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1. The Chennai Super Kings are the current holders of which title?
Indian Premier League /(IPL) (Cricket T20 competition)

2. In August 2011, Guernsey resident, 70 years old Roger Allsop became the oldest person to do what ?

To swim the English Channel

3. In March 2011, boxer David Haye was defeated by Vladamir Klitchko. What did Haye attribute his defeat to ?

A broken toe

4. Peter Ridsdale has previously been Chairman of Leeds United, Barnsley, Cardiff City and Plymouth Argyle, but which club did he become Chairman of in December 2011 ?

Preston North End

5. Which coach led England to the Rugby Union World Cup Final in 2007 and was then controversially replaced by Martin Johnson ? Brian ASHTON

6. Which Super League Rugby League Club has been given permission to install an artificial all weather playing surface for the 2012 season ?

Widnes Vikings

7. In December 2011, which New Zealand Cricketer equalled the record for the number of sixes, namely 16, scored in a first class innings.?

Jesse RYDER (Previously achieved by Andrew Symonds & Graham Napier)

8. Rory Mcllroy, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington are all members of the same golf club in Northern Ireland. Name the club.

9. Royal Portrush


10. Which Football League Club has the nickname 'The Shakers' ? Bury

11. In which city will the 2014 Commonwealth Games be held ? Glasgow


1. Tarquin the Proud was the last ruler of which people who ruled Rome prior to 510 BC, when the Roman Empire was established?


2. Who was the King of Norway who led an invasion of England before William of Normandy's invasion in 1066?


3. Which Muslim leader led an army that re-captured Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187?


4. What was the name of the court introduced by King Henry VII to deal with rebellious and disobedient barons?


5. By what name is the massacre of Huguenots in Paris in 1572 commonly known?


6. What name is given to the uprising of 1688-89 which led to King James II of England being deposed?


7. Which Eastern European defensive alliance was created by the Soviet Union in 1955?


8. What name is given to the period of reform introduced to

Czechoslovakia in 1956 by Alexander Dubcek?



9. Gavrilo Princip, who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914, was a member of which organization?


10. Who invented a converter to turn liquid iron into steel in 1956?



Simply name the film from the (tongue-twisting) description.

1. Stammering sovereign seeks support from sassy subordinate skilled in the science of speaking.

The Kings Speech

2. Peculiar but prosperous personality persuades panel of professionals to peruse his prehistoric playground.

Jurassic Park

3. Determined deputy dogs disgraced doctor.

The Fugitive

4. Captain craves Cambodian conference with crazy colonel. Apocalypse Now

5. Covetous court composer cunningly kills confoundedly creative curiosity.


6. Coarse crew of colour coded cons congregate after catastrophic caper for copious carats.

Reservoir Dogs

7. Plucky professor and his pa prevent pernicious plunderers from purloining prominent primeval prize.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

8. Besmirched banker bound in a bastille buys a bludgeon and, by and by, burrows out.

The Shawshank Redemption


9. Willis works with weepy whippersnapper who witnesses worrisome wonders.

The Sixth Sense

10. Bashful ballerina's big break begets bizarre battle with her own black being. Black Swan



Please look at each picture. There is a question for each.

1. Which generic term is used to describe all of these angles?



2. What would you use this equation to calculate?



3. What does this symbol represent?



4. Whose laws are these?



5. What is represented by this symbol, which is like an 8 turned on its side?



6. Whose theory is this?



7. Who is the scientist in picture?


Dr Brian COX

8. Who is the scientist in picture?


Sir Isaac NEWTON

Supplementaries / Visually Impaired

9. Give a year in the life of Louis Pasteur


10.Give a year in the life of Marie Curie



This round is based on entries from the BBC's list of 50 things to see before you die!

1. The Terracotta Army can be seen near which Chinese city? XIAN

2. Off the coast of which Australian state is the Great Barrier Reef? QUEENSLAND

3. The Victoria Falls are on the border of Zimbabwe and which other country?


4. The island of La Digue is part of which island group? SEYCHELLES

5. The Galapagos Islands belong to which country?


6. The Temples of Abu Simnel are in which historical area which runs along the River Nile from southern Egypt into North Sudan? NUBIA

7. Yosemite National Park is in which American state? CALIFORNIA

8. Which city is known as "the rose-red city half as old as time"? PETRA


9. The temple of Angkor Wat is in which modern day country? CAMBODIA

10. The Golden Temple can be found in which Indian city? AMRITSAR


All the answers in this round are people with double barrelled surnames

1. Which famous writer was also an MCC cricketer whose only first class wicket was that of W.G.Grace?


2. Which comedian invented the characters whose 'real' names are Alistair Leslie Graham and Mr Sagdiyev?

Sacha BARON COHEN (They are the names of Ali G and Borat)

3. Which composer wrote the opera Hugh The Drover?


4. Which actress is the great-granddaughter of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith ?


5. Which actor played the roles of Trigger in Only Fools and Horses and Owen in The Vicar of Dibley?


6. Who is the presenter of the series of TV programmes featuring River Cottage?


7. Who, along with the late Jennifer Paterson, made up the Two Fat Ladies?


8. Which Australian golfer won the 1991 Open Championship?



9. What was the maiden name of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother?


10.Which Australian-born talent show judge's best known catchphrase is "Just 3 words — FAB-U-LOUS'?



The answers in this round all contain words used in rugby — you need to give the full answer, not just the rugby term (Surnames will suffice where the answer is a person)

1. William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, was also the star of which U.S. police series of the 1980s?


2. Who composed the Brandenburg Concerto?


3. Which classic Jules Verne adventure novel has twice been made into a film, with the lead role being taken by James Mason in 1959 and Brendan Fraser in 2008?


4. The name of which character from Sheridan's play The Rivals passed into the English language for the practice of using incorrect words?


5. Which classic soul song was a hit for Eddie Floyd in 1967 and Amii Stewart in 1979?


6. What is the name of the principal mountain route linking Pakistan with Afghanistan?


7. Which current Premier League footballer represents Nigeria but was born in Uzbekistan?


8. In Star Wars; The Phantom Menace, what is the name of the character voiced by Peter Serafinowicz who kills the Jedi Knight Qui Gon Jin ?




9. Which 1998 film starring Samantha Janus and Neil Morrissey, adapted from a John Godber play, is about a pub rugby team coached by a woman?


10. What was the first solo song released by Shane Ward, winner of X Factor 2005?



This round is about hit songs that mention real people

1. Which actor is mentioned in the title of a Bananarama hit including the lines: " This is my only escape from it all, watching a film or a face on the wall”


2. Which outlaw is mentioned in the title of Cher's hit song which begins: "You're struttin' into town like you're slingin' a gun Just a small town dude with a big city attitude"


3. Who were the group 'The Special AKA' talking about in the lines:

"21 years in captivity, shoes too small to fit his feet"?


4. Which sportsman, according to the words of a Johnny Wakelin hit: "knows how to talk and he knows how to fight, and all the contenders were beat out of sight."?


5. Which actor, according to a Hayzee Fantayzee hit: "stands so high, it's enough to make any redskin cry?


6. Which historical figure is referred to in an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark hit as a "Little catholic girl fallin' in love"? JOAN OF ARC

7. Who is the subject of the Don McLean song featuring the line:
"Like the strangers that you've met, the ragged men in ragged clothes"?


8. Who, according to the words of a novelty hit by Bell & Spurling, is  "a lovely geezer - but don't forget that he's from Sweden"?



9. Which actor, in a hit by Madness, "picks up useless paper and puts it in my pocket"? MICHAEL CAINE

10. Which actress is mentioned in the title of the Kim Carnes hit which begins "Her hair is hollow gold, I left a sweet surprise" BETTE DAVIS







Q1: Which musical did Lee Marvins sole hit , “Wander’in star“, come from?

A: Paint your wagon

Q2: Which pop duo recorded “In the year 2025”?

A: Zager and Evans

Q3: At what speed in miles per hour does a wind become a Hurricane?

A: 73mph

Q4: What colour is the ribbon of the Victoria Cross?

A: Purple

Q5: Which of the worlds seas has no coastline?

A: Sargasso Sea

Q6: In the paso doble what is the female dancer supposed to be?

A: The bullfighters cape or cloak

Q7: What is manufactured from the Sapodilla tree?

A: Chewing gum

Q8: Which American film studio was founded in 1919 by Charlie Chaplin, D. W. Griffith,

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford?

A: United Artists

Q9: Name one of the countries the Kingdom of Navarre was divided between?

A: France and Spain

Q10: In heraldry what is meant by “couchant”?

A: Lying down

Q11: What was the capitol of the Roman province of Britain before Londinium?

A: Camulodunum (Colchester)

Q12: Which grain is used to make malt whiskey?

A: Barley

Q13: What type of fish are Arbroath smokies?

A: Haddock

Q14: Which term in Italian cooking means “soft but firm”?

A: Al dente

Q15: Which is the longest river in Italy?

A: The Po

Q16: Which Irish village is famous for its shrine to the Virgin Mary?

A: Knock

Q17: Why was income tax first levied in Britain?

A: To pay for the Napoleonic wars

Q18: Which animal was once called a Foul Marten?

A: Polecat

Q19: Which Saudi Arabian King was assasinated in 1975?

A: King Faisal

Q20: Of the five Great lakes of North America which is the only one which is wholly

In the USA?

A: Lake Michigan

Q21: How many players are there in a Gaelic football team?

A: Fifteen

Q22: Which football club formerly played its home games at Roker Park?

A: Sunderland

Q23: Which Czech wrote the novel “The good soldier Svejk“?

A: Jaroslav Hasek

Q24: Which Labour polititian was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

In 1999 and died in 2005?

A: Mo Mowlam

Q25: What is a necropolis?

A: A cemetery

Q26: What does an aphyllous plant not have?

A: Leaves

Q27: Which treaty allowed Britains entry into the European Community?

A: Treaty of Brussels

Q28: Which trading organisation was Britain a member of prior to joining the EEC?

A: European Free Trade Association


Q29: What does scotopic vision allow you to do?

A: See in the dark

Q30: In which country was the singer Engelbert Humperdink born?

A: India

Q31: The cocktail Cuba Libre is made from Rum, Coca Cola, Ice and what other


A: Lime juice

Q32: In which country was the spirits company Bacardi founded in 1862?

A: Cuba

Q33: What name was given to Adolf Hitler’s purge of members of the Nazi Party in

June/July 1934?

A: The night of the long knives

Q34: Which German Field Marshall surrendered to the Russian Army on the 31st of

January 1943.

A: Von Paulus

Q35: Three films have won eleven Oscars, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings-Return

Of the King are two, what is the third?

A: Ben Hur

Q36: The Moat House Hotel at Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent was originally built

as Etruria Hall for which famous industrialist in 1771?

A: Josiah Wedgwood

Q37: How else is the star Sirius known?

A: The Dog Star

Q38: The Macclesfield canal runs north to join which other canal at Marple?

A: The Peak Forest Canal

Q39: Who had a number one hit single in 1965 with “Yeh Yeh”?

A: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames

Q40: Who is the current Secretary of State for Education?

A: Micheal Gove

Q41: Which US state is north of Arkansas?

A: Missouri

Q42: Down which valley does the Mistral blow?

A: The Rhone Valley

Q43: Who was the first person to climb the Matterhorn?

A: Edward Whymper

Q44: The names of British racehorses are limited to how many letters?

A: Eighteen letters including spaces

Q45: Who was Margaret Thatchers first chancellor of the exchequer ?

A: Sir Geoffrey Howe

Q46: Who was the last English monarch to be born abroad?

A: George II

Q47: Who instituted the penny post?

A: Rowland Hill

Q48: On a post box what monarch is indicated by the inscription GR?

A: George V ( George is not enough)

Q49: What name is given to a young hawk taken from its nest for training?

A: Eyas

Q50: What is a hogget?

A: A sheep (between one and two years


Q51: What do the initials MG stand for on a sports car?

A: Morris Garages

Q52: Which US state is called the nutmeg state?

A: Connecticut

Q53: Which stretch of water separates Italy and Sicily?

A: Straits of Messina

Q54: What was John Waynes last film?

A: The Shootist

Q55: Which city in Ontario is known as the Steel City of Canada?

A: Hamilton

Q56: Which British city is served by Aldergrove airport?

A: Belfast

Q57: The Hambleton cup, first run in 1612, is still run at what racecourse?

A: Thirsk

Q58: Who completes the quartet with Leonardo, Raphael and Michaelangelo?

A: Donatello (The Teenage mutant

Ninja turtles)

Q59: How many points has the star of David?

A: six

Q60: Which of the three Wilson brothers played the drums in The Beach boys?

A: Dennis

Q61: In Greek mythology what was the Sword of Damocles suspended by?

A: A single horse hair

Q62: What nationality was the composer Richard Strauss?

A: German

Q63: Which Scottish mathemmatician invented logarithms?

A: John Rapier

Q64: Which English County has the shortest coastline?

A: Durham

Q65: Marble is formed by the metamorphosis of which rock?

A: Limestone

Q66: Something unusual happens to the River Manifold and its tributary the Hamps

Before they join the River Dove at Ilam; what is it?

A: They flow underground (except

when in spate)

Q67: Which post did JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, hold at the outbreak of World War Two?

A: Ambassador to Great Britain

Q68: Which US President ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and


A: Harry Trueman

Q69: Which playwright wrote “Barefoot in the Park” and “The odd couple”?

A: Neil Simon

Q70: Which fashion designer created Madonna’s famous conical bra?

A: Jean Paul Gaultier

Q71: Which country’s parliament is called the Storting?

A: Norway

Q72: In which country did the sport Polo originate?

A: Iran (Persia)

Q73: Parsley belongs to which family of plants?

A: the Carrot family (Apiaceae)

Q74: Which artery supplies the kidney with blood?

A: The Renal Artery

Q75: In the Bible which King of Babylon saw his own death prophesied?

A: Belshazzar

Q76: In the ABBA song supertrooper where did the singer call from?

A: Glasgow

Q77: Which artist has an exhibition of new landscapes at the Royal Academy of Arts in


A: David Hockney

Q78: What was the name of the cruise liner which ran aground and sank off the coast of

Italy on January the 14th?

A: Costa Concordia

Q79: When were the Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck?

A: 1976

Q80: Lager is a very popular drink which originated in the German speaking areas of

Europe. What does the word mean in german?

A: Store or storage

Q81: Which part of the gut absorbs water from food?

A: The colon

Q82: What did social reformer George Williams found in 1844?


Q83: Who wrote the Rolling Stones first top twenty hit “I wanna be your man”?

A: Lennon and Mcartney

Q84: What was the German codeword for the invasion of Russia in June 1941?

A: Barbarossa

Q85: Who is the patron saint of fishermen?

A: St Peter

Q86: Who is the patron saint of carpenters?

A: St Joseph

Q87: What illness is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus?

A: Glandular fever

Q88: Odynophobia is the fear of what?

A: Pain

Q89: Thierry Henry scored a goal for Arsenal on his return to the club last week.

In what year did he play his last game for them prior to leaving.

A: 2007

Q90: How is the German Mastiff better known?

A: Great Dane

Q91: On a London underground map what line is coloured green?

A: District line

Q92: In which country is the city of Aleppo?

A: Syria

Q93: What railway terminus would you arrive at if you caught a direct service

From Norwich to London?

A: Liverpool Street

Q94: Who presents the TV series “Great British Railway Journeys” currently on

Its third series.

A: Michael Portill

Q95: Name a year in the life of John Milton?

A: 1608-1674

Q96: Who surveyed the route of the Macclesfield canal?

A: Thomas Telford


1: What is the capital of the Canadian province of Saskstchewan?

A: Regina

2: Which country has the only land border with the Dominion Republic?

A: Haiti

3: Who starred as Richard Hannay in the 1959 remake of “The 39 steps”?

A: Kenneth More

4. Who invented the Polaroid camera in 1947?

A: Edwin Land


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q4. The official colour of a Victoria Cross ribbon is crimson, not purple.
M.O.D. site -

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Dave T said...

The United Arab Republic was a sovereign union between Egypt and Syria, not Sudan (History round).

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Dave T said...

Whoops - that should have been after another set of questions!

11:03 AM  
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