Thursday, October 15, 2015

Plate final 2015 - THE QUESTIONS


Set by Nags Head and Cock-A-2

1. Emporio and Exchange, are two of the most famous brands, of which fashion house?

Giorgio Armani

2. In which British city is the suburb of Holgate?


3. In 1934, White Star Line merged with which shipping company?


4. Born in Chattanooga in 1894, who was ‘Empress of the Blues’?

Bessie Smith

5. Which figure in Greek mythology has given the name to an actinide in the periodic table, the Subtitle to the novel Frankenstein and a Shelly drama?


6. The prize for the best full-length novel written in English, by a woman, formerly known as the ‘Orange Prize’, is now sponsored by the producers of which alcoholic drink?


7. What is wrapped inside bacon, in the dish ‘angels on horseback’?


8. Which character did Lisa Minelli play in ‘Cabaret’?

Sally Bowles

9. Which act had the first song to be number one single both in the USA and the UK at the same time?

Everly Brothers (Cathy’s Clown)

10. What is the capital city of Lithuania?


11. In 1932, carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded which company in Billund?


12. What includes various types called Thrust, Apron and Proscenium?

Types of Stage

13. Which condition produces Uric acid deposits in joints causing swelling?


14. How many Gallons in a Bushel?


15. “The choicest gifts in store, on her be pleased to pour” are lines from which song?

God Save The Queen (National Anthem)

16. Which British scientist wrote “The Selfish Gene”- published 1976?

Richard Dawkins

17. Fat Les’s song ‘Vindaloo’ was written, recorded and released for the football World Cup In which year?


18. Frith Street in Soho, has been the home of which music venue for over 50 years?

Ronnie Scott’s

19. Which cricket county plays most of its home games at Grace Road?


20. Which music hall artist was born Matilda Alice Victoria Wood?

Marie Lloyd


21. The name of which city in the Middle East, means ‘warm place’?


22. Which rocker named his daughter Moon Unit?

Frank Zappa

23. What type of creature is a Sea Wasp?


24. In 1988, who became the first UK golfer to win the US Masters

Sandy Lyle

25. What is the national flower of Portugal?


26. In the pantomime Aladdin, what is the name of Aladdin’s brother?

Wishee Washee

27. In the UK, what title is given to the wife of an Earl?


28. Which worldwide chain of independently- owned hotels, based in Phoenix, Arizona and having over 4,000 hotels, has 280 units in the UK?

Best Western

29. Who was the Roman god of fire?


30. In January 2015, King Salman took over the throne of Saudi Arabia on the death of whom?

King Abdullah

31. The best selling single in the UK in1965, was by which Liverpool-born artist?

Ken Dodd (Tears)

32. How long is each half in a game of Hockey?

35 minutes

33. Which British political party was founded in 1934?

Scottish National Party

34. What is the name of the Marquess of Bath’s stately home?

Longleat House

35. Who was the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor?

Conrad (Nicky) Hilton

36. ‘The Kissing Disease’, is a nickname for which illness?

Glandular Fever

37. The town of Colchester stands on which river?

The Colne

38. Who made the first translation of the bible into English?

William Tyndale

39. Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?


40. A.P. McCoy took the record for most career wins under National Hunt rules in 2002, when he overtook whose record of 1,699?

Richard Dunwoody


41. From which island does Marsala wine come?


42. How many property squares are there on a Monopoly board?


43. Which Archbishop of Canterbury led the baron’s revolt against King John, which led to the signing of the Magna carter?

Stephen Langton

44. In art, which pre-WW1 movement was founded by Windham Lewis?


45. After the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, post boxes around the country were painted gold to honour outstanding, gold- medal winning athletes. Which Olympian is commemorated by the gold post box in Macclesfield market place?

Sarah Storey

46. Who, in 1500, painted “The Mystical Nativity”, now in the National Gallery?


47. Pressdram Ltd. Is the publisher of which fortnightly magazine?

Private Eye

48. What is the name of the point where the counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire meet?

Three Shires Head

49. Who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic?

Amelia Earhart

50. Which horse won this year’s Champion Hurdle?


51. Namibia, was a colony of which European country until 1915?


52. Which saint is traditionally credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland? His pilgrimage centre Is Whithorn in Galloway.

St. Ninian

53. In which UK city was the first Boy Scout troop registered?


54. What was the name of the Irish Setter which was poisoned after appearing at Crufts?


55. In what year did the Queen make her first televised Christmas Address to the nation?

1957 (accept56-58)

56. The holiday destination of Cancun, lies on which peninsular?


57. How many yards in a furlong?


58. What type of fruit is the home of Spongebob Squarepants?


59. What are Grapnel, Sheet and Bower types of?


60. Which Rolling Stones song contains the Lyric “War, children, it’s just a shot away”?

Gimmie Shelter


61. In which national park is ‘Yes Tor’?


62. John Profumo was Secretary of State for War under which Prime Minister?

Harold Macmillan

63. In anatomy, the spine is composed of the lumbar, the thoracic, and which other section?


64. Who was the first non-British manager to lift the FA Cup?

Ruud Gullit

65. In which country was Doctor Bernado born?

Ireland (Dublin 1845)

66. Which Shakespeare play has characters called Autolycus, Perdita and Florizel?

A Winter’s Tale

67. According to St. Luke’s Gospel, in whose bosom do the just repose after death?


68. One of the busiest ports in South America, in which country is Valparaiso?


69. Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe are former students of which UK educational institution?

London School of Economics

70. What name is given to the four holy books of the Hindus?

The Vedas

71. Where are the birthplace and the statue of King Alfred The great?


72. In which Italian province does Milan lie?


73. What did the artist Marcel Duchamp exhibit in 1917, under the title “Fountain”?

A urinal

74. Who composed the Symphony No.7, known as ‘The Leningrad’?

Dmitri Shostakovich

75. Which heroine of the Biblical Apocrypha saved the Israelites by beheading the enemy general Holofernes?


76. In “Mary Poppins”, what is the name of the central family?


77. In the Old Testament, who was the elder brother of Moses?


78. Which actress had the leading female role in the 2015 film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

Dakota Johnson

79. Who or what was the subject of the so-called ‘surgeon’s photograph’, taken in 1934?

The Loch Ness Monster

80. Due to open in 2017 is the first UK university in 30 years, in which county town will it be?



81. Ian Fleming wrote a book about a car for his son. What was it called?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

82. Who was the British Prime minister at the outbreak of World War 1?

Herbert Asquith

83. What is the distinguishing feature of those animals collectively known as Pinnipeds?

They have flippers

84. Cheyanne is the capital of which American state?


85. In the film, ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’, what was the Indian?

A motorcycle (Indian Scout)

86. Which former sports person replaced Anneka Rice on the TV programme Treasure Hunt?

Annabel Croft

87. What do the residents of Twickenham retirement home Brinswoth House, have in common (other than old age)

Retired actors or entertainers

88. What engine lubricant gave pilots of open cockpit rotary engine aircraft persistent diarrhoea?

Castor Oil

89. In which city were the 1920 Olympic Games held?


90. What sort of creature is a Killdeer?

A Bird

91. The words Cliché and Stereotype, are derived from which industry?


92. What does a ‘’tegestologist’ collect?


93. Of which island republic is Antananarivo the capital?


94. Which island in the Ionian Sea, was home to Odysseus?


95. Who wrote ‘Room at the Top’ and ‘Life at the Top’?

John Braine

96. Which figure in Greek mythology gives her name to Jung’s theory that a daughter competes with her mother for sexual possession of her father?


97. Which sport does Jacquie Oatley cover for the BBC?

(Women’s Football)

98. Which town in SE France is famous for its nougat?


99. Brent Blend, Tapis, Minas and Midway Sunset Heavy, are types of what commodity?

Crude oil

100. Which composer founded the Aldeburgh Festival in Suffolk?

Benjamin Britten


101. Who was the first man to go into space twice?

Gus Grissom

102. The characters ‘Spadge Hopkins, ‘Granny Trill and ‘Cabbage- Stump Charlie’, appear in which 1959 novel?

Cider with Rosie

103. Who was the original presenter of ‘Masterchef’?

Lloyd Grossman

104. In 1476, who published the first book to be printed in England?

William Caxton

105. The musical ‘Miss Saigon’, is based on which opera?

Madam Butterfly

106. In the New Testament, which village at the foot of the Mount of Olives, was the home of  Lazarus, and the lodging of Jesus during Holy Week?


107. What did Wallace and Gromit forget to take to the moon, in “A Grand Day Out”?


108. Which monarch was on the throne of England in the year 1700?

William III

109. What is the junction between two nerve cells called?


110. In which modern day country was the composer Dvorak born?

Czech Republic

111. Who has been runner-up to Tony McCoy in the jump jockeys championship for the Last 15 years?

Richard Johnson

112. The Square Kilometre Array is a project to construct the world’s largest what?

Radio Telescope

113. A Cyprinid is member of which fish family?


114. Who is the current Governor of The Bank of England?

Mark Carney

115. Which explorer and missionary, was born in Blantyre, Scotland in 1813?

David Livingstone

116. Who stood as the Republican candidate for US President at the last election?

Mitt Romney

117. Which English actress played Ross’s wife in ‘Friends’?

Helen Baxendale

118. ‘Brown Willy’ is the highest point in which English county?


119. Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney are characters in which Jane Austen novel?

Northanger Abbey

120. The Headquarters of OPEC are in which city?



1. Who was the ruler of Asgard in Norse mythology?


2. Which northern hemi-sphere animal, the largest of the weasel family, is also known as the Glutton


3. Which famous vehicle has had licence plate SVC 00919 and SVC1 through to SVC9?

The Popemobile (SCV being the international Vehicle Registration for Vatican City)

Tie breaker

What was the official attendance at the Women’s World Cup football match in Winnipeg on the 8th of June this year, where Sweden and Nigeria drew 3-3?



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