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Specialist Questions 31 Oct

Macclesfield Quiz League

Specialist Questions
1. Sport
2. Colours
3. Geography
4. History
5. Science
6. Who is it (Picture Round) - NOT INCLUDED
7. Arts & Entertainment
8. Newspapers
Set by: Ox-fford
Vetted by: Ox-fford `C', Peter
Cole & assorted others, many
1. In which city did Muhammad Ali fight George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle' on the 30th of October 1974?
Ans. Kinshasa (in Zaire)
2. Which road crosses the Aintree racecourse?
Ans. The Melling Road
3. For which team did James Hunt race in 1976, the year he won the Formula 1 World Championship?
Ans. McLaren
4. Who partnered John McEnroe to four Wimbledon Men's Doubles titles between 1979 and 1984?
Ans. Peter Fleming
5. Which County cricket team plays its home matches at the County Ground, Riverside, Chester-le-Street?
Ans. Durham
6. In greyhound racing, what colour jacket does the dog running from trap 1 wear?
Ans. Red
7. In which sport are there categories called 'Star', 'Tornado' and 'Soling'?
Ans. Yachting (Accept Sailing)
8. In which sport is the Uber Cup contested?
Ans. Badminton
S1. In inches, what is the diameter of a basketball ring?
Ans. 18 inches
S2. In hurling, how many points are scored for getting the ball under the crossbar?
Ans. 3

All of these questions feature a colour in either the question or the answer.
1. What sort of animal is a Kerry Blue?
Ans. A breed of Dog
2. What sort of animal is a Buff Orpington?
Ans. A breed of poultry
3. Which Olympic athlete who won a silver medal in the Men's 400 metres in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics is now an athletics commentator for television?
Ans. Roger Black
4. Alberto Juantorena won Olympic Gold at 400 and 800 metres at the 1976 Olympics. What was his nickname?
Ans. White Lightning
5. Which film, based on a story by Stephen King and starring Tom Hanks, is set on Death Row in a US prison in the 1930's?
Ans. The Green Mile
6. Which cartoon series featured the evil Baron Greenback?
Ans. Dangermouse
7. Which member of the cabinet is MP for Blackburn?
Ans. Jack Straw
8. Which Eurosceptic Tory MP unsuccessfully challenged John Major for leadership of the Conservative Party in 1995?
Ans. John Redwood
S1. Who was known as "The Thin White Duke"?
Ans. David Bowie
S2. Who released an Album entitled "White Ladder"?
Ans. David Gray

1. Which country consists of over 7,000 islands, the largest of which are Luzon and Mindanao?
Ans. The Philippines
2. Which island group is an archipelago of 67 islands, is only 6 miles from the Scottish coast but is nearer to Oslo than London?
Ans. The Orkney Islands
3. Which country's capital city lies on the River Jumna? (NB — country required, not the city)
Ans. India (The city is Delhi — Old and New Delhi lie on the Amnia)
4. On which of the Great Lakes does Chicago lie?
Ans. Lake Michigan
5. On which Mediterranean island would you find the town of Ajaccio?
Ans. Corsica
6. Which country is divided into two, close to the 38'" parallel?
Ans. Korea
7. The River Waveney forms much of the boundary between 2 English counties. Name either.
Ans. Norfolk or Suffolk
8. Port Au Prince is the capital of which country?
Ans. Haiti
S1. What is Scotland's longest river?
Ans. The Tay
S2. Which US state has the Arctic Circle running through it?
Ans. Alaska

The following questions consist of a quotation, which should identify a famous historical event. The answer required in each case is the name of the event. For example: — That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind = The first man landing on the Moon (Neil Armstrong)

1. It is magnificent, but it is not war
Ans. The Charge of the Light Brigade (Pierre Bosquet, 1854)
2. But you must believe me, when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love
Ans. Abdication of Edward VIII (Eighth) (1936)
3. Would you allow your wife or servant to read this book?
Ans. Prosecution of DH Lawrence's book, Lady Chatterley's Lover (1960)
4. I'm not allowed to say how many planes joined the raid, but I counted them all out and I counted them all back
Ans. The Falklands War (Brian Hanrahan, for the BBC, 1982)
5. Not a penny off the pay, not a second on the day
Ans. The General Strike (Miners' Federation of Great Britain 1926)
6. We're eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked
Ans. The Cuban Missile Crisis (Dean Rusk, 1962)
7. A date that will live in infamy
Ans. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour (President Roosevelt, 1941)
8. A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy
Ans. The Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes, 1605)


S1 Ten Days that shook the World
Ans. The Russian Revolution (John Reed, title of his book, 1919)
S2. Well, we knocked the bastard off!
Ans. Successful ascent of Mount Everest 1953 (Edmund Hillary)


1. Which gas is often referred to as Marsh Gas?
Ans. Methane
2. What material in plant leaves converts sunlight to starch and sugars?
Ans. Chlorophyl
3. What type of acid is found in ants and stinging nettles?
Ans. Formic Acid
4. Which metal is added to steel to make it into "stainless steel"?
Ans. Chromium
5. What name is given to the male reproductive organ in flowering plants?
Ans. Stamen
6. What type of acid builds up in the muscles after strenuous exercise?
Ans. Lactic Acid
7. What would be wrong with you if you were suffering from Pyrexia?
Ans. High temperature /Fever (Accept anything along these lines)
8. Which ancient unit of measurement is based on the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow?
Ans. Cubit


S1. With which branch of science do you associate Carl Sagan?
Ans. Astronomy
S2. What useful plant has the Latin Name Digitalis?
Ans. Foxglove

Arts & Entertainment

1. Founded in 1818, in which European city would you find the Prado museum?
Ans. Madrid
2. Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby and Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid appear in which novel by Charles Kingsley?
Ans. The Water Babies
3. In which TV series did Patrick McGoohan star as John Drake?
Ans. Danger Man
4. Who was the composer of the opera The Rake's Progress and the ballet The Firebird amongst many other works?
Ans. Igor Stravinsky
5. In Arthurian legend, King Arthur was mortally wounded in his final victorious battle, the Battle of Camlann. Arthur fought this battle against one of his relatives who was also killed in the same battle. Who was he?
Ans. Mordred (Arthur's illegitimate son by his half-sister Morgause or Morgause's legitimate son by her husband King Lot of Orkney, depending which version you believe...)
6. In 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin", what company did Reggie work for?
Ans. Sunshine Desserts
7. What was the name of the Lion in C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?
Ans. Aslan
8. Which London museum, which opened in 1857, was originally called the Museum of Ornamental Art?
Ans. The Victoria and Albert Museum

S1. What was the name of the monster killed by Beowulf?
Ans. Grendel

S2. Which TV series created by Michael Crichton has featured the characters of Doug Ross, Mark Greene and Elizabeth Corday?
Ans. E.R.

1. Which American newspaper first exposed the Watergate affair?
Ans. The Washington Post
2. The colour supplement of which national Sunday newspaper is called 'You'?
Ans. The Mail on Sunday
3. What is the current name of the newspaper previously called the Daily Worker?
Ans. The Morning Star
4. In which country is the newspaper La Stampa published?
Ans. Italy
5. Which British newspaper was originally called the London Daily Universal Register?
Ans. The Times
6. "All the news that's fit to print" is the slogan of which newspaper?
Ans. The New York Times
7. Which is the oldest British national Sunday newspaper?
Ans. The Observer (First published in 1791)
8. Alan Rusbridger is the editor of which daily British newspaper?
Ans. The Guardian

S1. What was the name of the newspaper featured in the TV series "Lou Grant" starring Edward Asner?
Ans. The Los Angeles Tribune (Accept Tribune)

S2. Which British broadsheet newspaper is printed on distinctive pink coloured paper?
Ans. The Financial Times


Macclesfield Quiz League

General Knowledge – 31/10/2006
Set by : Ox-fford
Vetted by : Ox-fford ‘C’, Peter Cole & others…

1 Who was the only President of the USA to serve 4 terms in office?
F.D. Roosevelt (1933 – 1945)
2 The name of which small puff pastry case means “flight in the wind” in French?
3 What kind of creature is a dik-dik?
(The name apparently derives from the sound of its call…)
4 What is the capital of Qatar?
5 What would you be doing if you were practising IKEBANA? (icky-BAR-nuh)
Flower Arranging (Japanese word for same)
6 Who is the patron Saint of children?
St Nicholas of Bari (Accept St Nicholas)
7 The axilla is the anatomical term for which part of the body?
8 In which film does James Stewart play the character Elwood P. Dowd?
9 Which London Underground line, opened in the 1970’s, is coloured grey on the maps and was originally going to be called “Fleet”
Jubilee Line (opened in 1977)
10 What was the American codename for the development of the atom bomb?
Manhattan Project
11 In which film would you find the characters Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund and Victor Laszlo?
12 In the UK, how is “Infectious Mononucleosis” more commonly known?
Glandular Fever
13. Which team won the UEFA Champions League last season, 2005/2006?
Barcelona (Beat Arsenal 2-1 in the final)
14 With which instrument was Duke Ellington associated?
15 Who played the part of PC “Fancy” Smith in the original series of Z Cars?
Brian Blessed
16 Which Irish County stretches furthest North?
17 Which sculptor’s work includes “The Burghers of Calais” and “The Kiss”?
18 On what river is the Kariba Dam?
19 In Greek mythology, what was the fluid that flowed like blood through the veins of the Gods?
20 Nick Skelton and John Whittaker are well known in which sport?
21 From which plant is vanilla obtained?
22 What is the name of the famous 15th century canon on display at Edinburgh Castle?
Mons Meg
23 Who, most famously, lived in Dove Cottage, Grasmere?
24.Which planet has satellites named after Shakespearean characters, including Miranda, Titania and Oberon?
Uranus (You can’t have a quiz without a question about Uranus…)
25.Who is the only British Prime Minister to have been buried in St Paul’s Cathedral?
Duke of Wellington
(He is buried in a sarcophagus of luxulyanite – granite – in St Paul’s)
26 What is comic book hero “Roy of the Rovers” last name? Race
27 What is the capital of Bulgaria?
28 Before the telephone Directory Enquiries Service became accessible by a variety of numbers beginning with “118”, what was the 3-digit BT number you used to ring to access the service?
29 Five countries have borders with Switzerland. France and Germany are two; name one of the other three.
Italy, Austria or Liechtenstein
30 Who first spoke the famous phrase “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered)?
Julius Caesar (Celebrating victory at the Battle of Zela, 47BC)
31 Which former US President won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002?
Jimmy Carter
32 What is the final word of the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament?
33 What is the chemical process by which a solid turns directly to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase?
34 What is depicted on the badge of Rover cars?
A Viking longship (Accept ship, boat etc)
35 What was the name of the first pitched battle of the English Civil War, which took place on 23rd October 1642?
36 Which plant is commonly known as the “Butterfly Bush”? Buddleia
37 Cerumen is what bodily substance?
Ear wax
38 In which country is the port of Gallipoli?
39 What nationality is Jean Marc Bosman, famous for giving his name to the “Bosman Ruling” affecting football transfers? Belgian
40 Name the year in which the following 3 events occurred – John Paul II became Pope, Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was murdered and Right wing army officers attempted a coup in Spain.
1978 (allow 2 years either side)
41. In which country is Damascus, according to some sources the oldest continually inhabited city in the world?
42. Which bird is sometimes known as the “Sea Parrot”? Puffin
43. In card games such as poker and brag, what name is given to a hand where all the cards are from the same suit?
44. Where in London are the Grace Gates, designed by Herbert Baker?
Lord’s Cricket ground (at the Members’ Entrance)
45. Three “Indiana Jones” films starring Harrison Ford have thus far been released. What is the title of the last film?
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
46. On a standard UK Monopoly board, how much does each of the four railway stations cost?
47. The controversial MMR vaccine has been much in the news in recent years. What does the “R” stand for?
Rubella (The whole thing stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
48. The University Boat Race passes under 2 bridges. Hammersmith Bridge is one, what is the other?
Barnes Bridge
49 Which Australian bird is also known as the “Laughing Jackass”?
50 Which English King is commemorated in a statue by Carlo Marochetti situated just outside the House of Lords?
Richard the Lionheart (or Richard I)
51 Who is the current (as of 31/10/2006) Secretary of State for Northern Ireland?
Peter Hain
52 Who wrote the following lines about Ramses II, “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair”?
Shelley (Albeit Stuart Hall can’t resist using it in his Radio Five Live football commentaries…)
53. Which North of England city’s cathedral and castle were declared a World Heritage Site in 1986?
54. If you took an anti-emetic drug, what condition would you be trying to cure?
Nausea / Sickness / Vomiting (Accept anything along these lines)
55. Sir William Lyons founded which Motor Car company?
Jaguar (Also accept Swallow Sidecar Co. which later became Jaguar)
56. Who wrote the novel “Howard’s End”?
E.M. Forster
57. Who provides the voice for the character Puss in Boots in the film Shrek 2?
Antonio Banderas
58. Who is the current (2006) US Masters Golf champion?Phil Mickelson
59. Who invented the first “roll film” camera in 1886?George Eastman
60. Who was the original bouffant haired suspiciously orange presenter of the BBC antiques show “Bargain Hunt”?
David Dickenson
61 If you were born on Burns Night, what Star Sign would you be?
Aquarius (Burns Night is the 25th of January)
62 What was the name of the nightclub featured in the film Cabaret?
Kit Kat Club
63 Which Paris fashion designer introduced the “sack look”, also known as the “H-Line”, in 1954?
Christian Dior
64 In the human body, what can be described as true, false or floating?
65 In the satirical magazine “Private Eye”, by what name is the Queen usually known?
66 What is defined in Physics as the distance travelled divided by the time taken to travel that distance?
Speed (Also accept velocity)
67 In Internet and telephony terms, the acronym VoIP is now well known. What does it stand for?
Voice over Internet Protocol ( the routing of voice conversations over the internet)
68 Which American President appears on a one-dollar bill?
George Washington
69 There are 4 colours on the Brazilian flag. Yellow and blue are 2; name either of the other 2.
Green / White
70. Who played El Cid in the 1961 film of that title?Charlton Heston
71. Which 3-word Latin phrase means literally “In Blazing Crime” and means being caught in the act of doing something?
In Flagrante Delicto
72. Which Australian state borders all the other mainland states?
South Australia
73. Which pleasure craft was sunk by the Bowbelle on the River Thames in 1989?
The Marchioness
74. Where in North Carolina did the Wright Brothers make their historic first flight in 1903?
Kitty Hawk
75 Who is the current (2006) Wimbledon Tennis Men’s Singles champion?
Roger Federer
76 Minerva was the Roman Goddess of what?
Wisdom or Crafts (Accept either)
77 Which band’s early albums included Murmur, Reckoning and Document?
78 Which American politician was born William Blythe IV?
Bill Clinton
79 Which is the only professional football league team in the county of Kent?
80 Which Paul Simon album originally featured the track “You can call me Al”?
81 How many chromosomes should a human being possess?
46 (23 pairs – accept either)
82 In which film does the character Benjamin Braddock fall in love with Elaine Robinson?
The Graduate
83 Who played Sergeant Wilson in Dad’s Army?
John Le Mesurier
84 What is the singular of “Opera”?
85 Which Roman Emperor succeeded Claudius in 54AD?
86 Who is the current club captain of the Sale Sharks Rugby Union team?
Jason Robinson
87 Tobermory is the only town on which Scottish island?
88 How was the English DJ and broadcaster Maurice Cole better known?
Kenny Everett
89 The Battle of Aboukir Bay (1798) is also known by what other name?
Battle of the Nile
90 In which Italian city would you find Capodichino airport?
91 What is the name of the air base in Berkshire where demonstrations against the siting of Cruise missiles took place in the 1980’s?
Greenham Common
92 In the film Alien, what was the name of the spaceship?
93 Who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981?John Hinckley
94 Which island country in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles from Madagascar is Australia’s nearest neighbour to the west?
95 In which field did Ford Maddox Brown (1821 – 1893) achieve fame?
96 Whose scientific law states that the extension produced in a spring is proportional to the force applied?
Hooke’s law (Robert Hooke, 1635 – 1703)


1 Which gothic novel has the alternative title “The Modern Prometheus”?
2 What kind of fruit is a jargonelle?
3 What screen character connects Clarke Gable, Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson?
Fletcher Christian (Played character in films of Mutiny on the Bounty - 1935, 1962 and 1984 respectively)
4 Which gas is produced when water is combined with Calcium Carbide?
5 Who had a UK Number 1 hit with “You spin
me round (like a record)” in 1985?
Dead or Alive
6 What does a sericulturist breed?


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