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20th January–Cup/Plate Quarter Finals


1. Who composed the Goldberg Variations?

J.S. Bach

2. In which town was William the Conqueror born?

Falaise in Normandy

3. JCB is the name of the famous earth-moving machines; what does the B stand for?

Joseph Cyril Bamford, the company's founder (1916-2001)

4. In which year did Albert Einstein publish his General Theory of Relativity?


5. How are the elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine known collectively?


6. The chief naval battle of the First World War. In Germany it is known as the Skagerrak. How is it known in Britain?

The Battle of Jutland

7. Which stretch of water connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

Strait of Gibraltar

8. Whose engravings inspired Stravinsky's opera The Rakes's Progress?


9. What does it mean if a racehorse is described as a maiden?

It has never won a race

10. Beata Beatrix is an idealized portrait of the artist's late wife Elizabeth Siddal. Which member of the Pre-Raphaelites painted it?

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

11. In which country did the samba originate?


12. What part of the body interests a rhinologist?


13. Which picturesque village on Dartmoor, in Devon, is renowned for its annual fair?


14. Taking its name from the Latin for apple, which crystalline acid is found in unripe apples and other fruits?

Malic acid

15. In which British city is the Mary Rose to be found?


16. Brimstone is a form of which element?


17. For whom was Etruria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent built? (now a hotel)

Josiah Wedgwood

18. In Scottish cuisine what is a bannock

A griddle cake of oatmeal or other meal

19. If a person is suffering from aphonia, what are they unable to do?


20. Macclesfield Town FC play home matches at the Moss Rose Stadium, but who plays their home matches at the J. Davidson Stadium on Moss Lane?


21. Worcester pearmain is a variety of which fruit?


22. Who composed the music to the Ode to Joy which is used for the European anthem?

Ludwig van Beethoven

23. Who was the father of Richard II?

Edward Prince of Wales-The Black Prince

24. What is the capacity of a 'barrel' as commonly referenced for crude oil production?

35 UK gallons or 42 US gallons, or 159 litres

25. Who was the English Nurse executed by the Germans in Brussels in 1915?

Edith Cavell

26. Name one of the Noble gases?

helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, or radon

27. : Which English palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey and later enlarged by Henry VIII and altered by Sir Christopher Wren?

Hampton Court Palace

28. To which island group do the islands of Rhodes and Kos belong?


29. What is the occupation of Escamillo in the opera Carmen?


30. What is the term for two under par in golf?


31. What do the letters “ap” on an etching or print stand for?

Artist's proof

32. Who wrote the music for West Side Story?

Leonard Bernstein

33. A haematologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases of?


34. In which British city are Cavern Walks, Strawberry Field and Penny Lane?


35. If a dog is canine, what is a pig?


36. In which port is the SS Great Britain moored?


37. The name of which semi-precious mineral is derived from the French words for blue/yellow?


38. Which family currently own Capesthorne Hall?

The Bromley Davenports

39. Barnacle, Greylag, Brent and Canada are types of which bird?


40. In golf what is meant by the Nineteenth hole?

Clubhouse or bar

41. On wine labels what is the meaning of the word recolté?

Vintage or crop

42. Early Champagne, Timperley Early and Victoria are varieties of which desert plant?


43. Who composed the opera The Queen of Spades??


44. Who was described as "the wisest fool in Christendom"?

James VI & I

45. Joseph Grimaldi (1779-1837) was called “The Father of …” what?


46. What icon of 20th century design was the Chapman Root Glass Company of Indiana responsible for introducing in 1915?

The Coca-Cola bottle

47. Which acid is commonly present in a lead-acid car battery?

Sulphuric acid

48. What is the name of the ninth century Bishop of Winchester who's feast day is held in England on the 15th of July?

St Swithin

49. Two Commonwealth countries are islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Name either of the two?

Cyprus, Malta

50. In which Shakespeare play does the eponymous character smother his wife?


51. Which football club plays its home fixtures at Anfield?


52. The Golden Bear in Berlin, the Golden Shell in San Sebastian and the Golden Lion in Venice are major awards given in which area of the arts?


53. Who wrote the song made famous by Elvis Presley, Blue Suede Shoes?

Carl Perkins

54. Which acid with the formula HCOOH occurs naturally in ants?

Formic acid

55. In which European capital city is Oscar Wilde buried?


56. The Terra Nova ship carried whose Antarctic expedition in 1910?

Robert Falcon Scott

57. Poultney Bridge is in which city?


58. In the well-known equation, E=mc2, what does c represent?

The velocity of light.

59. Which Prime Minister lived at New Hawarden Castle in Flintshire?

William Ewart Gladstone

60. Sinophobia is the fear of which race or nation?


61. The football stadium known as The Den in South Bermondsey is the home to which team?


62. In the news recently because of the ravages of time the DUKW was an amphibious transport vehicle first used in WW2. Who manufactured it?

GMC (General Motors Corporation)

63. PZKW was the abbreviation for what kind of German military vehicle?

Tank (Panzerkampfwagen - armoured fighting vehicle)

64. The music of Alexander Borodin was used as inspiration for which Hollywood musical?


65. Who was the eldest child of Queen Victoria?

Princess Victoria

66. What is denoted by the following prefixes? First, Middle, Morning, Forenoon, Afternoon, First Dog, Last Dog.

Watches at sea.

67. In 1915, Hugo Junkers constructed the first what?

Fighter Plane

68. What is being described by the phrase, “induction, compression, ignition, expansion, exhaust”?

The action of an internal combustion engine.

69. Who began writing his diary on New year's day 1660?

Samuel Pepys

70. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?


71. Who won an Oscar for his song I Just Called To Say I Love You?

Stevie Wonder

72. Flushing Meadow, Roland Garros and Melbourne Park are all Grand Slam venues in which sport?


73. In which British city can you find Knott Mill, The Printworks and Canal Street.


74. Whose backing group originally the Tennessee Two became the Tennessee Three?

Johnny Cash

75. What name is commonly given to the red transparent variety of the mineral corundum?


76. If you sailed due east from Newcastle upon Tyne, which would be the first country you would reach?


77. What is the chief investigating branch of the US Department of justice called?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

78. Where can you walk the Golden Mile?


79. Plumbum is the Latin name for which element?


80. Which Prime Minister lived at Hughenden Manor, near High Wycombe

Benjamin Disraeli

81. What does the girl's name Verity mean?


82. The US Marine Corps memorial at Arlington Ridge Depicts what event?

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima

83. What is the name of the French satirical magazine whose offices were attacked recently?

Charlie Hebdo

84. Which convicted rapist footballer did Oldham FC not sign up recently?

Ched Evans

85. Who was the composer of the symphony “From the New World”?

Antonin Dvořák

86. Who was the first Queen of Great Britain and Ireland?

Queen Anne

87. Who was Lady Creighton-Ward?

Lady Penelope from TV's 'Thunderbirds'.

88. In 1915, the remains of composer Rouget de Lisle were brought to Le Invalides in Paris. What was his most famous composition?

La Marseillaise

89. Whose law can be expressed as V = IxR?

Ohm's law

90. The Isle of Man was, until 1266 a dependency of which country?


91. Lusaka is the capital city of which African country


92. On which musical instrument would a paradiddle be played?


93. In which athletic event would you use the Fosbury Flop?

High jump

94. In which classic 1960 film does Marion Crane steal $40,000 from her boss and unwisely make her escape via the Bates Motel?


95. What Instrument was played by jazz musician Stan Getz?


96. What letter links an SI unit of temperature and the chemical symbol for potassium?

K (Kelvin)

97. What is Kentish Rag?


98. What does the term guerrilla warfare mean literally?

Little war

99. Where in Britain is the Land of Green Ginger?

It is a street in Hull

100. Bauxite is the main ore of which metal?


101. Which Prime Minister lived at The Hirsel near Coldstream?

Alec Douglas Home

102. Worn on the head, what is a chaplet?

Ornamental wreath of flowers or beads

103. What flavour is the Mexican Liqueur Kahlua?

Coffee flavoured

104. Tia Maria is another coffee flavoured liqueur. What does Tia mean in Spanish?


105. Made in 1940, which was Charlie Chaplin’s first true talking picture?

The Great Dictator

106. “Nessun Dorma” is an aria from an opera by which composer?

Giacomo Puccini

107. Who met Henry VIII at “The Field of the Cloth of Gold”?

François (Francis) Ist of France

108. Who was the first Englishman to be killed in a plane crash?

Charles Stewart Rolls (of Rolls Royce fame)

109. The 1915 hit song “Keep the Home Fires Burning” was written by which Welshman?

Ivor Novello

110. Whose law can be expressed as PxV = k?

Boyle's law

111. From where did the first regular British television broadcasts start transmission in London in 1936?

Alexandra Palace

112. What is the name of the range of hills in South Dakota in which the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is situated?

Black Hills

113. In the 1961 film, which guns did Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, David Niven and Anthony Quayle set out to demolish?

The Guns of Navarone

114. Luffing, tacking and gybing are all terms used in which sport?


115. Where in London does the Lutine Bell hang?

: Lloyds of London

116. What musical form might be described as Delta, or Chicago?


117. In 1781 astronomer William Herschel discovered the seventh major planet from the Sun. What was it?


118. Rioja is a wine produced in which country?


119. Which part of speech modifies or describes a verb?


120. In which British city is Tombland

It is by Norwich Cathedral

Sup 1: In which town in Normandy is the major tourist attraction a 23 foot long embroidery that dates from the eleventh century?


Sup 2: How many heads had the mythical dog Cerberus?


Sup 3: Who in 1940 were referred to by Churchill as "the few"?

The pilots/airmen in the Battle of Britain

Sup 4: hat term is used in law to refer to a wall which separates two adjoining properties and which belongs to the owners equally?

Party Wall (not common wall)

Sup 5: What word describes the result of multiplying two or more numbers together?


Sup 6: Epistaxis is the medical name for which common condition or complaint?


Tie Breaker

To the nearest second what was the record shortest time for the amputation of a leg by a Naval Surgeon in Nelson’s time.

1 minute 40 seconds


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