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20th October–The Questions


Sorry the layout is a bit ragged – there are problems  converting from Excel and I’d still be doing it when next week’s questions are due to be published

Specialist Questions

Set by : Ox-fford

Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell died recently, he is best known for his novels featuring which policeman?

Kurt Wallander

Which magician recently embarked on a UK tour entitled "Seeing Is Believing"?


After 62 years, which magazine has announced it will no longer publish pictures of totally nude females because the internet has made them outdated?


After 13 years, Stephen Fry has announced he will step down as the host of the BBC panel show QI. Who will replace him?

Sandi Toksvig

The original cast reunited in October 2015 to celebrate 30 years of which West End musical?

Les Miserables

Waterstones have removed which products from their shelves and replaced them with books, due to declining sales?

E-Readers accept Kindles etc.)

Edward Snowden recently revealed that GCHQ have a suite of tools for spying on mobile phones - they are named after which diminutive blue characters?


Who is the star of the recently released Ridley Scott film, The Martian?

Matt Damon

Who is the former Chelsea football club doctor who left her job alleging that she was subject to derogatory remarks by manager Jose Mourinho?

Eva Carneiro


Hugh Scully, who died recently, was the host of which TV show between 1981 and 2000?

Antiques Roadshow



Which Welsh river flows into the Bristol Channel at Newport?



Which is the largest loch in Scotland by surface area?

Loch Lomond


St. Margaret's Loch and Samson's Ribs are found in which Scottish city?



Which main motorway passes close to Newport, Cardiff and Swansea?



Which British city claims to have more canals than Venice?



In which city is the Ashmolean Museum, the oldest public museum in Britain?



Which country’s capital city lies on the Yamuna River? (NB – country required, not the city)

India (Old and New Delhi lie on the Yamuna)


Which country consists of over 7,000 islands, the largest of which are Luzon and Mindanao?

The Philippines


Belmopan is the capital city of which country?



Swaziland is almost completely surrounded by which other country?

South Africa


Red and royal are two types of which fish?



In a flowering plant, what is the sticky surface that receives pollen known as?



Which poisonous plant was once thought to have a root which resembled a human form and which shrieked when plucked?



Which British physicist developed three laws of motion?

Isaac Newton


What 'J' is a berry which provides the flavouring for gin?



Which branch of medicine is concerned with children's diseases?



Of what are Pascals a unit of measure?



Elvers are the young of which fish?



What name is given to the system of healing developed by Dr Andrew Still, involving the manipulation of bones in the body?



What name is given to the study and use of frequencies above the limits of human hearing?




Which children's author, who died in 1968, also used the Pen Name Mary Pollock?

Enid Blyton


Which actress played the title role in the 2000 film 'Erin Brockovich'?

Julia Roberts


Which musical show does the song 'The Music of the Night' come from?

Phantom of the Opera


Who wrote the horror story 'The Fall of the House of Usher'?

Edgar Allan Poe


Which British artist painted a controversially bleak portrait of the Queen to celebrate her Golden Jubilee in 2002?

Lucien Freud


In Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan”, where was there to be a “stately pleasure-dome”?



The title of which 1970’s BBC TV series, set around a taverna in Crete frequented by British expatriates, refers to travellers in Homer’s Odyssey, who ate a plant that made them forget their families and lose desire to go home?

The Lotus Eaters


In ‘The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, what company did Reggie work for?

Sunshine Desserts


What was horror writer Stephen King's first published novel?



In the title of a 1953 Kenneth More film, who or what was 'Genevieve'?

A Car


Which beer did Jack Dee advertise in a series of 1990s TV commercials?

John Smith's


What is the main constituent of a Pontefract Cake?



What is the Mediterranean term for cooked squid?



Which cocktail incorporating vodka and tomato juice was invented in 1920 by a Parisian bartender?

Bloody Mary


Carob is a substitute for which type of food?

Chocolate (it is a cocoa powder replacement)


What type of fruit is a Blenheim Orange?



What makes Pink Gin pink?

Angostura Bitters


Grenadine was originally made from water, sugar and the juice of which fruit?



The French word flambé means that food is served covered in what?



In 2005 Kerry Katona advertised what supermarket chain on TV?



Which French tennis player won her first and only Grand Slam title with a 6-1 6-4 victory over Sabine Lisicki in the 2013 Wimbledon Championships?

Marion Bartoli

For which club was Michel Platini playing when he won the European Footballer of the Year award in 1983?


How many players are there in a Water Polo team?


In October 2011, who became the first British woman to win a major boxing title with victory over Frenchwoman Sarah Ourahmoune at the European championships?

Nicola Adams

During the Olympic games, which item is usually thrown the furthest in order for a man to win a gold medal?


Which prestigious horse racing event is held annually on the first Tuesday in November?

Melbourne Cup

Which rugby league team plays its home games at a ground on Wheldon Road, which is called 'The Jungle' by its fans?

Castleford Tigers

In February 2006, Annika Sorenstam was declared the first ever world ranked number one woman in which sport?


What score did Donald Bradman make in his final-ever Test innings?

0 (Zero)

Ian Botham played for three County cricket teams. Somerset was one of them; name either of the other two.

Durham or Worcestershire



The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift to the United States from the people of which country?



Which Lord led the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade?

Lord Cardigan


Anne Boleyn was the mother of which English monarch?

Elizabeth I (the First)


The foundation stone to which famous current London building was laid on the 21st of June 1675?

St Paul's Cathedral


Of which country did Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the world's first female Prime Minister in 1960?

Sri Lanka (Ceylon, as was)


Which U.S. General was in charge of Allied Forces for the D-Day Landings?



In 1738, John and Charles Wesley founded which movement in Britain?



In 2013, historians staged a mock trial in a bid to settle competing claims for the location of which Italian river that Julius Caesar crossed with his army in 49 BC leading to war, uttering the phrase, "The die is cast"?

The Rubicon


Which French king was overthrown during the French Revolution in 1789?

Louis XVI (Sixteenth)


Which grave-robbing Edinburgh duo supplied dead bodies to the anatomist Dr. Robert Knox?

Burke and Hare

Macclesfield Quiz League

General Knowledge Questions - 20/10/2015

Set by : Ox-fford

1 In which mountain range are the Blue Ridge Mountains? The Appalachians

2 Only two actors have won the Oscar for best actor in

consecutive years. Tom Hanks in 1994 and 1995. Who was

the other?

Spencer Tracy

(1938 – Captains Courageous and 1939 - Boys Town)

3 In which Shakespeare play does the character Malvolio


Twelfth Night

4 Used in church Advent services, a Christingle is made using

which fruit?


5 In 1297, two people were made "Guardians of Scotland".

Andrew Moray was one, who was the other?

William Wallace

6 In the Bible, Goliath was the champion of which tribe? The Philistines

7 In football, which city is home to Feyenoord? Rotterdam

8 What is a young hippopotamus called? A calf

9 What kind of animal is a speckled racer? A snake

10 Which mountain’s name translates into English as “Ogre”? The Eiger

11 Only two actresses have won the Oscar for best actress in

consecutive years. Luise Rainer in 1937 and 1938 (No, I've

never heard of her either…). Who was the other?

Katharine Hepburn

(1968 - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and 1969 - The Lion in Winter)

12 In which Shakespeare play does the character Lysander


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

13 Who first developed the laws of heredity after his research with


Gregor Mendel

14 Who was British Prime Minister at the time of the Suez Crisis? Sir Anthony Eden

15 In Greek mythology, who was the husband of Penelope? Odysseus

16 In football, which city is home to Juventus? Turin

17 Who won the Oscar for best actress at this year’s ceremony?

Julianne Moore (For “Still Alice”)

18 Which Greek island is historically associated with the Knights

of St John?


19 Specifically, what is the parasitic insect with the Latin name

Pediculus humanus capitis better known as?

Head Louse (do not accept just Louse)

20 In which 1951 film does Alec Guinness play bank clerk Henry

Holland, who carries out a plan to steal gold bullion?

The Lavender Hill Mob

21 Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand? The Tasman Sea

22 Which technology company, which now has its headquarters in

Redmond, Washington, was founded in Albuquerque, New

Mexico in 1975?


23 Who finished second in the Formula 1 Motor Racing World

Championship in 4 successive years from 1955 – 1958, and

never won the title?

Stirling Moss

24 Which is the largest island in the Caribbean? Cuba

25 Which city is served by George Bush Intercontinental airport? Houston, Texas

26 Who won the Oscar for best actor at this year’s ceremony?

Eddie Redmayne. (For “The Theory of Everything”)

27 Which island, belonging to Portugal, lies approximately 350

miles off the coast of Morocco?


28 In humans, Grave's Disease affects which part of the body?

Thyroid Gland (accept Thyroid)

29 The 1958 film, A Night to Remember , was about which

historical event?

The sinking of the Titanic

30 What is the name given to an underground layer of waterbearing permeable rock?


31 In what unit is the resolution of digital cameras measured? Megapixels

32 In Formula 1, at which circuit is the Italian Grand Prix held? Monza

33 The writer Zane Grey is best known for which genre of novel? Westerns

34 Who plays Walter White in the TV series Breaking Bad ? Bryan Cranston

35 In which Italian region would you find Florence? Tuscany

36 Which of Henry Vlll’s wives was known as the Flanders Mare? Anne of Cleves

37 In Greek mythology, what was the name of the nymph who fell

in love with Narcissus, but who was said to have pined away

when her love was not returned, leaving only her voice?


38 Which popular pastime is based on its Victorian equivalent

called “The Magic Square”?

Crossword Puzzle

39 In which County would you find Corfe Castle, Milton Abbey and the Cerne Giant?


40 What is “Varicella “ the correct name for? Chicken Pox

41 With which part of the body is a Trichologist concerned? Hair

42 Who wrote A Town Like Alice ? Nevil Shute

43 Who plays Saffy (full name Saffron Monsoon) in Absolutely

Fabulous ?

Julia Sawalha

44 In which geographical region of France would you find



45 Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner became President of which

South American country in December 2007?


46 In Greek mythology, who was punished for his selfaggrandisement by being compelled to roll an immense

boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down; repeating this

action for eternity.


47 Which British newspaper went tabloid on the 3rd of May 1971? Daily Mail

48 In which County would you find Beaulieu Motor Museum, HMS

Victory and the birthplace of Jane Austen?


49 Which 1970s TV character had a toad called Touchwood? Catweazle

50 What kind of creature is a Goldeneye? Duck

51 The poem ‘Funeral Blues’ by W H Auden is popularly known

by what name?

Stop All the Clocks

52 Which English Rugby Union team played their home games at

Adams Park?


53 Which US comedian, who lived to be 100, said "When I was a

young man, the Dead Sea was still alive"?

George Burns

54 Which Film Studio claimed to have "more stars than there are

in heaven"?


55 Which town in Virginia is home to the FBI Academy and US

Marine Corps Officer Training School?


56 Texas Hold ‘Em is a variation of which card game? Poker

57 With which athletics event is Jan Zelezny associated? Javelin

58 Which actor played the fifth TV Doctor Who? Peter Davison

59 What mythical creature is a lycanthrope? Werewolf

60 Who painted the Laughing Cavalier? Franz Hals

61 Where were the summer Olympic Games held in 1992? Barcelona

62 What was the name of the Orang-utan in the Clint Eastwood

film "Every Which Way But Loose"?


63 Which successful British film led Colin Welland to declare that

"The British are Coming"?

Chariots of Fire

64 By what name is the US Military academy in New York State

usually known?

West Point

65 Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which country? Canada

66 The Juilliard School of Performing Arts is located in which

American city?

New York

67 Which 1997 film starring Colin Firth tells the story of a football

fan's obsession with Arsenal F.C.?

Fever Pitch

68 In the 1970s, the slogan “made to make your mouth water”

was used to advertise which confectionary?

Opal Fruits

69 What does the letter ‘D’ stand for in RADAR?

Detection (Radio Detection and Ranging)

70 Which ex-astronaut became a senator for Ohio and made an

unsuccessful bid for the U.S. presidency in 1984?

John Glenn

71 In which war was the battle of Marston Moor? English Civil War (in 1644)

72 Which title was first established in 1688 when James II

bestowed it on John Dryden?

Poet Laureate

73 Who wrote, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we

practice to deceive"?

Sir Walter Scott

74 In which British city would you find Waverley Station? Edinburgh

75 For which book did Salman Rushdie win the Booker Prize in


Midnight's Children

76 What was the name of the British children's TV drama starring

Susan Tully and Todd Carty amongst many others?

Grange Hill

77 Which company sells ice cream flavours such as Karamel

Sutra, Cherry Garcia and Honey I'm Home?

Ben and Jerry's

78 How many years does it take the earth to complete one

revolution around the sun?


79 During World War II, which film studio produced wartime

cartoons for the U.S. government?


80 Which famous person is associated with Longstone


Grace Darling

81 Which British actor was born Krishna Bhanji in North Yorkshire

in 1943?

Ben Kingsley

82 Which murderer used the false name John Robinson whilst

trying to escape to Quebec with his mistress?

Dr Crippen

83 On which of the Great Lakes does Chicago lie? Lake Michigan

84 In George Orwell's '1984,' which ministry is responsible for


Ministry of Truth

85 Who took over from Jonathan Ross presenting 'Film 2010' in

September of that year?

Claudia Winkleman

86 Single malt scotch is normally made entirely from which grain? Barley

87 Which female, in 1991, became the first Briton in space? Helen Sharman

88 What name is shared by ships employed by Captain Cook and

Captain Scott as well as one of NASA’s Space Shuttles?


89 What name is given to a collective community in Israel that

was traditionally based on agriculture?


90 The 50th anniversary of whose murder was marked across the

world in November 2013?

John F. Kennedy

91 Which English playwright wrote a series of monologues for TV

entitled 'Talking Heads'?

Alan Bennett

92 The pirate Henry Morgan was appointed Deputy Governor of

which West Indian island in 1674?


93 What is the name of Sherlock Holmes' older brother? Mycroft

94 Dustin Hoffman won the best actor Oscar for his role in which

1988 movie?

Rain Man

95 A 'wiener schnitzel' is what kind of meat? Veal

96 Which metal is added to steel to make it into “stainless steel”? Chromium

Supplementary Questions

S1 Whose three-volume autobiography was called "Diary of a


Salvador Dali

S2 How old is a horse when it changes from a mare to a filly? 4 Years

S3 In Shakespeare's King Lear, the King has 3 daughters, Regan

is one, name either of the other two.

Goneril or Cordelia

S4 On which river is the Kariba Dam? Zambesi

S5 Name either of the two countries connected by the Brenner


Italy or Austria

S6 What is the name of the Hunter who never catches Bugs


Elmer Fudd


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