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February 7th Questions

Specialist Questions

Set by

The Plough Taverners

Rounds are:



Right Royal History

Geography - Cities


The Blues

Arts & Entertainment

A Bit On The Side



In this round you need to provide the title of a film, or book from the description given. All the titles are eponymous with respect, i.e. relate, to the character named in the question.

Example: 1860 novel in which Anne Catherick’s identity is switched with that of an heiress (Answer: The Woman In White).

Q1. 1976 film about ex US marine, Travis Bickle?

A1. Taxi Driver

Q2. 1987 Oscar winning biopic of Aisin-Gioro Puyi?

A2. The Last Emperor

Q3. 1963 book telling the story of loner Frederick Clegg and his criminal life after winning the football pools?

A3. The Collector

Q4. 1980 film about Julian Kaye – a male prostitute framed for murder?

A4. American Gigolo

Q5. 1976 film about the humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton and his search for water?

A5. The Man Who Fell To Earth

Q6. 1983 film following the fortunes of Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana?

A6. Scarface

Q7. 1998 film in which animal trainer Tom Booker helps a girl recover from a life threatening accident?

A7. The Horse Whisperer

Q8. 1969 book (& 1981 film) about Sarah Woodruff, a disgraced resident of Lyme Regis?

A8. The French Lieutenant’s Woman


SQ1. UK television documentary series fronted initially by Ruth Watson and latterly by Alex Polizzi?

SA1. The Hotel Inspector

SQ2. US television series about Robert McCall a former secret agent turned vigilante?

SA2. The Equalizer


Q1. Camogie is the female version of which “stick and ball” sport?

A1. Hurling

Q2. The highest average league home attendance in the world is for a team playing which sport?

A2. American Football (Dallas Cowboys Average 87,047 for season 2010-2011)

Q3. Who is the only Belgian to be in an FA Cup winning team?

A3. Vincent Kompany (Manchester City season 2010-2011)

Q4. For muslims, what is controversial about the timing of this year’s Summer Olympics?

A4. They occur during the fasting month of Ramadan

Q5. Kempton Park and Lingfield Park racecourses are in which English county?

A5. Surrey

Q6. In Yachting, how did the America’s Cup get it’s name?

A6. The trophy was (re)named after it’s first winner – the schooner America in 1851. (It had previously been known as The Royal Yacht Squadron’s One Hundred Guinea Cup).

Q7. In 2014 which nation will host the Winter Olympics for the first time?

A7. Russia (Host City of Sochi)

Q8. Which is the only founder member of the Football League (still in existence) that has never won the FA Cup?

A8. Stoke City


SQ1. Who was the last British tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title?

SA1. Virginia Wade (Wimbledon 1977)

SQ2. How many points are awarded for a try in Rugby League?

SA2. Four

Right Royal History

Q1. What service did John Dolland provide to King George III?

A1. He was his optician. (His company eventually became Dolland & Atchison recently purchased by Boots Opticians.)

Q2. Who was the youngest brother of Edward VIII and George VI who died in 1919 aged 13?

A2 Prince John

Q3 Besides being husband and wife, how were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert related?

A3 Cousins

Q4 Which Queen founded the chapel which evolved into St Michael’s Church in Macclesfield?

A4 Eleanor of Castile, (wife of Edward 1) on 25 January 1279

Q5 How is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall connected to Edward VII?

A5 Her grandmother was his mistress.

Q6 What relation was Kaiser Wilhelm II to Edward VII?

A6 His nephew

Q7 Where were Richard the Lionheart and King John born?

A7 Beaumont Palace, Oxford. (accept either)

Q8 In Scotland, the real King Macbeth (not Shakespeare’s character) 1040-1057 was a contemporary of which English King?

A8 Edward the Confessor


SQ1. During whose reign was England ruled temporarily by two regents, Hubert de Burgh and William the Marshal?

SA1 Henry III ( He was crowned King at the age of nine.)

SQ2 Edward IV fell out with his brother George, Duke of Clarence, who is then murdered. How is it supposed that he died?

SA2 In the Tower, drowned in a butt of malmsey wine.

Geography - Cities

In this round you will be given three clues from which to identify a city. Simply name the city.

Q1 South Rampart Street, Basin Street, Jackson Square.

A1 New Orleans

Q2 Chowpatty Beach, Dhobi Ghats, Taj Hotel.

A2 Mumbai or Bombay

Q3 Promenade des Anglais, Musée Matisse, Baie des Anges.

A3 Nice (France)

Q4 The Malecón, Hotel Nacional, Tropicana Nightclub

A4 Havana, Cuba

Q5 Copacabana, Ipanema, Sugar Loaf mountain

A5 Rio de Janeiro.

Q6 Nanjing Street, The Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

A6 Shanghai

Q7 Beale Street, Union Avenue, W C Handy Park.

A7 Memphis, Tennessee

Q8 Mulholland Drive., Kodak Theatre, Venice Beach

A8 Los Angeles


SQ1 Church of our Lady before Tyn, Charles Bridge, Hradcany Castle

SA1 Prague

SQ2 Unter den Linden, Potsdamer Plaz, Kurfurstendamm.

SA2 Berlin

Science Round

Q1. Which British inventor is credited with inventing the incandescent light bulb?

A1. Sir Joseph Swan

Q2. What common compound is responsible for giving Mars its red appearance?

A2. Rust (Accept Iron Oxide)

Q3. Metrology is the study of what?

A3. Measurement

Q4. Which chemist is credited with producing the first periodic table of elements in 1869?

A4. Dmitri Mendeleev

Q5. Which element with atomic number 13 is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust?

A5. Aluminium (approximately 8.1%)

Q6. What was the nationality of the famous astronomer Edwin Hubble?

A6. American (ie USA citizen)

Q7. Give a year in the life of Gregor Mendel, the father of the science of genetics?

A7. 1822-1884

Q8. Which “ology” is the scientific study of caves?

A8. Speleology


S1. Which physicist is regarded as the founder of “quantum theory”?

S1. Max Planck

S2. The heart drug Digoxin is extracted from which plant?

S2. Foxglove (Accept Digitalis)

The Blues

In this round either the question or the answer have a reference to “blue”

Q1 How is the “Memphis Blues Boy” more commonly known?

A1 B. B. King

Q2 What did “Dolly Blue” do to your washing?

A2 It made it appear whiter.

Q3 Which country’s national football team are called Azzurri?

A3 Italy (azzurri – Italian for light blue)

Q4 How was the blues singer born Jamesetta Hawkins who died recently better known?

A4 Etta James

Q5 Which copying process was invented In 1861 by Alphonse Louis Poitevin?

A5 Blueprints

Q6 In publishing, a blue pencil is traditionally used by whom?

A6 Editors (or sub editors)

Q7 What did Josiah Wedgwood call the colour of his first kind of Jasperware?

A7 Portland Blue

Q8 What kind of blue is the colour of Ferric ferrocyanide first synthesised Diesbach around 1706?

A8 Prussian Blue


SQ1 How are the Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons of the Household Cavalry also known?

SA1 The Blues and Royals

SQ2 Who wrote and performed on what is probably the best selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue?

SA2 Miles Davis

Arts & Entertainment

Q1. Which author wrote The Foundation Series and developed three laws of robotics?

A1. Isaac Asimov

Q2. Which Roman poet, who was banished by Augustus, wrote The Metamorphoses?

A2 Ovid (Pubilus Ovidius Naso)

Q3. Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke were the founder members of which rock band?

A3 Free

Q4. Who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films?

A4 Mark Hamill

Q5. What was the name of Tintin’s dog?

A5 Snowy (or Milou in the French version)

Q6. Which London-born singer asked Da Ya Think I’m Sexy in 1978?

A6 Rod Stewart

Q7. Dashiell Hammett created which detective, who first appeared in The Maltese Falcon and was played on-screen by Humphrey Bogart?

A7 Sam Spade

Q8. Which actress was married to Humphrey Bogart from 1945 until his death?

A8 Lauren Bacall


SQ1. Dame Barbara Hepworth was a noted 20th century British figure in which of the arts?

SA1 Sculpture

SQ2. Dermot Morgan played which eponymous television comedy character?

SA2 Father Ted

SQ3. Which sitcom was a spin-off from Man About the House?

SA3 George and Mildred

SQ4. Who played Fontaine Khaled in The Stud and the Bitch?

SA4 Joan Collins


You will be given the name and description of women in history who were mistresses – you just have to name their famous lovers.

Q1 The Polish Countess, Marie Walewski, was a blonde beauty with an outstanding presence that completely conquered the heart of one of the most powerful men in history. Maria was born into a wealthy noble family in Kiernozia.

A1 Napoleon Bonaparte

Q2 Frances Stevenson was born in London. She was educated at Clapham High School and Royal Holloway College, where she graduated with a Classics degree. She was hired as a governess for her future lover’s youngest daughter Megan when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

A2 David Lloyd George

Q3 Famous courtesan and outstanding personality, Madame de Pompadour, was intelligent, beautiful, and refined. She spent her younger childhood at the Ursuline convent in Poissy where she received a good education and was known as Reinette to her friends.

A3 King Louis XV of France

Q4 Eleanor "Nell" Gwynne was called "pretty, witty Nell" by Samuel Pepys, she has been regarded as a living embodiment of the spirit of Restoration England and has come to be considered a folk heroine, with a story echoing the rags-to-royalty tale of Cinderella.

A4 King Charles II

Q5 Emma, Lady Hamilton, was the muse of George Romney. She was born Amy Lyon in Ness near Neston, Cheshire, England, the daughter of a blacksmith, Henry Lyon, who died when she was two months old.

A5 Admiral Lord Nelson

Q6 Sara Keays is the former mistress and personal secretary of a British Conservative politician. Her public revelation of her pregnancy and of their twelve-year long affair, when she realised that her lover would neither marry her nor help her become an MP, led to his resignation.

A6 Cecil Parkinson

Q7 Before Ellen Ternan disappeared into her lover’s life and custody, she was highly visible: she had been an actress. She was the youngest of three sisters who were the third generation of theatre folk; her family had trouped with the great from the days of Mrs. Siddons.

A7 Charles Dickens

Q8. American waitress Jaimee Grubbs, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress, claimed she and her lover carried on a torrid 31-month affair - and that she has photos and 300 "racy" text messages to prove it.

A8 Golfer Tiger Woods


SQ1. Eva Anna Paula Braun was a longtime companion and, for less than 40 hours, a wife. Braun met her lover in Munich when she was 17 years old, while she was working as an assistant and model for his personal photographer.

SA1 Adolf Hitler

SQ2 Rosamund Clifford, often called "The Fair Rosamund", was famed for her beauty and was the daughter of the marcher Lord Walter de Clifford and his wife Margaret Isobel de Tosny.

SA2. King Henry II



1. Who is the Home Secretary?


2. Who is the Immigration Minister?


3. Where was HMS Royal Oak sunk?


4. Which was the first airline to use Boeing's 787 airliner? ALL NIPPON AIRLINES

5. Whose aircraft engines are named after rivers?


6. Who wrote A Clockwork Orange?


7. Which Dickens novel contains the line "The children of the very poor are not brought up, but dragged up"?


8. Which Dickens novel contains the line "Vices are sometimes only virtues carried to excess"?


9. Who was the last Viceroy of India?


10. Who was the last Emperor of India?


11. Calcium Carbonate is the main constituent of which rock?


12. Granite is a type of which rock?


13. Who conducted the 2011 Last Night of the Proms? EDWARD GARDNER

14. Who bought the chocolate firm Cadbury in 2010? KRAFT FOODS

15. Where are Rolls Royce cars made?


16. Which is the newest Oxford college; formed in 2008? GREEN TEMPLETON

17. Who is generally regarded as Britain's first Prime Minister?


18. Who succeeded Henry VIII?


19. Who produced the "Light Nancy" and the "Three Peaks" beers?


20. Where is the Bruce Arms in Macclesfield? CROMPTON ROAD

21. In which children's TV programme would you find Upsy Daisy?


22. In which children' TV programme was there a cleaning lady called Mrs Scrubbit?


23. TWANG, a Lionel Bart musical was about which hero?


24. Which musical film has characters called Nathan Detroit and Nicely Nicely?


25. Mother Carey's chicken is what type of bird?


26. What does a Buck Rarebit have that a Welsh Rarebit doesn't?


27. In which hotel was the Singapore Sling allegedly "invented"?


28. Who was the first Briton to walk in space?


29. Who made Number 1 with Spaceman?


30. Onto which road did a British Midlands plane crash in 1989?


31. Who referred to his wife as "She who must be obeyed"? RUMPOLE

32. Who referred to his wife as 'Er indoors"?


33. What is the title of the only surviving Mitford sister? Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire

34. What is the name of the Cheshire seat of the Duke of Westminster?


35. What was the name of Hoppalong Cassidy's horse? TOPPER

36. What was the name of the track used for horse races in Roman times called?


37. Stamps with the name Suomi come from which country? FINLAND

38. Stamps with the name Sverge come from which country?


39. In which group of Islands is Corfu?


40. Which canal joins the Adriatic with the Mediterranean?

CORINTH This is wrong – it connects the Aegean to the Gulf of Corinth

41. What was the title of the sixth Harry Potter book? HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE

42. What was the name of the bank in the Harry Potter books?


43. Where in the body would you find the sylvian fissure? THE BRAIN

44. Which organs of the body are affected by Bright's Disease?


45. In Enid Blyton Secret Seven Books, what is the name of the dog?


46. What was the name of Dennis the Menace's pet pig? RASHER

47. Cheyenne is the capital of which state in the USA? WYOMING

48. Annapolis is the capital of which state in the USA? MARYLAND

49. Who seduced Europa in the guise of a bull?


50. Who was the Roman Goddess of Wisdom?


51. Which word can mean a sailing vessel and a drinking glass?


52. Which word can mean a type of shoe and a poisonous snake?


53. In which country would you find the National Parks of Fundy and Jasper?


54. In which country are the Troodos mountains? CYPRUS

55. Which king had a horse called White Surrey? RICHARD III

56. Who succeeded Charles de Gaulle as president of France in 1969?


57. What is the main use for calcium nitrate? FERTILISER

58. Which acid is found in stinging nettles?


59. Who set Edith Sitwell's poem Facade, to music? WILLIAM WALTON

60. Who wrote the opera the Bartered Bride?


61. Which British hospital has the ability to stage a full athletics meeting?


62. In motor racing, what does a yellow flag indicate to the drivers?


63. Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey) in Dad's Army wrote the play The Ghost Train after being stranded at a railway station — what is the name of the station?


64. In the TV comedy The Vicar of Dibley who did the verger, Alice Tinker marry?


65. What is the Aborigine word for Ayer's Rock? ULURU

66. Which Derbyshire town is overlooked by Riber Castle?


67. On which Island was Napoleon born?


68. Who was the mother of Solomon?


69. Who was the sister of Moses?


70. What was the name of the ship whose crew were rescued by Grace Darling?


71. Which Samuel Becket play features a master who cannot stand up and a servant who cannot sit down?


72. Michaelangelo's statue of David is housed in which city?


73. What is the more common name for the skin complaint miliaria?


74. Rome is the capital city of which region of Italy? LAZIO

75. The Hunter Valley is a famous wine producing region in which country?


76. Robert Plant was the lead singer in which British rock band? LED ZEPPLIN

77. The British competitor Tommy Simpson was a leading name in which sport in the 1960's?


78. 0131 is the dialling code for which British city? BIRMIN GHAM This is incorrect, Birmingham is 0121 Edinburgh is 0131

79. James Moir is the real name of which comedian?


80. What is the name of the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?


81. Russia and which other country share a border with Estonia?


82. Which TV presenter founded the charity Childline in 1986?


83. John Balliol was the king of which country in the 13th century?


84. Who wrote the novel Middlemarch?


85. George Eliot was the pen name of which author? MARY ANN EVANS

86. Which Scottish monarch was killed at the Battle of Flodden in 1513?


87. The Zambesi river flows into which ocean


88. The phrase "Sewards Folly" refers to the U.S.A. 1867 purchase of which land?


89. In the human body the Pinna is a part of which sensory organ?


90. In the 1925 film The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin ate which item of clothing?


91. Fado is a type of melancholy folk music associated with which country?


92. In what year were tins of baked beans commercially introduced into the UK?


93. In which country is the Zandvoort motor racing circuit?


94. The pod of the carob tree is used as a substitute for which food?


95. Who was the manager of Celtic F.0 in 1967 when they became the first British club to win the European Cup?


96. If you were born on 11 November, what would your star sign be? SCORPIO


What year did Britain go fully decimal?

1971 (NO LEEWAY)

In which year were the Olympic Games first televised? 1936

What is the capital of Taiwan?


Which singer is known as the Queen of Soul?


What is the world's third most spoken language? HINDUSTANI

How was Ghana known before independence?



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