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Specialist Questions


1. History

2. Science

3. Geography

4. You’re Nicked – whoever you are…

(Picture Round)

5. Sport

6. Arts & Entertainment

7. Irritable Vowel Syndrome

8. Movie Dingbats (Picture Round)

Set by: Ox-fford





Who did not seek re-election as Austrian President in 1991 after revelations about his activities in World War II?

Kurt Waldheim


Which governor of Sumatra was responsible for the founding of Singapore?

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles


What was the name of the socialist movement which carried out the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1979?



Who was President of Zimbabwe before Robert Mugabe, serving in the office between 1980 and 1987?

Canaan Banana


Which 20th Century US President shared a surname with a British Prime Minister?

Woodrow Wilson

(PM = Harold)


Who is credited with the quote “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”?

US President Harry S Truman


Where did the ‘Gang of Four’ seize power in 1976?



Which dictator was deposed in Cambodia in 1979?

Pol Pot


In which war was the battle of Marston Moor?

English Civil War


Name the battle in Ireland at which William of Orange defeated James II.

The Battle Of the Boyne





What does a limnologist study?



D2O is the molecular formula for what?

Heavy Water (Deuterium oxide)


What is the most common element in the human body?


(25%, followed by Carbon – 10%)


Which bone in the human leg is named after the Greek and Latin words for a type of flute?


(Greek – Aulos,

Latin – Tibia)


What was launched by the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery in April 1990, and is due for replacement in 2014?

Hubble Space Telescope


What does the letter ‘D’ stand for in RADAR?


(Radio Detection and Ranging)


Which physician gave his name to the disease of Paralysis Agitans in the nineteenth century?

James Parkinson


The study of oncogenes is crucial in the treatment of which disease?



What is the common name for the cluster of stars called The Pleiades?

The Seven Sisters


What metal is derived from Bauxite?





The Negev Desert lies mainly in which country?



Which country lies due North of Uruguay?



In which US state would you find the lowest point of the Western hemisphere?


(Death Valley)


On which river is the Aswan Dam?



In which London square is the American Embassy situated?

Grosvenor Square


Which city is known to Afrikaners as Kaapstad?

Cape Town


Tbilisi is the capital of which country?



In which country would you find the city of Bochum?



Which British river has the longest single span suspension bridge in the world?



In which country is the Serengeti Game Reserve?


You’re Nicked – whoever you are…

This is a picture round, and all you have to do is identify the well known person from the following police mugshots taken when they foolish enough to be arrested at some point in their careers.

Note to QMs – There are 2 copies of each picture. Please give a copy to each team at the same time.























James Brown (arrested for domestic assault in January 2004 – and on numerous other occasions for various things over the years)


Jane Fonda (arrested in 1970 for kicking a police officer who was arresting her for a large amount of pills she had in her possession. Charges were dropped when it was determined that the pills were vitamins…)


Jennifer Capriati (arrested for possession of drugs in 1994 in the midst of her first ‘off the rails’ phase…)


Macaulay Culkin (arrested for possession of drugs in Oklahoma in 2004. He turned 30 in August this year, just to make you feel old...)


Al Pacino (arrested in 1961 for carrying a concealed weapon. Charges were dropped when he said he needed it for an acting job…)


Mickey Rourke (arrested for being under the influence of something or other as he failed to control his scooter in Miami Beach in 2007)


Frank Sinatra (The 23 yr old ‘Old Blue Eyes’ was arrested in New Jersey in 1938 on charges of ‘seduction and adultery’ which were later dropped. You’d need a lot more cells if those laws applied here…)


Steve McQueen (arrested for drink driving in Alaska in 1972. Well, what else is there to do in Alaska..?)


Nick Nolte (arrested in Malibu in 2002 for drink / drugs offences. They let him off the haircut and the shirt…)


Paris Hilton (during one of her many minor misdemeanours. Why has she never been arrested for being thicker than a whale omelette..?)



Which well known actor was arrested on 27 June 1995 near to Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles for committing “lewd conduct in a public place” with prostitute Divine Brown?

Hugh Grant


Which American singer / songwriter whose albums include Live Trucker and Rock N Roll Jesus has been arrested numerous times in the USA?

Kid Rock




Which famous motor racing event was first held in January 1911 and won by Henri Rougier?

The Monte Carlo Rally


When Bobby Charlton left Manchester United in 1973, which team did he go to as player-manager for the next two seasons?

Preston North End


Who is the only man to date to score 13,000 Test Match runs?

Sachin Tendulkar

(Ricky Ponting is creeping up on it)


Dave Brailsford is a successful British coach in which sport?



Who has held the Men’s Triple Jump World Record since 1995?

Jonathan Edwards (18.29m)


What is the length (in metres) of an Olympic Rowing course?

2000 metres


Two sports other than skiing can take place on a piste. Name either

Fencing or Boules (Pétanque)


Which sport is named after the country seat of the Duke of Beaufort?



There are 5 events in the Modern Pentathlon – Shooting, Riding and Fencing are three, name either of the other two.

Swimming, Cross-Country


Which Football League club did Sir Alf Ramsey manage immediately prior to becoming England manager in 1963?

Ipswich Town

Arts & Entertainment



Founded in 1818, in which European city would you find the Prado museum?



Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby and Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid appear in which novel by Charles Kingsley?

The Water Babies


In which TV series did Patrick McGoohan star as John Drake?

Danger Man


Who was the composer of the opera The Rake’s Progress and the ballet The Firebird amongst many other works?

Igor Stravinsky


What was the name of the monster killed by Beowulf?



In ‘The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, what company did Reggie work for?

Sunshine Desserts


What was the name of the Lion in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?



Which London museum, which opened in 1857, was originally called the Museum of Ornamental Art?

The Victoria and Albert Museum


Which 1935 film has the last line “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. It’s a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known.”

A Tale of Two Cities


Which 1991 film has the last line “I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye.”

The Silence of the Lambs

Irritable Vowel Syndrome

This is a potentially confusing round, but hopefully this explanation will clear it up!

The answers to all the (frankly random) questions in this round will be a word or phrase that contains only one vowel, albeit that vowel will be repeated more than once. For example:-

What is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock? Answer - Uluru



Which word, meaning "scented" in Spanish, is a dark and nutty variety of sherry?



Which word refers to a style of 18th-century French art and interior design and is often referred to as “Late Baroque"?



What is the name of the island nation in the Indian Ocean, whose main island is the fourth largest island in the world?



Which river originates at Lake Itasca, Minnesota and then flows southwards, terminating near New Orleans?



Which long running successful musical group comprised a trio of singing brothers who reached the peak of their success in the disco-era of the late 1970s?

Bee Gees


Which British girl group included the members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward?



Which country located in North Africa has coastline on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea?



Which Turkish football team play their home games at the notoriously hostile Ali Sami Yen Stadium?



Which country house in West Sussex hosts horse racing in its surrounding estate and an event called the Festival of Speed?



Which fictional character most famously appearing in Lewis Carroll’s works is believed to have originated in an epigram written by poet John Byrom?


Movie Dingbats

Surely a record – this is the second picture round of the night.

In this round, you will be shown pictures that represent the title of a well-known film. An example is provided.

Note to QMs – There are 2 copies of each picture. Please give a copy to each team at the same time.

Give out the picture marked EXAMPLE, to which the answer is…Million Dollar Baby

SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_6 SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_1 SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_2 SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_3 SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_4 SP Round 8 - Movie Dingbats_Page_5


The United States Of America



Top Gun






Superman (Soup – Perm – Man!)


Reservoir Dogs


The Green Mile




The Grapes of Wrath


No Country for Old Men





Who directed the Oscar-winning 1996 film The English Patient?

Anthony Minghella


Who directed the Oscar-winning 1957 film Bridge on the River Kwai?

David Lean




1) Football: There are five teams in the Premiership that have "HAM" in their name. Fulham, West Ham and Birmingham City are three; name either of the other two.

Ans - Tottenham Hotspur or Wolverhampton Wanderers

2) Similarly, in horse racing, there are four racecourses that start with "NEW". Newmarket and Newbury are two; name either of the other two.

Ans - Newcastle or Newton Abbot

3) What’s the name of the Army Barracks in Surrey that has been the subject of several enquiries into the deaths of recruits there for well over 10 years?

Ans - Deepcut Barracks (Accept Kehoe Barracks as this is an alternative name for it)

4) Why did Chesley Sullenberger make the news for his actions in New York City in January 2009?

Ans – He was the pilot who successfully ditched US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River shortly after take-off, saving the lives of all 155 people on the aircraft.

(Accept anything which obviously alludes to the aircraft crash and the fact he was the pilot)

5) On Mohs’ scale of hardness, which mineral is the softest?

Ans - Talc

6) In which building would you find Poet's Corner?

Ans - Westminster Abbey

7) The former county of Rutland became a part of which other County in 1974?

Ans – Leicestershire

8) In which English county did the Great Train Robbery take place?

Ans - Buckinghamshire

9) Who collapsed and died on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre, London, on 15th April 1984?

Ans - Tommy Cooper

10) There are two bridges that join Anglesey with mainland Wales. The Menai Bridge is one, what is the other one called?

Ans - The Britannia Bridge

11) How many years of marriage would you be celebrating on your Pearl wedding anniversary?

Ans - 30

12) Who was Kevin Federline famously married to between 2004 and 2007?

Ans - Britney Spears

13) Who was Rebekah Wade, former editor of The Sun newspaper, married to between 2002 and 2009?

Ans - Ross Kemp

14) Where in the body would you find the Betz cells?

Ans - The Brain

15) Which musical does the song "Get me to the Church on Time" come from?

Ans - My Fair Lady

16) Which musical does the song "Big Spender" come from?

Ans - Sweet Charity

17) Which former Snooker World Champion was the subject of match fixing allegations made by the News of the World newspaper in May 2010?

Ans - John Higgins

18) Which horse won the 2010 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe?

Ans – Workforce (Ridden by Ryan Moore)

19) Who was named after Johnny Rotten's hamster after the rodent bit him on the finger?

Ans - Sid Vicious (Real name – John Richie) He was bitten by Rotten’s hamster – Sid – and told Rotten “your Sid is vicious” and the rest is history…

20) Name either of the two modern countries that contain the ancient region of Nubia.

Ans – Egypt or Sudan

21) What was the name of the blind Benedictine monk who supposedly invented champagne?

Ans - Dom Perignon

22) The Roman name for this city is Lutetia, meaning “mid water settlement. What do we know the city as today?

Ans - Paris

23) Who is the only American president to have served non-consecutive terms of office?

Ans - Grover Cleveland

24) Which band took their name from a steam-powered dildo featured in William Burroughs’s novel "Naked Lunch"?

Ans - Steely Dan

25) What piece of information did members of the SS have tattooed in their armpit?

Ans - Their blood group

26) In which novel would you find the characters Bathsheba Everdene and Gabriel Oak?

Ans – Far From the Madding Crowd (by Thomas Hardy)

27) Who wrote "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"?

Ans - Alfred Lord Tennyson

28) Which statesman said, "The graveyards of the world are filled with indispensable men"?

Ans - Charles De Gaulle

29) Which American airport has the code DFW?

Ans - Dallas/Fort Worth (Accept "Dallas" or "Fort Worth")

30) Cars from where bear the international registration mark GBZ?

Ans - Gibraltar

31) Which is the highest mountain in North America?

Ans – Mount McKinley

32) Which country's flag has an inscription which, translated, means, "There is no god but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God"?

Ans - Saudi Arabia

33) Which type of perfume has a name which literally means “rotten pot”?

Ans – Potpourri

34) Which politician said, "I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me"?

Ans - Winston Churchill

35) Who said, "One more drink and I'll be under the host"?

Ans - Dorothy Parker

36) Which artist's life is Somerset Maugham's "The Moon and Sixpence" based loosely on?

Ans - Paul Gauguin

37) How was surrealist painter and photographer Emanuel Radinsky better known?

Ans - Man Ray

38) Which band did Ronnie Wood leave to join the Rolling Stones?

Ans - The Faces

39) Which instrument did Karen Carpenter play?

Ans - Drums

40) Who composed "Die Fledermaus"?

Ans - Johann Strauss

41) Which English County is the setting for Richard Wagner's opera "Tristan and Isolde"?

Ans - Cornwall

42) Which planet is also known as the "horned" planet?

Ans - Venus

43) The “Holger Nielson” and the “Revised Sylvester” are both methods of what?

Ans - Artificial respiration (Accept First Aid)

44) Before being used as a word to describe very tall buildings, what were (and still are) skyscrapers?

Ans - Sails (A small triangular sail set above the skysail on ships/boats)

45) Which extinct creature got its name from the Portuguese word for stupid?

Ans – Dodo

46) Of what are Pony and Jigger units of measurement?

Ans - Spirits (alcohol, not ghosts)

47) Which element has the lowest melting point?

Ans - Helium

48) Which New Zealand physicist was the first to split the atom in the 1920’s?

Ans – Lord Rutherford

49) In the USA, how many Nickels make one dollar?

Ans – 20

50) Which element has the highest melting point?

Ans - Carbon

51) In Scrabble, what is the value of the letter "J"?

Ans - Eight

52) Who purportedly said, "Work is the curse of the drinking classes"?

Ans - Oscar Wilde

53) During the First World War, which politician said, "Drink is doing us more damage than all the German submarines put together"?

Ans - David Lloyd George

54) How many people would take part in the dance called a quadrille?

Ans - Eight

55) How is actor Nicholas Coppola better known?

Ans - Nicholas Cage

56) According to the Bible, on which day of Creation did God make the sun, moon and the stars?

Ans - Fourth

57) Which body of water does the rivers Oder and Vistula flow into?

Ans - The Baltic Sea

58) Who lived for the first 25 years of her life at Steventon Rectory, Hampshire?

Ans - Jane Austen

59) What word can be a drink, a trap and a card game?

Ans - Gin

60) How is Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov better known?

Ans - Helen Mirren

61) In literature, what sort of animal is Mr. Jeremy Fisher?

Ans - A frog (in the Beatrix Potter stories)

62) Which is the longest river in Europe?

Ans - Volga

63) Which Australian state borders all the other mainland states?

Ans – South Australia

64) According to the rhyme, what is or has Thursday's child?

Ans - Far to go

65) In the film "White Christmas", who was the other male lead alongside Bing Crosby?

Ans - Danny Kaye

66) In Roman numerals, M represents 1,000. What does an "M" with a bar over it represent?

Ans - One million

67) In clothing care labels, what does a circle with a cross through it mean?

Ans - Do not dry clean

68) Bob Dylan wrote the soundtrack for the film "Pat Garret and Billy the Kid". Which song from the film did he take into the UK charts in 1973?

Ans - "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

69) How is vitamin B1 also known?

Ans - Thiamine

70) Who wrote, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"?

Ans - Sir Walter Scott

71) "Grand Mal" and "Petit Mal" are types of which illness?

Ans - Epilepsy

72) Which practice takes its name from the Sanskrit word for "union"?

Ans - Yoga

73) How many years does a sesquicentennial celebrate?

Ans - 150

74) Noel Coward's play "Still Life" was adapted for the screen. Under what title was it released as a film?

Ans - Brief Encounter

75) Since "The Apartment", back in 1960, which is the last black and white film to win the Oscar for best picture (albeit it does have small sections in colour)?

Ans - Schindler's List

76) Where would you find together a verso and a recto?

Ans - In a book (Left and right pages)

77) In which American city is the Encyclopaedia Britannica published?

Ans - Chicago

78) Which writer established the three laws of robotics?

Ans - Isaac Asimov

79) In 1929, Donald F Duncan introduced a toy based on a weapon used by 16th century Philippino hunters. What did he call it?

Ans - Yo-yo

80) In which city is the HQ of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

Ans - Washington DC

81) What sort of animal is a Falabella?

Ans - A miniature horse (accept horse)

82) Tennis is now the sport predominantly played at Wimbledon, but for which sport was the venue originally designed in 1868?

Ans - Croquet

83) In 1986, who was the first non-European to win the Tour de France?

Ans - Greg LeMond (USA)

84) The main road from Rome to Brindisi is better known as what?

Ans - The Appian Way

85) Who played James Bond in the 1966 film "Casino Royale"?

Ans - David Niven

86) Who wrote the play "An Inspector Calls"?

Ans - JB Priestley

87) Who wrote the novel "Whisky Galore"?

Ans - Compton Mackenzie

88) What word can be a drinking vessel, a face and to rob?

Ans - Mug

89) What is the capital of Paraguay?

Ans - Asunción

90) What is the most northerly point of mainland Wales?

Ans - Point of Ayr (in Flintshire)

91) Who is the host of the BBC topical comedy show “Mock the Week”?

Ans – Dara O’Briain

92) In July 2005, at which Underground station was Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes shot by Police in London as he got on to a train?

Ans - Stockwell

93) Who has recorded albums titled Escapology, Intensive Care and Rudebox amongst others?

Ans - Robbie Williams

(Accept "fat talentless clayhead")

94) Which act won the 2010 Mercury Music prize?

Ans – The XX

95) Which Victorian British Prime Minister wrote several novels, including Vivien Grey, Coningsby, or the New Generation and Sybil, or the Two Nations?

Ans - Benjamin Disraeli

96) Under which Conservative Prime Minister was Income Tax re-introduced to

this Country in 1842?

Ans - Sir Robert Peel


S1) What was the name of Tonto’s horse in The Lone Ranger?

Ans – Scout

S2) Which type of bird might be garganeys, gadwalls, pintails or goosanders?

Ans – Ducks

S3) In Roman mythology who was the father of Romulus and Remus?

Ans - Mars (Their mother being the Vestal Virgin – a likely story! – Rhea Silvia)

S4) According to the Beatles’ song, who was “wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door”?

Ans - Eleanor Rigby

S5) Adelaide was the Queen of which UK Monarch?

Ans - William IV (Fourth)

S6) Which commentator would you primarily associate with Saturday afternoon wrestling on World of Sport?

Ans - Kent Walton ("Have a good week... till next week")


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