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1. Science
2. History
3. Girls
4. Breaking The Rule
5. Geography
6. Arts and Entertainment
7. A Round Called Brown
8. Sport


1. What was the ship taken by Darwin on the voyage that led to his theory of evolution?

2. Which is the only metal to expand on cooling?

3. Of which planet is Europa a moon?

4. Who is known as the father of the hydrogen bomb?
Edward Teller

5. Epiphytes are plants that depend on other plants for what?
Physical support

6. Which chemist became Britain’s Prime Minister?
Margaret Thatcher

7. What is the name for the study of the motion and impact of projectiles?

8. What did Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley invent in 1948?
The transistor

Supplementary Questions

S1. Next to oxygen, this element is the most abundant in the Earths crust (27%) What is it?

S2. Which astronomer was the first to put forward the theory that all planets, including the Earth, orbit the Sun?
Nicholas Copernicus


The answers in this round are all about girls or women

1. Who is the girl in Black Eyed peas?
Fergie (Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson)

2. “Carve Her name With Pride” is based on the life of which SOE heroine?
Violette Szabo

3. The Belgian Jeanne Deckers had a massive hit in 1964. By what name was she better known?
The Singing Nun (Soeur Sourire)

4. Which German photographer covered the 1936 Olympics and achieved considerable fame (and infamy) for her film “Triumph of the Will”.
Leini Riefenstahl

5. Whose diaries were addressed to her imaginary sister Kitty?
Anne Frank

6. Rosalind Franklin made possible one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th Century but her role has been badly neglected. What was the achievement?
Structure of DNA – her crystallography X-rays provided images of the structure.

7. Which ballet dancer is mentioned in Peter Sarstedt’s hit “Where Do You Go To My Lovely”?
Zizi Jeanmaire

8. Who is the daughter of Jacob Bronowski and herself a leading authority on the Renaissance and the scientific revolution?
Lisa Jardine

Supplementary Questions

S1. In the Bible who decapitated Holofernes?

S2. The wife of Robert Schumann was herself an outstanding composer and pianist. What was her name?
Clara (Wieck Schumann)


1. Which term from Scottish Gaelic used to describe a horse thief became the nickname for a British political party?

2. Which UK monarch was blighted by the disease porphyria?
George III

3. On whose tomb are the words “They buried him amongst Kings because he has done good toward God and toward his house?”
The Unknown Warrior

4. Which was the first European country to abolish capital punishment?

5. Which king of England died in 1422?
Henry V

6. In which year was the Manchester Ship Canal opened?
1894 (allow 2 years either way)

7. Who’s report in December 1942 led to the setting up of the NHS?
William Beveridge

8. What was the first name of Field -Marshall Montgomery of the WW11 Desert Rats fame?

Supplementary Questions

S1. Who was the last British Prime minister to die in office?
Campbell-Bannerman 1908

S2. Rebecca Rolfe who was buried in Gravesend is better known by what name?


It is a custom (if not a rule) in the Macclesfield Quiz League to accept just the surname. But in this round, we require the FIRST name or names.

1. What was the first name of Wainwright, the fell-walker and author of the Lakeland Guides?

2. What is the first name of Dr .Watson, the fictitious character from the Sherlock Holmes stories?

3. Name either of the first names of the playwright, poet and politician Sheridan.
Richard Brinsley

4. Name either of the first names of the playwright J.B Priestley.
John Boynton

5. What does the P stand for in P G Wodehouse?

6. What was the second of Winston Churchill’s Christian names?

7. What was the first of Lord Byron’s Christian names?

8. What is the first name of the composer Debussy?

Supplementary Questions

S1. What is the first name of the pop star Bono?
Paul (Hewson)

S2. What is the first name of the composer Moussorgsky?


1. Which Asian desert takes its name from a Mongolian phrase meaning waterless place?

2. Hugh Town, New Grimsby and Higher Town are all settlements in which island group?
The Isles of Scilly

3. What was St. Petersburg called for most of the 20th century?

4. Which city replaced Rio de Janeiro as Brazil’s capital in the 1960s?

5. Name one of the two countries that border Morocco
Algeria or Mauritania

6. On which river does Shrewsbury stand?
River Severn

7. Which strait separates mainland Australia from Tasmania?
Bass Strait

8. What was Ethiopia called before it was Ethiopia?

Supplementary Questions

S1. By surface area, what is the largest body of water in the British Isles?
Lough Neagh (Northern Ireland, 150 square miles)

S2. On which river does the city Lincoln stand?


1. Who wrote the novel Brighton Rock
Graham Green

2. Name the third and final film in this series: “The Ipcress File”, and “Death in Berlin”
“The Billion Dollar Brain” (They’re Michael Caine/ Harry Palmer spy films)

3. What nationality was painter Rene Magritte?

4. Which band, originally called The Hawks, became the backing band for Bob Dylan and made two albums of their own, one eponymous and one called “Music from Big Pink.”?
The Band

5. Who lived in Oil Drum Lane, Shepherd’s Bush?
Steptoe and Son

6. Who directed the films “Edward Scissorhands” “Sleepy Hollow” and “Corpse Bride”?
Tim Burton

7. Who wrote The Rape Of The Lock?
Alexander Pope

8. Letitia Cropley was the inventive cook in which TV Series?
The Vicar of Dibley

Supplementary Questions

S1. The First Ladies Dectective Series of Book by Alexander Mccall Smith is set in which country?

S2. What year is Sam Tyler returned to in Life on Mars?


1. Brown was the surname of the world’s first test-tube baby. What was the Christian name?

2. Which Brown is mentioned in the song “Mack the Knife”?

3. Who was the author of the “Just William” stories about the loveable rascal
William Brown?.
Richmal Crompton

4. Which type of belt was named after a British Army cavalry officer who served in India and the Near East?
Sam Browne

5. What was the Christian name of the landscaper “Capability” Brown?

6. Name the Californian singer/songwriter whose albums include “Running on Empty” and “Hold On.”?
Jackson Browne

7. Written in 1925 this is the theme tune of the Harlem Globetrotters. What is it called?
Sweet Georgia Brown

8. What is the name of the artist associated with the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood whose famous series of twelve paintings depicting the history of Manchester, are hung in Manchester Town Hall?

Ford Madox Brown

Supplementary Questions

S1. Which bandleader led his famous “Band of Renown” in the 1930s backing Tony Bennett and introducing Doris Day as a new singer?
Les Brown

S2. Who is the Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath?
Gordon Brown


1. Who is the only man to win gold in both the 200m and 400m sprint at the same Olympic games?
Michael Johnson

2. Where is the final race of this year’s Formula 1 championship to be held?
Interlagos (accept Brazil or Sao Paulo)

3. Which woman won Olympic gold in skating in 1984 and 1988 and later an Emmy for the TV show Carmen On Ice?
Katarina Witt

4. Which England football international was known as “Crazy Horse?
Emlyn Hughes

5. With which County cricket club did Ian Botham finish his playing career?

6. With which sport would you associate John ‘Boy’ Walton?

7. For which formula one team did Jim Clark drive?

8. Who was the Tour De France winner before Lance Armstrong’s amazing run of 7 wins (i.e. 1998 winner)?
Marco Pantani

Supplementary Questions

S1. In horse racing what betting odds are known as a carpet?

S2. How many people are there in an official Tug of War team?

General Knowledge

1. Name the Socialist candidate in the French presidential elections.
Segolene Royal

2. Where is the confluence of the rivers Sett and Goyt?
New Mills

3. Give a year in the life of Buddha.
563-483 BC

4. Who commanded the British force at the Battle of Plassey 1757?
Clive of India

5. Name the capital of Canada’s North West Territories.

6. What surname was Bob Dylan born with?

7. Fergal Sharkey was the singer with which punk band?
The Undertones

8. From which Island does Red Stripe lager originate?

9. What type of animal was the star of the 2005 film “Racing Stripes”?
A Zebra

10. What is the only mobile national monument in the USA?
The Cable Cars in San Francisco

11. In 1978, which European country became the first to ban aerosols?

12. What type of antique furniture is a “cheval”?
A Mirror

13. The film “Chariots of Fire” is based around the Olympics of which year?

14. What nationality was Copernicus?

15. Which Sculptor’s work includes “Genesis”, “Adam”’ and “Lucifer”?
Sir Jacob Epstein

16. United Artists was formed in 1919 by D W Griffiths and Mary Pickford. Name either of the other 2 artists.
Either Charlie Chaplin or Douglas Fairbanks (NOT Junior)

17. A canton, a halyard and a field make up what item?
A Flag

18. Albert Einstein declined the Presidency of which country in 1952?

19. Which element is obtained from seaweed?

20. Which word of Hindu origin literally means “dust coloured”?

21. Which Radio presenter’s listeners are known as the “dawn patrollers”?
Sarah Kennedy’s

22. Former President Gerald Ford had the middle initial R, what did the R stand for?

23. Who is the Queen’s youngest grandchild?
Lady Louise Windsor (Prince Edward’s daughter)

24. Which London thoroughfare gave its name to a 2004 book by Monica Ali?
Brick Lane

25. Why was Morgan Tsvangiai making news headlines last month (March 2007)?

He is the leader of the opposition in Zimbabwe.

26. From which film does the song “True Love” come?
High Society

27. Who painted The Death Of Marat?
Jaques Louis David

28. Many Welsh place names are prefixed with Llan – what does this mean?
Site of a church

29. In a normal deck of playing cards, what do the queens all hold in their hands?
A flower

30. Who was elected conservative MP for Oldham in 1900?
Winston Churchill

31. Who was born Vickie Lynn Marshall
Anna Nicole Smith

32. Making tragic news in 1988, what was the “Clipper Maid of the Seas”?

The Boeing 747 that caused the Lockerbie disaster.

33. Which fashion duo has the first names Domenico and Stefano?
Dolce and Gabbana (accept one half)

34. Specifically where did Davy Crockett die?
The Alamo

35. Which organisation has the motto “Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation”?

36. Who wrote “How To Win Friends and Influence People”?
Dale Carnegie

37. If Eagle is the Lunar Module, what is the name of the Command Module?

38.Who said: “Pablo Picasso is a communist, neither am I”?
Salvador Dali

39. When is St Swithin’s Day?
July 15th

40. In dentistry, what specifically is calculus?
Tartar (calcium phosphate salt deposits – not plaque)

41. Who created the character E.L Whisty?
Peter Cook

42. Entrepreneur Jimmy Wales is responsible for which web phenomenon?

.43. What was the name of the U S Senator who conducted a series of witch hunts against suspected Communists in the 1950’s?
Joseph McCarthy

.44. In which sport is it an offence to hit the tin?

45. How many points are awarded for a try in Rugby League?

46. Which comedian had the catchphrase ‘You lucky people’?
Tommy Trinder

47. Who did the animations for Monty Python and is now a respected film director?
Terry Gilliam

48. Which of the James Bond books was the first to be published?
Casino Royale (1953)

49. Who is the MP for Witney in Oxfordshire?
David Cameron

50. Phobos is a moon of which planet?

51. In which year did the first CND march from London to Aldermaston take place?
1958 (Friday, April 6th to be precise!)

52. In which year was John F. Kennedy elected president of the USA?

53. Who had a number one hit in 1990 with ‘Killer’?
Adamski (Seal is credited as singer, but Adamski was the name of the act)

54. Which band recorded the album “Parallel Lines”?

55. In which county is the town of Kidderminster?

56. What first came out in 1880 and contained 225 names?
The first telephone directory

57. What is rapper P. Diddy’s real name?
Shaun Coombes (accept Coombes)

58. With which sport would you associate Bode (pronounced Bow-dee) Miller?

59. In which series of children’s books would you encounter the Blackett family and the Walker family?
Swallows and Amazons

60. What is the name of the warship in H.G Wells’ “The War of the Worlds”?
The Thunderchild

61. Other than humans, which species is the only other true biped?

62. Which US state is known as the “First State”
Delaware (first to ratify the Constitution)

63. In which year did Uganda gain independence from the UK?
1962 (no leeway)

64. What is the name of the treaty that ended the Bosnian war?
The Dayton Accord

65. Which pop group takes its name from a character in the film Barbarella?
Duran Duran

66. What name is given to the study of the history of words?

67. Which school of architecture and design was associated with Walter Gropius?

68. What is the official language of Iran?

69. In which year did Channel 4 start to broadcast? (No leeway)

70. What ceased to be legal at midnight on the 31st of December 1960?
The farthing

71. Which former film star became US Ambassador to Ghana in 1974?
Shirley Temple Black (accept Shirley Temple or Temple)

72. Who was the founder of Standard Oil?
John D Rockerfeller

73. Which school did Billy Bunter attend?

74. Who presented the first edition of “Top of the Pops”?
Jimmy Saville

75. In which fictional village was the TV series “Heartbeat” set?

76. Who wrote the novel “The French Lieutenant’s Woman?
John Fowles

77. Which London Underground line runs to Heathrow Airport?

78. Who was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda?

79. Who sang the title song from the Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me?
Carly Simon

80.Whch of the Mitford sisters wrote “Love in a Cold Climate?

81. Which US city was named after a British Prime Minister?

82. On which river was the Kariba dam built?
The Zambezi

83. Who said “I married beneath me. All women do”?
Nancy Astor

84. Igor Sikorsky developed which means of transport?
The helicopter

85. Punto Arenas international airport is in which country?

86. Which Shakespearean character wore yellow stockings as the result of a trick?

87. Which TV series was based on the Raj Quartet by Paul Scott?
Jewel In The Crown

88. What is the world’s longest-running TV programme with the same presenter?
The Sky At Night – Patrick Moore – 50 years

89. Halley's comet will next appear in which year?

90. Which film featured “Bright Eyes”
Watership Down

91. Which famous Dickens novel is set in the French Revolution?
A Tale Of Two Cities

92. Where is The Golden Temple of the Sikh religion?

93. The earliest canal built in Britain connects Lincoln and the Trent what is it called?
Foss Dyke

94. What is the name of the head-dress traditionally worn by nuns?

95. The Hindu god Hanuman takes what shape?

96. With which other painter did Van Gogh share a house in Arles?

97. In 1120 a ship was lost carrying the heir of Henry I and much of European royalty and knights. What was its name?
The White Ship

98. The Old Man Of Hoy is in which group of islands?

99. What is Northern Ireland's only inhabited offshore island?

100. “Shining Path” is a revolutionary organisation in which country?

101. Which island 10 miles west of the mainland in the Firth Of Clyde shares its name with a tomato?
Ailsa Craig.

102. What is a pollex?
A thumb

103. Where are you likely to find P waves, S waves, Love waves and Rayleigh waves?
In an earthquake

104. Which MP did Jack Straw replace as Member for Blackburn??
Barbara Castle

Supplementary Questions

S1. Name a year during the construction of Macclesfield Canal
1826 – 1831

S2. In which decade was the Slavery Abolition Act passed in the UK?

S3. On which river was the Oxford - Cambridge boat race run in 1944?
The Great Ouse

S4. What type of building would you find at either end of Liverpool’s Hope Street?
Cathedrals (In Liverpool)

S5. Which British city was founded in 1919 by Ebenezer Howard
Welyn Garden City

S6. What gives the Sargasso Sea its name
Seaweed. A specific form of seaweed that lies on its surface

S7. Which warm, dry wind originates in the Rockies in America?

S8. What is the longest river in Scotland?
The Tay

S9. Who wrote the novels ‘On the Beach’ and ‘A Town Like Alice’?
Neville Shute

S10. Which Oscar winning musical was set in the Kit Kat club in Berlin?

S11. In “Dad’s Army”, what was ARP warden Hodges’ nickname for Capt. Mainwaring?


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