Wednesday, February 18, 2015

17th Feb–Cup/Plate Semi Finals’ Questions


Questions set and vetted by Ox-Fford C and Church House Bollington

1. Q Stan and Francine Smith are the central characters in which American animated TV series?
A American Dad

2. Q In The Simpsons, how is Herschel Krostowsky better known?
A Krusty the Clown

3. Q What is the first book in the bible that’s named after a person?
A Joshua

4. Q In Norse mythology, who was the brother of Thor and the god of mischief?
A Loki

5. Q Whose first play in nine years, entitled The Hard Problem, recently opened at the National Theatre?
A Tom Stoppard

6. Q Whose new album Shadows in the Night consists of songs made famous by Frank Sinatra?
A Bob Dylan

7. Q Born in Russia in 1877 and moving to America to work in films, who introduced the first cosmetics to be sold to the general public?
A Max Factor

8. Q Which UK retailer sells the 'Florence and Fred' range of clothing?
A Tesco

9. Q In which UK city is the Odyssey Arena?
A Belfast

10. Q Albuquerque is the largest city in which US state?
A New Mexico

11. Q In which country is the UNESCO world heritage site known as the Nazca lines - a number of ancient geoglyphs in the desert, which can only be properly seen from the air?
A Peru

12. Q Which modern country coincides approximately with the area known in ancient history as Mesopotamia?
A Iraq

13. Q Which controversial politician was the running mate of John McCain in the 2008 US presidential election?
A Sarah Palin

14. Q Which black civil rights leader contested the Democratic nomination for the US presidential elections of 1984 and 1988?
A Jesse Jackson

15. Q Which recording artist and Mercury prize winner has the real name Niomi (sic) McLean-Daley?
A Ms Dynamite

16. Q By what stage name is the American pop singer Alicia Beth Moore better known?
A Pink

17. Q What do Ken Barlow, Don Johnson, Paul Hogan and Elizabeth Taylor have in common?
A They married the same person twice

18. Q Which Hollywood superstar has been married since 1991 to the actress and former model Kelly Preston?
A John Travolta

19. Q In which city is the Test cricket ground known as The Gabba?
A Brisbane

20. Q Who was the first woman, in 1962, to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?
A Anita Lonsbrough

21. Q Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell were three-quarters of the original line-up of which British pop group?
A Slade

22. Q Whose only UK Top 20 hit was the soul classic Rescue Me?
A Fontella Bass

23. Q What is the main ingredient of hummus?
A Chick peas

24. Q What is the main ingredient of satay sauce?
A Peanuts

25. Q The enzyme ptyalin is instrumental in which bodily function?
A Digestion

26. Q Where in the human body are the alveoli?
A The lungs

27. Q Who wrote the children’s novels Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little?
A E B White

28. Q Who wrote the modern classic children’s story Where the Wild Things Are?
A Maurice Sendak

29. Q Which type of duck has the same name as a James Bond film?
A Goldeneye

30. Q Which flowering shrub has a name that's derived from the Greek for ‘rose tree’?
A Rhododendron

31. Q Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell succeeded in climbing which vertical rock face in the USA last month?
A El Capitan

32. Q Which country joined the Eurozone on January 1st 2015?
A Lithuania

33. Q Give a year in the life of the physicist Daniel Fahrenheit.
A 1686-1736

34. Q Which scientist, often known as the father of chemistry, was guillotined during the French revolution?
A Antoine Lavoisier

35. Q In which country was the singer Katie Melua born?
A Georgia

36. Q The writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez died in April 2014 in Mexico City, but in which country was he born?
A Colombia

37. Q What is the highest point in the Peak District National Park?
A Kinder Scout

38. Q Yes Tor is the highest point in which UK National Park?
A Dartmoor

39. Q His name preserved in a common pub name, who led the British fleet against the French at the 1782 Battle of the Saints?
A Admiral Rodney

40. Q The Treaty of Utrecht helped to bring which conflict to an end?
A The War of the Spanish Succession

41. Q Having overtaken Marks & Spencer, what is now the UK's largest clothing retailer?
A Next

42. Q Paul Allen was a co-founder of which major company in 1975?
A Microsoft

43. Q Which institution has the motto ‘My word is my bond’?
A The London Stock Exchange

44. Q Which museum can be found on Great Russell Street in London?
A The British Museum

45. Q Which commonly used Latin phrase means ‘at first sight’?
A Prima facie

46. Q Commonly used in English to mean excessive sentimentality, what does the word schmaltz literally mean in German?
A Rendered chicken or goose fat (accept fat or dripping)

47. Q What surname was common to the victims of assassinations in 1948, 1984 and 1991?
A Gandhi

48. Q Who was the longest serving UK prime minister of the 20th century?
A Margaret Thatcher

49. Q Banjul is the capital of which African country?
A Gambia

50. Q What is the most populous city in Morocco?
A Casablanca

51. Q In the Tour de France, which rider wears a white jersey with red polka dots?
A The King of the Mountains

52. Q Which Filipino boxer is the only person to have won world titles in eight different divisions?
A Manny Pacquiao

53. Q For which 1956 film did Yul Brynner win his only Oscar?
A The King and I

54. Q For which 1994 film did Cher win an Oscar?
A Moonstruck

55. Q Of which African country has Goodluck Jonathan been President since 2010?
A Nigeria

56. Q Who is currently president of the Football Association?
A The Duke of Cambridge (accept Prince William)

57. Q In the Shakespeare play, which king is murdered by Macbeth?
A Duncan

58. Q Which 19th century novel was subtitled The Modern Prometheus?
A Frankenstein

59. Q What's the largest town on the Hebridean island of Lewis, and the administrative centre of the Western Isles?
A Stornoway

60. Q San Antonio is the party capital of which Mediterranean island?
A Ibiza

61. Q Selling for $300m, a painting by which artist recently became the most expensive work of art ever sold?
A Paul Gauguin

62. Q Which Small Faces 1967 hit was covered in 1995 by M People?
A Itchycoo Park

63. Q In which state does the American football team Green Bay Packers play its home games?
A Wisconsin

64. Q What is the southernmost point of Africa?

A Cape Agulhas

65. Q In which town do Ross County play football?

A. Dingwall

66. Q Who is the Secretary of State at DEFRA?

A. Elizabeth Truss

67. Q Who is the current US Vice President?

A. Joe Biden

68. Recently elected (Jan 15), who is the Prime Minister of Greece?

A Alexis Tsipras

69. Q In which UK city is the National Space Centre?

A. Leicester

70. Q Which city is linked to Edinburgh by the M90 motorway?

A Perth

71 Q What is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra?

A. Mumbai (Bombay)

72. Q Which UK airport has the code CWL?

A. Cardiff

73 Q In which city is the Ponte Vecchio?

A. Florence

74. Q Born James Newell Osterberg in 1947, by what name is this rock musician better known?

A. Iggy Pop

75. Q In which film does Kenneth Williams utter the immortal line “Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me”?

A. Carry On Cleo

76. Q Which brand of condoms advertises with the slogan ‘The closest thing to wearing nothing’?

A. Mates

77. Q What is rugby union player Billy Twelvetrees nickname?

A. 36 (say his name in an Irish accent…)

78. Q What is footballer Fitz Hall’s nickname?

A. One size (one size Fitz Hall)

79. Q In “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”, in answer to the question ‘What is the definition of countryside’, Stephen Fry famously replied ‘The murder of…’ who?

A. Piers Morgan

80. Q Which 1972 film had the tagline ‘This is the weekend they didn’t play golf’?

A. Deliverance

81. Q Towel Day is celebrated every 25th May in celebration of which author? In his most famous work a towel was described as ‘the most massively useful thing you can have’.

A. Douglas Adams

82. Q On leaving office, President Clinton’s staff reportedly removed which key from the keypads of every White House computer ahead of the incoming administration?

A. W (as in George ‘Dubya’ Bush)

83. Q Why were the family names in the sitcom Gavin and Stacey controversial?

A. They were named after serial killers (Gavin Shipman and Stacey West)

84. Q Scrummies are the rugby equivalent of what in football?

A. Wags

85. Q In 1967, Tony Benn justified the extra ‘e’ placed in which word by stating that it stood for ‘excellence, England, Europe and entente’?

A. Concorde

86. Q What was the name of Peggy’s never-seen boss in the TV show Hi-de-Hi?

A. Miss Cathcart

87. Q In March 2014, the Supreme Court refused Cadbury’s application to appeal against a decision denying its right to trademark what?

The colour purple (or at least, the specific shade used on their wrappers)

88. Which British comedy act features Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding?

A. The Mighty Boosh

89. Q Which terrorist group’s name translates into English as “Western education is forbidden”??

A. Boco Haran

90. Q Of all the EU member states, which has the longest coastline? A. Greece

91. Q Which band’s first drummer died in a bizarre gardening accident?

A Spinal Tap

92 Q In which novel does a character called O’Brien claim: ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face – forever’?.

A. Nineteen Eighty-Four

93. Q From which Italian football club did Chelsea buy Colombian forward Juan Cuadrado during the January transfer window?

A. Fiorentina

94. Q Belmopan is the capital city of which Central American country?

A. Belize

95. Q In which year was the Grand National abandoned after two false starts?

A. 1993

96. Q Who was the only Austrian male player to have been ranked number one in the world in tennis?

A. Thomas Muster

97. Q Recently honoured at the BAFTAs, who directed the famous TV drama Abigail’s Party

A. Mike Leigh

98. Q Which actress played hotel worker Polly Sherman in Fawlty Towers?

A. Connie Booth

99. Q Dido & Aeneas is the only opera by which 17th century English composer, who was organist at both Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal?

A Henry Purcell

100. Q Which popular phrase stems from Prime Minister Arthur Balfour's relationship to Prime Minister Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil, third Marquess of Salisbury?

A. “Bob’s Your Uncle”

101. Q The following words come from which famous song of 1979:  "Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust"?

A. London Calling (The Clash)

102 Q In which cartoon show would you see the Army Surplus Special pitted against, among others, The Arkansas Chuggabug and the Compact Pussycat?

A. Wacky Races

103 Q In which country is Changi airport?

A. Singapore

104 Q The highest vertebra in the human spinal column which lies directly under the skull is named after which mythological character?

A. Atlas

105. Q In which Stephen King novel was the title character a red 1958 Plymouth Fury?

A. Christine

106. Q Which annual event was first held in 1956 at the Teatro Kursaal in Lugano, Switzerland?

A. The Eurovision Song Contest

107. Q In which English county are St Cuthbert’s Head and Thirlwall Castle?

A. Northumberland

108. Q Recently involved in a controversy for a foul-mouthed tirade at her fiancé’s opponent, what is the name of Andy Murray’s girlfriend??

A. Kim Sears

109. Q Phil Tufnell was the first contestant eliminated from which show this year?

A. The Jump

110 Q Which TV show was set in County General Hospital, Chicago?

A. E.R.

111. Q Which website is advertised on TV by a robot named Brian?


112. Q Who collaborated with Mark Ronson on the number one single, Uptown Funk?

A. Bruno Mars

113. Q “The Queen’s Orang Utan” is a children’s book written to raise money for Comic Relief by which comedian?

A David Walliams

114. Q Which city’s airport is the hub for Lufthansa?

A. Frankfurt

115. In which sport would the Leicester Riders face Durham Wildcats?

A. Basketball

116 Q Which film won the award for Best Film at the recent 2015 BAFTA awards?

A. Boyhood

117. Q Specifically, which item of clothing can be Boot Cut or Drop Crotch Carrot Fit?

A. Jeans

118. Q David Ruffin was the lead singer of which Motown group?

A. The Temptations

119. Q Give the full name of the historical figure who was nicknamed Tumbledown Dick

A. Richard Cromwell

120. Q Between 1642 and 1646, which city was the headquarters of the Royalists in the English Civil War after King Charles I fled from London?

A. Oxford


121. Q Which team did the New England Patriots defeat to win this year’s Superbowl?

A. Seattle Seahawks

122. Q: By what name is the food colouring E120 better known?

A. Cochineal

123. The road runner is the official state bird of which American state?

A. New Mexico

124. Of what is basophobia the fear?

A. Walking / Standing up

125. Which comedian invented the character Sir Les Patterson?

A. Barry Humphries


In the year 2000 the Mini Cooper finally ceased production. How many Mini Coopers were produced since the first one rolled off the production line in 1961?

A. 5,387,682


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q.54 Should read 1988 NOT 1994.

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