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Feb 5th Away to The Dolphin

Macclesfield Quiz League 6 February 2007
All questions set by the Castle Questions vetted by the Sutton Club Specialist rounds are as follows:

Arts and Entertainment
Royal Family History
The Good Die Young
Proper Music Sporting firsts Science

Arts & Entertainment
1. Which tongue-in-cheek stage musical tells the story of a man-eating plant called Audrey and is set mainly in Mr. Mushnik's flower shop on Skid Row?
The Little Shop Of Horrors

2. Les Miserables has recently overtaken Cats as the longest running musical in British theatre history (i.e. continuous in the West End). Name either of the two writers of the musical Les Miserables.
Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schonberg

3. Who is the author of the novel Madame Bovary?
Gustav Flaubert

4. The beginning of which 1980's hit 'single' establishes it as a soundtrack for nuclear war: a funeral march plays; an air raid siren is"heard and a stem voice announces "when you hear the air attack warning, you and your family must take cover"?
Two Tribes (Frankie goes to Hollywood)

5. In the recent film The Last King of Scotland, which actor plays Idi Amin?
Forest Whitaker
6. Who wrote the music to the operas Peter Grimes and The Turn of the Screw?
Benjamin Britten

7. Who is the current presenter of Desert Island Discs on Radio 4?
Kirsty Young
8. Which group/band fronted by Gary Lightbody was one of the biggest sellers in the U.K. in 2006 with their album 'Eyes Open' ?
Snow Patrol

1. Which group /band had hits with "When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman" and "More Like the Movies"?
Dr. Hook
2. Who wrote the music to the ballet "The Nutcracker"?


1 The Greenwich meridian (0 degrees) runs through London. What line of latitude is nearest to London?

51 degrees north (Accept 50 to 52)

2 In which range of hills is Cheddar Gorge? Mendips

3 What is the official language of San Marino? Italian

4 Tabasco is a state in which country? Mexico

5 In which Canadian province is Vancouver?

British Columbia

6 What imaginary line on the Earth's surface lies largely at 180 degrees longitude?

The International Date Line

7 How many stars are there on the flag of New Zealand?
4 (No leeway!)

8 In which country is "Fez", as in the hat?



9 In which U.S. state would you find the original London Bridge? Arizona

10 On which river does Baghdad stand?


ROYAL FAMILY HISTORY = the female of the species No = not those Royles!)

1) Which Spanish-born future Queen of England married her brother-in-law?

Catherine of Aragon (before she married Henry VIII she was married to his brother Arthur)

2) Philip II of Spain married which English Queen in 1554? Mary I (Mary Tudor – accept either)

3) What relation specifically was Mary I to Elizabeth I? Half-sisters (do not accept sister)

4) What relation was Queen Victoria to Kaiser Bill?
She was his Grandma (his mother was one of her daughters)

5) How many husbands did Mary Queen of Scots have? Three (Francois II of France, Darnley & Bothwell)

6) How old was Mary Queen of Scots when she was executed at Fotheringay?

44 (accept 43-45)

7) How old was the current Queen when she acceded to the throne? 26 (accept 25-27)

8) What was the family name of the current Queen's mother? Bowes-Lyon


9) Which Portuguese-born Queen of England was married to Charles II? Catherine of Braganza

10) Which Queen of England had 18 pregnancies: 13 were miscarriages or stillborn, the others died in infancy?

Queen Anne


In this round you are given some information about a (hopefully) famous personality and their nickname. You have to supply the real name.

1) Born in 1884, she was a burlesque and vaudeville singer, starred in the film Broadway Melody of 1938 and was known as "The Last of the Red Hot Mommas"
Sophie Tucker

2) Born in 1894, he was a music hall comedian famed for his near the knuckle jokes and gaudy suits, and was known as "The Cheeky Chappy"
Max Miller

3) Born in County Cork in 1890, he was Director of Intelligence for the IRA, was shot and killed during the Irish Civil War, and was known as "The Big Fellow"
Michael Collins

4) Born in 1906, he was 6ft 9in tall, won the heavyweight championship of the world in 1933 and was known as "The Ambling Alp"
Primo Camera

5) Born in 1515, she was painted by Holbein, was the last of Henry VIII's wives to die, and was known as "The Flanders Mare"
Anne of Cleves

6) Born in 1293, he married Eleanor of Aquitaine, built Carnaevon Castle, and was known as "Longshanks"
Edward I

7) Born in 1925, he was Footballer of the Year in 1953, scored a controversial goal in an FA Cup Final, and was known as "The Lion of Vienna"
Nat Lofthouse

8) Born in 1877, he broadcast from Germany during the war, was executed for treason in 1946, and was known as "Lord Haw-Haw"
William Joyce


9) Born in 1853, she was an actress and society beauty, was the mistress of the Prince of Wales, and was known as "The Jersey Lily"
Lily Langtry

10)Bom in 1942, he won the heavyweight championship of the world three times, was voted Sportsman of the Century, and was known as "The Louisville Lip"
Muhammad Ali

The Good Die Young

In this round you are asked to name from the clues, people who died before their alloted three score years and ten. It should be noted that the word 'good' does not necessarily refer to their morals, but that they were good at what they did.

1 English poet born in Shropshire 1893. Collected works first published 1920 including "Anthem fro Doomed youth". Killed in 1918
Wilfred Owen
2 Austrian composer born in Vienna 1797. Composed the 'Trout Quintet' and the songs 'Who is Sylvia' and 'Hark, Hark the Lark'.
Died of typhus 1828.
Franz Schubert
-.3 In motor racing, which Formula 1 constructor was killed in 1970
aged 32 while testing one of his own vehicles at Goodwood?
Bruce Mclaren
4 English Champion Jockey, born 1857. Rode 2,748 winners, including The Derby five times. In 1886 aged 30, he shot himself at home in Newmarket.
Fred Archer
5 Contralto opera singer born in Lancashire in 1912; one of her most popular recordings is "Blow the wind southerly". Died of cancer in 1953
Kathleen Ferrier
6. English middleweight boxer born Lemington Spa 1925. British Middleweight Champion 1950-54 and World Champion 1951, after defeating Sugar Ray Robinson. Died 1966.
Randolph Turpin
7. American tennis player born 1934. Made tennis history by becoming the first woman to win the Grand Slam in the same year (1953). Died 1969.
Maureen Connolly
8. American cornettist, born Iowa 1903. At the age of nineteen began the short career that made him one of the most celebrated jazz performers of the 1920's. He was particularly famous for his solo improvisations. Ravaged by alcoholism he died of pneumonia aged 28 in 1931.
Bix Beiderbecke


1 US singer/songwriter, born 1943, best known for "Bad, bad, Leroy Brown" "I'll have to say I love you in a song" and "Time in a bottle" . Died in a plane crash 20 September 1973
Jim Croce

2. Italian painter and sculptor born 1884. His early sculptures of African style elongated heads influenced his painting style. His one man exhibition in 1918 was closed for indecency on the opening day..Died of TB in 1920

Amadeo Modigliani

1. Music is written on five horizontal lines separated by four spaces. What is this arrangement of lines and spaces called?

A stave

2. Give a year in the life of J. S. Bach. 1685 to 1750
3. Which choral work by Elgar depicts the passage of a soul from a dying man to a glimpse of heaven?

The Dream of Gerontius

4. Which musical note is also a palindrome? MINIM
5. Mendelssohn wrote the tune most commonly used in singing the carol "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!" Spell Mendelssohn.


6. Who founded the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge?
Henry VI
7 King's College, Cambridge holds a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve each year, a practice now copied by many other churches. When was the service first held?

1918 (accept 1915 to 1920)

8. Which instrument sounds the note "A" to which other instruments in an orchestra tune up?


Who wrote the words to "In the Bleak Mid-Winter"? Christina Rossetti
The player of which instrument is traditionally last to enter the stage before a performance involving a symphony orchestra?


Sporting firsts

1 In what year were starting stalls first used in horse racing in the UK 1965 (at Newmarket) – allow 1963 to 1967

2 In which country were the first Winter Olympics staged in 1924 France (Chamonix)

3 Who was the first black person to be a Wimbledon singles tennis champion Althea Gibson

4 In what year was the Football League Cup competition (currently the Carling Cup) first won

1961 (allow 1960-62)

5 In rugby union, England won the first Six Nations Championship; in which year was this


6 Which county won the first one day cricket trophy in 1964 Sussex

7 Who was the first Formula 1 world motor racing champion also to win the Indianapolis 500

Jim Clark

8 Who was the first British winner of the World Matchplay Golf Championship in 1987

Ian Woosnam

Supplementary Questions

9 What nationality was the first woman to run a mile in under 5 minutes English (Diane Leather in 1955)

10 Who was the first boxer to defeat Mohammed Ali in a professional fight Joe Frazier


1 Who was the first Briton to undertake a space walk? Michael Foale

2 Which chemical element has the symbol Co and is number 27 in the periodic table


3 How many bones are there in the human legs and feet 58

4 What word describes the number of very small dots which make up the picture on a visual display unit such as a computer screen


5 Lead and which other metal form the alloy pewter Tin

6 What is the snapdragon plant also known as Antirrhinum

7 What process converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia Haber process

8 Louis Pasteur invented a vaccination against which disease Rabies

Supplementary questions

9 What is the diameter of the London Eye in metres 135 m (allow 124 to 145)

10 What is a young squirrel called


General knowledge

1 The organisation called the Blue Cross is concerned with what?
It is a charity for pets, particularly cats and dogs

2 The Carens make of car is produced by which manufacturer Kia

3 On which river does the Australian city of Perth stand The Swan

4 In which field is Dara O'Briain known Comedian

5 Which player scored the opening goal of the 2006 World Cup final-in Germany
Philip Lahm (Germany)

6 Cat Stevens has recently released hi first album for over 30 years; under what name?

7 What is the official language of the Cape Verde Islands? Portuguese

8 Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2006 Rees Witherspoon for Walk the Line

9 In which county is Market Harborough Leicestershire

10 Which Commonwealth country is completely surrounded by South Africa Lesotho

11 Who as at the end of 2006 was the Chair of the Labour Party Hazel Blears

12 Prior to Tiger Woods, who was the last golfer to win the Open Golf championship 3 times
Nick Faldo

13 Who won Celebrity Come Dancing in December 2006 Mark Ramprakash

14 Given either of the Christian names of the writer PD James Phyllis Dorothy

15 What nationality are Malev Airlines Hungarian

16 In the song Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder, whose birthday is he celebrating?
Martin Luther King

17 Which painter would you associate with the Water Gardens at Giverney in France

18 In which year was Hong Kong handed over to China? 1997

19 Who wrote the novel Daniel Deronda? George Eliot

20 In which of Cheshire's boroughs is the town of Sandbach? Congleton

21 Which European City has the largest parliament building Budapest

22 With which subject was the recent Stem report concerned Climate change (and its impact on the economy)

23 Who as at the end of January 2007 was Prime Minister of Australia John Howard

24 In which town is the World Economic Summit held each winter Davos, Switzerland

25 On a conventional set of dominoes, how many spots are there? 168

26 Where do Doncaster Rovers play their home games? The Keepmoat Stadium (since 2007)

27 How many squares are there on a standard Scrabble board? 225

28 Which company published "Lady Chatterly's Lover"? Penguin Books

29 In which year did the Channel Tunnel open? 1992

30 In which UK town was the world's first test-tube baby born? Oldham

31 How many people died when the Titanic sank? 1,503 (Accept 1400 to 1600)

32 When was the first motorway opened in Britain, namely the Preston by-pass?

33 What was introduced for the first time outside war years in 1842? Income tax

34 What type of creature is a redpoll? A bird

35 Where did Florence Nightingale set up a hospital to treat the wounded of the Crimean War?

36 What nationality was the navigator Abel Tasman? Dutch

37 On which island was Napoleon Bonaparte born? Corsica

38 Who is the current British Forces' "official sweetheart" who spent Christmas 2006 in Afghanistan entertaining the troops?
Katherine Jenkins

39 What type of bird is a greylag? A goose

40 In which organ of the body is insulin produced? Pancreas

41 What is the specific name for the home of a beaver? Lodge

42 Which novel ends with the words "After all, tomorrow is another day"? Gone with the Wind

43 In the, "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories, what is Trevor?
A traction engine. (The tractor is Terence)

44 What is 25% of 5 dozen? 15

45 Adam Smith is soon to be the new face on the £20 note. In what year did he write The Wealth of Nations?
1776 (accept 1770 to 1780)

46 The Queen Anne's Revenge was the flagship of which notorious 18th century pirate?
Edward Teach – known as Blackbeard (accept either)

47 Who was the daughter of Teakle Wallis Warfield of Baltimore, USA, who caused a constitutional crisis between the wars?
Mrs Wallis Simpson (accept Mrs Simpson)

48 Who did Prince Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha marry in 1840?
Queen Victoria

49 The Treaty of Vereeniging ended which war? The Boer War

50 Which Scandinavian country became an independent kingdom in 1905? Norway

51 Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize? Marie Curie

52 Who was the first American woman in space? Sally Ride

53 Who scored the winning goal in the 1987 Cup Final? Gary Mabbutt

54 Who won the 1995 cricket World Cup? Sri Lanka

55 Which song was a No 1 hit for Jimmy Young, the Righteous Brothers and Robson & Jerome?
Unchained Melody

56 What was the last film made by James Dean before he was killed in a car crash in 1955?
Rebel without a Cause (disputed)

57 What electronic device was developed at Bell Laboratories in 1947? The transistor

58 What gas, produced by yeast fermentation, makes bread dough rise? Carbon dioxide

59 Who was the first monarch of the house of Tudor? Henry VII

60 Who is the 46-year-old singer Paul Hewson better known as? Bono

61 Who directed the movie Blade Runner? Ridley Scott

62 In which forest is Shakespeare's As You like It set?

The forest of Arden

63 What was the heir to the French throne known as? The Dauphin

64 Which car manufacturer shares a name with a London bridge? Vauxhall

65 What was the name of The Merchant of Venice? Antonio

66 Which royal duke was born on Corfu? The Duke of Edinburgh

67 Which big-band leader shared a name with a British Prime Minister? Ted Heath

68 What gas is used in modern airships? Helium

69 At what battle did William III defeat his opponents in 1690? Battle of the Boyne

70 Which saint gave her name to a firework? St Catherine,

71 What is the northernmost point of the British mainland? Dunnet Head

72 Which fortified wine takes its name from an island in the Atlantic? Madeira

73 Who designed Blenheim Palace?
Sir John Vanbrugh (accept Vanbrugh)

74 In the sea-shanty, who went to sea "with silver buckles on his knee"? Bobby Shafto

75 Which race course has given its name to a card game? Newmarket

76 In World War II, what was Operation Barbarassa? The German invasion of Russia (in 1941)

77 What nationality is the detective Hercule Poirot ? Belgian
78 What spice do we get from a species of crocus? Saffron

79 In what year year did Rhodesia declare UDI? 1965 (accept 1964-1966)

80 Which saint's day is celebrated on the 26th December? St Stephen
81 In which month is Beaujolais Nouveau traditionally released for drinking? November

82 In the TV series, what was Fred Flintstone's wife called ? Wilma

83 In what comic does Lord Snooty and his Gang appear? The Beano

84 Who wrote the award winning TV series Cracker starring Robbie Coltrane Jimmy McGovern

95 What was the title of the first album (LP) released by the Beatles Please Please Me

86 Who is Charles Saatchi's wife Nigella Lawson

87 Which player in 2004 became the first American (US citizen) to win an FA Cup winners medal
Tim Howard (Man United)

88 In which year did Samuel Morse first successfully test the electric telegraph
1838 (accept 1833 to 1843)

89 The young soldier Paul Baumer is the central character in which anti-war novel
All quiet on the western front

90 Who composed and played the theme music to the film The Third Man Anton Karras

91 In 2006 who left a weather girl for a cheeky girl Lembit Opik MP

92 Which playwright wrote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead Tom Stoppard

93 The bright star Polaris lies in which constellation Ursa Minor (do not accept Ursa Major)

94 Which French royal palace next to the Louvre was destroyed by arson in 1871

The Tuileries

95 Named after the liberator of the country in which it is located , in which South American capital city is the university of Bernado O'Higgins?

96 Which TV ecclesiastical comedy of the 60's and 70's was set in the fictional bishopric of St Oggs
All Gas and Gaiters

Supplementary questions
One of the most famous photographs of World War II taken in 1945 shows six marines hoisting the American flag on Mount Suribachi during the battle
for which island?
Iwo Jima

Stewart Copeland was the drummer and Andy Summers the guitarist with which group/band?

Who composed the Dambuster's March (the music to the film The Dambusters)?
Eric Coates

Alexander the Great became ruler of which kingdom in 336BC, i.e. the kingdom he inherited?
Macedonia (do not accept anything else e.g. Greece)

The first woman to ride in the Grand National did so in 1977. The first woman to complete the course did so in 1982. Name either.
Geraldine Rees (1977) and Charlotte Brew (1982)

Representations of the leaves of which plant feature on the coronets of, marquises, dukes and earls?

Patrick Moore – presenter of The Sky at Night is a virtuoso of which musical instrument?

In what year did the crime novelist Agatha Christiedie?
1976 accept 1974-78 (Two years either way)

Which dwarf, in a tale by the Brothers Grimm, offered to help a miller's daughter spin straw into gold?

In January 2005, the Huygen space craft landed on Titan, a moon of which planet?

Which well-known woman's only venture into national politics resulted in defeat as the Labour candidate for Thanet North at the General Election 1983?
Cherie Blair (accept Booth)

In which song does Rod Stewart compare his lover with Celtic and United?
You're in my Heart

David Beckham has signed for an American soccer team. What is the name of the team? Los Angeles Galaxy (accept LA Galaxy, but must have 'Galaxy')

Which Chuck Berry song was the first single to be released by the Rolling Stones in July 1963?
Come On


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