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3rd March–The Questions





As St David’s Day was celebrated this weekend here are some questions all about the land of leeks and daffodils

1. Who is the current First Minister of Wales?

A. Carwyn Jones (Full name required)

2. What is the national instrument of Wales

A. Harp

3. Which Welsh band is made up of James Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore?

A. The Manic Street Preachers

4. In which population centre is the National Library of Wales located

A. Aberystwyth

5. Which song is the National Anthem of Wales?

A. Land of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau)

6. What are new laws passed in Wales now officially called?

A. Assembly Bills

7. There are three National Parks In Wales, Snowdon and Brecon Beacons are two, name the third

A. The Pembrokeshire Coast

8. What is the name of the collection of tales set in a magical land that dates back over a thousand years?

A. The Mabinogion


1. Offa famously built his dyke, but which kingdom did he rule

A. Mercia

2. Which king built or repaired 17 castles in Wales between 1276 and 1295?

A. Edward I


1. How many laws are there in Association Football?

A. 17

2. In which year is William Webb Ellis credited with running with the ball in hand at Rugby School?

A. 1823 (accept 1818 – 1828)

3. Which European Country are the current Mens Volleyball World Champions?

A. Poland

4. The Golden Slipper Stakes, The Crown Oaks, and The Victoria Derby are horse races run in which country?

A. Australia

5. Which sport is featured in the film ‘The Big Lebowski’?

A. Ten Pin Bowling

6. In Lawn Bowls what is the alternative name for the ‘Jack’?

A. The Kitty

7. In Olympic Fencing the Foil and the Epee are two of the three types of sword used, what is the third?

A. The Sabre

8. At which Olympic Games (Year or City) was weightlifting introduced for Women?

A. Sydney, 2000


1. The Bangalore Warhawks and the Mumbai Gladiators play which sport in India?

A. American Football

2. Since 1972 which country has won most Gold Medals in which fielod sport at the Olympics?

A. Archery


1. Which event took place on Griffin Wharf in 1772?

A. The Boston Tea Party

2. In which year did Marie Antoinette walk to her death at the guillotine

A. 1793 (accept 1791 to 1795)

3. What were the waitresses called who worked in the English Lyons Cornerhouse Tea Rooms, popular in the first half of the 20th Century?

A. Nippies

4. Which London Emporium opened in Piccadilly in 1707

A. Fortum and Masons

5. In which military campaign did Lewis Halliday and Basil Guy win Victoria Crosses in 1900?

A. The Boxer Rebellion

6. Which Pope proclaimed the start of the First Crusade in 1095

A. Urban II

7. Who was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover?

A. Queen Victoria

8. Which disease caused the death of thousands of people in Glasgow in 1832

A. Cholera


1. Which Roman wall lies north of Hadrian’s Wall?

A. The Antonine Wall

2.  Robert Curthose was the son of which English King?

A. William the Conqueror


1. Which biological material has recently been found to be stronger than spider silk?

A. Limpet Teeth

2. Which British probe has been found intact on the surface of Mars after 11 years

A. Beagle 2

3. Which mineral lies at 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness

A. Gypsum

4. The Hamate Bone is found in which part of the body

A. Hand

5. Which physical science is defined as the study of the composition, structure, properties and changes of matter

A. Chemistry

6. In which decade of the 20th century were Steroids discovered

A. The 1930s

7. Which type of flower are featured in the Tropical Extravaganza exhibition currently being held at Kew Gardens

A. Orchids

8. Which animal has the Latin name Talpa Europaca

A. Mole


1. Name either of the two men attributed with the discovery of Calculus

A. Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz

2. Who is the only person to have won the Nobel Prize for Physics twice in 1956 and 1972

A. John Bardeen

Arts and Entertainment

1. Who plays the role of Kryten in the Sci-Fi comedy series Red Dwarf

A. Robert Llewellyn

2. Which country will enter the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time this year

A. Australia

3. Who sang the opening theme to Dad’s Army

A. Bud Flanagan

4. Who is the National Lottery’s ‘Voice of the Balls’

A. Alan Dedicote

5. Who wrote the 1834 poem ‘ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’

A. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

6. By what name was the character Colin Ball known as in Only Fools and Horses

A. Trigger

7. Who provided backing vocals and played guitar on the 1996 Oasis hit ‘Champagne Supernova’

A. Paul Weller

8. Who currently hosts the TV Show ‘Bargain Hunt’

A. Tim Wonnacott


1. Who are comedians Paul and Barry Elliot better known as

A. The Chuckle Brothers

2. Who played both Blackbeard in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the title role in the BBC series Lovejoy

A. Ian McShane

Numerically Speaking

1. A number one followed by one hundred zeroes is known by what name

A. Googol

2. How old was Buddy Holly when he died

A. 22

3. What number President is current incumbent Barrack Obama

A. 44

4. In what year was the original Playstation launched

A, 1994 (Accept 1993-1995)

5. In total how many times has an English club won Football’s European Cup/Champions League

A. 12 (Liverpool 5, Man Utd 3, Notts Forest 2, Aston Villa and Chelsea 1 each)

6. In which year was the Grand National abandoned after a false start, even though 30 horses simply carried on

A. 1993

7. How many millilitres make up the pint that you may be currently enjoying

A. 568 (Accept 553 – 583)

8. As of 18th March 2015 how much is a return bus fare from Macclesfield to Wilmslow

A. £5.00 (Accept £4.75 - £5.25)


1. At what number Cromwell Street did Fred and Rose West live

A. 25

2. How many letters make up the full name of the Welsh town Llanfair PG

A. 58

Geography – Squares

1. The town hall and The Council House lie on which square in Birmingham?

A. Victoria Square

2. Paternoster Square in London stands next to which famous religious building?

St Paul’s Cathedral

3. Parkers Place is the largest square (in area), but in which city is it

A. Cambridge

4. In which South American country is the Square of the Sunflower

A. Brazil

5. On which London Square does the American Embassy stand?

A. Grosvenor Square

6. The Royal Exchange Theatre lies on which Manchester Square

A. St Ann’s Square

7. Which square is named after the Patron saint of Venice

A. San Marco (St Mark)

8. Which Commonwealth country’s embassy lies on Trafalgar Square in London

A. Canada Disputed see blog


1. St Isaac’s Cathedral lies on which square in the same Russian city

A. St Petersberg

2. On which square would you find the Yvonne Fletcher memorial

St James Square


Religious Ranks: Each Answer involves a religious title

1. Which all girl group consists of Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and Natalie and Nicole Appleton

A. All Saints

2. What name is given to the Martial arts weapon consists of 2 sticks connected by a short chain or rope

A. Nunchucks

3. Which English comedian, born in 1947, created the characters Basildon Bond and Cooperman

A. Russ Abbott

4. Which American TV Detective was played by Tom Shalloub

A. Adrian Monk

5. D.W. Griffin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbank and which other film star founded United Artists Film Studio in 1919

A. Charlie Chaplin

6. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and who made up the original lineup of the rock band Queen

A. John Deacon

7. Which TV programme is located on Craggy Island

A. Father Ted

8. Which cricketer became the first English wicketkeeper to hit a century on his international debut hitting 126 against the West Indies in 2007

A. Matt Prior


1. By what name is Argentinain Jorge Mario Bergoggio currently known

A. Pope Francis

2. Which long standing Coronation Street character is played by Eileen Derbyshire

A. Emily Bishop


Set by the Waters Green Lemmings


Q1: Which snooker player has been runner up in the World Championship most times?

A1: Jimmy White (6 times)

Q2: Knots Landing was a spin-off from which other US TV show?

A2: Dallas

Q3: Which UK mountain’s name means “Eagle Top”?

A3: Snowdon

Q4: In which decade was Morse code first used?

A4: 1840s (1844)

Q5: What is the name of the NASA spacecraft currently rendezvousing with the dwarf planet Ceres?

A5. Dawn

Q6: Marty Pellow rose to fame as the lead singer of which 90’s pop group?

A6: Wet Wet Wet

Q7: Which country offered its throne in the 1920s to English polymath C.B Fry?

A7: Albania

Q8: In which museum would you find the Venus de Milo?

A8: The Louvre

Q9: Which plant provides the raw material for linen?

A9: Flax

Q10: Which West Country football club is known as The Glovers?

A10: Yeovil Town

Q11: Dying in 1986, who was the comedy partner of Les Dennis?

A11: Dustin Gee.

Q12: In which English county is Milton Keynes?

A12: Buckinghamshire

Q13: Which Roman emperor was known as “Little Boots”?

A13: Caligula

Q14: What is a baby shark called?

A14: A pup

Q15: With which group does Stephen Morris currently play drums?

A.15 New Order

Q16: Which constituency was once represented in Parliament by Giles Brandreth?

A16: Chester

Q17: Which author wrote the novel American Psycho?

A17: Bret Easton Ellis

Q18: Of which city was Justin Welby the bishop immediately before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury?

A18: Durham

Q19: In which year’s soccer World Cup was the Hand of God incident?

A19: 1986

Q20: Which form of transport features on the cover of ABBA’s 1976 album Arrival?

A20: A helicopter

Q21: Into which sea does the river Danube empty?

A21: The Black Sea

Q22: Which country was expelled from the League of Nations in 1939 for attacking Finland?

A22: Russia

Q23: In electronics, what does a diode do?

A23: Only allows electricity to flow one way (do not accept “emits light”).

Q24: Which of Schubert’s symphonies was left unfinished?

A24: 8th

Q25: How many US presidents died in office during the 20th century?

A25: 4 (McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt, Kennedy)

Q26: What did the poet Milton lose then regain?

A26: Paradise (Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained)

Q27: What is a clown’s motley?

A27: His/her costume

Q28: In snooker, how many times is the pink pocketed to complete a 147 break?

A28: once

Q29: Which successful video game series contains titles such as Vice City and San Andreas?

A.29 Grand Theft Auto

Q30: Between which two countries does the Denmark Strait lie?

A30: Greenland and Iceland.

Q31: Which Home Secretary and later Prime Minister introduced Premium Bonds?

A31: Harold McMillan

Q32: What colour is the food additive Tartrazine?

A32: Yellow

Q33: Who in 1910 composed The Girl With The Flaxen Hair?

A33: Claude Debussy

Q34: Which band had a hit in 1979 with Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

A.343 Queen

Q35: Who became president of South Africa in 2009?

A35: Jacob Zuma

Q36: Who painted The Syndics of the Drapers' Guild in 1662?

A36: Rembrandt

Q37: What type of clothing is a “Sam Brown”?

A37: A Belt

Q38: How many times has Germany (West and reunified) won the soccer World Cup?

A38: 4 times (3 times as West Germany, once as Germany)

Q39: In the cartoon strip Peanuts, what was the name of Charlie Brown’s sister?

A39: Sally (Lucy was his friend, who took away the football when he tried to kick it)

Q40: Which US state has the motto “North to the future”?

A40: Alaska

Q41: How did the philosopher Socrates die?

A41: He drank poison (hemlock)

Q42: How much does a cubic metre of water weight?

A.42 A metric tonne (1,000Kg)

Q43: Who wrote Roxy Music’s 1981 hit “Jealous Guy”?

A43: John Lennon

Q44: What is the name of the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier?

A44: HMS Queen Elizabeth

Q45: In art, who made a diamond-encrusted skull called “For the Love of God”?

A45: Damien Hirst

Q46: Two books of the Bible are named after women. Ruth is one, but what is the other?

A46: Esther

Q47: For which F1 team was Jules Bianchi racing when he suffered a bad crash at Suzuka in October 2014?

A47: Marussia

Q48: In the Dad’s Army theme, at what time does Mr Brown go off to town?

A48: 8:21 (“Mr Brown goes off to town on the 8:21”)

Q49: What is the name of the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland?

A49: The Solent

Q50: The Gunpowder Plot was mounted against which UK monarch?

A50: James I of England. (5th November 1605)

Q51: Which element is common to brass and bronze?

A51: Copper (brass is copper + zinc, bronze is copper + tin)

Q52: Which Beatle leads the way on the cover of Abbey Road?

A52: John Lennon

Q53: Which political movement was once called the Shrieking Sisterhood?

A53: The Suffragettes

Q54: Who was the leader of the Surrealist movement?

A54: Andre Breton

Q55: What is the first day of Holy Week?

A55: Palm Sunday

Q56: Which tennis player received an OBE at Buckingham Palace in October 2013?

A56: Andy Murray

Q57: Michelle Dotrice played the long-suffering wife of which 70s sitcom character?

A57: Frank Spencer

Q58: What is the capital city of Pakistan?

A58: Islamabad

Q59: After WWI, to which country was Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm exiled?

A59: the Netherlands

Q60: In which time zone does Iceland reside?

A60: GMT (UK time, in other words)

Q61: Ralph Hutter and Florian Schneider are founder members of which influential German pop group?

A61: Kraftwerk

Q62: Who was the last UK Prime Minister to sport a moustache while in office?

A62: Harold McMillan

Q63: Which event does he film Tora, Tora, Tora depict?

A63: The bombing of Pearl Harbour

Q64: In Chinese cooking, what is char siu?

A64: Roast or barbecued pork

Q65. How long is a game of college or professional American Football?

A.65 60 minutes (4 x 15 minute quarters)

Q66: Who was the original host of Have I Got News For You?

A66: Angus Deaton

Q67: Which river flows through Oxford?

A67: The Isis (not the Thames)

Q68: In which century did the Peasant’s Revolt take place?

A68: 14th (1381)

Q69: Of what is Tux the penguin the mascot?

A69: The Linux operating system

Q70: Which Scorpions song, linked with the fall of the Berlin Wall, mentions Gorky Park?

A70: Winds of Change

Q71: Which constituency was represented in Parliament by broadcaster Martin Bell?

A71: Tatton

Q72: In the film Casablanca, who plays Captain Louis Renault?

A72: Claude Rains

Q73: In 1978, which ship became a branch of the Imperial War Museum?

A73: HMS Belfast

Q74: In which city did Roger Bannister run the first four-minute mile in 1954?

A74: Oxford

Q75: Which animal rights activist wrote the sitcom Butterflies?

A75: Carla Lane

Q76: At which London station is there a statue of John Betjeman?

A76: St Pancras

Q77: In which century did the Roman Emperor Hadrian build his eponymous wall?

A77: 2nd century CE (begun in 122 CE)

Q78: In which field of study did Bollington’s James Chadwick win a Nobel Prize in 1935?

A78: Physics (for the discovery of the neutron)

Q79: Who is the curmudgeonly lead singer of the legendary Manchester rock band The Fall?

A79: Mark E Smith

Q80: In politics, what was once described as “Balfours Poodle”?

Q80: The House of Lords

Q81: In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which partygoer fell asleep?

A81: The Dormouse

Q82: Which UK place name links a sofa and a church spire?

A82: Chesterfield

Q83: Which famous race is held on the Snaefell Mountain Course?

A83: Isle of Man TT (accept Manx Grand Prix)

Q84: Who was Marilyn Monroe’s third husband?

A84: Arthur Miller (James Dougherty was first, Joe DiMaggio was second)

Q85: In which Italian region is Turin?

A85: Piedmont

Q86: In the 1940s, which four-letter word was removed from the Hollywood sign?

A86: LAND (It was originally a residential development called Hollywoodland)

Q87: In which science did Margaret Thatcher graduate from university?

A87: Chemistry

Q88: In Holst’s The Planets, which planet is the magician?

A88: Uranus

Q89: Prior to David Cameron, which Prime Minister was the last to lead a coalition government?

A89: Winston Churchill

Q90: In children’s literature, who is the sister of Rose Red?

A90: Snow White

Q91: With which fruit is the drink Cointreau flavoured?

A91: Orange

Q92: At which F1 Grand Prix circuit would you find a corner called Parabolica?

A92: Monza (accept Italy)

Q93: In the TV series Twin Peaks, whose murder was being investigated?

A93: Laura Palmer

Q94: In which country of the British Isles would you find Macgillycuddy’s Reeks?

A.94 Republic of Ireland (County Kerry)

Q95: Who was the last Norman king of England?

A95: Stephen

Q96: How is the travel complaint circadian dysrhythmia better known?

A96: Jet lag

S1: In which year did BBC2 begin broadcasting?

S1: 1964

S2: Which Nobel Prize was first awarded in 1969?

S2: Economics

S3: What is the name of the blood vessels that link arteries to veins?

S3: Capillaries

S4: Which animals suffer from scrapie?

S4: Sheep and goats

S5: Galvanised steel is coated with which metal?

S5: Zinc

S6: Which company built the Spitfire fighter plane?

S6: Supermarine

S7: In American literature, who was Becky Thatcher’s reluctant boyfriend?

S7: Tom Sawyer

S8: What does the nautical term “avast” mean?

S8: Stop


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