Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Questions–Last Game of the Season


Quiz questions for March 22nd 2011

Set By

The Weaver

Vetted by: Waters Green Phoenix and Harrington ‘B’

Specialist Rounds are :



Kids Stuff


Arts and Entertainment

Bird Brains


Second Chance


Q1 What is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta ?

A1 Edmonton

Q2 What is the capital of the Caribbean island of Trinidad ?

A2 Port of Spain

Q3 The Great Dividing Range is a range of mountains in which country ?

A3 Australia

Q4 What is the highest “peak” in the Peak District National Park ?

A4 Kinder Scout

Q5 The national flag of which African country bears a close resemblance to the “Stars and Stripes” of the USA, i.e. narrow horizontal stripes of red and white but with only one white star on the blue square in the upper left corner ?

A5 Liberia

Q6 The national flag of which African country bears an image of an open book, a farming/gardening hoe and a Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifle ?

A6 Mozambique

Q7 In honour of the founder of the Meteorological Office the shipping forecast area formerly known as Finisterre is now named what ?

A7 Fitzroy (Robert Fitzroy)

Q8 In honour of a certain literary character the main island in the Juan Fernandez group was renamed what by the Chilean government in 1966 ?

A8 Robinson Crusoe Island

Supplementary Questions

Q9 A world heritage site and known as Rapa Nui to its native inhabitants, how is this island better known ?

A9 Easter Island

Q10 What percentage of the world's land area does the continent of Asia cover ?

A10 30% (Accept 25% - 35 %)

Q11 Hoosier is the nickname of people from which U.S. state ?

A11 Indiana

Q12 Mt. Erebus is the worlds southernmost active volcano – on which continent is it located ?

A12 Antarctica


Q1 What drug is named after the Greek god of dreams ?

A1 Morphine (after Morpheus)

Q2 What name is given to frozen ground that has remained below 0º degrees Celsius for more than two years ?

A2 Permafrost

Q3 What is the only chemical element to be named after a location in the U.K. ?

A3 Strontium (after Strontian, a village in Scotland where first discovered)

Q4 Along with Sir Patrick Moore and Moore's Sky at Night co-presenter Chris Lintott, which musician co-wrote “Bang! - The Complete History of the Universe” ?

A4 Brian May

Q5 In kilometres per second, what is the speed of light (in a vacuum) ?

A5 Approx 300,000 (accept 295,000 – 305,000) (299,792.458 exact)

Q6 What isotope of carbon is used for dating fossils ?

A6 14 (Carbon 14)

Q7 What is the atomic number of Oxygen ?

A7 Eight

Q8 What is the only chemical element to be named after a state of the U.S.A ?

A8 Californium

Supplementary Questions

Q9 For what does the letter “A” stand in the infection MRSA ?

A9 Aureus (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)

Q10 What is the only bone in the human body that does not articulate with any other bone ?

A10 Hyoid bone

Q11 What is the longest muscle in the human body ?

A11 Sartorius Muscle

Q12 In kilometres, what is the Earth's circumference at the equator ?

A12 40,075.02 (accept 38,000 – 42,000)



Q1 On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live ?

A1 Scatterbrook Farm

Q2 What is the name of Dennis the Menace's pet pig ?

A2 Rasher

Q3 In which U.S. state is the Wizard of Oz set ?

A3 Kansas

Q4 Who, aged 9 years 8 months, is the youngest person to reach No. 1 in the U.K. Singles chart ?

A4 Little Jimmy Osmond (Long haired lover from Liverpool)

Q5 Who is the arch enemy of Dangermouse ?

A5 Baron Silas Greenback

Q6 In the Thunderbirds TV series what is Lady Penelope's surname ?

A6 Creighton-Ward

Q7 What is the name of Bob the Builders cat ?

A7 Pilchard

Q8 Who is the driver of Ivor the Engine ?

A8 Jones the Steam

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Who is the author of the Mary Poppins stories ?

A9 P.L. Travers

Q10 An arctophilist is a person with an interest in collecting what ?

A10 Teddy Bears

Q11 Which actor provides the voice of the baby in the movie “Look Who's Talking” ?

A11 Bruce Willis

Q12 What message does the note carry that is attached to the coat of Paddington Bear when he is found at the railway station ?

A12 Please look after this bear. Thank you.


Q1 To what event of 1649 did Oliver Cromwell refer to as being “a cruel necessity” ?

A1 Execution of Charles I

Q2 The Mappa Mundi, the medieval map of the world held at Hereford Cathedral, shows which city at the centre of the world ?

A2 Jerusalem

Q3 Who replaced Charles de Gaulle after his resignation as President of France in 1969 ?

A3 Georges Pompidou

Q4 Who was Elizabeth II's first Prime Minister ?

A4 Winston Churchill

Q5 Alexander the Great was king of which ancient kingdom ?

A5 Macedonia (or Macedon)

Q6 Gustavus Adolphus was a famous warrior king of which country ?

A6 Sweden

Q7 Which London borough takes its name from that of the Yorkshire Earldom held by Henry VII of England ?

A7 Richmond

Q8 Lollard was the name given to the followers of which 14th century English theologian ?

A8 John Wycliffe

Supplementary Questions

Q9 King Zog, deposed in 1939, was the last king of which country ?

A9 Albania

Q10 Nowadays a common feature of most newspapers, what appeared for the first time ever in the New York World on 21st December 1913 ?

A10 Crossword

Q11 How old was Elizabeth I when she became Queen of England ?

A11 25 (accept 24 – 26)

Q12 Who sculpted the statue of Nelson that stands atop of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square ?

A12 Edward Hodges Baily (sometimes misspelt Bailey)



Q1 Which British director won the Best Director Oscar for his work with “The King's Speech” at the recent Oscar ceremony ?

A1 Tom Hooper

Q2 For her work with “The Hurt Locker”, who last year became the only female winner of the Best Director Oscar ?

A2 Kathryn Bigelow

Q3 Frederick Forsythe took the title for his novel “The Dogs of War” from which of Shakespeare's plays ?

A3 Julius Caesar (Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war)

Q4 In Rembrandt's group portrait of 1632 Dr. Tulp is giving a lesson on what subject ?

A4 Anatomy (The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp)

Q5 “30 Odd Foot of Grunts” and “The Ordinary Fear of God” are or were both bands formed by which Oscar winning actor ? He also sang lead vocals and played guitar in both.

A5 Russell Crowe

Q6 “Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea! Err...” is the final line from which cult movie of 1969 ?

A6 The Italian Job

Q7 What is the title of the work by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein that depicts a fighter aircraft firing a rocket into an enemy plane, with a red and yellow explosion feature surrounding it ? It is to be found in the Tate Modern.

A7 Whaam

Q8 “Be afraid, be very afraid” is a phrase that originates in which horror movie of 1986 – also used as the movie tagline ?

A8 The Fly

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Derek William Dick, better known as “Fish”, was the original lead singer with which rock group ?

A9 Marillion

Q10 Hugo Drax is the villain in which James Bond movie ?

A10 Moonraker

Q11 Anna Leonowens is the principal female character in which musical ?

A11 The King and I

Q12 A hairstyle, a fish, and David Jason's (Jack Frost's) boss in the TV series “A Touch of Frost” all share what name ?

A12 Mullet (Supt. Norman Mullet – Frost's boss)

Q13 After whose daughter was the pirate radio station Radio Caroline named ?

A13 John F. Kennedy


In each case the answer will be, or contain, the name of a species of bird. e.g. “She transformed nursing practice in the 19th Century” would give you Florence Nightingale

Q1 What is the national bird and symbol of the U.S.A. ?

A1 Bald Eagle (full name required)

Q2 At cricket, getting out to the first ball received

A2 Golden Duck (full name required)

Q3 Name of the General Secretary of the R.M.T trade union

A3 Bob Crow

Q4 The first person to be awarded a posthumous Best Actor Oscar

A4 Peter Finch

Q5 At Ten Pin Bowling the name given to three strikes in a row

A5 Turkey

Q6 Name of the group that had a U.K. No. 1 hit with “Caravan of Love” in 1986

A6 Housemartins

Q7 Uncomplimentary nickname given to Billy Bunter by his schoolmates

A7 Fat Owl of the Remove (accept Fat Owl)

Q8 Peter Sellers communist shop steward character in the 1959 movie “I'm Alright Jack”

A8 Fred Kite

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Nowadays a phrase used to describe an informer, originally meaning a person used as a decoy to entice criminals into a trap

A9 Stool Pigeon

Q10 Former Manchester City and England goalkeeper who died in the Munich disaster

A10 Frank Swift

Q11 ITV's answer to BBC TV's “Blue Peter” series in the 1970's

A11 Magpie

Q12 Jodie Foster's character name in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”

A12 Clarice Starling


Q1 In a recent football match in Argentina (26th Feb) the referee broke the world record for the number of red cards shown in a single game – how many was it ?

A1 36 (accept 35 – 37) (He sent off all 22 players, all the subs, and the coaching staff of both teams)

Q2 How many fences must the winning horse clear to win the Aintree Grand National ?

A2 30 (there are 16 fences to a circuit, the water jump and the Chair are omitted on the second circuit)

Q3 Brian McDermott is the current coach of which Rugby League superleague side ?

A3 Leeds Rhinos

Q4 Which Rugby League superleague side currently play at the Racecourse Ground, Wrexham ?

A4 Crusaders (Formerly Celtic Crusaders)

Q5 Which Formula One driver was seriously injured when crashing during a rally in Italy in early February ?

Q5 Robert Kubica

Q6 In what sport do the Manchester Phoenix compete ?

A6 Ice Hockey

Q7 Who was the first black winner of a Wimbledon singles title ?

A7 Althea Gibson (Ladies singles 1957)

Q8 Winner of the Olympic 3,000m steeplechase in Melbourne in 1956, who co-founded the London marathon in 1981 ?

A8 Christopher Brasher

Supplementary Questions

Q9 In what year were ball girls introduced at Wimbledon ?

A9 1977 (accept 1975 – 1979) (not on centre court until 1988)

Q10 Who immediately preceded Arsene Wenger as manager of Arsenal FC ?

A10 Bruce Rioch

Q11 Which international cricket team are nicknamed “The Black Caps” ?

A11 New Zealand

Q12 Scrummies are Rugby's version of what at football ?

A12 Wags


In this round you just have to say who or what comes second in a particular sequence or event etc.

Q1 After Greenland, what is the world's next largest island ?

A1 New Guinea

Q2 After the Thames, what is the next longest river totally in England ?

A2 Trent

Q3 Who was the second athlete after Roger Bannister to break the “four minute mile” barrier ?

A3 John Landy (21st June 1954) (Bannister 6th May 1954)

Q4 Providing the winner on 17 occasions, athletics has provided the most winners of BBC TV's “Sports Personality of the Year” award. With winners on six occasions which sport comes next ?

A4 Motor Racing

Q5 What is the sub-title of the second “Star Trek” movie ?

A5 The Wrath of Khan

Q6 What is the sub-title of the second Harry Potter movie ?

A6 The Chamber of Secrets

Q7 What is the second event in the Men's Decathlon ?

A7 Long Jump

Q8 Following Athens in 1896, in which city were the second modern Olympic Games held ?

A8 Paris

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Who was the second President of the U.S.A. ?

A9 John Adams

Q10 What is the second element in the periodic table ?

A10 Helium

Q11 Who was the second footballer to win 100 England caps ?

A11 Bobby Charlton

Q12 Sudan, currently, is the largest country in Africa. Which country is next largest ?

A12 Algeria


Q1 As a means of communication, which creatures perform a “Waggle Dance” ?

A1 Bees (Honey bees precisely, accept bees)

Q2 What does a GRAMINIVOROUS creature live on ?

A2 Grass

Q3 Who is the patron saint of Spain ?

A3 St. James

Q4 Who is the patron saint of Germany ?

A4 St. Boniface

Q5 Arkansas is one of the two states of the U.S.A. having a name ending with a silent “S” - what is the other ?

A5 Illinois

Q6 Rome and Riga are two of the three European capital cities having a name that begins with “R” - what is the other ?

A6 Reykjavik

Q7 How is the “Dishcloth Gourd” better known ?

A7 Loofah

Q8 In Australia what sort of creature is a BRUMBY ?

A8 Wild horse (Accept horse)

Q9 On the BT telephone system what service is provided via the number 123 ?

A9 Speaking clock

Q10 How many gold stars are there on the flag of the European Union ?

A10 Twelve

Q11 Fat Bastard, Foxxy Cleopatra and Felicity Shagwell are all characters in which movie series ?

A11 Austin Powers

Q12 What type of Reliant vehicle was used by the Trotters in the sit-com “Only Fools and Horses” ?

A12 Regal Supervan (accept Regal – but do NOT accept Robin!)

Q13 Who became acting leader of the Labour party when John Smith died suddenly in 1994 ?

A13 Margaret Beckett

Q14 On which island is John Smith buried ?

A14 Iona

Q15 What common name is given to a white mark seen on the forehead of some animals, especially horses ?

A15 Blaze

Q16 What name is given to the seed pods of the Ash tree ?

A16 Keys

Q17 Who is the current (as of 17 March 2011) secretary of state for communities and local government ?

A17 Eric Pickles

Q18 In the U.K. what name is given to those members of the House of Lords that are not aligned to any particular party ?

A18 Crossbenchers

Q19 What colour is the kernel of a pistachio nut ?

A19 Green

Q20 Taekwondo is a martial art from which country ?

A20 South Korea (accept Korea)

Q21 In the British Army at the start of the 18th Century what was replaced by the bayonet as a weapon of war ?

A21 Pike

Q22 For what does the letter “C” stand in the name of the civil engineering equipment maker JCB ?

A22 Cyril (from the name of the founder of the company Joseph Cyril Bamford)

Q23 Various designs have been used on the reverse side of the U.K. £1 coin. What plant is featured on the issue representing Northern Ireland ?

A23 Flax

Q24 On what date do the French celebrate Bastille Day ?

A24 14th July

Q25 On what date does her majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrate her actual birthday ?

A25 21st April

Q26 In the U.K. what sport is governed by the B.H.A ?

A26 Horseracing (British Horseracing Authority)

Q27 As in the fashion label DKNY, for what does the letter “K” stand ?

A27 Karan (Donna Karan New York in full)

Q28 LOINER is the name given to natives of which city ?

A28 Leeds

Q29 What name is given to natives of the city of Sydney ?

A29 Sydneysiders

Q30 Of which actress was it once said “She did everything her co-star did but backwards and in high heels” ?

A30 Ginger Rogers (when dancing with Fred Astaire)

Q31 What is the Latin legal term that means literally “You may have the body” ?

A31 Habeus Corpus

Q32 Seen on £1 coins the Latin phrase “Decus et Tutamen” translates to what ?

A32 An ornament and a safeguard

Q33 Which motor vehicle maker uses the slogan “Feel the Difference”

A33 Ford

Q34 When does pneumonia become double pneumonia ?

A34 When both lungs are affected

Q35 What is the literal translation of the Japanese word Tsunami ?

A35 Harbour Wave

Q36 CH is the internet domain abbreviation for which country ?

A36 Switzerland

Q37 The DAX is one of the main stock market indices in which country ?

A37 Germany

Q38 In “Pride and Prejudice” what is Mr. Darcy's first name ?

A38 Fitzwilliam

Q39 In the TV sitcom “Are You being Served” what is Capt. Peacocks first name ?

A39 Stephen

Q40 Honshu, Hokkaido, and Kyushu are three of the four main islands of Japan. What is the fourth ?

A40 Shikoku

Q41 Who is the lead vocalist and keyboard player with “The Killers” ?

A41 Brandon Flowers

Q42 With some 4,000 lines, which of Shakespeare's plays is the longest ?

A42 Hamlet

Q43 Which country has the “baht” as its currency ?

A43 Thailand

Q44 Which politician published his memoirs last summer under the title of “The Third Man”

A44 Peter Mandelson

Q45 In 2009, who replaced Terry Wogan as BBC TV's regular presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest finals broadcast ?

A45 Graham Norton

Q46 In agricultural terms what would you be doing if you were “Tedding” ?

A46 Turning hay to assist the drying process in the field

Q47 In World War II what was operation Dynamo ?

A47 The evacuation from Dunkirk

Q48 In which U.S. city was the 1982 Sci-Fi movie “Blade Runner” set ?

A48 Los Angeles

Q49 What is the name of the disabled athlete nicknamed “The Blade Runner” ?

A49 Oscar Pistorius

Q50 A food dish labelled “À La Crécy” will be garnished with which vegetable ?

A50 Carrot

Q51 How many seats did the Tory party win in last years general election ?

A51 307 (accept 302 – 312)

Q52 Complete the following quote, attributed to Samuel Goldwyn, “A verbal contract isn't worth …........” ?

A52 The paper it's written on

Q53 “Weegies” is a slang term used to describe natives of which city ?

A53 Glasgow

Q54 How many standard bottles of champagne are there in a Jereboam ?

A54 Four

Q55 How many standard bottles of champagne are there in a Nebuchadnezzar ?

A55 Twenty

Q56 In the world of antiques and collectables “TREEN” is a generic name for small handmade functional objects made from what material ?

A56 Wood (from Old English TREOWEN from TREOW = Tree)

Q57 Which darts player, due to his resemblance to Dracula is nicknamed “The Count” ?

A57 Ted Hankey

Q58 Which snooker player (now retired) again from his facial features was nicknamed Dracula ?

A58 Ray Reardon

Q59 In which U.S. city is the TV series “The Wire” set ?

A59 Baltimore

Q60 What style of Chinese food preparation literally translates as “Fork Roasted” or “Fork Burnt” ?

A60 Char siu

Q61 In Japan the “Yakuza” is equivalent to what in the western world ?

A61 The Mafia

Q62 In World War II what was operation “Chastise” ?

A62 The Dambusters Raid

Q63 What name is given to the alleged sport of making parachute descents from tall buildings or clifftops ?

A63 Base jumping

Q64 What female first name is also an Old English name for the Song Thrush ?

A64 Mavis

Q65 In which organ of the body is bile stored ?

A65 Gall Bladder

Q66 Where in the body would you find the semi-circular canals ?

A66 Ear

Q67 Somewhat ironically, which singer's first U.K. chart success was with a song entitled “I Love My Dog” in 1966?

A67 Cat Stevens

Q68 Named by Time Magazine as “Person of the Year” in 2010 who is the co-founder, CEO, and president of the social networking site “Facebook” ?

A68 Mark Zuckerberg

Q69 Which forest is the setting for Shakespeare's play “As You Like It” ?

A69 Forest of Arden

Q70 Its name nowadays used as a slang for any prison, what was the name of the notorious medieval prison located in Southwark, London ?

A70 The Clink

Q71 Name either of the Trade Unions that amalgamated in 2007 to form Unite, which is now the U.K's largest trade union ?

A71 Amicus and TGWU (Transport and General Workers)

Q72 From which town in Kent does the proverbially angry letter writer that signs himself (or herself) “Disgusted” come ?

A72 Tunbridge Wells

Q73 Libya, between the years 1911 – 1951, was a colony of which European country ?

A73 Italy (between 1943 - 1951 was under Allied occupation)

Q74 Who is the current secretary of state for Work and Pensions (as at 17 March 2011)

A74 Iain Duncan-Smith

Q75 Which former M.P. wrote the novel “A Parliamentary Affair” ?

A75 Edwina Currie

Q76 Which author created Dr. Finlay ?

A76 A.J. Cronin

Q77 Which author created Dr. Dolittle ?

A77 Hugh Lofting

Q78 What is the alternative name for both the Manatee and the Dugong ?

A78 Sea Cow

Q79 What type of creature is a Porbeagle ?

A79 Shark

Q80 Which fictional character has a butler named Alfred Pennyworth ?

A80 Batman

Q81 In the TV series “The Simpsons” who is the mayor of Springfield ?

A81 Diamond Joe Quimby

Q82 “The Hatikvah” is the name of the national anthem of which country ?

A82 Israel

Q83 What type of boat takes its name from the Old Dutch for hunt or chase ?

A83 Yacht

Q84 What type of cake or pastry takes its name from the French for lightning ?

A84 Éclair

Q85 In sound reproduction systems what name is given to loudspeakers that produce high frequencies ?

A85 Tweeters

Q86 SINGULTUS is the medical name for what condition ?

A86 Hiccups

Q87 What is the name of the metal tag found on the end of shoelaces ?

A87 Aglet

Q88 Which opera did Puccini leave unfinished at the time of his death ?

A88 Turandot

Q89 What name was given to the institute of learning and philosophy set up by Plato in approx. 385 BC just north of Athens ?

A89 The Academy

Q90 Where in the U.K. would you find the Sperrin Mountains ?

A90 Northern Ireland

Q91 “The Order of Merit” is limited to how many living recipients ?

A91 24

Q92 In most cases what is the highest Court of Appeal in the UK (as from 1st Oct 2009)

A92 The Supreme Court

Q93 GE is the internet domain abbreviation for which country ?

A93 Georgia

Q94 Which popular game was invented by American architect Alfred Butts in 1938 ?

A94 Scrabble

Q95 Omaha is the largest city in which U.S. state ?

A95 Nebraska

Q96 Newark is the largest city in which U.S. state ?

A96 New Jersey

Supplementary Questions

Q1 Though often misquoted the line “You played it for her, you can play it for me” comes from which 1942 film ?

A1 Casablanca (misquoted as “Play it again Sam”)

Q2 A “Dorgi” is a cross between a Corgi and what other breed of dog ?

A2 Dachshund

Q3 Who has made the most appearances on Jackanory ?

A3 Bernard Cribbins (114 appearances)

Q4 What name is given to a female donkey ?

A4 Jenny

Q5 Minsk is the capital of which country ?

A5 Belarus

Q6 In which European city would you find the Van Gogh museum ?

A6 Amsterdam

Q7 Who was the first British recipient of the Nobel prize for literature in 1906 ?

A7 Rudyard Kipling

Q8 What name is given to the hollow in the bottom of a wine bottle ?

A8 Punt

Q9 What name is given to the hollow in a house brick ?

A9 Frog

Q10 With which ballet company was Rudolf Nureyev the leading male dancer when he defected to the West in 1961 ?

A10 Kirov


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