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24th Jan Questions

There are a couple of  duplicates that were spotted it time but  I don’t have the replacement questions

All questions set by The Knot Originals

All questions set by Knot Originals - hope you enjoy the quiz!

Specialist Rounds are: History; Myths, Legends and Folklore; Reinventing the Wheel; Arts and Entertainment; Sport; Geography; Science;     English, but not as we know it.



1 Who was President Ford’s running mate in the 1976 US presidential election?

Robert Dole

2 Which Prime Minister asserted ‘The Conservative Party is an organised hypocrisy’?

Benjamin Disraeli

3 Who sought, and failed, to gain election as Adlai Stevenson’s running mate at the 1956 Democratic Convention after Stevenson threw open the decision to the floor of the convention?

(John F Kennedy - both names needed

4. Which First Minister of Northern Ireland lost his Westminster seat in the 2010 UK General Election?

Peter Robinson

5 In what year was the Shah of Iran overthrown? 

1979 - no leeway

6 In what year did General Pinochet seize power in Chile? 

1973 - no leeway

7 Which controversial right-wing historian, once successfully sued for libel by another historian, has completed two volumes of his projected three volume biography of Winston Churchill?

David Irving

8 Which US president has been the subject of an acclaimed multi-volume biography by Robert A Caro, the fourth volume of which will be published in May this year?

Lyndon B Johnson

1 Who vowed to restore order to the streets of Warsaw?

(General Jaruzelski

2 Which Polish President died in the Smolensk air crash in 2010? Lech Kaczinski



1.In folklore,, what name is given to the ghostly flickering lights seen over bogs and marshes ?

Will o the Wisp
2. According to legend, which saint nipped the devil’s nose with a pair of tongs ?

St. Dunstan
3. Moonrakers is the name traditionally given to natives of which county


4. The first reference to which mythical creature is when it was said to have been seen by Saint Columba in 565 A.D.?

Loch Ness monster

5. Which legendary 11th century leader of resistance to the Normans had his headquarters near Ely in Cambridgeshire ?   Hereward the Wake

6. The old Celtic or Wiccan festival of Beltane falls on which day of the year ?

May Day - May 1st

7.Where in Cornwall would you go to in early May to see the Furry Dance ? 

8. Which Staffordshire village is famous for its annual Horn Dance?

Abbots Bromley


1. Who in legend slayed the giants Cormoran and Blunderbore ?   Jack the Giant Killer
2. The old Celtic or Wiccan festival of Beltane falls on which day of the year ?
                                                                ( May Day - May 1st )
A round devoted to the greatest engineering invention of them all.

1. What is the two-word term used to describe energy lost in the interaction of wheel and road?

A: rolling resistance

2. What part of a car was pioneered by Alfred Vacheron in the Paris-Rouen race in 1894?

A: the steering wheel (cars were previously steered with a tiller)

3. A cover version of Bob Dylan and the Band’s “This Wheel’s on Fire” is the theme music to which British TV comedy?

A: Absolutely Fabulous

4. What colour is the wheel in the centre of the Indian national flag?

A: Navy blue

5. The wheel is representative of what in the iconography of Orphic, Jain and Buddhist religions?

A: Reincarnation

6. What was the name of the American competitor to Matchbox, introduced by Mattel in 1968?

A: Hot Wheels

7. In which board game do you have to collect six segments to make up a wheel?       
A: Trivial Pursuit

8. The American TV version of Wheel of Fortune made a superstar of the female co-host, even though she never spoke. What was her name?

A: Vanna White

1.    Who wrote the Times editorial entitled ‘Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel’ about the Rolling Stones Drug Trial in 1968?

William Rees-Mogg
2.    Stuck in the Middle With You was the biggest hit for which band?

Stealers Wheel


1. What’s the name of the famous Harlem nightclub of the 1930s where the bands of Duke Ellington and Count Basie both had residencies ?

The Cotton Club

2. Which Swiss nightclub was the meeting place for the founders of the art movement known as Dadaism ?

The Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich

3. Which New York club is known as the birthplace of the dance craze “the twist “ ?

The Peppermint Lounge

4. The character Tony Manero spends much of his time in a disco in which film ?

Saturday Night Fever

5. Jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker gave his name to which famous New York jazz club ?


6. In which nightclub would you expect to see Jane Avril and Yvette Guilbert ? 
  The Moulin Rouge - subjects of well-known paintings by Toulouse Lautrec

7. Which actor played the master of ceremonies at the Kit Kat club in the film  “ Cabaret “?

Joel Grey

8. A night club in Shanghai in 1935 , where a troupe of tap dancers are performing a   routine to the tune of “ Anything Goes “, features in the opening scene of which blockbuster film of 1984 ?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


1. In the film “ Casablanca “, the house band at Rick’s Club Americaine play which national anthem ?

The Marseillaise - accept French)

2. The painting “ The Bar at the Folies Bergeres “ is by which French artist ?


A mix of questions on games that are called sports and other games that aren’t.

1. Subtract a snooker maximum from a 3-dart maximum. What answer do you get?

33 (180 minus 147)

2. In Scrabble, how many points are scored for the word Quiz, assuming no bonus score squares or blanks?


3. In contract bridge, what is the lowest possible opening bid?

One Club

4. In the 1990’s Channel 4 featured a sport of Indian origin, which has been described as a mixture of wrestling and rugby. What is it called?


5. ‘Rolling downhill, usually on a gentle slope, in a large transparent sphere’ describes what pastime?


6. The tokens in the original Monopoly set were inspired by the inventor’s wife’s charm bracelet. Four of them are a racing car, a boot, a ship, and a top hat. Give one of the other two.

Iron or Dog

7. In what board game do contestants have to draw a recognisable picture of a named object against the clock, so it can be recognised by their teammates?


8. What is the name of the table-top game, invented in 1987, which has been the main source of income for the Games Workshop chain of shops?

Warhammer 40,000 (Accept Warhammer)

1. What is the name of the classic 1980’s computer game, where the player controls his piece through a maze, eating dots.


2. How many pieces are there in a standard Double Six Domino set?



1. The equator only runs through one Asian country. Which one? Indonesia

2. Tropic of Capricorn runs through 5 African countries. Name one.
South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique or Botswana.

3. Iconic sports grounds: Eden Gardens claims to be the biggest cricket ground in the world. In which city would you find it?             Kolkata/Calcutta

4. In which US state is Augusta National, home of the US Masters Golf?


5. In which city can you see most of the works by the architect Gaudi?


6. Which European country is known as Hrvatska by the locals? Croatia

7. Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, but in which modern country is Sarajevo?


8. The treaty of Brest Litovsk ended Russia’s involvement in WW1. In which present-day country is Brest-Litovsk?


1. Which European country is called Crna Gora by its natives? Montenegro

2. Which  city was laid out by the town planner Baron Haussmann?




1. Which creature, found widely in England, has the Latin name " bufo bufo " ?

the common toad
2. In medieval times in England, what creatures were called " urchins " ?

3. Which disease of the central nervous system is named after a 19th century English scientist who wrote a treatise on " the shaking palsy " ?

Parkinson's Disease

4. Which disorder in the autism spectrum is named after the Austrian doctor who identified it in 1944 ?

Aspergers Syndrome

5. If a leaf is cordate, what shape is it ?

Heart shaped

6. What shape is a sagitate leaf ?

Arrow shaped

7. What do we call the soft skin covering a deer's antlers ?       Velvet

8. Which flower gets its name from the Turkish word for a turban ?  Tulip

1. Calisto and Io are moons of which planet ?


2. What name do we give to a cloud of dust and gas in space ?   Nebula

1. When we are in a difficult situation, we say we are snookered, but what term derived from pool do Americans use?

Behind the 8-ball

2. In the Scottish dish Neeps and Tatties, what are neeps?         Turnips

3. What is an Esky in Australia?

A cool box or picnic basket

4. What do South Africans call a barbecue?

Braai (pronounced BRI)

5. What traffic item do South Africans call a Robot?

Traffic Light

6. We call it a tap, what do the Americans call it?


7. What do Scots refer to as a But and Ben?

A small house (originally 2-room)

8. What do Australians call flip-flops?


1. What do Americans call a spanner?


2. What does a Scot mean by the Gloaming?



1. According to FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, how can racist incidents during football matches best be settled?

With a handshake after the game.

2. Which cabinet minister was recently discovered disposing of confidential documents in a bin in St James Park London?             Oliver Letwin

3. Why was Aliona Vilani in the news in December 2011?                           

Professional dance partner of Strictly Winner Harry Judd

4. What is the life expectancy for a woman in the UK?

82 (accept 81-83)

5. Which British film director, famous for ‘Women in Love’, died in November 2011?

Ken Russell

6. The inventor Ron Hickman died in February 2011. For which product is he best remembered?

Black and Decker Workmate

7. On the Kelvin scale, what is the boiling point of water?             373

8. Who is (Jan 20th) Secretary of state for Defence?

Philip Hammond                                       
9. Spell the word CONNOISSEUR (CONNA-SIR)

10. What is 2012 in Roman numerals?


What was the name of the Japanese nuclear reactor badly damaged in the 2011 tsunami?


12. Which luxury resort was ironically chosen for the G20 crisis talks in 2011?   
13. Near which Pakistani city was Osama Bin Laden captured and killed?


14. In which field of sporting endeavour did Hayley Turner make her mark in 2011? 
Horse racing(first female jockey to win a Group 1 race)

15. Who designed Kate Middleton’s dress for the Royal Wedding in 2011?

Sarah Burton

16. Which seaside town features in Bram Stoker’s Dracula?           Whitby

17. In the Rocky Horror Show, what is the name of the dance we are urged to do again and again?

The Time Warp

18. Why did George Michael cancel concerts towards the end of 2011?
He had Pneumonia

19. What is an ergophobic’s fear?


20. Salt, Sweet, Bitter and Sour are the four basic tastes, but what is the Japanese word given to the fifth taste?


21. In the books by Enid Blyton, what colour is Noddy’s hat ?    blue

22. What does Popeye the sailorman have tattooed on his forearm ? an anchor

23. “ I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness “, is the opening line of which famous 20th century poem ?       Howl by Allen Ginsberg

24. Sal Paradise and Dean Moriaty are the central characters in which famous 20th century novel ?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac)

25. In which English city would you find the district of Old Swan ?   Liverpool

26. Scousers are natives of Liverpool, but which city do Mackems come from ?


27. What drink do you get by taking the first letters of the following ; Prince Phillip’s island of birth ; the play in which Iago appears ; The destination of the Wife of Bath ; the Beatles’ song featuring Desmond the barrow boy and the first name of 
Wesker the playwright ? 

COCOA  - Corfu, Othello, Canterbury, Obladi Oblada 
  and Arnold

28. Where in Cheshire would you end up if you took the first letters of the following : Lady Godiva’s husband ; the colour of Leicester Square on a Monopoly board ; the woman who Tennyson asked to “ come into the garden “ and the principal river of Vietnam ? 

LYMM - Leofric, Yellow, Maud, Mekong

29. Which crime novelist created the character Detective Inspector Banks ?

Peter Robinson
30. In the crime novels of John Harvey, Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick works in which Midlands city ?  (


31. Which star of the Tarzan movies died, allegedly aged 80, in Florida on 28th December 2011?
Cheetah the Chimp

32. In which county is the lowest point in England?    Cambridgeshire (Holme Fen: 9.8 feet below sea level)

33. Which English National Park has the highest sea cliffs?                Exmoor

34. Michelangelo was born in which century ?

15th – 1475

35. Where in print did we famously see the words “ Thank you and goodbye “ last year ?

Front page headline on last edition of the News of the World 
36. Which political leader caused offence last year by telling an African priest that he  had “ a nice tan “ ?


37. The ill-fated horse Khartoum appeared in which film ?

The Godfather - Don Corleone has Khartoum’s head chopped off

38. What’s the name of the horse mentioned in the Beatles song “ Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite “ on the Sgt. Peppers album ?           Henry

39. Who was on the English throne when Dick Turpin was hanged in 1739 ?

George 2nd

40. The Great Fire of London took place during the reign of which monarch ?

Charles 2nd

41..Which 1986 Turner Prize winning duo is most famous for their large photographic work, The Pictures?

A: Gilbert & George

42.. The Venetian island of Murano is famous for the making of what?


43. Who was the elder brother of Moses?


44. What do you call a statistician who calculates risks for insurance?


45. What do you call a horizontal mining shaft?


46. Who coined the term ‘Affluent Society’?

John Kenneth Galbraith (the economist)
47. What was the name of the naturalist who accompanied Captain Cook?  

Joseph Banks.
48. What is the name – from the Bible – for the spiritual qualities that characterise members of the Kingdom of God?                    Beatitudes.

49. What was the name of the first Prime Minister of Algeria which became independent of France in 1962?

Ahmed Ben Bella.
50. Which historian was criticised in his lifetime for “treating the Christian church as a phenomenon of general history” in his history of the Roman Empire?

A: Edward Gibbon

51. Who was the Minister of Health in Attlee’s government, overseeing the establishment of the modern National Health Service?

A: Aneurin Bevan

52. What is the name of the American explorer who discovered Machu Pichu and other Inca settlements in Peru?

Hiram Bingham.

53. What is the modern name for Bechuanaland?


54. What is the popular name for ‘Genealogical and Heraldic history of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage of the UK’?

Burke’s Peerage.

55. Patek-Phillipe manufactures what high quality items?            Watches

56. The Aubergine is native to which area of the world?

Indian sub-continent

57. Who was the Prussian officer and writer on war (1780 – 1831) credited with the philosophical foundation to the science of war?

   Karl von Clausewitz.
58. What is the name of the computer game series made by Will Wright, who was later to create The Sims in which players built cities?

A: SimCity

59. Magneto, Professor Xavier and Wolverine are major characters in which comic book series?

A: X-Men

60. What is the more common name for ‘climacteric’?        Menopause.

61. A ‘condominium’ is commonly used to describe a type of joint ownership of property in America. What is the older and proper use of the term?        
The joint rule of a territory by two or more countries.

62. Famously, Nelson put his telescope to his blind eye (to refuse to see the signal from his commander, Sir Hyde Parker) at a sea battle in 1801. What was the name of the battle?

Battle of Copenhagen.
63. What is the one word for the Ten Commandments?


64. Which politician famously has the middle names Denzil Xavier?

Michael Portillo

65. Recently elected Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is keen to take her country out of the Commonwealth. Which country?


66. Wayne Hemingway, the fashion designer and founder of Red Or Dead, is the son of which 1960s TV wrestler of native North American descent?

Billy Two Rivers

67. Tim Canterbury and Dawn Tinsley are two of the major characters from which early-2000s British sitcom?

A: The Office

68. The song “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine returned to popularity in December 2009 for what reason, having first charted in 1992?

A: It was the focus of a successful campaign to deny The X Factor winner the Christmas number one

69. Which former StockportCounty manager enjoyed a short managerial tenure between the two incarnations of Micky Adams at Port Vale?

Jim Gannon

70. Which team did Manchester City beat to win the FA Cup last season?

Stoke City

71. Which former Yugoslav country will, if approved in a referendum, join the EU in 2013?


72. The ‘velvet divorce’ describes the dissolution of which country in 1993?


73. Who is the current Prime Minister (or Taoiseach) of the Irish Republic?

Enda Kenny

74. Who plays George Smiley in the recent film adaptation of ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?’

Gary Oldman

75. Which team did Nemanja Vidic play for before Manchester United?

Spartak Moscow

76. Give a year in the life of Samuel Johnson.


77. Give a year in the life of Jonathan Swift.


78. Who is the current Secretary of State for Scotland?

Michael Moore

79. Which politician famously compared Sir Geoffrey Howe to a dead sheep?

Denis Healey

80. Which Scottish politician resigned as his party’s leader in 2000, vowing never to return, only to seek (and win) election as party leader in 2004?

Alex Salmond

81. Which female singer released an album about war titled ‘Let England Shake’?

PJ Harvey

82. Carlton Banks and Geoffrey Butler are two of the major characters from which early-1990s American sitcom?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

83. Who plays the poetically foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker in the TV series The Thick of It?

Peter Capaldi

84. Stefanie Meyer is the author of which popular series of fantasy novels?

The Twilight Saga

85. Grant Naylor is the collective name for the men behind which TV programme and series of novels?

Red Dwarf

86. Which US politician declared ‘Message: I care’?

George HW Bush

87. Which recently deceased writer called Mother Theresa ‘a thieving Albanian dwarf?’

Christopher Hitchens

88. Who was the only Cabinet minister to resign in protest at the Iraq war?

Robin Cook

89. What is the name of the right-wing political protest movement, defined by its opposition to taxation and government spending, which made Michelle Bachmann a favourite in 2011?

The Tea Party

90. Which prominent Republican was the subject of the films, The Undefeated and You Betcha!,?

Sarah Palin

91. The Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke recently made an individual score of 329 not out in the New Year’s cricket Test against India. Only three Australians have made a higher Test score: Bradman was one, name one of the other two.

Mark Taylor (334 not out)
Or Matthew Hayden (380)

92. Which battle took place on St. Crispin’s Day, 25th October 1415?


93. The lines ‘’Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all.’ come from which poem?

In Memoriam A.H.H. by Alfred Lord Tennyson

94. The festive storyline of Eastenders featured a fire in a B&B. The presence of what caused the fire to be unusually severe?

Contraband fireworks

95. Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson are the original members of which rock and roll group?

The Band

96. Who is the current Vice President of the USA?

Joe Biden

1. On 4th November 2011, there was a major motorway crash near to which town’s rugby club?
2. Who plays Victor Meldrew’s wife Margaret in One Foot In The Grave?
   Annette Crosbie

3. In which Cumbrian town is the home brewery for Jennings beer?


4. Aubergine is native to which area of the world?

Indian sub-continent

5. In the Sherlock Holmes story ‘The Adventure Of The Speckled Band’, what is the ‘speckled band’?
A snake


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