Friday, March 11, 2011

8th March Questions


Specialist questions set by The Albion

Vetted by the Ox-fford ‘C’










  1. What was the name of the first permanent English settlement in North America?
    Answer: Jamestown, Virginia
  2. The Defenestration of Prague in 1618 precipitated which European conflict?
    Answer: The Thirty Years War
  3. What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship which left Plymouth in 1768 on his first expedition to the Pacific and Australasia?
    Answer: The Endeavour
  4. The Battles of Lexington and Concord were fought during which war?
    Answer: The American War of Independence
  5. In which city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
    Answer: Sarajevo
  6. At which monument in Washington did Martin Luther King make his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963?
    Answer: The Lincoln Memorial
  7. Who was convicted for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 1968?
    Answer: Sirhan Sirhan
  8. Who was the Mayor of New York at the time of the 9/11 attacks?
    Answer: Rudolph Giuliani
  9. In which Russian town were Tsar Nicholas II and his family killed in 1918?
    Answer: Ekaterinburg
  10. What was the name of the Russian secret police force which was set up by the Bolsheviks in 1917?
    Answer: The Cheka


  1. In which European City is the famed Arch of Hadrian ?
    Answer: Athens
  2. What is the longest mountain range on the land surface of the world?
    Answer: The Andes
  3. Which US state has the longest border with Canada?
    Answer: Alaska
  4. What island group provides the sheltered port of Scapa Flow?
    Answer: The Orkneys
  5. What mountain range is Ben Nevis in?
    Answer: The Grampians
  6. In which country are the Southern Alps?
    Answer: New Zealand
  7. What’s the capital of Ecuador?
    Answer: Quito
  8. Alaska is the largest US state, but which is the second largest by area?
    Answer: Texas
  9. Which legendary figure gave his name to a bay between Whitby and Scarborough?
    Answer: Robin Hood
  10. What colour is the name of the sea separating Shanghai from Korea?
    Answer: Yellow


  1. In which Bond film do the characters Solitaire and Tee Hee Johnson appear?
    Answer: Live and Let Die
  2. What was Ursula Andress’s character’s name in Dr No?
    Answer: honey Ryder
  3. The band Beady Eye was formed by most of the members of which other band, who split up in 2009?
    Answer: Oasis
  4. Which singer recently released the chart-topping album Loud and won the best international female award at last month’s Brits?
    Answer: Rihanna
  5. Who wrote a volume of poems entitled A Shropshire Lad?
    Answer: A E Housman
  6. What village does Miss Marple live in?
    Answer: St Mary Mead
  7. Danielle Hope made her first appearance at the London Palladium last week in what role?
    Answer: Dorothy (in Lloyd Webber’s Wizard of Oz, having won a TV talent show)
  8. Which musical features the songs Castle in the Clouds and Do you Hear the People Sing?
    Answer: Les Miserables
  9. Which novel is narrated by Charles Ryder?
    Answer: Brideshead Revisited
  10. Who played Auric Goldfinger in the film Goldfinger?
    Answer: Gert Frobe


  1. In China, gunpowder is a popularly variety of what?
    Answer: It is a variety of tea
  2. Which American city was once the home of four of the world’s largest breweries although only one, at Miller Valley, still remains?
    Answer: Milwaukee
  3. In which country is the wine making region of Hawkes Bay
    Answer: New Zealand
  4. Calamari en su tinta is squid is cooked how?
    Answer: In its own ink

  1. Which cut of meat is used to make Beef Wellington?
    Answer: The fillet
  1. What is muktuk?
    Answer: The skin and blubber of a whale eaten by Eskimos (accept whale meat)
  1. What was the Christian name of the frozen food magnate Mr Birdseye?
    Answer: Clarence
  1. In which country was margarine invented
    Answer: France
  1. How is fish prepared for the dish ceviche?
    Answer: by marinating it in lemon or lime juice (it is not cooked at all)
  1. Malmsey is a variety of which fortified wine?
    Answer: Madeira


1. What official number Olympiad will London`s Olympic Games be in 2012?
Answer: XXX (30) (They are sequentially numbered every 4 years since 1896 whether cancelled or not)

2. After which sporting hero was Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton named?
Answer: Carl Lewis (both names required)

3. How many successive pots must a snooker player make to score a 147 break?
Answer: 36

4. In golf, what does a stimpmeter measure?
Answer: The pace of the greens

5. Which English football league club is known as the Mariners?
Answer: Grimsby Town

6. What is the maximum number of horses allowed to run in the Grand National?
Answer: 40

7. Which animal is South African rugby union player Bryan Habana often compared to?
Answer: A cheetah

8. At which sporting venue would you find The Nursery End and the Warner Stand?
Answer: Lords cricket ground

9. Which football club did Sir Matt Busby sign for at the age of 17?
Answer: Manchester City

10. In what sport do players take long and short corners?
Answer: Hockey


1. What type of creature is a bonobo?
Answer: A chimpanzee

2. Which member of the monitor lizard family is the largest species of lizard in the world?
Answer: the Komodo dragon

3. What is the largest bird of prey in the world?
Answer: the (Andean) condor

4. In which country would you find the Chitwan National Park?
Answer: Nepal

5. Which country has the largest population of cheetah in the world?
Answer: Namibia

6. Which endangered animal can mainly be found living in the wild in the mountains of central China , especially Sichuan?
Answer: the Giant Panda

7. In which country would you visit Kruger National Park?
Answer: South Africa

8. Species of what creature include golden, side-striped and black-backed?
Answer: the jackal


9. What type of creature is an eland?
Answer: an antelope

10. The Amazon river dolphin has an alternative name relating to its usual colour - what colour is it?
Answer: Pink (it is known as the pink river dolphin)


  1. What word, from the same root as its antonym haemorrhage , refers to the stoppage of bleeding in an organ?
    Answer: Haemostasis
  2. What substance, invented in 1907, was a mixture of carbolic acid and formaldehyde and was considered to be the first plastic?
    Answer : Bakelite
  3. Name either of the elements that make up the alloy pinchbeck.
    Answer : Copper or zinc
  4. What astronomical feature is a persistent anticyclonic storm, first observed around 300 years ago?
    Answer : Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
  5. In what area of the body would you find the hyoid bone?
    Answer: The throat (it is an anchoring structure for the tongue – accept neck or jaw)
  6. What is the chemical formula for sulphuric acid?
    Answer : H2SO4
  7. The pascaline, invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century was an early type of which type of machine?
    Answer: Mechanical calculator
  8. What name is given to a fracture of the bone of a child in which the bone is partly bent and splinters only on the side of the bend?
    Answer: Greenstick fracture
  10. Which acid is also known as phenol?
    Answer: Carbolic acid
  11. Which number is expressed in binary format as 100010?

Answer : 34


1. The grave of Prince Llewelyn the Great’s faithful dog gives its name to which Snowdonia village?
Answer: Beddgelert

2. Which breed of dog takes its name from a character in Sir Walter Scott's novel Guy Mannering?

Answer: Dandie Dinmont

3. Which TV series has featured dogs called Poochie, Fido and Officer Sniffy?

Answer: The Simpsons

4. Which dog sometimes works as a consultant for The Pointy Haired Boss?
Answer: Dogbert (in the Dilbert comic strip)

5. Which Whitbread award winning book begins: ‘It was seven minutes after midnight. The dog was lying on the grass in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs Shears’ house’?
Answer: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

6. Name the vicious bull terrier belonging to Bill Sikes in Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist.
Answer: Bullseye

7. In the Asterix cartoons, name the dog that belongs to Obelix.
Answer: Dogmatix

8. Which band’s second album was entitled The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse?
Answer: The Bonzo Dog Band (they had dropped the Doo-Dah by this stage)


9. Who owned Rinka, the Great Dane shot to death on Exmoor in 1975?

Answer: Norman Scott (allegedly in a relationship with Jeremy Thorp)

10. Who was the most famous owner of a dog called K9?
Answer: Doctor Who



1. Who had a hit single in 1968 with “Captain of your ship” ?

A. Reparata and the Delrons

2. “Hang on Sloopy” was a hit in 1965 for which group ?

A. The McCoys

3. Which river flows into the sea at Whitby ?

A. The Esk

4. On which river does Leicester stand ?

A. The Soar

5. In which city in Cuba is Che Guevara’s final resting place, and mausoleum ?

A. Santa Clara

6. Who is the current President of Cuba ?

A. Raul Castro ( He took over from his brother Fidel in 2006)

7. Who won the Best Actress award at last weeks Oscar ceremony ?

A. Natalie Portman

8. Which film won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in last weeks ceremony ?

A. Toy Story 3

9. Which of the four US Presidents carved into Mount Rushmore is wearing spectacles ?

A. Roosevelt

10. Which US State is known as the Keystone State ?

A. Pennsylvania

11. Which English Monarch founded Eton College ?

A. Henry the sixth

12. In which century was Nostradamus born ?

A. Sixteenth (1503 - 1566)

13. Which horse won the 1973 Grand National in the then record time of 9 minutes and 19 seconds ?

A. Red Rum

14. How many hurdles are there in the men’s 110 metres ?

A. Ten

15. Which 1949 novel was originally to be called “The last man in Europe” ?

A. 1984 by George Orwell

16. Which Musical features the Lambeth walk ?

A. Me and My Girl

17. To the nearest whole number , how many times does the Moon orbit the Earth in a Year ?

A. Thirteen

18. What do Gibbons, Foxes and Swans have in common ?

A. They mate for life

19. Which city is the capital of the German state of Rhineland - Westphalia ?

A. Dusseldorf

20. In which Country is the city of Fes ?

A. Morocco

21. Who was forced by the Inquisition to recant his ideas in 1633 ?

A. Gallileo

22. Bernardo O’Higgins became the Dictator of which South American country in 1818 ?

A. Chile

23. Which Football club was the last to win the FA cup in the old Wembley Stadium ?

A. Chelsea

24.Who held the world men’s long jump record between 1935 and 1960 ?

A. Jesse Owens

25. What type of aircraft was a Short Sunderland ?

A. Flying Boat

26. What is the name of the effect of the Earths rotation, which causes air to be pulled clockwise

In the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere ?

A. The Coriolis force

27. What was the name of the Beach Boys album which was cancelled in 1967 and was remade

By Brian Wilson in 2004 and released to critical acclaim ?

A. Smile

28. Who wrote the novel Catch 22 ?

A. Joseph Heller

29. The mountain of Toubkal (4,167 metres) is the highest peak in which mountain range ?

A. The Atlas mountains

30. Which Country shares the longest border with Israel ?

A. Jordan

31. Which European country was placed under martial law in 1981 ?

A. Poland

32. Which controversial wedding took place in Tours, France on the third of June 1937 ?

A. The Duke of Windsor to Wallace Simpson

33. Who hosted a Television version of Trivial Pursuit ?

A. Rory McGrath

34. Which TV quiz show has a theme tune called Approaching Menace ?

A. Mastermind

35. How many players are there in a Volleyball team ?

A. Six

36. Who was the first player from outside the British Isles to win the Embassy World Snooker

Championship ?

A. Cliff Thorburn

37. Other than being comedians what achievement is shared by Billy Connolly, Benny Hill,

Des O’Connor, Frank Skinner and Ken Dodd ?

A. They have all had number one hit singles

38. Which author described World War One as “The war to end all wars” ?

A. H. G. Wells

39. Which mammal is responsible for the pollination of most bananas in the wild ?

A. Bats

40. What force is neutralised by the process of degaussing ?

A. Magnetism

41. Which famous German landmark was completed in 1791 and was intended as a sign of peace ?

A. The Brandenburg Gate (in Berlin)

42. Active mainly in Germany in the 1970’s, what was the Red Army Faction better known as ?

A. The Baader - Meinhof Gang

43. Which film company, established in 1984, is an offshoot of Disney and makes movies for adults ?

A. Touchstone Pictures

44. Which UK chain store shares its name with a Greek city ?

A. Argos

45. Name either Country to border Mexico to the South ?

A. Belize or Guatemala

46. In which African country is the seaport of Banana ?

A. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

47. For what is the Eighteenth century sailor Robert Jenkins best known ?

A. His ear was cut off, which together with other incidents started the War of Jenkins Ear between

England and Spain

48. Who was the British Monarch between 1702 and 1714 ?

A. Queen Anne

49. Which city hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics ?

A. Salt Lake City

50. In 1926 Gertrude Ederle become the first woman to do what feat ?

A. Swim across the English Channel

51. Who, in 1978 , became the first woman in the UK to have a No. 1 single with a self written song ?

A. Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights)

52. Which fictional detective was created by the American Earl Derr Biggers ?

A. Charlie Chan

53. What was first used in surgery in Britain by James Young Simpson in 1847 ?

A. Chloroform

54. The process of lachrymation produces what ?

A. Tears

55. Which musical instrument is associated with Artie Shaw ?

A. The clarinet

56. Who was the director of the film Gladiator ?

A. Ridley Scott

57. Which company makes the Lumix range of Digital cameras ?

A. Panasonic

58. Which company makes the Coolpix range of Digital cameras ?

A. Nikon

59. Which famous landmark would you see at Lake Havasu City, Arizona ?

A. London Bridge

60. Which Island in the Atlantic was evacuated because of volcanic activity in 1961 ?

A . Tristan da Cunha

61. Who was the British Foreign Minister from 1940 to 1945 ?

A. Anthony Eden

62. Who was Secretary of State for Defence from 1964 to 1970 and Chancellor of the

Exchequer from 1974 to 1979 ?

A. Denis Healey

63. The name of which weapon is derived from the Spanish for pomegranate ?

A. Grenade

64. What is the name given to the proposed high speed railway that will connect London to

the Midlands ?

A. High Speed 2 or HS2 (The new railway from London to the Channel Tunnel is High Speed 1)

65. What is the name given to the passenger train that runs between Toronto and Vancouver ?

A. The Canadian

66. Who designed and built the first successful steam railway locomotive in 1804 ?

A. Richard Trevithick

67. Which Country won the European Football Championship in 2004 ?

A. Greece

68. Which Football League club plays its home games at Ashton Gate ?

A. Bristol City

69. Which archaic imperial unit of measure is equivalent to 54 gallons ?

A. A Hogshead

70. What is measured in Siemens ?

A. Electrical conductance

71. Who won the last series of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” ?

A. Stacey Solomon

72. Which Country singer played the role of Le Boeuf in the 1969 film “True Grit” ?
A. Glen Campbell

73. Which British actor , born in 1922, holds the World record for 266 film performances ?

A. Chistopher Lee

74. Becky Sharp is a character in which famous novel ?

A. Vanity Fair

75. Who is the current Secretary of state for Education ?

A. Michael Gove

76. Which European countries parliament is called the Boule or Vouli ?

A. Greece

77. What, in the animal kingdom, is a Kelt ?

A. A salmon ( one that has recently spawned and is not in good condition )

78. Which substance takes its name from the Greek for not flammable ?

A. Asbestos

79. Which New Testament figure was the son of Elizabeth and Zachariah ?

A. John The Baptist

80. Which Biblical King was the son of David and Bathsheba ?

A. Solomon

81. Which river is formed by the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates ?

A. The Shatt-al-Arab

82. Which sea lies between Sardinia and mainland Italy ?

A. The Tyrrhenian Sea

83. Which author is best known for the Inspector Rebus stories ?

A. Ian Rankin

84. Which Hollywood actress was married to Orson Welles between 1943 and 1946 ?

A. Rita Hayworth

85. Who won a Boxing Gold Medal in the Super Heavyweight division at the 2000 Olympics ?

A. Audley Harrison

86. In which sport was Britain’s David Byrant a leading competitor in the 1970’s and 80’s ?

A. Bowls

87. Why is the 20th of July 1944 a significant date in the Second World War ?

A. The attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler

88. Who was the fourth wife of Henry the Eight ?

A. Anne of Cleves

89. Who composed the music for the opera “The Rakes Progress” ?

A. Stravinsky

90. The stage musical “The Jersey Boys” is based on the lives of the members of which pop group ?

A. The Four Seasons

91. Which alcoholic drink is used to make a Margarita ?

A. Tequilla

92. A Methuselah contains how many litres of Champagne ?

A. Six Litres ( Accept 8 bottles )

93. What is the second highest mountain in the British Isles ?

A. Ben Macdui

94. In which European country is the Salzkammergut area ?

A. Austria

95. Which Soviet leader died in November 1982 ?

A. Leonid Brezhnev

96. In Greek Mythology who was the first woman ?

A. Pandora


1. Which song contains the line “Use your mentality, wake up to reality” ?

A. I’ve got you under my skin

2. In which Italian region is the city of Florence ?

A. Tuscany

3. What is the Birthstone for April ?

A. Diamond

4. Who was the Foreign Minister for the Soviet Union during World War Two ?

A. Vyacheslav Molotov

5. Who is the current Manager of Wigan Athletic Football Club ?

A. Roberto Martinez


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