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27 Feb

Questions for 27th February 2007
Specialist Questions set by
The Plough Taverners

Rounds: A Touch of the Proverbials
"Whats In A Name"
Science — The Living World
Arts & Entertainment
Children's Television

General Knowledge Questions set by
The Prince of Wales

The following are well known proverbs for those who like to use more words than are necessary, e.g. "Splintered wood and mineral chunks can rupture my skeletal system, however, nomenclatures do not injure me" translates to "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" (or similar).

1. If a large solid hoofed mammal becomes available to you without compensation, refrain from casting your faculty for seeing into the oral cavity of such a creature.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth

2. There's no value to be derived from demanding attention by loud screeches above fallen white liquid.
It's no good crying over spilt milk

3. Deviation from the ordinary or common routine of existence is that which gives zest to man's cycle of existence.
Variety is the spice of life

4. A body of people abiding in a domicile of silicon combined with metal oxides should not recklessly project small geological specimens.
People living in glass houses should not throw stones

5. Everything is legitimate in matters pertaining to ardent affection and armed conflict between nations.
All's fair in love and war

6. The herbage is customarily more verdant on the diametrical selvage of the property barrier.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

7. A chronic disposition to enquiry deprived the domestic feline carnivorous creature of its vital quality.
Curiosity killed the cat

8. Exercise your visual facilities prior to exerting a jump.
Look before you leap


S1. A mobile section of petrified matter agglomerates no bryophytes.
A rolling stone gathers no moss

S2. Never situate the conveyance and its accoutrements forward of the equine quadruped
Don't put the cart before the horse


In this round, the questions are related to the stage names of recording artists or groups. For example, the band "Duran Duran" is named from a character in the film "Barbarella".

1. Why is popular white rapper "Eminem" so named ?
From the initials of his real name Marshall Mathers (the third), ie "M and M".

2. The electronic artist "Moby" takes his name from the classic book "Moby Dick". Why?
Because Moby is related to the book's author Herman Melville. (Moby's real name is Richard Melville Hall, and Herman was his great-great-granduncle).

3. Which controversial 1971 film (also a book) inspired the band name "Heaven 17"?
A Clockwork Orange — it is the name of a fictitious band referred to in the film.

4. Which 60's band took their name from a 1956 John Ford Western?
The Searchers

5. Californian cult band "The Doors" name was inspired by a 1950's book entitled "The Doors of Perception". Who wrote it?
Aldous Huxley (although the book title itself was taken from an earlier William Blake poem)

6. Which English rock band (formed in 1969) took their name from a character in Dickens' "David Copperfield"?
Uriah Heep

7. Which Scottish band's name was taken from Harry Dean Stanton's character in the film "Paris, Texas"?

8. Contemporary pop band "McFly" took their name from which film series?
Back To The Future (after the main character Marty McFly).


S1 Which contemporary band's name is taken from the name of Charles Manson's getaway driver?
Kasabian (after Linda Kasabian)

S2 Which band's name is inspired from a sex toy in William Burroughs's novel "The Naked Lunch"? Steely Dan


1. Cricket: Which county's one day side are called the "Dragons"?
Glamorgan (Dragons)

2. In which county is Cartmel racecourse?

3. Formula 1: In total Michael Schumacher won 7 Drivers World Championships - 5 with Ferrari and 2 with which other constructor?

4. Football: Which ex Premiership team play their home games at Oakwell? Barnsley

5. Who until his sacking in November 2006 was manager of the England Rugby Union team?
Andy Robinson

6. Golf: Who will be Europe's captain at the 2008 Ryder Cup?
Nick Faldo

7. Football: Which Football League team were expelled from this season's FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player?
Bury FC

8. Boxing: Lloyd Honeyghan won World Titles at which weight?


S1 In which city will the 2008 Summer Olympics be held?

S2 Tennis: In which city is the Australian Open held?


1. What is another name for an insect's feelers?
2. How many eyes does a bee have?
3. Which is the largest member of the crow family?
4. What is a mavis?
Song thrush
5. What does an aardvark feed on?
Ants and termites (accept either)
6. What is the only member of the giraffe family other than the giraffe itself? Okapi
7. Which ape's natural habitat is restricted to Sumatra and Borneo?
8. What is the North American equivalent of the reindeer?


S1. What is the only mammal capable of sustained flight?
S2. The Silvertip bear (a subspecies of Brown Bears) is also known by what name? Grizzly


1. Who (allegedly) killed Charlie Stubbs? Full name required.
Tracy Barlow (in Coronation Street)
2. Which king of US TV tabloid talk shows was born in East Finchley Underground station in 1944?
Jerry Springer
3. Which "punk poet" has recently re-released his 1982 album "Zip Style Method" on CD?
John Cooper Clarke
4. What is the title of the album recently released by Norah Jones?
Not Too Late
5. What is the title of the book by James Joyce who's hero is Leopold Bloom? Ulysses
6. Whose autobiography is called "A Young Man's Passage"?
Julian Clary
7. How was photographer Patrick Anson better known?
(Lord) Patrick Litchfield
8. Who was the sculptor of "A reclining figure" a bronze which was stolen in 2005?
Henry Moore


S1. Who painted "When did you last see your father"?
William Frederick Yeames
S2. Who composed "The Well-Tempered Clavier"? Full name required.
Johann Sebastian Bach (or J S Bach) not just Bach


1. What is the English name for the Dutch city of 'S-Gravenage?
The Hague
2. Which country calls itself Suomi?
3. Shining Tor is the highest point of which English county?
4. Tarr Steps are in Devon. What exactly are Tarr Steps?
A stone clapper bridge
5. From which Comish town can you walk across the causeway to St Michael's Mount?
6. In Europe, there are only two bridges with shops built on to them lining both sides. The Ponte Vecchio in Florence is one of them. What is the name of the other?
Pulteney Bridge in Bath
7. In which USA National Park would you see El Capitan and the Bridalveil Fall? Yosemite
8. It's Llyn Tegid in Welsh. What is it in English?
Bala Lake


S1. What is unusual about the Isle of Axeholme?
It is not an island. (It is an area SW of Scunthorpe in Lines)
S2. The longest stretch of straight railway track (i.e no bends at all) in the world is in central Australia. How long is it?
309 miles (Allow 299 – 320 )


1. In which year did the BBC begin broadcasting a daily radio weather forecast? 1923 (Accept 1922-1924)
2. Which explorer studied medicine at the Anderson College in Glasgow?
Dr Livingstone (I presume!)
3. Who was the Nazi "Hangman of Prague"?
Reinhard Hevdrich
4. In which town was William the Conqueror buried?
5. Which massive volcanic eruption happened in 1883?
6. Who was shot by Pat Garrett in 1881?
William Bonney AKA Billy the Kid
7. In 1887 the "biggest indoor arena in Europe" was built in what is now Salford Quays on the present site of the Lowry Centre. For what purpose?
To house Buffalo Bill's Wildwest show. (Question master use discretion)
8. Which Victorian hero, born on 22nd February, 1857 began a movement at Brownsea Island on 1907?
Robert Baden-Powell


S1. Which conspirators were executed on January 31st 1606?
The Gunpowder plotters (Guy Fawkes et al.)
S2. Who was assassinated on Good Friday, April 14th, 1865?
President Abraham Lincoln


1. Which show featured Dr Zachary Smith?
Lost in Space
2. Which character was played by Una Stubbs in Worzel Gumidge?
Aunt Sally
3. Count Duckula was a spin off from which series?
4. Which show brought us Dirty Gerty at Number 30?
Basil Brush
5. PC Selby was the constable in which series?
Postman Pat

6. Which show featured a caretaker called Mr Bennet?
Take Hart
7. Whose girl friend was called Looby Lou?
Andy Pandy
8. Which cartoon character was constantly trying to outsmart Officer Dibble? Top Cat


S1 What was the name of the school created by Phil Redmond?
Grange Hill
S2 Which childrens programme featured Captain Haddock?
Herge's Adventures of Tintin


1. Why is the Plantagenet dynasty so called?
From the Latin Planta-genista, the yellow broom, a sprig of which was worn by Henry of Anjou (father of 1st Plantagenet King Henry II)
2. The houseplant Diffenbachia is no longer sold because it contains a poisonous sap that causes numbness, burning
and choking if ingested. What is the common name of this
Dumb cane
3. Which artist and designer spearheaded the Arts & Crafts
movement in the early 20th century?
William Morris
4. Who composed the opera Simon Boccanegra?
Guiseppi Verdi
5. A painting, by which artist, was privately sold for a record £73 million in June 2006?
Gustav Klimt
6. Beth Tweddle is the first British woman to win a gymnastics
gold medal. For which discipline was she crowned World
Champion in 2006?
Asymmetric bars (accept uneven bars)
7. Which Augustinian monk and passionate horticulturist
unlocked the mechanics of heredity with his experiments on
the humble garden pea?
Gregor Mendel
8. What is the name of the village in Dorset that was designed
by Prince Charles as an example of how traditional
architecture and modern town planning could live hand in
9. Where was the first atomic bomb test fired on 16 July 1945?
Trinity, New Mexico (accept New Mexico)
10. On which river does Lisbon stand?
11. Who is the current Poet Laureate?
Andrew motion
12. What metal did Victorian miners know as Blackjack?
13. What is pecorino cheese made from?
Sheep’s milk
14. Who is generally accepted as first to have coined the phrase
“Rock n' Roll'?
New York DJ Alan Freed
15. Who was the leader of one of the Bletchley Park code breaking teams during WWII, generally credited with inventing a machine to decipher the Enigma machine?
Alan Turing
16. Who built the Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale, Shropshire?
Abraham Darby III (No it wasn’t Thomas Telford)
17. HMS Trincomalee is Britain's oldest battleship still afloat. On which river port is she harboured?
18. On 22" November 2006, astronaut Mikhail Tyurin performed what extraordinary feat whilst in orbit above the Earth?
Hit a golf shot off the platform of the international space station
19. Name one of the warring families in Shakespeare's Romeo
and Juliet?
Montagu and Capulet
20. Top of the Pops was first broadcast on New Year's Day 1964. Who recorded the No 1 single on this show?
The Beatles (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
21. Top of the Pops was last broadcast on 30th July 2006. Who recorded the No 1 single on this show?
Shakira (Hips Don’t Lie)
22. According to Norse mythology, what is the Heaven of the Norse Gods called?
Asgard (not Valhalla which is home to slain heroes)
23. What type of food is Gravadlax?
Dry cured salmon
24. If an animal is described as homoeothermic, what trait does
it possess?
The ability to regulate its own body temperature whatever the environmental conditions.
25. What score do you get for hitting the gold in the middle of an archery target?
9 points
26. Which 1964 film's alternative title was 'How I learnt to stop worrying and love the bomb'?
Dr Strangelove
27. In 2005 which actor took over from Harrison Ford as the highest grossing actor of all time (i.e., his films took the most money at the box office)?
Samuel L Jackson
28. At which ground does Bury FC United play their home matches?
Gigg Lane
29. Richard Burton was Godfather to which well-known chef and TV presenter?
Anthony Worrall Thompson
30. The name of which religious group is taken from the Greek 'Brothers in Christ'?
31. From the Greek, what is the literal translation of the word planet?
32. What is the name of the world's biggest cruise liner that set sail on its first transatlantic crossing from Southampton in May 2006?
Freedom Of The Seas
33. What terrifying event was mistakenly believed by many to have taken place at Grover's Mill, New Jersey on 30th October 1938?
The landing of Martians (following Orson Welles’ radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds)
34. What common name is given to the disorder Ekboms Syndrome, a condition that affects over 5% of the population?
Restless leg syndrome_
35. Miami, Florida is the first co-ordinate; San Juan, Puerto Rico is the second co-ordinate; what is the final and third co- ordinate?
The island of Bermuda (3 points of the Bermuda Triangle)
36. Which heavyweight boxer was known as the 'Ambling Alp'?
Primo Carnera
37. Which golfer was known as the 'Slammer'?
Sam Snead
38. On 16 November 2006, the official UK charts company VH1 released a list of the 100 UK top selling albums of all time. Which album was No 1?
Queen’s Greatest Hits (2nd Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper, 3rd Oasis’ What’s The Story)
39. Which well-known Hollywood actor is currently Artistic Director of the Old Vic?
Kevin Spacey
40. Who is the only artist to record a James Bond theme tune and also make a cameo appearance in a James Bond film?
Madonna, Die Another Day
41. What is the name of the oldest democratic parliament in the world?
The Tynwald (Ilse of Man). Do not accept IOM only
42. Who is the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1969, awarded for twice saving the lives of members of his unit in Iraq in 2004?
Private Johnson Beharry
43. The Bronte sisters originally published their works using the surname 'Bell' - Give any of the three Christian names they used?
Ellis (Emily), Currer (Charlotte), Acton (Anne)
44. Who wrote the four-volume work The History of the English Speaking Peoples' published between 1956-58?
Winston Churchill
45. Who scored the first premiership goal of 2007?
Peter Crouch
46. At the time of going to press, the largest premiership goal deficit so far this season is 6-0. West Ham were on the receiving end; which team scored the 6 goals?
47. Before the discovery of oxygen, it was wrongly assumed that only certain substances were combustible due to a mysterious substance thought to exist within their make up. What was this mysterious substance called?
48. Before it was discovered that cholera is a water-borne disease, it was wrongly assumed that cholera was contracted via a mysterious kind of foul air. What was the name of this foul air?
49. What was unique about Gnarles Barklay's No 1 hit single 'Crazy' released in March 2006?
It reached No 1 without selling a single unit in the shops – downloads only.
50. What is the name of the small Scottish fishing village where the first case of avian bird flu was recorded in the UK?
51. What is the name given to the side of a coin containing the head or principal symbol?
52. Who are Emma, Linnet, Montey, Willow and Holly?
The Queen’s corgis
53. Hawaiian Sunny Garcia is a leading competitor in which sport?
54. What is the English term for the dish the Italians call Zuppa Inglese?
55. During the BSE scare which government official made his daughter eat burgers for a photo opportunity?
John Gummer
56. Which country uses a dram as a unit of currency?
57. The name of which liqueur translates literally as "the drink that satisfies"?
58. What disorder was called French disease by the English and English disease by the French?
59. What did the East End Revival Society become known as in 1878?
Salvation Army
60. Who was manager of Manchester United at the time of the Munich Air Disaster?
Matt Busby
61. Nicholas Breakspear is the only Englishman to become what?
62. Pepsi Cola is so called because it was said to cure which ailment?
Dyspepsia (indigestion)
63. Which film series was Gerald Thomas responsible for?
The Carry On films
64. Besides the four patron saints of the British Isles, name one other Champion of Christendom?
St Denis of France, St James of Spain and St Antony of Padua (Italy)
65. What do Americans call a wallet?
66. Specifically Chondrology is the study of which part of the body?
67. Back to Black is currently in the album charts but who recorded it?
Amy Whitehouse
68. In International Time Zones, how many degrees are represented by one hour?
69. Which film used the tagline "the eighth wonder of the world?"
King Kong
70. Whose fragrance was called Shh reportedly because that's what people told her to do?
Jade Goody
71. On which canal can the Standedge Tunnel be found?
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
72. New Horizons is a NASA mission launched in January 2007. Name one of the two celestial bodies it is to investigate?
Pluton and Charon
73. Name one of the two magazines issued by The Jehovah's Witnesses?
Watchtower, Awake
74. Which actress connects the films Amelie, A Very Long Engagement and The Da Vinci Code?
Audrey Tatou
75. Which BBC comedy series was set in Runcorn?
Two Pints of Lager and A Packet Of Crisps
76. Which ex-Macclesfield Town player is currently manager of
Northwich Victoria?
Steve Burr
77. In horoscopes, which sign follows Gemini?
78. Which top chef is to present the new series of Hell's Kitchen?
Marco Pierre White
79. In what year did the British Museum celebrate its 250th anniversary?
80. The Samjhauta (Freedom) Express runs between New Delhi and which other city?
81. The Greater Gabbard wind farm is to be built off the coast of which English county?
82. Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler were involved in which scandal?
Profumo Affair
83. Which company was recently voted worst at handling customer phone calls?
British Gas
84. What foodstuff is sold to commemorate Anzac Day?
85. Local author Alan Garner wrote a sequel to The Weirdstone of Brasingamen, what was it called?
The Moon Of Gomrath
86. Whose statue has been unveiled recently at The House of Commons?
Baroness Margaret Thatcher
87. What would you do with a niqab?
You would wear it – it’s a full face veil
88. Which regiment does Prince Harry serve with?
The Blues And Royals
89. Who is the leader of the French National Front party?
Jean-Marie Le Pen
90. Which car manufacturer makes the new model called Auris?
91. What was the name of Nigel Planer's character in the TV series The Young Ones?
92. In which year did Bloody Sunday happen in Northern Ireland?
1972 (no leeway)
93. Which band have recently reformed, 23 years after they split, for a new world tour?
The Police
94. What do Mylene Klass, Paul Burell and Jennie Bond have in common?
They were runners-up in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
95. In which daily newspaper does the cartoon Fred Bassett appear?
The Daily Mail
96. Alfriston Clergy House was the first building owned by what organisation?
The National Trust

1. What is the name of the latest film to star Nick Frost and Simon Pegg?
Hot Fuzz
2. Which battle began on 1st July 1916?
Battle of the Somme
3. Who is president of Iran?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
4. Who scored Liverpool's second goal against Barcelona in the recent game at the Nou Camp?
John Ame Riise
5. Who is officially rated the best Rugby League player in the World?
Darren Lockyer


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