Wednesday, February 25, 2015

24th February – The Questions



All questions set by the Knot Know-alls.

Vetted by the Cock-A-2 and the Chester Road Tavern


Science, Women In Sport, Geography, Art & Entertainment, History (picture round), A Piece Of Cake, The Eyes Have It, Dedicated Followers of Fashion.


1. What is 1,009 in Roman numerals? MIX

2. Apart from iron, name one of the other two magnetic (ferromagnetic) elements


3. What gas is produced by the Haber Process? AMMONIA

4. What phenomenon indicates that a far galaxy is moving away from ours? RED SHIFT

5. On 1st January 2015 England's Tree of the Year was awarded to the 'Major Oak'. Name the forest this tree is found in. SHERWOOD

6. Which English scientist, together with James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1962 for the discovery of the structure of DNA? Francis CRICK

7. In the plant and animal classification system developed by Carl Linnaeus in the 18th century, what comes between Class and Family? ORDER

8. In binary what number is represented by 1011? ELEVEN


9. Gerontology is the scientific study of what? AGEING (accept OLD AGE or similar)

10. Name the 6-wheeled Mars rover, not to be confused with Curiosity, which has explored the Red Planet for 10 years. According to NASA, it now has memory problems.



1. ln the New Year Honours list, who was made Companion of Honour for services to sport in Northern Ireland? Mary PETERS

2. In the New Year Honours list, who was awarded the MBE for services to hockey?

Kate Richardson-WALSH

3. The World Cup of which sport will be played in Sydney, Australia in August? NETBALL

4. Which team won the women's FA cup in 2014? ARSENAL

5. Name any member of the Gold medal-winning Cycling - Women's Team Pursuit trio at the 2012 Olympics. Laura TROTT, Danielle KING or Joanna ROWSELL

6. Who is the current Commonwealth Games women's flyweight boxing champion?

Nicola Adams

7. Who is the current Individual World Champion in dressage? Charlotte DUJARDIN
8. Which team won the women's Rugby World Cup in 2014? ENGLAND


9. Who is the current women's 10,000 metres European Champion, aged 40? Jo PAVEY

10. Which team were FA Women's Superleague champions in 2014? LIVERPOOL


1. Most of the active volcanoes in South America are located in which country? CHILE

2. The farthest-inland deep water port on the Mississippi River is located 80 miles upstream, at which city? BATON ROUGE

3. The Hindu Kush mountain range runs for 500 miles westwards from Pakistan to what country? AFGHANISTAN

4. Which race of humans is named after a mountain range?

CAUCASIAN (after Caucasus)

5. What famous landmark is found on the Ile de la Cite in Paris?Cathedral of NOTRE DAME

6. Kirkwall Airport serves which group of islands? ORKNEYS

7. What is the currency of Liechtenstein? SWISS FRANC

8. What is the capital city of Greenland? NUUK


9. Name the country that borders all of the following countries: Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia & Chile. PERU

10. Which is the only US state named after an English county? NEW HAMPSHIRE


1. What, architecturally, was described by Prince Charles as the highest slum in Britain?

2. Which author wrote the "Foundation" series of science fiction novels? Isaac ASIMOV

3. Which region in the Pacific Ocean is also the name of a character in the Dr. Dolittle stories? POLYNESIA (the parrot)

4. What is the name of the company owned by Marvel Comic's billionaire, playboy, superhero Iron Man? STARK INDUSTRIES

5. Which poet is known as The Ploughman Poet? Robert BURNS

6. Elliott Spencer was married to which celebrity in January 2015? Stephen FRY

7. Which female novelist and gardener is associated with the Kent village of Sissinghurst?

Vita Sackvile-West

8. Acccording to Glastonbury legend, who brought the Holy Grail from Palestine to England?



9. Which saint's day is March 17th? PATRICK

10. Which team won the BBC University Challenge 2014 competition?


HISTORY - Monuments and Memorials You will be shown a picture, then asked a question about it

The images used in the quiz are not currently available so they may not have been quite the same as those shown beloow

1. Who is this a memorial to?


2. This museum is dedicated to which historic event?

Sinking of the TITANIC (Belfast museum)

3. This memorial is in memory of what?



4. This cross in London is one of 12 erected in memory of which queen? Eleanor (wife of Edward the First)


5. This small statue marks which particular event in history?

The spot where the GREAT FIRE OF LONDON was stopped (The Golden Boy at Pye Corner)

6. Who are these people collectively known as?


BURGHERS OF CALAIS (by Rodin, in Calais)

7. In which English town is this statue?


HUDDERSFIELD (Harold Wilson, outside the railway station)

8. Who is this figure situated in Shrewsbury?

Charles DARWIN


9. Who is this a memorial to?

ALBERT (Prince Consort, in London)

10. Who is this?



Each answer contains the name of a kind of cake. Just name the cake.

1. What was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus? GENOA

2. Which West Yorkshire town holds an annual liquorice festival?

PONTEFRACT (known for Pontefract Cakes, black liquorice sweets)

3. Which book of the Old Testament contains the line "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven"? ECCLESiastes

4. Which football club plays its home games at Dens Park? DUNDEE

5. Where was the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo born? MADEIRA (Funchal)

6. On which London underground line is Pimlico station? VICTORIA (sponge)

7. Which family decided to anglicise their name to Mountbatten because of anti-German sentiment in World War I? BATTENBERG

8. What is the common name of the flowering plant Helleborus niger? CHRISTMAS Rose

9. Who challenged Henry Vll's right to be king by impersonating one of the sons of Edward IV, the Princes in the Tower? Lambert SIMNEL

10. In the stories by Richmal Crompton, the "Outlaws" were William and his friends, Henry, Douglas and who? GINGER


All answers have a link to the eye.

1. What is strabismus more commonly known as? CROSS-EYES

2. What is the common name for loss of peripheral sight? TUNNEL VISION

3. What is the name of the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye containing rods and cones? RETINA

4. What does the horned lizard squirt from its eyes as protection against predators? BLOOD

5. Kate Bosworth, Jayne Seymour and Keifer Sutherland all have heterochromia. What is it?


6. How many eyelids on each eye does a cat have?

THREE (one from the top, one from the bottom and one from side to side)

7. The insect eye is made up of many repeating units each of which functions as a separate visual receptor. What is this type of eye called? COMPOUND EYE

8. What is scotopic vision? NIGHT VISION (seeing in the dark)


8. Black lemurs of Madagascar are thought to be the only primates, besides humans, to have what feature to do with their eyes? BLUE EYES

10. What is unusual about an owl's eyeballs?

OWLS CANT MOVE THEM (leading to the distinctive way it turns its head almost all the way around)


1. Which iconic figure of the regency period, is credited with introducing the modern man's suit worn with a tie? He was a friend of the future George IV. Beau BRUMMEL

2. Which fashion accessory was launched by Michael Fish in the 1960's? KIPPER TIE

3. Which company, founded in 1977, is America's largest retailer of lingerie? Among their brands is "Angels", and their models are also referred to as "Angels". VICTORIA'S SECRET

4. What was the name given to the usually embroidered, box-like contraption at the front of mens breeches, first seen in the 15th and 16th centuries? CODPIECE

5. Opening his first shop in Basingstoke, who patented a cloth called Gabardine in 1888 and later made clothes for field sports and country classics? Thomas BURBERRY

6. A royal warrant holder, what do "Hunter" make? WELLIES or BOOTS

7. Name the mode of dress, also called The American Dress and The Turkish Dress, introduced in 1859 as a healthier alternative to wearing long, heavy and voluminous skirts?


8. Known as Mosquito Chasers in Norway, by what name do we know the 1950's shoes named/lifter a popular seaside snack? WINKLE PICKERS


9. "Launer London" is an iconic brand which became synonymous with Margaret Thatcher. What do they make? HANDBAGS (leather purses, etc.)

10. Who designed Madonna's iconic conical bra for her "Blonde Ambition" tour?



1. What was the name of the ship commanded by Captain Pugwash? BLACK PIG

2. What name could be either a variety of rose or a type of lettuce? ICEBERG

3. In which stretch of water was the Hoegh Osaka deliberately run aground to stop it sinking early in 2015? THE SOLENT

I. In which county is the National Memorial Arboretum? STAFFORDSHIRE

5. Apart from Brutus, who was the other chief conspirator in the murder of Julius Caesar?


6. Which cult English punk band was led by Joe Strummer? THE CLASH

7. Which is the only royal family in the world which has a country named after it?

SAUD (Saudi Arabia)

8. Recently, Apple posted the biggest quarterly profit for any company ever. Who is their current Chief Executive Officer? Tim COOK

9.Which US President was the first to live in the White House?

JOHN ADAMS (don't accept John Quincy Adams)

10. How many square metres are there in a hectare? 10,000 m2 (100 m x 100 m)

11. Where specifically, are Stanley Matthews' ashes buried?

BRITANNIA GROUND (Stoke City FC, under the centre circle)

12.What secures a saddle to a horse? GIRTH or SURCINGLE

13. What do you fear if you are algophobic? PAIN (From Greek: algos = pain, phobos = fear)

14. Which EU country became the 19th to adopt the Euro as its currency in Jan 2015?


15. Lucy Honeychurch is the heroine of which E M Forster novel, later made into a film?


16. Which fictional character lived at 32 Windsor Gardens, London?


17. Pissaladiere is a dish from Nice, southern France. It has a pizza like dough base, topped onions, olives, garlic and what other particular ingredient? ANCHOVIES

18. In Roald Dahl's 'Matilda', what is Matilda's surname? WORMWOOD

19. Greg Wallace presented the December 2014 series of 'Masterchef the Professionals', name one of the two judges. Monica GILLETTY or Marcus WARING

20. Michael Scott of Dunder Miffin is the American equivalent of which fictional character?


21. Which band, in 1978, first sang the lines "They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band, it ain't what they call rock and roll"?

DIRE STRAITS (Sultans of Swing)

22. First staged in 2003, these World Championships have, until last year, only been won by people born in the British Isles. Indian Vikram Joshi is the 2014 champion. What are they?

WORLD QUIZ CHAMPIONSHIPS (Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson, 4 wins each)

23. Who lost the 2004 US Presidential election to George W Bush? John KERRY

24. What is the purpose of the Apgar test? ASSESS CONDITION OF NEWBORN BABIES

25. Which European capital city is nearest to Berlin? PRAGUE

26.Who is the only British Prime Minister to have captained his country at national level in any sport? Edward HEATH (sailing)

27. What activity is 'ikebana'? FLOWER ARRANGING (Japanese)

28. Who was the inventor of the 'Flying Shuttle' which allowed much wider fabrics to be woven? John KAY

29. Who is the current French Prime Minister? Manuel VALLS

30. Currently there is controversy over a Natural History Museum proposal to replace Dip the Diplodocus with what in 2017? BLUE WHALE (skeleton!)

31. Which of the states in the in the USA has the lowest population? WYOMING

32. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing was the third time the summer games had been held in Asia after Seoul in 1988 and which city in 1964? TOKYO

33. Which London Underground line has the most stations at 60? DISTRICT

34. Which instrument in a symphony orchestra do the musicians tune to? OBOE

35. Where is the Ross Sea? ANTARCTICA

36. Which composer, better known for musical theatre, wrote the theme tune for 'From Russia With Love1 and Cliff Richard's 'Living Doll'? Lionel BART

37. How many litres are there in a cubic metre? 1,000 litres

38. Depicting Philippe Petits 1974 wire-walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, which film won the 2009 Oscar for Documentary? MAN ON WIRE

39. . What does Real stand for in the team name Real Madrid? ROYAL

40 What was the name of the ship which Captain Cook commanded on his first journey of discovery to Australia and New Zealand?

ENDEAVOUR (also known as HM Bark Endeavour)

41. Who is the director of The Imitation Game featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing?


42Which strait separates the Indonesian Islands of Java and Sumatra? SUNDA STRAIT

43. Which Prime Minister conferred the title "Empress of India" on Queen Victoria?


44. Which lake in Africa holds the highest number of freshwater fish species in any lake in the world?


45. Name the German horse ridden by Ryan Moore who won the Melbourne Cup in

November 2014? PROTECTIONIST

46. Bones are hardened by 2 main, natural minerals. One is calcium. Name the other.


47. The opera "Orfeo",has the honour of being the earliest surviving opera still regularly
performed today. Who is its composer? Claudio MONTEVERDI

48 What was the title of the influential book, written by French economist Thomas Piketty,
which was published in 2014? CAPITAL in the 21ST CENTURY

49. What is the major European dub competition in Rugby Union which superceded the
Heineken Cup for the 2014/15 season? European CHAMPIONS CUP

50. Which Beatles album has the tracks 'Drive my car', 'Nowhere man1 and 'Michelle1?


51. The majority of the border between Canada and the contiguous states of the USA lies on which line of latitude? 49 degrees NORTH (accept 49th PARALLEL)

52. Name one of the three grape varieties that can be used for Champagne.

53. Which US state is named after an English Quaker? PENNSYLVANIA

54. Which radical left political party won the Greek National Election last month? SYRIZA

55. In which city are the next Commonwealth Games to be held? GOLD COAST (Australia)

56. Which pop duo, in 1981, first sang the lines "Standin1 at the door of the Pink Flamingo, crying in the rain. It was a kind of so so love, and I'm gonna make sure it doesn't happen again"?

SOFT CELL (Say Hello, Wave Goodbye)

57. Which fashion designer, disgraced in recent times, presented an Outstanding Achievement Award to Anna Wintour at the British Fashion Awards in Dec 2014?


58. What award did Bath Blue cheese receive at the BBC Good Food Show at Olympia in November 2014?


59.In children's literature, whose famous line was "I'll thcream and thcream and thcream till I'm thick"? VIOLET ELIZABETH BOTT (Accept VIOLET ELIZABETH or BOTT) (Just William)

60. By what name was Henry John Temple, a British Prime Minister, better known?


61. Who received a £250,000 investment to set up his digital marketing company when he won The Apprentice 2014? Mark WRIGHT (25 year old Australian)

62. In Wales, what natural feature is known as the Devil's Appendix? WATERFALL (tallest, single-drop waterfall in Wales)

63. Marc Bolland is the Chief Executive Officer of which high-street retailer?


64. Name the triangular bone made of 5 fused vertebrae, found between the coccyx and the four lumbar vertebrae in the spine. SACRUM

65. fhe market in The Pilgrim's Progress, in which all pleasures and delights are for sale, gives its name to which novel published in instalments in 1847/1848? VANITY FAIR

66. Shakespeare renamed his company The King's Men in honour of which monarch who granted him a patent? JAMES THE FIRST

67. Two private planes owned by Elvis Presley are going up for auction. Name either plane.


68. The Great Run Series, formerly sponsored by BUPA, which takes place in 8 UK cities, will from this year be sponsored by what company? MORRISONS

69. ln which English seaside town is the Turner Contemporary Gallery? It is situated on the same site where J M W Turner stayed when visiting the town. MARGATE

70. Penny Lane, made famous through the Beatles song, was named after James Penny. What was his main occupation? SLAVE TRADER

71. Prosecco (or sparkling white wine) and peach puree are the ingredients of which famous Venetian cocktail? BELLINI

72. Which MEP defected from UKIP to the Conservatives in Jan 2015? Amjad BASHIR

73. A self-established colony of beavers has been allowed to remain in Devon. On what inappropriately named river do they live? OTTER (near Ottery St Mary)

74. Who is the former-politician daughter of Testament of Youth author, Vera Brittain?


75. The name of which American General became a by-word for "treason" or "betrayal", after he changed sides to the British during The War of Independence? Benedict ARNOLD

76. Which Netherlands city is famous for its porcelain? DELFT

77. In Dec 2014, Paul Coleman from Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club found over 5,000 Anglo-Saxon coins buried in a lead bucket in which Buckinghamshire town? AYLESBURY

78. . Which game takes its name from the Chinese for 'sparrow'? MAH JONG

79. Which building was the 2014 winner of the Stirling Prize? EVERYMAN THEATRE (L'pool)


80. To which family of birds does the jay belong? CROW FAMILY, CORVIDS or CORVIDAE

81. In which Asian country does the Thar Desert mainly lie?

INDIA (85% India, 15% Pakistan)

82. Which poet wrote the poem The Night Mail? W H AUDEN

83. Bull's Blood wine comes from which country? HUNGARY

84. Which singer featured with Taylor Swift on her 2013 single Everything Has Changed?


85. Which European alphabet, dating from around the 3rd Century AD, is also known as Futhark? RUNIC

86. In British folklore, which antlered figure is supposed to haunt Windsor Forest and Great Park, Berkshire? HERNE THE HUNTER

87. Berengaria of Navarre was the wife of which English monarch? RICHARD THE FIRST

88. Who beat Felix Baumgartner's record for a free-fall parachute jump, and became the second person to break the sound barrier in free fall, in Oct 2014?

Alan EUSTACE (jumped from over 25 miles up)


What was left in Pandora's Box after all the evil escaped? HOPE

90/Which comedian is the current host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks? Rhod GILBERT 91. What does the Old English word 'weald* mean?

WOODED COUNTRYSIDE (accept similar that includes wood or forest)
92. The name of which province of Canada means New Scotland? NOVA SCOTIA

93. Who is the new judge in the 2015 series of BBC's The Voice UK? Rita ORA

94. . Which city between Milan and Bologna gives its name both to a delicate, dry-cured ham and to a hard, dry cheese? PARMA

95. What is a sarabande? DANCE

96. Who won the BAFTA Fellowship at the 2015 BAFTA Film Awards? Mike LEIGH


97. A dish described as 'Dubarry' contains what food item? CAULIFLOWER

98. Following a recent legal ruling, which Spanish princess, sister of King Felipe VI, will stand
trial for tax fraud later this year? CRISTINA

99. In which conflict did the Battles of Saratoga take place?


100. What name of Yiddish origin is given to a cured meat, usually brisket, which has been
brined, seasoned and then smoked? PASTRAMI

101. Whose eyes remain in a safety deposit box in New York city? Albert EINSTEIN's

102. Which historical figure, mainly associated with buildings in London, was known as The
Devil's Architect? Nicholas HAWKSMOOR


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