sect was attacked with tanks and armoured vehicles in Waco Texas in 1993
The Branch Davidian
5. Name the Christian sect who are direct descendents of the Anabaptists of 16th century Europe settling in America in the 1700's coming to world attention in recent months.
The Amish
6. What are followers of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints more commonly known as?
7. In Buddhism what is described as supreme peace and utmost purity?
8. Four of the five pillars of Islam are Shahadah - the profession of faith, Salat - prayer, Zakat - paying alms to the poor and Sawm - fasting during Ramadan What is the fifth?
Hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca. Accept Hajj, Mecca or pilgrimage.


1. Give another name for "The United Society of Believers" founded by Ann Lee in Manchester in 1772 moving to New York in 1774.
The Shakers
2. What is the name of the Muslim festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan ?
Eid ( pronounced Eed ). Full name, Eid ul-Fitr.

3.What is the world's largest religion ?
Christianity. Over one billion followers worldwide.

1. Darrell Hair was at the centre of most of the controversy in the 4th Test vs Pakistan, but who was the other umpire?
Billy Doctrove.
2. Who did St Helens beat in this year's Rugby League Grand Final?
3. Who sank the putt which won this year's Ryder Cup?
Henrik Stenson.
4. Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most GP wins with 91, who was the previous record holder with 51 first places?
Alain Prost.
5. Who won the Golden Shoe as top scorer at this year's football World Cup?
Miroslav Klose (Germany, scored 5 goals).
6. Who won this year's women's singles at Wimbledon?
Amelie Mauresmo.
7. Which British boxer did Joe Calzaghe beat to become World Super-middleweight champion in 1995?
Chris Eubank.
8. Who was the recipient of Zinezine Zidane's headbutt in the World Cup Final?
Marco Materazzi (Italy).

S1. Who was the winner of this year's snooker World Championship?
Graeme Dott
S2. Which Manchester United footballer is a former UK under-14 BMX champion?
Alan Smith.

1. In the blood, erythrocytes are red blood cells, leukocytes are white blood cells, what are THROMBOCYTES?
A. platelets
2. What is the term for a fine dispersion of one liquid in another e.g. milk and paint?
3. What is the term for breaking up a beam of light into light and dark bands or coloured spectra, through a narrow slit?
4. Which are the largest cells in the bodies of most species of animals?
0va (accept anything to do with eggs.)
5. Amanita Phalloides is a toadstool and is our most poisonous native species. What Is its very appropriate common name?
A.The Death Cap.
6. In the taxonomy of all living things there are two groups Animal and Vegetable. What are these two groups called?
7.Some materials have been shown to have close to zero electrical resistance at very low termperatures. What are these called?
8. In the “Atkins diet" the intake of which major food group is restricted?
Carbohydrate. (Only accept carbohydrate!)


Which is the third largest planet in our solar system?
2. Which word connects space travel and the human eye?
Orbit (The eye socket)

This is a round of brews and brewers

1. In which year was the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) started?
1971 (allow 1970 -2)
2. What is the name of Macclesfield's own brewery?
Storm Brewing (accept Storm)
3. What constituent of beer has varieties Goldings, Fuggles and Challenger?
4. Apart from adding taste to beer, what other benefit do hops confer?
Antibacterial action (accept preservative)
5. In which country are the headquarters of the world's largest brewing company, InBev?
6. In which town is Theakstones brewed?
7. Deuchars IPA is to be found in more and more Macc. pubs, which brewery makes it?
8.What does the German word lager mean?


1. What is the abv (alcohol by volume) of that grand winter drink, Robinson's Old Tom?
2. Theakstones Old Peculier (yes, it is spelled correctly) is a famous ale. What does "peculier" mean?
A parish outside of the control of a bishop (accept parish)
General Knowledge
(Set by the Sutton Club, vetted by The Castle)
01. Which group had top ten hits in the 1960's with `Yes, I will', “Sorry Suzanne' and `We're through'
Answer : The Hollies
02 Which Asian city means “meeting of the muddy waters”
Answer Kuala Lumpur
03 Which English city had the name of Pons Aelius?
Answer Newcastle On Tyne
04 Name one of the so-called twin cities of Minnesota.
Minneapolis or St Paul
5.What s the nick-name of Henry Percy, son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland?
Answer. Hotspur
06. Name either of the two Americans who won the Formula One World Championship.
Answer : Phil Hill or Mario Andretti
07.What is the code name of the current government operation to house prisoners overflowing from full prisons?
Answer : Operation Safeguard
08. What is the capital of Manitoba Province in Canada?
Answer: Winnipeg
09. Nicknamed by the Italians as `Il Topolino' (The Little Mouse), which athlete was the only British male winner of a gold medal at the 1960 Rome olympics. He died recently aged 73
Answer : Don Thompson (50 Km Walk)
10. In which country is the pilgrimage centre of Fatima?
11. Which group had the original hit with `The Great Pretender'?
Answer: The Platters
12. The sporting venue The Rose Bowl is in which US town?
13. Which is the only country crossed by both the equator and the Tropic of Cancer?
14.. Where would you find Onchan Head ; Port Soderick and Union Mills?
Answer The Isle Of Man
15. Which `Fawlty Towers' character was portrayed by Ballard Berkeley?Answer,: Major Gowan (accept The Major)
16. In which country is the opera Turandot set?
17. In which country was Greenpeace first formed?
18. Of which metal is galena the chief ore?
Answer Lead
19.Name either of the two former `Shadows' who had a hit with `Diamonds'?
Answer : Jet Harris or Tony Mehan
20. In Ricky Valance’s song, who loved Laura?
Answer Tommy
21. In economics, what does `Gresham's law' state?
Answer : Bad Money Drives Out Good
22. How many times did Willy Carson win The Derby?
Answer 4
23 On the streets of which U.S. city was the first edition of the game `Monopoly' based?
Answer : Atlantic City, New Jersey
24. What are the twelve central vertebrae of the spine called?
25. What is the 55th wedding anniversary called?
26. Who wrote the play The Seagull?
27.In which year after World War II did food rationing end?
Answer : 1954
28. What is the capital of Michigan state?
29. On TV, the pub landlord Al Murray is a descendant of which English novelist?
Answer :,William Makepeace Thackeray
30. Who wrote `The Sabre Dance'?
Answer : Aram Kachaturian
31. In geology what are formed in the process known as orogenesis?
Answer Mountains
32. In Greek mythology “The Pleiades” were the seven daughters of which Titan?
33. The theme music of which film was `Rock Around the Clock'?
Answer The Blackboard Jungle
34. In whit city is the Scottish Football League team St. Johnstone based?
Answer : Perth
35_ Which other famous name completes this list : Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and?
Answer : George Harrison (The Travelling Wilburys)
36. What is Paddy Ashdown’s real first name?
37. How is the painting of Willy Lot’s farm better known?
The Haywain
38. How traditionally are clowns’ faces copyrighted?
Painted on eggshell
39.What word is derived from the Polynesian for `forbidden'?
Answer Taboo
40. Who wrote the book `Schindler's Ark'?
Answer: Thomas Kenneally
41. Where did methyl isocyanate cause 2,600 deaths in 1984?
Answer . Bhopal (India)
42. In which country was the first woman MP Lady Astor, born?
43.After India became independent, a dispute over which state led to a war with Pakistan?
Answer: Kashmir
44.What is made from the paste `Strass'?
Answer: Costume Jewellery
45.Who played King Feisal of Iraq in the film `Lawrence of Arabia'?
Answer : Sir Alec Guinness
46. Which river unites with the Trent to form the Humber?
Answwer The Ouse
47. In which desert is the world's driest place?
Answer : Atacama (Chile)
48.Which Frenchman scored 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup finals?
Answer : Juste Fontaine
49. Who did Paul Ince bring in as his assistant manager at Macclesfield Town F.C.?
Answer : Ray Mathias
50.In politics, what word is used for re-arranging constituency borders for unfair advantage?
Answer Gerrymandering
51. MICK Jagger’s second wife Bianca was born in which Central American country?
Answer Nicaragua
52.At which event did Abebe Bikila take gold at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics?Answer: The Marathon
53. Of which metal is casserite an ore?
54. Where was footballer John Barnes born?
55. Which film starred Peter Sellers as shop steward Fred Kite?
Answer : I'm All Right Jack
56. Which of Disney's Seven Dwarfs wears glasses?
Answer Doc
57. Which Australian city has the largest population?
Answer: Sydney
58. How many petals does the common poppy normally have?
Answer 4
59. Who wrote the TV plays “Pennies From Heaven”, “Brimstone and Treacle” and Lipstick On Your Collar”?
Answer Dennis Potter
60. In Greek mythology who was the twin sister of Apollo?
Answer Artemis
61. By what name is the substance kaolin better known?
Answer China Clay
62. Who said “I am dying beyond my means”?
Answer Oscar Wilde
63.Who is the famous actor brother of Shirley Maclaine
Answer Warren Beatty
64. Of which country is Fiordland the largest national park?
Answer New Zealand
65. By what name is the infamous leader Saloth Sar known to the world?
Answer Pol Pot
66. Who was the Greek goddess of retribution?
Answer Nemesis
67. Cheyenne is the capital of which US state?
Answer Wyoming
68. Who had a number hit in 1969 with “Video Killed The Radio Star”
Answer Buggles
69. What is the primary diet of the king cobra?
Answer Snakes
70. Who played the part of Tchaikovsky in the film The Music Lovers?
Answer Richard Chamberlain
71. What is the capital of Zambia?
Answer Lusaka
72. Which daily newspaper was closed for a lengthy period due to industrial action in 1978 to 1979?
Answer The Times
73. In which year was Martin Luther King assassinated?
Answer 1968
74. How many players are there in a baseball team?
Answer 9
75. Who plays Inspector Raymond Fowler in a BBC TV series?
Answer Rowan Atkinson
76. Which animal has breeds called Birmans and Maine Coons?
Answer Cats
77. For which German football club did Kevin Keegan play, after leaving Liverpool?
Answer SV Hamburg
78. In which county is Stanstead Airport?
Answer Essex
79. Alphabetically, what is the last element?
Answer Zirconium
80. Which chess piece can only move either one or two squares forward on its first move?
Answer Pawn
81. To whom did Bob Dylan sing “It Ain’t Me Babe?
Answer Joan Baez
82. Which Gilbert & Sullivan operetta has the alternative title `The Town of Titipu'?
Answer The Mikado
83. Where is the Portuguese Formula One Grand Prix held?
Answer Estoril
84. The invention of which popular card game is attributed to Sir John Suckling? ¶
Answer Cribbage
85. Who introduced us to the TV characters Sid Snot and Gizzard Puke?
Answer Kenny Everett
86. Which “Alice In Wonderland” character disappeared leaving only his smile?
Answer The Cheshire Cat
87. Before which year must a car have been built to be eligible for the London To Brighton veteran car run?
Answer 1904
88. What is the capital of Peru?
Answer Lima
89. What is the SI unit of electrical resistance?
Answer Ohm
90. Which university did the prince attend in The Student Prince by Sigmund Romberg?
Answer Heidelberg
91. Who wrote `The Call of the Wild' and `White Fang'?:
Answer Jack London
92. What nationality was Anne of Cleves?
Answer German
93. What word describes completing a hole in golf, three strokes below par?
Answer Albatross
94.What was the capital of Pakistan before Islamabad?
Answer Karachi
95 Which member of the crow family is mainly buff coloured with blue striped wings?
Answer Jay
96. What do Americans call a water tap?
Answer Faucet


97 In which country are the Zagros mountains?
Answer Iran
98. Who is the central character in John Briane’s book “Room At The Top”?
Answer Joe Lampton
99 In which year did the Munich Olympics take place?
Answer 1972
100 What do etymologists study?
Answer: Words
101 What was England's smallest county before the 1974 changes?
Answer: Rutland
102 Who, in 1941, designed and made the first viable helicopter?
Answer : Sikorsky
103 In the art medium `tempera', what is mixed with powdered paint?
Answer : Egg Yolk (Accept Egg)
104 What was the capital of England before London?
Answer: Winchester
105 In which decade was the first photo-copier marketed?
Answer: 1900's (1907)
106 Who had a number one hit in 1995 with `You are not alone'?
Answer: Michael Jackson
107 On which river does Canterbury stand?
Answer: Stour
108 What word describes, a marine worm, to drag with effort, and a projection on a casting by which it might be affixed?
Answer : Lug
109 Where in Britain did the `Battle of the Beanfield' occur in 1985?
Answer: Stonehenge
110 What are the metal discs in the rim of a tambourine called?
Answer : Jingles
111 What name is given to animals that only feed on plants?
Answer : Herbivores (Accept Herbivorous)


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