Sunday, November 20, 2011

15th November Questions


Specialist Questions set by The Dolphin


1. History Illustrated

2. Geography

3. Art and Entertainment

4. Science

5. Sport

6. Noah's Ark

7. In Memoriam

8. TV Comedy

Set by the Dolphin



You will be shown a picture, and then asked a question relating to it.

1. This famous photo, now thought to have been faked, shows a death in action in which conflict?

The Spanish Civil War. (1936-39).

2. This cartoon appeared in Punch in 1890, and is entitled "Dropping the Pilot". Who was the pilot in question?

Bismarck. (After his dismissal as Chancellor by Kaiser William II, shown looking over the side of the ship).

3. The painting shows a famous diplomatic meeting of the early 16th century between an English and a French king. What name is given to the venue?

The Field of the Cloth of Gold. (Artist unknown).

4. This painting, entitled 3rd May, 1808, shows French troops taking reprisals against a popular rising the previous day: in which city?

Madrid. (The artist is Goya).

5. This 1 1th century picture shows the Byzantine navy in action. What name is given he weapon being used?

Greek Fire

6. This daring surprise attack in the course of a mid-1 8th century battle resulted in the capture of which city?

Quebec. (The storming of the Heights of Abraham).

7. A British national hero is about to be assassinated in 1884; in which city?

Khartoum (General Gordon).

8. This revolutionary' journalist and self-styled ''Friend of the People" stayed longer in his bath than he intended. What was h:s name?



This violent assault by the authorities on a peaceful public meeting took place which city?

Manchester. (The Peterloo massacre, 1819).

10. 16-year-old John Maltravers Cornwall, known as "Boy" Cornwell is shown in action in the battle in which he lost his life but won the Victoria Cross; which battle?

A. Jutland, 1916.

Supplementary Q. Just for fun. Although he was a Londoner, Cornwell is commemorated in Chester Cathedral; why?

Because he served aboard HMS Chester.

In the Scout Movement, the exceptional award for great character and devotion to duty, combined with exceptional courage and endurance, is the Cornwell Badge.

For visually impaired contestants:

1. Where, in 1890, did the massacre take place that is generally regarded as the last
action in America's Indian Wars?

A. Wounded Knee South Dakota.

2. Who wrote the historical account of his own military exploits which begins as
follows: "The whole of Gaul is divided into three parts."?

A. Julius Caesar.



1. The ruins of Urquhart Castle overlook which body of water? Loch Ness.

2. At 449 ft high, and first climbed in 1966 by Chris Bonnington and others, what is he name of the famous sea stack in Orkney?

The Old Man of Hoy.

3. The city of Derby stands on which river?

The Derwent.

4. The Irrawaddy is the chief river of which country?


5. Which is the world's most southerly volcano?

Mt. Erebus.

6. Which Commonwealth country is divided administratively into three counties, Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey?


7. What is the capital of Kosovo? Pristine.

8. What is the capital of the recently independent state of South Sudan? Juba


On what river does the city of Leicester stand?


What is the largest county in Wales?



Arts and Entertainment

1. A cast of which sculpture by Rodin, on an historic subject, stands in Victoria Tower Gardens by the Houses of Parliament in Westminster?

The Burghers of Calais.

2. In Botticelli's famous painting, The Birth of Venus, on what is Venus standing?

A shell.

3. Who had a No 3 US hit in 1958 with Splish Splash

Bobby Darin.

4. Which Gilbert and Sullivan character made it his supreme object "to let the punishment fit the crime"?

The Mikado.

5. The saying "a plague on both your houses" has its origins in which Shakespeare play?

Romeo and Juliet.

6. The advice "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" was first given by a character in which Shakespeare play?


7. According to the new film Anonymous, who really wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare?

Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. (Accept name or title).

8. Who is the youngest person to win an Oscar?

Tatum O'Neal (for best supporting actress in Paper Moon, 1973). Supplementaries:

In Puccini's opera Tosco, what is Tosca's profession? ; Opera singer.

Which character created by Douglas Adams had an "Holistic Detective Agency"?

Dirk Gently.



1. Who is the only man to have held the world records for the 200 metres and the 400 metres simultaneously?

Michael Johnson.

2. In sporting terms what are Isis and Goldie?

Oxford and Cambridge reserve boat race crews.

3. In 1967 Denny Hulme became the only New Zealander so far to win which sporting world championship?

The Formula 1 World Championship.

4. The late Joe Frazier was beaten by only two boxers; one was Muhammed All, who was the other?

George Foreman.

5. Who as of 7th November is Britain's No 1 women's tennis player?

Elena Baltacha.

6. Who was the Captain of the England cricket team on the infamous "Bodyline" bur of Australia in 1932 -33?

Douglas Jardine.

7. Who are the 2011 winners of the American Football Superbowl?

Green Bay Packers (beating Pittsburgh Steelers 31 -25).

8. Who are the 2011 winners of the Major League Baseball World Series?

St. Louis Cardinals (beating the Texas Rangers 4-3).


Who won an Olympic boxing gold medal for Great Britain in the Middleweight Division in the 1968 Mexico Olympics?

Chris Finnegan.

Which English cricketer's career was ended in 1969 by a motor accident that cost him the sight in his left eye?

Colin Milburn.



1. What is the chemical name for saltpetre?

A. Potassium Nitrate.

2. In Physics what may be up, down, strange, charm, bottom or top?


3. What kind of creature is a loggerhead?

A turtle.

4. Aldebaran is the brightest star in which constellation?


5 What does a mycologist study?

A. Funghi.

6. What, precisely, does a coleopterist study?


7. Where in the body would you find the vitreous humour and the aqueous humour?
The eye.

8. Name either of the bones in the lower arm, between the elbow and the wrist.
A. Radius or ulna.


Which eminent scientist discovered the proton in 1911?
Ernest Rutherford.

What is the SI unit of electric current

The ampere.



Questions about animals in religion, myth and tradition.

1. The Hindu god Ganesh is normally portrayed with the head of which animal?

The elephant.

2. The ancient Egyptian god Horus is normally portrayed with the head of which bird?

3. In the Old Testament the prophet Balaam has difficulty dealing with which animal?


4. In the New Testament, which animals had a disastrous encounter with Jesus near the town of Gadara?

Pigs (The Gadarene swine).

5. In Celtic folklore, the Pooka is a type of spirit which usually takes the form of which animal?

A horse.

6. In Celtic folklore, the Silkie is a type of spirit which usually takes the form of which animal?

A seal.

7. In Greek mythology which bird is sacred to the goddess Athene?

The owl.

8. In Greek mythology what kind of animal is Cerberus?

A dog (albeit with three heads.


What animal form does the Hindu god Hanuman normally take?

A monkey (accept ape).

In Greek mythology, what form did Zeus take to seduce Leda?

A swan.



Everyone in this round has shuffled of this mortal coil since the last Quiz Season ended.

1. This Latin-American band leader, popular in the 1940s, '50s and '60s, sold over 3 million copies of his "Wedding Samba" in 1949. The future Queen Elizabeth first danced in public at his club, and he frequently played at Buckingham Palace, well as on the BBC.

Edmundo Ros.

2. This Scottish folk guitarist and singer/songwriter was a founding member of the group Pentangle. He won two lifetime achievement awards at the BBC Folk Awards.

Bert Jansch.

3. English aristocrat and cousin of the Queen, whose country seat is near Leeds. Heavily involved in the world of opera, he served as Director of the Royal Opera House, and chairman of English National Opera. He was also President of the Football Association from 1963- 1972, and of Leeds United until his death.

(George Lascelles) Earl of Harewood. Name or title is acceptable.

'4. Yorkshire novelist of the "Kitchen Sink" school, his best known work was A Kind of Loving.

Stan Barstow.

6. This American lyricist achieved fame as half of the song-writing duo with Mike Stoller, producing hits such as Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, and Stand by Me.

Jerry Leiber.

6. This controversial British painter, member of a family famous in many fields, was noted for his portrait and figure painting, including the nude Benefits Supervisor Sleeping and a controversial 2001 portrait of the Queen.

Lucien Freud.

7. This England cricketer played as a bowler in two Ashes winning Test series, but is possibly best remembered for his top test batting score of 56, supporting Ian Botham in the 1981 victory over the Australians at Headingly.

Graham Dilley.

8. American film director and recipient of an Honorary Oscar, his most famous films were Twelve Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network and the Verdict, for all of which he received Oscar nominations

Sidney Lumet



Set by the Dolphin

1. Recently in the news, what is the best-known product of the Canadian company Research in Motion?

The Blackberry.

2. During the Second World War, what was known as "Station X"?

The code-breaking centre at Bletchley Park.

3. Which rock band took their name from the Buddhist term for Enlightenment?


4. What term is used for the US equivalent of our postcode?

ZIP Code. (Zone Improvement Plan).

5. Which flag is flown when a merchant ship is about to leave port?

The Blue Peter.

6. Timothy White and Taylor was once a familiar name on the High Street. What was their business?

Chemists - pharmacy.

7. Who directed the 1968 film 2001: a Space Odyssey?

Stanley Kubrick.

8. The Order of Preachers, or Blackfriars, is a Catholic Religious order whose members are better known by what name, derived from their 13th century founder?



9. Which musical, which won 5 Tony awards when first produced in 1948, includes the songs "Brush up your Shakespeare", "I hate men" and "I've come to wive it wealthily in Padua"?

Kiss me Kate. (Based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew).

10. In Greek mythology, the musician Orpheus was uniquely permitted to go down into the Underworld and bring back his dead wife, Eurydice, on one condition; what was that?

That he didn't look back at her until they reached the upper world. Needless to :, say, he failed to fulfil the condition and lost her forever.

11. What is the name of Lord Grantham's butler in Downton Abbey? Carson.

12. Most of what we know of the philosopher Socrates comes from the writings of which of his followers?


13. Who is the hero of Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World?

Professor Challenger.

14. In Judaism, what is the Torah?

The body of Jewish law contained in the first five books of the Bible, traditionally written by Moses. Accept Jewish law, or the first five books of the Bible, but not The Old testament.

15. Which British birds could be short-eared, Little or Tawny?


16. In the nursery rhyme "Bye, Baby Bunting", what has Daddy gone to fetch?

A rabbit skin (to wrap the Baby Bunting in).


17. Which planet in the Solar System has the shortest day?

Jupiter (9.8 hours).

18. What is the capital of the Faroe Islands?


19. In Islam, how many days fasting are there in Ramadan?

30 (accept 29-31). It is a month.

20. Who composed the music for the film The Good, fhe Bad and the Ugly?

Ennio Morricone.

21. In a Private Eye comic strip, David Cameron is portrayed as which well-known children's comic character?

Lord Snooty.

22. What, according to the saying, butter no parsnips?

Fine words (accept fair words or soft words).

23. In the title of a novel and play, what is the secret identity of the foppish Sir Percy Blakeney?

The Scarlet Pimpernel.

24. Which African country's flag has at its centre a grey crowned crane? (ie the bird, not the lifting device!).

A. Uganda.


25. The following verse describes the climactic moment in which a brave young lad kills a terrifying monster:

"One, two! One, two! And through and through

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

He left it dead, and with its head

He went galumphing back.”

What is the monster's name?

The Jabberwock. (By Lewis Carroll). Accept Jabberwocky, the title of the poem.

26. Name either of the two famous operas based on plays by the 18th century French dramatist Beaumarchais.

The Barber of Seville, or The Marriage of Figaro.

27. Jack Straw and John Ball were leading figures in which major historical event of the late 14th century?

The Peasants' Revolt.

28. In the traditional dialect of the North West what is meant by skriking?


29. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee were among three women awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, From which country do they come?


30. Which planet in the Solar System has the longest day? Venus (243 days - longer than the Venusian year of 225 days).

31. What term is used by MPs to refer to the House of Lords, and by Lords to refer to the House of Commons?

The other place

32. From which French wine region does Beaujolais come?


33. The cathedral of which city is the largest Gothic church in Europe?

Koln (Cologne).

34 How did Tolstoy's heroine Anna Karenina die?

She threw herself under a train.

35. Which of the world's major cities was founded at the mouth of a river discovere by European explorers in the month of January?

A. Rio de Janeiro. (River of January in Portuguese).

36. Striding Edge is a notable feature of which Lake District mountain?


37. Who is the current Astronomer Royal?

Sir Martin Rees.

38. Which explorer founded the Royal Zoological Society and London Zoo in 1825?

Sir Stamford Raffles.

39. In which country, in 1920, was a drastic reform of the economy introduced under the title of the NEP, or New Economic Policy?

The Soviet Union. (Accept Russia).

40. What, according to the poet William Blake, "puts all Heaven in a rage"?

.A robin redbreast in a cage.


41. Which sport is central to the film This Sporting Life?

Rugby League.

42. Which comedian would you associate with the characters Fred Scuttle, Chow Mein and Herbert Fudge?

Benny Hill.

43. Which government minister was recently spotted disposing of departmental "papers and constituents' letters in a park waste bin?

Oliver Letwin.

44. Which British birds can be pied, grey or yellow?


45. Who said "When the President does it that means it is not illegal"?

Richard Nixon.

46. Which sport is central to the film The Colour of Money?


47. Name either of the two 18th century pioneers of the industrial revolution whose portraits appear on the reverse of the new £50 banknote.

Matthew Boulton and James Watt.

48. Julius Nyerere was the first president of which African country after independence?

Tanganyika; accept Tanzania.


49. Robert Louis Stevenson disappointed his father by refusing to follow his Grandfather, Father and two uncles in the family engineering business For the design and building of what type of structure are the Stevensons famous?


50. Astronomers who search for distant planets which might have the conditions for sustaining life use which traditional children's story to refer to such a planet?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (not too hot, not too cold, not too dry, not too wet. just right).

51. who wrote the classic Sci-fi novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Philip K.  Dick.

52. Complete this comment about France attributed to General de Gaulle: "How can you govern a country which has 246...."? "Varieties of cheese". (Accept cheeses).

53. The branch of the Franciscan order known as the Capuchin Friars take their name from which article of clothing?

The hood

54. Who was the last Norman king of England?

King Stephen

ing Stephen.

55. What name did Schubert's publisher give, after his death, to his last collection of songs?

Schwanengesang. Accept Swansong.

56. Which British MP claimed expenses for having his moat cleaned?

Douglas Hogg.


57. Invented by J. H. Atkinson in 1897, what is a Little Nipper?

mousetrap. (It slams shut in 38,000s of a second; no rival beats it!).

58. Vhich actor died during the filming of Gladiator in 1999?

Oliver Reed.

59. Lucy Lockett lost her pocket. Who found it?

Kitty Fisher.

60. The TV series The Darling Buds of May was based on the writing of which novelist?

H. E. Bates.

61. In which city is the United States Naval Academy located?

Annapolis, Maryland.

62.In Geology, what name is given to a rock which does not naturally belong where It is found, having been brought there by a glacier?


63. In the TV series M*A*S*H, what affectionate nickname does Hawkeye give to his tent?


64. The European Economic Area consists of the European Union plus three other states. Name one.

Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein.

65. Which Australian Prime Minister was lost at sea, presumed drowned, in 1967?

Harold Holt

66. Dogfish is sometimes sold in fish and chip shops – under what name?

Rock salmon

67. In a medical procedure, what is a cannula primarily used for?

Introducing liquids, eg drips, painkillers, etc. into the bloodstream, or drawing off liquid, eg blood.

68. In the later years of his life, what flowers did the artist Monet frequently paint?

Water lilies.

69. Where, or when, might you see Bailey's Beads?

At a total eclipse of the Sun.

70. Who wrote the classic Sci-fi novel Dune?

Frank Herbert.

71. Which catering company once ran a chain of restaurants called "Corner ' Houses"?

~ Lyons.

72. What is the stage name by which Marie McDonald Mclaughlin Lawrie is better known?


73. After the death of Roy Plomley in 1985, who took over as host of the radio \programme Desert island Discs?

Michael Parkinson.

74. By what title did the late Jimmy Saville habitually refer to his mother? s»


75. What must one have done to qualify for membership of the informal association known as the Caterpillar Club?

Successfully escaped from a disabled aircraft using a parachute.

76. In terms of TV drama, what sequence links the following actors: Brian Blessed, George Baker, John Hurt and Derek Jacobi?

They played the first four Roman emperors, respectively Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius in the BBC series /, Claudius.

77. With what philosophical movement would you associate the writer Jean-Paul Sartre?


78. hat is the name of the arch, built in 1912 and flanked by government offices, which provides pedestrian access from Trafalgar Square to the Mall?

Admiralty Arch.

79 What is used to make the Welsh delicacy Lava Bread?


80. The Canadian scientist Ralph M. Steinman, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine posthumously this year, for his work in which field of medical research?

The immune system. (For the experts, "the discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity").


81. Mark Zuckerberg founded which popular website?


82. As of 7th November, who is the current Attorney General?

Dominic Grieve.

83. Melting watches were a feature of the paintings of which artist? Salvador Dali.

84. Which company manufacture the Galaxy Tablet. Samsung.

85. In the traditional dialect of the north-west what is meant by flitting?

Moving house.

86. In a Private Eye comic strip, Ed Milliband is portrayed as which popular comic TV and film character?

Mr. Bean. (Mr. Millibean).

87. In Greek mythology, what name was given to the region of the Underworld where the souls of heroes ended up?

Elysium, or the Elysian Fields.

88. What was Station 2LO?

The BBC - its first call sign. (At that time it was the British Broadcasting Company).


89. Chianti comes from which Italian wine region?


90. What colour shares its name with a 19th century battle?

Magenta, Battle fought in 1859.

91. Proverbially, what is said not to exist among thieves?


92. What marks are painted on some sections of motorways to persuade motorists to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front?


93. Who won an Oscar for composing the music to the film Chariots of Fire?


94. The winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest represented which country? Azerbaijan.

95. The Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye are divided into two parts, differentiated by colour. One part is the Red Cuillins; what colour is the other?


96. Who is the presenter of the BBC Radio 4 series exploring the history of ideas, In Our Time?

A. Melvyn Bragg.


97. The skeleton of a shark is made not of bone but of what material?
A. Cartilage.

98. Which river provides the setting for Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness?
A. The Congo.

99. in the sitcom Bread what was the name of the central family, with brothers Joey,
Billy, Adrian and Jack?

A. The Boswells.

100. What does the W stand for in, the name of the English poet W. H. Auden?

101. In 1983, whom did Neil Kinnock defeat in the contest for the leadership of the
Labour Party?

A. Roy Hattersley.

102. Which company owns the Marmite brand?
A, Unilever.


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