Friday, March 30, 2007

27 March Cup/Plate - The Questions

Cup & Plate Semi-Final questions – 2006-7 season
Note: unless otherwise stated, “current” or “currently” means as on last Wednesday, 21 March 2007.

1 Q What’s the most famous work of the US sculptor Gutzon Borglum?
A The Mount Rushmore monument

2 Q Which ballet, with music by Stravinsky, tells the traditional Russian story of a puppet that comes to life?
A Petrushka

3 Q Later to find greater fame in another popular sitcom, who played Sandra’s snobbish mother in The Liver Birds?
A Mollie Sugden

4 Q Which species of plant, popular as a flowering houseplant, is named after the first US ambassador to Mexico?
A Poinsettia

5 Q Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (MOO-ji-boor RACH-man) became, in 1971, the founding leader of which country?
A Bangladesh

6 Q Which familiar Chinese phrase translates into English as “fire and water”?
A Feng shui (fung shway)

7 Q Which famous heavenly body bears the name of the second Astronomer Royal?
A Halley’s Comet

8 Q Which “anti-art” movement began in Zurich during the First World War?
A Dada

9 Q Who became the youngest recipient of a Best Actor Oscar, in 2003, for his role in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist?
A Adrien Brody (aged 29)

10 Q Why was Timothy Smith in the news last week?
A He was the Tottenham Hotspur fan who ran onto the pitch and took a swipe at Frank Lampard, after Spurs’ FA Cup replay defeat by Chelsea

11 Q Which finely-woven cotton fabric is named after the second-largest city in Iraq?
A Muslin (the city is Mosul)

12 Q Who, in 1841, became the first US President to die while in office?
A William Henry Harrison

13 Q Which tennis star’s name has been associated with a poker hand containing an Ace and a King – partly because “it looks good but never wins”?
A Anna Kournikova (also because of the initials)

14 Q What’s the non-technical term for the biological process of mitosis?
A Cell division

15 Q What was the name of the Finnish heavy metal band that won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest?
A Lordi

16 Q Who is the current Secretary of State for Defence, having succeeded John Reid in May 2006?
A Des Browne

17 Q Who was played, in a popular TV drama series, first by Carol Drinkwater and then by Lynda Bellingham?
A Helen Herriot

18 Q In which English county is (or are) Carrick Roads, said to be the world’s third largest natural harbour?
A Cornwall (between Falmouth and Truro)

19 Q Who preceded Abraham Lincoln as US President, and is often ranked as one of the worst ever, having failed to avert the Civil War?
A James Buchanan

20 Q Which Spanish actor married Melanie Griffiths in 1996?
A Antonio Banderas

21 Q Which unit of measurement is defined to be exactly 1,852 metres?
A A nautical mile

22 Q Which 1983 film won acting Oscars for Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson, as well as Best Director for James L. Brookes and also Best Picture?
A Terms of Endearment

23 Q Hakuna matata (ha-KOO-na muh-TA-ta) is a song from The Lion King. What does this Swahili phrase mean?
A No worries (accept any close equivalent)

24 Q What term was used for a soldier or regiment that fought on foot but used horses for transport?
A Dragoon(s)

25 Q On which island is Spain’s highest mountain?
A Tenerife (Teide, 3,717m / 12,195ft)

26 Q Which claimant to the English throne was hanged as a traitor in 1499, twelve years after Henry VII had pardoned the ten-year-old Lambert Simnel and given him a job in the royal kitchen?
A Perkin Warbeck

27 Q Which city is the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and the birthplace of Cliff Richard?
A Lucknow

28 Q Which family of seabirds is named after a type of warship, because of its habit of attacking other seabirds?
A The frigate birds

29 Q Which term was coined by the English art critic Roger Fry for the work of such late 19th-century painters as Cézanne, Seurat, Gauguin, van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec?
A Post-Impressionism

30 Q Born in Oldham in 1902, who composed the music for Laurence Olivier’s three Shakespeare films (Henry V, Hamlet, and Richard III)?
A Sir William Walton

31 Q Historically, what military term referred to a commissioned officer below the rank of Captain, particularly the various grades of Lieutenant?
A Subaltern

32 Q What word do geologists use for a large crater formed by the collapse of a volcano into itself?
A A caldera

33 Q Napoleon Bonaparte’s last three words are said to have been “France, armée (the army)” … and what?
A Josephine

34 Q Name one of the twin daughters of George W. Bush and his wife Laura.
A Barbara or Jenna

35 Q What name do philosophers give to the art of persuasion by means of verbal language?
A Rhetoric

36 Q Which Greek philosopher of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD is best known for his book Parallel Lives?
A Plutarch

37 Q Who refused to perform his song Lose Yourself at the Oscars ceremony in 2003, when it won Best Original Song, because the Academy wanted him to do a cleaned-up version?
A Eminem

38 Q Which major multinational company has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan?
A Ford Motors

39 Q Which river rises in the Swiss Alps and enters the Mediterranean between Montpellier and Marseilles?
A The Rhône

40 Q Who produced and directed the recent film Letters from Iwo Jima?
A Clint Eastwood

41 Q Which Canadian academic is famous for coining the expressions “the medium is the message” and “the global village”?
A Marshall McLuhan

42 Q Which English football club has been managed by Lou Macari, Ossie Ardiles, Glenn Hoddle, and Dennis Wise?
A Swindon Town. (Also the only club in the League that doesn’t contain any of the letters in the word MACKEREL. Don’t ask us who worked that one out … or why …)

43 Q Which of the so-called “lake poets” became poet laureate in 1813, and was succeeded on his death thirty years later by William Wordsworth?
A Robert Southey

44 Q Up to and including 2007, which singer has won twice as many Brit awards as anyone else?
A Robbie Williams (15, four of them with Take That; U2 and Annie Lennox are next with seven each)

45 Q What word is used in heraldry for a diamond shape (as traditionally used on the coat of arms of a woman)?
A Lozenge

46 Q In which US state is Dodge City?
A Kansas

47 Q Which common(ish) English word, meaning to settle a dispute, is an anagram of “one circle”?
A Reconcile

48 Q What did Henry Kissinger describe as “the ultimate aphrodisiac”?
A Power

49 Q Which country beat Serbia & Montenegro 6-0 in the 2006 World Cup finals tournament?
A Argentina

50 Q As told in a famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, which historical event took place “on the eighteenth of April, in seventy-five”?
A The midnight ride of Paul Revere (seventeen seventy-five!)

51 Q Chris Stewart has achieved a modest degree of fame as the author of a series of books depicting his “good life” in Spain. In which famous rock band was he the original drummer?
A Genesis (he left before they became famous)

52 Q The game of Reversi, invented in about 1880, has been successfully marketed since the 1970s under what name?
A Othello

53 Q What is the meaning of the Greek word galaktikos (guh-LAK-ti-kos), from which the English word “galaxy” is derived?
A Milky (as in “Milky Way”). Accept “milk”

54 Q Which common(ish) English word, meaning to change from a liquid into something more solid, is an anagram of “catalogue”?
A Coagulate

55 Q What name was given to the moveable place of worship used by the Israelites during their Exodus from Egypt?
A The Tabernacle

56 Q What is the official seating capacity of the new Wembley stadium? (No leeway, but it’s a round number)
A 90,000

57 Q Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, written in 1936, is one of the best known works by which Hungarian composer?
A Béla Bartók

58 Q Which former England rugby player won the second series of ITV’s Dancing on Ice earlier this month?
A Kyran Bracken

59 Q What is the US equivalent of Britain’s Victoria Cross?
A The (Congressional) Medal of Honor

60 Q What was established in 1478 by Ferdinand and Isabella, and abolished in 1834 by Isabella the Second?
A The Spanish Inquisition

61. In which Latin-American country is the port of Valpariso?
ANSWER - Chile

62. Who composed the opera Eugene Onegin?
ANSWER - Tchaikovsky

63. Which member of the pumpkin family might you find in a bathroom?
ANSWER - The loofah

64. Which French novelist wrote Gigi?
ANSWER – Colette

65. What does an isobath connect on a map?
ANSWER - Points of equal underwater depth

66. Chepstow is one of the two racecourses in Wales, name the other.
ANSWER – Bangor on Dee

67. Who wrote the play, 'The Homecoming'?
ANSWER - Harold Pinter

68. What is the sweet Rahat Lakhoum better known as?
ANSWER - Turkish delight

69. Who composed the opera The Rake's Progress?
ANSWER - Igor Stravinsky

70. What is the great red spot that can be seen on Jupiter?
ANSWER – A storm in the atmosphere

71. The M4 military tank was named after a US Civil War general, how is it better known?
ANSWER – The Sherman Tank

72. Which king was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485?
ANSWER – Richard III

73. Which word can mean any form of transport and the legal term for the transfer of property by way of deed?
ANSWER – Conveyance

74. Which ball game is played on an area measuring 9’ by 5’?
ANSWER – Table Tennis

75. In which sport could you be awarded a ’16 yard hit’?
ANSWER – Hockey

76. “The most gigantic ….futile and bloody fight ever” – what was War Minister Lloyd George describing in 1916?
ANSWER – The Battle of the Somme

77. In which year did Wales last qualify for the football World Cup finals?
ANSWER – 1958

78. Along with Wat Tyler and John Ball, who was the main leader of the 1381 Peasant’s Revolt?
ANSWER – Jack Straw

79. Which TV show’s theme tune is ‘Woke Up This Morning” by the Alabama 3?
ANSWER – The Sopranos

80. How many players in total take part in a Rugby Union scrum?

81. Founded in 1088, which Italian university is said to be the oldest university still in use today?
ANSWER – Bologna

82. What type of creature is a Jersey Tiger?
ANSWER – A moth

83. In which film did Johnny Depp play a detective on the trail of a headless horseman?
ANSWER – Sleepy Hollow

84. To which vegetable family does the coriander plant belong?
ANSWER – Carrot

85. Who were the Thunderbirds’ Tracey Brothers (Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John) named after?
ANSWER – The first 5 US Astronauts

86. Which country governs the Andaman Islands?
ANSWER – India

87. Which European explorer discovered the delta of the River Amazon in 1499?
ANSWER – Amerigo Vespucci

88. Name either the song or the group representing Britain at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
ANSWER – Scooch - singing ‘Flying the Flag (for you)’

89. What is the French name of the German city Aachen?
ANSWER – Aix-la-Chapelle

90. Marsh gas is another name for which gas?
ANSWER – Methane

91 Q Name the play currently running in the West End in which Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe performs a nude scene.
A Equus

92 Q In which opera is the ‘Dance of the Seven Veils’ performed?
A Salome (by Richard Strauss)

93 Q What is the name of the lead male character in 'The Da Vinci Code'?
A Robert Langdon

94 Q According to many analysts, Ingvar Kamprad is set to become (or might already be) the richest man in the world. What company did he found?

95 Q In 1991, McVities produced a Jaffa Cake measuring 12inches in diameter to try to convince a tribunal that they are cakes and not biscuits. Why?
A Cakes are exempt from VAT.

96 Q Theoretically, which person or persons govern Britain during the period from when a Government resigns until a new one is appointed?
A The Privy Council

97 Q What day of the week was September 11th 2001?
A Tuesday

98 Q What is the name of the 12th century Cambodian temple which appears on the country's flag?
A Angkor Wat

99 Q Who will perform the first concert at the new Wembley Stadium on June 9th? (if it’s finished)
A George Michael

100 Q Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis make up 3 of the 5. Name either of the other 2 ‘Dragons’.
A Deborah Meaden or Richard Farleigh. (The five Dragons on Dragons Den.)

101 Q What was Tony Blair's job immediately before becoming leader of the Labour Party?
A Shadow Home Secretary.

102 Q Name a country that borders Ethiopia.
A Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti.

103 Q Who was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot?
A Robert Catesby.

104 Q In chess notation how is the move 'castling king side' indicated?
A 0-0

105 Q During his playing career, Spurs manager Martin Jol played for two English clubs. Name either.
A West Bromwich Albion or Coventry City.

Q106. What do Italians call the city of Munich?
A. Monaco

Q107. Who was Portia’s lover in The Merchant of Venice?
A. Bassanio

Q108. In the Lord of the Rings, who was the father of Faramir and Boromir?
A. Denethor

Q109. Give a year in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach.
A. 1685-1750

Q110. Why was Araki Fabulous Willy in the news on March 11th?
A. It’s the name of this year’s Crufts Supreme Champion

Q111. Which UK politician was compared to Stalin on March 20th?
A. Gordon Brown

Q112. Which North American desert tree has a very long tap root and is used as an aromatic barbecue fuel?
A. Mesquite

Q113. Who (as at 20th March) is on trial in the USA for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson?
A. Phil Spector

Q114. Which tennis champion was the subject of Elton John’s chart hit Philadelphia Freedom?
A. Billie Jean King

Q115. In the film Forrest Gump, what advice did Forrest’s girlfriend shout to him when he was being chased by bullies, which has become a bit of a catchphrase?
A. “Run Forrest run”

Q116. In a similar vein, from which film came the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat! “?
A. Jaws

Q117. Which UK author has written books called The Northern Lights and The Amber Spyglass?
Q. Philip Pullman

Q118. Which South African batsman hit six sixes in an over in a Cricket World Cup match on March 16th?
A. (Herschelle) Gibbs

Q119. What is the main ingredient for Satay sauce?
A. Peanuts

Q120. What will be the title of the seventh and last Harry Potter book?
A.( Harry Potter and) the Deathly Hallows.

S1 Q Apart from the “loss” of eleven days, what was the major change to the calendar that Pope Gregory the Thirteenth introduced?
A The fact that years ending in “00” are not leap years (unless they’re divisible by 400)
S2 Q How is Thomas Bruce, British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1799 to 1803, best remembered?
A He was the 7th Earl of Elgin (Lord Elgin) – the one that “bought” the marbles from the Parthenon
S3 Q Who played Frank Spencer’s long-suffering wife Betty in Some mothers do ’ave ’em?
A Michelle Dotrice
S4 Q Which current world record holding athlete was born in Northwich in 1973?
A Paula Radcliffe
S5 Q Johnny Borrell is the guitarist, songwriter and frontman of which current rock band?
A Razorlight

S6 Q In the body, where exactly are most blood cells produced?
A In the bone marrow

Tie breaker

Q According to the US Bureau of Census, what was the estimated population of the world at 8:26 pm GMT, last Wednesday (21st March 2007)?
A 6,583,720,725 (6 billion, 583 million, 720 thousand, seven hundred and 25)


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