Wednesday, February 01, 2012

31st January Cup and Plate Quarter Finals

Questions set by:-

Cock-A-2 (1 – 60)

Ox-fford (61-120)

1) At the Beijing Olympics there were two events open only to men. One was boxing, what was the other?


2) Which is the only US state to border Maine?


3) Name either of the creators of the internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia?


4) In the Book of Genesis, who is described as “a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time”?


5) In which decade of the 17th century was the Bank of England established?

1690s (1694 in fact)

6) The Securitate was the secret police service of which European country?


7) Which American humorist wrote “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses”?


8) Benjamin Britten’s composition A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is based on a tune by which composer?


9) The Mannerheim Line was a defensive structure erected by which country against an attack by the Soviet Union?


10) Established in 1866, which distillery draws its water from a spring in Lynchburg, Tennessee?


11) Used in the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, what Arabic term means “In the name of God”?


12) Which English king was deposed by his first cousin, who became Henry IV?


13) The ancient kingdom of Sheba, whose Queen visited Solomon, is part of which present day country?


14) Which African national football team is known as the “Super Eagles”?


15) Which British economist married the ballerina Lydia Lopokova in 1925?


16) Which word from the NATO alphabet appears in the title of a book by E M Forster?

INDIA (from A Passage to India)

17) On which holiday island is the resort of Porto Cervo and the Costa



18) The Ritz in London has not surprisingly recently been voted the nation’s top choice for afternoon tea, but where in Cheshire was voted in the top ten?

CREWE HALL (at number 8)

19) Who organised the Irish Parliamentary Party, said to be the first professionally organised political party, in 1882?


20) The Alliance and Leicester Bank is now part of which banking group?


21) In what month will the Spring Bank Holiday be held in 2012?

JUNE (on the 4th, immediately before the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday on the 5th)

22) Kim Jong-Il, the dictator of North Korea died in December 2011. Who was his predecessor as dictator of the country?


23) In which county is Lulworth Cove?


24) Who is currently starring as the Wizard of Oz at the Palladium theatre London?


25) During 2011 what caused the BBC News website to have the largest volume of web traffic in its history at 16 million hits?


26) Only one group which included a mother and son has achieved a UK number one hit? Which group?


27) The Liver Building and Port of Liverpool Building form 2 of the three graces on the Liverpool waterfront. What is the third building?


28) Who wrote the play “An Inspector calls”?


29) Where would you normally see “votive lights”?

IN A CHURCH (The proper name for the candles lit by people in support of prayers)

30) What was the family name for the inhabitants of Dunham Massey from the early 1400s onwards?


31) Which sign of the zodiac is not a living creature?

LIBRA (the scales)

32) Which stories featured Sir Thopas, Manciple and the Canon’s Yeoman?


33) What are Doomstead, Skinfaxi and Sleipnir?


34) In the Victorian language of flowers, what does a white rose signify?


35) Who said “Pile it high, sell it cheap”?

SIR JACK COHEN (the founder of Tesco)

36) The soup Cullen Skink is made from onion, potatoes and which fish?


37) What is the name of the largest group of baleen whales, which includes the humpback whale and the blue whale?


38) Which document famously contains the following words…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


39) In the famous 1959 film, what is Ben Hur’s first name?


40) Hed Kandi, Def Jam South and Captains of Industry are all examples of what?


41) What is the main ingredient of guacamole?


42) There are two 10 letter words in the English language of 10 letters which both start and end with “th”. Give either.


43) If a recipe calls for 100 grams of an ingredient, what is that in ounces?

4 (no leeway!)

44) In which county is Runnymede?


45) In law what is embracery?


46) Vectis was the Roman name for where?


47) Which horse won the King George VI chase on Boxing Day 2011?


48) Eddie Cochran was killed in a car crash in April 1960. Which other rock star was badly injured in the same crash?


49) Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper were killed in the same plane crash in February 1959. Which other rock star died with them?


50) The Mousetrap is the longest continuous running play ever, but in what year did it open in London?

1952 (no leeway as 60th anniversary year)

51) Who was the Greek Goddess of Revenge?


52) In Hamlet whose grave was being dug when Yorick’s skull was found?


53) Who starred as Tom Thumb in the 1958 film of the same name?


54) How long in miles is the Great Barrier Reef?

1600 MILES (ACCEPT 1500 - 1700)

55) In which fictional town does Inspector Wexford live and work?


56) Orenthal was the Christian name of which defendant in a famous trial of the 1990’s?


57) In which province of Ireland is Dublin situated?


58) On which river does Bordeaux stand?


59) In which town was Colonel Ghaddafi captured?


60) A Shamouti is a variety of which fruit?

ORANGE (a Jaffa orange)


Q In America, what is known as the “shrine of democracy”?

A Mount Rushmore

62 Q What is the main ingredient of the dish hummus?

A Chickpeas

63 Q The Persian phrase meaning “The King is helpless” has given us which word or phrase commonly used in English?

A Checkmate (Shāh Māt)

64 Q On which island is Duart Castle?

A Mull

65 Q Which disease gets its name from the Greek word for coal?

A Anthrax (hence anthracite: because of the black lesions it causes)

66 Q What is the name of the world’s tallest road bridge, over which the motorway from Paris to the Spanish border passes?

A Millau Viaduct

67 Q What was the name of the sect involved in the Waco massacre in Texas in 1993?

A Branch Davidian

68 Q In the film Interview with the Vampire, which actor plays the vampire who is interviewed?

A Brad Pitt (not Tom Cruise, who plays Lestadt, the main character)

69 Q According to the book of Genesis, who first bought Joseph as a slave in Egypt?

A Potiphar

70 Q In the song the Devil Went Down To Georgia, in what type of contest did the devil compete in order to win souls?

A Fiddle-playing

71 Q Which song was the Labour Party’s theme in its Election campaign of 1997?

A Things can only get better

72 Q Which fictional Victorian scoundrel did George MacDonald Fraser re-create as an anti-hero?

A Flashman

73 Q What is the title of Eric Idle’s hit musical play, based on the film Monty Python & the Holy Grail?

A Spamalot

74 Q Who was the lead guitarist of The Smiths, and co-operated with Morrissey in writing most of their songs?

A Johnny Marr

75 Q Which British band had its first top ten hit in 1999 with Why does it always rain on me?

A Travis

76 Q What substance is formed (along with water) by adding an alkali to an acid?

A A salt

77 Q By what name was the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan known between 1922 and 1946?

A Transjordan

78 Q Joe Louis only lost 2 professional fights – one was to Rocky Marciano, against who was his other defeat?

A Max Schmelling

79 Q Who is the only woman to have been French Prime Minister?

A Edith Cresson

80 Q In which novel set in the near future is there a country called Gilead, roughly where New England now is?

A The Handmaid’s Tale (by Margaret Atwood)

81 Q Which town was Captain James Cook’s birthplace in 1728?

A Middlesbrough

82 Q To listen to whom did 180,000 people pack into Wembley Stadium in 1954?

A   Billy Graham

83 Q What is the prize for Best Film at the Berlin film festival?

A Golden Bear

84 Q What is the full name of Rupert Bear’s elephant chum?

A Edward Trunk

85 Q In which country is A Midsummer Night’s Dream set?

A Greece (mainly in a wood near Athens)

86 Q Who or what is a gricer?

A Trainspotter

87 Q Who wrote the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin?

A Louis de Bernieres

88 Q Which fictional character had female companions called Cathy, Emma and Tara?

A John Steed (from The Avengers)

89 Q In which castle did the Duke of Wellington die?

A Walmer Castle (Kent)

90 Q Which cyclist, born in Belgium with an Australian father, won gold, silver and bronze medals for Britain in the Athens Olympics?

A Bradley Wiggins

91 Q Of which other actress was Bette Davis speaking when she said “she’s screwed everyone at MGM except Lassie”?

A Joan Crawford

92 Q Which African country was formerly known as French Sudan?

A Mali

93 Q Gregorian and Schmidt are varieties of which type of instrument?

A Telescope

94 Q By what name is the Russian Wolfhound also known?

A Borzoi

95 Q In which English cathedral are the bones of King Canute?

A Winchester

96 Q The Book of Changes, one of the 5 classics of Confucianism, is better known by what Chinese name?

A I Ching

97 Q Four colours of ball are used in squash. Apart from the skill levels of the players involved, what determines which colour is used?

A The Temperature / Atmospheric Conditions

98 Q In which European capital city did Slobodan Milosevic die?

A The Hague

99 Q Which best-selling novel, first published in 2003, took its title from the Sherlock Holmes story Silver Blaze?

A  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (by Mark Haddon)

100 Q In which castle was Edward II murdered in 1327?

A Berkeley

101 Q What is the name of the dish made from anchovies and eggs on toast?

A Scotch Woodcock

102 Q By what name was the state of Tuvalu known until 1976?

A Ellice Islands

103 Q  what is the capital city of the Indian state of Kashmir?

A Srinagar

104 Q Of which actress did Groucho Marx say “I knew her before she became a virgin”?

A Doris Day

105 Q Which fictional character’s last words were “Floreat Etona”?

A Captain Hook

106 Q Which US tennis player was the first to win the Grand Slam?

A Donald Budge

107 Q For which club did Paul Gascoigne sign for £5.5 million from Tottenham in the 1991-2 season?

A Lazio

108 Q In which body of water did the Mary Rose sink?

A The Solent (or Portsmouth harbour)

109 Q Who will be the captain of this year’s American Ryder Cup team?

A Davis Love III (Accept Davis Love)

110 Q On which racecourse is the Kentucky Derby run?

A Churchill Downs

111 Q Which Brighton hotel was bombed during the Tory Party Conference?

A The Grand

112 Q What was the name of Yogi Bear’s sweetheart?

A Cindy Bear

113 Q Who built the first British motor car but was beaten to the market by Daimler?

A Frederick William Lanchester

114 Q In Douglas Adams’ Hitch Hiker “trilogy”, who is the only other surviving human being apart from Arthur Dent?

A Trillian (Trisha Marie McMillan) – played in the TV series by Sandra Dickinson

115 Q Willie Loman is the name of the title character in which play?

A Death of a salesman

116 Q Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of Edward VIII’s abdication?

A Cosmo Gordon Lang

117 Q Which group had hit albums called ‘Picture Book’ and ‘Men & Women’?

A Simply Red

118 Q What does the T stand for in James T. Kirk?

A Tiberius

119 Q Which 20th century statesman was born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm?

A Willy Brandt

120 Q Which 1989 film starred Richard Pryor as a blind man and Gene Wilder as a deaf man?

A See no evil, hear no evil


1. Who was the head of Polly Peck International when it crashed in 1991?


2. What is the highest mountain in South America?


3. By what name do we now know the city known by the Romans as Vindobona?


4. Who was the first Australian golfer to win the US Open?


5. To which family of plants does the apple tree belong?



What was the attendance at the third round FA Cup replay between Bolton and Macclesfield Town held on 17 January 2012?



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